The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, April 16, 1889, Image 1

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Absolutely Pure.
Tliin powder ii-viT varies. A marvel of pur
It. Htn-n;;tli a:nl wlinlr-oiiu'iios'. Morn econo
mical tn hi I Ik- ordinary k i ml . and cannot be
11 lu cumi.ct i' ioii willi tlx iiiu!lltii.i- of low
tet. sh rt t iht alum or iiiiisih:i'e iKiwdel.
NoM itnbl in Ci'itx. FoVAL I:KIM1 I'OWUKK
Co.. lo Wad t. X. V.
K. M. Itlt'llKY
W K Fox
- jAMT.-t P. TTKKSO.y, JK.
II. C sniMiivr
. - S Cl.lKFOKll
I. 11. Dunn
KuKiiie r.
Police .Fiidji.
Councilman, 3 it ward,
2nd "
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1 1 M Jon kh
I Mi:. A Sill I'M AN
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1 fov 'l'
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1 tV I'l'OXXOK,
I 1 M'C W-i.KN. I'RKS
.1 1 S S ,1 II A 1 KM A
Beard Pub.Work r i'Ki ;..imzk
I I) H Hawks Wo
Ci ASS I.oyiJK X". U'. I .. P. -Meet
'every Ta.-i'day evening of cirli week. All
transient L-ro:liirf are. pectf'illy mviied to
ILATI M:Uril KSCAM I'M'v'-'T No. 3. I. O.
- t P.. meet every ulieri:l:t tridi? in
:teU jiiontli i:i ill" M.i-m!!. V isilliij;
HrotUers ure I 'V:lo'l au-iil.
' of Atisti:a Mi-. ti Nt-Jn'Ml :m l fourlli Mn-
1 av evt-iiiiiii u
ut K. "I l . r. iii. 'in ii!!'iu
t-rotlierf are r-.(:ics!i
I ti III'-' ' Willi u. 1 A,
Wrlhv A.lvispr : S. C. Vlii. Ji lllker : . A.
iloeclc, t'h rk.
iv'RKUwica niAi'Tr.::. no. 3, k. a. m
MrtH "iv.rnl sii:I fmrlii fiii"'il.iv of e:i-li
month ut Mi'i.i.'.- Hail, i rrwci. lit brotin'K
are invited to msnt Wit. 'i u-i.
r-. K. V. hitk, II. P.
Wit. JIv. Secrctj'.ry.
1jiTrsiiorrn i,-:k no.c. a. f.i a.m.
Mt"PtB t'' '"'-r M"ii'l;iy t
each moiitu al tii-i- ;.; AH transient broth
ers are cordially . :. t" m.-. i wall us
J. vi. i:ic:ifcv, W. M.
Wm. Hats. Sf?ro:.-y-
iJLATTSMOl' I .'I I.0I1CK N . A.O. U. W.
Met-t-" evi-rv fi -i:ii tnlnv
Kocliwoo l .'l it! .1 s. cli Ail traiisi.-ut brntli
er are f'"'i-'-iO;!:y lnvili-ii to atlrud. I'. S.
f jirson, W. ; V. l'."Vd. Koreman : . -'.
IVUde.iioc.irdfi : Loon.ii.1 Au.Its.mi. Oversfr.
j' inet't tlie Ht-C'iml iiii'l fourtii Motid;is of
each motitU at Arcauu-ii M i:l.
It. X. ULKVX, Kt'glMlt.
P. C. Mixoit. rcr.- r;iry.
NO. 5. K. T.
j.... ..i..v. ..r
xllMfets first and tmr l vu
XlAMi'tif rsr aim linn nrui,-;iii; iiit;:ii
each nii'Ttn at : i; ;i.:u- uwutif
are cor.ii;i!ly mvitd to m-er -.vl li n.
i',..i.i, Itobt. H V.'iuilbaiii
1st Vife 'risiil";'
2nd Vice President
J. C. Kk-hev. K. E. yyb.j.
J. A. cnnr. P.. hlin, C. .
ler, J. V. Weckbiiob.
A. It. Todd
Win Neville
K. Herrmann
..V. K. (JutUinan
. J t. Pt (arson,
alierinan, P. Uoi
k nicKHox roiimiander.
Ma-v.t tf f mplk setuor tee
b. CABKi.iAX Ju-r Adiutanr
A. Shi pm a Jt j
lizvKV St kk 10 11 r 1
" tThh mlicer of the lay-.
liiuiiicliwV'... " ''wr
JAMIM UICKSJ. ... - Se.t Mitjor
AvnitRsov . Pky.. ..O.iartfcr Master Serirt.
Meeting Saturday eyemu
V business relations wtftb the public of
or Eao& i!
Interests zzb weal a& isay own is nor aaiem 10 say
I have been treated with gjreat courtesy and with a very liberal patronage by my frientls
and the iaMic and take this occasion to return my sincerest thanks for the same.
ISTot laavlEagf succeeded In selling out mybusiB&css9 as fully JI expected to sax weeks ago5 IL
have sledded So Sake a partner and continue business at the old stand, and trust that my many
friesad asad customers will give' the new firm as liberal a patronage and fair treatment as. they
have gjlven So niae. The new firm, after the ILSfh in&t., will consist of myself and son. Charles
Us&W &i shaSS be our aim to carry a full stock of first-class UDry (Goods, Millinery and Carpets,
rorIC5 Vifiisa Salt? IBi;i i vi aa&iia aa;m B.amc hi km cajfwis aw u vu u;n bmj4-j j 9 ua waKin;i
raevy Ene&ILjosISj ini tiae laaasissessj asid shall endeavor to deserve an enlarged snare of natrosaage.
Her Criminal Calandor Comas to
the Front With two Crimes in
One Day.
Suicide and Attempted Murder
Smlnay was a of suicidal and
criininal excitement for Elmwood, a Cuss
county town about thirty-four miles
southwest of Platt.-moutli. Sunday
about noon Coronor Ilunry IJoeck re
ceived the following telegram from Elm
wood "Man found dead, shall wc take
body to undertaker! Come at once.
Answer. A. li. Dickson."
Ir. IJoeck and Deputy Sheriff Miller,
in reApomie to tho telegram, left in a
buggy at 1 o'clock Sunday for Elmwood,
and arriving there at 7 o'clock in tho
evening found the town iu a state of sub
siding excitement over the suicide of
Peter McGoff, a former M. 1'. section
foreman there, but the excitement soon
broke out afresh over the report that
David I lite, an old farmer living sit
mil as northwest of Elmwood had been
shot with intent to kill.
The deputy sheriff and coronor im
mediately impaneled a jury and called
and swore in witness and held the in
quest which lasted till 10 p. m. Sunday.
The witnesses were John W. Osborne,
Wm. K. Fisher, Dr. A. It. Ilobbs, W. A.
Swerenger, Alfred Pyzer; and II. Inman
and John McGuire body watchers. The
corouor's jury consisted of A. J. Kalnn
son, Ellis E. Qood, I. T. Jamison, J.
Chapman, Chas. G.Bailey, L. K. Parmele,
II. Hoeck, coronor. and C. D. Clapp,
clerk. The suicide was committed
in the graveyard, near the grave
of his wife who was burried last
Friday. Murks could easily be seen
where he hid Iain on the grave of his
wife, but before death came ho had
wandered away about two rods, and was
found face down with one leg cramped
up under him and both bauds clutched
full of dead grass. McGofTs wife had
been sick for thrcu months, during which
tisue he had often declared he would kill
himself if she died, at one time procur
ing a revolver and saying it was to take
his life with. On his person was found
the following letter addressed to his
fathcr-iu-law, Mr. Allred Pyzer;
Dear Father: I cannot stand this
trouble any longer. I have nothing to
lire for now. When you get this note I
will be with Nora. Settle all my debts,
if you can, and bury me by the side of
my wife and baby. P. McGoff.
Get my old friend Jim Green to assist
you. P.
From the evidence given tho jury
found the following verdict:
Peter McGoff came to his death some
time during the night of April IS, A. D.
at the Elmwood cemetery, by tak
ing carbolic acid and belladona, admin
istered by his own hand. In testimony
whereof the said jurors have hereunto set
their hands the day and year aforesaid,"
Tlu remains were found early Sunday
morning and were buried yesterday.
occurred aboqt noon Sunday, and, as
near as could be ascertinedj the facts
are as follows : David Ilite is an old.
but large proportioned, farmer, well
known and quite well fixed, living six
miles northwest of Elmwood, near the
Belletkont postoffice. In his employ was
Joseph Marsh, a rather light built fellow.
Sunday morning Ilite and Marbh had a
"scrap" and Ilite got the better of Marsh,
and the latter left the frm. About 1
o'clock in the afternoon Marsh returned
to the farm in a buggy with Jessie Moon.
Ilite was out feeding the hogs; Marsh
alighted from the buggy and walked to
save oaeriiesl their confidence and whether or not in any case K have
n tm -A HI
as any hrst-elass house coum expect to carry,
; the pen where Mr. Ilite was nnd pulled
a reyolver and opened fire on him. The
first hhot passed through the upper mus
cle tif the left arm, and at the second
shot Ilite dodged and the ball glazed his
right ear. Marsli retreated to the buggy
and drove toward Aslilajd. When the
nVws was brought to Elmwood in the
evening, Constable John McGuire started
in pursuit of the criminal. Marhis des
cribed as a man five feet ten inches high,
weight 1G0 pounds.
Call at Gering & Co's this week and
have your eyes properly tested and fit
ted with glasses They have secured the
services of a practical and manufacturing
optician tor this week to fit glasses for
them. Remember no extra charge for
this advantage. d 6t.
Eight Mile Crove.
Attraction is immense and items
whoo-ee !
Miss Perry, who has been attending
school at Lincoln, is home.
Mr. Fultou. the blacksmith of Pleasant
Hill, was in the Grove Sunday.
Quarterly meeting was held at Mt.
Pleasant Saturday and Sunday.
Dr. Miller has been building fence the
past week during his leisure moments.
S :nday School and preaching next
Sunday at 10 and 11 o'clock respectively.
We learn that Mr. Swoap Wills will
not move his housu as was stated in our
Mr. John McConkey, of Doniphan,
Paul countyt was visiting relatives of
this place last week.
Mr. James Petersen has returned from
a short visit in Omaha, and has purchas
ed of Mr. James Jenkins a Texas pony.
A family from West Virginia (we have
not learned their name) have moved iDto
Mr. Jacob Vallery'a house and will as- borhood was dishonest about an insur
tist Mr. V. in his farm labor this summer. ' ance business. But when I discovered.
E. L. Hanlan brought a bicycle into
our town one day last week and it would
mnke a saint laugh to see him try to ride
it. lie has employed two men to hold
him on and one to roll the wheel. We
drew a conclusion from his appearance
that he never before saw a horse of that
kind (the bicycle.) We learn by inquiry
from Mr. II. that he thinks he will le
able within three mouths to ride alone,
but- but well he may.
Do not fail to call at Grring fc Co's
and haye your eyes examined by thier
optician this week. d-6t
Their FatO Still In DOUbt.
New York, April 16. There is dj
news of the misiing steamer Danmark.
The question that now occupies the
minds of marine men is, when will the
National ship Denmark arrive and will
she bring news of the Denmark? The
National steamship is now two days and
several hours overdue. There is a pos
sibility that the delay of the Denmark is
due to her having collided with the
Danmark. The National line steamer
Denmark left London March 30. The
Thingvalla steamer Danmark left the
port of Christiana, March 20. The ves
sels could not, therefore, be far apart
when the latter was seen waterlogged by
the City of Chester. Several ships came
into port today, but so far none of them
bring the wished for news.
Spectacles at Gering & Co's.
I haye 500 acres of good pastui-e, and
any one having horses or cows to pasture
will do well to call on me.
J. B. Slater,
tf Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
Eyesight treated at Gering & Co's.
;ladtonu'M Prediction.
The most remarkable man of our time
is tho Hon. W. E. Gladstone great in
statesmanship, great in finance (ho won
his bpurs of political knighthood as
chancellor of exchequer), great in ora
tory, greatest of all in literature. How
this octogenarian finds time to do so
much, and to do everything so well, is a
IIo has recently published an article
on "The Future of the English Speaking
Haces." It reads like a chapter in the
"Arabian Nights."
One hundred years ago the English
speaking peoples of tho world numbered
15,000,000. These were distributed thus:
In Great Itritain, 12.000,000; in American
and other foreign lands. 3,000,000. Today
tho number has multiplied seven fold
and stands at 105,000,000. Mr. Gladstone
quotes the eminent statistician. Bar ham
Zincke, as authority for the statement
thatacentury hence the English srieakers
of the globe will number 1,000,000,000,
distributed as follows, viz.: In the Brit
ish Islands, 70.000,000: in O-niu'a. 1 "i -W0.000;
in the United Slati., L-j.wo,-000.
St. Louis Republic,.
Jeffrey Very Soft Uearted.
Did I know Jeffrey? One of bis quali
ties was to bo always in love. Sydney
Smith used to talk about Jeffrey's
l seventy-two loves, and at that time put
mo at the top of the list. He was cer
tainly very adoring for a time, but he
fell off in consequence of my taste for
Germany and German literature, which
(being completely ignorant of it) he
could not bear. Ho wrote absurd criti
cisms on Goethe, whom he treated as le
dernier des absurdes. But Jeffrey was
i kind, generous, an excellent friend and
! had great talents. Saray Austin to
tVlien It rinclies Us.
"It is curious," remarks William Phil
pot, "to observo how much more enor
mous and outrageous we are apt to ac
count a piece of dishonesty if we our
selves are pinched by it. I thought il
sad, and a heinous thing in the land,
ivhpn. thn ntlipr rlnv. n. mnn in in v no?rVi.
afterwards, that this same man had taken
a premium out of my own pocket and
not paid it over, my indignation knew
no bo::nds. Then I felt what a crime
dishonesty was!" St. Louis Republic.
Ills Flac of Truce.
A young man of nawkinsville, Ga.,
sncl !;:s "best girl" quarreled some days
ago, and remained "at outs" with each
other until tho young man relented and 1 r
began to devise some plan to "makeup."
He finally decided to try the effects of a
flag of truce, and cutting a delicate piece
of white ribbon into the shape of a mini-
ature flag, he sealed it in a sweetly per
fumed envelope and forwarded it to his
j fair enemy. It had the desired effect.
I nnfl kI.o nr. nnr-n ram him nermkemn tn
cross the line and be happy again. De
troit Free Press.
I Metals la the Sun.
Of the metals discovered in the sun the
most important are sodium, magnesium,
barium, acalsium, zinc, copper, alumi
, num, nickel, chromium and iron. Many
1 of the rarer and less known metals would
also appear to be there in some abund
ance, judging by the facility with which
their presence may be detected. Al
. though heavier metals, such as platinum
and gold, have not been seen, it by no
means follows that they are absent.
Their weight would prevent them being
easily found by the spectroscope. New
York Telegram.
Inskeep, the optician, at Gering & Co's.
Swedish Singers On Board.
Hudson, Wis., April 16. Mrs. Inge
bong, of this city, and Miss Bertha Eick
strora, sister of Mrs. Emil Olund, also of
this city, were among the passengers on
the ill-fated Denmark. Miss Lofgren
and Mrs. Olund were members of the
famous Swedish quartette which made a
tour of this country. Both ladies had
made arrangements to sing in a church
choir in Minneapolis.
JPiaitsmotstii date back to ltS9 ami - whether
Ever seen in Plattsmouth. Evarybody pleased with our Exhibition.
It was the universal expression of everyone that examined our Suits
tint thv w"C "'it (1 refill' v
Well Mi ii Peitt Fit.
No one desires to have Tailor-Made Garmentajwho has fitted on one
of our Suits.
are to sell only the Best Clothing. The Confidence of all (-hisses al
ready gained is a Feather in our Business Cap that will continue to
wave gracefully in the balmy days of th present Spring. Remember
also that
any prices quoted to you in anything iu our Line of goods.
The Leading Clothiers,
Choicest Brands of Cigars,
including our
Flor de Pepperbergo' and 'Buds
always in stock. Nov. 2r5. 1885.
75 tO 8250 MONTH can be made
Y -v' - " r 1 niiit airs uv. i v .3
preferred win can furnish a horse and give
men- wnoie nine 10 me uiisines". rpare mom
ent m iy be profitably emnloyed also. A ffvr
vacancies in towns and cities. B. F. JOHN
SON &CO..1009M iiH-st.. Richmond. Va.
N. Vt. LatlUx emjtloied alo. Never mintl
ahmit tending stap fur reply. Come qu'iek.
Your for biz, Ii, F. J. t Co
Fine Job Work Cheap at The Herald
B. Sl M. Time Table.
No. 1. 9 :i)0 a tn.
N. 3.-6 :16n. tn.
No. ft :01 a. ra.
X7o. 7.--7 :f5 i. m.
No. 9.-6 :tfl p. in.
nolNfl W.AST.
No. 2. i :44 p. m.
No. 4. 10 :2'J a. in.
No. 6 7 :28 p. in
No. 8. 10 :ioa. in.
Xo. 10. 9 :64 a. ui.
A'l train run dally by ffavof o-nnha, except
Nos. 7 ad 8 whtoh run to and Ironi fachuyler
daily sitrept Sunday.
and shall always
511'. & Main St.
C- A. Marshall.
Hosidont Dontist.
Preservation of tho Natural Teeth a
Specialty. Auesthetics given for Pain
less Filling oh Extraction ok Tekth.
Artificial teeth made on Gold, Silver,
Rubber or Celluloid Plates, and inserted
as soon as teeth are extracted when de
All work warranted. Prices reaaonabTe.
Fitz')R)i.i'8 Bl, ck. Pi. vrrsMOUTii. Nik
Personal attention to all Husine-s Entrust
to my care.
Titles Examined, Abstarct Compiled, In
surance Written, Keal Estate Sold.
Retter Facilities for making Farm Loatm than
A.nj Otlier Ageacy.
S'laltNnioulli, - Xebraftka
regarded tSueir
sell at bottom