The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, November 02, 1888, Image 3

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PLiiriSfliou i'ft, "wgifKASKA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2
1.i fory r,f our .,v Li Incomplete;
Tb- leaven of childhood uud of youth are tnb
Yet '-bolter Life u,an never" two to meet;
Our lijm, at leant, aru uot too old for kutoiiig.
What rapture to have iOTei as boy and girl!
How nrwl to have been playfellows together;
Over oo fairy Ulo our h.-ud to curl,
Icacparablu birdiingH of a feather I
To mate In tho first freshness of our youfli
Was happiness lifo to us never granted;
Lonely opart we pined, each seeking truth!
Too ther we have found Ioto'm land enchanted.
Tlio iut U flown; tho future ntill have we;
let our twin nauld blend U-yi.n l the nges.
Till. young cud fair, henlde the Jaor tea.
We may discover oil love's torn nt puges.
George Hill In Llackwood'h Magozino.
. 1888.
Iurin' war tiruca tho gorillas lied torn
up most uv tho cypress ties an used Via
far kindlin' an' btovo wood, an tho result
wuz that when tho war wuz over there
wuzn't anytLink left uv tho Ilan'bul 'nd
bt. Jo but the rollin'-btock 'iid the two
htroaks uv rails from one end uv tho road
to tho Other. In tho spring uv '67 I lied
to pro out into Kansas, and takin tie
Ilafr bul 'nd St. Jo at Palniyrv junction I
wuzn't long in findiii' cut that tho Ilan'
bul 'nd St. Jo railmnd wuz jist about tho
wust cast of rolllu prnirer I ever struck.
i hero wuz ono bunk left when I boarded
the sleepin' car and I hod presence uv mind
'iiuff to ketch on to it. It wuz thoji just
about dusk an' tho nig-ger that sort uv
run thinp in tho car sez to rue: "Eoss,"
sez lio, 4T11 have to get you to pleas not
t sitoro to-night, but to bo uncommon
t.nafc ion fez i. "iiain i paid my
t,2 an' hain't I entitled to all tho luxuries
uv tho outfit?"
Then tho nigger loaned over an told mo
tbut Col. Klij.Ji (lutes, ono uv the direc
tors uv the i oral an' t ho richest man in
Marion county, wuz ubo inl, an' it wuz ono
of tho rules uv tloj company not to do any
thing to bother him or get him to fell his
ido !i.
Tho nipper pointed out Col. Gates, "ncl I
tool; :t Ion!; at him as ho sot readiu' Tho
I'ulmyry Sjx-ctator. lie wuz one of our
Md uv people loiitr, raw boned 'nd
Lu.-ky. Il j.Kikf -1 to be a!out GO cicv
If liotquiloontoCO. lio uuznt bothered
v-;. !i much Imir onto his head, "nd his
was r luived. all except two rims or
t'; i:i s uv it that r.m down the sides uv
his luce 'ml ni'-t underneath his chin,
i .Ms frir.f-o filled t:p hi.; neck so that ho
I'i-Iu't Lev to wc:r no collar, 'nd lio hadn't
jewelry about liiiri exrep' a Lg carne
iiaa bosom pin that had tho picture uv a
woman's lies:d ua it in white. Ilis Fpecs
y-l well dov. n on his nose "nd I could seo
Lino ovtr Yui. small eyes, but
".''.'.: i ur -od nati:.-: '!. h"--iveca his read
.''vl is p.vfr 'nd his oatiii' plug1 ter
rr' tol.-r'L'iy l.usy till come bed-
'ii'o r.-t o:i hep' us quiet 18 y
cf.;;id. for wo knew it v;iz an honor io
;ide in the &:it:ic tLepk' cur Willi tho
i :r!:?st rr.-iTi i:i Mari-.n conn ty "nd a direc
!(!: uv th-." iic.ii'bal ':id ii. Jo. to boot.
.A ! "boct i o'tK ! i' o cr lfiTu l reck
. . i l i.-jM tniT-.b! into l;f-J; vi'e.; he'd
'.r'we-d l.i.s lyis 'il l hvn-j hid Coat
i .t-l in a frcs'i h:;r.k n nat'rr.l leaf ho
oiv.-kd into the best bunk an' prceontly
we 1 verod Lim slcciu'. 'Jhcri? wuz Tir.ti
i:i clr-e fr th? rtr-t uv us to do but to
folkr suit, 'nd v.o did.
It must I:ave lwn about an hour later
?ay ulons alut I'rairer City that a
Vtuan Cue: nl.fd wjtlt a baby. Thero
i ) .-n't no iunk lor her, but tho nlrtrer
tillowcd th.tfc sho miprlit set back near tho
etove. for the baly 'pcarcd to be kind of
sick like 'nd th woraau lo.kc(l like she had
been ciyin. Whether it wuz tho jouncin'
sy !; ar or whether tho younf one wuz
hu jTiy or Led a colh into it I didn't
knOw, b:it anyhow the train hadn't pulled
o it uv Prairer City aforo the baby oecrau
kep riirot on crvln. fst th
3iuok-l but Low that baby clid cry
P.ow 1 reckoned that tho coloiul would
bo pettin" almighty mad If this thlnr kep'
up much longer. A man mar rakto "lven
children as easy as rollin" oir"n a Io". "nd
yet tho twelfth one. that isn't his at all
may break hint There Is ginorally a last
btraw. even when It comes to tho matter
uv children.
So when tho colonel riz feet forerpost
for tho third time outern Lis bunk that
uiht or, I should say, moruin', for it
was mighty near moruin' uuw-wo looked
for hail Col urn by.
"Look a hero, my good woman." sez Lo
to tho young woman with tho baby, "as I
wuz tellin' you aforo. von must d. .-r
pin to keep that child quiet. Itll never
do to keep all these folks awako like this.
They ve paid for a good night's sleep, nd
it s my duty as a director uv tho Ilan'bul
nd St. Jo to jertest agin this disturbance.
I ye raised a family uv "lovcn children nd
I know, as well as I kuow anythink, that
t hat child Is hungry. No child ever cries
like tLat when it isn't hungry, so I insist
on your nursin' it 'ud giviu us peace 'nd
I uc-n tho young woman begun to sniffle.
"Law me, sir," says tho young woman.
"I ain't the baby's mother I'm onlv iust
tendin'it." 3 1
The colonel got pretty mad then; his
face got red 'nd Lis voice kind uv trembled
Le wuz so mad.
"Where is its mother?" sez tho coloneL
"Why isn't she hero takin' car uv this
hungry 'nd cryin' child like she ought to
"She's in tho front car. sir." tli
young woman, chokin up. "She's in the
front car In a box, dead; we're takin' the
body 'nd tho baby back homo."
Now what would you or me have done
what would any man Lavo done then
nd there? Jost what tho colonel done.
Tho colonol didn't wait for no second
thought; Lo jest reached out Lis big bony
hands 'ud he eez, "Young woman, gi me
that baby" sez it so quiet 'nd so gentlo
liko t fiat eccnied liko it wuz the babv's
mother that wuz a -speakin'.
The colonel took tho baby and rWfr,
may bo yon won't believe me tho colour'
held that baby 'nd rocked it in his arms
'ud talked to it like it had been his own
child. And tho babv seemed to know that
it lay agin a loviu' heart, for, when it
heerd the ol" man's kind voice 'nd saw Lis
smilia' face 'nd felt tho soothin' ro. kin'
Tarf-iiU and Teacher Miurt IlxercUe an
Overnight CureicsHiiix cr Nurwr-CiuiM
of Squinting A Critical Period A Cou
ple of Good Kules.
uv his arms, tho baby stopped itsgrieviu'
'nd cryin' 'nd cuddled up cloao to the
colonel's breast 'nd begun to coo 'nd laff.
The colonel called tlio nigger. "Jim,"
sez he, "you go ahead 'nd tell tho con
ductor to stop tho train at tho first farm
house. We've got to have some milk for
this cbild'-somc warm milk with sugar
into it; 1 Lam t raised a family uv 'leven
children for nothiu'."
Tho baby didn't cry no mere that night;
east wise we didn't hear it if it did crv.
Dlessed if
us would
to tr.ko on. The nigger run back as fast
ns l:o could 'nd told tho voting woman
that bhe'd have to keep that baty fiuiet
. because Col. 'Lijy Gates, oue uv the direc
tors uv tho road, wuz in the car and wunt
be disturbed. Tho young woman caught
l'.p tho baby scart like nd talked soothin'
to it 'nd covered t little face with her
fthawl 'nd done all them things thet
women do to make babies go to sitep.
But the baby would cry, and, in spito
it a'd the young woman 'nd the nigger
fould do. Col. Klijah Gates heard the baby
rryin', 'nd so Le waked up. First his two
bine yarn socks come through the cur
lain "nd then his long legs nd long body
'r.d long far? hove into sight. He com
down the car o fho young woman 'nd
!ooki at her over his specs. P'dn't seem
to bo in least bit mad; jest solemn 'ad
bizness like.
"My dear madam," 6? z he to the younj
jvoiaan, "you must do 6umpin' to keep
that child quiet. These people have all
paid for their bunks 'nd they are entitled
to a good night's sleep. Of course I know
how 'tis with, young children will cry
sometimes have raised leven uv em my
self, 'nd know all about 'cm. Cut as a
i3lrctor uv the Ilan'bul 'nd St. Jo I've got
to portent the rights cf these other folks,
go jist keep tha baby quiet as you kin."
Now. there wexn't not Lin cross in the
roT'jrWs tone; the colonel wuz as kind 'ud
consid'rifc as conld bo expected uv a man
vho had so mnch responsibility a-restin'
onto Lim- tut th. young woman was
.kind uv nervous 'mi aft or tho colonel
rnt back 'r.d got into Lis bunkim vonng
.."jian fc,'ui:ej auu nunim aim sevmeu
-ie bh had Jost her wits, 'nd the babv
r" crvin' j ?i a-j hard as ever. Waal,
t t:cr; wuzn t mti'.-n sieejjiu to oe none in
tl.ut car. iT vvLat witli tho baby cryin'
':il the oi:"? v.omun a-suyr.i : Ja,
,'. i- "i-,! "Oh. t?v" tnd tho nirqer a-
nd Hko t uO bidder bewitched
s!vr ulT7 out nv
ran to vako ur.
"ud rut their heads outern their bunks to
tee what wuz the do-gone matter. TLLi
mido thirgs ploasanter for the yourjg
woman. The color-I stood it as long as
Lo could and then Lo got up a second
tim'o "nd come down th? ear 'nd looked at
the voung woman over his specs.
"Sow, as I wuz tellin' you afore," sez
Lo. "I hain't makin' no coyiplaint uv my
self, for I've raised a family of 'leven
children "nd I know all about "cm. Bui
these other folks Ler in tho car have
I aid for a gcod night's sleep 'nd it's rav
duty as a director uv tho Ilan'bul 'nd St.
.To to see t hi-1 they get it. Seems to me
like J ou ought to be able to keep that
child quiet you can't make tno believo
that there' any use for a cLild to b)
carryiii' on so. Somepin's hurtin" it I
know fcumpin's hnrtiu It by tho way it
cries. Now, you look 'nd eeo if thero
ain't a pin stickin' into it somewhere; J'vo
raised 'leven children 'nd that's just tht
way they used to cry whou thero wuz a
pin stickin' 'em.
lio reckoned he'd find things all right
thi-i time 'nd Lo went back to Lis Lunk
f jclin' tolorldo satisfied .ith hiaisclf, but
the young r or.ioii couldn't fcnd no pia
-.stin ti Labv. nd. no matter hov
nuicb. she stewed nd worrited, tho baby
And what if v.o had heard it?
I don't think everv last ono of
havo got up to help tend that
tit Io thing.
That wuz inore'ii twenty years Rgo, but
I kia remember the last words I lieerd tho
coIt.cI say: "'o matter if it does cry,"
sez he. "It don't mako no more uoist
I li ill a cricket, nohow, 'nd I reckon that
I n director uv tho road I kiu stop
tho tialn 'ud let off imy body tiiat don't
liko tho way tho Ilan'bu' 'nd St. Jo does
Twenty years f.g-o! Col. Elijah Gates
is sleepia' lu the J'almyry b;rj in' ground;
likely us not tho baby has growed up
Icastv.-iso tho Ilan'bul 'nd St. Jo has;
every think is difTercnt now everylhink
!:au changed cverythink except human
i:atur, an 1 hat is tho samo it alius ha3
been, and it alius will bo, I reckon.
Eugeiio Field in Chicago News.
Many persons yearly mato tho very sad
mistake of neglecting their eyes until
they begin to see tho mist before them,
until tho object they are looking at must
bo brought verv close to the eye to bodis
cerned, or until the print in tho book they
are reading becomes all blurred, and then,
when in many cases it is too late to re
pair the injury that has been caused, they
begin to seek udviea Every year there
are hundreds of cases that conio under
tho oculists' caro that could havo been
cured if a few rudimentary principles had
Wen known to or observed by the patient
These things everybody bhould kuow.
but. perhaps, of all persons whose es
pecial duty it is to know them, tho mother
has tho greatest need of it. She. at least
)f all persons, hhould know thut tho
luman eye of tho child whose in f;mcv H
vhe first few years of its tender childhood
are especially entrusted to her caro, for
very often it is in infancy, when tho child
is yet but a few months old. and has not
left the nurse's lap, that its little eyes
are injured for life.
It is natural that, when we havo ar
rived at middle age and begin descend in"
tho hill of life, our sight should coin
mence to fail, but how are we to preserve
it as long as it is possible? First, by hav
ing our competent mothers and nurses
take care of them for us while wo are yet
infants. In a day or two after birth it
will perhaps be noticed that tho lids are
swollen, and perhaps that some irruptive
disease has set in. In such a caso the
mother or nurse will do well not to try to
bo doctor as well as oceunyinir tho trvintr
position of either mother or nurse. A
skillful practitioner should at onco bo
called in to seo tho child, that is, if the
symptoms become at all serious, because
it is at tins verv time that the sight of
tho child may be seriously affected and
perhaps permanently impaired. Above
all things don't in such cases try moth
or's milk; neither bo overanxious that
tho child may bo hungry, and thereby
overfeed it. IJemember, first of all, that
a low diet must bo given in such cases;
this is imperative. The child should at
ouco be taken from a place where thero is
a strong light and kept in a room where
tbe sun or artificial light has been sub
dued. A conscientious physician will in
most cases bo able to effect a rapid cure
and save tho child from untold agony,
which it might have to endure when it
grew older if neglected now.
Nurses frequently allow the child to lie
in their (tho nurses') laps, and in such a
position that in order to gazo about it, the
infant must roll its eyes until sometimes
it is staring at objects oyer its forehead
or with its head tipped back it is looking
at objects upside down. Tho careful
nurse and tho thoughtful mother will
never allow the child to reclino in this
The republicans of the I'nlted State, assem
bled by llieir delurnU's lu national convention.
iiniu-e on me wirt'MioKi 01 llieir proceediiiKH t
honor the memory of tlieir lirsi irn-ut
Hiid immortal champion of liberty and I In;
rights of the people, Ahraliam Lincoln, mid io
cover also with w rem In if Impel isiiHhie re
membrance and K'atitude th heroic names of
our later leaflets who have been m ie recently
called away from ourcouncd. (Irani, (iillcll.
Ai uiur, i.ok;iii and ( onklliiK- May llieir mem
ories be faithfully cherished. V e also refHll
with our KreetliiKM H,1 prayer for his recoveiy
the name of one of our living liero-s whose
IIU IIHII V will lie t r:. Hlirtxl In Hia liUlnrv l..,il.
of republican)) and ol the republic. The name
U that of the nnble nol.iier and favorite child
of victory, f'lilliii II. Mieiidaii.
lu the bpirii f those ureat leaders and ofour
devotion t tinman liberty, and with that hos
tility to ail fortiisof deNpotiFtn aid oppression
which is the fundamental idea of the republi
can parly. u fend Irate nal coiiKratulaiiomi
to our fellow American of llrnzil unmi liielr
treat act of emancipation which completed
uie anoutioii oi slavery tlirouliout the two
American continents. We earnestly hope we
nay noon conriitulate our fellow cilitens of
Irif h bnih iiiou tue peaceful leeovery of home
rule for Ireland.
place it so
(it tho First How 83uH,
"It's funny that so many silly old fel
lows will persist in taking tho first row
seats," said a bright coryphee at Niblo's.
"They might as well stay out of doors
and ask afterward if we had seen them.
Tho footlight glare is so etronar that It is
impossible to distinguish anybody person
ally within a range of several rows, and
even then, especially in a spectacle, whera
so mucn depends on dazzling lights, it la
almost impossible to maKe out mdivia.
uals. lneyaro all alike, and about as
separate in feature as so many Stoughton
bolt les. Jiera and titere, witn tno waver
ing light, ti glistening" surface hobs hif q
view, and shows us that our old admirers
are on duty, but the vision is too brief
and vague for any special glances or
"A yoang friend of mine in the second
line of thefjlathlaa Sandorf pallet hat an
anxious experience ' a' few weeks ago on
this account. Her intended husband fW
seveiaj nights sat near to the stage,
and beamed with happiness every time
his idol came into view. Her ' smiles,
however, appeared to bo in directions
away from him. He was jealous in an in
stant, and went homo brooding and hurt,
instead of after her, as was his custom.
The next night and the next he had the
same sad experience. Sho was mystified
and heart broken- At last c&nie along
his grieved letter, which 6he confided to
mo, and tho wbole thing was clear. 1 Lad j
her write him a tender note, and when i
they met had tho cilliculty soon mended
and" left them rs happy ns ever, lie now
eits further back in tho orchestra, how
ever." New York Evening Sun.
v.-i.'li tLis .in ou, s!
t!.o r.Tiest. l'olks bi;
Medical New Tork in 1S0O.
It was an ago of controversy, of fierce
politics and unyiriding domatisin. In
riDdicino tho methods of "Galen rather
than of Hippocrates prevailed, and thero
was more art than science; theor rule!
tho day. Tho physician of the period
prated about nature, inert practice, plo
thora and depraved humors, but bled in
riably and without grudging. Vene
section was tho fashion; indeed, its omis
sion was a oin.
Tho first dissection In the city, that of
the body of a criminal, was made in 1750,
and is in New York city the first
medical degree ever granted iu America
was conferred upon ono Robert Tucker.
In 1703 occurred tho great yellow fever
(pldc-inic, which destroyed 2,ll3J persons,
creating a great furor in the ranks of the
meuic.-.l profession both in the Old and
Nerv Worlds. Tho physicians of the day
carried their own medicine and charged at
the rate cf 12 ccvU a dose. Dr. John
Shrady's Lecf uro.
It Costs One Horse Tower. I
According to tho best scientific author
ity, it costs one horso power to keep lu j
motion one ton pf metal or weight; thuj
every unnecessary 2,000 pounds weight on
xocr lino shaft costs yon one horse power.
To maintain a horse power costs from $23
to per year. Any manufacturer who
will take tho pains to investigate the un
necessary weight, by heavy iron pulleys,
too tight belts, etc., will Le surprised (a
II nd tho eucrraous waste of power caused
iu this manner, to say nothiug about tha
loss resulting from the shortened life
of tho entire equipment. Boston Budget
Iiositipn, or if they do, will
tuai ruero win no no incentive for it to
look over its head. Sight is impaired in
many children in this way.
When tho child is teething is a critical
time for its eyes, and later, when it is be
ginning to learn to read, be careful then
that it does not acquire habits which,
when it matures, cannot be easily eradi
cated. Observe how it lipids its book:
don't Ic-t it hold it up to its face' and
squint 'at ii. 'lio careful' alsq that it isee
both eyes at the same time, because many
children acou'tra the, 'habit $i uajtig oiie
eye and leaving the other unused, caus
i:ig it in time to grow exceedingly
weak. Primers and first readers should
invariably be in largo type. and
tho child should bo made to sit up
straight. Pontr-ntly leaning over, a'desk
or a piano has a pad effect "Upon the eyes
of children, which is" 'fully equaled, py a
misfortune which befalls Tittle girls, and
that is thetr tresses falling down over
their faces. It is supposed that squinting
is caused in the brain, but it is well known
that children inherit it. Many of these
surrounding influences are indirectjv tho
cause of squjnting, and they should 'be
most sealously guarded against- Always
see to it that children have plenty of
iresa air in me scnool room, and do not
excite tno child s imitative faculties
Many a child has been a squinter for life,
maae so by imitating a nurse or a com
pauioif who squintea ro? iun. u nis Is a
most pernicious practice, and one that ' is
oftentimes Indulged in by those who have
the care of children because the child
ou Z1J4B. K l.lll.t BO WC1.
The next very critical period is when
ii i.ii i i .
me cnua nas grown into a youtli or
maiden. Their constant study, or the too
ciosg application q pn exacting occupa
tion, fvill work incalculable injury.' TP
young man pr woman who is fortunate
enough to discover this In time has reason
to bo thankful, for the skillful oculist
may, if he has the patient in season, be
able to do him some temporary rood: but.
alas! for those who are not aware of their
true conaition unVJ they are frightened
some day by the specter of luminous
objects and black specks floating before
them. They seo undulatinir brhts and
objects that appear to be composed of a
misty substance. When this state of
things arrives the wise youth or maiden
will at onco sLow himself to a physician
and get medical advice. If the defect to
the eye is in its first stages tho doctor
will not bo iu any hurry to have you wear
glasses. ims is not so desirable 55
many suppose. U lasses are anpoy
lag to thoso who are forced to
wear them, and if thero Is any way
A - 1 - 1 . . J
10 u.oiu it, no one snouia oe in any
hurry to put them on. In the first piac,
a person who notices himself afflicted w ith
these symptoms will seek rest." If he is a
student, let him temporarily give up the
companionship 01 his books apd sack th
companionship of nature.
Always it will be found that good sight
is dependent to a great extent upon good
i-caiTii, anu on snouia never, under any
circumstances, neglect his general condi
tion, no matter how trifling the circum
stance or symptoms may appear to be.
A good rule to remember in carir.g for
tho bight U: Neye? scad In bed; and
another very good . rule to. observe (it i
disregarded by almost everybody) is nevei
to read on the cars. Boston Globe.
to the iialiona' constitution ami to the iudin ilile union of slates to the autoonmv re-servt-jt
Io ihe stales miner the eoiiMitnriou. to
the personal rights and liberties of citizen,, in
nil -.Juti-n and teir'tones i the union and en
pechilly to the supreme aud sovereign ii:rlit of
every eiuzen. rieii or poor, native or lnelKii
l-oru, white or black, to cat oue free ballot in
i ne punnc eieciious ami to have that ballot
limy eouuiPd. vt e noiu a iree and honest pop
ular ballot and jiint and qiial representation
of all ptople t lie the foundation of our re-
iiuiilicun government and demand elfeeiive
legislation to necuie the mtejjiity an-: puiily
i fit-i -1 inns h men Hre i lie ouniilllS ol ail pun
llo authority. We eliuru that Ilie present ad
iiiiniMirauoii a::u me (temocraiic maj rily iu
congress owe their exl.-dence to 1 be Mii-iresion
of the ballot by the eiiiniiiHl millilieat on of ilie
consum' 1011 and laws of the United Slates
we are uneromi'ioiiiiM nly In f iver of the
American system of pio'etllon. We protest
nxuinsi me uesirueiiou proposed oy the prel
dent and his party. They serve the iuterp-t
of Kuroue
We accept the Issue, and coundently appeal to
the people for their Judgment. The protective
system must be maintained. Its abandonment
nas aiwayg neen lollowed by uenersd dU ter
to all interests except those of the uueurer
and sheriff.
We denounce the Mills bill as destructive to
general husinees. labor, and the farming inter
ests of t lie country, and we heartily endorse
the consistent aim patriotic action of the re
publican representatives in congress in oppos
ing its passage. We condemn the proposition
of 1 he democratic party to place wool on the
free list and insist that ilie. duties thereon
sha 1 be adjusted and maintained so :i to fur
nish full and adequiite protection to that in-
u-n jr.
The republican nartv would effect, nil i.e. .,!,!
reduction of thu national revenue by repealing
me iMi-t ou looaceo, "iiicii are an arrogance
.urn i uiucn iu ;ui;imurc. anu tne t:iv imnii
spirits used in the arts and for mechanical pur
pose, and by such revision of the tariff 1 iv,s as
will tend to check import 01 such articles as
a e produced by our people, the production of
which gives employment to our labor, and re
lease li"m import duties these articles of for
eign production, except luxuries, tlio like of
which cannot ut produced at home, there hall
si ill remain a larger revenue than is reoulxltt
for tne want of government, of internal taxes
rainer man surrender any part of our 1 rotec
tive system t tre joint bell, st of the w hisky
ft " ..(irUl31;i ioiei;u iiiaiiuiaciurers.
We declare hostility lo (lie h traduction into
t'ds country of foreieii contract labor and of
Chinese lubor alien to our civilization and our
coi:miiuuou. ana we ueinaua iherigi
iiiiii o; e.i.sMi..g ia;.vs against 11 and lavorsiich
iiiiineoiaie legislation as will exclude sue
o'.i 110111 iiui snores.
n uev.-i:tre our ojiposnion IO H'l COIIlbll.a
tion ot eapilal organized 111 tmsts or other
wihelo control arbitrarliv the condition oi
trade aicoug ur citixmis and a' vecdmiiiend
o congress ami tl'.a state itgisiiitures in their
respective jurisdiction? such legislation as will
prevent the execution nf all schemed to 0 Vie-si
he pet pie by undue cliaives on their 'li'ojilies
orbyui.iut ral-eu for tiiu Uansj,oitatioii of
their product4 lo maiket
We :iptr ve legislal ion by cong-eys lo pie
vent alike unjust burdens aud unfair d scrnii
fnation between -tates.
i i:li: 1. xi lk;isi, ,,t:ov.
We reidiirm ili pchey cf approp i itipr
iMiblic hiiids of the !liit d Si;irc-! o i n i.
stead for Ainet -a;! :hil ivrtl.-i'Si not
aliens, ' .lit' prt.lfi:tT cil'i'l v "VirtaiilKhed
in i:2 agAmsl the p-i4is.; opposition of
tlie demiitra s u coiigie.s. which h;i l.ivjmht.
' wesjirm ii. main mj Jiiiiiiiiiriyent de
country, promote trade, open new and direct
markets lor our products ami cheap 11 the cost
of transportation. We afllrm tliU tube far
belter for our country than tue democratic
1 .i.icj- 01 loaning tne government' money
Without UilereNt lo "pet banks."
J ne conduct of foreign affairs by the pieseut
numiuistrailon Han beeu dn-t Ingiil.shed hv Inef
flcle-cy and cowardice. Having withdrawn
irom uie seiiale nil pending trea les elterted
by republican adminiNtralioi s for Iho removal
01 ioreign uurdens mill restrictions upon our
1 oiuiiieiie auu lor us extension into a better
mantel 11 nas neither allectcd nor prop-ined
any others In their stead. Professing adher-
eniro 10 11 moiirne noeii-ine it iiu u'liii
j Idle complacency the extension of foreign I11-
inienee in Central America and of foreign trade
everywhere among our ueighbois. Ithasie-
iiised to charter, sanction or encourage any
American oigiinlzytlon for com-tructing the
Nicaragua canal, a work of vtal Importance to
111c ii.aniienanee 01 uie Aionroe doctrine and
of our national intluem-e In Central and South
A mei lea, and neces.-ary fo tbe development
of trnde w itli our 'aeitic tenitorv. w ith Souih
America, aud with the further coasts of the
I aciflc Ocean.
We arraign the present democratic adminis
tration for its weak aud uupatrintic treatment
of the fisheries question, and its piihilUuimoux
surrender of all privilegnn to which our llsherv
wsseli arc enti led in Canadian ports under
the treaty of lsls. the reciprocate, maiin-
uiie letnianou or is:h and comity of nati 111
and whieh Canadian lishing vesnels receive I
ilie ports of tne I niteil Mtali s. We con Jem
1 no 1 i.iicy oi uie present administration an
iu iiemocratle majority lu congress toward
our turneries as iiiiirif udlv and consplelnu-d
unpatriotic and as teudimr todei-t rov il viilteit.l
nat ional industi y and an indispeiislfde resource
01 oeiene against I reign enemy.
The name of American applied alike to x
cilizens of the rep.ibll . ami impones upon men
alike the same oi ligatio 1 of obdleii';e to the
aw. At thesametimeci i.eiishiis and must
be the panoply and safeguard of him who weais
11, .mourn .siiie'n and protect linn whether hlgl
or low. rich or noor. in all his civil -; 1. 1 1
should and must afford htm protection at hoim
ami follow and protect him abroad in whatever
iu.uu ue may uh on a lawitn errand.
The mii .. 1. ,i:,.,.i rei-i:' !!. ), i,...
ly in luil ami cmil 11.1. e . . ..iu-ie lo U.e demo
wia.iiu fiaity nave (ic.serieii not only the cause
of honest government, but. of sound finance, of
iiceuom ann Tini-irv or riie r.ui ni i...t i..t.un.
lallv have deserted the einiao nf r..f i. ii...
civil service. We will not tall to keep our
pledges because tl ey have broken theirs, or
DK-ause ineir candidate lias broken l.N. We
j ueieiore repea' our declaration of 1MH4. towit
uie reiorm or civil service auspiciously begun
under republican administration ttlllltllfl lio
completed by afurther extensinn of th" reform
svstem alread v es'.'ihlisheil I.v law tn ni; i,,t,,t..
" me aervice 10 w iiicn ir M apnned. 1 lie pi I'
ll .and purpose of reform should be observed in
all executive aDpolntmcnts. and all laws at
. anc-iii e nun me oejeei oi extsiiug reiorm 1 g
islation should be repealed, and that Hie dan
gers to free institutions which lurk in the pow
er of official patronage may be weiy ami ef
fectively avoided.
The gratitude o ilie nation to the defenders
of the union cannot be assured except hv laws.
Hie le-gishit ion of congress should conform to
the pledges made by a loyal p -op!e. and be so
enlarged and extended a to prov'de against
the possibility tht any man who honorably
wore the foderal uniform shall become an In
mate of an almshouse or dependent on private
charity. In me presencn of an overflowing
treasury it would b a public scandal to do less
for those whose valorous service preserved the
government. We denounce the hostile snii-it
dhown by President Cleveland in his numerous
vetoes of measures for pension relief. a ti.e
action of the democratic house of eHicenta
tives in refusing even cona-i'ituon of general
pension legislating
In SUDIKir!. I lie' illllielnlea l-i-,... It I,
et'.fo.l ti-'A l.iv.u(l... ..... .1 . . ,
... . v . . ni,: i.-ii -ii nei .ii iiui oi iiiii riiii if i .
men of all parties, especially of all v.'o,,knuf. j.wfchUY,
nitY ;ooi.s.;Kori:niK.s.
arry a large niock of 1'lno .rocerl'K,
fJoods, Carpets. liieeuswMie, Notiomi,
Fancy (looiln, to be found In the county,
per Ma ii Hrect. between Mil and nth.
t i : x i i s i
"Tho I'amlcsi DeutMs." Teeth extracted
without tlm least pain or harm, a in Iflelal tetli
Inserted Immediately after extracting mitniHl
one when deired. Hold and nil ol her Filling
utilctly lit t chus. Office In Union Jtlock.
luriillure. lleddlng, ltoKtng (;lan, IMcturH
l rames. etc. Wooden aud Metal Caskets kept
iu Hock.
" I. I'KAltl.MAV
Kurulture. I'arlor Mnin l'i.i.,.v
ioves. Queeiiswaie, Tinware, and all kinds of
Hoip-eholiH ioods. Ni.iili mi. ....i 1...1..
Main and Vine. '
.1. II. ION N KI.I.V
dents Fine Furnisher iin. I Hatter. Tim most
complete ami llnest slock In the city. C'airulh
lilnek. Cor. 51 ll and Main
w ni if 1 1 irr tv v.
.... -- .
I lie Leading Dealers in Hi-.,,.. 1,,.-.,
China, Wooden and Widow ware
flour, I-eed.&c. Cayh paid for country produce,
rjKOCI' KIKH. ' '
t.roccrleH, rrovlfioim, tihissware and Crockery.
(reen. Staple and Fancy Orocei les.
. , , HICNNF.Tr & TUTT,
tapleand Fancy Groceries, iJreen Fruits and
( aimed (Jood.s.
ai;c It A CM
J.ror cries and iieenswaie, Fhuir nnd Feed.
IKltrs. flilKU'CU mill CmlMrv I'i.l.lU II.......
...... " - j .....lull. ..ipiic
CUIUS Wnm ! 1 irrn
staple and F
Croi kery. Flour and Feed. '
Klf I'll eniw
rropiietorCltv lintel r.. u"'m tU ...
special Attontlon given commercial men.
w. : if ki.-lm.-ic
Successor to O. M. Stivigiu, liariiei-s. Saddler
OOdS. ,Net-. Ilnlies IliiHii.ii um.i ..11
ilshiu uooxIsl
II an! ware. Stoves. Tinware, Table and I'ocket
t lltleiv. K:LSoi's. ete II..1.0..I...1.1 w 1.... . ..
of L'!ruo"i'' -V'1 ,j!,H'li" "tOTW. J inwork
of all kinds done at reasonable prices. Main
street. Uockwood Ulock. 1 '
I!. A
Watches. Clocks
SI t'rtl'tU! pa niwl THO..II.L
Special Attuiitiou dven to Wiitcli JCep'airiug.
h 1a "'f " w'"J-e prosperity is seriously l.Ve.lene.l
lsM"iMon'ee VolicY ttftna present adinin-
....'" ihe ilVvt U- 0"ril of il L'ood irnvurur.,,. Ic
the virtue and sobriety of the peoph mid the
purity of their homes. Ti.
cordially sympathises with nil wise and writ
directed cttollsfoi the promotion of temper
ance. 1
KliAN'K f'A IHflTTir k. uz-ixr
Always carry aliuc sf ee of Diamonds, Vatch -Ur
T. 1. ' ;TW Hrv- "V'trwai-o and Spectacles.
11 g 1 """ i"s,'1 ttu-lrgoods before parchas-
.r iir t c i
.I..ia'ah ... '
' "i-'ti. itiiuani waiciies a
iMi'cof, near Fourtii.
Specialty. Main
ni r.. C. M. MOI.MKS SON,
Ihe Checkered llar-i. I.lverv Kced and Sale
stable : panies conveyed to ail parlsof the cit v.
t airiages at wll ir .ins. Corner Vine and eth.
f! L'. Vti(.l' A S'jiud No'arv riiblio.
ait'ej.u BlovU. I'lattsiuouth, Neb.
OITlcc Ir
velQpeiUKi't '1 I.e. w.--ieiuinj'ii of 1:1 f.iiriif.fl l-Lii.l
' 'lit pooii;: uoin iu ior Ilie Use of ac-
imti seiiiels.wiucli was begun under the ad-
miiiieiraiioii ot 1 'res dent Arthur should he
A. N. 8UI.LIVAN. Will give prompt Attention
, uiiiesB inirusteo to 'iim. tjiiice in
..moil ihock, cast side, i'lattsiuouth. Neb.
A . HA Lb & CiiAIU.
Agriciiltnra! Implements. Cooithind Hucoies
d 'J imber and
ted. .Main street.
continued. We deny that Ihe dem; crat;c partv . ,R. c-iiu"lral ."""PM'Pnts. Coo
has ever restored one acre to the people, but inu , '-'."'"i04, , " ''.!!" "'
declare that by the action of tepid s iHV A,vy, sVUi Hi"i V "fanted
and dcmociats about flfv m;iiiii;i nixi s V f'u n- betwet'M Sixth and Seventh.
.";"?. "i'iii.iii! y tr;iiiit;q n
yi 'ah;is;-live liuen
l:c domain in piVrsuaucc. o
earned P'imI
the put
or. In't roa-
rcstored to
of condition
insrt'-d l;y th ict.WJ.,;ia luily th oiilu.
al grants. We cp;i.i4u t iimocratic aduiinis-
uaiioii w itn lan-iro 10 execilie laws ,sect;l ii:ir to
".iiiup iniu i ineii iHMne.Me;.os a::u wiTJi us
ing ap; ropi ia t ions m:ide for than purpose to
iiarrass ienocent settlers with snies ;m.i
curious under the fale pretense of exposing
frauds and vindicating the law.
ADMISSION " Tf.-'.'.'.'I'-.-vj,
ies isri.-acft, ups iu --!iy only :o the end that
they may become states In the uniou : there
fore, whenever the conditions of population
material resources, pi.blic intelligence and'
morality are such as to Insure stable local gov
ernment therein the people of such territories
should b- permitted, a right inherent ia tnem
to fona for themselves constitution. and state
Plattsmoulh. Capital $50.0110; suiplu Sli.
otto, .loiiu rit7geiald. Pr?.ileiit ; S. Wanuh.
. vil ""'ie, ice-i-resnient. Hoard
of Directors : J lin Kitzo-erMlil Ic t
... o ci.k 1. iiT. "
"" -ioiv, i. nun knv.u(1 n, s, waugll.
governmeota ami br. ad iLtivr into rti-o m.o...
Pend ing piN)pai ..t i n fd? statehood all officers
thereof should be selected trom bona fills
residents and citizens of tle territory w V.eivi
i ieyaie ig serye. Sovif.i i;1uu should of
ngiii ue niimt'T!;;eiy namnied as a state in
tho. umoii under' the constitution framed and
adopted by her people and we heartily en
dorse the action of the republican senate in
twice passing bills for her admission. 1 he reJ
i-isai 01 uie democratic house of renreseid.ji-
tive. 'or partisan pui'i;ses. t faveniblv efco
sider these bi!N is -4 w'fui vioiatidn ol tho
' f'u" A,4iO'.' !tiii'C-!lile of iooiil elf-g.-vern
meui, an 1 lueuu lite condemnation of all just
men. 'the pending bills in ihe senate for acts
to enable the noodle of Wishington, North
Dakota and Moutanna teiritories 10 form ei.n.
slitu ion and estahlisli state governments
should be passed without unneces arv (le'sr
licitn pa-ty pledges Insc't '. m'
o facil't-tte the ; I.i i...
ritorWs of Nv Wyoming. Idaho and
A.ii'Aia fit tne ecjoyment of self-government.
as states. Such of them ns are now qualified
as soon as possible. and others as soon as they
may become so.
The liolitical power of the Mormnr r"n.,.'i. m
the ten it! ies as exert i -ed tf' piut i a
menance to frer 00 dangerous to
Pe ,;iiia -ititerert. Tr erefore v e 11. edue I he re
publican party o appropriate levinlation
a-sertirg the poveieignty of the nation in all
the territories whee the same is questioned.
anu m iiiiineranee of that end in -ii
'"rl.: Cf TIWRXsl dixit
01 i-latr;moiit:.. ap!t I stock paid in. .50.000.
I rank Carruth, Precideiit ; W. !I. Cushiug
Cashier; J. A. Connor. Vice-President. A
ceneral banking busi-ics tr,-macted. Cllec
tions receive prompt and careful attention.
f KOtifiBt WjNNELLV.
Miacksiniith ind Wntfontnaker, Dealer in Vind
tntlls. Pumps and Fiitiugs,
ll.-ois and Shoes. Kepairing promptly attended
to. bouth Side Main street.
A complete assortment. c evoiy kind of Foot
wear and ehefip tj,au the cheapest west of
the jV!siov,4 fiiver. Also nianufartuiing and
w ho i.ikI Ueti.ii 11, . .1,.. ,.
Beef. Pork. Mutton Vetl. i.u
stree', Neville Block. Prices moderate
Tiff eat makket.
i-r,.. . ,,ATr -
Kid their own Cattle. Kewder their own Lard
and Cure their own Bnoon. Main street.
hfjgs, Poultry &c. We use 01 ly the best tirade
otjirttive stock. Oysters and gaum in eason.
"L C. F. SMI
-Merftiians laior. Main troet. over Merges'
shoe store. Complete stock of eutopic. Fit
guaianteed. Prices dfy eoinpetitioii.
A Comidete Line of ( lie l atest sii ti.u .1 n.m
liuery and Trlminlngs ; alco Children's -uid In
fants' Bonne's, to be clos-d out at cost
Meals and Lunches set ved t' order at -id hodr
Also Oysters. igars. Tob inn. l'oo i.n.l l!l.ur'
Opposite Kiddle
Sample Uoont. Imporiedand Domestic Wines
LiOUors ami Cigars. n!v tn!.,!,t ,..i '
wf"a; ".'otlled Lager a SpeclaltyT
Cor. 51 Ii and Main Ms.
Nil k Cunningham, pnrrfetor Choice Wines.
Lhiiiors and Cigars., l'ool and Iiil.iard Tables!
Ifddle lion 0 liiock.
O AMPLE Boom .
i'm. Weber, nronrietor m u....f ..f r
Soda Water. Birch Beer. Cider, etc. AgentH for
t red K rug's Celebrated Imager P.e?r.
Hot and Cold Ba lis at all hours. Ladies' and
Children s Hair Cutting a snetsiahy. Cor. nth
and Main, uuder CY'Ttdh'.
Bread. Cakes. Pies. Buns. etc.. fresh daily
Party. Wedding and F"cy Cake a sp-f'uUy-'
Ice Cream in any quantity. ; '
upon the Ktafute book "ejjUIii.ioo virlngeiit
eneiigh to divorce political from ecelenistip.ii
i.fiwei. Mia 11111s t-tainu out the attendant
w icKenness 01 polygamy.
The rebublican party Is i.i favor of Oia no.
of both gold and silver as money , 'i;.u eoil-
iiemiis tne policy of toe eniocrattc adminis-
iraiion in us Etiuvis to demonetlze silvef
we demand the reduction of retter' nnt-inn
J. Votrvri
Stationer, and News Dealer ; Fancy
WOOUS. TOYS. Confectioner fe'luu i.rUl.u
xi 1 1 t . "itlle.r,'lnosauu organs and
.h.-i. at limn uiucuis.
Sample Reo.m and Uilllard Hall. Choice Win en
l.lOiiort and Cigars. Bdliard and P..0I Tables
WM. E B R O W X K5
P rsonal attention
' o my care.
to f.ll Buauit Entrust-
Cent 's F'-nds
S. C. Iii A VKR. '
.liwi..:'-. r np iui av 'i.
v. il ' r r v" .'fifr nut niiiif
J".- ; v ys an ' "Udren's Wear. Their
,...Y .it v..iiipeiuion. inev misrepresent
nothing, iheir Wjrd 3 Tlioi? bond.
UarLisg Cp the Wrong Tree,
Magistrate (to bass ball umpire cjiare;e4
with being drunk and disorderly) It is
simply outrageous, young man. the condi
tion ii which you are brought before me.
You are a disgrace to the great national
game. "
Umpire Wh.-a-t! That'll c-host yon
twenty-fife (hie) dollars, judge. No back
t-talk (hii!) t-to me, or I'll fine job th
limi.. New York Sua. .
! iK MvoP"5- ' imj.oria.nt tuat the sover-
'igu 1 ei-pie snouia posses intelligence. The
free school is the promoter of that intcpiceaiic
which ia to preserve us a free v'rloi. 'tl..,ul
fore, the state cr Wlon. or both, 'c.onbJaed.
should support ire lntitutloiis"of Wrninv
;uu!uiiji:iiiuiuiuneii ruipi STrO'.vlIlM up
ii uiv iwu me im.'oi iuiii: 01 tgooa common
school education.
We earnestlv recommend that, oronmr action
be taken li C: ngess in the ei act men t of such
legislation asu ili best secure the rebaUili -tlpu
of our Arneric in merchant marine, and
we protest acaiust the passage by congress of
a frea ehiD bill as calculated to work iciutira
to labor by lessening trie woae of ton- cn-
aaou in-brriar;nu iiiatpriais a4 well sis tnohe
Uectly empioeirin our shipyards. 'e de
Lii.ind annroririalionn tor th autIv rAtnildlnr
ol our navy, for tite oon'tructioo of c ast
fortincatlons and modern ordinanoe and other
approved modern mea"s of defence for the
protection of our defenseless harbors and !
cities, for the Davment of lust nfleslon to our
soldier, for necessary wrk of nation:;! ,m
portanue in the Improvement o harbors
aat cbanceU oi Internal, coastwlser ana
fore'gn commeroe. for tte encouragement of
the shiDDins tRteresta of tha Atlantic, nnir
and Pacific states as weU aa for the payment
of the mitfu. riser nubile debt. Thl rmiiev win
C'va erB'vis-n t toor ls"-, -'' y tj cuir
-: i l " it ' 1 1 t'
w , ' I.. OOLDIN(i.
poth rg. -u iiishfng (imids. (o to t)je old r.
liable house for Haw. Caps. Umbrellas. Trunks.
".otn, Sli.iv s. Main street, next C'as Co, Ba ik.
.Vwv r- R' WR".corT,
Ctothmg. Hats. Cans, tc. Fine Furnishings
pur specialty. Oae priet nd no Monkey utis-
ness. pays tu twUe with us. KockwooJ Blk
Titles Examined, Abstarcts OorncKed In
surance Written, Leal Estate told.
Better Facilities for making Farm Loan than.
Any Qth.Qt? Agency
Plat t3riio?tUi, - .! ;i.a
The Boss Tailor
Mala St., Over Merges Knee Store.
riA,x:f ;n company.
F?aak Carruth. Henry J. Streiglit. Proprietors.
Packers of tae Climax Brand Vegetables.
rruit. Oonfectionerv and Kin Cigar.
O. P. SMT -tt r?r
llealera tn Wall leaner, Painti. Oil.' Art Mater
ials. Cigars &c. Hock woo I Block.
(JEKtMii , n.i.
Drug?, Chemicals. Paints. Oils".
F. G PRtfiirr a. cn
"ra??V MJaicincs. CUen;i(w.Is. Paints.
. "i, evj . fine
Select f i;ldt aud Fa:x ly Articles.
f ' V.H. WHITE.
DryOoods. Groceries Notions. General M.
chandise, etc. S. K. corner Main a.nd nth. St
. HE?aANf,
Has the best an J mot comoltp oclr
of samples, both foreign and domestic
woolens that ever came west of Missouri
river. Note these prices: Fiusineps su'tA
from $1(J to f:35, dress fuita, $25 to $4.'.
pants $4, $3, $G, $r,.'jO ar,d upwards
JWill guaranteed a lit.
Prices Defv Comnetflion.
All work first-class; west Fifth Street.
North Robert Sberwood'a Store.
Practical Piano act Organ Tuner
First-class work jniarantecd. Also-dcal-
Jrr iari -tr-iC rrVm