The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 27, 1889, Image 4

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    Tne Evening .Herald.
A. Kalixharjr. DoatUt Uoekwood Daildln,
Talephoae So.
Dr. Withers, Drat Int. I'aloa Illix-k.
Cleveland takes a t amble to himself
In a few days.
Vro have just received a lot of new
type, so bring in your job work.
We have just receivod Rome of the
latest styles of job type, give us your
The new chief of police showed his
.authority early yesterday morning by
hoisting the weather flags.
Miss Hat tie Shefft-r will entertain a
party of friends at progressve whist,
tonight, at her home, Main street.
Mr. Jerry O'Rourk, brother of Mr.
Morris O'Rourk, sr., is confined to his
bed with a severe attack of kidney disease.
Mr. W. A. Uoeck. shoo dealer, ad
vertises his stock of boots and shoes for
sale at cost, stating that it is his in
tention to open up a shoe store at Pueblo,
Col. .
Mis. Lcssie Hunt will entertain a
small party of friends tomorrow night
in honor of the Misses. Gering, her neigli
bors, who will soon take up their abude
in another portion of the city.
A citizen standing on the streets this
morning was heard to remark: "I don't
know what the Journal will do for news
now since Poisall has resigned and
another city marshal has been appointed.
Ooe year ago today the Brotherhood
engineers employed on the "Q" went out
on strike. If they had known then what
the year has brought forth numberless
scabs thcie would have been no strike.
There are many citizens who have
been guessing a good many ways as to
what success the committee which was
appointed by the board of trade to raise
a subscription to aid in the purchase of
ground for a new hotel, has had.
The Turner's Society of this city will
give a mask ball on Monday next at
Fitzgearald's hall. The event is looked
forward to with great anticipations, and
will undoubtedly be a grand success a
no pains will be spared by the committee
in charge, to make the event the most
enjoyable for tho3e who attend. lw
The funeral of the lite Mrs. Hannah
Buttery, who died yesterday, took place
this afternoon from the residence of her
daughter-in-law, Mrs. J. W. Buttery. A
short service was conducted at her late
home by R3V. II. B. Burgess, of the Epis
copal church, before the removal of the
remains. There was a large attendance
of friends who paid their last tributes of
Early this morning Father Carney
was called upon to tie the holy knot at
the Catholic church, the contracting par
ties being Mr. Patrick Tighe, of Wabash,
and Miss Ella Blessington, of Manlry.
Miss D.-lia Blessington. 6ister of the bride.
erformed the duties of brideemaid, and
Mr. Jas. Tighe, brother' of the groom
--flatted as groomsman. The pnrty came
tofffe city last night and put up at the
Riddle house, jio that their contracts
might be fulfili&l early this morning.
All merchant c on plain of thecrodi
system of ling business which the
hayn been left into by the laboring eln?
her?. Wa:t'm for pay day. ha formed
a. vt-ry foolish" haldt for all who depenr1
upon their monthly compt s itioii, and r
mcmt evident that all ottier people
Platlsmoiith have followed th-ir examph
It is occasionally s iid t!n:t no place i
the state i know to d as iniu li cr-i!:'
business hk Pbitlsinouth, nnd many pin-'
merchants siiffrr heavy hsc by rt;ci. :.!
BuMius is always known to be nine!
more brisk where the cash system rulo.
. The trial docket for the March terro
of Dijitriit court of Cas3 county, which
opens on March 1 1, has just been publish
ed by the Weeping Water Eagle. The
following Jti o s have ben chojen for.
the March term: Thomas Hill, O. E
Chandler, William Ballance. Curtis
Moore, J. T. Mills, J. M. Compt on,
Joseph A. Connor. S. R. Carriga'n, Frank
Boyd, Jessie Livingston, William Winter
steen, Jacob Schlanker, C. E. Pierce. M.
M. Shipman, II. J. Miller, A. A. Harden,
C. W. Sherman. W. R- Baldwin, Olan
Cole, J. II. Lloyd, Thomas Holmesf
August Thinghan, David O'Brien, W. J.
Although Dr. Cook wa3 not waylaid
as was at first reported, he is of the
opinion that he would have escaped with
slighter injuries if he had been. His
right limb, below the knee, is completely
discolored, and he sustained other bruises
. on his arms and body which present an
alarming coudition. The bruise wer
caue-d by a fall be received in stepping
from a porch in front of a where
he had been attending a patient, and as
the night was extremely dark, he had no
chance to save himself. Mr. Donnelly,
who was in company with the doctor at
the time he fell, received much slighter
ininriea. He is now on 'exhibition
in Smith & Co'a drug store or Mayer's '
clothing store. - I
t 1 - mmmmm mmm . ii
Mr. C. H. Parmelc has purchased a
fine large safe of the Dec-bold Safe Com
pany, for kis bank at Nehawka.
Mr. Geo. Rowe, a striking engineer,
has recently gone into the express busi
ness. He has provided himself with a
tine dray team, and he is now ready to
be called upon.
Dr. Emmons, who has occupied the
Schildknccht property on 9th street for a
short time, lately moved bis family to
the house on the co'rner of Washington
avenue and Seventh 6treet, owned by Mrs.
Mr. John R. Cox, who had a disas
trous wrestle with a pump the other day,
has a very badly discolored eye, from
the effects. II id he been struck a little
lower, he would surely have lost the use
of one of his eyes.
Mr. W. H. Ilogan and Miss Mary
Nockon will be married at the Catholic
church tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock,
by Father Carney. They will make
their home in South Park in ore of Mr.
J. V. Weekbach's houses.
Mr. Adam Kurtz, who has been liv
ing about two miles and ahalf northwest
of this city, on the Goodwin place, has
moved his family to the city within the
last few days. They will make their
home on the corner of Seventh and
Hickory streets.
. A number of icemen are now en
gaged in harvesting ice from the Mis
souri. The ice which was sab' d down
tl3 fore part of the cold snap is not of
th : best quality, and the icemen who are
now putting away god ice, will control
the market next summer.
Preparations are being made by two
young larlies from What Cheer, la.,-to
open a millinery store in the room ad
joining "Joe's" clothing store. The
names of the ladies arc: Misses Moore
and Studebaker. The Herald wishes
them success in thir undertakings, and
welcomes them to Plattsmouth that they
may enjoy a harvest in its business.
A happy event occurred yesterday
morning at 11 o'clock at the Louisville
church, in the marriage of Mr. John
O'Leary to Miss Bridget Burk. Father
Carney, of this city, performed the cere
mony in a manner which pleased. vry
much all parties who -were interested.
Mi. O'Leary lives near Weeping Water,
and is well known in this city.
There are some rising young vocal
ists in this city who are thinking seriously
of going east for the purpose of having
their voices cultivated, we would advise
tt take a course in some agricultuial col
leges where plows, harrows and cultiva
tors nre plentiful, end have the stumps
which are so prominent, plowed out be
fore taking a more advanced course in a
musical school.
Mr. Geo. Bcrger, of Louisville,
is in
the city today.
J. II. Ilaldeman, of Weeping Water,
is in the city today.
Mr. J. M. Patterson who was in South
B-nd yesterday, returned to the city this
Mr. Ed Coukling, a B. & M. marliinist,
leaves tomorrow morning for Springfield,
Mr. Will Harris left this rnornhvsr for
Frontier county, this .tate, where he will
nraUe M:s f sit lire home.
R v W. B Alexander attended the
reyivd servh-cs at Omaha last niht and
ret;;. : d to the city this morning.
Mr. FY d Gord- r, who w: s called to
Waving Water yesterday on hiiincs.
rc'ti:riu.d to t!e eity this ning.
M:s. John Way man wi!l tomorrow
Jeav ? for Pittsburg, Pa., v!.er. she goes
r. j i vi'.j-ib m. I. S!i vid be :ni-sc'
imi ii by !e m my n ien ls,
5Ii-s Clara Armstrong, who has been
spending the past year at tile home of her
brother, Mr. A. Armstrong, returned to
Criston, la., this morning.
Mrs. Robt Ballance and family arrived
from Holyoke this morning to attend the
funeral of her deceased relative, Mrs.
Hannah Buttcrv. which occurred this
Wm. Whitmpre, of Omaha, agent for
the Diebold safe, is id the pity today. He
is an old friend of Mr. M. B. Murphy,
having been employed in the mail service
with him on the run between Omaha and
Ogden, for yeais.
Miss Agnjs Lemka, of Stevens Creek,
Neb., 'is the guest of her cousins, the
Misses Weckbach. Mr. Chas. Keeler, her
cousin, who has been visiting at Stevms
Creek for a short time, accompanied her
to Plattsmouth, while en route for his
Lome in Wisconsin. He will leave foH
there tonight.
Ir. Phillip Weirsick and family are
expected to arrive in the city this evening
from Pekin, III. Mr. Geo. Wiersich, his
brother, who has charge of the farm stock
and household goods, is expected later.
They have rented a farm belonging to
Mr. John Baker, eight miles west of this
Buy your spring clothes of Elson. : the
One Price clothier he has an immense
stock and h can please you both in price
and quality. '
I F 1 . i - . ii ii
Owing to the recent war on Domestics
between tho Western and Eastern Job
bers, enables us to make the following
for cash on the following popular brands:
Aurora C Unbleached sheeting 5 cents
per yard.
Lawrence LL Unbleached sheeting, Ci
cents per yard.
Pepperell R Unbleached sheeting. 7i eta
per yard.
Indian Head, Extra Heavy, 8J cents per
Yorkshire Half Bleach, 9 cents per yard.
All Season Bleach, cents per yard.
Massasoit, (superior to Lonsdale) 8 cts.
per yard.
Fruit of the Loom, 9 cents per yard.
Lonsdale Cambric 12? cents per yard.
Best Apron Check Ginghams, cents
per yard.
Best Dress Ginghams, ?J cents per yard.
Those goods are all this seasons pur
chase, no old shelf worn stock.
We have opened our Spring Stock of
French Satines. These goods are the
handsomest ever brought to the city and
entirely new patterns, not having carried
over any last season. We are tho only
ones carrying the Prespiration Proof
Fast Black "
Domestic Satines.
We are showing 75 different patterns
of the celebrated Cocheeo C Satines,
they fully come up with the French
goods in Coloring and patterns.
Our Corset Dep't
Complete in all Details.
Ladies - Favorite - Waist.
This waist is designed to meet the re
quirements of Ladies who cannot com
fortably wear a stiff and rigid .corset,
while it can be worn with as much com
fort as an ordinary dress waist, it will
give the same elegance of contour as the
heavh st board corset in the market,
while the stays are so arranged that they
give support to the back and pine. an 1
in nowise interfere with the freedom and
comfort of the wearer.
Rock Bluffs.
Oscar Hagood is sick in bed with bil
lious fever.
Mr. James Walstow who moved down
to Mr. Chalfants farm last fall moved
baek to his own residence iaet Monday.
A wedding took place about two miif
south of here last week. Mr.-j. Schways,
a woman of about sixty years of age,
was married to Mr. James Kingle.
League Brown, who wgsso unfortunate
as to nearly cut the toes off of one of his
feet a short time ago while chopping in
the timber, is getting along us .veil as
could le expected.
Mr. John Farthing, who has been tick
nearly all winter with a lung troubb-, is
gelling hi-trcr, wr hear We ! hear
that he has sold out his interest in the
tiwn property south of Main street, to
Calvin Graves, of Iowa.
We have had hard time to get ict; (his
winter and a few liav- not gut all they
want yet Tea years ago only one tarm r
mi Iiis locality put u; ico and now t hire
are :dout twenty who put it up to e'jv
the cold comfort of it next summer.
Mr. Tiioma II. dm and .Miis NVJlis;
ibd.n-'S Maited Silnr!:iy fc'ght "if the
flyer for a six wn-ks vUit t ! la ware
eoii'ity, NVw York. . Tit.-y are exp - 'in
i:i the.-meantime to attend the wi-d dug
uf a cousin, and to leam how to make
and eat maple 6Ugar.
The most of the annual moves will
take place this spring. Thomas Mckay
has moved into V,". II. Smith's house.
Fay Miner moves on to the Noah Clem
inons farm, Joseph Ellington moves on
the Silas Clemmons farm and George
Churchil moves into the Charles Tracy
house, which he has bought. Uncle
James McCullock, breaks up kee?ing
house and goes to live with his 'son-in-law,
,Mr Ira Bosworth; M. M. Alden
moves into the house yacatcd by Mr.
8. G. Latta, of Murray, receives more
benefit when the wind blows than any
man we know of. . He has a large wind
mill with sufficient power to. run a two
hole corn shelter, and also runs two sets
of steel burs for grinding corn and oats
for feed. He also belts on and runs a
circle 8lv for sawing up cord wood, and
another lelt tarns s grindstone for. tools,
and last, bnt not least in Importance, a
small wee belt runs the revolving churn.
"This is a great convenience, and some
families . would save many a quarrel
n.Tiong the children, as to which had
churned the longest five minutes, if such
a helper were had.
Tim Shaver.
. A meeting of stockholders of the 1
Plattsmouth Loan and Budding Associat
ion will be held in the O. A. It. hall.
Plattsmouth, at 8 o'clock p. m.. March
26th, for the purpose of amending the
constitution and for such other business
as may properly come before the meeting.
Feb. 25tb, 1880. J. II. Yocso,
tf Secretary.
ii Steel o
Is now re;wly lor inspection, and we are showing the Largest Stock ever
before .shown by ns, at Popular 1'riees.
Out Stock is too Large to enumerate every particular Line; we
are showing full range of colors from 10c yard up to $1.05 a yard.
30 inch Henriettas at 20 cents a yard, advertised ,as a bargain at. 23c.
3G inch Henriettas at 35 cents a yard, in all the new Spring Shades.
.30 i;i"!i ileiiriettes All Wool, at 50 cents yard, well worth Ooe.
80 inch liuthiml Suitings, All Wool, in all the new Spring Mixture?,
as well as Solid Colors, only 45 cents a yard.
AO inch lied Fern Suitings, elegant line of Mixtures, only 00 cents a
yard, well worth 75c? .
51 inch lintl ind liruadcloths only t-5 cents yard, usually sold at $1.
51 inch French Novelty touitings, Stripes "and Plain Combinations,
only $1.00, advertised everywhere at 1.25.
Full lines of Ueiges, Serges, Cassimirs, Uroadcloths, etc., etc.
ouse Furnishing Goods
1S30 Glass Towels only 12-Ac, or $1.25 dozen.
18x30 Damask Towels, only 15c, or 1.50 dozen.
20x10 Knotted Fringe Towels, elegant borders, only 25 cents each.
llx3S Satin Damask Towels, Knotted Fringe, only 35 cents.
Full lines of li.ith Towels at 10, 15, 0, 25 and 35 cents."
Special low prices in Crash Towel ings.
A good quality of Turkey Ked Table Linen only 25 cents yard.
Guaranteed Turkey Ked Table Linen only 35 cents yard.
Full Lines ot Cream Damasks at 25, 35, 50, 00, 75 cents.
JJordered Table Linens from 10 to 00 cents a yard.
Uleached Damask Linens from 05 cents to 51.25 a yard.
Special good values in Bleached, Cream and lied .Napkins.
ew Sample Line
Our Xew Somple Line of Spring Carpets has arrived and we are
showing some elegant patterns in Moquettes, Velvets, Kody Brussels,
and Tapestrys with Borders to match, all above goods without extra
charge for sewing. This is without any exception the finest line of
Carpets ever shown in this city.
The county treasurer s superior lun
power is unquestionable, since he mad
in exhibition of one grand effort to show
their power this afternoon. His attcntioi
was attracted to a couple of yiung men
who were engaged in wasting their win'
on a lung tester. The idea soon became
very amusing to him, and his desire 'te
show his lung power .gradually grew
stronger as he watched the efforts of th
younger men who were so busily engaged.
He almost demanded the tester wheu they
uoiitely handed it to him. His firs
eff nt to turn a wheel which was locate
un the top of the instrument quail ii d
h'n faee (iu color) for any minstrel sh
and wo l.-liev ho is still working t
wash the soot from liis eves.
Try Merges for your wintei footwea .
A Sis n R3Gclv9.
'S' yon refuse t in'i;ry me, Edieir'
' I iefnse; I (In r;o: 1 ive yo-1."'
" "And this is the end of it all? ii
only r .iuai;:s ( v n e to commit '
'S-inly, C r'es, y u d ii't c n'em
Lite Miicide?"'
"Yen Let 1 don't. I am going to com
uiit j'-ur woid.-j to memory and wui
other misguided young men againM
you." Lincoln Journal.
The Omaha Daily Reputjlican.
This newspaper is now offiered to the
public at the uuprecedentedly low price
of $o per year, or 50 cents a month. The
Republican is a 4-page, 7-Column paper
on week dayt, and 8 pages (or-more; on
Sundays. It is new and complete in every
detail, and is the best, cheapest aurl
handsomest paper published inNebrrska.
Send for sample copy.
The Omaha Republican.
A first-class second-hand piano
which has been in use for seven years,
can 3 bought'for $150. Is in first-class
condition. Best Ne-v York make. Ap
ply at this office. tf
If you consult your own interests you
will buy yoqr foot-wear of Merges. tf
- The finest lot of socks ever in tlie
city at Klsou's; only Sots per pair.
of feed, flour,
graham and
meal at Heisel's mill, tf
Be wise and
buy your
overshoes of
Gueklin's Arnica a've,
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts.
Bruises. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum. Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped IIandt Chilblains,
Corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by F. G. Fricke & Co. 31
of Spring Carpets
- l-Urd arrJrourd
Life is dear:
Lively livel bejts
U'"- ii Li
juiuutacttirni asid
B. &1N1. Time "Table.
So. 1. 1 36 ft. m.
Vo. 3. 5 :51 p. m.
N'o. S 7 :47 a. in.
No. 7.-6 :23 p. in.
No..--6 :17 p. ni.
OOINO rasp.
No. 2. t :2' p. ni.
No. 4. 10 :30 ni.
No. C 7 :30 p. Ill
No.10. 0 :45 a. in.
All train run daily by wav of Omalia. except
N09 7 and 8 wtiicli run to aud train Schuyler
daily except Suuday.
J.H.ElIJiaXS,3I. D.
Physician I Surgeon
Office over Wesoort' utore. Main strepf.
Residence in Dr. Sohildknecht's pro.erty.
Chronic DUeaa a-id UWe se of Women and
Children a specialty. Office hours, 9 to 11 a. ni.
2,to 5 and 7 to 9 p in.
fTeleplioae at both OJQ:e and Uasldence
Civil Engineer
Surveyor and Draftsman
Plans, Specifications and Esti.nates, Mu
nicipal Work, Jlaps- &c.
Lots of warm Shoes
Slippers at
Merges cheap.
mmm. t
Ladies Muslin Underwear.
We have just ojii(d our New Lino
of tlu-Hts yoods and wo have some verj
d i nlt-d bargains to ofT r.
Ladies Night Gowns at 75c
Mother lluhburd Style, Cluster of tr-
)(-ndicular tucks, neck ttud fb-evt
edged with rulllin.
Ladies Night Gowns af$1.50
Mother Huhhard Mvlo with very fine
perpendicular cording interlaced with
insertion. Neck, sleeves aud front
trimmed witli embroidery.
Ladies Night Gowns at $2 50
Mother llullard etyle. with solid yoke
of embroidery finished off with Herring
bono liraid, very elaborate. Neck aud
tleeves and front trimui'd with cm
broidery and narrow tucks.
This is a good made tkirt of fair
qti'ility muslin, iinMied at bottom witii
wide cambric runling, with, cluster
of four narrow tucks above.
JJi st Standard Muslin trimmed with 4
inch wide embroidery at bottom with
eliHtcr of 5 narrow tucks above.
iJrtt quality Muslin Tiimmed with
extra deep flounce of rich embroidery
and cluster of 8 narrow und 2 wido
tucks above.
A great bargain, made of best stand
ard Muslin, front trimmed with embroid
ery, neck and tdeeves edged with em
broidery. Ladies' Chemise at 75 Cts.
Squ ire of Insertion and Narrow Tuck
ing; front, neck and sleeves edged with
fine Herring bone braid.
Ladies' Drawers at 60 Cts.
Made of Standard Muslin, trimmed at
bottom wide embroidery with clus
ter of six tine tucks aboye.
Ladies' Drawers at $1-00.
Made of Ii'bt Muslin, trimmed nt bot
tom with Nainsook Kmhroidery with
three wide tucks, interlaced with Herring
bone braid.
Ladies Corset Covers at 50c.
Made of fine cambric tnusbn, high
neck trimmed in front with row of nar
row tucking and insertion with narrow
rufde of fine embroidery around the neck
Ladies Corset Covers at 60c.
Made of fine cambric muslin V shaped
back and front, trimmed with elegant
urn broidery '3 iuches deep.
ahd rour(i
1 eat Apr
i)iu: lit a hu'tV J 'rice
Or. C- A. Marshall.
Zlgsidnl: cutis t,
Preservation of thy Natural Teeth a
Spi-cialty. Auefcthi tics given fir Pain
r.Kss Frr.T.rvrj nn F.r-rn irrinv nv Tcht
i Artificial teeth m ide on Gold. Silver,
; Rubber or CY-Ilulohl Platn, and inserted
as soon as teeth are extracted when de
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
FrrzaB-ULo' Br. x: Pi. rHnnoTH. Nib
x Keeps a Full Line of
Foreign & Domestic Goods.
Consult Your Interest by Givme nim a Cat
too. , J'if5
we "At