The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 22, 1889, Image 4

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    T-IC DAllA" Hj::ALD : ftATiolrOuTOl, NEBRASKA, FJltDAY; FSBntJAIii
Tne Evening Herald.
A. KalUbary. DealWt,
Ttlrpaoa Hm. 3..
Uork wood Baildlaa-,
Dr. Withers, Deallat, I'aloa Blork.
- The funeral of the late Mrs.
Turner occurred this afternoon.
The Misses Houseworth will enter
tain a small party of friends tonight.
For the first time this season the
ice spans to the other shore of the great
Mr. J. IJ. Chase and wife entertained
a small party of friends at their .home
last night.
Many nags are teen floating over
the business blocks tod at in memorv of
Washington and his birthday.
A jailor is a tramp's greatest friend
The majority of tramps sine "thereH
no place like home" when they get in jail.
The gun club will hold a meeting
tonight at the office of W. S. Wise.
Business of importance will be transacted
and a great secret revealed.
The Standard Theatre Company will
present "East Lynne," at the Waterman
opera bouse tonight. The company
should be greeted by a full house.
The funeral of the late Mary Bach
who died yesterday at 0 o'clock of diph
theria. occurred this morning. Thre
wee a good many teams in the cortege.
Mrs. Vallery. widow of the late
John R. Vallery, has taken up her aborh
in the vicinity of Jled Cloud. She took
her departure for there yesterday morn
ing. The drop curtain at the opera bouse
presents a more attractive appearand?
since the artistic work has a glimpse f
light, and the dust which clung to it ?o
long can no more be seen.
The ladies of St. Luke's Guild will
give a masquerade party at Fitzgerald'
hall next Wednesday evening, Feb. 27.
Admission 2.cts, children IScts. Dance
tickets, including admission, $1. No
supper will be served. tf
The Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor will give a s'xnal at
the residence of Mr. B. A. Loverio, Sat
urday evening, February 23, to celebrate
the national society day. All members
and their friends are cordially invited to
A tramp who was on the search for
grub yesterday, approached a fellow as
he passed by the Riddle House and asked
for assistance. The man, who presented
about as rough an appearance as the firrt
man, told him to cross to the other eid,
that be was "working" that side of t! e
Those who attend the Sunday after
noon gospel meetings for men at the
rooms of the Young Bfen's Christian As
sociation will find it profitable to attend
the com'ng Sunday's meeting. A fine
organ has been placed in the rooms (as a
gift from C. E. Wescott) and this will
aid ni iteri illy in the music
As the reporter was attacked today
. on .account of an article which appeared
in the Herald last night criticising tlx
author of two scurrilous items wliicl
appeared in the "ted reg orgnn" of th
night previous ridiculing tlu editors
the Herald, we wish it to be understoo- the item was nnly inteiule I for ti -
mtn. whoever he mav be, tli-tt wrote the
items. Tlie man who supposed the jit err
referred t.- him, leni. d having ha 1 an
knowledge of ths articles which appeared
in the Journal until alter that paper w e
printi'd. e d no? nim t do any
person un injustice r.nd o ily aim to strike
the man who wrote th- articles, but we
do not ak nny ore to wrar !i e fit
does not tit. Mr. 8 icrninn has stated
that he wrote the trash, hbuself. No
names were mentioned, and no offense
can be taken to the items by an innocent
R. S. McBride, of Council Bluffs is in
city today.
L. P. Sine, representing the Weeping
Water Republican, made ns a friendly
call today.
Mrs. Ruth" Smith, of Oakland, Neb.,
arriyed by the flyer yesterday afternoon
to visit with her old fri-jnd Mrs. A. T.
Withers for a few days.
The Colored Church
The Colored Baptist church of this
city, known as Mt. Olive church, by the
help of God and the good citizens of
Plattsniooth, have accomplished a great
work. They have built a church, and
thank God it is all paid for. Services
will be held there next Sunday afternoon,
at 3 o'clock, Feb. 24, to which the public
Is cordially inyitsd to attend, and see
what has been accomplished.
A. Boswell, Pastor.
Mrs. L. E. Karnes, a teacher of long
experience, would like a class in music,
and will be pleased to state terms to any
on calling at her residence on Granite
street, between 5tb and Cth. tf I
Be wise and buy your overshoes of
That Is What the Young Men's
Christian Assclatlon of this
City is.
Presented With an Organ.
When any society or association, ia
organized with a definite aim it ia not
necessary for a person to be directly in
terested to note its success or failure.
Such is the case in this of the Young
men's Christian Association. The earnest,
zealous efforts of those immediately con
cerned in the association here have been
rewarded with such success as to win the
merited notice of many prominent busi
ness men. Since organizing in their
rooms last October (which were partially
by donations and from the funds of the
association) the Y. M. C. A. has accom
plished much in its work that of hav
ing comfortable parlors and reading
rooms for men ouly, open day and night,
where young men can spend their time,
free of cost to them, and in a profitable
manner, instead of wasting their time and
money in places of no good influence or
benefit to them; and not the least in
holding men's gospel meetings Sunday
afternoons, at which a lare attendance
has constantly been had, with many con
The need of an organ in the rooms has
been felt for some time, Lyt all planning
for it was happilv ended, and in a mo
ment most unexpected, a few days ago,
Tuesday Jlr. C. E. Wescott a prominent
liusineus man, handed t Secretary Both
well, of the Y. M. C. A., a communica
tion to the board of directors of the as
a ciation, in which Mr. Wescott acknowl
edged the power for good in the associa
tion and offered to manifest his appre
ciation of it by presenting to them a fine
fisty organ. The proposition was most
thankfully accepted and yesterday after
uoon a bran new Eaty organ was delivered
it the Y. M. C. A. rooms and placed in
the parlor where it will remain as the
property of the association, to be an
attractive and helpful feature of all
meetings, and a subject far kindest
regards towards Mr. Wescott by all in
terested. With a Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation in Plattsmouth ucb as this town
is capable of supporting with good
business material in it, an unlimited
amount of lasting good will be accom
plished. It is a good home for young
nen, and the influence there is only such
as is good for men in public or private
life, and every movement to advance the
in'erest of this organization in Platts
mouth deserves the hearty co-operation
of all. The attention given the Y. M. C.
A. by some of the business men of this
city in aiding the secretary, is what has
brought about its success thus far, but
the work is great enough for all to
p ti ticipate.
The following is the proposition made
by Mr. Wescott to the Association:
Plattsmouth, Neb., Feb. 19. 1889.
To the UJJleers of the Y. M. C. A.,
Plattsmouth. Neb.
Gkntlemkn Appreciating the good
work that the Y. M. C. A. have done
iad nra doing in PUttsniouth which en
lists my warmtjst syni;nthy, aid, realiz
ing :li it an organ wculd prove a useful
ind attractive fe;itur in the ro ms, I
herewith take pleasure in offering to
4 pply the apparent need, and with your
permission anil good will I will place in
the rooms a fin-j E-si'.;y Orj in, presented
ind dedicated to the u;e of members of
rlie Association.
Trusting my proposition m ly re
ceive favor nt your hands. n 1 assuring
you of my best wishes, I remain
Sincerely yours.
C. E. Wescott.
The Association the proposi
t on in the to low ng wordt:
Pi AiTSMOUTir, Neb.. Feb. 20, 1S89.
C. E. Vecott. Esf., Pluttmn .-wh, JYeb.
Dnn Sik Your tavor of the ith
iust., proposing to place in the rooms of
the Y. iL C A., a line Eitey Organ t.
be dedicated to the uae of the .V-jcia-liou
July received, and the executive
committee at a meeting last night inos:
gratefully accepted your generous offer,
and directed the secretary to conyey to
yon the assurance of their high apprecia
tion of this substantial evidence of your
sympathy with the Association and its
work. The want of an organ in the
meetings of the Association has been
greatly felt, and various plans have been
proposed to supply it.
Now, without any agency of our own,
an instrument much better than we hoped
to procure is presented to the Associa
tion, and we thank God asd take cour
age. That God's great gift to man, see
John 3:16, may be yours by your per
sonal acceptance of the Lord Jesus
Christ that you may become a' co-worker
with us in His service is our earnest de
sire and prayer for you.
Very respectfully yours,
J. II. Watermax,
President, Y. M. C. A.
A first-class second-hand piano
which has been in use for seven years,
can hi bought for $150. Is in first-class
condition. Best Ner York make. Ap
ply at this office. tf
A Potent Reason.
"Have you anything to say why sen
tence of death should not be pasted upon
you ?"
"Yes. your honor."
"What is it."
"I have always been, and I still am,
trenuousiy eppostd to capital punish
Press Goods !
Th rty-Six Inch Henriettes:
In all tha Newest Shades, only 35 cents a yards, 40 cents. " Colors
Light Grey, Gobelin, Bismark, Dark Tan, Black, Mahogany, Navy,
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Thirty-Six Inch All-Wool Henriettes:
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Lenwood Suitings:
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Blankets, Cloaks, and A
One Door East
A Fight With Tramps.
Early this morning six trumps entered
the B. & JiL. depot waiting room, present
ing bold fronts and brazen faces. Every
man who entered the room was tackk-cl
by one or more of the gang for a "quar
ter, and he was greeted by the usual
statement, "I've had nothing to eat for
four days."
Mr. Connor, who happened to drop
1 :to the depot, took sympathy on the
aang and paid for a lunch for the puty,
who covered it in a very short time.
Officer Fitzpjitrick was informed of the
presence of the g:ing, and went into the
room to Iiu-tlo them nut.
They showed 8igii3 of fiijht. and Mr.
Connor, lc-ause he had jmt paid ftn-th. ir
breakfast, thought his influence over the
pirty woultl rule; Iut he was surprised
when he ordered them to be quiet, to see
them turn on him. Thfy niu-'e th rtepv.r
their headquniters this forenoon. About
2 o'elock the same crowd tiok th ir de
parture from thi; depot and man In d ui
street insuhii; very ;-is-m who cis'-e K
Oftie-r Fi zo:itrick n--siu tol l tli.-i.i
they would haVJ to !oavt v:i iii!:iieil'
ntely. when th-y tunn-d hi.u. . O t
the corner of M tin and -Third thj riij'it
commenced. ThcJ officer clubbed right
and left with his billy, inflicting some
severe blows oyer the heads of the bums.
He dropped his weapon in the scrap, and
started at one of the toughs witli bis
fists, pounding him so severely that he
gave himself up. With a little assistance
he succeeded in jailing three of the party,
which satisfies them too well.
He Didn't Llks E;s.
. "Why did Mr. Biggs, the actor, leave
us so suddenly !"
You made some reference to eggs.
Mr. Biggs is a very sensitive man."
When the Quem'i Ilead Wai Cat Off.
prcpoa of. the recent articles on the
amount of feeling experienced by a vic
tim cf decapitation, tho following ex
tract describing the execution of the
Queen of Scots from tho bulky catalogue
will interest scientists: At last, while one
one the executioners held hir streightly
with one of his hands, the other gave
two strokes with an axe before ho did
cutt (off) hir head, and yet lef te a little
grissle behinde. She made a very small
noyse, no part stirred from the place
where she laye. The executioners Lifted
upp tho head, and bade God save the
queen. Then hir dressinge of laune fell
from her head, which appeared as graye
as if sheo liad been three-score and ten
ycares olde, powled very short. Hir face
much altrcd, hir lipps stired upp and
downe almost a quarter of an howef
after hir head was cut off. Pall Mall
GaaetU. -
n) fnl Til ITT
i3 vLt vLL Ji
Dress Goods !
First Wat' I Bank
Cars tor tne Dead.'
Tho Brill car works at Thirty-first and
Chestnut streets, Philadelphia, have just
finished three street cars designed to
transport the dead in Buenos Ayres. The aro unique in construction and art
the first of the kind made inthis coun
try. They arc first, second and third
cLiss. tho first being designed to carry
the body of a wealthy individual, the
last the corpse of a pnuper. The first
clat;:. ear u very handsome. The body L
a rich black, toned with purple, with pas
sion (lowers painted on the sides. The
wi:n!ow3 lire of French plato glass. The
sc-ats. folding up against the sides, are
upholstered in Llack blush, and the win-tluw-
curtains are black cloth trimmet".
with -old bullion.
I:i t!u- forward end of tho car is an
..liar, with silver cross and candelabra,
v'.ik- on cither side the altar art
vc-t'iv-dral purple stained glass windows.
V::: i;it; rior of the car Ls finished ir;
v.-Iiit; an J gold. Tho metal work.fc
:i ;:: 1 plated and handsome in design.
C:5 the- top nine large sable plumes art
I.i'.-'. J. Tho other cars are much simpler
.-.!:. 1 plainer in design, and the third clas
:r lacrrly a row of shelves for tht
iris. These cars are intended to rur;
,in ct car tracks in Buenos Ayres.
I bo switched off on a side track
the b.ouso of the dead person.
.:e body ia carried on a bier to tho car.
placed incide, tho mourners seat them
selves around, horses are attached, and
the car proceeds on its way to the ceme
tery. Philadelphia Times.
Women Oug;ht Xot to Toil.
I think the women who have been en
gaged in tho struggle for equal rights
have done some good for women in the
direction of obtaining equal wages for
equal work. There has also been for
many years a tendency among women
in our country to become independent
a desire to make their own living to
win their own bread. So many husbands
are utterly useless, or worse, that many
women hardly feel justified in depend
ing entirely on a husband for the future.
They feel somewhat safer to know how
to do something and earn a little money
themselves. ,
If men were what they ought to be,
few women would bo allowed to labor
that is to say, to toil. It should be the
ambition of every - healthy and intelli
gent man to take care of, to support, to
make happy, some woman. As long as
women bear tho burdens of the world
the human race can never attain any
thing Like a splendid civilization. There
will be no great generation of men until
there has been a great generation of
women. For my part, I am glad to hear
tliij question discussed glad to know
that thousands of women take some in
terest in the fortunes and in the mis
fortunes of their sisters. Robert G. In-,
If you consult your own interests
will buy your foot-wear of Merges.
- tf
Plenty of feed, flour, graham and
meal it HetveVi mill, tf
Wash Goods,
We Have
Patterns" copied from the Finest French Goods,
Only 15 Cents Per Yard.
Also Full Lines of Solid Colors at tli3 sums price. Colors Seal,
Myrtle, Black, Olive, Wine, Havana, Cream, Gobelon, Saphire, Tan
This undoubtedly will he the the
Best Bargain Ever Offered
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noUrd ard rofa and rovitvl ,-0iJ',':
Life is dear: jeatA?r iop; 'Jfy
Lively lively be&ri are w'i!'
0 v
Alaiiumctunn and ltc-am:
ti si
B. Sl M. Time Table.
going wicvr,
O. 1. 4 -J.i6 a. III.
f. 3. 6 :51 p. m.
Jo. 5. 7 :47 a. 111.
'o. 7.-6 :25 p. in.
So. St. 6 :17 p. m.
No. 2.-4 :2! p. III.
iio. 4. to :3t a. iii.
So. 6. 7 :3i p. in
.No. 10. 9 ;45 a. in.
AU truiu run daily by wavof Omaha, except
ios 7 and 8 which ruu to and from fee huyl fil
ially except Sunday.
Civil Engineer
Surveyor and Draftsman '
Plans, Specifications and Estimates, Mu- j
, nicipal . Work, Maps &c.
j:h.eiiiions,m. d.
Physician i Surgeon
Office orer Wecott' store. Wain street.
Residence in Dr. Schildknecht's propertr.
C.irouic Disease and riie-ei of Women and
Children a specialty. Oiflce hours, 9 to 11 a. in.
X to 5 and 7 to 9 p. m.
fjyreiepuoae at oota usee and Kesidence
Lots of warm Shoes
Slippers at
Merges cheap.
u uu m
Wash Goods !
received a case ot
Plattsmouth. i
lyiTATiniiie n -
g iJi-i.e nt a Low i ncy
Dr. C- A. Marshall.
Hesidont ID o zitio t.
Preservation of the Natural Tetk a
Specialty. Auestlietics given for Paik
les3 Filling or Extbactioji or Tbith.
Artificinl teeth made on Gold, Silver.
RuIiImt or Celluloid Plat, and inserted
as soon as teeth are extracted when doj
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
FiTZOK)t.4 Hi. ten Pf.Tr-tfO0TH. Urn
T2i3 5 ;'i t. Merchant Tailor
Keeps a Foil Line of
Foreign & Domestic Goods.
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