The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, November 19, 1888, Image 2

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Tha Plaltsinouth Daily Herald.
Publishers & Proprietor.
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.$1 VI
Tin M.-ttiouul iintluin Tor nil tood
rrpul'lit ani ju.-.t now is, 'Turn the UaM--:il-
out." It slniuM lie rendered in
hurt meter. Globe Democrat.
Aiti.o.NA seems t have t-h-eteil it dem
ocratic delegate to Conrti-s; but llii.
will irol.i!ly not diminish her c-h:ii:crs
of admission into the I'liion a stite,
in view of the faet that at the same tfmr
she wan wise enough to u lfjjishi
t ure hieli is lari-ly lejn l;lican in loth
Tin-: latest compilation of the situa
thn in Xelr:i.-ka shows that the next
legislature will contain seyent y-six re
puhlicau representatives and t went v-mx
senators, making u total of one hundred
and thirty-three on joint ballot. When
these figures are borne in mind it will he
S'rcn that McShanj efforts to cftj.tine
ibe legislature were much more alortie
lliau his efforts to eajiMirc; the governor's
elijir, .N'tbrasku rejidlieans were on
f;u:ird in thin yfear of our Lord. J'iimik.i t
.lrnoixo from what is already beinf'
Kaid on the subject by the press tlirotiid -out
the state t lie submission of a prohih
itory amendment promises to v the most
exciting j net t i mi before the leislatun
fhis winter. Senator l'olk and n-pie-sentaiiye
Satehell are boin understoo i to
f.iyor submission, of course, Mr. White
is o, iposed, indeed in view of the plat
form adopted by our last state conven
lion it is difficult to see how republican
m-;iiibi-rs c.-in do otherwise th-iu votit f
submission. Thj' cei t iinly owe notliino
lo th" liquor iutertst in view of the lilit
it inride aviiinst n-HiMh:i:i le;'slativ
candidates throughout the state.
temveraxcj: issi'i:
(HH)I TlllXii.
Tin; following is aw interview between
Mr. Miller, who was a ' candidate for
Governor of Xew York on the republi
an ticket and a Xew York Trihnne
i ii'ji .nr. .uiiit r vmi do not ii-iuve
the introduction of the hili license issue
weakened the general c-jiiviss '"
'.Most certainly not. I belieye that
li;ul there been three weeks more in which
to make the canvass, and present the
puestion fairly to the voters in some of
th western counties and other parts of
the State, I should have been elected.
As you know I had to make the tiIit on
this issue practically alone. JJut in say.
ing tliij I d not overlook the loyal ml
hearty assistance given me by the Trib
une and oth-r papers. All the speakers
went out by the National and State cotn-
-oinmittec!, as you are aware, con lined
themselfes exclusively to the tariff. 1
lo not say this with any desire to ic fleet
upon the policy of the party manaeis
in this respect, but to simply answer the
piestion whether the temperance issue
xvas a source of strength or weakness to
. th gentral canvass."
"Does your experience make you
skeptical about the influence of the pul
pit iu politics as opposed to that of the
rum shop t"
"No indeed. My belief in thestrength
of the moral forces of the community is
jnore firm than ever. In Brooklyn
where I made my opening speech, I took
for my text tlu remark made by one of
Oovernor Hill's staff, 'I would rather
Ji ive the saloons behind me than the
churches. I told the people of Kings
county that I would leave them to decide
upon the correctness of this remarknble
observation. Tlu-y did decide in a way
tint astounded deniociacy. So they did
in Rochester, Troy, and all through the
State wheriver the question was fairly
imt before the people. Erie county is
the only dark spot in the entire State.
I did not ;. there and if I have any
re.vt it is this faet.
" What is the lesson to ! e drawn from
the result '. "
" Simply this: We know the strength
of tli j rum interests Th v have dem-
.int.-ated their power to t'le utmost.
They were nb'e to cury t';c tate simply
ly taking advantage of the presidential
contest an 1 by joining hands witli all the
j wer of the adiiiinistration, for it is a
fact that all the influence of the federal
goTeruuieut was used iu behalf of IfilJ.
as well us of Cii 1, a fayor that tlye
jr veruor did not reeipro
iwasteTs and custom hou
.t- ll. f f'lutrr.t-iml vni.'ll
thev tliil help him m teriully. Had
not been for tliis, had it hiinply been a
state election with high license for nn
issue, I firmly believe we should have
triumphed, notwithstanding the fact that
our people were not as well educated on
the question as they will be vt hen it comes
up ngiiiii. There is, therefore, only one
course for our party to pursue, and that
is along the lines it has already laid down
on this subject. We are committed to
temperance reform. We cannot go back.
The republican party never did take the
back track on any moral question. I am
convinced it will not on this. Why
should it? Has it not put high license
laws in operation in Ohio, Illinois, Min
nesota and Michigan? And has not each
of these states given us a rousing major
ity this year?"
"High License is now an established
principle of the Hepublibau party. I
have no doubt that when th:- Legislature
assembles this winter another bill simi
lar to that of Mr. Crosby's will be intro
duced and parsed. It may differ from
its predecessor in some respects, but I am
sure it will not be one bit less restrictive
iu character. Wlnt else can we dof
Over ninety per cent of the rum power
is in favor of the Democratic party. U
has reached the climax of audacity in
our political life. It must he overthrown
The Republican party must overthrow it.
We have nothing to lose, but everything
to gain, by a steady advance along the
path that we have chosen. The people
are with us as far as they understand the
question, and they only need a little
more instruction on the subject to gie
us aii overwhelming majority in frvor of
the restriction of th'j whiskey traliie as
proposed by the Republican pnrty.
15'f-;re the reporter went away he allu
ded to the talk about, the plnre in Gen
eral Harrison's Cabinet that is believed
to be reserved for Mr. Miller. The ex
Senator quft-kly dismissed the topic by
saying:'Such maitci .ue entirely in the
hands of a gentleman in Indianapolss;
and he is pei fci ijy competent to dec ide
them without asnistanee fiio !!))' one.''
J III 1 ni l if
Canada has raised the export tax on
pine saw i.. f;'oni ?- per thousand feet,
lumber measurement,!! if-, ;?y thousand.
Canada evidently wants to keep her tim
er staiji;n. If the government of the
l.'nitcd State should n'l;)ve the duty
from lumber, is there, any nsuiaiW- ih't
Canada would not inc rciinc her export
tax just the amount of the import tax
ii w it.; posed by this government? Ex
p .-rience has stiowu Jjiat the export tax
would be immediately placed ou l'.rJy.T
by the Canadian government.
Patrick Henry j said to have intimat
.'1 once that cxpeiLnee who ft only
lamp by which his feet were guided ;id
t iking this same lamp we must conelubo
taut the probabilities are that if the im
port tax fcljd bo removed from lumber,
in equal export tax woIi. immediately
lie imposed on the other side. Ah''- i?
iight from the same lamp shows that tht
man who advocates the removal of the
import ttxx i, 'timber because the tax 's i
burden upon the poot 'boring man, is a
Icmagogue, trying to secure favo mong
nen oi au iron pyrites character. When
the wise ui.'U ..f (Jiw country a number of
years ago removed or inhered the tariff
ou lumber, the removal of the " ti '
lidn't decrease the price of lumber, be
cause the Canadian government immcd
i itely placed an export tax on the same
umber equal it; amount to the tax remov
ed by this govcinmeoi.
'he government of this couury .ov-Jt
the revenue; Canada pocketed, the pro
C'tcds, and the western farmer paid aa
nuch for the lumber -which went into
lis house as he did ;yhcn the American
ariff was levied. Where vj t)ie gain
o the American house builder i home
onomist may be able to tell, but none
has yet revealed it. The fact is that the
emoval of the lurr ber tariff would take
that much revenue from this government
hile the probability, which isa certainty,
judging from experience, is that the price
of lumber would remain unchanged. If
the assurance could be gjj-en that the
exporter would not be taxed by this
government, then it might do to imk
free lumber.
"NtI rontons Smi in Hie Auillenco ,Sur
priso of Muii t.t I'.er ilea rem A Homely
Imt Strong I'uei- Some of I lie Tilings
The little Snlie? iles Conferences in the
Iloiilevnrd ties ( "a purines was filled last
night by a mixed crowd, assembled to
hear Micl iel Jex turoon the "Role
of Woman in Moltni StK'ioty." On one
side of the hall was ;v group of jiersoiial
friends of tho "graiule citoyenne," habi
tues of her sort of loiitieal uioetinirs. and
these had for tho occasion donned their
Sunday head covering instead of the
slouch hats thev wear lisuallv. In tho
front row sat the Italian Revolutionary
Cipriani, recently arrived from tho
peninsula kingdom, where lie has In-en
spending tho Jaht tew years of bis life in
tu'Lson. Ho does not scetn to have suf
fered lmieli from tho long confinement;
his long beard is jet black, his hands are
white, his tace !ears a contented expres
sion, and he wears bis broad brimmed.
high hat jauntily inclined to one side,
with the air of a man who knows that
he is a line looking fellow.
Among the determined enemies of so
ciety 1 noticed also I'ero 1 1 vacvnthe Lov-
soil anl many other well dressed hour-
gi-ois. Indeed the res)ectible element
torineil lour-lilths ot the audience, and
most ot theni were voting ladies and
middle aged or venerable matrons who
had come out of euriositv to sec and hear
the "monster"' whose naifie appears in
reports ol all meetings at which mcita-
tioii.i to iu ts of pillage and violence form
the biirilcn of the oration delivered.
When tho "monster" made her aiipear-
anee hIia seemed a little bit surpri.-.ed at
tiiidijig herself in t lie? pretence of sur'i a
nice audience. She had not gotten bor-
self up especially for thc o.'casion anil
wore the shabby I lack dress, small
crajie lioiiiiet and long veil thrown back
over her shoulders that form her ordi-
narv costume when iu public. It was
with blink v iiccent, and in a. rather nasal
voice that she announced her subject.
but as f.oon as tho hrst words were pro
nounced J.OU1SO 3iicliel, herselr again.
lunl recovered that presence of mind iino
L'ool boldness which rarely tle.scrt her.
As she tqioko he physiognomy of most
Dt her hearers, especially those ol the le
male portion ot the audience, betrayed
surprise quite amusing to contemplate,
it was easy to read on their faces that
most of them were Having to themselves.
"Wbatl 'Is that her? Is that the Louise
Michel we have heard, and read so much
about? That the woman? Why she
looks like a Protest. ;nt school teacher.
anil as pgly a scarecrow!" Yes, Louise
Miehel is iimloiii'tefUy a yerv liomelv
person, but there is a gleam of intelli
gence aljout her lace which, when she
speaks, befomes exceedingly animated
ami mobile. It was evident, however.
tha most of the audience were uisa
ixiihted, lunl allej. .she. Jind tjxiken a few
uiiinues their attention began to nag.
Moreover, what die was saving was not
easy to follow or understand because ol
lbs iliSiointeil connection Iietween tin
ideas aiid'iho'fviuarkabjji rapidity with
which sho vas speakiiig."' Sfionever jacks
he r woiiH, but elm fnn 111011113 u::es imagct
of wonderful pocile ircnhiipr.s, which
:;ound all tne moro strange com-
iiig from t.ueh lips. Once started, she
goes 00 at Lreak neck gallop, catch
ing n't' a, ilioiigTi;' J rC; throwing oh
a daring expression uu re, ieaoirsg ovei
all obstacles, and apparently endeavoring
to realize some dream ot unattainable
reifeoii.ou of wluch her crcduloiu r.oul
iplier lor tt 'iypewrltrr. -
An Enghsiiman iias invented an in
genious method of producing a cipher or
bocrct communication by mechanical
means. It i adapted for lis on typo
writers or biiuilar writing machine j
where the tyjio or corresponding index
scale, dial or jiointrr is capable of being
moved or adjusted. Tho tyiio writing
machines to Ih us'd for the purjioso are j
made in duplicates, ho tliat the two index
scales correspond with each other in the
arrangement of their c haracters, but dif
for from any other pair tf machines.
JSinco tho index scale is adjustable, it
may lo shifted in two corresponding
machines, so that one or more of the
haracters i: moved out of its normal jo
siiion, and, in consequence, when the op
erator strikes a certain letter on tho Ley
board, another totally different will be
printed. Thus he can continue and write
out an entire letter, which, to the unini
tiated, will seem like nothing more than
a c onfused jumble of characters.
To decipher whatever has been written
ic is only necessary lor the individual
who has the clew to shift the index scale
in the opposite direction from that used
by the original oicrator, and then, by
striking 011 the kcylioard tho characters
of the secret communication, the correct
message will be printed. Tho Stationer.
WflRnTra n (ft uinnRrnll
wiiiUDoa vs buyiiiviiias!
- if
10J''T you ftnow it ? Of course you do mulyow '
1 ril I icuut icurni Underwear, JJlati fiefs, etc.
(UR Line is Unsuritssed by any other tine in
the city. Afutndsome : '
Attention loven to I'allixmiii.
Ballooning is receiving a great deal of
attention Irom the naval and mihtar
authorities If ith in Lngland and 1-'ranee
as a valuable aid in land and marine
movements. During tho recent naval
maneuvers in the defease of Toulon, a
reconi loitering balloon was used with
good eliect day and night by the aid of
electricity, anil now mi experiment is
being made with a navigable aerial shin
for the same pur In England bal
looning has also attracted attention, es
pecially in connection with tho new for
mation of troops for attacking purposes.
Almost daily ascents are made at tho
training: comi) of Lvdd for the mirnoses
of photography and observation. On one
occasion a moving balloon was made the
target of a party f .runners working a
twelve pound ..(-fig gun, with t lie
result of iti bei: - . 1 ..." 1 I pieces after
rather more ih..u u :o::c:i shots. So
that the fiction of th." b.U.J duel between
rival balJoo:: ; ij lilieiy to b: realized dur
ing the r.o::t ,ener:.l war. San Fran-
isco Chronicle.
Wlioii l!io Great Sahib Comi-s.
Till voti in tlie east you cannot
realize the i.ecessity of a "forerunner"
to clear tha way for a great man. There
i.; no pavement or Ride path for foot pco-
ie to wan; on, and thev scatter all over
the road, thronging it thickly, so that it
would Le impossible to move ouickly
unless t'.io way were cleared. Your
syces, therctore, or a mounted .Sepoy
orderly, tj-ecd ahead in front of your
carriage shouting without ceasing: "O
wayfarer! O inerchant! e2ca)0 from the
roau! U seller Ol cloth, escao! Ilake
tho ro.d clear, O people: ilia preat
sahi'o i ; r.-oming! ?.f:ito his y. ay clear l"
tims clor.rin' a passage through tho
crowd, wliich closes again the moic-at
you havo passed.
Children are olten luted LC'.oiy cut of
the way, vr kilo ubbent minded 1 ersons,
who have uiolr thoughts in c.ouu3
and their heads m a blanket avj lo
lind theiusclvcH of a sudden sitting Ly i'a
roadside and wondering how they cam
there. Cornliill ilaaazine,
In your prpmisss oi reform remern'ocr
that to-morrow ;3 n da that
- I'lilUUielpn.ia lfiU.
AfilETY of Seasonable Dress Goods, fJroad- V
cloths, Henrietta Cloths, Trecotst etc Ii
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u'i(i not regret lool'iml our different De
partments over before pujch(rsin?. 11 will
pay you.
g.mMVy RUGS and a Handsome Line of Car
pets, Malts, floor Oil Cloths, and Linoleum at
Lotc Prices.
What Am I To Do?
The symptoms of biliousness are un
happily but too well kcoTvn. They differ
:u different individuals to some extent.
A oilious man is seldom a breakfast eater.
Too frequently, alas, he has an excellent
.Nppetife for liquids but none for solids
of a morning. IIU tongue will hardly
bear inspection at any time; il It U not
vhite and furred, it is rough, at all
The digestive system is wholly out of
order rtnd diarrhea or constipation may
l.i? n!)) or the two may alternate.
i'lure are often hemorrhoids or even loss j
1 here may be giaauicsj ard
is raiight a gbmpso through ll.o i. i ;t,
that becloud her exceedingly fi ,r e..n
ceptions of things here below.
starting with toe i .:. ( v ion t!!it "wo
man has today the fault j of a s: - : :u
man t boio of n conqueror," she d
that vonien ue jiec.e:,: ci-v, and that a
I hue will come when the yrurld will learn
how to tit;Jj8 their rare faculties. That
time will be an eiocj, ayuj wrs will
no longer be waged, because electric
mitrailleuses will have been invented
,,-bich will suppress thousands of men at
a "shot, tuuj bus force nations to dis
arm." l'or the ire5C4it jt was the duty
of woman to preparo for the advent c'
that golden age when nothing would
prevent them from reaching a perfect
i quality witty' men. To prove that her
sex vere fhpablo' of tliat tquality, she
related un iinfcdote froni her own ex
perience: "When I was attending lectures," eaid
.-no, "in order to secure a diploma as a
qualified school teacher, I one day heard
an old savant trying to demonstrate, with
th&aidoftwo skulls, that a woman's
head wa$ siiialler Imn that of a man,
out be never noticed fhar, misled by n
change of labels, made by ti pupil with
whom I am well acquainted, he ' was all
the time using one anatomical specimen
for the other."
.Vow and then Jliss Michel said tlangs
which pieayl the revolutionary group of
her hearers, but wcio not at all to the
liking of the rest of the audience. Speak
ing ot woman, as anected by novel im
pression, she said that for her part she
had never felt anything comparable to
the sensation experienced when, march
ing at the head of a battalion of com
munists, she contemplated the marvelous
picture ot burning Fans spread out be
loro her eves against the red back
ground of the glowing sky. But this
cynical declaration called forth angry
plotters, end Lcmise wisely dropped into
another strain, protesting that she did
not wish to seo women concerning them
selves with ol4tic3, Scientific and" artis
tic studies were the only ones to which
they should devote themselves. "Let us
have no leagues." said she, "for the pur
pose of demanding rights today which
will no longer be our rights to-morrow.
Woman is naturally good and virtuous,
and wheii she knows all thing3 she will
no longer be the charming ci eat pre whose
coquetry troubles man; she will no longer
lie faithless, because she will not be ig
norant of the fact that lier neighbor's
husband is not a bit superior to her own."
--Ilenry ilaynjo ja IScw Orleans Pica
yune, " " '
IV.mily of Many Toed Cats.
An Ei;gli.:h scientific man has pre
served a record of a family pf many toed
cats down to the tenth generation. Sonzo
members have as many 'as' seven toes on
each foot. Arkansa'w Traveler. "
A FeWard of S50Q.
Is offered by the manufactures of Dr.
""age's Catarrh Uemedy, for a case of
catarrh which they cannot cure. The
mild, sooth in?, cleansing and healin"
properties of this remedy are irresistable
0 cents, by diuggists.
Ciairliv o Anioials.
Youthful Agent (of Society for the
Prevention or ' Cruelty to Animals, to
Long Lilnnd fox hunter) I'll hava to
vaiio you in, ray man, lor cruelty.
Ixjng Island Fox Hunter Nonsense:
we re onlv cnasmg an anise seed La-.
A . " Tit .1 1 . . -r .
igei;i xi s me uog s, su i.ue.
Dailiglt Store
Comias Events,
Young Man (in shoe store, to clerk I
ay, d'ye know that old gentleman who '
just went out is the father of my girl?
Clerk Is that so?
V-.,m, UTo,-. "VV.;, T 1-.,..
A VUUh A'AIXIA a uvu v Aiiun iiuu I
$500 Reward.
We will pay' the above ' reward for any
case ot liver complaint, dyspepsia, sick
headache, ipriigf,4j,m, ppnstipation or
ii . ...
cosuveness we camior cure with
West's Vegetable Li yer Pills, when the
directions are strictly complied with,
T.. 1 ... S
i ney are purely yegttaoie, and never
fail to give satisfaction. Large boxes
rontaining 30 sugar coated pills, 25c,
For sale l;y &:J. druggists. Beware of
counterfeits ana ijr;i(.atip3. TI13 gen
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Sold by Wr. J. Warrick.
The standard remedy for liver com
pl?.int is West's Liver Pills; they never
disappoint yea. 30 pills 25c. At War
rick's drug store. "
nt blood
often he.idiiehe and aeiditv or flatulence. 1 personally, but I expect to meet him soon.
I il-l-- X',. ,l,V,l. nn'M TT
.a ayor t,at tlje ,;id tenderness in the pit of thetoniaeh 11
Os.-nte. IJie post- in corrett all thn if not effect a cure try lXew York .Sun. 1 .
i? oiliciaWseemed Urt-eu's Auyitxt Floirer, it costs but a j -' -
If you desire to purchase a cwingr machine,
ask our agent at your place for terms and
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