The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 23, 1889, Image 2

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Th3 Plattsruouth Daily Herald.
KNOTT8 13 C JB.,
Publishers & Proprietors.
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and Wkly every rhutmitay morn tug.
tered t thti iMMtodlce, P at'viuoulli. Vebr.. f
second -cl matter. Office cororr of Vlue and
Filth streets. Telephone No. 34.
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Lincoln (Hun.) Tall 2
- Meekly C 11 I 1
The dNpitchea today hrini ho good
news that Stanley is still aliye, but tliut
: - - i -i .1
DC lias ucvii uaru r r'ii.
Fouty-two states now instead of thirty
eight, Clcavel ind 1: Binned the oinnilm
bill, pull down tho fl isj and ndd foui
more stars then float it to the breeze.
Tub deadlock in West Virginia was
broken Thursday by the democrats yot
ing solid for Senator Kenan, who will
now succeed himself in the United Stnte
With a republican president and con
' grc93, a patriotic foreign policy, and foui
new stars added to Old Glory, the Amcr
ican people will hare good reason ii
celebrate the fourth of July this year ii
a most grateful and emhiastic manner.
Mr. Vest says he will not give up hi
belief in the unconstitutionality of tin
direct tax bill even to secure nearly
$700,000 for Missouri. That is oan of
the reasons why hs will be retired ti
private life at the end of his present
Two members of the administration -
the president and secretary of state
have just trade a formal and elaborat
defense of their policy in the past four
years. This is something of an innova
tion in cur politics. In justification of
the act. however.'it is onlv fair to sav
that no other administration ever needed
defense so sorely as this one.
The " Monongahela" lias sailed from
San Francisco for Samoa. It is supposed
there is no need for a war ship at Simon
now, since Klein has left. But then it is
well to have one or two there as Mr
Blaine may see fit to use them. Whether
he does or not the American people can
rest assured that this ceuntry will suffer
no dishonor under President Harrison
and Secretary Blaine.
"TnitEE little maids from school arc
"we, wandering what the grout wide
"world can be, is what our far j-oung
sisters South Dakota, Montana and Wash
ington Are trilling and humming, till nil
the Nation is filled with tha music, as
they primp and powder before the gins
preparatory to donning their spic and
span new dresses of statehood. South
Dakota has her more shy but not less
pretty little sister of North Dakota by
the hand and she too, though she Mashes
and trembles as her more robust sister
draws her forward, is eager for the new
honor. Four lovlier bndes wore never
seen, and right properly they will assume
the matronly dignity of their new station.
Nebraska will be proud to take them each
by the hand and welcome them to the
next great tea-party of the stttes at
If Benjamin Harrison should die be
tween this time and the 4th day of March,
how would a president lie selected to take
the reins of a government on that day?
The Electoral College met on the second
Monday in January, as' the law pre
scribes, and chose a president and vie?
president of the United States for the
four years beginning with March 4, 1S89.
After going through the formality of
voting for these officials, and certifying
to the vote sent to the president of the
senate, to bo counted before the two
brances of congress assembled in joint
session on the second Wednesday in Feb
ruary, the functions of the Electoral Col
lege expires, and that body dissolves.
Oea. Harrison was chosen president by
the Electoral College on January 14. and
Lt,vi P. Morton vice president. If both
Harrison and morton had diert or become
incapacitated at any time lnrtween ' that
time and (hi, or if this should happen at
any time between now ana March 4, there
is no way, under present laws, in which
the presidential succession could be pro
vided for. In the law enacted three years
afo the succession devolves on the secre
tary "of state, if there be no vice president,
and if there be no secretary of state on
the secretary of the treasury, and in this
tray it goes through the cabinet. But ii
Harrison and Morton should die now
there would bo no cabinet after March 4.
Eren if Harrison alone should die be-
for Mirc'i 4 there is doubt amon con
stitution il lawyers m to whether Morton
could t ike hi j pUce. Sjntor II ir.wtio
took the leading pirt in the' preparation
of the presidential succession bit 1
emcted in 1880, ' thinks Morton could
not, without a strained construction of
the law, an 1 he is probably as good
authority on this subject as is any man
in the country. Cleveland would step
lown on March 4, and there would be
nobody to succeed him. The electoral
olle.e could not be reconvened to fill
the o.iice, for that body has no legal
existence after casting its vote. Nor
could t le mm who second in the.
elector d vote who is, in tins instance,
the retiring president take the p st. Of
course, there is a probibility tint there
wovld be a general ncqmeseuce in the
;ving of the presidential -office to the
vice president elect, in this case, so as to
-void an ircliy. Still there is an omission
here in tli successio n laws, which con
gress should provide for at the earliest
raclicuble moment. Globe Democrat.
The most fashionable color, at present,
;s the hue of hcfilth, and it will never go
ut of style. Its shades and tints are
nariou, but all of them nre exceedingly
ooconiing. It is perfectly astonishing
vhat a change is being daily wrought by
Or. Pi rces Favorite Prescription in the
looks of sickly women. Sufferers from
my soit of '-female weakness" or irregu
larity, backache or nervous prostration
-hould giye it trial., All druggists.
Sho looked down at ber hand;
Twn blonder quite; the band
Of RoUl so brightly gleamed.
TJach day it yellower beamed,
y love, he'll come," ah- said
Thj day a and weeks fast sped.
f ho looked down at ber band;
Tlio pearl set in the band
Hcemnl strangely dark to TOW.
IIVI1 eonie, yes soon, I know."
Th l-ares turned red and fell
"Sly love, he loves me well."
Sh" looked down at her hand;
"I wonder In what land
n roves, and if this ring . '
Co;Jd me to sorrow bring
O, docs this shining gold
portray my love untold t
An I can the pearl, so dark,
t'i't forth a faithless heart f
1'i.hsv emblems, you deceive!
I'd die first than believe
11- could unworthy be
1 Know my love loves me.
tho looked down ct ber band;
V.'ith uo and toiling tanned,
.'nJ liosely in tho gold,
ICcw worn, but bright of old,
Tho l lackened pearl remained,
die sighs, "He's long detained
New Orleans Times Democrat.
' as a Manufacturius Center.
Li Hung Chang is reported aa Baying:
'Be.i'oro half a. century has passed China
.vill bo covered with railways as with a
act. Its immense mineral resources will
jc de veloped. It will havo rolling mills
tad furnaces in many parts of the
country, and it Lj not impossible that it
nay !o the manufacturing for tho world."
Flie viceroy is exceedinsly sanguine, but
there ii no immcdiato reason for Aineri
:un r.::d European manufacturers beinj
frih'.ened at tho prospect of tho compe
tition of the Flowery Kindom. A place
once lost is rarely recovered. The Chinese
once the leaders of the world, and
"ell U-iiiud in tha race. It not likely
that they will again take the lead. Turkey
was cuce in advanco of Europe, -Kail-way
Tho Same Stick.
Tci'v Physician Yvliat utter idiocy 1
Here are a lot of American actors pro
tcsti:1 j against the importation of foreign
.'.ctcr j. Kecond Physician Yes. just like
tho i.jnorant laborers who want their
own countrymen 6hut out bo as to
jeep up prices. Put we must be going.
'Ye---, it won't do to bo late at tho meXr
ical c5n ventiou. Our votes will be needed
to L: cp these impudent women doctors
out of the female wards of our hospitals,
and l'sjdes we want a big majority on
Ihe r.:otion to debar voting Dr. Wiseman
for tiilvertising in tho papers.'Pluladel
pliui ilecord.
Tiie late William Woolsev, of Har
ford county, lid., was a pliilauthropist
with ideas of Lis own. Ho has left
nearly 100,000 to bo expended on cer
tain r.esinatcd roads in that county prp
vidod the county commissioners "speud
an c;'ial sum on them.
'I'll? manufacturers claim that their
new harness for work horses, wliich is
made of steel and applied in an entirely
new way, doesjiot-cost half as much as
leather harnesses, and will last ten times'
as lor j.
li.I. win-ihax. John a. Daviw,
2otary"Publtc. Notary Public
attorneys - at - Law.
ojnce.over"Bank;nneas County. .
Lumber Yard.
Wholesale and Ktall Dealer In
Shingles, Lath, Sash,
Doors, Blinds.
Can supply every demand of the trade
Call aud get terms. Fourth street
Id Rear of Opera House. .
Two OlrU YVlio Urnve m Storm, bat Fly
la Terror fk-ont Hut.
Miss Nina Trevelyan and her sister
Nannie, two young girls, left their
residence, near Norfolk, Va., a few
days ago, accompanied by a gentle
man friend, on a wild goose and duck
expedition in tho bav. Both ladies
were familiar 'with tlie use of shot
guns and anticipated a pleasant time.
At 3 o'clock they procured a sail
boat and sped across the bay, where
tho blinds were ready for cccupancy.
After sundown, when they had nc
cured considerable game, they hoisted
sail and endeavored to make tho land
ing from which they embarked. The
night was very dark and they were
on the eastern side of tho Cliesai)eakn.
When they started the winci was
northeast. They did not discover that
it had changed to several points to tho
south and lost their reckoning. For
hours they beat up and down the
Chesapeake, lost, as if in midocean.
The night was bitter cold, and the
gale high, but the girls never ex-pi-essed
any fear. They were seated
amidships, in heavy blankets that had
been used for blinds. No sign of hu
man habitation or civilization hove in
sight until after midnight, when
their craft ran into a lot of anchored
skill's. This brought them to the
shore, where, at midnight, after being
exposed to tho weather, they discov
ered a. littlo cabin, in which they
found plenty of wotxl, and soon had u
crackling fire, but it was a long time
ixjforo tho half frozen ladies recovered.
Finding four bunks in the cabin they,
with much persunxioii, were induced
to try to get a little sleep. Suddenly
a piercing' scream came from Mis
Nina, who sprang to the center
of the cabin, holding her skirts
high towards heaven. The other
young lady, frightened almost to
death, sprang from her bunk, receiv
ing several severe contusions and ' at
tho same time adding her soprano to
the music. The trouble was explained
when the younger one exclaimed,
"Rats'" Investigation nroved that a
horde of marsh rat3 had entered the
cabin and sought refuge under the
blankets and the pillows. At day
break Sunday sail was hoisted and,
after scouring the bay shore for hours,
they finally discovered their landing,
arriving home late that evening. The
girls were received with open arms by
their parents, who had given them up
for lost. Baltimore American.
A Thackeray Dinner.
Thackeray was in high spirits, and
when tho cigars were lighted he said
that there should bo no speech mak
ing, but that everybody, according to
the old rule of festivity should sing a
song or tell a story. Lester Wallack's
father, James Wallack, was one of
the guests, and with a kind pf shyness,
which was unexpected but very agree
able in a veteran actor, he pleaded
earnestly that ho could not sing and
knew no story. But with friendly
persistence, which was yet not immod
erate, Thackeray declared that no ex
cuse could be allowed, because it
would be a manifest injustice to every
other modest man at table, and put a
summary end to the hilarity. It was to
be a general sacrifice, a round table of
magnanimity. "Now, Wallack," he
continued, "we all know you to be a
truthful man. You can, of course,
since you say so, neither sing a son
nor tell a story. But I tell you wu:t
you can do, an, wlja, every soul at
this table knows you can do better than
any living man you can give us th-.
great scene from the 'Rent Day.' "
There was a burst of enthusiastic
agreement and old Wallack, smiling
and ' yielding, still sitting at the table
in his evemng dress, proceeded in a
most effective and touching recitation
from one of his most famous parts. It
was curious to observe from the mo
ment he began how completely inde
pendent of all accessories the accom
plished actor was, and how perfectly
ue lilled the part as if he bad been in
full actjou upon the stage. Harper's
The Evolution of Toys.
Harlow Gale has written a thought
ful article tracing the evolution of
holidaj-s. He might take as a theme
the evolution of toys and other means
of cmusement. The advance along
this lino has been something tremen
dous in tho past few years. The toj-s
of a few years ago were pretty tame
beside the ones or today, " They have,
become so respectable, in fact, that
adults may get recreation from them,
and even get enthusiastic in their use.
Think what a furor the bicyclo has
made. Slinneapolis wheelmen are
now - numbered by the hundred, and
few people now stop to consider a
moment "whether it is dignified f.q ride
a wheel, Even the ministers employ
them. Amateur photography like'
wise is brightening existence for thou
sands of people. The latest and prob
ably tho most delightful toy thati
could well be imagined is the phono
graph. To be sure, it may become
vastly moro than a toy. But even as
such it has a great future before it.
Think of the thousand ons novel uses
to wliich it can be put. It "tires Jh&
imagination even to picture the thing
beforehand. As a fireside comforter it
could havo no rival for years to come.
-St. Paul Pioneer Press.
Practical Christianity.
An amusing' incident of the in
pressious made upon the Chinese
mind by Christian teaching may be
pothered from the following: "A
ciei-gytnen employed a Chinese boy to
cssbt in the kitchen, and, Sunday be
ing tho former's heaviest day of labor,
there was naturally plenty of work on
that day in the culinary department.
It was the first . Sunday the Celestial
had been in the house, and after the
dishes had been cleared and cleansed
from the afternoon dinner, Ah Got
weut over to Chinatown, but failed to
return. He learned a little English
and writing in the mission school, and
left tho I following note on the kitchen
table: 'Too much Sunday work no
troocl. I o. Lamb of God, China,
boy. Xio had appropriated the lit
eral meaniurj of the third command- ,
u.enl Victoria (B. C) Colonist. j
Tartu Coiioeriiiiis a ( ustoui That I Much
Obitrrvctl In Huntlx.
Th-' Ivtissiiin is crossing himself all
day l.wi;,'. ' When ho first conies forth
in the o'jen air in Ihe nifn-ning, if no
church bo in : i"ht from his own door,
he listens to the lirst sound of some
bell, then, turning towards it, crosses
himself with great fervor, to insure a
blessing on the undertakings of the
day. 1I? crosses himself before and
after each meal. When you make a
bargain witli him he crosses himself
that it
prosper. When the
is to drive you takes
his hands he crosses
liccn away accidents;
the rr ins in
himself to
and every
steeple he passes gets
the fume mark of rcsjieft. Some
times the edifice thus saluted is so
far oil" that the stranger wonders at
the quickness shown in discovering it,
and is oitcn at a losrs to discern the
distant hamlet where it stands. . In a
like manner the perron standing be
side you in any public conveyance
crosses himself every time you start
with now hoi-ses. If "you give a child
a piece of money its littlo hand is up
in a moment to make tho sign of the
cross, by way of blessing and thanking
you. No IJi'Sijiun ever pusses a church
without pausing when he comes op
posite its center to make the sign of
the cross. It is not alone the grave
and the aged who pause nt these
places, but al--o the giddy and young.
You have just seen tome gray haired
general do il but wait one minute;
a laughing band of youngsters are
eon ;ing up. Now they are opposite
the chun-h or tho shrine each crosse
hir.uelf ilevoutedly utters u prayer
ov two you sec the .lijis moving
then pasixs gravely :i, the laugh end
tho jest being I'Ci.u:::; .! only whefi
they arc fome wr.y !i'.
'.o far is this ci-e.:wing custom car
ried that when ft iius.-iitn enters your
room he cannot .say "Good morning"
until be has crossed himself ct the
Saviour' picture. A man in any pub
lic way, fcue-h as innkeeper, must al
ways have a picture hung in his own
apartment in addition to that in the
public room, to wliich each Russian
turns before lie sits down to eat.
Russian Interior.
An Old Ilniubtig.
For a long time 1 have observed a
poor negro who sits every day at the
corner of Sixth avenue and Twenty
third street, playing an orgu in
cite. A tin sign,' on which
is painted the legend "I am blind,"
hangs by a string from his
neck, and a little mongrel cur, with
a dirty linen jacket wrapped around
him, sitsat the unfortunates feet with
a cup in its mouth, begging for alms.
Tho poor, blind negro never lacked
for sympathy. Fashionably dressed
ladies out shopping were continually
dropping small coins ef various denominations-
into the receptacle pro
vided for thorn. On Wednesday af
ternoon, as I chanced to pass, I saw
the negro vociferating and talking
very loudly to three policemen. As
soon as one or these placed his hand
on his collar and threatened him with
arrest, his sight was restored as if by
magic, for ho struck a very tlirect
blow at the blue coat s nose, when
tho guardian of tho peace adminis
tered a little persuasion with his club
!se burly . mendicant became more
: r.rious than ever, so that lie could
scarcely be held, by the conjoined
efforts of the threo oificers. What the
troublo was about I could not learn,
but the man was allowed to go away
unmolested. He will probably not
receive as much sympathy as formerly.
New York News.
Serpents in Eoojca,
Keep a watchful eyo upon current
literature in order to know what had
best be avoided. Keep some books
out of tho house. It is related in a re
cent interview that a gentleman, con
nected with the English government
in India, went into his library (he
lived in Calcutta) to get a book. As
he took it from the shelf he felt a
sharp prick on the end of ljis finger.
He tliought some careless reader had
placed a pin within the leaves for a
mark.. Presently, however, his finger
began to swell then his arm then
his body and not long afterward he
died in agony. It was not a pin, but
a small and deadly snake peculiar to
the country that lay within those
pages. There are serpents, too, in the
books tliat many are reading nowa
days. They lay coiled away and out
of sight. But as the pages are fin
gered the sting will be felt. Let cer
tain books alone. The naked inde
cencies of Zola, with their brutal and
repulsive realisms, are not half so
dangerous as are the draped nastiness,
the refined innuendoes, the elegant
libertinism of some more reputable
writers. If you would not be morally
Mjisoned, look out for the serpents
among the books. Clergyman in St.
Louis Republic.
High Art in a Sanctum.
Great Artist (a noted impressionist,
lounging around a newspaper office
waiting for the art crit'ac My grar
ciousj tid you study art in Paris, too?
Exchange Editor Eh?
You should make some use of your
wonderful talents, sir. Drop journalism
and open a studio at once. You would
take every prize in the exhibition.
That, sir, is one of the most divinely
ideal studies in black and white I ever
"This? This came from inadvert
ently jabbing my paste brush into the
i u ktta nd. " Philauel phia Record.
- Agreeable Disinfectant for Iiooms.
The following, from an Italian
journal, is recommended as a pleasant :
iind efficacious disinfectant for sick
rooms: Camphor, 20 parts; hypochlo- ,
l ite of lime, 50 parts; alcohol, 50 parts I
.water, 50 parts; oil of cloves, 1 part
oil of eucalyptus, 1 part, -The ingredi
ents should" bo mixed slowly in a cool.
:-.fvrii(i vvrl mid a few drons on
plate placed in the rooms. Herald oi
Nature nee a goodmany quills witt
which to make" a goose, but a man cat
fciakc a goose of himself with only one
Orchard and Garden. -
In ortltr to cutMown our large stock ot
Dry Goods, Underwear,
Notions cv'C, we are offering Unexcelled Bargains in tliee Goods.
"We have a
And c-ilk Handkerchief's at very low fi'Mireo.
Great Cloak Sal
In thi .department we are showing all the latest styles of
at prices that is sure to eell then). Call and inspect them ei
be convinced that we carry the best stock in Plattsmonth.
. G.-DOVEV a SK1.
Tn the city, which he is o fieri ng at Prices that will make them m11.
A complete line of Window Curtains at u sacrifice. Picture
Frames in great variety. You can get everything you need.
You can buy it on the installment plan, pay 60 much each ,
month and you will soon have a fine furnished house
and hardly realize the cost. Call and see.
g-o to nsrsri'.rsr boeck's
Parlor, Dining -Room and Kitchen
And therefore can sell you goods for less
Money-than any other dealer in the city.
8. F. TUMAS. and -vofary Fubilc. Office to
Fi;zgeraid Block. Platoruoutli, Neb.
A. N. Sri.LlVAN.
Attornor-at-Law. Will give prompt Attention
to all riuMtiiw intrusted to Mi. Office in
Union Clock, East aide. Plattsmonth. Neb.
Mm pie and Fancy Groceries, UUkttvr&jM an
Crockery, Flour and Feed,
fine line or
ssimere Ellufflers
ZHj 2sL -A- 1ST,
1 1 Ant y.c nr. mj.
Xj a.w omcE.
P roonal attention to all Boalnaaa Xtrmt
uiy care.
OTAB OVritft. i
Title KxTHlined. Abntarct Compiled, Ia
urance Written, heal K&Utt fceld.
aeittr Facilities for making Farm 'Lout thm