The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, January 10, 1889, Image 2

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Tho Hatlsmouth Daily Herald.
hZ I-J O 'l"!' ri I 3 TZ C f 3-,
Publishers & Ii oprietors.
It iilUsln-il -Ty ev-iiHiu r-. SiimlaJ
and W-vkly i-v-ry I liuril;iy nioriiluK- KK-li-rr.l
!t tll -lnii-r, I'tHlI'llioulll. NHr..
.-ihI--I ih matter. HUv oilier uf Vine ant!
t r Lit Mr fit. T-i-liim No. 2.
Due copy out ear In advance, ly m;ill. (
4tiiciiy per mouth, I'jf can Iit .
One copy wr week, by carrier 1
one copy year, in advance........ 1 .V
One. copy sin luonlti-. in advance. ........ 75
Our Clubin List.
vrKi.v l(iiMi ii:ui,l V. V. Woiu ? i
" N. V. Trilnine. ..
" Onlilll Ke :i
' " N. V. rre-H i'
N. V. lo-l . '
" lijjjteri MaKliic 4 W
.y - " Weekly. 4 7'
l;.i;ir. ..47
" VniiiiK I'eopl.; :
" Neb. Fanner -J It
" JleliioreM's Month
ly ,M;ialiie .1 l
Americaii M.'lne :i .'
'I lie 1-or ii in 5 (
In two months more this ineligible ilo
nothin congress will have vaui.-hul
from the e:itth, and the country in:.j
hope never to see nnothcr like it. On Sat
unl.iy, aiiin. demoentic lemlors foulit
nil (lay to prevent anything lie in; ln ,
aiul their only excuse is thut th. y weie
anxious to prevent mischief. If they in
sist upon it, no one hns the riht to cli-n
that thW tlemoi-Tiilic house is inc:i;ilU
of doing anything without loin mis
chbf. Hut each day thnt pusses must
lessen the of uccouiplishin eithei
of the many iui)ort:int or needful tilings
Which it is the clear duty of this congress,
tw accomplish. If its failure or refusal
makes au t-itra session unavoidable, the
responsibility t ill be placed by the peo
ple where it belong.
Two months of hard work and the
present house has nt shown itself capa
ble of working bard at any time would
uot suffice to accomplish all that ought
to be done. There has been an incompe
tent do-nothing house for so many years
that needful public business has f;dhn
far behind. The question whether nn
extra ertihn is desirable or politic is
therefore not unlikely to be solved by
such failure of legislation as to make it
necessary. Even if no fcreat appropria
tion bill should tail, there are now man
measures of such importance that it
would be unsafe to defer action on then
for another year, and the more dangerou:-
because, with the Iigiuc very, close!
divided, and with democratic leaders in
clined to filibuster on the sliVJ.'tCit oc
casion or no occasion, it would be by n
means certain that auy wise measure
could be passed within two or tbre
months after tho next house should bi
Whether one looks at the Interstatt
law Irom the point of view of the western
producer or trader, or from that of tin
eastern shipper or investor, in eithor cast
it is equally cvideut that the law needs
to be modified. It is defeating the pur
poses of those who urge its enactment,
and yet the majority in the present house
is tolerably pu re not to confess, by such
amendments as sire needful, that tht
leaders who framed the measure were in
competent. Still bss is that body likelx
to eliminate from the; liw those fiatun
which threaten tho solvency of r.rin
railroad companies, without any rurivs
ponding hem-tit to producers or shippirs.
But there is reason to hop that the nc-v.
congress, composed 1-ss largely of dema
gogues of the democratic strij e. wouki
have the sense and the courage to do
something that ought to i-. done. I is
only the truth that results mre serious
than many imagine results even mine
hurtful to western business men t:nt;
farmers than to investors are likely tt
come within another year, if the act in
its prtsent blundering form remains in
force so long.
Much has Icu said of the importance
of reducing the revenue, and the situation
has been modified only liy the extrava
gant appropriations of the present con
gress. By the time this short session has
passed the appropriations for another
year should be made, it is true, but then
is a strong probability that a partisan
majority will be disposed to m:ke le.-s
liberal provisions for the lirst year of
President IIarrin"s Administration than
wn made for the last year ot Presidei t
Cleveland's. A change in the nmouut of
revenue may therefore become essential,
aad not some time next year, after mis
chief has been done, but before the next
fiscal year begins. Unless some change
is made at the present session, of which
there is now little prospect, this
matter nlons may render an extia
fi ssion expedient. But there arc tunny
otlu-ri; the admission of states, the pre
partion for the censu. the provision for
fortign mail service, the provision for
tnore h.iuest elections. Delay s on all
these matters will involve some "Serious
loss, u tint a session of the new congress,
for si edy attention to the public busi
ness, maj be .eurrally welcomed unic-i
needful legi.-Ja'.iotigoes forward far more
rapidbr tbas itf tjectcd. . "i-
Vh n the great republican victory of
November lasf w as achieved, the individ
uals now representing the United States
government at foreign courts, were prac
tically culled bar-k, and after the 1 tit of
M uch they will no longer Wo allowed to
linger upon the diplomatic horizon. The
people have declared that thfj policy of
honoring confederates and copperheads
with such positions sh-dl be discontinued,
so there is nothing left for them to do
but to pack their trunks and buy their
tickets for their native land. Those two
sedat; and venerable sympathizers with
the rebellion, Kdward J. Phelps anil
Kohf-rt M. McLiiie, will soon vanish
from I. n. Ion and Paris, and (Jeorge II.
iVndleti.n will retire from Berlin and
Uiehard B. Hubbard will disappear from
Japan. The inebriated B. W. llanna,
will wander home from Buenos Ayers.
in short, they will come from all quarters
of the globe. The country will welcome
these retiring characters with feelings of
profound relief and thankfulness
During their absence it has been impossi
ble for any patriotic and self-respecting
American citizen to look abroad with-out.Mu-hing
for the government. In
the whole list there is not one who served
in the federal army, or who gave it a
word of support or encouragement. To
have them called hack is to have a
standing shame removed, and you can
d pend on tin people that they will
never again allow the foreign service to
.e so dishon 'red and degraded.
It begins to look as though the horri
ble stories of the atrocities of the Alaska
c mpany were the invention of the
Ihitish and Canadian seal pirates in or
der t; throw du.-t into the eyes of con
gress and prevent the renewal of the
company's contract. Then the
seal pirates probably thought that they
coul 1 soon rule the roost and deprive
Uncle Sam of hi plantation. It further
more looks as though thee pirates hud
retained Secretary Bayard to contest the
right of the United States to Alaska, any
way. The sixty thousand seals that these
oi rates have stolen during the past season
have furnished them with funds, and
'possibly they may turn around and buy
the United States and thus Jjave a free
run hereafter. Bayard has reconciled
the c ountry t the idea of "Jim Blaine"
in th-; state department, sure as you live.
Lincoln Journal.
The submission question is being dis
cussed by the senators and within a few
days a canvass will be taken, so we will
then know just who are the friends of
nd who are H enemies.
Tho Burdens of Womanhood
Thousands of women are silently suf
fering untold misery, simply because they
shrink from consulting a physician in
those numerous complaints arising from
functional irregularities and disorders.
Many a modest girl and woman prefers
to bear her heavy burden in silence rather
than to go to the family physician for
adviee. All sufferers from this class of
dirorders can, h -wevtr, find prompt and
sure relief in Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription. It is a specific in such case-5,
and has brightened the lives of countless
women by restoring them to perfect
Rnia'ir? Lnre In a Collin.
A B. u.-.r.;Ls lace merchant hnd received
fro l .". Belgian, residing in Paris, c:i cr-!c-r
fcr a l.:rgo quantity f Haiinc3
The gr.oJj v.cro carefully packed in a
L-ad coHin, which was dispatched to the
Paris address a 3 containing a corpse, says
a Pari ; exchange. Tho Paris uicrcliant
had to wait so long for the arrival o: the
"body" that he at length complained to
the manager of the Northern railway,
who Liformed hiru that the collln had
been detained at the frontier owing to
tho on-compliance with certain pre
scribed formalities relating to tho trans
itu?: icn of corpses. Our merchant at
onco t jok train to Quievrain. dressed in
Eolcnn black nnd with a mourning band
rou- .d IiL bat. and wearing an expression
of po.'ound sadness. But in spite of his
c-rni h; .tic protest against such an act of
dcoL oration the oflicials insisted on open
ing the coffin, when the truth came to
light; and the ingenious smuggler was
taken into custody. New York Tele
gram. raying Dearly.
In a Email village of New England, a
fow years ago, some of the young girls
acquired halits of eating starch, coifee,
cloves and the like, to Improve their
complexions. Tho habits increased by
indulgence, and the girls consumed large
quantities of these substances all good
in tin ir place, but very harmful when
taken alone, and in excess.
In 1 .ss than a year four out of the six
girl i a. ere imder the doctor's care. -The
colFce cater became the victim of insom
nia, and was so nervous and timid that
littlj things made her cry and tremble
as v. itli terror. The clove cater had be
C0E..0 a victim to hysteria, and was in a
i deplorablo state. Those who had the
I ;,t;ucl. habit learned to the full extent
j the 1. :caning of dyspepsia. Youth's
Comr ..nion.
.... i a i
t i .. ....1
ii i., now lioie'ia iiiuL tuts u uvjm.ii-' U vi
the car stove will make a clear gain of
i the- ji-.-xo in cich car which tho heater
I m.-fipies, aud that each train of 6even or
light cars will thereby bo enabled to
I earn twentv-livo or tlu'rty more passen-
; gersl This "is tho long sought for argu-
I i:;cnt to be employed with c-ifect in in-
i ui.i.:. mo use oi bu-iaji neai i uer tiiree, times, miiicung
i plove ; by the railroads. Itap:.crds to tne woulli. Bv this timo the
i co.-i -.c;-.lto iiocketSxok. iue ordinary nr- , , horrun t stamnede. and
I r-u.ic-t. l'::std i:ro:i Rvinpaf.Itv lor t.;e 4v
, . ..n.:;..-t: ,-Av t the lKi.t-eiiieii w
i endless Y.'aihin'- i i i i
i -bOIV-.lLJfMilJinould haye a good
.... . . .. :..,-' :'itj fcv uw vi
laiilm Gray'n Invention for SeiitUnz Let
ter by Wire.
Electricity is the good genius of this
century. Those wb know most about
it say that what wo have tlono with it
in the p:ist is but a trillo compared
with what wo may bojH to do with it
in the future. There are peoplo who
expect some day to bo nble to call a
distant friend by wire, see his imago
in a mirror, hear his voice, and, if de
sired, get Ids exact signature to a sub
scription paper or a check.
Theso things may all come. At
present wo get along with an inter
mittent and exasperating repetitign of
the voice over tho wire, having no
means of determining tho identity of
our interlocutor, no certainty of get
ting his words accurately and no
record of what lie says. Cases uro re
ported whero ingenious rascals have
secured considerable sums by cleverly
imitating over the telephone the voice
of wealthy business men; in other
cases orders to buy or sell goods or
securities have been repudiated by
those who gave them by telephone,
while the simple blunders caused by
faulty telephonic transmission would
fill volumes.
ElishaGray, the well known Illinois
inventor, recently patented a device to
insure uceuracy and accountability
over tho electric w ire. The sender of
a message can writo it out at his desk,
and an exact reproduction of the writ
ing will be made at the other end of
the circuit. There have been previous
attempts at transinittin fac similes of
writing, but inventions which de
pended upon a variation in the in
tensity of the current or upon revolv
ing cylinders proved unsatisfactory.
Mr. Gray's device consists of two
current interrupters at the sending end
and a pair of electro motors at the re
ceiving t-nd. The sender uses either
pen or pencil, near the point of which
ure attached two threads running at
light angles to each other. These
threads are kept at an even tension
automatically, and each one passes to
a cun-cnt interrupter set into the tele
graphic circuit. Vhen the pen moves
to tho right tho current is broken a
great number of times for a small
movement. When it moves to the left
the current is reversed and is similarly
interrupted. Tho same arrangement
prevails on the movement of the pen
up and down. Tho writer can write
or sketch as rapidly and as freely as if
he had no telegraphic attachment.
At the receiving end there are two
electro magnets fitted with rods set at
right angles to each other, so pivoted
as to givo any motion desired to the
pen which they carry at their inter
section. Whc-ii a series of breaks in
the current is caused by a motion of
the sending pen to the right, the mag
net draws the lateral rod also to the
right. Similarly upward motion is
given by the vertical rod. Left hand
ed or downward stroke.? of tho sending
pen are l-eproduced by the receiving
pen in th3 samo manner. Conse
quently every motion made en the
paper at one end of the wire is copied
with faultless exactness at the other
end. When tho pen is taken off or a
new line is begun an automatic device
operates with tho saino result on tho
receiving peii.
The telautograph, as Mr. Gray cr:s
bis invent.!?11- therefore not only i i
Fures accuracy, but ii sO exactly coi ies
tho sender's handwriting ns to iiuu
him accountable for what he lias writ
ten, while he retains for his ov
guidance tho original of tho messago
transmitted. The expei"imcnt3 mad
show that there is no dillerenco in tho
handwriting at the two ends of the
wire, except that which is incident to
the use of the stvlographic pen at the
receiving end. New lork Herald.
Tlie Fine Tree State.
The assertion has frequently been
mady that the title "'Pine Tree State"
has become a misnomer for Maine,
and, although there aro lots of pine
trees still standing in the northern
part of the state, there is some ground
for objection to the old time sobriquet.
The statistics of the amount of pine
lumber surveyed at tho port of Bangor
yearly show that the cut of that kind
of timber on tho Penobscot has fallen
oil' from 123,000,000 feet in 1S53 to
J 000,000 in 1SS7. In the four years
from 1S53 to 1S57 there was a falling
oil in tho pino survey of 47.000,000
feet, and in 1S77, twenty years later,
pino had got down to 15,000,000 feet.
The total survey of pine at this port
from 1S55 to 1SS7, inclusive, was
1,510.000,000 feet, or considerably less
than one-half of the spruco survey,
and about three times the cut of hem
lock, juniper, etc. Pine used to lead
all other kinds of lumber, but now
spruce heads the list. In 1S55 tho pino
survey was 123,000,000 feet, the spruce
73,000,000 feet, but during the war
spruce took tho lead, and theso two
kinds of lumber gradually changed
places, until now tho cut of spruce
averages 120,000,000 feet, or four times
the output of pine. Nearly all of our
largo near by pino has been cut, and
most of the logs now driven down the
Penobscot are second growth. Thcro
is plenty of big pine away to the north,
but in tho face of western and Cana
dian competition in the leading mar
kets it would hai-dly pay to cut it and
drive it long distances. Spruce is king
on tho Penobscot, and all other Maine
rivers now, and this is really more of
a spruce tree stato than anything else.
Bangor (Me.) Cor. New York Sun.
A Border Drama in Earnest.
Puring the presentation of a border
drama at Sandusky, O., by a travcl-
ii T .1 : .1
in? cumuaiiv. iiirtu uiuioua cui;a"cu
in a oiuarrol in the dressing room.
, jy . , ,
John Ungerer, the stagp manager, in-
terfered. lie was strack with a toma-
hawk and shot at, and ho tired m turn
at the Indians. Ungerer was forced
to retreat, and his wife grabbed, his
pistol, discharging a blank cartridge
jQ tne f.CQ 0f qxxq Indian, who fired at
a siigm
four !
redskins !
ty prison, wnero tuey were
'.wuy. svcn wv
pa try. . :
Authorized Capital, $IOOfOOO.
I'resldeut. Vice-President
W. II. GUSHING. Caehier.
Frank Carrutu J. A. Connor, F. 11. Guthniaon
J. W. Jobosou, Henry Bceck, John O'Keele,
W. I. Merriain, Win. Weteccamp, W.
It. Cuslung.
TransHctH a Ceneral Ranking Business. Al
w lio liavc any Ranking business to transact
are uiviieu to call. No matter b
larfjre or email tbo transaction, it
will receive our careful attention,
and we promise always cour
teous treatment.
IcMties Certificates of Deposits bearing inteiest
Ruy ai'd sell Foreign Kxciiange, County
aud Citv securities.
John Ki i zokhAL1, S. WA0OH
President. Caeble
o:r r.nthe very best facilities for the prompt
transaction of legitimate
stocks, Rends, f:..-, (t. vemment and Ioc
Securities Koui'.h; M"i f I:e posits receiv
ed and inteiesi uiU v nn-p Certifl
cate,IraftF"'r:i v-.. M-'aMe in any
part of the t r - ;tto;- Md all
tlie piit;.-ii ;u f ov. f ot
Collections made- & promptly remitted
Highest market prices paid for County War
State aLd County Bonde.
John Flt7?er?.ld
Joiiu It. Clark, D. Jlaksworth.
S, WuuKb. F. E. White.
Bank Cass County
Cotter Main and Sixth Streets.
Xik.,X"x,32wa:oTra?ia: istedb
.O. II. PARMELE. President,!
1 J M. PATTEKSON. Cashier, f
Transacts a General Baniiiii Business
nianEST cash price.
Paid tor County and City Warrant.'
and promptly remitted for.
dibecctobs :
C. II. Parrrele, J.M.Patterson,
Fred Oerder, A. B. Smith.
R. B. Windham. M, Morrisey,
James Patterson. Jr.
Choicest Brands of Cigars,
inclqding our
Flor de Pepperbergo' and 'Buds
always in stock. Nov. 26, 1885.
For "run-down." debilitated and overworked
women. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is
the best of all restorative tonics. It is a potent
Specific for all those Chronic Weaknesses and
Diseases peculiar to Women : a powerful, gen
eral as well as uterine, tonio and nervine, it
imparts viiror and strength to the whole system.
It promptly cures weakness of stomach, nausea,
indigestion, bloating-, weak back, nervous pros
tration, debility and sleeplessness, in either sex.
It is carefully compounded by an experienced
physician, and adapted to woman's delicate
organization. Purelv vegetable and perfectly
harmless in any condition of the system.
mmmmmmmmm Favorite Prescrip
tion" is the only medicine
for women, sold by drugirists,
under a positive guar.
antee of satisfaction in every case, or price
($1,110) refunded. This guarantee has been
printed on the bottle-wrapper, and faithfully
carried out for many years.
For largo, illustrated Treatise on Diseases of
Women (liiO pages, with full directions for
home-treatment), send ten cents in stamps.
Ad'lresa, AVorljVs Dispknsarv Medical
Assocla-Iion, Co3 Mala Street. Buffalo, N. T.
A IV.ltn witTi a History.
I n M. Coring, of Wr.ppingcr's Fells,
Dntc '.v.: i:unty, l:as a er.e-o ialm with
r;uit:' p. I i;;t.i-y.wIiK'h, added to its great
n.-ft 100 years tnakt-s it a valuable
piar.t. 'iln jialra was originally grown
Li, I';-i:i:t Vernon, and was onco ov."ued
by (it or-7e Wiisliinton. It was brought
licui tiiore by Air. Van Rensselaer and
pieced in Niblo's Garden at tlio time that
? Icr.:; rt v-as first constructed.
After Foine years it was brought to Clin
ton IV. kit, tho Van Rensselaer homestead,
cv.d lor four decades was cared for by
Edward Downing:, the gardener, to whom
ic was eveutuaily given when the Van
Renrcclaers left that section of country,
and afterward it became the property of
tho Corings. Tlie plant stands 10 feet
high and wciglis nearly 400 pounds,
ICtw York Times.
Taints Have Chanjed.
In the old days, when Washington waa
but a big village, the post of minister to
the United States was tho least liked of
all tho chief diplomatic appointments,
but now that Washington is a beautiful
city and tho .Mecca of the best peoplo in
the Union, things are very different.
With a stipend of lix thousand pounds
sterling a year nnd allowances, an excel
lent house", good society, a charming cli
mate, end no lav3 of the Medes and
Peruana cs to entertaining, the Wash
ington legation is an enviable billet.
Loiidoa VojhJL . J - . .
For suitable Ilolidny Presents wc are slu;Aving a
fine line of
Silk and Cashmere loiers
and Silk Handkerchiefs at very reasonable prices.
Fancy Linen Table Sets and some pretty dci;;ns
in Stamped Goods and Tinsel Tidies. On our
we have placed specially low prices, low enough to in
terest the purchaser. For
and Fancy Glassware Fee through our Queensware Department.
H Rft T RF
In the city, which he is ottering at Prices that will ..;:.: !! : : - M.
A complete line ok' Window Curtains at a sin ; i'.cc. ! ;. !;
Frames in great variety. You can get every) Lii:- v. ;
Yon can buy it on the installment plan, pay s :n m-i; s i.
month ami you will soon have a tine lumihci !i ,:
and hardly realize the cost. Call and m-c.
Wagon, Buggy, Machine and Plow -
pairing, and general jobbing
81- now prepared to do all kluds of reo?.iri! g
ui i arm sua oiner macniuery, as tiiere
is a good lathe in my shop.
The old Reliable Wagon Make r
baa taken cbarge ot tlie wagon shop
He is well kuown as a
Personal attention to all Busineee Eiitrusf
o my care.
Titles Examined. Abstarcts romDiled. In
surance Written, Keal Estate Sold.
Better Facilities for making Farm 'Loans than
Any QthQV Ageacy.
Plattsnioutb, - ATebragka
Notary rublie. Notary Public.
.ttornoys - at - Law.
Office.over BankSofiCast County.
l.-i Lv.'
i r Ti l n
U Ml fc
i I
- -1
.MJ J8 JLi2s,
15 5 "t. '. .; ;i f- i
g r. - .
I V.
I' '7
1 1 Arnt:.( i ": i .
If you desire to purchase a sewing rmwlrx-,
ask our arent at your place for tfrrrn ami
prices. If you cannot find our atrcnt, write
direct to nearest address t you l-iow nHrn-l.
. . " Uri!DH BQUARt.N.Y; DALLAS,
CniNE CO., Omaua, Xi b.
Attorney-at-Law and No'urv I : i; fe C-i.-c hi
Fitzgerald Block, riattpnioiith, N.,.
Aiiorney-ar-uw. v.- a i v 1 1
7. V.'Ui -iv- j i. ; '
Ir.trustt'rt t. 1
I .ion
in an Dunne inirusu-c r
union diock. i-.asr io. r;.f., '
Staple and Fancy Groceries, Glassware and
Crockery, Floor and Feed.
7 mi' f--i) v