The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 08, 1889, Image 4

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    'I UK i)AliY HKMAI.D: J'LATTSMOtiTII, N KP.KASK A, ill I i A V. ilMIIillAilV . i-S:.
Tnc Evening Herald.
A. KslUbarjr. OratWt, Kurknood KuiIiIIiik,
Tel'phon o.
Br. Withrr, !ratlt, l aloa Mork.
Man may come and man may go,but
the gas meters go on forever. Lincoln
Mrs. C. M. "Wead entertained a small
party of friends at her lioinc, on Tliir.l
6trcet, lx-t night.
Mr. Allen Beeson lias moved his
family to the home he recently purchased
in Ilazeldell, from Mr. Ilaumcistcr.
The young people of the Methodist
church will meet in their church tonight
to organize, as a class and selccti a leader.
. There is nothing wrong with our
weather service. It's as good -as n
fortune teller who can tell us the past.
The revival services at the Christian
church will continue the remainder of
this week and probably the whole of
Why don't the authorities enforce
the law which allows them to shoot all
curs which run at large unprovided with
a tagf
"The gas is still burning at our ex
pense," in Plattsmouth, but our baby
sister town O leu wood can have her elec
tric light.
A number of expert whist players
arc talking of organizing n whist club for
their entertainment during some, of the
long would-be winter nights.
The loads of wood on th-j streets
today outnumbers the buyers by :i large
majority. Some cf the farmers will
probably accept little or nothing before
they return home.
E. S. liirstow and wife went up to
Omaha this morning to pay a short visit
to Mr. 15 lrstow's sister, who is a singer
in the Conried opera company, which i
playing in Omaha this week.
The M. E. church attendants of Cul
lum. are making great preparations for
a necktie sociable to be given in the Nul
lum school house on the evening of the
l;th. A very enjoyable evening is an
ticipated. Messrs. J. V. Weckbach and J. V.
Egenberger took their departure for
FJartlett, la.. fids morning to purchase
land. Mr. Weckfmch intends going out
of business in the near future, on account
of poor health.
Mr. O. W. Turner who has been con
fined to his bed for the past three week
with a serious attack of lung fever. i
able to attend to his duties again. He
went up to Omaha this morning for a
little recreation.
Last winter there were progressive
euchre parties too numerous to moritior,
but this season they are too scarce to
mention. Why society has b come go
dead within the past few months, no onr
is prepared to state.
DoubleelledouMeuedoubh el 1 ye n
Mdoubleore, the florist, was in Om ilia
today." Journal. Feb. 7. We leli-c
the florist will decorate Mr. Sln-rni in
yisage and double him up worse than h
has doubled his n imp.
The Mis-ouri river commission In Id
a socn-t session at St. Louis y :-t' : d n .
Among the sums to be expended at pbu cs
along the river. I'b'ttsmouth is :d lowed
$.")0,ODO. ft is considered an un:vce?s.iry
expense by many h'Te.
Mr. D. M. Jones went to Lincoln
the tlyr this morning to atten a sale of
horses which oc curs tin re today. Mr.
Jon -s left with the intention of per; be
ing the bi?st horse m the m irkct, and w
trust that he may not change his mind.
Tiie most interesting and profitable
resort for young men which Fiattsmouth
affords is the Y. M. C. A. rooms
They are open from 8:30 a. m. to
10 p. m.. and everything there is free to
all who have time to attend the rooms.
The northwest corner of the brick
building located on the corner of Main
and Third streets should be looked into
a little by the police. Rooms oy r
Speck's saloon are said to be a lodging
place for a couple of loose women an:!
their attendants.
The Knights of Labor will give their
much talked of masquerade ball n
Monday evening next at the Waterman
ojera house. There will no doubt be a
1 irge attendance, as th-; members of that
order are putting forth every effort to
make it a success.
The Jif representative at Lincoln
still writes a very interesting Line In
letter and wc are under the impression
that the Journal is very appreciative of
his efforts occasionally, as it frequently'
confers an honor by paying his letters its
undivided attention.
We would be pleased to hear from
the committee appointed at the the liist
board ot tiadc meeting for the purpose
of canvas-sin the city for subscriptions
to aid in the pureha of ti p esbyterian
. . t i
property. The future prosperity of the
town, to a certain extent, depends upon
their success.
Omaha's Star Representatives got
In Hot Wate r at Lincotii Soma
Dark Socrots Disclosed.
Douglas County Election Fraud
Lincoln. Neb., Feb. 7,
Eimtoh List week was sub
mission week, thi- om is contested elec
tion we k. The peculiar people lrawn
from dilferent quarters of the state to
Lincoln by the limitation of Submission
have departed to relate how v.nv h lh-y
dil at critical periods to brace this
member or that senator. Local history
will teem with the exploits of those dele
gations, eyen Cass county will prove no
exception to the rule. In the .senate but
little remains to indicate the tension of
a few days ago, unless it be the vigorous
antagonism of Ktn-om to many of the
measures agitated by Church Howe.
There is an advantage to Howe in such
opposition, it compels him to get his
bills, or see that his friends get their bills
up in proper shape. Hansom may not
be right in all matters, but he has a very
good head for law and the st.ite consti
tution. Today the house has been agitated over
Douglas county and her candidates for
seats in the house of representatives. The
majority report of the committee on
privileges and elections was finally
adopted just before adjournment, which
would seem to indicate that Monissey
and Fenno must give way to Specht and
O'iirien. On the final vote on the com
mitter's report seycral republicans voted
with the democrats on the ground that
so much fraud and corruption was evi
dent in the elections in Douglas county
last fall that they could not come to any
satisfactory conclusion as to who was
elected. Monissey made a savage assault
on the committee claiming they broke
open the ballot boxes, ami did not at
tempt to g- t the keys to unlock them,
which keys were in the hands of the
democratic county clerk for Douglas
county. In reply Cady said he hid writ
ten several limes to the Douglas county
clerk, signing as the chairman of the
committee on privileges and elections,
requesting him to scud or bring the keys;
that finally the county clerk was sub
poenaed, but whin before the committee
was so drunk nothing intelligible could
be gott.n from him either in the shape
of keys or language, and that the Doun
las county delegation were compell.d to
put t'tie man to bed. adding that all par
ties is id refrained from making the matte r
public out of respect to Douglas count ,
her oakials, an. 1 those representing 1,, r
in the pr. sent 1-iisl itur . Monissey ad
mitted :dl. ami mi nddith n. thatitwonld
h ive !" .. n bittir for him end his fellow
j representatives had they h ft the county
clerk alone ltog. thcr. p..itiois of the
testimony read in the hoii-e today disclose
the mi st glaring and nnblu-hing fraud
on th' put of th'- d moerats in the la-t
fall elections. In one precinct ah-ne the
cler test "Tied they .-aided 1 vo'i s to
Mc-Nae.e's t illy. The f utile proeeetling
from the time the ballot boi s Were
:u.:e 1 dow n to the time
tiieir eh:cteii
COUH.V CleiK a jioc-i
ore III e-,:i:!e.:
l.piiie "d: m
.).! r.i: :-o. i
ked th; t he
oc r
i.mi lia'n dro.'ik seen
i'.ie don't you kno"
fr m Douglas arose and
ha i
n a r ri-oMe-i:: moist ci his iiie
!iat h stiil on - as far ns "n
;.d!ot and a fair coirit" was on-
eerr. 1. What a pity he could not have
run a mission school f r the bem fit of
deu. ciatie (Irccinct tl-ctioi! Ticcrs n
few moi:ths pree- t-d ing h'-t election.
Se i'-.g th-;- inevitable str.iii.g tl.. m in th
M .rri.
and Ft nno :i 'i
ll to COII-
s -'.. ;:n.l t-.rgc a m -i-u
b r !: fo;- i -election or
s-f iidiiiir them
.h-f.-at. It I.
hai-'lv p'obable v.itli sitt li
( vi!' io ce
th'- house has in its possession tin v wih
put the county of Douejl is to the ( xp--i so
of an extra election, wh-.m a few hours'
yot'mg will settle the question quite r.s
e-Te tu illy and as justly as in any other
manner. Transient.
J-f will have all th novelties in his
line in the market, lie will be able to
suit t!i3 most fa-tidious. o-lw
There are a number of vacant lots
on Main street, owned by the wealthiest
men in the state, are a disgrace to
the city. They cannot be puichascd :.t
any pric, and still the owners will leave
them vacant because theyciif rtnin some
wild id as. we are told, that the
prop aty will improve and appreciate in
Value much more nipidly us it is. There
should be a law prohibiting such peo
ple owning a foot of land in tlte city,
when they will not sell at any price nor
make any improvements which would be
to'their own interests and the interests of
the city. They are aliens in the same
degree that t':e lords of foreign lands
are who stiil live in their country and
po-ses vast tr lets of land in Ameriei,
but we ar glnd to know that the gov
ernment will so n frame a law which
will cut th'-m off.
Bankrupt Sala
j ()f elothin i. furnishiiief go Is. hats, caf5s,
! - te llyUU house b! ,ek. i n -r Main
' and Third streets. Call and see us.
,nnn .
liuy your sweetheart one or ii.ose oeau
tiful valentines at O. P. Smith fc Co's. tf
0 n
Thirty-Six Inch HenrieftG
111 nil tliu Newest Shade?, onlv
XL l-tl
Va.- U) Vitf W
Lifflifc (Jrey, (loln.-lin, JJisniaik,
Myrtle, Wine, J'rown.
Thiriy-Six Inch ASI-Wooi
In all the New C.loriiis (jtilv .o'te -
Havana, JMyrtle, (ieisdarme, Olive,
Wine, Mtdiogany, Seal, Slate.
Red Fern Suitings:
40 Inch lied Fern Suitings, in ail
per yard.
Rutland Broadcloths:
54 Inch Rutland liro i leloth- only
Bamona Suitings:
54 Inch Uamoa Suitings, all Ne
worth 75 cents.
Striped Suitings:
40 Inch Striped Suitings only
Lenvvood Suitings:
4.0 Inch Lou wood Suiting.-, lr
jH 1 1
ne Ooo
II. E. "Whitiny is in Om:ih:i to.luy.
Jude Xewcll is in Omuha tud:ty
Mr. Stiuinnk -r w;is a ;);i-i:iiir.-r to Oii
aha this morning.
J. II. lla'dcrman, f Wce;in Waici,
'n in the ity today.
Mr. ('. L. Creamer, uf Cu'lum. aid the
IIkhvi.d a ple isei.t call td y.
Mis. J. I. Unruli and chll Inn 1 -ft for
iiiiahu this morning t: visit w'th 1 cr
-istci- for a few d;;;.s.
M;-s Judsjc Hassi 1!, .".rcmi'Kiiiii' 1 ly
iu-r daujrhtt-r, Ir.. A. Ii. KnoKs, i ll t ;
Weeping Water last niyht to visit w.l!
friends for a few da vs.
Joe the One Price Clothier is conm-oii-M
with four of th- lar-st r-tail elothin e
houses in Illinois and Missouri, which
'nilih-s him to huy chenjier than any o
his competitors. Vl-.v
J. M. Koth, of this city, walkid into
the liiddle hou-e last niht in cem.einy
with his par.-iir.oiir whiim !;: ti.iil ti:c
clerk wfis his wife, and sc ciir.-d a roi.-in.
The clerk, not knowing the man or his
companion, believed him and gave him
a room. When Mr. Kiddle returned
to the house he Mas informed
that the couple had secured a room in
his house. lie went immediately to
the room and rapped on the door,
hut without response. When he threat
cded to break the door in the man opened
it. Mr. Riddle entered and found the
man partially undressed, and the "'cat"
behind the door. He soon made the pair
scarce about those quarters by rouyhly
firing both of them from the house.
Clothing Almost Civen Away
at the Bankrupt Sale; Riddle House
block, corner Third and Main streets.
Valenticns of all descriptions at O. I.
Smith iSc Co's. . tf
The material to be used in supply
ing the thriving city of Glen wood with
water arrived there this inortiini,', and as
soon as possible will be placed in working
order so thai their town will be provided
with a little protection frou. fire. They
are investing in an electric li.nht pbmr. j
and with this mod-rn iinjrov-ni''nt win j
leave l'l ittsmoutli in the shade and keej
her "ijasing" how much sh holds tin- ;
lead. It is hoped that where she leads, '
we will follow if w are not to
Joes line ot white, Mncy, siik ana j
llinnel shirts will be the gr indent and
t'neot eyer brought to l'bittsmouth. :
Tlie finest liue of Valentines in the city
at O. P. Smith & Co's. tf 1
r ; "-?
1 t
fi " Tv;
4it -sJr 1? Vj J
Mahogany, Navy,
.'tit -
a y
..I'l'tii m) cents. Colors
Tan, i!ia:k. Cardinal,
Saj lii:
Xcsv Mitiire on!v (U) cents
vard, well worth
v (. cents a vard
05 ci-n
a v
ke:i Stripes, i.-y HO cents a y:ud
l?r?-c:- 6K''-ri&; t?s-.v--
vJ rw
?! my .-ire dis.jiuit;n d to learn that
'i:it ! -li ;ii:Vi II-it 1;- sllii)!ied witil
iVfs!i :!iu:-ni-; n.-ws ns caily as w---
Ii-. en i'. r s v--r::i w.-cks. After Sun-
net tiu: II. --j
r -I )' : ;i .x tie..- ei;
fi l Ik; iii-iriiiii;.
l.een tl-cat-.d.
; ci::i will he suspi-nd
of tlii- accoiumoda-pu.-crs
with which it
I -.vard-;, who had control
ll'i'vi-c b:rier shop for
k hi- dcpaitare i r Ch'i:
:t when: iii' lias purchasi d
: ii r s'l-oo of that town, on
i i ;;s:
; i 1 .
ii ;
in i
!. wiio at ..-ii-; I'.nu was
MorIey.4 sh:p Ik re, ami
'e.i Wi.rkin at hi trade
niv:d in the city tliis
e cii.ire of t!ie shop until
; ii.ibl v o; i malK-litlw
u ii
:r u-
Olo -: X
son .i;;. 1 P i
th-T- i !. 1 . i , T
! e a sou.: c j i; 1 rich 1'
lit to all who can
del nation fiorn
:;tti ml. and a si von-j
Plattsmouth is desired.
'Uncle Tom's Cabin" compmy last
niht played to a full house at Glenwood,
and -urned many away as there was not
standi!!' room. Two gentlemen who
saw tlie play there last night say it was
the best Uncle Tom's Cabin show th.y
have seen, and that all were peii'ectly
sati.-iled. Their band, orchestra and the
whole show was exceptionally good.
The members uf the A. O. U. W. en
tertained a gooil number of their frienc's
and relatives last night at their lod.e
room in tiie K. of P. hall. A very invit
i;i Mipp. r was s- i veil. and the entire
poly apparently thoroughly enjoyed the
Veiling, ii" bright and cheerful faces
n e .mi era' .! . in ot 11 iovmcnt. The partv
not i
until a late hour.
! f Vd'l Cf)!i-!!'t
!! i.c.v vo-ir fo.
our own interests
wear of Mvr:f s.
- I:
:'t f.-g-t lh(
ii. K ni- m"
in itinee t.niiorro'.v
.-r you ma r-serv e
If and clnldren to
Doa't mi.-s s e-
:., r
r s--t-s f' -r ..i;r
.er ..t I!!-- and
th - :r et
p -.i-iile toniorrow at It ::!0.
s .'a V:tw for to:onc-w
!.- ! see "Unci" Tom."
cure v
oa '
iii! 1 chiioren' clothing
iii ' tic 11 i 1 1 st in the strife
., , .: ...
,,f X 'e :-'
Se-iin ')
i ?
- . T s 1 r.
ok out for his Grand
."" 1 w
I ; wisj and buy
overshoes of
3 K
a n-::i:iar of v-,.::i men of i". :" " . K
oi li:.; .--cm I b.-liict -f the -J-JlV J&- H& !sS10S3 I
if 8
13 Wvtv,
58 8 htn
We Have received a case ot
U j 111 Lu t i u
I'al terns co)iod Ironi the
Also Fail l.ims of Solid Color..,
Myrtle, Black, Oliw, Wine, Havana,
This undoubtedlv will he the tlu;
v J trl i s i
in Wash Cr ods this .season. Call
fur it will he diJli-ii! t to et Cood
.of j; f rr, V
( -T
' i -4 1 P l f
i-o. C m k -i r
rpvirxd foUfci
Life is dear: ana
nor to $ ?its Tiniio i
Live! Ik-fly .bebj are
M ;:;!! I'-.ii'i I! i': i:Li' Hf.'i 1 1; ! i"i : . '
A Lucky rnJiv
"What a lucky chap wa.-:"
"How so C '
'Why fortune play..-d into his han
all his life."
"Yes. but he died in his prime."
"That's where his luck s'ill -t-iv-with
Iii m. When he died col'ii:is v.e
selling at cost." Lincoln Journal.
a !
jilust tiitve tins coal oarm
hear goes
The 1 st .Missouri Coal .
Iowa Linno
rowaSo't Xut. . -i !
Plentv of hard coal on h uei: al-o )
Canon Citv and Illinois Coal at reasonable
Stove Wood liieoared. ,
Office South :jrd st. l.lepiione
Orders taken at M. 15. Mm jhy's stol e and
Central Telephone Oiikv.
hv. Timothy
Joe will surprise you on Iris tr; ".n i
opening of spring and sum ri. -'i tro---.l-Nothing
in his lin? that .! won't be
able to show you uonds that his eom
peditors won't dare offer to the public.
Joe's low prices will make his competi
tors wonder how lie can sell so low.
Plenty of feed. Hour,
meal at Heisel's mill, tf
graham and
Lots of warm Shoes and Slippers at
Merges' cheap. tf
)l! 1 - n
a I u W
ii goods
Finest French (Jouds,
r Yarc
;it the sanu; rice. Colors Seul,
Civam, (Joheleu, Sttphire, Tan
early In-lore the selection is broken
I'al terns later
Cost !
and rou w
leextAer too.
!;.- i:t a hev i'nc
A. mar shall.
Preservation of the Natural Teeth
Specialty. Auesthctics given for Pais-
1:Ksr..r.,V - 'N" ?' tiiactiox of Tekth.
jrV, V'.' .i 'V , nn ';ld' Silver.
':u."'",r r4Cc"ul,,,a 1 Iat s' 1 inserted
- ,,u ittlu a.c txtractwl when do
All work warranted. Prices reasonable
Frrzr;K:At,-s ,?n "(.vrr iUTll. Nkb
8. & Til. Time IT able. "
V l'!0'!!VJaV.T' - . "AST.
No. 7.-7 ;.; i p.m. x .
No. -i :17 i). in.
. j iw a. in.
No. 1 1 ! ;''7 a. III.
XoV-aa .jV-i! Uv l'y wavof 0t"a. except
X . nis i. sf ii r 'i.,ia i .i
No. 1 1 u i -, rr... .v.;':'.-;"."" A' " " m
ii.n3 iii!i"iion -r tisrn.
Call at O. P. Smith & CV8 ,lrug Te
and look at their choice valentines. t
Try Merges for your winter's footwf
oi A.