The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 08, 1889, Image 3

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Us loved sIajeIt maiden
-.-Of 6EsUrticculturel tasto.
And promptly at hr nervloe
II is loyal heart be pl:iced.
IIo Rtm;r;rlel rnf; and nobly
Ilr muiilcn lovu topuiri,
Btit hIui iii.-iu lntl IjIh life'H f.mljfilon
In nU both cold uud Uin.
For h-o he stooped In rapture
Hit answering words to catch,
SUeKul I IiIm mlr auburn
And lilt iniiKtAi-he di'ln't match.
- Ijiuru W btieldou iu Judge.
It wan a sharp Ot-tohcr evening, tho
trot lanijw were KtruIiiig faintly
through a haw of yillow fo the li-ad
aliantlms Itlossoiiiht rat!icl ovt rhca.J as
if tin- irif in front of Mrs. Mi-dlaw's red
brick house had hlossomed full of little
rattle Imixi'h.
And Mrs. Med law had just eat down
to her even in-? refection of toast and
tea. when Polly, the little maid, who
alwayx wore Krti-ri checked K'"K'ia,n
and carpet slipK-rs. came bhulllin in.
"Please, ma'am, there's two young
ladiett down in the parlor us says 3-ou'ro
their aunt."
"Oh. Ix.ther!" eaid Mrs. Medlaw, in a
sort of 8olilouy. "it's LMa and I-llla. 1
knew they'll come on me when tiieir
father died Aa if I hadn't anything
else to do hut to suppoi t a swarm of
lazy relations. Why didn't you nay 1
wasn't at home. Polly'"
"I would, ma'am, if I'd a-supposed
tlicy M-as any relations of your'n,
afore I'd K t 'em in." said unconscious
Polly. "Hut they was dressed no nice
and looked so clipper I thought, of
course, they was real ludieh!"
"And jut as the tea was boiling, too,"
said Mrs. Medlaw. "Oh, dear me. what
a world this is!"
Eda and Klla C'arr were fitting, pale
and black rolled, iu tho moldy smelling
little parlor, when their aunt came in.
They wi re pretty girls, with delicate,
wax wliltd complexions, hair bo darL
that it gave you the impression of being
black, and great, blue gray eyes.
"Well, girls." said Mrs. Medlaw. rather
ungraciously, "so you've come here?"
"We bad nowhere else to go, aunt?'
aaiil Eda. meekly.
"Humph!" grunted tl- lady.
"Tako oif your things. 1 suppose you
calculate to niiy rdl night? Well, and
what are you going to work at?"
"We don't know, aunt." f;id Ella,
trying hard not to cry.
"Well, nsrj't it high time you had?"
6a id Mr. Mii:.iw. "Folks can't live on
air! And two great, grow:: up girls like
you ought to be. doing something to earn
their salt. There's always plenty of
ivork for williu-; !;:mds. I've had to
foreclose a mortgage on a 'ittle fancy
Btore. I want to put some one In li to
sell out ti.s stock. I'll give you a fair
commission o: ivl"t you sell. Come,
what do you say to that:''
"X nm willing to try, said Eliiu
IIeaven known I am anxious enough to
earn my own living."
".And I. too." said Eda. t:Vo know
nothing about such a business"
"But you c:iij loam, I suppose," said
Aunt M.rdlaw.
"But v.e can learu," said JvJd, hope
full v.
And i:l Jws than a week tho little
thread and nCdIo store around tho cor
ner, which had presented a grim and
shuttered front for some days, U3 re
opened, and two pretty girls, dressed in
black, were posted thind tho counter.
Mrs. Mopson sent her two little boys to
match a skein of green worsted and in
quire for peppermint taiTy first. Tho
widow Hope purchased a little hosiery
and three cheap jiocket handkerchiefs.
A small girl came tohsk the time of day,
and an old man bought a pair of sus
penders, all within the hour, ftijtl Eda
And Ella began to think they might, in
time, develop into commercial characters
ot note.
To bo sure, Lnsines3 waxed rather dull
toward tho end of tho day, but jut .at
dusk a tall, nice looking young man
came in to buy a card of pearl shirt but
tons. Ella look down a box. and they
were quite a lo:ig timo in selecting the
prettiest pattern and tho most appropri
ate size.
"I forgot one thing," eaid tho young
man after he had contracted for an
eighteen cent investment. "I must liavo
them 6ewed on. Could you do it?"
TH try." paid Ella, laughing, "if
you'll bring the shirts around."
So the young la'i brought his shirts
and r-at down to wait, whiie Ella's needle
flew deftly in and out. He was in h.
hurry. hl told her. Ho was foreman in
tho printing ot'dee of a great daily paper.
And worked at night, when the rest of
the world was ashep, iiko a bat or aa
In the meantime Eda was trying to
suit an old l.:-..y In green spectacles, who
wanted some ribbon whose color she
didn't exact iv !::sow. whose wi ith she
wasn't certain a'-and whose quality
She had yi t to inr.!; up Ikt mind con
cerning. P.ut Eda's pati.vice. tact and
good temper were inexhaustible. At laat
the old lady wa. suited, and went away
rejoicing, baring n the ana of her
nenliew. 'who had manifested e.xtraordi-
- . . .
nary i:i:rrt-l i
r .!i: !. of t'rnb riobon.
"t s a i.ue is 1. UnV.aiM. sai-.i bne.
"Do you know I almost think the might
Eiit n-. us ii -anion? She seems so
very eood L'.KJre-u!
I wonder if it
would do to iu k
if she would like a
"I don't
see whv not.
said Oswald
tlr.v. tl-i
gray eye;
riLi.ig he never had seen softer
; or prettit-r hair, "bliall wo go
"To-morrow is time enough," said Mrs.
On the morrow she came back.
"DiJu't the riLLon suit?" asked Eda.
"Oh. yes. the rib! on was id right, but
there's something rise I want."
"v.'Iiat is that? " asked Eda. innocently.
"A cor.j;ariioii to read tome, takecaro
of ca'n;-.rics. and play drowsy old
tune3 on the r.T.en I feci sleepy. I
give &.V; a year. .Saturday afternoon and
board. V. ill you come?"
Eda looked ct her sister. Five hun
dred a year seemed a great sum for the
giil who had never yet earned fivo for
"Yes, go, Eda," said Ella; "lean iium
ago the ttoro by mysolf easily enough.
And," in a whipper, "I'vo taken a con
tract to mako half a dozen new shirts
for Mr. Ix-ssner, we to find tho material."
"Who is Mr. Li ssner?"
"Oh. tho printer. I can do it at odd
minutes, when thcx is no ono in tho
At tho end of the month Eda camo to
rejort to her 6ister. f
"Well, Eda, how do you like it?" asked
"Oh, so much! Mrs. Martiguy is
queer, but sho is so kind. And and
Mr. Oswald Grey, her nephew, is very
"Is he?"
"Yes," said Eda, fingering at a box of
hooks and ees; "I liko him ever so
much, and ho likes me. To tell tho
truth. Ella"
"1 sec, said Llla, putting her arms
around her sister; "he wants you to bo
his companion for life, eh, Eda?
"How did you know?" faltered dim
pled Eda.
"Oh, I'm not quito a fool," said Ella.
"Hut now I've got something to tell you.
I finished Mr. Iessner's shirts, and they
fitted him irfectly. Ho says I'm tho
only woman ho ever knew who fitted
him with shirts on tho first trial. He has
saved upa little )roj)erty and ho wants to
invest it somewhere, and Aunt Medlaw
wants to sell out this storo. So he's go
ing to buy it and I'm going to keep it on
condition that I marry him."
"Oh, Ella!"
"Not such a very hard condition,
either," saiil Ella. "Becauso he's very
handsome and very pleasant, and I like
him very much; in fact, I believo I'm in
love with him. There, now it's all out.
And I do believe, Eva, we're the two
happiest girls in tho world, and all
through Aunt Medlaw's thread and
needle store."
"Well, well," grumbled Mrs. Medlaw,
"so the girls aro gone, and I'm all by
myself again. It is rather lonesome.
They were nice girls but the young
men found it out as well as mo. Young
nu n always do find such things out."
Baltimore Hail3' News.
The ;rc:it File Incciilioii.
When I lived in Chicago a queer chap
invented a cheap way to makefiles. A
bit of hot stvej went into his machine
and tho file was made at a singio blow
and fell into a tank of strong mineral
water to cool. Then a bare armed work
mar tbnist in his hand and felt around
and brought it up for Inspection. The
files thus made were a little imperfect,
but were good ones, and he explained
that the. machine was a small experi
mental one and could not. of course, do
perfect work as a large and powerful
machine would. Capitalists went around
and examined the machine and saw him
heat the steel in ;i hand forgo and put U
in the machine, and saw the red hot file
come o:it and drop into the water, and
they tried iho !!'- with their own hands
on iron which they liad brought from
home and found it excellent. ' The onh
seen;! was the chemical water into which
the files dropped, and '!icii gave them
edge. A company was formed and
money was jaid in freely to enable the
inventor to make a seiof targe machines,
and when that was done ho disappeared.
It was a fraud. He had bought good
files and defaced them a little, and
stocked his tank with them. His ma
cliinu otarajied tho bit of steel into file
shape, and it dropped Into the water
with tho files, and his workman, who
wa; in collusion, felt around and brought
up a file ef the steel. Cor. Port
land Argus,
An Old Musket's Charge.
Noah Stropp. a 13-year-old white boy,
was killed at his father's home on Lepage-
s!rei.t. The manner of his death is
most unusual. All the rear joi'iioii of
Ids skull was blown away by a charge of
water fired from an old army musket, a
relic of the war. The boy and his sister,
younger than himself, were playing to
gether in the kitchen. Securing an old
m'.isket. which had not been fired for
tvi nty-seven years, ho unscrewed the
barre l from tho stock, filled tho baricl
with wper and jilaced tho breech end in
t!;e fire of the 6tuvo. Calling his little
ister to "come and hear tho water hi
the barrel bci!," ho leaned over and
placed his ear to the muzzle of tho
woapon. As he did so tho exjlosion oc
curred, and the boy was instanly killed,
I cing blown several feet away and hav
h:g his head nearly carried off. The bar
re of tho musket contained a charge
which had been placed in it during the
war. The boy was not awaro of this,
and was merely in search of fun. New
Orleans Cor. Cincinnati Enquirer.
I.uck oi Itabblt'a Foot.
Congressman Dougherty, of Florida,
is an earnest believer in the rabbit foot,
ile snys that when he was first nomi
::att! there wa3 great opposition to him.
One day during his campaign he was
training a lot of young hounds and they
scared up a rabbit which ran into a bury
ing ground and disappeared under a
tombstone. When he went home he
mentioned the circumstances, and his
fri-T.ds decided that ho must have that
rai l it. Some of them were so supersti
tions that they vowed they would not
vi.u U t him unless that rabbit was
caught. The moo:i was shining brightly,
and a party went out one night and
ci-.'.ght the rabbit. One of the feet was
c;:t :.T and mounted, and Mr. Dougherty
sr.-rs lie carried it and was elected in
s- ite of the
York World.
odds against him. New
The Wars of Lawyers.
The Hoston Journal relates a good
story of a prominent legal firm in that
city, which does a great deal of business
for a rich mercantile concern. It lately
rendered a bill which the senior partner
of the mercantile establishment (who was
accustomed to lil-ral charges) thought
was too high. He. therefore, took tho
bill to the law firm and asked the chief
to look it over and see if it was all right.
The account was subsequently returned
with 10 added for "advice as to the
reasonableness of the bilL"
Tho FatiU Opal.
It is a fact that instances of ill luck,
misfortune and disaster huvo been
known to follow closely upon tho ac
quisition of tho ojial; but would not
tlio results have been the same cither
in tho absence or nossessiou of the
trems? A lady of wealth and pros
jierity purchased a full set of opals
and diamonds. In live years sho lias
met with moro inisfortuno and re
verses than is usually crowded into a
dozen lifo times. Divorce, loss ot for
tune, beauty, social position was her
lot and to tho baneful influence of
the wonderful opal sho attributes her
downfall. Another lady traces her
troubles to tho fact of owning a beau
tiful opal rincr which she keeps be
causo it is an heir loom, but no jiowcr
of persuasion can make her wear it,
anu her children have been warned to
shun it as they would some evil and
poisonous thing1. It was given her by
ner brother on his deathbed. The
first day she wore it the water pijes
burst and caused a damage of several
thousand dollars to tho beautiful dec
orated and frescoed ceilings. She nut
it away, and several years later her
daughter jiut it on. A gentleman
friend who admired the gem asked
permission to wear it. What followed
is rather remarkable, lie hud been
very p:-oserous, having made a for
tune with great rapidity. With the
IK)ssession of the ring success deserted
lis elloits. Loss after loss followed
one another in rapid succession and
he returned the ban !!.' a rained man,
fully assured that the baleful gleam
of that mysterious stone of the an
cients had exerted its iiiliit'jnce against
him. Sail Francisco Chronicle.
"Jokes to IaV is a sign that may be
read on some ofTice door before long,
if a young man who thinks that he
lias got an inspii-ation carries out his
threat. lie revealed his scheme one
nig'itiveenlly ton poison whom hehai
pened to meet. Said ho: "I h:u e got an
idea that is going to make me u for
tune, and u big one at that. I am
going to start a joke shop and a funny
story factory. You see, 1 am some
thing of a hand at making jokes my
self, and I can hire two or three others
to get up funny stories for me. Then
1 intend to ad vertise for patrons, and
I'll get them easy enough. There are
plenty of young men who like to ap
jiear clever, when they really aro no
more clever than a cow. When they
go out in company, or with a party of
their fellows, they want to say some
thing smart or tell a story that will
delight the girls. Now to remedy the
inability of most young men to do this
is a long felt want. ThaJ. is just vvhai
I propose to fill." I will simjdy con
tract to allow them to uso the jokes or
stories once, twice or three times, or as
often as they caro to pay for. In fact,
I will rent them my jokes. If they
violate my confidence, I will expose
them; that is, if lean lind them out.
I tell you, my boy, it is a great
scheme. San fcYancisco Argonaut.
Perilous Iialloon Asceut.
Great excitement was occasioned at
Snareshrook, Essex, by an accident to
i rotessor lii"-nns, who made an
ascent from grounds adjoining tho
fcajjlG public house, uueiulinff to. dar
see ml by a parachute, after the manner
of Daldwin. The ascent was made in
tho presence of a largo poncourse or
spectators. Ihe balloon used was of
4,000 cubic feet capacity.
lucre was no car, and the parachute
was attached to the side of the balloon
in tho ordinary vray, &q hat Big-gms
might at the proper moment leap from
the bar into the ai-. IIo rapidly shot
up to a height of 4,000 feet, arid was
watched with almost breathless anx
iety by the people in the grounds, and
when the parachute was seen to fall
away from the balloon and to leave
lliggins suspended above somethincr
in the nature of a panic seizet upon,
tho spectators, -specially the ferrialo
: o..,,.l.'l.J :.. i :
Iuruoii. cin.-cuujr passing uui oi view
the balloon, asit was af terward proved,
descended on a piece of land near En
field Lock, a distance of about seven
miles, at 3 :i3 o'clock, and tho welcQm
intelligence was received at Snares
brook that lliggins had escaped a fate
which all feared was inevitable and
had sustained no injury beyond a
severely sprained ankle. London
A Ncit ;mijowuer.
At tho Roval Powder factory of
Wetteren, in llelgium, a new gunpow
der is being made. They call it poudre
papier, or paper powder, and it is
claimed that a charge of " j grams (39
grains) gives, in a rille of small cali
ber, an initial velocity of CGO yards to
the bail. This is equal to, if it does
not beat, the Lcbel powder. The ad
ditional advantages are attributed to
it of not smearing the barrel, or pro
ducing no smoke, and of causing httle
recoil. Frank Leslie's Newspaper.
Parlor, Dining Room and Kitchen
And therefore can sell you goods for less
Money than any other dealer in the city.
IB 1ST jEL !
Authorized Capital, $100,000.
I'resldent. Vlte-ITesiUeiit
W. II. CU8IIING. Cantiier.
Frank Carrutli J. A. Connor, K. It. (iiitliiiiauu
J. W. Johnson. Henry Jlceck, Julio O'Keefe,
W. 1. Memain, Win. Weteuc&inp, W.
11. dishing.
Transactn a General Hanking Business. Al
Who have any Hiinklnj; business to transact
are Invited to call. No matter li
larxe or-inall the transaction, it
will receive our careful attention,
and we promise always cour
teous treatment.
IHues Certlllcates of DepoidU bearing Interest
Uuye aud sells Foreign Exchange, County
and Citv securities.
IB .A- 3ST UK! i
Offers the very best facilities (or the prompt
transaction ot legitimate
Stocks, ItoiidH, Gold, (i)verrt"en1 I ft.
Hecurme Hoiu;ht an I --l.i,jetils receiv
ed and interest allowed on time, Certifi
cates, Ilratts drawn, available in any
part ot the United State and all
the principal towns of
Collections made & promptly remitted
Highest market prices paid tor County War-
State aid County Honds.
John Fitzgerald
John It. Uiam, I). Haksworth
s. Wbiieft. F. V. white.
John KitzoshAlo, s. Waugu
I'resldent. Caehie
Bank of Cass County
Cor. Main and Fifth Sts., I'lattsmoth.
PAID UP CAFiTAl, S50.000
SUltl'LlS 25,000
C. H. Pakmki.k President
Fhki liuicDKit Vice President
J. M. Pattkkson Cnhier
Jas. Pattkkson, .hi.., Ass't Cashier
C. II. Pnruiele, J. M. Patterson. Fred Gorder.
'.ii. hiniui, i;. n. wiiuiiiam, li. !S. itainsfl',
las. Patterson jr.
A General Easing Business Transacted
vco.ounts Solicited. Interest allowed on time
deposits, and prompt uttentiou guen to all
business entrusted to Hs e&ri.
J. II. EMMONS, M. 1).
Physician g Surgeon
Ofiiotj over Wescott'a store, Main street.
Residence in Or. Schildknecht's property.
Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Women and
Children a specialty. Oilice hours, 9 to 11 a. m.
2 to 5 and 7 to a p. in.
ta-Telephone at bol) Otuloe and Residence
Lumber Yard.
Wholesale icd Retail Poaier In
Shin.glc. Lath, Sash,
Can supply every demand of the trade
Call and get teraii Fourth street
In Reiy of Opera House.
The 5th t. Merchant Tailoi
Keeps a Full Line ot
foreign & Domestic Goods.
Consult War Intereot by Giving: Him a Cfcl
"E3! ttsnaouth. - TvTV-.V
We will give a good silver watch to
anyone who sends us twenty-five yearly
subscribers to the IIek.t.d.
M to
The motto. "What is Homo
' -vij v A I r I O 4i J I i a 1 1 J
hapy homes in this city, hut the ellect of what is home without tho
Local Newspaper is sadly realized in many of those "happy homes" in
Is steadily finding its way into these homes, and it always
comes to stay. It n:a'fs the family circle more elieerlnl and keeps its
readers "up to the times" in all matters of importance at home and
During the Year 1889
Every available means will he used to make the columns of
The IIkiiam) a perfect storehouse from which you can obtain all in
formation, and will keep up its record as being the liest Advertihing
Medium for all purposes.
AT 15
This paper is within the reach of all, and will he delivered to any ad
dress in the city or sent hr mail.
Is the Best County Newspaper in old Cass, and this lias heen
well "proven to us hy tho many new names added to our list during
18SS. Special merits for the "V i:i:ki.y, are all the county news, six
columns of good Republican Editorial, Xews Accounts of all import
ant political or business events, one-half page each week containing
a choice piece ot Vocal or Instrumental Music, choice selections of
Miscellaneous Iieading Matter. Advertising in it brings profitable
Is equal to any, and does work to the satisfaction of patrons
from all over the county, and receives orders hy mail from a distance,
which are promptly filled. We have facilities for doing all kinds of
work, from the plain calling card to colored work, hooks and Manks.
Work neatly and promptly executed. Large stock kept on hand.
Leral blanks for sale.
Office Cor. Vine and
witlirmt n MjI.i.h m
5th, Telephone 38.