The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, March 22, 1889, Image 1

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M!y Entire stock of Boots, lioes, !R"u.bbei?s axivl SSlipPe rs
Must Be Sold By April 1st. Whoever Wants to Buy Cheap, Come. Now is theTi'me.
I tliank the Public fur their past generous patronage, and will be pleased to see all my old customers and others to avail themselves of this rare opportunity of Cheap Goods.
All those knowing themselves indebted to me must come and settle by April 1st, as all my accounts will be placed in the collector's hands, and costs added.
.W1ASS LOIXiK No. 1M, 1 O. O. K. Meets
Veyery Tiiilay evenlui? of each week. All
transient brothers are reapectfully invited to
O. I'., meet every alternate in
acll niontll in I tie Masonic Hull. Visiting
Brother are iuvlte4 to atlemi.
TRIO LODUE NO. 8; A. O. U. W. Meets
every alternat-i Friday evening at K. of 1".
all. Transient brothers are respectfully lu
lled to at tend. F. P. Brown, Master work
man ; B. Kmster, Foreman ; F. ll.Stelmker
Overseer; W. II. Miller. Financier; O. F.
Houseworth, Kecorder : F. J Morgan, Receiv
er; Win. C'relian. ;ulitef Wiii. Ludwig, luslde
vVutch : L. Olseii, Outside Watcti.
Meets second and fourth Tuesday of each
month at MaonV Hall. Transcielit brothers
are Invited to meet with us.
F. E. Wuite, II. P.
W. If v. Secretary.
Meets on th flrt and third Mondays of
each month at their l::ill. Ail transient broth
e f are cordially Invited to meet with us.
" J. G. Kichkv, W. M.
Wm. IlAyu, Secretary.
J at America ?deta second and fourth Mon
day evening at K. nl I, hall. All transient
brother are r.q nested to meet with u-.i. I,. A,
Neweo-ncr, Venerable Consul ; . F, Nileit
Worthy Adviser ; 3. C. Wilde, Banker : W. A.
Bocck, Clerk.
Choicest Brands of Cigars,
including our
Florde Pcpperborgo and 'Buds
always in block. Nov. 2tf. 1885.
With l9ew
Men's and Youths' Suits, 81.03, $7.85, 10.00.
For Business, 12.50, 15.00, 1G.50.
Boys' Long Pant Suits to 18 years, 2.95, 3.45, $5.45 to $13.50.
Boys' Knee Pant Suits, $1.45, 1.95, $2.45, $3.45, $5, $3, 7.
Boys' Knee Pants 35 cts., 50 cts., 75 cts., $1.
Men's Merino Underwear 25 cents to 2.50 a suit.
Calf Shoes $1.20 to $5.00 a pair,
Men's Latest Siyies of Stiff Hats from $1.50 to $3.50.
All the Latest Styles In
Shirts . and Neckwear.
Hard "Worker
Platismouth, -
Absolutely Pi
-.s powder never varies. A marvel of pur
n. . Mrensth and holeHoinenes. More econo
utieal luan the ordinary kind, and cannot be
sold m competition with the multitude of low
jewr. short weight alum or phosphate powders.
V'f OM.7 f, f,r;w. KOVAL liAKI.XU l'OWDER
Co., lot; Wall St. N. Y.
Civil Engineer
Surveyor and Draftsman
Plaii3, Specifications and Estimates, Mu
nicipal Work, Maps &c.
pring Surprise !
Goods at
for Your Trade.
- Nebraska.
A Detailed Report Received at the
State Department.
Washington, March 22. Tlie depart
ment of state hag receiyed further details
concerning the recent riot at Chin-Kiang,
The trouble arose out of the stoning of a
policeman in the British quarter by a
crowd of boys and young men. It occur
red on the Chinese New Year, when bus
iness was practically suspended and the
streets thronged with idlers. The quarrel
of the boys was assumed by the men and
a general fight ensued. The report was
current that a Chinaman had been killed
by the police. Immediately an
enraged mob attiu-ked and burped
the police stations." i-he roadway
was thronged with 20,000 rioters, who
surged towards the United. Stateg ftod
Biitish consulates,, Yvheu n
Lotauio. a'-' situation
..iing 3o0 soldiers from the
neighboring barracks appeared upon the
scene, but their presence only served to
excite the derision of the mob. Unde
terred by the soldiers, the gates of the
United States and British consulates were
assaulted and the British consulates
burned. "With muoh difficulty the. two
consuls, with their families, effected
their escape and reached the mail
steamer just in time to erade the fury of
the rioters, who were in hot pursuit. The
mob made various unsuccessful attempts
to board the vessel, but was repulsed in
each instance. The arrival of a brigade
of soldiers in the evening and of a British
man-of-war the following morning, had
the effect of restoring quiet.
Dead on the Prairie.
Red Cloud, Neb., March 22. Alfred
Brussord, a Frenchman liviug near Camp
bell, north of this city, mysteriously dis
appeared from home January 10 and all
efforts to find him resulted in failure un
til yesterday. Tuesday evening John
Hansen, living ten miles northwest of
this city, discovered by accident, lying
on the open prairie about one hundred
rods from the road, the body of a dead
man. Coroner Schenck was yesterday
notified, and at the same time a courier
was dispatched to Campbell to notify
the brother of the missing Brussord. Ac
cordingly yesterday the coroner's jury
and witnesses went to the place and were
met by the missing man' brother, who
immediately identified the remains. The
jury, returned a verdict of death
from fatigue and exposure and
the remain were taken in charge by the
relatives. The only clue ever obtained
in the many searches made for the man
was the finding of his boots, a lantern
which he carried and a coat he had worn
in various places on the open prairie.
From his home to where he was found
the distance is nine miles. He had b,een
observed to act strangely a few days
previous to his disappearance, but no
watch was put over him. He was twenty
eight years old, well-to-do and married.
Nebraska and Iowa Postmasters.
Wasaington, March 22. The follow
ing Nebraska postmasters have been ap
pointed: William L. Jackman, Alcove,
Sheridan county, vice. O. F. Vanuleck,
resigned, and Nathan T. Britton, Wood
River, Hall county, vice John O'Connor,
. Joseph F. Cole has been appointed
postmaster at Compton, Lee county, Iowa,
vice W. W. Gilmore, resigned.
- John P. Yost has been nominated post
master at North Bend, Neb.
America's Wheat Crop.
Washington, March 22. The March
statistical report of the department of ag
riculture gives the result of investigation
regarding the weight of wheat. The
general ayerage weight is 5(5.5 jKHinds,
the lowest average for six years. In the
spring wheat region the range is from
53.5 in Dakota to 53 pounds in Nebraska.
It makes the crop equivalent to 391,000,
000 bushels f 60 pounds each.
Naval Changes.
Washington, March 22. Secretary
Tracy has ordered Commodore, Benham
to take commany of the navy yard at
Mare Island, Cab. Which position was
made vacant by the departure of Rear
Admiral Belnap to take command of the
Asiatic squadron. Rear Admiral Luce
has been informed that he will be placed
on the retired list on the 25th icst.
An Ordi::i.i.cj
Levying a special tax and aMsesaiiieiit on all
lots w itliin p.iviMn (11-n lot JSo 1. In t!;o eily
of I'Jatls outli. lo eovrr the cost ol paving
ami mbing Main stieet. tiel ween tlio earn
eule of Kevtiiitti reel and wewc si Jo of fcee
oiul srien in snitl city.
VV hkkkas. It liavi'i bet-n, and being here
by adjadgt-d, di'tei mined aiwl established that
the several loin Hereinafter referred to have
each been specially benellted to the full
amount herein levied and asxess-'d against each
of said lots respectively, by reason of the pav
ing and curbing of that part of Main atreet be
tween the esi, side of .Seventh mreet and the
wext kidu of Second street.
therefore, 'ox the purpose of paying the cot
of said paving and curbing
lit it Ordaiiteil by the Mayor and Council of tit
Citu of 1'lattxiitouth
Skcicv 1. lhat the eost of paring and
curbing that part of Main street within avin
aistiict No. 1, in the city of I'lattsmouth, frm
t lie east side of :eveliUl street to the west side
ol Second street, said cot being the mnof
S!.4Hl.r.'2, be and the same Is hi-reiy levied aid
a sessed in pioportion to tba feet fro, 't along
said I'avintr ai;d curbing ilnd acc'irdiug lo
special Irenellts by re tsou of buIU paviugaud
etirblnir ' Upon the. following U'H. :'iuu
luts ;'aid cost being no luvtisd uh kld
spcctively. as follow VJ-vh '
jot i. block 27,
437 52
ulX. Uloi K it
47 hi
.c-s Jordan and Wm L lirowiie
lot a.
block .7,
George Tronger, loi 10, vlock 27
Trustees 1'resbyieriau chuicii, lot 11,
block 27,
Fred Miadeliiianu. lot 12, block 27,..
Joiiu Kiizgerald lot 7 block 2
Jiiiin Fitzgerald lot 8 block 23 -
11. f. tlooledge lot 3 block 23
l'ett-r .Merges weft V lot 10 block 28
V. V. Leonard east V lot 10 block 28
Kiizabetli Ueiold we?t!s lot 11 b ock29..
Win. Ilerold earti yt lot 11 block 2S
.H. 1. l'olk west !i lot l2block 28
Amelia Sherwood east ',i lot 12 block 28--liank
of Uas U-. west !i lot 7. block 21. ..
. H ox, east V lot 7 block 21)
Emily Drew west V lot block 2!)
Levi Gohling east ' lot 8 block 29
frrediStaUelniaii west ' lot S) bto k 2
U.J. Martin east V lot 9 blojk 2sl
4S7 52
487 52
48T 5'2
47 ii'i
4!)1 'Jl
4l Hi
245 ur,
215 IMj
215 !NJ
245 V,
215 M
21-J 0 .'
245 Sti
245 !;
245 'JO
245 Do
245 9C
245 !x;
Lucinda milings lot 10 iiiock m
l- K W i.ite west V. lot 11 block 2!)
4 Jt 2
245 il'i
Jason Streignt esift ' lot 11 block 2!....fc245 L'G
M.l l'olk west 20 feet lot 12 block 2i. .. 223 CO
U. V. Mathews ea-t 24 f-et b't 12 olock 29 2U8 32
I hailolte A .VMseeler, lot7. bloek 30, ... 4ul 92
County Commissioners, Cass county, lot
8 block 30 491 02
County Commissioners Cass county, west
lot 9, block 30 245 86
Leila L. I h .mas, east !i of lot 9 block 30 245 yi;
11. E. i'almer. west Ji lot 10, block 30 245 96
K. i. Oo ey estate, east i lot lo bio-k 30 245 yu
John Ilai tmaii west H lot 11 block ?0 245 9t:
Kred Goo east V lot 11 olak 30 245 90
Fred Goos. lot 12 block 30 491 92
Frederick Kruij, lot 4 block 31 124 19
I'hillin Fritsch, north Vt lot 5 block 31... 124 19
O li t Q 1C It CO., S'.i Lot 5. Ulock 31.. 124 19
CB&li It K Co.. Lo; 6, Block 31 337 2-'
C It & Q K R Co., Lot 7, BIock 21 749 OS
1'biliip Fritsch, E 21 feet Lot 8 Block 31. 114 25
Aui;ut Back, 25 feet Lot 8, Block 31 13tJ 02
F It Guthman, Wi Lot 8. Block 31 3so .'xi
F K tiutlimau. 24 lect Lot 8, Block 31... 13j 68
Pniilip ritscb. K 21 feet Lot 9. Block 31- 48
All&Ut Bach. 25 feet Lot 9. Bloek 31... 77 98
f 11 Guthnian. WVi Lot 9. Block 31 521 97
F It Gutiiman. 24 leet Lot 9, Block 31.. 75 09
l'liilhi) Fritsch, E 21 feet Lot 10. Bloca 31 51 71
Augnst Bach. 25 feet Lot. 10. Block 31 S7 05
Henry Amison Estate, WJJ north 21 feet
Lot 10, Block 31 5" 20
F R Gutiiman, W)i Lot lo Block 3t... 52 2o
F K Guthmuu. 24 feet I Ait 10, Bloek 31... 30 24
Henry Amisou's Estate, J.ot 11. Block 31. 153 5o
V B & Q li li Co., Lot 1, Block 32 1
U B & Q It It Co.. Lot 2, Block 32 f
C 1J & i li It Co., Lot 3, Block 32 J 15C6 CO
C ii & i li K Co.. Lot 4. Block 32 J
F li Guuiman, IaH 11, Ulock 32 153 50
frank Gayle, 24 feet next to E 48 fet
Lot 12, Block 32 SS 24
F L Gavle, 22 feet vv of Frank Gayle's.
Lo"t 12. Block 32 32 04
Allie V liolieits, E 4S feet Lot 12, Block 33 72 48
F li Guthni n, 23 feet oil west end Lot 12
Hlock 32 34 04
IO F 23ieet Lot 12. Iiiock 32 i4 04
Frank Gavle. 24 feet next to K 48 feet
Lot 13, Block 32 76 99
F L Gayle, 22 let-1 V of Frank Gayle's
Lot 13. Block 3' , 69 99
Ailie V Koberts. E 48 feet Lot 13.BIock 32 151 98
f It Gufli-nau, 23 feet oil west cud Lot
13. Block 3? 72 9
I O ( F 23 feet Lot 12, lil ck 32 72 u
Frank Gayle, 24 feet next toE48fet Lot
14, Block 32 130 5S
F L Oayle. 22 feet V of Frank Gayle's
Lot 14, Block 32 . 119 I)
Allie V. lioberli east 48 feec lot 14 block
32 2C1 1C
F. II. Guilimau, 23 feet fit" wet end lot 14
block 32 124 4iJ
I. . O. F. ii feet lot 14 block Vi 124 4
Ado'pli ea-H !i lot 1. block 33 245 9-j
Hannah Blake, wet yt lo:. 1 Mock 33 225 06
J. C. 1'eteiscn fc Bro.. west ' lot 3 oIock
33.. - 225 0C
Herman Spies east i lot 2 block 33. 245 no
J08. V. V eckbacii w est !i tot 3 uu.-ck 3:1. . 225 03
Emily Drew e im i 1-t 3 block 33 215 9
1. V f-geuDerger wesr i 101 4 liock 3;;.. 245 4ij
Ii-s V. Weckb tcii ea-t i lot 4 bloc 33.. 210 4i
William Wetencmp lot 5 I1 ck 33 491 92
AdolphUS BllSCll lot 0 block 33 491 92
Jotin waterman lot 1 oiock 34 4 1 92
John Wa'.erman east V lot 2 block 34 245 itc
John Fitzgerald west H lot 2 bloek 34 245 9G
Julia Fitzgerald east ii lot 3 block 34-... 245 !
J. Giuck w est ii lot 3 block 34 245 9t
Jonot lian Halt and J. v . .Alartlus west
V. lot 4 block 34 245 9i5
Robo Wliie Y lot 4 block 34 245 9 .
J. II. Waterman e;tst ii lot 5 block 3 .. 245 9C
Win. Weiencamp. west ijlotu blck 54 245 95
Peter Mumm west ii bt (J 1)1 ck 31 245 m
F. I). Lehulioll eat ii lot 6 block 34 25 8d
Frank Carrutli east ii tot 1 block S5 245 9
K. P. Kockwood west ii lot 1 block 35 225 06
Walter White lot 2 block 35 12
Ira A. Myers east 'i lot 3 block 35 215 tc
C. H. Panuele west ii lot 3 block 35 245 93
Alice FeinierbeiK east ii l"t 4 block 35. . 245 9fi
E. a. Dovey & Son w eel ii lot 4 block 35 245 9G
E G Dovey .S: ?oii lot 5 block 3j 245 9
A. W. White, 20 feet lot 8 block 3" 204 60
Henry Boeck. 24 feet lot 6 block 35 240 00
John Black uorth 48 feet lot! block 36.. 209 99
M. k. church center fi lot 1 block 36 227 60
fohn Black north 48 feet lot 2 block 36... 2i.) 9a
JI E church center i lot 2 block 36. 227 50
JOf. H. Hall lot 3 block 36 474 32
K. Livingston lot 4 block 36 4S7 52
Krant Carrutli lot 5 block 36 ... 47 52
V. H. Scliildkuecht lot 6 bloek 33 4t7 52
Sfction 2. Tbat said specki' tax8 levied
aforesaid on sud lt resjiectively shall be
come delinquent as follows : One tenth of the
total amount so levied nn each of said lots sball
become delinquent In fifiy days from the pass
age and approval of this ord nance, one tenth
in one year, one tenih in two years, one tenth
in three years, one tenth In lour year, one
Yh Are ResnEctlnlJy
1111 g
AT 8 1
Will Play. Every Lady and Gentleman slnll receive
Eea,"U-tI"CLl Present
Positively no goods sold on that evening, but
oil C3
Wants everybody to come and inspect the Lirgist, Nicest, Finest,
Neve3t and Cheapest stock of
Spring and Summer
Furnishing Goods, Hats and Cap?,
Trunks, Satchels, etc., ever brought to Cass county.
tenth In five years, one tenth In six year, one
tenth In seven years, one tenth lo eiht ye.irs.
ouc tenth in nine years after said levy, and be
ing irom the passage ami approval of this ordi
nance. Each of naid installments, except the
first, shall draw interest at the rate of efveu
per cent p-fr annum from tiia time of the levy
afoi'eaid un il the saTie shall become delin
quent, and after the same shall become delin
quent a penalty of five per cent together with
interest at the rate of one per cent per mouth
1 'all be paid upon each delinquent install
ment. sKf!. 3. That tli entire aniouat of tax si
levied and assessed on any of said lots may
be pa 'd by ths owner ofaiiy lot. or the entire
equal pro rat proportion of said tax on any of
fai l lots, may be paid by any person on any
part of nanl lots within fifty days from 'aid
'evy. and thereupon uch lots or parts of lots
shall be exempt from any lien or charge there
for. Sko. 4. That tbis ordinance shall take effect
and b '. In foiee from and after its passage.
.Passed and approved Kebniary 1 '., A. Ii. 1S5:.
( at i ks r) K. M. RICH IV, Mayor.
vv. k Uityuierk.
TUe above tax is now due and payable at the
office of the city treasurer, and will beo;ne d
linquet't and t-ear interest after April 3rd. 1S43,
as seen iu section 2 of the above ordinance.
City Treasuier.
Notice of City Election
Notice Is hereby itiven til it on Tuesday,
Apr 1 nd. A.D. m, an election will be held for
the following city and school officers of the City
of Plattsinouth :
First Ward. One Connci'ttun.
Second Ward. t).ie Councilman.
'Third Ward. One Councilman.
Fourth Ward. One Councilman.
Fifth War l. Two Councilinen. the one receiv
ing the hihet number of votes in the Fifth
ivard to serve for tw years, and the one re
ceiving the next highest uu nber of votes to
serve for the trin of one vear
Two Members of the Siiiool Board for the
term of three years each.
Hald election wi'l be held at the following
polling peaces in e ch of said wards :
First Ward at Recoder's office.
Second Ward at Cass County Iron Works.
' Third Ward at offlce of Ricliey Bros, lumber
Fourth Ward at Waterman's lumher office.
Fifth Ward at brick school house.
And said polling places will be open at nine
o'clock a. m. of said day, and close at T o'clock
p. in. and no longer.
. Dated at Platismouth. Xeb .March 9. AD.1W.
F. M. Richky. Mayor.
W. K. Fox. City Clerk.
Fine Job "Work Cheap at Tue Herald,
Or. C- A. Marshall.
Preservation of the Nitural Teeth a
Specialty. Auesthetics L'iven for Pain
less Filling oh Lxru.vcriox op Tkutii. .
Artificial tectli m ale on Gold, Silver,
Rubber or Celluloid Plat s, and inserted
as soon as teeth are extracted when do
si red.
All work warrant:'!. Prices reasonable.
The Boss Tailor!
M tin St., Over Merges' Shoe Store.
Has the best and most complete 6tock
of samples, both foreign and domestic
woolens that ever came west of Missouri
river. Note these prices: Ii usinet-8 suit
from $10 to 3o, dress suits, 25 to $45,
pants 4, $3, $8.-00 and upwards.
CST'Will guaranteed a fit. .
ricas Defy Comoetilion.
R. C. Wijtdham, Johw a. Uaviks,
Notary Public. Notary Public.
A.ttor2iy3 - at - Law.
OMce over Bank of Cats .County.
1 t
1 k;