The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 22, 1889, Image 1

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ROYAL f 55m J Jk 4
Absolutely Pure.
Tb' powder never varies. A marvel of pur
ity, strength and wholesomem-si. More econo
mical tn in the ordluary kliiiii. and cannot be
old In competition with the multitude of low
tout, sli rt weight alum or pliplia'e powder
Hold only in eaim. Hoyal Bakixo I'owoku
CO., 106 Wall St. N. V.
K, M. Kit HKY
V K Vox
- BvnoN Clark
- 8 Clifford
Police Judge, --
Councllmen. 1st ward. j;YCH
li M Joked
4. a IM n iviuuruv
1 P MrCALLix. Pre
( J W Johns in-.Chairman
Board Pub.Work Krro uokdkk
( p 11 UawksWorth
' Treasurer.
Deputy Treasurer, -Clerk.
Deputy Clerk.
Keeorder of Deeds
Tho. Puliock
Bird Critciikiflt
W. H. Pooi
Deputy Keeorder
Clerk of District Co art.
Sapt. of Pub School.
County Judge.
W. C. Showaltki
Mavnaki Spink
. B. Todd. Ca'm., - - riattsmouii
UJ ASO.N, - - - - ""
Ci ASS 1.0D "6. 1 O. p. F.-Meet
'ry Fnerfday evening of each week. Ai
transient brothers axe respectfully iuvlied t
O P.. luee's every alternate trulay li
aeh month In the Masonic H;ill. Vision;
Brothers are i ivlted to attend.
-lHIO LODGE NO. 84. A. O. V. W Meet.
1 every altrTiias Friday evening at K. of P.
all Transient brother are respectfully li -ted
to attend. K. P. Brawn. Master Work
man :U B.K msr er. F .reman ; K. H.Steimki i
Sverirer; W. il. MrtVr. Financier; .
llouseworth, Keirder ; F. .1 Morgan. RtMJetv
V JtU : y t'l.sen. Outside Watc '.
t.' of America -itoi. seoond and fourth Mon
Boeck. Clerk
itLATrsvouni i-oie mu, a. o. y. w
i Mfl every nlleraaie Friday evening .
.K-kwood U.tll at SoVIo. All rra:.!.ielit broth
rt are respectfully i.,viteil tt attend,
Urwn M.W. ; V. Bovd. Foreman:
WiWe. Kecirder ; Leonard Anderson. vere-i
LtTr-MOCtTII L 'DU E NO. 8. . F. & A. M
Mt-.ou Hi" Or-t and ih.r.l Mondays
cb month : iheir hill- All trans-ect bi Jtl
e,cc.r.u:iy;n ..twi-huv m
VM. M f. Horroiltry- .
'c'U'PER. N. :. ' A- '
I ll.s i.iv l r.
k ..i ,u.;iV laii. traiisei in ort;i-
r0 InViW-d to .-et wu.. u?; ivjiirr n p
WM ! '. "ecret:iry.
Hr. jf!TxC'tA DVKV. NO 5. r-.
Sl-Hi- fi-;t ai'-l ilir.l fdnes.-iy ni'ht
h;t.i :u Al o iNii. ll. V.siil is Or ,t:
nre I. Ul .1 to tfV i.h .rt.
j iAssccN:i" i2. iln' iL.; ,;,',A.N-lT
j me-tK tne second and fourth Mondays
cMb go.tb at Arcanum Hall .
jt 0. MfNoB. Secretary.
.Kobt. B Windhai
7 II..... M.inf
lit Vice irniup-.M MM, Nevill
A. B. lou
Rretarv ....... "errman.
Tourer'.:.. F- 1-
t r ni.-hev F. E. White, J C. Pattersoi
J JA. ConneV; B. Elon. C. W. Sherman. F. (io
er. J. V. (seckbach
4'g!TwiM .nlor VJce
Lo:5S:".v;.v:.: Adjuta,,
CBARI-U P"' Serift Ma).
L. . CURTIS PO-11 'UP,',
Meet in Saturday evening
The Boss Tailor
Mala St- Over Merges Shoe Store.
nrothers te requesied to meet with us. 1- A
Naeo"r. V-TWe Consul ; O. K, Nile;
- ' ofby t.Wi-tr; S. C. Wilde, Banker ; JV. A
Hu the best and most complete stocV
of samples, txtb. foreign and clomestH
woolens that ever came west of Missonr
first. Note these prices: Business rait,
from $I to f 33. dress suits, 2o to $45.
panto 4, $5, f6.0 and npard
fjWill gaaranteed a fit.
Prices Defy Comoelilion.
Because of the Passase of the Ter
ritorial Bill.
Bismarck, Dak., Fehruary 22. The
territorial legislature now in session here
is completely oyercoiuo ly the news that
the bill for the admission of the two
Dakotns had passed both houses, and
the crowd of visitors from all parts
of th territory is a veritable howling
mob, of clieerin? jollifies. The news
will have a m irked effjet on the laws
enacted by this, the last territorial legis
lature. Already it is proposed to post
pone many important , bills now before
tho legislature, owing tj the fact that
the present body should not legislate for
the future states. The jubilant solans
have decided to take an excursion to
Ileleua and join with the Montana legis
lature now in session there in celebrating
tho event. The excursion will leave to
morrow morning by special train. The
distance to be travelled in going and re
turning is 1 4')0 miles. The people
throughout the territory are celebrating
the passage of the -bill, with bonfires
an 1 torchlight processions, banquets and
nass meetings. No name is more fre
quently cheered than that of Sunset Cox,
who has led the forces in Congress to a
proper recognition of Dakota and it is
proposed to extend to him au invitation
to visit the territory cither at the con
vening of the constitutional convention
or at some time when the people can be
got together in mass meeting so that he
may be given an ovation.
The governor to-day vetoed the bill
ocating a soldiers homa in South Da
kota, at the Hot Springs, on the ground
that as North and South Dakota are
low virtually two separate and distinct
states, the membars from North Dakota
should not vote public buildings and
additional exoense on Suth Dakota.
Vn eff rt will be made to pass the bill
vcr his veto.
How Huron Racaiyed the News.
Huron, Dak., Feb. 22. The citizens
f Huron and vicinity join in the rejoic
ing so general throughout South Dakota.
rhey had begun to fear that they were
.loomed to another year of - waiting for
tie benefits they expect to derive from
.-ights of self-goverumsnt, but when the
lad tidings was received from the
mtional capitol that the report of the
onference committee had been adopted
y both houses, and all that was lacking
hat it might become a law was the
signature of the president, there was uni
versal lejoicing. While there will be
some objectionable features to the present
state constitution, it -would h,e a poor
one, indeed, that the people would not
be willing to ratify in order to hasten the
lay so long sought for by D.ikntans,
when they might puiui with pride to
out!i Dakota as nno uf the sisterhood of
ti'es. One cause for great rejoicing is
that Sring-T w is defeite 1 i !i one
tate idei, and that the n ition's represen
tatives were alive to Dakota's need. The
citizin con jr-tj I t tij t Qlty h ill last.
night. Entha-iiastic speeches were made
com:n?n lin the clforti of ft-presenta-tivas
Cot aa 1 Hi'cc;-, of Njw York, who
chain v.on i I th no uhi tia i or of
tin oass T';e city was illuminated
wit'iolorel light, gin w.-re firod,
bails parade I the streets aijd 'engrd
rejViOinj ti in the ht irt of ev -ry .iklian.
tud in s'i : mi is: -..f such entlivisiasi Lie il
questi.i l snc'i ai the l joiti a of a tem-
jo:ary cait il arj sight of.
Cljveland Vetoes ths Bill for the
Relief jf the Iowa Settler
WASHiJiGTOS, Feb. 21. The ptcsident
oday returned to congra without his
approval the house bill to deterrnjqe the
ritle of settlers on the Des 3Ioincs river
lands, in Iowa. .The president says:
"One result of this legislation, if con
ojmmated, should be to restore to the
United States, a3 part of the public
iomain, the lands which more than
twenty five years agq the government ex-
iressly granted und surrendered, H,nd
vhich repeated decision of the supreme
court have judged to belong to this sec
tion of the government. It is by no
neans certain thafr this proposed legisla
t:on relating to a subject peculiarly with
in the judicial function, nn4 Which iti
temps to disturb rights and interests
thoroughly entrenched in the solemn ad
judications of our courts, would be up
neld. In any event, it seems to me that
it is an improper exercise of legislative
power, an interference with the determin
ations of the co-ordinate branch of the
roverment, and the arbitrary annulment
if a public grant made more than twen
ty five years ago an attempted destruc
tion of vested rights and threatened im
pairment of lawful contracts,
Try Merges for your winter's footwear
Devoured by Wolves.
White Eautii, Minn., Feb. 22. While
two little girls, Millie and Winnie Peter
son, were returning from school yesterday
afternoon, in the northern part of Aitken
county, they were attacked and complete
ly devoured by timber wolves. A few
scattered bones and shreds of clothing
alone remaining as horrible testimony of
the childrens fate. It was supposed a;
first thai there was not more than two
wolves at most in the pack, but an Indian
hunter shortly after the disappearance of
the children, encountered a pack of ten
of these brutes near the scena of the lit
tie one's death. He used his Winchester
with such effect as to kill four of them
outright, and getting out of cartridges,
he went up a tree to ?s.-ape from the
fangs of the remaining six. Four of the
animals ran away, but two of them squat
ted down at the foot of the treev When
he thought his fate was sealed he found
two cartridges in the depth of his pock
ets. With these he killed the wolves.
. .!. . i :! !:;ul i "."d t roc, the
: i :, ;!.! j: ( .;. l.oiiik" s tory of
, .it!i: '.vi;::K'v;v;'ii. Il out of
!.:-'; v. -.-iai :r I y mi 'Australian
yi.i;-.:i. ;u:.l, t!io;i;;!i t!io prisoner's .":.s i: t i ict'.iio.icd, tljrro could
t:o ! ;u!.t of lii.-s ideality. When
'.;inevri;l.t wa: released from
..:..;. il rj-pcp.r.-. that fcir sorno time
i.vU A : j :i !:ind f a;.(.i;t:int surgeon
:. l:c::',"iial. Tothi ;insiitutio:i a man,
..ted by Waincwnght. was brought
.1 u dyi:v; condition. Ju-1 heforo he
. iehlcd r.p the ghost a rci no took
!aci, which, c.i an example of un
. bated rcvcirjrfulness, surpuasea any
iiin;'; I ever heard lefore.
Wainewrirjht f gained remission to
he man's Lediii'.le, and, in a .iercing
vliisjicr, loud enough t:i bo heard by
he next patient, said: "Listen! I
iave one word to tay to you before
you die." The dyhij patient, as if
juddcnly magnetized, lifted his weary
eyes and .stared r.t Che person who ad
dressed him. "In fivo minutes," said
hi.3 maliguant tormentor, "your soul
will bo in hell, and before yfur bp(dy
is cold, my' dissecting hpifp "wilV be ln
3our cntntilg," Those who wero pres
ent could never forget the horrified
expression of the man's faco as liis
dying ear caught the frightful words,
and his dying cyo took tho immmbion
of the gleaming Mephjstophelian face
bending pver. his death bed. London
A Man with. p. lltpry.
Private V, G, Meryin, stationed at
Fort Leavenworth, is a man with a
history. His right name is Gerlock,
and he is one of six children, heirs to
to the Gerlock bi-cwery, Milwaukee,
which returns a princely income. In
1SS5, after recovering from a serious
illness, he dropped out of sight, leay-:
ing a young wife behind hin. Alj
eii'orts to ascertain his." whereabouts
were." fruitless. ' " His xnind had been
impaired, and when, iii 3an Francisco,
ho realized what had happened he
temiined to en jst ifl ia army and
work put his pwii salvation, A notice
in a papep some timo ago informed
him that a Mrs. Gerlock, of Mil
waukee, wa3 dead, and thinking it
was his wife l:c determined to know
tho truth and wrote a letter to thp.
pui-poKo. An answer ''nr in iho per
son of ho. wifo JierseTf' end tho re
union 'was a huppy one. New York
World. -
The Use of Cocaine,
Cocaine has been, . usa i,n h& medir
ciue of (his country about uyo yeai"s,
I waa the; first or at least among the
first in this pity to uso it, pnij fny
Urct patient Y-'"U tlffi first ftP1
l-iiciitioii j.f teioj fco "vrai ia oxhthal-i-.;ic
sui -Tc-ry. I read a lon. trliclo on
the subject in Tho Ke7 York Medical
Journal. Soon t.ftcr that a gentleman
cam 2 l; ixe mo about a very lino hunt
ii: .lo;j, who Lad pot a thorn in his
C3'e. 1 looked at tho dog. and,
mcmbcrin wjjnt bad. read about cq
caine foi cyi surgery, weni tQ ft drug
store and ILxcd up u decoction of about
5 per cent, of uydrochlorate of p
cainc. I applied, some pf thia to tho
dog's eye, after ft goxnl deal of trouble.
Whilo the eye was under this influence
I pulled the thorn out without any
trouble, and the dog soon trotted home
as well as ever. Surgeon in St. Louis
Stono SiP fee. XteaUv
'1 want stone steps to tJiis house, n
she said to the architect as they yrere
discussing the plans, -
"Yes'na, but stone steps are danger
ous in winter."
VI don't care. Mrs. Blank has stone
steps to her house, and Til have to
"Yes, but she fell -n them, and.
broke a cgi the other day.
hen 1 11 fall aud break both lega.
I'm not going to let her crow over
me 1" Detroit Free Press.
The Knglisb Sparrow.
At a meeting of tho Nova Scotia
Fruit Growers' association at Ypf
ville, Mr. Dishop, of Kentvjll.e, onp pf
the best provincial "authorities on.
birds, read 'a paper showing the great
danger and damage to Nova Scotia
from the English sparrow, He advo
cated its immediate extermination.
This view was. sustained by most of
tho speakers, and it was voted that the
government ought to take measures
for ridding the country of tho spar
rows. Chicago Herald.
Sydney Smith's Answer to TliU Query, with
Same Clear Illustration.
Sydney Smith gave the true answer
when he said that the form of mental
pleasure we call mirth was due to the dis
covery of a congruity in a seeming incon
gruity or the reverse. This is best illus
trated by an example. Boileau had a
brother who was a inauvais sujet, failed
in life and came to ask for help. Boileau
upbraided him with his misconduct,
pointed out how they had both started in
life under; equally favorable conditions
and with equal chances, and yet how dif
ferently they had got on. "Ah! but just
think," exclaimed the brother, "wliat an
immense advantage you had over me in
The discovery of the point, the seeing
of the joke is, says Sydney Smith, analo
gous to the pleasant mental feeling in
discovering something quite new, or in
suddenly understanding something dark
to us before. This sensation is always
pleasant, but in a joke the c'heovcry,
since it is carefully prepared for, is mo
mentary, unexpected, and without toil,
and therefore far more highly pleasura
ble than the ordinary mental discovery.
To take another example, that of the
wooden pavement before St. Paul's: "If
the dean and chapter would only lay
their heads together the thing would be
done," said Sydney Smith. Here very
clearly the fun is in the pleasure occa
sioned by the instant mental discovery
of the connection, notwithstanding the
apparent complete incongruity between
the heads of the dean and cliapter and
the wood pavement.
Now, the slower a mind works the
more difficulty it has in quickly follow
ing out the" congruity through the ap
parent incongruities, or the incongruity
through the apparent congruities, and so
in seeing the joke. Men with slow
minds, then, prefer the plainest form of
discovery, such as the mere noticing
that something out of the ordinary is
going on, as when a man clowns it by
putting on an enormous hat, a carroty
wig and a 6ea green coat. Thus, all
stupid and dull witted people are most
easily amused by caricature ant horse
play, and those rnnd which, though
they are powerful, aro also sluggish, find
it tcip hard work to follow mentally the
lightning flash in a finely wrought ver
bal epigram. - ,
No doubt -such a theory as this postu
lates that the man who likes Lamb and
Sydney pmith, but says he 6ees no joke
at all in buffoonery, really means that
ho only sees a very little joke, and that
he does not care for it because he can see
sq TOWh moro fa other things. Tins,
however, agrees with common experi
ence. The man fond of tho highest kind
of wit Is never really unable to see the
fun of the clown, though it may bore
him by its snialiness, and if he is scien
tifically minded he no more refuses to
call it a kind of wit, humor or- fun than
he does to call vin ca;dmaire wine, though,
as a- natte$ pf fact, what he really con
siders wine is Lantte. All the mirth
causing agent3 are of one kind and differ
only in Cejrree. though the degrees are
o.ften intense, London Spectator.
American Rash.
One has only to contemplate the men
and their movements about one of the
larger hotels to understand just Uow fast
tho American pcora aj-a really living.
Tho cqpipjvctal men, especially, aro liv
inij on tho lightning plan, and tho rest
of n3 are not very far behind. The man
who travels extensively today rarely re
ceives any communication except by
tt legrapU, Io (igur-es his day's work by
thu nituutcs, and estimates just what
every second s worth to hini. Even the
hotel registers are illustrations of the
economy of time, Tho man from Chisago
writes it "Chi.." Philadelphia i ; "PIul.."
Cleveland "Clev.." Ilurrhiburs "Il'burg,
Cincinnati "Cin.," an 1 so o:i through the
entire lL:t of Aiiieruaui cities wii.Ii tho
::cepticn cf tho r.ian fvoui T'onton, cad
h j invariably writes u "Hoston, !Li:.
Hocaii't a;7c;-J ii riftca ;m j;:vat a
(".LrtirjctluiV. r.Hu.Iiilt Courier.
A ChccrCY-l C.'Kl:k!"i!:i 7uil.
When tho jail waa turned over to
ohcril? Jenahiii day beforo yesterday
ihcro wero uino persons, mostly tramps,
in it. When the prisoners wore fed yes
terday morning there were ten. During
tho day there wero nine and later in the
afternoon there were ten. Inve-atiUoii
was made. Tho ten.t! mart waa discov
ered tQ bo a tramp, who climbed into the
Jail at weal time; and went out again
after getting u fail stomach. This, con
nected with tho fact that a man incarce
rated for being a common drunk broke
his leg trying to get back into jail after
having climbed out to get on a spree,
and the fact that a man in jail for beat
ing hi3 wife having had a quarrel with a
fellow prisoner, ciimiod out and went a
milo to tho sheriff's houso at the dead of
night to tell tho sheriff that tho other
fellow had punched him in the stomach,
will make our jail famous. Santa Cruz
Surf. . - -
An absent minded doctor who had
considerable investment i". real estate
was about "ea.ying patient after writ
ing a prescription, when ho was asked
for directions as how the medicine
was to be taken, "Oh, yes," he said,
"I forgot, Onethird down and tho
balance in one or two years.' Ameri
can Analyst.
The standing half of the mountain
in Japan cleft in two by the recent
earthquake, surrounded by steam, is
described as being far grander thau
the geysers of Iceland.
Has left tor the East to buy the Finest, Largest ami Cheapest
Stock of
Spring and Summer Clothing
Ever Brought to Cass county. Remember JOE will Buy
IHIabs GLiZLdL Cape.
Than You Ever Saw in Plattsmouth. .
ZJ 0 IE3-
Has not got one dollar's worth of Spring Goods, or old Shelf
Worn Goods. Everything you will see in his store
will be Bran New, of the
At Such Low Prices it "Will Astonish You.
After a su-jetnl pr:iit of over 17 yer& of ontinuil mercan
tile trade, I find my self tor thi pist six months unable to lie at my
store nurj thin three to five lours ;t d ty. My g;neral health failing,
I am obliged t retire from active iiusiniss, lor a time t least, until
I get well again.
For reasons above given I will Dispose of my Stock by April
bth. The Low Prices continues 'as last week, and those who bought
goods of us last week will bear testimony to our Immense Stock of
Staple Goods and Low Prices.
Dress Goods, All-Wool, Book-folded, in all the latest Shades, at the
popular price of 25 cents.
Checked Goods, 40 indies wide, all wool (generally sold at 35
cents per yard,) at 25 cents.
These goods are advertised in Omaha at 33 and 40 cents.
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per yard -greit bargains sold elsewhere at 25 cents.
Ginghams troin 5 to 7 cents par yard; Dress Ginghams, choice
styles at Indigo Blue Germm Calico from 7 to 11 cents per yard.
Muslins jfrom 5 to lOie. per yard; IIop3 7A, Lawnsdale
Fruits 9i; Wannesatta lOi; Llalt and Unbleached proportionably low.
Turkey -Red Table Linens 25 cents per yard; White Table Cloth
from. 15 to 25 cents per yard.
Blankets, Flannels, Shoe3 go at prices Cash.