The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, November 02, 1888, Image 4

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Tne Evening Herald.
A. Kallibary. Iftbt, Ilockwood Ilyildldff,
Trlrpboae H: 3.1.
Dr. Klsrvl". Offlr la U rlnu'u lr Morf, Hl
ttuf tor. fclxtk Ornllf. Tlr)QB :
lr. Wither. tb Palalrwi IatUt, l'J"
Block, oer rleke' lr hlor, PUttumoulh.
Judge Husscll to-day issued a license
to wed to John S. IJulor and Miss Anua
Fairhurat of South Bend.
t...,- i i-.itf'- rr.ild breast lin. set
with small diamond in centre. The find
er will be rewarded on leaving it at this
The hard rain of last night settled
the earth over several of the sewer
ditches. Out place in need of repair is
At the corner of Fourth and mo streets.
It naius the h-:art of the average
entcri.ritin'' cittern to see thoso :.' foot
nlank "oing down on Main street, It is
time for iuiprovcmr-nt, and Main street is
deserving of at least twelve blocks O
good fctone or brick walk.
t ... . . ..i. ,.. f,,r n corner lot in
vestment. Admission to the conceit at
Itockwood hall to-night will be only
10 cents, while you will get in return
21 cents worth of good musical talent.
The bright sun-Jim's of to-day lias dried
the mud up so that none need stay away
on that account.
Owing to the inclement weather last
even'm" the attendance at the entertain
ment gTven by St. Andrews' llrotherhootl
at Kockwook hall very small and
only part of the programme .was - per
. i r!. ..m,,ir(i ni-ofrramme will
lormeu. ."i"' a
be rendered some evening next
A i t,i miblished tomorrow"
V " - I -
all are invited to be present.
fi.. cff l.ilmr s!iriii!r-liki breezed
which blew from thu southwest all day
yesterday, brought a valuable rain last
evening. The lightning, which was as
incessant as in mid-summer, r a rifled our
atmosphere, and the dashing rain gave
us a fresh, bracing air today which it is
delightful to breathe, and dampened our
dry soil all for our good. So why
fihould we kick about the mud?
The K. C. Train last evening carried
two passengers who wished to go out on
the cut-off toward Ashland.'a gentleman
and his wife, whose na-nes we were un
able to learu. They were to get off at
Oreapolis and wait for the Schuyler
train. As told to us it seems the conduc
tor there got off the front end cf the train
registered and signaled to go on, for
getting the two passengers here to change.
The couple, however, attempted to get
off while the train was moving and the
lady received a sprain, from the the pain
of which she fainted when helped into
the station. Agent Clement tele
graphed here for T. P. Livingston, who
went out and treated the injury.
A very small audience assembled
last night to hear the entertainment
given by St. Lukes Chapter of St. An
drews Brotherhood, and a portion only
of the programme was given. Two
readings by Messrs. Taite and Barber,
"Misadventure at Margabe,' (Ingoldsbj
Legends) by .Mr. Barber, and ' She IVoulti
b? a Mason" by Mr. Taite. These wen
interesting and comic, the latter bt'inu
rendered especially so in Mr. Taite irrcs
;stable manner. Messrs. Kempster and
Barwick sang respectively the '-Owl" and
"The Maid of the Mill." The two quar
tettes by Messrs. Barwick, Crawl her,
Kempster and Wead were tatefullv
rendered, and appreciated by tin
audience. . Pl-ittsmouth will soon have as beau
tiful and well graded streets as any city
of hills could have; furnishiug driveway
and pirk aveuues equal to those of any
of her sister cities. The streets following
along the street-car line Invc been raised
or lowered to the established grade,
east Oak street the work is well under
way and will be finished soon. On Third
and Sixth streets the filling of the old
eretk bed and cutting of Sixth street
hill, promises to leave them in first-elax
condition. Credit is due the citizens an i
authorities for what has been done and
is being done, but to do the size of our
city justice the work should not ccare
till Fourth and Filth streets ars made
passable between Pearl and Granite
streets, the creek bed along Peal filled,
and all th; principal streets grade I from
end to end .
Capt IL E. Palmer
Lincoln this morning.
Rev. El Sillebach, presiding elder of
the Wstern German M. E. conference,
passed through Plattsmoth this morning.
Hon. John C. Watson, republican can
didate for float representative, of ' this
district, returned to Nebraska City this
Mrs. IL Cdkins returned toX7 from
her old honi3 on the Hudson, Mi New
. . . . - t .
"i ork state. -where sue has visiter diirinir
ili-j last six weeks.
liens Heavy working boots wort
$3, $3.50 and 4.00 selling at half price
to close before our removal, o. s C
Mayer the Popular Clothier.
He Adepts all Schemes Possible to
Obtain Votes.
Look Out For Fraud.
Any fair-minded voter who realizes
the meanness and dcceitfulncss which is
being bowed down to by McShane in
this campaign, cannot but turn in diagust
from the support of a man who seeks
public oflice by such dishonorable means.
One measure adopted, according to
reports, will be the circulation, on elec
tion day, of tickets which are like the
republican ticket in all particulars, with
Hi the rxcention of one name. Where
the name of John M. Thayer thould be, j
is printed, "Democratic candidate for j
Governor, John A. McShane."
Another scheme, which is now being
carried on is, sending liters signed by
McShane, to voters over the state. In
closed with the letter is his (McShane)
letter of acceptance, which is mentioned,
and five pastrrs, bearing the wiitten
name "John A. Mi Shane.'' which arc
not mentione 1. The pasters are already
glued and prepared to be " licked" and
pssted over John M. Thayer's name on
r -publican tickets. Beware of bogus
tickets, and see that the one you vote is
not mutilated.
Here is a copy of the letter being sent
out, one of which was received in this
city today by a voter, aud handed to the
IIkuamj s
Josh A. McShank,
Omaha, Nkb.
OCTOBER -2'J, 188.
3fy Dear Sir: I enclose herewith my
letter accenting the nomination for gov
ernor of our stato. This letter expresses
mv views ierardiiir matters of vital nu
portancc to you, and if elected, I shall use
every effort in my power to carry them
into effect. I would be pleased to have
vou read the same, and, if you can con
sisteiilly do co, give me your support
Yours vc;y tr;?ly,
John A. Mc-Shae.
Tnr' mitts at 2. cents, Men',
f... si w Von fur stiff hats SI. 50
at Mayor's Popular Clothing Store.
Political" Pointers.
Last niht, with all the rain and mud,
quite an audience of men gathered at the
o:cra house at the call of the band, where
they received the blessing of good repub
lican truth. Judge Pound, who was to
have spoken, failed to reach PlatUmouth,
Ymnllv missed be-
UUt 1113 i.stuvv .i j
,.tti..a .r tiip cnnn.l firffumeuts and rich
n-nMi from flip, tongues of the other
,um v - - CD
orators of the evenic.
Hon. J. C. Watson, our caauate for
float representative, spoke for about thirty
minutes. Though short, his speech was
complete and interesting. Mr. Watson
confined the attention of his hearers
largely to the politics of this district,
touching the tariff question and national
politics lightly. JJe spoke smoothly and
earnestly, proving his points and com
manding the close attention ot his ueax
ers Many favorable remarks for Mr.
Watson on account of his address, testify
for him, Ufd he will receive support from
the republicans of lias county next Tues
day, which will accord hitn a nice plur
ality, and be an honor to republicans of
John L. Webster, of Omaha spoke for
about an hour. Commencing with the
national ticket he swept things clean,
clear down to the bottom of the ticket
just as the republicans of Cass county
will do next Tuc-aday. Mr. Webster is a
powerful speaker, and held ihe attention
of all. carrying their thoughts with his
I arguments and drawing many rounds of
tpplause and approval from those pres
ent. A strong point of the speech was to
show voters the necessity of casting tln-ir
vote straight, the folly of scratching, and
assuring them of the victory which is so
easily theirs, by so doing.
Monday Will be a Cold Day.
Pittsburg Commercial Gazette: The
patrons of the ever-popular Academy
have a rare treat of fun this week. "It's
a Cold Day, or the Laplanders," is the
title of the humorcu3 and interesting
burlesque there. The Academy won't be
left this week, as the clever and jolly
company there i sure to fill it. nightly.
They are well wortu seeing.
Pittsburg Times: "A Cold Day, ,or
the Laplanders," at the Academy of
Music, delighted a large audience last
evening. It is replete with funny situa
tions, capital hits, pleasing music and
good songs, and produces roars of
Pittsburg Post; "A Cold Pay" was
played to a packed house at the Academy
last eyetiing. The company is excellent.
A number of the latest songs arc intro
duced, and every situation is side
splitting. Phil Young is pleased to announce to
the theatre going public that A Cold
Day" will please everyone that likes fun
and fine singing, and should like to see a
big house next Monday.
Why Was li?
3In. Editor: As a citizen and tax
payer of thU city I should like to know
why the gas lamp on the corner of Cth
and Marble streets, is placed on the side
of the street directly opposite the cross
ings, in which location it is little or no
jise to persons passing that point on such
a dark and muddy night as last evening.
A Citizen-
The lamp was probably placed where
it is because one or more interested citi-
ns requested that it be placed there, as
at U the way street lamps are located. j
fcnU H U ?a Eros,
f.l U ,1 jgi ft l: f-L2vv
Mmmmmm Newmarkets !
U-'-y?iXiy:-Hx and at very Lcnv
j- i ' ,J ... . ! ' - , ' w-i - - ' r-' HI'S H
fell t;: hpi fc; N ;V v ' M-1 U'v? t
vith Plain, Uell or Angel
- 2
' Modieskas. j
JHack Diagonal Cloth, Fur Trim
med, only $7.00.
Black Extra Quality ttoucle CWh,
Spike Fringe Trimmings, Bell S'eeve,
only $10.00.
Black Frieze Cloth, Ball Trio ming,
Quilted Lining, A&trachan Gifts ani
Collars, only 14.00.
Jlrown and Tan Brocaded Matil
lasso, Blush Ball Trimming, Flush
Cutis and Collar, only 15.00.
Silk Flush, Flush BallTrimminge,
plain Satin I4ncd. Chamois pockets,
only S 15.00.
Black Astrachan Cloth, Spike
Trimmings, Satin Lined, only 1G.
Fancy" Silk Stripptf Cloaking,
Ball Trimming to match, Quilted
Satin Lining, only $20.
Seal Plush, Elegant Plush Ball
Trimming, Satin Lined, genuine Seal
Loops, only 23.
gleg&nt Seal Plush, Beaver Ball
Trimmings And Collar, 9mlted Satin
LineL only, $32.5.q; ' '
Our Plush Sac.ues are finished with the best pt Quilted Sa m
Lining Chamois Pockets and Genuine feal Loops. Any prarHep
failing to meet the representation in wear given our garments, wll be
replaced by a new one.
n -w& Tya
sport for the Sportsme.n-
A few days every fall are set apart by
a number of Plattsmouth's sporting citi-A-ns
ns a time for hunting and sporting,
which affords a short rest from the cares
of Inisiiitss. They are known as the
Pl.itismouth Sporting club.
The season is noy at hand for the next
annual fall h int, and the club met at the
office of W. S. Wise hist night and elected
olliccrs for the coming year, as follows:
A. W. Whit-, Tics.; J. G. llicliey, Vite
Pi'es.; W. S. Wise, Sec; dipt. L. D. Ben
nett, Treas.
The number of points allowed for each
kind of game rejnaips the saa.e aa last
year, and one addition, the pheasant,
was added to the prize list. Any bird of
that type is to count 0 points. Next
Thursday and Friday are to be devote!
to hunting. The hunting grounds have
not yet been decided on. The grand
game supper will be held on the follow
ing Monday night, Nov. 12, at the Rid
dle house.
Thos. Kiddle nnd W. II. Baker were
elected captains for the occaJoi;,
sides chosen as follows:
J P Antill
W V Cook
S M Chanman
W S Wi-r
A W White
Wm Weber
L D Bennett
J M Johns
U V Mathews
P Scidenstriker
S II Attjrccd
W II Schildknecht
C C Parmele
C W Sherman
JI E O'Brien
W I) Jones
W Turner
J G Richey
F K Whiio
O Teft
Wr Holmes
A B Todd
F G Fricke
W B Shryock
W Neville
W W" Druminoad
Ed Morley
W II Cushing.
The funeral of little Eddie Sitzman
occurred this afternoon.
Nice little house to rent
d-t2 W. S.
Men's Unlaundried Shirts, 40 cents, at
Epson's the One Price Clothier.
Everything necessary for furnishing a
house can be purchased at II. Boeck's.
Gold and silver watchea enough to
supply the country at H. IL Gault's,
gbeap and warranted to give satiaction.
Our Assortment surpasses
anvthinsr heretofore attempted
by us in tills Department, and
our customers will be surprised
at our magnificent display of
I Vices.
are fchovinj decided novelties in
Stripes, Checks,
and Solid Colors !
5 ii.:;.vr -rJi
Hi H li
Where You Should Co Tonight.
The following program has been pre
pared for the entertainment fo be given
at Rockwood Hall this (Friday) evening
November 2nd.
(.'horns" v Hcoiiio FrUn'.s" S. S. pills.
Ilu.r...llic .Miitlsews ami Carrie V;i.
Kcciialit n M DUin't I liink"-Lil v Mathews.
lri ' Ihf Distant Chimes-' Lilly follot-k,
Anua Muipliv iind Ut-nie Kerney.
Music lv Zytlier Club.
Solo "I-cIiob" Edith Tatterson.
Kfcjtatiou Mhe lead Loil Nana Pc.lloek.
Solo .Mr ' fitri.-iiiiroaiit. "
Duet "tor '" Ji'rd Houe worth and
Carr e Viiss.
(iris (Juaitette "Mv Grandmother's Chair"
Bertha Wise, IdaBoeck, Maggie Olliver and
Carrie Vase.
i-elect lloadlnjr Olive ass.
Solo "I'm VaitingTill My Ship Conies In, '
Anna Muruliy.
Violin Solo Alma Waterman.
Duet "Oh, Morniig Inu"' Lilly rollock.
Mr. Ei(ieuiioadt.
Double (Quartette Lillie rollock, OUie Math
ews, Oertk' Keraev. I.ou KicUey, George Vass,
John Morre, Will & reiht. Thos. Youitg.
After the program refreshments wjH
be served by the ladies and a social time
indulged in. Wc hope to see a large
number present as the proceeds are for
. 7 . i . t 1a ! c J
tlie oenc-nt or me i-resuyieriau runciHy
chcol library and evervijody will be
welcome Admission 10 cents.
Children's overcoats Boy's over
coats Si. 50. Men's overcoats $1.75 at
Mayer's popular Clothing store,
Read the Tru:h.
It has been reported over the county
by certain parties that Allcu Beeson held
the Grand Jurv, at the April term of
of court ISsT, two weeks. So we publish
the following ainriavit from the: clerk of
the courts and ask our readers to govern
themselves accordingly.
The State of Nebraska
Cass County
I, W. C. Showaltcr, Clerk Pistrict
tJcurt in and for said county, do hereby
certify' that the Grand Jury duly called,
impanelled and sworn at the Aprw term
of District Court. A. D. 1887 was in
session for four days and drew pay for
four days and their mileage as shown by
the records in my ofrice.
C. W. Snow ALTER.
Clerk Dist. Court, Cass county, Neb.
Mr. Beeson is too well known for any
other reports to injure him, fcr all such
reports are false If you just ask about
Because he had no Garlaxd Stove,
Buy one of Jonxsox Bsos.
tj id Wv. J
We shall -(.'' r '"!
worth from 01." '.
T i l-
li-.l Gloves,
i.l x,i- Nfaini-
n:d Pi ice
si. go psn p :
This iiK-liui. -s . v. !':r v. c c ii ry i!
Stock of J):ir-''. .- ii. ('a-tors, ami
Driviiiir Gbv -s.
ii IJllttl ll Sll I."
l!l n ks. now !" 1 v. .
t '.u
.1 Tintron Sin . - n . lit t "!ts
IJlucks, now !t-l...". w r'l. .-.- ".
4 Button Our ' n l'au KuJ roid( rcil
Backs, (Ylors i.nd Bla !, now $l.r0,
worth J.OO.
5 Button B.i M.;k !. V.U:i, Colors
and Black, ii" :':-!..;i. w it's s-1.75.
H Button 51 n- iii' i ii
only 1.50, w iti. Jr-V.''"
G Button Mumju. ;:!
and Black, $1.. ":'. v i
4 Button C-rtors, (
.si !.
,!nis, ollly
1.50, worth s-j. '.-().
SuedeGuanlli l Driving ("Idvi-.s Colors,
onlv now $150, woith -5.
Our 4.00 Beaver Shawls in Greys and
Browns, sold el-.: v lirie. at.
i v t, in Greys
.! der, i.-; deeid-
Our 5.00 U'-v i -'! Y
and Browns, with F..i -y I
ed!y a good bar;
Our 7.00 V,
Yt'rv prc-ttv 1 : i -
(ur 0.00 V.
elegant patter:;-;.
Our 10.0(i ;:.
Browns, cut in !
be decidedly c!.
;.-'- ;
: '(.
i. . ; '
,.! I:
i'.lV V
r fjnality,
'i'.'iis and
:i!ul would
Com pi i-'
German Kni:ii;
i HI
ill l. 1 i'.Vvll.
h'airy Floss,
Shetland Fios.0,
,' rs.
Comforts and Blankets.
10x4 White Bh.v.k.-ts at l -5 per pair.
10x4 White Blankets, good weight,
cn)y 2.00 per ?: I
" i0x;l Wliif ;' ail "V:- I Ji.a; auj seel,
only 4.0w.
Our Country inado White, at ?4.75
f.1 i
Oil fcl';;' t jd-uiit 1 lie;
Sc Co. in1 o-ivini;-.
A"i AVTJS'Ct to t!u s .w .'pniiuul for
sell nr
buy them tor the next Thirty
will tell htioi-e ve are many days older who will he
v.: ;: ia hy buying your footwear where you can got
A M'Ucs f'jr only 75 cents, at
l U I I' :
The Study cf Iiianjont:
Strange as ii lipv f:ee::i t tLa uriiiii
tiated, 110 two tiiar.ioiuhi u.-e exactly alike,
but each has a virtue and .1 ruluo pecu
liarly its own. it ii just as rare- to see
two individuals exactly alike in, form
aud feature as it tu sea two diamonds.
TLa idea, also, tht a dealer i;i diamonds
can tell by looking tt a pern its exact
value is all nonsr t:eo. A diamond has to
be studied. WLilo tho aid of a
glass will Lcip to discover tho
slightest Haw or imperfection, it does
not bring out its truo value, by a long
way. Men who handle money constantly
can detect a light coia by s.iaipiy handling
and examining casually, but a fine dia
mond has got to be studied from all points
before a safe estimate can bo put t;pon ita
value. Shape, Bize, perfection of cutting
and such matters cut an important Cgnre
in a diamond's value. Diamond Dealer in
It has been discovered that at least a
portion of the "great American desert" is
underlaid by a stratum of water which
may be reached by boring from 100 to 200
feet. The wells now so bountifully that
one of them will water thoroughly five or
six aeresjof land. Frank Leslie's.
Overcoat3 for men with fur collars and
caffs for 12.50 at Mayer, Popular
Clothing Store.
mm o
per pair, is i xtra large i-i', m.d g u rally
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llxl White Impel iul is lull M.c iiitd
at 7.50 n pair h m good biuoMin.
fl.50.Wt stein Uescrve lied Bluiiktt U
good value tit 5.00.
!.0O, Ki-d Blnnkf t extia weight mid
quid it v.
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all piiei s.
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where at :!0.00
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".vii"re at V i ) "j
:n i:iH'S .suiii evt ry
Our 15.00 PLivli S.i
tii( s, reuh'.r t iiy
pjjee, 5.;.
"' til (Hs &i
so miieli of you: ;itt ution tli.'it
cut iti prices AV. A. LVicek
Fall GootH
wc it re cviinj idled to
.c- i(; '"Cash" to meet our obligntions.
1 -iy yeur Boots and Shoes as cheap as 3011 can
Joe, th" tine piic'- clothier. felling
the genuine ( hicago h.i wit!: the Cl;Vo
I3rnnd in it at v.':5. Lvtry hut war
ranted, t f
No fin r. larg'r, cheaper line of nee'e
wear 111 tin; stat'- of Nebraska than
you ran find at Joe's, the one price
clothier. tf
Dr. C- A. Marshall.
Resident ZJcnfist-
Preservation of the Natural Teeth a
Specialty. Auf-sth-ticf given for Pain
less Filuxo on Exm action ok Tkktit.
Artificial teeth inul" f-n Gold. Silver,
Rubber or CY-lluloid PInts, and inserted
as soon as teeth are extruded when do
sired. ' , -All
work warranted. Prices reasonable.
riTZ3ZaAU' Elock Plattsmoutii, Kkb
V7 f iT ? ST