The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, January 26, 1889, Image 1

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NUMIH.U 1 112
T I ? I I T .1 rill A l --.----.! - .
Vt X S H I . I 111 H I K 1 1 ' IV a children. The occasion was the
m-aivum. 1JU HU1 XJ I ; : ,.- , ..
luipiiauuuicuii Ul Jir. Cleaning, iue aecre-
EnghnJ at Last Believes Uncle Sam to
Be in Earneit.
Plattsmouth Imports and Exports.
The following statement shows the
number of carloads of material received
at riattsmouth during the year 188H,
Many Manifestations Over Minister
Pheios A Missionary Massa
cro in Zanzibar Notes.
Lord Salisbury's Interview.
Lo.n1.on, Jun Lord Salisbury had
a long interview with Count Von Hartz
fi ldt, the Cernmn ambassador, today.
Tli: premier indisposed to accept
a vi v entertained by (lermauy regard
ing tin- S inii.mi and Z mzilmr difficulties
which, he s.iid, were inducing distrust
on all .-id s. Tin; adutirality is preserv
ing a i! rious silence in regard to the
n ival r infoictiiii nts in Samoa and Zan
zibar waters. It is stated at the foreign
Olii.'r tint the L'llited Sf:ite o-.iwrni.w.nt
rt -.......UH
U tIniro;i!ily in earnest iti the stand it
Jia taken in Samoa.
Aim i ic . U n ival officers in Samoa, it is
said, t Ajiros complete eonfldence in their
ability to hold their own against any
thing they have to contend with.
.-Tll.f. IIoIUN: THEM'S.
-Mr. VI lelps has not been recalled,
neither t-.i-i he resigned his position as
American minister to the court of St.
.lame?, t oncfiiciitly he is not entitled by
precedent r rules of court etnpuettc to
an audience with the iiccn on the eve of
bU departure for America next Thursday.
Consdjiieiitly he has been invited loth to
dine and remain over nijIit Monday as
In r maj.-sty's guest. Mrs. I'lielps gave
her Li-t it ct ption today. An immense
crowd of ilistiuguihcd persons attended.
1 he I 'all Mall Gazette depreciates the
feiiing of Minister Phelps. It 8;iys: "He
is a commonplace diplomat who has
don:- average week, and we will bid him
good bye without emotion or regret."
The Diplomats' Ca.ette attributes Phelps'
treat !'.: r.t to the fact thut the Americans
are pulling John Hull's nose.
il'v. Mr. JJrooks, English missionary
:::id .-;tcn of his assistants aud follow
ers have b-.'tn tii issacrcd near Saadani by
some of t!i- c.n-i trib s .nid natives of
Z in : bar. The massacre shows the ex
tent of t!i h it;ed to the whites the Ger-
tary of the Water ford branch of the
national league. The crowd surged for
ward, and, surrounding the prisoner, J and also the number of carloads exported
cheered him repeatedly. The police by the B. & M.
charged upon the crowd with their caks keckivep.
batons, and the, latter retaliated with Lumber, 102; Tin Plate, 1; Tin,
sticks and atones. A large number of 5; Box Material, 1; Coal. 3$; Salt, 10;
people were hurt, many having their legs Pressed Brick, 5; Paying, 225; Machinery,
and arms broken. 2; Apples, 2; Sheep, 3; Oil, 18; Beer, GO;
the parnell commission. Lime, 17; Flour, 57; Hay, 24; Meat, 4;
At the sitting of the Parnell commis- Bran, '.i; Furniture, 11; Agricultural
sion today Mr. Henry James said that the Implements, :J; Cement, 31; Emigrant
attorney general, Mr. Webster and him- Outfits, 11; Naptha, 2; Household Goods
self were of the opinion that the speeches 3; Stoveware, 1; Drain Tile, 9; Cattle,
of Mr. Parnell and others should be read. 73; Nails, 1; Potatoes, 30; Stone, 14;
The reading was therefore continued Paper, 1; Wire. 3; Horses, 1, Hoofing, 1:
until the adjournment. Twine, 1; Sand, (17; Piling, 5; Wagons,
gbruany ox samoan affairs, j 2; Separators, 1; Broom Corn, 2; Curbing
The National Zeitung, referring to the 16. Total Carloads, 1271.
action of the senatorial committee at fokwardep.
Washington on the Sam
the measures for the
Samoan islands are su
it is not threatened by any one. The sole cellaneous: Barrels, 8; Emigrant outfits,
interest of America consists in not allow- 1'-; Brick, 5; Packing House Products, 1;
ing the good relatiens with Germany to Iron, 3; Lumber, 5; Household goods,
be jeopardized by a few intriguing ad- 5; Lime, 1; Junk, 2; Tile 1; Tools, 1.
venturers. Total, 010.
fpl mr l' rr ' . . - ." '
nievossiscnez.ei.ung, criticising tne Harris' Academy of Music-
argument in the Cologne Gazette of Baltimore Sun. October 150. 1888 "At
A Hunter Gets Fourteen or Them Without
Hunting a Grain of Powder.
"I didn't have any fun with bears,'
said Mr. Fletcher, "but I was deter
mined to get sonic wild turkeys before
the season closed with tho end of the
year, and I got 'em. Shooting wild
turkeys is pretty fine work and if you
lumpen to get sight of a gobbler's liory
red wattles in the woods, tho chances
are about twenty to one that you won't
i it .t
gci me goonier u you lire at Mm. bo
I didn't fool away any powder on any
of these fourteen turkeys, and I got
every one of 'cm without tiring a shot.
How did I do it? I cautrht them alive
in rustic coops and then wrung their
nec ks. All they cost mo was a little
labor with a hatchet and jack knife
and about a bushel of corn.
"When I find where the wild tur
keys room or are in tho habit of roost
ing on the mountains, I go to the
placo any time in tho forenoon and
rig up a numocr or ( no: v. c;:
That every Garment sold lv him is lower in Price than tho
Same quality and make can be bought elsewhere in the city.
oan affair, says Grain: Corn, 383; Wheat. 20; Barley, 7; I ""S8 a"J withes. 1 make them look
protection of the Oats. 1,; Bye, 1. Live Stock: Cittle, , " T
perfluoas, localise 104; Hog, 32; Sheep, 4; Horses, 3. .Mis- limbs down over them and nartl v con-
oartl v i
. .
coaling; them. 'A ho saplings I use I
cut quite a distance from where I build
the trap, using tho hatchet for that
purpose, and with my jack knife I cut
and trim tho withes. Then I drive
three stakes into the ground, and build
up a three cornered trap, by laying
with your j 5.: cl!;l- Jr.- - !' r it !,::;. within thirty days ami
will cheerfully refund the money you paid for it. Joe is proud of Jiiri
reputation he has earned and
It Makes No Difference
Jiow low a price other clothidrs may ask, or what extra inducement,
ttiey may oiler lor your patronage,
inursciay, noius tnat it would be a mis- Harris' Academy of Music Jules Verne's
take to attach no importance to tho 'Around the World in Eighty Days' filled
measures taken by President Cleveland, the house from parquet to ceiling, and
merely because he is shortly to be sue- many were unable to obtain seats. Mr.
ceeded. by Harrison. It points out that W. J. Fleming, the original creator of
the authority for dealing weth foreign the part of Phineas Fogg in this country,
affairs rests with the committee of the and an artut well known in Baltimore,
senate and warns the semi-official press sustained that character. Arnold Wol-
thatjt would be unwise to try to appease f red was a chipper Passe Partout, the
the German public with fallacious servant; James P. Fleming was John
allusions. .. Archibald, the American, and Hirry
minor mention. Stoddard was Fiz, the detecti ye; Aonda,
The crane working a ladle containing the Rajah's widow, and Aycesha were
seven tons or molton steel at the Crew Misses Edith Potter and Cecil Ilees. The
Kail way works collapsed today and fell play i3 tt great spectacular sensation, and
into a pit. The moulton steel was scat- a tremendous auxiliary and ballot corps
tered in all directions like flying bullets are the extraordinary features of the play
and twenty persons were injured. that help forward a "go" that went before
The Berlin correspondents of the Paris nuj goe3 agaia wjth success, as the
Frigaro and National have been expelled CTOwd of last nii'ht showed.
ono sapling on top of another, after
the stylo of log hut building, until
I havo got a coop four feet Luffh and
from Germany.
The London radicals intend to organ
ize au immense mass meeting in Hyde
park' to demand the release of Edward
Hartigan from Tul'amore j ul.
At Crosson, Sixohy, Thursday night a
man named Ruddolph and his family of
six people were suffocated to death by
the escape of coal gas from a defective
mans have aroused. Saadani has long
bi-t'ii the starting point of the European I stove.
missions. The natives welcoming the
mis don ir:-s and helping them. The! Liquor Selzur at Burlington.
iii.--ti m as to what measures England I Burlingtow, la., Jan. 26. One of the
You cannot afford to miss this great
spectacular play next Tuesday night.
Lincoln Journal Topics: The man
Tho is loaded with malaria is in a bad
box; the one who has the chills and fever
is somewhat unfortunate; t lis possessor
of an exaggerated case of pox Is not
to be envied. But the man who has the
blues the genuine, unadulterated blues,
such as our parents used to have. The
man so afflicted does not know why it is
so; there is no good reason why he should
will adopt to punish the perpetrators of largest liquor seizures yet made under be blue. He is making money, his health
the crime, is eagerly discussed here. It the prohibitory law was quietly effected is good; his folks are all well, and he
is thought that the massacre was in re- I ycs'craay aiternoon. inree large brew- has several tons of coal ahead. Still he
ventre for the recent bombardment bv eries belonging to Werthmueller & Ende, feels blue, and the sunlicrht seems to him and two hens, and I trot them in tb
Augusta & Berthold and Bosch A Casper like a fog; and a song like the rasping
Heil, and representing a capital of over of a corn sheller: and the whole world is
big enough to hold half a dozen tur
keys, binding tho corners together
with withes. Tho end opposite the
sharpest corner is inado much nar
rower than the sides, and I Ichvo that
entirely open lifteen inches from the
ground until I get the trap made and
covered with brush. The front is about
three feet wide. Then I veayo withes
together till I get a mat fifteen inches
by thirty-six, making it so light that
the push of a turkey head will lift it
as it hangs by withe hinges from the
indde of the lower sapling. That is
all there is to tho coop. Then I dump
about a quart of corn in the center of
it, pull the brush around carefully to
ward the entrance, and SDrinkle corn
along the ground from the
the trap for a distance of a couple of
rods or so.
"Wild turkeys are just as fond of
corn as tame ones are. Just so sure as
they run across that row of kernels,
just so sure will they pick and gobble
them till they find themselves poking
their bills into the little heap of corn
in tho traps. After they have made
way with all the corn in sight, and
got their crops full, they begin to
think about going to their roost
ing place, and then they find that
they are caged, and, after nosing
around for a while to see if there isn't
some hole for them to crawl out of,
they squat down and give their giz
zards a chance to grind tho corn
They might pulj the with gate open
if they only knew enough to, but they
don't know enough, and they stav
there gobbling and clucking till 1
come along tho next morning and
wring their necks. The most thai 1
ever caught at ono time was a torn
will always be lower and his inducement more liberal.
Dot, No Dash. No Short Hand
Crytogramic, Private Cypher Business with JOE, but
One Price Only I
Prices are always the
i Prices
S-veral persons arrested at Carrick-on
Suir yesterdrp during the disturbance at
the arraignment of William O'Brien.
were conveved to Clonmel last night. A
hrst tran I mado. Tbn irnbbl
splendid specimen, and I hated to kill
1150,000, were taken possession of. The out of joint. His thoughts are of ceme dressed. I never rot oL t,nn
alliance people, though in the minority, teries, winding sheets and dead men' autl tll whole fourteen didn't cost rr-
are hard fighters and say they will close bones. He likes to follow hearse and as0mue"i 03 ?! T a Pan of them.
Parlor, Dining Room and Kitchen
, , the most prominent men in the city and preserve us from the dread disease; trive
L con will precipitate a long H " " bUt lW'
legal fight l "
1 . - I
every orewery, saioon or liquor house of play marbles on a new made grave. lb-
I J .? ? . -k V m I -
large crowd had gathered about the rail- UJ u,nK-P"on in uurungton oeiore tne is disgusted with himself and other per
way station and upon the arrival of the flgbt en(3s Th li(luor interest here is sonal acquaintances, as he has reason to
police and their prisoners the mob nr. iramenBelj wealthy and number, some of be. There is nothing like the blues;
vented the police from passing an
manded the release of the prisoners,
The crowd stoned the police and
the latter threatened to fire n
them. A priest interfered and pre
vented bloodshed. After two hoars had
passed the police receiyed reinforcements
and succeeded in lodging their prisoners
in jail. When the trial of .William
O'Bri'-n was risumed today at Carrick-on-isuir,
the defendant wa3 absent.' He
w:n convicted aud sentenced to four
months' imprisonment without bard la
nor. The police have discovered no clue
to Mr. O'Brien's whereabout.
while tha assets are the capital stock of
1100,006 and the stock af the New Bat
tle Creek & Bay City and Battle Creek A
Goshen roads, amounting on its face val
ue to $1,500,000, but which has an. un
known market value. The heaviest
creditors ara John Bltir-araM Tl
It is estimated that eighty persons were Keb fo
wounded in the riot at Carnck-on-Smr I .
. , of this city, who is also president of the
It has transpired that Mr. O'Brien, alter
leaving the court room and escaping
through the crowd, refreshed himself at a
house near the police barncks, and drove
to the country before the police formed
a cordon around the town. In the even
ing he dined with a select party at a
house situated at Carrickson-Suir.
.Such expressions as 'Polk was
sent," "Where was Polk when the light
went out," "Polk's goose is cooked this
time," "Polk's done himself up at l ist.'
"He went back on his pledges."
road contractors who assigned yesterday always had a little confidence in him,"
will approximate about tl. 000.000. etc., can be heard from every direction
on iue streets iimny.
Pallod For a Million.
Battle Cheek, Mich., Jan. 25. The
liabilities f J. J. Burns & Co., the rail-
Scranton (Pa.) Cor. New York Sun.
Deelino r Trwttln la Kentucky.
A f?10ri -.- .-i -- a t a a rw
i im "x 1 " me irouer nour
ished like the green bay tree, and run
ning races, outsido of thoso upon the
Jir.ic honored course at Lexinton
..ere pi.ctiealJy unknown in the state.
Lvciy fi.i; had its trots and everybody
was inti-u r.tcd in the trotter. Now the
thcvou'- Jibrcd reigns supreme, and the
trotter Lc-e.i relegated to the rear.
nuts c;.n new be found whn w.ll
Mr. Powell, the editor of the Midland
Tribune, published at Birr, was to today
sentenced to three months' imprisonment
at hard labor in Tullamore jail. After
the magistrate had concluded the sen-
railroad company, for $S5,000: the Joliet
Steel company, for $225,000 and a float
ing debt ainoqqtiog to over $150,000
Omaha Bee,
What in the world if the reason yon
will cough and keep coughing and still
keep - trying inferior medicines when
positively relieve your cough at once!
inisisno aavernsing scneme, but an
actual fact, and we guarantee it'. Sold
by O. P. Smith & Co., droggjsts.
The iceman, who today bears a beam
of hope on his visage, and who has eyi-
tonce Mr. P.well remarked that the con- dently paid strict attention to the lnoye-
demnation was "cut and dried, where- menta of the mercury, informs qs the.
upon the judge imposed ad additional weather is much more favorable to him
penalty of seven days in jail for disre- than he dared expect . Yesterday at 3
spect to the court.
A collision took place at Clonmel to
day betwe?n the police and the people,
the latter largely consisting of women
o'clock the thermometer registered at 45
above zero, and this morning at 7 o'clock
the mercury stood, at zsro. That was
sadden enough to suit most people.
"Polk was absest."
Running m Paper.
There was once, in Arkansaw, a
country editor who experienced much
trouble in meeting his bills in paying
them, rather, for he met them on
nearly every comer. Ono v.-r.-U 'n.
order to attelid a press convention, he
uia not get out an issue of hi5 nnTXT.
When he returned ho discovered that
the "suspended issue" was, of the
whole year, the only one that hud not xiuii in ueou j.nis tnscovcrv
. 1 1 . . ,
vjjciicu ins eyes to a new idea. He
saw that Jho only way to make-money
on Jus paper was not o prjnt it.
arKansaw irayeler.
gosf-ip about
!l t i' the state
The uses of the cotton plant are de-
veiopm rapidly, r ormcrly the liber
oi iue blossom was ttie onlv part util
ized. A ben the seetl began to supply a
birrro nrrmnrt iri rf f lia '.1,.. ,a" -...
n i i v. w tin iiiu
"lard' in the country, and pow the
nulls are round to be and bet-
A Jt 1. .
ier man woou tor jxiper pulp.
- iiOU::
read t::a i.ioit tiillin
lector Knott, ;j a .
Ul.'.l.".! IliiKtlV d:Ci:ii:' ;i !..'.:. ,-..
cou id n.-mo the n:-e ..-f Iru:d S. :r Jav-t-yt-be-o.
The Kcntuclrv si- ' f-riiis
tiil trothsr.: fi.- tho
:'- I:'::- "homo consi:m!-
;:on. Tho ieoplohere will have none
ut runniiig races, r:h i:iHjii!? iii the
jliapoof ; U-uiiiglibred bang-tail is too
rich for their blood. This love for the
liver, however, is net solely les-ronsi
ble for tho decline of trotting- i;j Ken
tucky. Defore itj dissolution, a dozen
or more years ixo, the trotting ring
uaei uecoiiio K'ltc:) tu llio cere, and it
tins corruption more than any
thing elso thatVaused its death. The
elFoi ts of tho L..uisville Driing Jark
to r.-viv3 io yo:-pso aiul ta conduct
u.iue pices. qi tin honorable basin
.e-c pi-also worthy enough, but thev
;::no too late. Tho imlJif -.t- i.-7i
changed, never, probablv, to bo re
claunetl again in that direction.
Louisville Post,
-huTT Av. Uanre?
. Dr. Alva IL Doby says that a tvp
ically healthy woman can dance with
impunity, just as sho can ride q horse
And therefore can sell you gooels for less
Money than any other dealer in the city.
Leeas England has i ii-n.-.pnt 7- i',rM!"n.s. w.U li dds. compani-
and vestibule., sculpture galicry, and n aLlrd ls iftl-C.r-" I'f1
six xvell Ji?htcd rooms for pictures. Lced tJi ti,, M v M'
Its own collection is Etill J.ll i! 1 lot ue"iy. M-A hv ;eYcr kpew
i nuiiii Villa UlUltMHl WllQ tlld i in.
!. ..l.:t . .
w-w. - a - ---. i v- vi i l vi ill ;n"nni n iiviiii t !..-
near Kiurewnv. iht l lux... i i. l .i :. - v"i'"J ". e..j
todistinuish'colo.-s.and w II pk'tut the wjrld It ro"sf! f T W
m i iiiiiM "I ii rvoFTaitt : i . i.:-.. .v
or. one of any color askcj for. Cl inUSil
Wholesale and Ketali Dealer la
Shingles, Lath,
Can supply every demand of the trad?
Call and get terms. Fourth street
In Rear Qf Qpcrii House,
Tiie 5tht!Xsrchaiit Tailoi
Keeps a Pull Lh:e ot
Fow!g & domestic Goods.
Uvwult X-ui- Intereat by Gtvlne Him a Cl
TP1 ttsriwoe. tli. - iT1-,
The Boss Tailor
Main St.. Over Merges' Shoe Store.
Has the best and most complete ock
of samples, both foreign and domestic
woolen, that ever came west of Mi.,oUri
from fin to f:,5, dress sx.U, 25 to t45
! pants $4, f5l f 0, 0.i0 and upwards!
SYk ill guaranteed a fit.
Prices Defy Ccmoelilion.
Physician i Surgeon
'.ronle DUea.esVnd l'1'seo
Children , a specialty, office hi. 9 to 11 a m
2 to A jind 7 to 9 p. in "-" 10 11 a.m.
r-eTelepUoue at botU OtBce and E!dece
a. a mi.
Na. l. S :lo a. m.
Vo.3. -:40p, m.
No. 5. :47 a. m
No. :30 p. Tj,
No. 9.-6:17 p. u",
... a.
Time Table.
ooivc. KArr.
.o.,2.-1:23 p.m..
.. 10:30 a. in.
ISO. t t :1S p. nw
5u. 10. 9 as a. m.
.l tralik-, . .
v,. - ."J j w--or umtai. excDt
W 9mtJ m
xt'q.1? 10 Pacl to J'atlm at ft 3oa
Nu.l3wla a at ota Pacific JuocUoo at uit