The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 15, 1889, Image 4

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    Evening Herald.
A. SalUfcwy. DealUt, Boekwo4 Balldlnff,
fir. Wither, Dualist, laloa Blork.
Mr. Robert Walker's child is reported
yery ill.
Tlie white cap order is making
itself notorious in this city.
A good number of young people of
this city attended the masquerade ball
trbich was uivcu at Louisville last night.
We received last evening a valentine
in verse on liro. Sherman of the Journal
but for certain reason we cannot publish
A reporter "plays in hard luck"
when he writes a man up to the queen's
taste and then gets a setting out for his
J. W. Love, of Fremont, at one
time principal of the public schools here.
in in the city today. lie is now one of
the "monicd men" of Fremont. "J
A very pleasant time was spent last
night at the home of Mr. C. M. Wead.
Singing and card playing were the order
of the evening. Very inviting refrebh
mcnts wero served.'
Mr. J. II. Ritchie, who has lived in
the city for several years will move -his
family to McCook where they intend to
make their permanent home. The fami
ly will be missed much by our citizens.
No. 2C ran into the rear of No. 24
this morning at Ashland and caused con
siderable damage. Engine 184, which
pulled train 20, was derailed and the
, waycar at the rear of train 24 was badly
smaahed up.
The dealers in valentines yesterday
reported a brisk trade. More than the
usual number of francy valentines -were
disposed of and tho chromos also had a
good run. It is lots of fun to send them,
tome people think, but when a beauty
which is supposed to represent them and
shows up their faults which other people
see, it generally sets them to thinking a
a little.
Th voting for the most popular
man in Plattsmouth was hotly contested
at the fair last night. Dr. T. P. Liying
ston secured the prize a beautiful oil
painting by a large majority. He re
ceived 1163, Mayor Richey 849, Joseph
Gilmore 31, S. Barker 52 and Doty f.
Total votes cast J2 102. Each vote was
sold at 10 cents.
A true likeness of our esteemed sen
ator of Cass County, Mr. XL D. Polk, and
kuc simile ot his pledge to. support
submission, can be seen in this morning's
Omaha ITerald, accompanied by a brief
history written by the Herald's cor
respondent. We consider it "The un-
kindest cut of all," and we are waiting
for a rumor that another daily will soon
" be started in Omaha to take the place of
the Herald. Our representative- was " a
little rattled this morning, no doubt,
when he discovered such a display dis
tributcd oyer Lincoln and the legislature
About twenty members of the Y. M
C. A. took their departure for Pawnee-
City this morning to attend a state con
vcntion of that association which i.s being
held there. We were unable to secun
the nam: s of all who attended but w:
give as many as could be obtained: II
Waterman, James Knotts, Charles Ingalls
Cliff Wescott. Lou Xewcom t, Ed Barker
. Sig Green, R. Patton, Ch is. Rinkin, II.
F. Chapin, J. M. Hothwell, secretary of
the association; R. Hayes, Walt Day is
Ed Straight, J. W. Bridg-, John Rcn-m
and John Unrig.
The reviyal services which hav
been held at the Christian church forth
past two weeks are still progressing an:
good results can be seen at each meeting.
Mr. Everett, the evangelist in charge.
will remain until after Sunday. Hi?
sermons are very highly spoken of and a
larger crowd than attended church last
Sunday is expected the coming Sunday
The following subjects have been selected
for the remainder of the week and Sun
day: This (Friday) evening, "Christ's in
vitation." Saturday evening, "The
Prodigal Son." Sunday morning, "The
good confession." Sunday eveninr,
'Christian Baptism."
J. II. Haldeman of Weeping Water, is
in the city today.
Messrs, M. Cushing and John Gleaf on
attended the ball at Louisville last night.
Mrs. W. Carruth. of Omal a, visited
with Mrs. Koltenback yesterday. She
returned home last night.
The Misses Sayles and Miss Inhelder,
of Cedar Creek, who have been visiting
in the city for the past two days, return
ed home ioday.
Mr. Jeff Thomas, who has Ixen work
ing in Montana tor some time, is visiting
Lt his home in this city.
Mr. George Palmer, who is attending
the state nnivtr.-ity at Lincoln, is visit-
lag at his home in this city. . "
Mrs. Simm, who has been visiting
t the home of her brother Mr. loo Pen
ington for tho past three days, returned
j her home at Wayerly last night.
Proceedings of the County Com
missioners of Cass County.
PlatUmouth, Nebraska, Feb. 5th, 1889.
Board iui-.t pursuant to adjournment.
Present, A. B. Dickson und A. B. Todd,
county commissioners. Bird Critch field,
county clerk.
Miuutes of January session read and
approved, when the following business
was transacted in regular form:
Olficiul bonds approved: Johj Beard,
overseer district thirty; James Koot,
overseer district thirty-seven: W. W.
Davis, overseer district forty-four; L.
Rowe, overseer district sixty; Win.
Laughlin, overseer district seven; M. E.
Harris, oyerseer district eight; Ralph
Wilson, assessor, Salt Creek precinct;
Frank Dobney, verseer district fifty-one;
Chas. Philpot, overseer district thirty-
The time for opening bids for building
bridges for the year 188'J having arrived,
the contract was let to C. D. Dundas of
Pawnee City, Nebraska, for $4.30 per
linear foot. The contract was drawn up
and properly signed and bond executed.
Bids for county printing for year 1889
was then opened and the printing for
s lid year was let to the Cass County
Kaijle at 25 cents per case of fifty copies
and 10 cents per copy for all over fifty,
aid treasurer's statement at 3 cents per
line, road notices ut one-half rates, com
missioners proceedings free.
The request of Chris Schrump by his
attorney, E. II. Wooley, for reduction of
taxes or. lots in Weeping Water city for
year 188 was refused.
The request of Geo. II. Olive for re
duction of taxes for 1888 on lot six, block
ten, Fleming & Race's addition to Weep
ing Water, was refused.
In the matter of the claim of the B. &
& M. R. R. C. for refunding taxes paid
by saul company on west half of B. &M.
R. R. bridge across the Missouri river at
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, the same was
carefully considered and refused pay
ment, for tho reason that said taxes are
legal and just in accordance with the
decisions given in the supreme court of
the state of Nebraska.
Petition of John Cloeidt for county
aid was taken under consideration and
the board decided to direct E. W. Cook
to examine the patient and report - to
county-board his condition and whether
or not in his judgment it is expedient for
the county to furnish aid to send him
away for treatment,
The claim of B. & M. R. R. Co. for re
funding taxes paid for the year 1887,
which was filed with county clerk Feb. 7,
1888, and layed over until decision of court, wa3 again taken up an'
refused payment by county commis
sioners, upon the decision given in said
case by the supreme court of Nebraska.
Dr. E. W. Cook of Plattsmouth city
was appointed county physician and
surgeon for Plattsmouth city, county
poor house and for space within a radius
of 5 miles around said city at a salary of
$175.00 per annum payable quarterly
from February 1, 1881), to February 1,
Dr. N. R. IIobl3 was appoiuted county
pl.kian and smgeon for Eagle. Elm wood
and Wabash and vicinity for five milef
around at an annual salary of $50.00
pavaMj quaitei ly
I :ii loiiowing appropriations were
auditt-d and allowed on the general , fund
of Cass county:
W ll Ji'ilick boarding pris $ 59
Plaits Co rent of ga3 10 8
.... 1 1. fr
t i isates repair n juug-s vauic it t.t
iu V .'.iiicr ywods to paup 10 00
J V Week bac h mdse to Co atty
nil. I recorder 25 2(.
A. 2; 'vnotts printiug ' 'l.i 0!
J K iv -it hi y pnuting for 188S 1 1
1 I 37 nll'd C2 31
F S Vhito md-te to pau; 12 i
Fifhcr Printing Co b.oks and sta-'
tionarv 33 01)
V .J White reut of court room.. 100 th.
C 15: keufeld stove and fixtures
for county attorney 40
Omaha Republican stationary ... 19
State Journal Co filing cases. . . . 4
M B Murphy goods to paup 27
Cole & Jamison mdse to paup. . .
Platts Gas Co gas used in Dec'88
PetT Merges shoes to pauper cl.
6 05 allowed. . . .
II W Si.getank to jail
T W Riddle boarding jurors
I C Eiki nbary attending d c. .
40 00
David Miller bailiff d c 40 00
W II Malick bailiff d c 24 00
D Woodward " " 30 00
Elnvr Eikenbary'4" " 8 00
E T Eikenbarv " 38 00
C J Fo. d j mitor " 88 00
Teleohm Co rent telephne 11 70
Gibson Miller c liicnarusou sta
A Clark mdse to paup
M Spink sal and ex
Eli Sampson boarding pris.
Week bach Bros mdse to paup. . .
a "
3 90
12 0( ;
104 00
109 65
18 00
I f' "Rikpnbarv puard oris 33 50
II G Race printing 40 00
nlltor Jnrobtt crooda to DaUD ... . 10 00
E O Dovev & Son mdse paup. .. 9 10
Platts Brick & Terra Cotta Co.,
erroneous taxes paid
21 12
62 40
43 75
T Clark coal to county
Herman Schmidt work on plat b.
Omaha Republican print notice..
Neb Telephone Co rent for tel. .
F N Wise P M stamped 2 m
veiops for rejjister of deeds..
45 00
Bird Critchfkld mak assessors b
sat and ex
A B Todd sal and ex..'.
V B Dickson sal and ex .
196 19
27 50
27 50
The following appropriations
audited and allowed on the bridge fund
of Cass county.
Dress Goods !
Thrly-Six Inch Henriettas:
In all tho Newest Shades, only 35 cents a yards, 40 cents. Colors
Light Grey, Gobelin, Bismark, Dark Tan, Black, Mahogany, Navy,
Myrtle, Wine, Brown.
Thirty-Six Inch All-Wool Henriettes:
In all the New Colorings only 50 cents a yard, worth GO cents. Colors
Ilavana, Myrtle, Gendarme, Olive, Saphire, Tan, Black, Cardinal,
Wine, Mahogany, Seal, Slate.
Red Fern Suitings:
40 Inch Red Fern Suitings, in all New Mixtures, only 00 cents
per yard.
Rutland Broadcloths:
54 Inch Rutland Broadcloths only 85 c?nts a yard, well worth SI.
Ramona Suitings:
54 Inch Ramoa Suitings, all New Mixtures, only 0' cents a yard,
worth 75 cents.
Striped Suitings:
40 Inch Striped Suitings only 35 cents a yard.
Lenwood Suitings:
40 Inch Lenwood Suitings, Broken Stripes, only CO cunts a yard
Blankets, Cloaks, and Ail
One Door East First Iat'l Bank
Ashland Lumber Co lumber.... 2C 78
SPLCo lumber 39 50
Coleman & McPhersion lumber.. 21 44
Barnum & Lynn lumber 20 G4
The following appropriations were
audited and allowed on the district fuuA
of Cass county.
Q G Richards overseers sct'l .... 30 80
J T Mills " " 25
Jamta Root " 24 00
O E Chandler " " 30 00
Board then adjourned to meet March
7, 1889. Bird Critchfield,
County Clerk.
Lots of warm Shoes and Slippers at
-Merges' cheap. tf
To the ex-Becretary: We dont care
whether you wash your neck or not, but
we would like to see the gun club get
their money.
Tf you consult your own interests you
will buy your foot-wear of Mergts. tf
Mr Al Schleo!, who has had a run
from Dunnison, Texas, for some time as
rirtitn:in, has only within the last few
lajs recovered sufficiently from injuries
reci-ived about a nonth ago in sui acci
dent, to enable him to visit his home and
many friends in this city. lie whs buried
under a couple of cars loaded with coal
which were wrecked, and sustained se
vere injuries about the head and body.
It was feared for some time that he
wouldjlose his hearing, but hejis now grad
ually regaining it. He will return to
Texas as soon as he has recovered
The Weekly Heraad sent one year
free to anyone sending us two yearly sub
scribers to the Weekly Herald.
Do not fail to consult Dr. Janss the
celebrated German specialist "late of
Berlin " at the Riddle House, Tuesday,
Feb 26.
Dr. P. Janss, the celebrated German
physician will be in Plattsmouth at the
Riddle house Tuesday, Feb. 26. If you
are suffering with a chronic disease you
should not fail to consult him. Con-
saltation free.
Instinct in Brutes.
Few things are more wonderful than
the instinct that guides the brute in the
choice of its food or medicine. In India
the uiuo goose, when bitten by the dead
ly corba, is said to seek among the grass
for some unknown herb or substance
which it swallows and is thereby enabled
to counteract the effect of the pion.
Man, when his system is deranged by the
accumulated poisons engendered by con
stipation or a sluggish habit of body,
should seek relief in Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
I el let 9, which will at once establish a
permanently healthy action of the liver,
stomach and bowels.
Dress Goods !
The "Fair" Concert.
The musicale concert giyen at Fit?
gerald's hall last night under the auspice
)f '"The Sisters," is widely spoken of ti
lay in the most commendable tune
More expressions of satisfaction hav
since been heard than after any previous-
concert giv n in the city. The mu:-i
selected exhibited the good taste of th;F
who had the entertainment in chaste
and the variation from the ordinan
home talent entertainments made it nun 1
iore acceptable to the large audienc .
The character quartettes were apparent
;iucli appreciated, and the dialogi;
lso brought forth r- unds of npplnti
rhu hall was crowded to the doot
md standieg room for all who wish c
-idmittance could not be found. At t
-idmission fee of 25 cents, thcrsceip's'd about !?H7. Where
numbers on the programe were so w
rendcrcd, it would he folly to purlieu!: r
1Z-, but appended we give the progivi.
'ii its order:
t o- Churn-. 'Til? B i tl '
inline I. lie 'Utr:il t'itio. A.isir"t! ii
Messrs. K Hipster. Wtck!tich I'eiriek,
H jiine.s, MtEnti-f hiia J.ntz.
laiio Duett . '.Merry Wj-.
vi.-ses N. BaUanee and K t;uiiimiii.
oncert Kecit prion John M;tynard.'
Hy the Little Bova,
Song "The Dragon Fiy's Benefit Ball "
Py the Little Girls, Accompanist,
Florence White,
Vocal Duett Moonlinht on the Rhine."
Misses E White, and E Clark. Accom
panist. K. .Neville.
'ialopne "Th Blusic Lesson ''
Misses K. Cummins. A. Kikenbaiy
A. O'KelMy, M. Patterson and -L.
Vocal Solo -A Bird f rom O'er the Sea.'
Miss E. White, Accompanist. L. Simpson.
Quartette My .Native Isle."
By Choral Club.
r'hnracter Song "Xhe Professor at TTome."
froieosr Mr. w a. uerricK.
Prima Oouna Miss M. Cagwy
Collector Mr. W. Holmes
Pupil MisL. Simpson.
Piauo Duett Aire irom Oberon
Lisces K. Neville and E Clark
Quartette "Evening Bells."
Aminidab Stmley Chas. Bensox,
Mrs, wtanl-y, (is wif ). .Winnie MeUlnn.
. Pete Stanley, (his son.. Henry Weidiuann.
Aramintha Stanley, (his daughter)
Agnes Kennedy.
Mrs. Leu.". lady) K. Mc rthy.
Mii" Makepeace, JC. Neville
Emma Joy, A. O'Keilly.
Character Song " We'll Have to Mortgag
ee Ka'tn "
Mis?es E. Whi'e. R. Mcanl-y. N. Ballanc;
and Mr. W. Holmes.
Vo."a1 Solo "Th KlindtJirl to Her Harp."
Mi s M Carney. Accompanist I. si.-niismi
iuartette....' "Good MgUt."
. Choral Club.
Ba wise and buy your overshoes of
Merges. tf
Base Ball Again.
A number of our expert ball tosscrs in
igsin accustoming themselves to tin
ii imond. A club was formed this after
noon and the boys went' out to the ball
grounds to trv thtir hands.
Try Merges for your winter's footwear
- yu
Wash Goods,
re Have
Patterns copied from the Finest French Goods,
Only 15 Cents Per Yard.
Also Full Lines of Solid Colors at the same price. Colors Seal,
Myrtle, Black, Olivv, Wine, Havana, Cream, Gobelen, Saphire, Tan
This undoubtedly will he the the
Best Bargain Ever Offered
in Wash G)ods this season. Call early before the selection is broken
for it will be difficult to get Good Patterns later on.
Winter Goods at Cost !
Life is dear: an leevtAr t-oo. -Lively
lively- bets are."we'
iiiiuaiaciiii "iii at;t iia
W. A.
B.& M. Time Table.
No. 1. 4 a. ni. No. 2. I :29 p. in.
Vo, 3. 5 :51 p. III. No. 4. 10 :30 a. lit.
No, 5. 7 :47 a. iu. No. 6. 7 :30 p. m
No. 7.-6 :25 p. in. No. 10. 9 :43 a. in.
No. 9. 6 :17 p. m.
All trains run daily by wavof Omaha, except
Nos. 7 and 8 which run to and from Schuyler
daily except Sunday.
Civil Engineer
Surveyor and Draftsman
Plans, Specifications and Estimates, Mu
nicipal "Work, Maps SLc.
Physician I Surgeon
Office over Wescott' utore. Mam afreet.
Recidence in Dr. Schildknecht's property.
Chronic Dieeaees and DWeases of Women And
Cnildren a specialty. Otflce houre, 9 to 11 a. m.
2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. in.
CdSTeiepuone at both Office and Residence
Plenty of feed, flour, craham and
meal At Ileisel's mill, tf
uii u
Wash Goods !
received a case ot
airu g luiie at a Low 1'riec.
Dr. C. A. Marshall.
Resident Dentist.
Preservation of the Natural Teeth a
Specialty. Auesthetics given for Paix-
i Artificial teeth m .de on Gold, Silver,
Kubber or Celluloid Plates, and inserted
as soon as teeth are extracted when da
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
FiTZOB&ALn'g Blocr PuTTuxorjtH. Nib
The 5 fat. LIsrchant Tailor
Keeps a Fall Line of
'Foreign i Domestic Goods.
Consult Your Interest by Giving Him a Cat
TPlecttexaaovitlo, - TSTefto