The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, March 21, 1889, Image 1

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NU3iiu:u KJO
3HL cQ IE3
IVIy JEixfclre stock of Boots, Slioes, Etu"blDei?s and lipPers
Must Be Sold By April 1st. Whoever Wants to Buy Cheap, Come. Now is the-Time.
Ijhank the Public lor their past generous patronage, and will be pleased to see all my old customers and others to avail themselves of this rare opportunity of Cheap Goods.
All thoae knowing themselves indebted to me must come and settle by April 1st, as all my accounts will be placed in the collector's hands, and costs added.
t 2! lALHn. IK 1. O. O. K. -Meets
Ziary Tuesday evening of each week. All
transient brothers are respectfully luviled to
O. K.. meets every alternate Friday in
each month in the Masonic Hull. Visiting
Brothers are Invited to attend.
fllKIO IJOUV.K. NO. M. A. O. t. W. MeeU
every attentat Friday evening at K. of 1.
all. Transient brother are resjmctf ully lu
lled to attend. K. P. Ilrown. Master v ork
tnau ;0 11. Kunster. Foreman ; K. It.Ktelinker
Overseer; W. H. MilW-r, Financier; . K.
llouseworih, Recorder ; F. J Morgan. Itecelv
r; Win. Crehart. 4iuite : Wn. l.udwig. Inside
A'atch : L- Olseu, Outside Watcu.
' ol Aroerica Meets second and fourth Mon
day evening at K. of P. hall. All transient
brother are requested to meet with um. I.. A,
Newcomer, Venerable Consul ; 'i. K, Nile
Worthy Adviser ; S. C. Wilde, Hanker; W. A.
Boeck. Clerk.
Meet every alternate Friday evening at
Bock wood ball at mu'cIock. All transient broth
er are respectfully invited to attend. I. S.
Iarson. M. W. Y. lioyd. Foreman: S. V.
Wilde, Ilecorder ; Leonard Anderson. Overseer.
Meets on the firt and third Mondays of
each month at their hall. All transient broth
ers are cordially Invited to meet with us.
J. G. ItlCHKY, W. M.
Wk. Hats. Secretary.
Meets second and fourth Tuesdav of earh
month at Mavon's Hall. Transcieut brothers
are Invited to meet with us.
K. E. Whitk, II. P.
Wm. If v. Secretary.
. . - - . i
meet the second and fourth Mondays of
tub month at Arcanum Hall,
It. N. Ulexn, Regent.
P. C. Minor. Secretary.
M. A. Dicksov f'ommander,
Bfnj. IIihplk Senior Vice "
H.Carhkias Junior "
(Iko. Nii.k.s : Adjutant,
A. SinrMAjf S'lr.
A.TAB.ri oriicer of the bay.
Jam KS-Hick -to N " Ouard
Sergt Major.
AyDSiiso.v " Fkv.. ..Quatter Master Set gt.
L- O. Cuii'M Post Chaplain
MeefiM' .1tnrl4y eveijlnu
Our First Spring Surprise !
With New Goods at
1 t:
Men's and Youths1 Suits, $1.95, 7.85, 10.00.
For Iiusiness, 12.50, S15.00, $1G.50.
Boys' Long Pant Suits to 18 years, 2.95, 3.45, $5.45 to 13.50.
Boys' Knee Pant Suits, $1.45, ?1.95, $2.45, $3.45, $5, $6, 7.
Boys' Knee Pants 35 cts., 50 cts., 75 cts., $1,
if en's Merino Underwear 25 cents to 2.50 a suit.
Calf Shoes $1.20 to $5.00 a pair,
Men's Latest Styles of Stiff Hats from $1.50 to $3.50.
All the Latest Styles In
Shirts and Neckwear,
ELSOI.TIg One-Price Clofc
Hard Worker for Your Trade,
Platlsmoulh, - - Nebraska.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of pur
ity, strength and wholexomeness. More econo
mical tn an the ordinary kindit. and cannot be
sold In competition with the multitude of low
text, short weight alum or phoxphate powders.
Sola nnlii in eailMi KUVAL. liAKIXQ l'OWDEB
Co.. iw' Wall St. N. V . '
Mayor, - - - F.M. Kii hut
Clerk. '- - - WKVox
Treasurer, - - James Pattekson, jr.
attorney, - - Uykdk Clark
Knfrineer. - - - A Mavolk
Police Judge, - S Clifford
Marshall, - - - i. H. Dunn
A Salisbury
4 L) M Jones '
J M It Murphy
1 P McCallkn. Prrs
(J W Johns n,
(OH HawksWorth
Bprd Pu.tJ.Worfc
CofT Fighting For Mis Rights.
Parkersburo, W. Va., Murch 20.
General Qoll is home from Washington.
In au interview lie said, whin his atten
tion was called to the possibility of his
receiying the appointment of solicitor
general: "There is no office in the gift
of Presideat Harrison that I would ac
cept. I was elected governor of "West
Virginia and nothing can swerve me
from my purpose to do everything in
my power to obtain th'j seat to which I
was rightly eleted. I am now preparing
my case to present to the legislature in
June, and by that tiini I shall hay ; the
facts so complete thit evoa a democratic
legislature will recognize my claims."
Charleston, W. Va., March 21. It is
reported today that the republican mera
bers of the legislature have entera l into
an agreement, after a thorough canvass
of the political situation, to refuse to
obey the call of Governor Wilson for an
extra season of that body on the ground
that he is not the lawful governor of the
state, and therefore without authority to
issue such a call. This determination
has reached the cars of the democrats and
has kicked up an immease hubbub.
While the democrats have one majority
in the house, they are two in the minority
in the senate, and they are busy tonight
arranging to combat this move of the
opposition. It is likely, should the re
publicans full to rcoj.ona, that the ser-geant-at
arms will be sent to arrest then
at their homes, and this might easily pre
cipitate trouble.
New NektrasHa Postmasters-
Washington, March 21. The follow
ing Nebraska postmasters have been ap
pointed: Oscar Kayser, Belle vue, Sarpy
county, vice Mary E. Hamilton, resigned;
Thos. I. Burling. Firth, Luiicasier county,
vice Chqstoplaer'Bailey, resigned; W. W.
Hopking, Oakland, Burt cquaty, v-ioe E.
A. Baugh, resigned; August .ThpSOI1)
Potter, Chav---ae countyt vice Lewi8 A'
Stanton, resigned, and John W. Hemp
stead, Valley, Douglas county, vice J.
W. Agee, resigned.
Many Declined.
In an amusing sketch of Prince Ilenry
of Battenberg, the husband of Princess
Beatrice, recently appointed governor of
of the Isle of Wight (greatly to the dis
gust of tho islanders), an English paper
gives a long list of the ladies who had
declined the honor of the impecunious
princeling's hand before he finally suc
ceeded in his matrimonial designs.
Among the number was one whom it
will not bo" difficult -to recognize and
who 13 described as "the daughter of an
American inventor who has since be
come the wife of an Italian premier."
Several others are mentioned, including
an actress or two and other women, an
alliance with whom would not have been
particularly creditable. San Francisco
Street Tramways In New York.
During the year ending Sept, 80, 1888,
the number of passengers on the street
railways and elevated railways of New
York city was 876,913,586, an increase of
18,000,000 over the number for 1887.
This, at the uniform fare of 5 cents,
represents a totid revenue of $18,845,
679.S0. There are nineteen "city rail
way" companies, eighteen of which are
horse car surface lines, and the other is
the elevated railway system, with its four
parallel lines. The equipment consists
of 8,034 cars and 13,586 horses. The ele
vated lines have 821 cars and 291 locomo
tives. The number of employes is 11,725.
Scientific American.
Lotto's Ace.
Few of the people who see Lotta kick
ing her heels and playing all the tricks
of a little girl, on the stage, would place
her age at the correct figure. This little
mite of a body doesn't look it, but she
was born in Nassau street, Nov. 27, 1846.
Her father, John Ash worth Crabtree,
was an Englishman, and kept a book
store, which he abandoned to go to Cali
fornia during the gold craze of '49. Lotta
has been on tho stage since 1853, and she
is credited with the largest pile of dollars
of any woman fn the profession, the
greater part of which she owes to her
mother's business shrewdness. New
York Press.
An Ordlnnrco
Levying a special tax h.hI asst5.ine lit ou all
IkIh within paviHK district So 1. in the city
of l'latts noutli, to cover the cost of paving
and liming Mam stieer, between the cast
ide of Seventh street and went side of fcec
ond SiieeL in Hid citv.
Whkhkas. It havi'iK been, and being here
by adjudged, determined and establisnrd mat
the several lots hereinafter referred to have
each been specially benefited to the lull
amount herein levied and assessed against each
of said lots respectively, by reason of the pav
i&K aDil curbing of that part of Main street be
tween the east side of Seventh street aud the
went kide of Second street.
thcrefure, for the purpose of paying the coul
of said paving ana curbing
Be it Ordained by the Mayor and Council of the
City of FlatUinuuth.
Sectiox 1. That the cost of paving and
curbing that part of Main street within pavin
district No. 1, In the city of l'lattumouth, from
the east side of f-eveutti street to the west side
of Secoud street, said cost beirg the sum of
$29,48l.t;i2, be and the same is hereby levied and
a sessed la proportion to tho feet fro t along
s.aid baviug and' curbing aud according iu
special benefits bv re isou of said uaving aud
curbing upon the following describeu
lots ; Haiti cost being so levied ou said lots re
spectively, as follows, to-wit :
Klizabet.n L. Waterman, lot 7, block 27... $487 62
Je j K Dovey. lots, block 27, -W7 6a
James Jordan and Win L, brow tie. lot 9.
block 7, 487 52
George f'ronger, lot 10, olock 27 487 52
Trustees Presbyterian church, lot 11,
block 27 48T 52
Fred stadelmann, lot 12, block 27, 47 62
John Fitzgerald lot 7 block 28 4il SU
John Firzc;erold lot 8 block 28 401 U2
11. V. Cooledge lot 9 block 28 .- 491 92
Feter Merges weft hi"t 10 tlock 28 245 96
V- V. 4-euuHrd east lot lo block 28 245 Iti
KiiZoiheth llerold west H lot 11 b ock 2S-. 245 !
Win. lierod east V lot 11 block 28 45 9ti
M, 1). Folk west H lot 12 block 2a 2.43 yu
Amelia Slier wood uat li lot 12 block 38.. 2'i9 02
liatik of Cass O . west lot 7. block 29. . . 245 90
J K ox, east lot 7 block 29 245 9c
Kiuily lrew west h't lot 8 block 29 245 no
l.evl Uoldlllg east yt lot 8 OlOck 29 245 90
f red Stadelinau west ' lot 9 b!o k 2t..., 245 9c
U. J. Martin east Yt lot 9 blo;k Oil..,; 45 96
Luctiula Hillings lot 0f block 29 .491 9j
F. E 3. Y,eat Vt lot 11 block 29 245 96
..ttaou btieTglit eat i lot 11 block 29 J245 96
M. I) i'olk west 20 feet lot 12 olock 29 223 Co
U. V. Mathews eat 24 feet lot 12 olock 29 268 32
Charlotte A ,V heeler, lot 7, bloek 30. ... 491 92
County Commissioners, Cass county, ut
8 block 30 ",.. 491 92
Coubty Commissioner:! Can's' eciuuty, west
i; lot 1$, block 30,.... 245 96
I.elia i;. Thomas, east Y of lot 9 block 30 245 90
H. E. Falmer. west H lot 10, block 20 245 96
K. , Do-ey estate, east Vt lot 10 bio. k 30 245 iKi
John Hartiuan west V lot 11 block 20 245 9o
Kred Goos east Vt lot 11 uio.k 30 245 96
Kred Uoos, lot 12 block 30 411 92
Frederick Krui:, lot 4 block 31 , 124 19
Phillip Fntsch, north ut a block 5U... 124 19
(J U Cj H F, CO., St; .Lpt 6; JJlock 3'.. 124 19 !
OBtuliK Ccr.. Lo? 6, Ulock31 197 22
Phillip f ritsch, K ? f l,ot JUoeK 31. 114 25
August Uack, let Lot, WocK si.... i3ti 0i
h i J4qihmap, Vyi Lot . Block 31 3X0 50
L1 llll.niaa- "lleetLotS. Block 31... 13.J 58
rn.lU" '.uscu. k 21 feet Lot 9. Block 31- 66 48
AUtfUt Bach. 26 feet Lot 9. Block 31... 77 9K
r It tiuthman, Wyt Lot 9. Block 31 221 97
F K, 24 leet Lot 9, Block 31.. 75 99
Phillip Fr'tach. K 21 feet Lot 10. liloed 3f St 71
August Bach. 25 feet Lot iO. Block 31 87 65
Heury Ainison Instate'.' Wi north 21 feet
Lot 1U.' Block 31 5 2C
F K (iuthnian, SWJi Lot lo. Block 31... 62 26
F It Outhman. 24 feet Lot 10, Block 31. ., 38 24
Henry A miaou's Estate, Lot 11, lllock 31. 163 50
I'fiftQKK Co., Lot 1. B'.ock 3i )
0 B & U It It Co.. Lot 2. Block 32 I
O B & Q K U Co., Lot 3, Block 82 156C 60
O B & Q K U Co.. Lot 4. block 32 J
b 11 uutiiman, 1.01 11, siock 32 153 CO
Frank Uayle, 24 feet next to E 48 fet
Lot 12, Block 32 M 24
F L Gayle, 22 feel w of Frank Gayle's.
Lot 12. Block 32 32 04
Allie V Kobei ts, K 48 feet Lot 12. Block 31 72 48
F li Guthm in, 23 feet off west end Lot 12
Block .32.... . 34 04
( O O F. 23 teet Lot"i2. Block 3? ;4 04
Frank Gayle, 24 feet next to E 49 feet
Lot 13, Block 32. , .... it1. 76 99
F L Gayle, 22 fet-t V of Frank Gayle's
Lot 13. Block 3 ' 69 99
Allie V Koberts. E 48 feet Lot 13,Block 32 151 98
if K Guthman, 23 feet off west end Lot
13. Block 32 72 99
I O F 23 feet Lot 12, Block 32 72 99
Frank Gayle, 24 feet next to E 48 f jet Lot
14. Block 32 .. 130 68
if L Oayle. 22 feet W of Frank Gayle's
Lot 14, Block 32 119 40
Allie V. Koberts east 48 feet lot 14 block
3- ..... 2fil If!
F. K. Gut hman. 23 feet off west end lot 14 '
block 32 J 24 4V
I. O. U. F. 23 leet lot 14 bloek 32 124 4
dolph Kosetibamn east lot 1 block 33 245 96
laiinali Blake, west Vt !'' 1 block 33 225 06
J. C. Peleisen A Bro.. west Vt lot 3 block
33 225 06
Herman Spies east Vt lot 2 block 33 245 96
Jos. V. W eckbacli west ?4 lot 3 block 33. . 225 06
tmily Drew east Vt lot 3 block 33 245 96
J. V Kgeuberger west Vt lot 4 block 33.. 245 46
Jos. V. VV'eekb.tch east Yt lot 4 blocx 33-. 2'0 46
William Wetencamp lot 5 block 33 491 92
dolpnus Bttsch lot 6 block 33 491 9
John Waterman lot 1 block 34 4-1 92
John v aterman east Vt lot 2 block 34 ... 245 96
John Fitzgerald west Y lot 2 bloek 34 245 96
John Fitzgerald eat lot 3 block 34 245 96
J. Giuck west Yt lot 3 block 34 245 96
Jouofhan Hart and J. -W. Marthls west
Vt lot 4 block 34 245 96
Robo v biie e.tst Yt lot 4 block 34 245 9
J. 11. Waterman east Yt lot 5 block 34... 245 96
Win. W'etencatup west Vt lot5 block $4... 245 96
Peter Mumin west Vi lot 6 bl .ck 34 243 96
K. 1. Lehnhoff east Yt lot 6 block 84 25 96
frank Carruth east Yt lot 1 block 35 215 93
K. P. Kurkwood west 4 lot 1 block 35 Tib 06
Walter White lot 2 block 35 4?o 12
Ira A. Myers east Vt lot 3 block 35 245 96
J. H. Pamiele west Yt lot 3 block 35 245 96
Alice Pepperberg east Vt lt 4 block 35. . 245 96
. G. Dovey & Son west Yt lot 4 block 35 245 96
S O Dovey & Son tot 5 block 35 245 96
A, W. White, 20 feet lot 6 block 35 204 60
ilenry Boeck, 24 feet lot C b'.ock 33 240 00
Johu Black north 48 feet lot 1 block 36.. 259 99
1. . church ceuter H lot 1 block 36 2J7 60
'oho Black north 48 feet lot 2 block 36... 249 99
M E church center i lot 2 block 36 227 56
os. H. Hlllol 3 block 36 474 32
-t. Liviugston lot 4 block 36 487 52
"rank Carruth lot 5 block 36 487 52
vV. II. 8childknecht lot 6 block 36 487 52
Section 2. That said special tax levied
iforesaid on said lot respectively shall be
:ome delinquent as follows : One tenth of the
total amount so levied on each of said lots shall
tecotne delinquent in fifty days from the pass
age and approval of this ord nance, one tenth
iu one ye r. one tenth in two years, one tenth
in three years, one tenth In four years, one
You Mepliilli Invited
Friday, March
AT 8 I.
Will Play. Every Lftdy
Positively no goods
Wants everybody to come and inspect the L-irgest, IS' icc-bt, Finest,
Newest and Cheapest stock of
Spring and Summer Clothing
Furnishing Goods, Hats and Caps,
Trunks, Satchels, etc., ever brought to Cass county.
tenth in five years, one tenth in six years, one
tenth in seven years, one tenth in elht yeirs.
ooe tenth in nine years after said levy, and be
ing iromthe pasaue and approval of this ordi
nance. Each of said installments, except the
first, shall draw interest at the rate of seven
per cent per annum from the time of the levy
aforesaid until the same shall become delin
quent, and after the same shall become deli n
quent a penalty of five per cent together with
interest at the rate of one per cent per month
s 'i all be paid upon each delinquent install
ment. Him s. 3. That th entire amount of tax sa
levied and assessed on any of said lots may
be pa d by the owner of any lot, or the entire
equal pro rata proportion of said tax on any of
sai.i lots, may be paid by any person on anv
part .it said lots within fifty days from said
lew. and thereupon such lots or parts of lots
shall be exempt from any Hen or charge there
for. Sko. 4. That this ordlnanee shall take effect
and fo i in foice from and after its passage.
1'asped and approved February 1 !. A. D. 1883.
(attest) K. M. RICIIKY, Mayor,
w. K. FX. City Clerk.
The above tax is now due and payable at the
office of the city treasurer, and will become de
linquent and bear interest after April 3rd. 139,
as seen in section i oi tu aoove oruuiaucr.
City Treasuicr.
Notice of City Election
Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday.
Apr.l 2nd. A.D. I8S9, an election will be hel 1 for
the following city and school offlcers of the City
of Platte mouth :
First Ward. One Councilman.
Second Ward. One 5ouncilman.
Third Ward. One Councilman.
Fourth Ward. One Councilman.
Fifth Ward. Two Councilmen. the one receiv
ing the highest number of vote in the Fifth
ward to serve for two year, and the one re
ceiving the next highest nu nber of votes to
serve f t the trm of one year.
Two Members of the School Board for the
term of three years each.
Haid election wi'l be held at the following
polling p'aces in e ch of said wards :
First Ward at Kecoder's office.
Second Ward at -ass County Iron Works.
. Third Ward at office of Itichey Bros, lumber
Fourth Ward at Waterman lumber office.
Fifth Ward at brick school house.
And said polling places will bs open at nine
o'clock a. m. of said day, and close at 7 o'clock
p. m. and no longer.
Dated at Platts.-nouth.Keb..March9. AD.14S3.
F. M. Richkt, Mayor.
W. K. Fox. Ciy Clerk.
Fine Job "Work Cheap at The Herald.
22nd, 1889,
aud Gentleman shall reeoive
sold on that evening, but
Dr. C. A. Marshall.
Preservation of the Natural Teeth a
Specialty. Auesthctics given fr Pain
less Filling ok Extraction of Teeth.
Artificial teeth mnde on Gold, Silver,
Rubber or Celluloid Plates, and inserted
as soon as teeth are extracted when de
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
FirZ'3Ktt.o'8 Bo ;a. Prr-ouTH. Nkm
C. F. S M I T H,
The Boss Tailor
Maiu St., Over Merges Shoe Store.
Has the best and most complete stock
of samples, both foreign and domestic
woolens that ever came west of Missouri
river. Note these prices: Business 6uits
from flti to f35, drrss suits, $25 to $45.
pants $4, $5, $6, $3.50 and upwards.
ESPWill guaranteed a fit.
Prices Defy Comoetilion.
It. Z. Windham, John a. Davie,
Notary Public. Notary Public.
Attorneys - at - Law.
Office over Bank of Ca County.
I (