The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 27, 1888, Image 1

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,88S' NUMIlli
Down a Precipice.
Leadtille, Colo. Dec. 27.--The tie
tails of the wreck which occurred on the
Midland road yesterday evening, did not
reach here until this morning. The
freight train for Aspen left here on the
usual time, and when thirty miles from
here, near Lime Creek, and going down
a stoop grade, the engineer attempted to
apply the air brakes, but they would not
work, the train meantime coins faster
aiM faster. The engineer then climbed
up on the boiler in order to be able to
escape whenthe crash came. The brake
man, L. F. Harlan, who was standing on
the second car, attempted to apply the
brake, while the fireman, Robert Martin,
who was stanUlU" at his place, saw no
chance to jump, as the train was running
about sixty miles an hour. In the second
car from the rear train another brakeman
sat awaiting his terrible fate. Faster and
faster the ill-fated train swept down the
track and suddenly rounded a short
curvb and then plunged into the side of
the mountain. The force of the shock
was I ear tu 1. 1 he rear Ireight car was
thrown bodily over the others, and landed
in a heap near the engine. The engine
was broken into small pieces and prac
tically annihilated. I he shock was so
terrible that great pieces of timber
weighing i00 pounds, together with sev
eral cars were hurled down the precipice
into the river COO feet below. Engineer
Crou"hfin"er, who was riding on the
boiler, was thrown a great distance, and
escaped with only a few bruises. Brake
man L. F. Harlan, who remained at his
post attempting to check the train, was
buried uader the debris, and when 1 is
body was found it presented a terrible
appearance. His head was crushed, his
right arm was gone and his face was cut
into slices. Martin, the fireman, was
found near the boiler. The unfortunate
man had been badly scalded, several
fingers were gone, both legs were broken
lelow the knees, and every bone in his
body fractured. The other men on the
train were badly bruised, but not serious
ly hurt.
A Bank Failure at Clarks.
Central Citv, Neb., Dec. 27. The
banking house of W. R. Morse, at Clarks,
failed to open on Saturday morning, and
the failure of the institution is now ann
ounced. The liabilities are placed at
$80,000 with no visible assets, everthing
having disappeared. The Merrick couty
treasure had $4,200 on deposit, the Clarks
school district, $4,000; Oskamp &Haines,
ot Omaha $2,000; State Treasurer Wilard,
$1,900. As the facts develope the excit-
ment and indignation Increases, npd the
end cannot be predicted. Morse is under
the care of a physician who will allow no
one to sae him.
Bank Failure at Loup City.
Locp Citv, Neb., Dec 27. The Sher
man County Banking company of this
city made an assignment yesterday morn
in 2. The immediate cause was the
demand of the county treasurer on them
for the county money deposited there,
amounting to about $14,000, which they
were unable to raise, and President
Vhal?y turned the bank oyer to the
sheriff, without consulting with the
board of director?.
- Wonderful Ufasbns.
The old Egyptians were better builders
than thoso of" the present day. There are
blocks of stones in the pyramids which
weigh three or four times as much as the
rlelisk on the London embankment.
There is one 6tone, the weight of which
id estimated at SS0 tons. There are stone
thirty feet in length which fit so closely
together that a penknife may be run
over the surface without discovering the
break between them. They are not laid
with mortar, either. We nave no ma
chinery so perfect that it will make two
surfaces thirty feet in length which will
meet together as these stones in the pyra--raids
meet. It is supposed tliat they were
rubbed backward and forward upon
each other until the surfaces were assimi
lated, matin;' them the world's wondera
in mechanical skill. London Budget.
la the West Virginia Mountain,
"There is much ignorance in many of
these mountain counties," said a Baptist
orator at Clarksburg, W. Ya. "A man
was riding through McDowell county on
his way to the court house. He met an
old lady and asked her the way to the
county seat. She replied: I did not
know that the county had any seat,' "
Then he added: "That reminds me
of an officer traveling through the
country during the war. He asked an
old man what was the population of his
county. He replied: I don't know; it is
over on Tug Fork. "Richmond Relig
ious Herald.
Coughing la Church.
Concerning the habit of coughing in
church The Lancet says: "It represents
to a large extent avoidable evils, bred of
habit and thoughtless imitation, and
their very desirable reduction is there
fore by no means hopekss. Even where
a basis of disease underlies the explosion
a little self control coma asaauy ao
bomethipg to lessen its force or its fre-
tDt aorved hlrn right," the nabors Bed,
An bused him for the life be'd led.
An' Lira a-lylng tbar at rest
With not a rate upon hi breast:
Ah I menny cruel words they.sed
When Jim '
"Jea" killed hisself," "Too mean ter live."
They didn't bar one word ter give
Of comfort aa they hovered near
An' gazed on Jim a-lying there 1
"Thar ain't no use to talk," they ted,
"lie' better dead."
But suddenly the room grew still,'
While God's white sunshine seemed to All
The dark place with a gleam of life.
An' o'er the dead she bent Jim's wife!
An' with her lips close, close to his,
As though be knew and felt the kiss.
She sobbed touch In' Bight ter see
"Ah I Jim was always good ter met"
I toll you when that cum ter light.
It kinder set the dead man right;
An round the weepin woman they
Thro wed kindly arms of love that day.
And mingled with their own they shed
The tenderest tears when Jim was dead.
F. L. Stanton in Atlanta Constitution.
How Embalming Is Done.
The process of embalming is as follows,
and is called the "Brunelli process": The
circulatory system is cleansed by wash
ing witb cola water till it issues quite
clear from the body. This may occupy
irom iwo to live nours. Aicoiiol is in
jected so as to abstract as much wr.ter
as possible. This occupies about a Quar
ter of an hour. Ether is then injected to
abstract tho fatty matter. This occupies
irom two to ten nours. A strong solu
tion of tannin is then injected. This oc
cupies for imbibition from two to ten
hours. The body is then dried in a cur
rent of warm air . passed over heated
chloride of calcium. This may occupy
iwu io nve nours. i ne rxxly is tnen per.
iecxiy preserved, ana resists decay. The
Italians exhibit specimens which are as
hard as stone, retain the shape perfectly
and are equal to the best wax models. It
win be observed in this process that
those substances most prone to decay are
removea, ana me remaining portions
are converrea Dy tne tannin into a sub
stance resembling leather. The Casket.
The Wrong Boy.
A Sunday school teacher in a Lack
woods settlement had a new class of
young scholars, the parents of which had
neglected to give them any instructions
whatever in their catechism. Coming to
the first boy in the class she asked him
who made him. He did not know. She
told him God, and urged him to remem
ber it. Of the next boy she asked who
was tne oldest man. Ho did not know,
and the teacher told him Methuselah. So
she went on down the class, asking each
a question ana giving them the answer.
While cho was thus engaged the first boy
went to tue oucKei airer some water.
The teacher returned to the head of the
class, and not knowing that ono was ab
sent, sne asked tne hrst who made him.
Without hesitation the boy quickly re
plied, "Methuselah!" "No," exclaimed
the teacher in astonishment, "God made
you!" No, he didn't," persisted the ur-
enin wiui commence; "the boy God
made is after water." The teacher gave
up the class. Chicago Journal
The Soudan Raven.
In the Soudan the respect for the "Bird
oi tne snaae is unrounded; lie is endear
ingly known to the Arabs as their
"Uncle," and they are more exorbitant
la exacting blood money for his chance
slaughter oytne hand of the stranger
than if it were really the relative in ques-
won. onooi ineir aove, their ostrich.
their varied scavengers of the vulture
kind, their once sacred ibis even, and
l r s i ii. i ' - .
iucj uiu uetir it; out once aim
bolt at the "Noah bird ' and a hundred
lean but muscular brown arms will be
raised, and the bereaved, white teethed
relatives will gesticulate and shout round
you, while they explain how black hued
was your accidental crime. Apart from
uus, me raven, witn nis jetty plumage,
will always be a point of interest in the
boudan, from the strong contrast he pre-
ocuta wra uj.umo.rv ueserx coiorea
, .1. II . j .
birds which preserve a neutral tint of
gray or fawn, which renders them al
most invisible. All the Year Round.
A toothpick-factory is one of the flour
ishing wood working establishments at
Harbor Springs, Mich., and it is ono of
the largest factories of the kind in the
country. White birch is exclusively used
in tne manuiacrure pi me looinpicus,
and about 7,500,000 of the handy little
splinters are turned put daily. Tho logs
are sawed up into bolts each twenty
eicht inches in length, then thoroughly
steamed and cut up into veneer. The
veneer is cut into loner ribbons, three
inches in width, and these ribbons, eight
or ten at a time, are run through the
toothpick machinery, coming out at the
other end, the perfect pieces falling into
one basket, the broken pieces and refuse
falnnj: Into another. ihe picks are
packed into boxes, 1,500 in a box, by
girls, mostly comely looking young
squaws, ana are then packed into cases.
and Gnally into bis boxes, ready for ship
ment to all parts of the world. Ihe
white birch toothpicks are very neat and
pjraq m appearance, sweet to the taste,
and there is a wide market for them.
The poods sell at the factory at $1.90 a
case or lou. MimDerman.
Effects of Using the Telephone. '
At the meeting of the American Oto
logics 1 society in Washington, Dr. Clar
ence J. Blase, or ttoston, read a paper
on Ihe influence of the use of tho tel6r
phone on hearing power. He thinks
that this influence must be injurious, be
cause tne extremely low intensity, as
demonstrated by experiment, of the
sounds to be cautrht from the telephone.
compelled a strain of the ear which soon
fatigued it, and made it especially liable
to tainrv bv the accidental sounds of
comparatively high intensity, which
wer constantly liable to be heard. lr.
C II. Burnett said he had seen several
patients who believed that the continued
use of the telephone had impaired their
heannsr. Dr. u. u. fomerov care the
case of a patient who said the use of the
telephone fatigued her very much, and,
she thought, had made her decidedly
worse. Science.
Mgulfjcaut Wink.
A great part of what is called a mitfTs
success in life- depends uxu his (hiding
out in KtK season what his natural bent
is, and then following it. James
Naumyth was particularly fortunate in
this respect. Although Kia father was
an artist, and he himself had no little
aptitude for drawing and painting, yet
ho was Kiiro that he was "cut out" fur a
a machinist, and a machinist lie became.
Having learned hid trade, ho vent to
Manchester to start in bubiness lor him
self, and there, among other good oeople,
he met tho Brothers Grant, tho famous
Cheeryble Brothers of Dickens.
lie was first introduced to Daniel, who
invited him to his house, and presented
him to his "noblo brother William," as
Daniel always called him. At the
dinner table young Nasmyth sat next to
William, and was asked many questions.
"How old are you?"
"Rather younp' to betrin business on
your own account."
"Yes, but I have plenty of work in
me, ana know how to oo economical.
"What capital have you?" Nasmyth
contessea that i had only 03.
Tho old gentleman thought thata very
Email amount, but alter irivinjr his new
friend sundry cautions hp added that he
luu!-l Keep ms neart up.
"If some Saturday nfcrht vou should
need money to pay olf your hands or for
anything elso you will always find a
credit of 500 at 3 per cent, at my office,
ana no security.
Isasmyth was, of course, as much
pleased as surprised, and, as ho says,
could only whisper his thanks in return.
10 meso .air. urant responded with a
squeeze of the hand and a peculiarly
Knowing wink.
This wink mado a most vivid impres
sion upon tho younger man. It seemed
full or all manner of kindness. As he
describes it, "Mr. Grant seemed to turn
his eye round, and brought his eyebrows
,i . i i i ,
iiowu uiwu it in a suuuen ana extraor
dinary manner."
Tho "noblo brother" proved every whit
as kind as young Nasmyth could have
expectea or asked lor; but it transpired,
a year or two afterward, that the wink
had no immediate connection with his
generosity. In fact, the eye that gave it
was made of glass! It now and then got
out of place, and its wearer had to force
it back by that odd contortion of his eye-
Drows, wtucn, taken in connection with
the conversation then passing, Nasmyth
had understood to be expressive of all
manner of kind intentions. Youth's
Turkish Bazars.
Tho bazars of ConstantinODle. or tha
Tcharshu, as they are called by the na
tives, are situated on one of the famous
hills of that oriental metropolis, facing
tho Bosphorus. They are unlike anv
other places of traffic, being altogether
sui generis both in construction and de
sign. To give the reader an idea of their
singular naturo tney may be compared
to the public markets of this country,
tnougn tney culler in extent and internal
arrangement. Imagine an entire city
ward with its numerous blocks embraced
in one euiuce or inclosure. with its
streets, lanes and alleys arched over and
devoted to commerce. These bazars
are built of stone and ere one story high.
iacu street is anottea to some particular
branch or class of merchandise; thus,
there is spice bazar, called Missir-tchar-
shu, where all kinds of drugs; spioes
uid dye stuffs are sold, including the
famous henna, and the exhilarating
hashish is procured.
J. here are tho perfumery bazars, where
the niost fragrant perfumes, the ottar of
roses, llhurtz tenroots and other odor
iferous pastues and essences fill the at
mosphere with their delicious fragrance:
the 6:1k bazar, the dry goods bazar, of
wnicn tnere are two, the Kalpa Kdiebar-
baslii and the Uzoon-tcharghu, or the
Broadway and the Bowery of Constanti
nople. Besides these ;s the Yaghlukdji
lar, where the most varied and exauisite
embroideries are displayed. The Kaf-
fallar, or 6hoe bazar, is an institution
peculiarly oriental. There one sees the
meeting of the west and the east in the
motley collection of wares, the clumsv
Oriental chaussers, with the patent
leatner doois; tne teneaiK-f aDDootcha or
the walking shoes of the Turkish ladies
of the Ancien regime, alongside of the
tiny gaiters of . varied colors, for the
modernized hannums (ladies). The jew
elry bazar is also a prominent feature of
the tcharshu, ror it is much frequented
Dy au classes. woj. oPi J-ioms tfepubuc.
The Core for Heart Neuralgia.
Aneina pectoris Cacronv of the chestt
carries on many people, one of whom,
. - - . '
according to the newspapers, was the
novelist, the Rev. E. P. Roe, who ex
pired in one day because pf its crushing
anguish. Slaj. Gen. George B. McClel
lan, according to the published reports
of that time, likewise succumbed after
twenty-four hours of uncontrollable pain.
Just how these patients were treated I
am unable to say; but Dr. Richardson.
of London, long before Gen. SIcClellan's
death, had received a prize of 25,000
francs from the Academy of Medicine in
Paris for having discovered an almost
infallible remedy for angina pectoris by
the administration, in the small dosea of
1-100 to l-jj.-j of a grain, of mtro-srlvcer-
inei This discovery entitles Dr. Richard
son to tho never ending gratitude of
every suffering man, woman or child
afflicted with angina pectoris.
I know a number of persons who
always carry tablets of nitroglycerine
with them, and 1 am equally certain that
all these people, by the use of nitro
glycerine, are living in comparative corn
fort, who would otherwise have fallen
under the insupportable torture of that
form of heart neural cHa, the most dread
ful of all pains. Montrose A. Pallen.
31. D., in Belford's Magazine.
Marrying' for Beauty.
Marryins for beauty is cettin? as non-
ular in this country as it "has lonrr been
among Englishmen. Within a few years
the number of men of wealth iuid estate
liohed position who have married store
girls, factory girb, and others poor in
circumstances, but with beauty to reo
ommend them, has been extraordinary.
Philadelphia Times. '
Waterman Opera House
The Funniest phiyon the Ain-
Cl'ieilll NtHlJI
Assisted by their own guaran
teed Coinpnny in tin ir new mus
ical Farce-Comedy
ZLi ater - On.
Popular Prices, 35, 50 and 75
cents. Tickets go on sale Mon
day at
Waterman Opera House.
Saturday Eve., Dec. 29,
Headed by the Famous Conunedians
Harry S. Eaton.
Ben Hunn,
Ernest Hogan,
Geo, Titchner.
ADd the
Original Memphis Students.
The Grandf st Organization Traveling.
Look out for the
Saturday at noon.
Secure Seats 27 ow.
Have again been put in shape to
ttrind Kiiftkwlifuif f
Sd m -m
Bring on your Grists and get some
of the Best Flour manufactured in
the State,
on hand for Exchange for "Wheat
and Corn. Give us a Call. Res
pectively, Proprietor, - - Union, Cass Co., Neb,
Dr. C- A. Marshall.
Preservation of the
Natural Teeth
bpeciaity. Auesiheties given for Pain
less Filling or Extraction op Teeth.
Artificial teeth m:ide on Gold. Silver.
Rubber or Celluloid Plates, and inserted
as soon as teeth are extracted when de
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
Windham, John a. Davies,-
Kotary rublic. Notary Public
attorneys - at - Law.
Office over Haiik;ofJCac& County.
pi.ATTSMorTn, - - Nebraska
J. B. Trimble.
GfcooE Stuart
10 Cemeree Sttl , Montgomery, Ala.
Fori saxje
Vacaut Lots,
Store Property.
Brick ".Tarda
With machinery coirmlete. Farm r.nrt in
Qualities to suit all classes ol Fainier. from
So to $20 per acre.
Visitors Welcome.
Allen Beeson. Plattsmoutli.
M A. Campbell, County Treasurer.
M. Waugh, Casuier National Bank. Platts
month. P. P. Johnson. Red Dak, Iowa,
JOE, The Oi
rlicvcs in
Exhibited in Joe's
1st, in Wjitcniiiin's
Window will
Opera House
The Boh
folio win 2
Hie tirst, Second and Third
gi ven
the prizes.
Oc. -
An Admission ot 10 cents will be charged and every cent
taken in shall be distributed among the poor of l'latts-mouth.
THE HON. A. P. TODD. Conntv
Will sell the tickets
two ladies will teo to
uted amonr the poor,
Will pay all expenses. Every cent taken in tlmt
shall go to the poor. Now is the time
Do Something for Charity.
Do not hesitate to give more than ten cents.
for an Incurable case of CtUrrb
in the Head by the proprietors of
Symptoms of Catarrh. Headache,
obstruction of nose, discharges falling1 into
throat, sometimes profuse, watery, and acrid,
at others, thick, tenacious, mucous, purulent,
bloody and putrid ; eves weak, ringing in ears,
deafness, difficulty of clearing- throat, expecto
ration of offensive matter: breath offensive:
smell and taste impaired, and general debility.
Only a few of these symptoms likely to be pres
ent at once. Thousands of cases result in con
sumption, and end in the grave.
By its mild, soothing, and healing properties.
Dr. Sage's Iteroedy cures the worst cases. 60c.
The Original
Liver Pills.
Purely Vegeta
ble A HarnUu.
TJnequaledaa a Liver Pill. Smallest,cheap
est, easiest to take. One Pellet a Dow.
Cure SICK Headache, Hiuoua Headache,
vizziDmi uoiHupauvU) inaiKeiiio.
Bllioae Attack, and
all derangements of
tha stomach and bowel.
25 eta. by druggista.
Choicest Brands of Cigars,
including our
Flor do Pepperbergo and 'Buds
always in stock. Nov. 20, 1885.
The Boss Tailor
Main St., Over Merges' Shoe Store,
Has the best and most complete stock
of samples, both foreign and domestic
woolens that ever came west of Missouri
river. Note these prices: Business suits
from $10 to $35, dress suits, $25 to $45.
pants $4, $5, $6, $6.50 and upwards.
Will guaranteed a fit.
Prices Defy ComDetilion.
elelDratedTrench Slippers
Price Clothier
for tin jn)ir.
be counted
A .l I
t nn nar y
. in.
, at n m
ock l
Orchestra Will Play
named Ladies and Cents will count tl
nearest the number will 1
ComV. .n,.d
HON. F. M. PJCHEV, The Mayor,
it the door. These gentlemen and
it that the money will be distrib-
0 32EE-
Wagon and Iihir-krmith Shop.
Wagon, Buggy,
Machine and Flow
A Specialty. lie uses tn
35 V 3 2
Horseshoe, the Best JIorslne f,.r the
Farmer, ror for Fust driving and City
purposes, ever invented. It is mmh- t
anyone can can put on shaip or fy-.t rork
as needed for wet and flipperyrinl, or
smooth dry roads. Call And Kx iininu
these SLoesand you will have nj ot!i;-.
J. M. Schnellbache
flth St., riattsmouth, Ntk
8. F. TfPA:
Attomoy-at-Law and Notary ynl.Kr
Filitffrald Block, i'lattanioiith. Neb.
Or. ce in
A A. N. 8P1.I1 VAN,
Attorney-at-Law. Will t , ve pro pi r (. JMrnf tr.n
to all buflnese Intrust c. I to ! t)fl,cf la
Lnion Block. East side. i'lattmuMith. t.
Staple and Fancy r-4-rie, ;ia.i4wsre
Crockery. Houautt Keel.
YTM.. Is. B R Q Yf N E,
Xj-A."W office.
Personal atteHiou
to my care.
to all RatAx ixitiuit'
Title Kxaiiii.-..f. 0i(iti:ed. n-
surauce WrHien. 1 A Kta;e t old.
Better Facilities tr maklnp FanfTaiie tl;
Asxr Otlier cficy.
Plallnio''.. . xc-bruska
G. 13. ix:
Practical Fi?m ssA Organ Tuner.
" First-rlas work guaranteed. Ako dial
er in Pianos r.nd Orgnn. Olhre nt B
furniture store, riatUmoutli,
IScts. er