The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 19, 1888, Image 3

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CornHlua VaotlerbUt'a Originality aod
I'ower of l lnunrljil Combination Sue
celul Kallroao! L'ndcrtaliliupe Social
Qualities I'liyalral Appearance.
Another great estate Is tho Vandorbilt
estate It was founded by Cornelius Van
dor Lilt, as its fellow was by John Jacob
A 8 tor. born thirty -ono yeurs. and died
twenty niuo years earlier, at the same
ago Vanderbilt, who was an American
for several generations, had first sccu the
light on Staten Island, und inherited
various traits from his Dutch Block. He
had more financial capacity it amounted
to genius than Astor; had fur greater
originality, boldness and power of com'
bination; but it was exclusively or a
monetary (sort lie divided mankind into
two classes, those who could and those
who could not nialce money, and the latter
Lo condemned as blank fools. Probably
no man of this century ever bent himself
moro entirely to tho pursuit of wealth,
from the time ho (tough t a pcriagua. at
1(5. after his lather's death, to carry farm
, products to the New York market, until
' his dual illness at 8',!.
He was illiterate throughout life, having
a violeut prejudice against education.
which he believed to interferu with prac
tical (success, and talked a peculiar Eng
lish, defiant of syntax and orthoepy
Letters ho utmost never wrote corres
pondonco was us severo u task for him as
for Sam Weller but ho invariably wanted
evervoouy elso to nut any business pro
jtosal on paper. lie never, so far as
known, expressed tho slightest regret for
his lack of education, atjd. presumably,
never felt anv. being in this mi exception
to his race, lint as n compensation fully
fmflicicut for him ho was phenomenally
astute at u trade, biar or little, and had a
marvelous instinct for commercial profit
Before "0. ho removed to this citv, and
three years later was worth a?10,000,
which was harder, ho said, to get than
anv subsequent sum. At that limo he
built the first steamboat to run betweeu
New York and New Brunswick, and re
reived 61.000 a j-ear as captain. Ho con
tinned on tho line until ho made its
revenue $10,000 a yerr; hi.i wife mean
whilo keeping an inn ho luvl married at
10 at tho New Jersey terminus, aud
turning it to good account.
For fifty four years ho followed the
water, owning steamboats on the Dela
ware, tho Hudson and Long Island sound.
and steamships on tho Atlantic aud l'a-
ciGo, Rteadilv overcoming opposition and
h welling his fortune. At 10, with prop
erty estimated at 4O.00O,u0i. the comuio
dore, as ho was called, directed his attcn
tion to. and concentrated his interest In,
raw wars, having been lor manv years a
Htoekhokier in the New York and
w" tTaveu roud. At so advanced au ago
such a change was hazardous to snv the
least; but he was brilliant Iv successful In
it, showing the energy and force of youth
in all his plans and combinations. He
scarcely ever miscalculated, but in at
temn'.ingto gain command of tho Erie
road, when I'isk and Gould controlled it,
ho found that thev were supplying, with
out any thought of responsibility, all the
shares that ho or others were willing to
pay for Soon tiring of pitting his money
against their printing press, ho confessed
. las mistake, which ho useribed to his ad
visors, to whom ho hrul yielded, he said,
against his better judgment.
in ruitrusK TTAIXED.
Wli.n he saw his days closing ho had
a long illness ho had the supremo satis
faction of baring simassed not far from
$K..)f;ii.00). and ho eared for nothing
else, liis one purpose in existence he had
splendidly attained. Alt hough averse by
cons; it ut ion to giving away money it
could do no permanent good, in his
opinion he presented the steamship Van
derbilt. which cost fSOO.Ooo, to the gov
crument at tho outbreak of the civil war,
aud endowed, through the influence of his
second wife, the Yauderbilt university,
st Nashville, with $ 700.1 !00. He also
made, toward the last, various bequests,
some of which indicated that he was not
impervious to artful gallantry. lie often
helped men that ho happened to like, and
it may bo said, to his credit, that he was
always as good as Lis word. Totally
without pretense or presumptiou, ho was
generally accessible, having so much ex
ecutive power that he was seldom presse.
for time.
Fine locking, especially in Lis old age,
his handsome face, erect carriage, and
clastic step were likely to draw attention,
even in crowded Broadway. He might
havo been a prince in disguise, if princes
were what tin y are imagined to be. He
certainly did not appear, physically, like
tho hard Leaded, unconditional, unlettered
business man ho was. His two recrea
tions were driving and whist. He loved
good horses, had plenty of them, and was
the despot of the road. In whist, he
played the rigor of the game, and could
not bear to bo beaten, which ho seldom
was. At Saratoga, where ho usually
spent the summer, he was disappointed
if he did not win enough to meet his
hotel bilL When his memory began to
fail he ceased to play; serious us was tho
deprivation, ho was unwilling to loso the
rank ho had so long occupied. Ho did not
bother himself about theology; but if he
had lielievcd tho Biblical announcement
of tho diiliculty attendant upon a rich
man's entering heaven, ho would have
had a very poor opinion of heaven. Paul
K. Cleveland in Tho Cosmopolitan.
Woman Tsncles Concerning Jewelry.
jf. long ago, that day when the
world moved at tLo nod of Cleopatra, tha
Egyptian women saved all their gold to
bay emeralds for their daughters, because
the possession of them not only insured
freedom from all physical ills, but cade
In their hearts on ever spring well of
hope, forcing them to bo cheerlul. happy
women. Sometimes tho emerald was en
graved with cabalistic characters, oftener
its smooth surface was untouched: what
could not be accomplished by the preciona
gen Itself certainly could not by the aid
of a mysterious symbol. Then the Sici
lian women bougiit coral for their babies,
belicvinj that It not only brought to
then guol health, but counteracted the
effect cf tho evil eye and kept away the
wicked sp'.rits- It seemed for a while aa If
the same interest was gclng to be taken
in coral now that was then, for beautiful
pink coral frunei In diamonds wa3 not
only shown in tho Lirgo jewelry shops,
but was worn by some very smart women.
However, tho fancy scemi to havo died
nt: corcJ Is no longer either displayed la
the window or ou tho woman. Unfor
tunately both of theso lie? Itli giving oraa
tsents. the emerald &!d tha eorll. ara
easUy Imitated- wldeu destroys their
valao L the eyes of tho rcci collect
ing wonosa. "iiay iu 'h.MiieJphia
Ticaes. - - -.
The republican of the L'nlteil States. assem
bled ty ilieir ilellicsites lu Mailounl con vn.t'on.
iiitin-e, on the thiedinld of ihHr proceedings t
honor the memory f ihelr flint gr-nt leader
Mild iiii-oriMl ci HMipion of htieity and Hie
ruiitsof the people. AbrahaiM incoln. end 10
cover hIs. with wreaths I Impel IslniMe le
liiciiihraiire und Kullltlil the l.eiolc liHim-s of
our lalei leaflet vwio have Peeu in re recently
called away from oiii-foiinc I. Urant. ;i Uelii,
An lor , I -ii ;ni mikI ( oiik linjr Amy I ln-lr mcni
oiles tie laitli(uli c-h-i isheri v- als le'sill
with our ureetlni; ami prajcrfor hi- reenvety
I hi name of one of our llvni; hero n wlinsn
in luoi y w III be lrcuicd In t'' li ist ry both
of repulilli-aiiH auii of the republic. 'I tie Mime
l-lhalol the noble ol ler and favorite elillil
of victory. hllip II. sdiel iilun
In the fplnt of iliose urcnt leader ai.l of our
d votiou t ntiiiiiiii libeit . and with that hos
tility to ud foruiH of leHotlxil ill d oppression
which It tue tuiKJamental Idea oi Hie i publi
can party we i-eud Irate'liai coiiiiiatiilalioim
to our fi-lb'W AinelR-HiiB of I'.lail upon theli
Kreat act of emauclnnt ion which completed
the abolition of Mluverv tlirouliout the two
American contiiienlM. We earnestly lipc wo
av foon coinrratuUte our fellow cPlzcim of
IrMi birth tiMn tho peaceful teeovery of home
rule for Ireland.
to Hie nalloiia constitution mid to the iiidls
sol ible union of stateH to the autooumy re
s' rved to the slates under the eoiiflilutinii. to
the pi isonal linhts anil libeires of -lti.e-- in
all sat en and tciTilniies m the union and es
pecially lo the .sup etne and soy-re liisht of
every eitzen. rich or poor, native or toiein
I'oru, w hite or blacK, to ca-t one fice balloi in
tlie public election an to have tiit ballot
duly counted. We hold a free ami honest pop
ular ballot ami lut. aud eipial rente enlaliou
of all p ople tM be the foundation of our re
publican tiovernment and demand licet ive
IcL'tslatiou to Kecuic the mteiiiy an' puiity
f electionx whii-h are the f- of all pub
lic .iiitlionty. We etia ice that the present ad
ministration a::d t he ilctii'icratic uiaj rity In
congress owe t net r existence to i he Mi,presii'ii
of I 'ie balUd by the ci iiiun-W n of lie
oi.miIii ion ami law.sof the I'nited Mines
w e are uiicromproiui.s iifjly in favor of the
nn rican system oi pro'cclion. e protest
luaiust the destruction proposed by the pr i
lent ami his pal ly. 1 liey M'l ve the interests
of kii'Oi e
We accept the issue, and connilenUy at peal to
i he people for . heir judgment. The pi utecliv
system must lie maintained. Its abandonment
hat a'ways ber-n followed by tei erl dis rtei
to all inteiests except those of the tuiMirer
iind sh-rill.
We (leM-iince tlie Mills' bill as destructive to
general busmens, labor and ihe faneiiiK Inter
-sts oi the conn' ry. and sve heart i y emtoise
the colisii'teiit an p-'flotle nctloii of the re
publican ittprcsi-ipattves in congress in opoos
ini; its piosai;'. We coiidciuu tne proposition
t l he democrat ic party to place wool on the
f ee lit md innis ttiat the duties thereon
slia 1 be adjiii'ie't ami -aiutained so as to fur
nish lull aud adoi'.i te protection to that in-
Tue republican party would effect all needed
rediicip'ii f lit atloual revenue by repealing
i he tax on tobai'co, which are an arroancc
.ikI I uideu to acricnlliire, and the tax upon
spires used iu the arts and lor" echa n-al pur-
pos c, and bv r-uch revision of the lull It 1 wsas
will tend to cheek imp I ts o such ar:i b's ;,s
i e in it need by oir eo"e. lite pio uelion of
which eiveo eiiil ii e t to ur ialor, and le
icase Ir-'in import duties tucse articles of for
isti product ion except luxuries, the like of
Ii toll cannot lt produced at home, there hall
'ill remain a larcer revet lie than Is r quixiU
for t e want" of uov rnmenf . t Inleriial taxes
ither I hail Miiiciiner any part of our Mfe-
uvesystcin i t l ejoiii beh st of Ihe whi-ky
inu smiiI anenis f foreign m.iuinactur is
AC A I NKT 1'Arei- It AM L !:(!: THIS K.
W e eclare bo-tiln y to 'he ii tro tietioii into
I is coiintr of fnreU-n contract and of
Imiese I bor all"ii to our ci viPzat Ion and our
cop-titulioii and we (ti niai.d the nut t euloice-
iii lit of exisl!ii; laws ai;aius( it am favor such
mm edlat leeislali n as will exclude such l.t-
r from our shores.
We declare our oppo-itlon to a'l com hit, a-
t'ou-o!.C'ipitaI oiL'nMed lu trusts or othci-
Apeto control ai'dtrarlly the c;editl of
i lade an oi'tf ur citizens and we reco - mend
o cowirress and the slate legislatures iu their
respective jurisdiction" such Icui.-I.ii i ? a wtd
nieveni ill" execution oi a:i scnemes in oi lnos
he pec p'e by undue clnm-i's on their cupplies
ii by unjit t rates for the transportation of
heir products to nmrkct
we annr ve leuislai i4u by eoi'ir'ess to pre
vent alike unjiisi burdens and unfair d "(.-lim
itation betweon -lutes.
W e reatti'tii the poin-y of approp i-tini; tli
ulcic lands of the t'liitnl Stales lo be home
stead lor An eiicaii oil izens ami settlers not
iljeiis. w hie the republican party elabiUliod
ii is 2 a:i nl the p-ri' opposition l
i lie (leuiocm s in congress, which l.:u iirouht
ur treat v.esteia domato into mainiince ht de-
eloiHMiie t. I he res'cratiim of unearned 1 iik!
giants o l he public dpiu in for the ife of :ic-
n 1 1 settlers, wlneli wa bi-Kun tp ilcr the ad-
mtolKtratioii of rrcs dent r'.hur should be
out intied. e deny th tthedem crafe partv
lias ever restored one acre to the pcopb , but
leclarethat by the j-ent action of republicans
ml deniocats iibotr fifty mtiliou acres . f un
earned land, oriirlnaliy i anted for the 'on-
ruci ion (f railroads, hve been restored to
he public domain in piireuance of conditions
ns- i ted by th" lenubiicau parly in the oiinin-
il crants. We cliae t e democratic adminis-
rat ton w ith laib-re lo execute laws securimr to
-etticrs inie 10 men nome-ie-ius aud wnn us-
inn ap. r i nations nt-irie for tliar purpose to
uarrass ! tiocenf settlere with pie and prose--u!iou3
under t he false im tense of exno.-h;!'
frauds and vtml'catiu the law.
The iroveriimcnt by ci uiv-" of tlie errit-r-
ie is based upow neecisiiy only to ihe end tha'
. liey may hecome in the union ; tliere
fore. wlKMiever the conditiniis of population,
material resource", p blic luteiHy-nce and
molality lire such as to insure stable local nov-
ernme t therein the people of gii-li territories
liou d n permttteil. a nt;tit liuiereni :n them,
o fon.i for themselves eony'iiut ions and siate
ioveri nicnt- and be ad tied into the union.
enuinif prepaiati it for statehood all oflicers
r:ie'e f sho Id be seleeted ip-m uona tide
resid uts and '-itlzens of tlve lerritory wherein
h-y are to serve otilli liakot.'l h;tit -t
i'it be ininie lately Hdmltied a.s a st ite in
i ue union ti inter t lie const it UTi u lrimeii and
olopted by lier people aud ve liearlily en
I r-e ihe -ci ion of i lie tcpubliewn sensite in
wice massing bi!U for "er admission. he re-
i of tlie democriittc House o reireseuta-
ive". or pa'tisan jur.eses. t-' f.norahly '
bills i- a illiul violation of the
re i American prii cipb ol lon ii stif-jcveni
neut, an merits the condemnation or all ju.f
ii'-n. he pehiliiu; bills iu the senate for acts
enable the neoole of w Ishiiictou. North
Dakota and MotitaniM territories to form crm-
titu 1011 ami establish state goveruine ts
diou n ne passed witnout uuneces ary ue iy.
he re ublicaii ra-tv pled-jes uiself to do ail 111
s poyver to facilit te the adtntsslou of the 'er-
itorie of New y.exic-i. yominp. lnaho and
nzona to the enjoyment 01 kelf-govcrrinient
is states. Hiieli of iliem as are now qualllied
s soon as possible.and others as soon as they
may be twine so.
fhe political power of the Mormon cliurch In
he ter iloiies as i-xeicised hi the past i a
oenance to free ins, nut ions 00 daiiuei'011 to
oe loii: sun'cre( T en fore e u ecld t tie re
vmblii an party n appropririte lecislation.
serin c the t-overeljjnty 01 tne nation in all
the ternt i ie whee the same is questioned.
nd in furtherance ff that end to place
epoii ihe Mxtule bonk leuilati"n st'intretit
en ui;h to divorce oll'l ai irom e-cietastical
miner ud ibns stamp out the attendant
ickeduess of polygamy.
be republican narty is lu ravnr 01 tr.e tuc
f both uo!d and silver as pioi.ey. and con-
enmstlie noiicv o' tne aeiuocrat.c aunitnis-
ration 111 lt etfor' to deroonetiie silver.
We -te-oand the reduction of Istteir pornpe
t- 1 e nr per unce.
lu h rp'oiblie Pkeonr. vhr tha citizens 's
be sover inn xnd the oflli-i ! the servant
here 110 now r is exercised except bv the wi 1
f the people 11 is important that the sover
Iju reoul- should ose- Intelliire ce. The
free -clwol Is the promoter ot that iDtel Istence
rt-hlch it- preserve 11s a free na'ion. ' her- -lore,
the state or nation er both cnv:;oi.
! ipd support iree in!ti;t!.nos (f eMlKio
s fneteut ttiinl iu ,' cnud crov. h- rn
i tlie pnri the ooooituuiiv of t'cd common.
retool CailCHtlOD.
We earnel y ecommeu-i that oroinnt action
ie taken t c r cm in iie e actin- ni of such
ems a' mhi as iii oesi ecure tue retiaiiiii 1
11011 f our A ein ti ni rclian iiiaiiue n il
we tmiii s aealn-l b- it .ss n-e u cm-.Tes of 1
Ire flii'i bill eP n'u'ed to work Iniu lice ;
latw r bv leimenp g ihe irai of th -se !
c iped In prpoarini; materials a well as those
lre"tiy employed 111 oil - shiiiyards. e de-I
in appropriation- for 'he e Tty rebiiildimr ',
"f "iir navy for the coiirni"lion of e -ist
lortifl'"" tlo und rn.Mlern oriiinnnce mid tli-r
imr- red modem inea s of deten foj- ihe
protection ci our d?f-iH(ile harbo and
hie for he tnynif.r.i of i.,st us sums to oiT .
; solder-, for r.ccesj, ir v ;fc of ":ifIo-jit 1
Itirinno in 1 ho l:,inioar.ioTii i t ' ii vi)T
tnd 'hw-flii- I tern il ooH)wlser and
re irn n.i"-nim f.r tr neoirHi;etiien 1
thhlnn!nn litrere-irs of th Atl nflc. Oilf
rt P.-nfie tate a ell a for the n y rnt
-f th ni ru'J'i pii'illc d-b. Tbl- po'ey will
---.--....v.., g j hi ,,i,r
Ttixlou? Industries. Uicmwwd swurity t cnix
V e-mpiviuenf loour 1 b't, ic'ivlly to our
country, promote trade, open pew and direct
maikets for our products and c)ienp 11 the cost
of tranxporiMl on V uttlrm thU to --e far
better for 1 ur country than t democratic
po'ley of loaning the i'oerninent' money
without interest lo '"pet banks "
Tbe conduct oi foreign atTalrs by the pteent
ndinliiistratlon tins been Ul-I lni.'Ulsliel b inel
licle cy and cowardice If.ivimc witbdraw.-j
from llieH-uate nil pending ties les etlected
by r. nubliciiii a'liuiulsl ratio' s 'or the removal
of foreltfii burdens ami restrictions upon our
conn ce and for lis extension Into a better
market t has neither affected nor prop sd
a.y olheis in fieir stead Professing adher
ei ce to tne Monroe doctrii e. it has i-eeu w'th
Idle eoiii) laeeticv the extensln-i of foreign I11
lluence in Central America and ol foreign trade
every where uinoi 1: our nei).'hbois. U lias re
fused tn (barter sanction or encourage any
inerican oruanivt ton for const rucl Inn the
Nicaragua canal, it work of vtal linportaiice to
the ii.aiuteiiance the Monroe doctrl'e and
of uiir national influence In tvntia! and S-uMi
Alnclica, and necessa' V fo the devclopiuetit
of I ride with our acillo territory, Willi Sou h
America, and with the further coasts of the
kii'mifs qi;kstioN
We iirraiKti ihe present deinocr 'tie ndini'iU
tration for its weak and iinpa'riuttc treatment
of the fislo lie- (jiiestiou. and Its pusillanimous
stiiTeiiderof a'l priv 11 ('" to which our llshery
ssel are enti led in C'auaiti:iu po'ts under
he treaty of 11. the reciprocate maitti
llne lei Islatiou of is.til and comity of natrms
a' d which Can itian list-in jr vessels receive in
Ihe ports of the l ulled Stat s. -e eon leinn
the licv of the piesenf adminlsi rat ion and
I he deinoeratic uiitj lily lu Ciliytess i;inls
our li-lie'ies us iinlriemllv and consi-ieiousty
un oat 1 in' ic and a tend inu to destroy a valuable
national Indusiiy and au imlispeiislule resource
oi deleiise .u::ilii'-t f reiun enemy
The name of American applies alike to '11
cdizeiis of the rep.ibli . and imp ses upon men
hlike the same o' liu'itio of ob-di-icje to the
aw-. t ihe same timed izi iislilp h and inns'
be the p.tnoply and sateiitiard ol him y ho weais
it, should sine a and piole t iniu wiietner htli
r low. rieti or poor, in all nts civil rights 11.
shniild and mustalTord li'm i roieetion at home
and follow and protect him abroad in whatever
laud lie may be 011 a lawiui errami.
civil, skkvick wkkoiim.
The men who ah imloued I he republican par
ly in lsS4 ami continue 'o adhere to the demo
crattc part. have deserted not only the cause
of hoi est irovernmeiit.. but of sound finance, of
freedom and purity of the ballot, but espec
ially have deserted the cau-e of refor in Ihe
civil serviee.. We will not fall to keep vur
pledges because ti ey have broken theirs, or
be nose t heir candidate has brok- ft We
therefore repea our deela'ation of ias-4. towit
The reform of civil service auspiciously beeun
Hir er republican adminlstratio should be
ccivideted bv a furt her extension of I h - reform
system already established by law to all grades
ol the service -o wlilcti It Is ;i le'lleil. itiespir
it mi'! purpose of leform should be observed iu
an executive nopoinimenis. ami an laws ai
vartencc with the object of existing reform 1 k
islatioii sh- uld be rent1 -b d. and that the o au
gers to free institutions which lurk in the pow
er ci:il patronage 111 y he wisely and ef-fe-
tivelv avoided.
The gratitude of the natl 'ii to the defenders
01 tne union caniiot tie assured except nv laws,
The legisbit ion of congress should conform to
the pledges made bv a loval 11 oii'c. and be so
enlarged and extended ag to pmv'de atrainsl
tne possibility tn ,r any man who nonor oiy
w re the federal piiiPe 111 shall bceo'ee an In
mate ol an almshouse or depend nt on rivate
charttv. lu the presence ol an overflowing
treasury it would b" a public scandal lo do less
for 1 hose whose valorous service preserved the
government We denounce th hostile spirit
shown by President Cleveland hi his numerous
'does (if measures for pension relief and the
action of the i ntocriit ic house of representa
li es in refusing even consideration of general
pensp 11 legislation.
lu support f the principles i-erewith enun
eia'ed we invite til co operation of patrimi
in-n i f all parties, f-specl.-.lly of all working
men whose prosperity is serious' y Hire tened
by the free trade policy of the preseut adiuin-
'Stratioti .
The fiist co c( n of nil good government. Is
the virtue and sobriety of the reople nd the
purity of their homes. 'I hi- republican party
cordially syuipathizes with ll wie and well
directed efforts for the promotion of temper
ance. miLM:ss IMI.KCTOUY.
Atlorne -at-Ltiw and Notary Public. Office In
Fi zgera d lliock.; smouth. Neb.
A. N srrLlVAN, Win give prompt attention
to a:i b;isim-ss intrusted to him. Ofilce In
Union r.lock. Fast side, I'littsmouth. Neb.
A i T. I C U LT f K A I . I M P I. F M E X TS.
II A LI. .S; ( ltAKi,
Agricti'lnral Imnieinents, Comtland Bugsries
and ltiitbford WagO'i", "Cood limber and
llunn Iirv."sold and Warranted. Main street,
between "-ix.h and Seventh.
'f Pl.ittsmouth. Capital r0 000 ; surplus Slt.
Ouo. John Fitzirerald. President : S. Waugll.
Cashier; l' 1. White, Vice-President. Hoard
of Directors : J. din Fitzgerald F E. White,
J no. if. Clark, i. iiawkswortn, s. vvaugli.
of plattiiiout:.. capit 1 stock paid in. 000.
yrank Carrutn, President-; w. . Cusliiug
asliier: J. . Connor. v'iee-President. A
teneia! banking busi-iess tr u-aeted. Collec
tions receive proin.-t n-1 careful attention.
P.laekstiiith ii(i Wagon siker, Dealer in A'ind
inills, I'linips and Fit tines.
Hoots ami Shoe-. Kepnjr,nj promptly attended
to. South Siue Alain' street.
A complete assortment of eveiy kind of Foot
wear and cheaper than the cheapest. w-st of
the Missouri River. Also inaiiufarturiiig aud
Hot aid Cold Ba lis at all hours. Ladies' and
Children's Hair Cutting a specialty. Cor. 5rh
and Main, under CarriPh'e.
Bread. Cakes. Pies. Puns. eti.. ir6h dally.
Party. Wedding a. id Fa-cy Cake a specialty.
I co Cream in any qtiautPy.
.'. P. YOCVO.
Bookseller, stnttoner. and vem Dealer ; Fancy
floods, Tovs. Confectionery, Fine ('igiivs. Soda
Water and Mi'k shake, PIucos und iraas and
Muai at Instruments,
Cent's Ftiniishiiigs. Fine Tailor Made Clothing
in Men's. Boys' and i-ildren's Wear. Their
prices defy eon petition. The misrepresent
nothing-. Their w -r Their B otj
cjoli, . i"u-iiisliinif Goods (.Jo to the old re
liable house for Hats. Cans Umbrellas, Truuks.
lio- ts. Shoes. 'Main street, next 0as i o, Ba ik.
' r.. E. WKsjr;orT,
Clothing. Hats. Cans, te. Fine Furnishings
uu-specialty. On price and nn M mkey Hn-
t xys 'o trade witn us. l(.ekwood Blk.
t UAmtjTH vivo re..
r r-tT fVruih. 'tf-ta-y .1. Streieht. 'Yoprietors.
rackets of tat piimax Brand 'VeKetables.
I rn't". Confeetinnerv and FineClijaro.
I lWer 11. w.tll Pater. Paint-. Oil. Art Mater-
liii 11 tears ;. KiK-kwuo.l Block
ii'icals. Paints. Oils.
F. C, FRIC!KE .f CO..
Merl'oinei. 'rieiniol. P?nt9.
iniish -,. Dye h'nft cr . -'ine stationery,
hjeet T flet u-iti F.mcy rtleles.
l)rv ds. ;r eeri dlons. Ge-terat Mer
eiotndise. etc. .1 E. earner Mala aid 6th
P. nFKRNf V.
lry Go d. Nott.ins an I Lajlies1 Furnl'htnn
".' wy us, .iniinui Jto-i tftiif"s- j. urninij
Qoo4. Oae uwr otjt fii3l 'csjc1 Czzi.
Tarry a larse mock of Fine c.rocerle. Dry
Goods, Caipe:a. c eensware. Notions, uu
Fdiicy (ood, to be found In the couuty. L'p
per Ala 11 street, between 5th and Uth.
The Painless Dentists." Teeth extracted
without 1 he least pain or harm. Ar Ificlal teeth
inserted Immediaiely after extracting natural
one w hen dejred. fiold and all othei Kllliiit;"
Mi Icily 11 rst class. Onlce In l.nlon mock.
Kitmiture. r.edding. IjjokIiu; liiassn-, Picture
Krainns. etc. Uoodcu and Metal Caskets kept
111 viock.
r 1. PKAKl.MAN.
Furniture. Parloi Suits, 1'pho'stery flood.
Sioves. iVueensware, 'I iuware. and all kinds of
Hon elodd (Joods. North lith street, between
Main and Vine.
J. II. I) I N Kl.LY,
Cents Fine Furnisher and Hatte-. The most
complete and 11 nest s'ock ill the city. 1 arruth
IP (Hi
k. t
or. ."iih and Main.
M 1!. MURPHY A- CO..
The I eadtng Dealers in ;rocerles. f rockerv.
China, La 11s. Wooden and Wtlli.yv ware.
Kioiir, Feed.&e. (.'afh pa'il forcounfiy produce,
ni;oci u IKS.
Crotteries, Provisions, ;lassare Ld Oockery.
F. M(;C()CKT.
Creen. Staple and Fancy Croceries.
Staple and I'ancy Croeeries, Creesi Fruits and
Canned Goods.
aim;, ij ch.
Crorcriew and Qtieensware, Flour and Feed
cigars, lobacco .iioi vr , ii. i.;;e ii. ui-.
staple and F.tncy C'-oeer'es,
Crockeiy, Flour aiid Feed.
Classwar-J and
Proprietor City H-del. renns, per
Special Aiteuiion given commercial men.
Successor to O. l. Str-iglit. Harness, Saddlery
(ioods. Nets, Robes. Dusters, and all horse fur
nishing uoods.
Hardware, "stoves. Tinware, Tnble and Pocket
Cutlery. Kasors, etc. Household Sewing Ma
cliines and .Jewel Casolinc stovs. 'J'inw.irk
ofall kinds done at reasonable prices. Alain
street, Roekwood I'.loek.
Watches. Clocks. Silverware and Jewelry,
sipecial Attention given to Watch Repairing."
W FR VN K C UlKUTIl X- sov
Iways can y a Inn; stool: of I nauionds, Watch -
es. ( 1 eks. Jewelry. Silverware an I Spectacles.
I irop in and insjM'ct their go-ids before parch -is -
II g el-eAheie.
Jeweler. Waltham Watches a fcpen
ally. Main
street, ne.'.r Foin tii.
Hie Checkered r.-tru. Live v. "red aud Sale
stable ; par'ies conveyed to all partsof the citv. i
Lailiages at aii ir.nus. (Joi ner lue and dtu.
Who'esMle and Rutail Dealer In First Oualit
Beef. Pork. Mutton Veal Lamb. eic. sixth
streer, Neville I'lock. Prices moderate.
J. II AT r & fJO..
Kill their own Cattle. Render their own Lard
and Cure their own Bacon. Mai" street.
Eggs. Poultry Ac. We use o lv the best erade
of uatiye stock. Oysters -tnd game in season.
Merchant Tai'or. Main street, over Merges'
snoe store, iwnnpiete ;ock ol samples, rp
guaranteed, Piuses defy competition.
A Complete Line of the Latest Stvles of Mil
linery and Trimmings : also Children's and In
fant sJnnest(beclose
Meals and Lunches set yed to order at all hour.
Alo yst'-rs. iais. Tnb tc(io. Pop and Cider
"pposite Riddle House. ,
Sample Room. Impor ed and D-nnesrie W'nes.
I.i.jiiors and CUara. Onlv straight goods han
dled. Milwaukee Bottled Laer a Sperialty.
Cor 5th and Min Sts.
NI k Cuiini.igbitii', riipi'iotor" Choice Wl-os.
Llouovs:ii.o Otk-Us. Pool ami Btl iard Tables
K ddie Hon e iilock.
Win. Weber, pr-mrietor. Mautif of
Soda Water. Birch Beer. Cider, etc ' Areata for
Fred Krug'ti CeleUraled Ijiger Leer.
0 joliV BL KE.
arnfle Room and I'tili ird Hall. Choiep Wines
Liquors and Clears. B'lli.trd and Pool Tables.
C. F. S M I T H,
The Boss Tailor
Main Sf., Over Merges' Shoe Stor.
Has tl'e best liiusi complete stock
01 sjiipics, t.(tfi tojeign aud domestic
wuoiens that ever came west of Missouri i
river. Note these yriccs: Business suits
from $lo to $35, clrvss suits,. $25 to $45,
pants ?4, f o, pi, ifG.oO fine) upwards.
E2FWil' 5i,riai;ee(l a fit
PriGes Defy Cornpetitlon.
P rsonal attention to all BuaineeB Entrust-
o my care.
Titles Examined, Abstarcts Compiled. In-
'etter Facilities ff making Farm Loans than
oy Qtlxer Agency
1'iltsmo'ith, - -b tka
Practical fm and Onan Teer
First-class work gaaranteed. Also deal
er in Pianos and Organs. Office at fjoeck's
furniture store, Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
BARBER AND HAIR DRESSER. first-class; .west Fifth Etrest,
.A. T
Berlin, Germany.
ruzgxi llip
You can consult him about
Your Eyes,
and how lo take care of them. More
light for the unfortunate spectacle wear
ers, and the doom of blindness prevented
bv the use of his Alaska Brilliants and
Australian Crystals. A new cliemical
combination of
And patent self-adjusting
Spring1 ZEIyalassos
The first time intraduoed into this coun
try; manufactured to order after careful
examination by modern instruments.
has arrived in Plattsmouth, and !ms
an office at the Kiddle House. He Is do
ing an immense business throughout th
United States, giving the best of satisfnc
lion i;ad delight to hundreds with de
fective sight. His knowledge of th
human eye and his skill in adjusting thi
xlasses is marvelous beyond imagination.
Endorsed by all the stent men of this
country nod Jiurope.
In an instant, as if by maaic he is en
abled to tell you any ailment of your
wining vision, point out tne cause and
danger, and adapt brilliant glisaci. i
euliarly ground to suit every defect of
the eye. which vr aid in strengthening
the eyecj, fjf itie old and young. Sci
entists invited to examine the new sys
tem for the preservation of th.ej Vuinan
Teachers shov;lu watch the early mani
festat;,aft4 or their scholars' eyesight and
report io time to thcr respectiyo parents
to havo their eyesight examined by prof.
WflSbmun, the expert upticiu of nation
al fame.
Artificial Eyes Feplaced.
Persons deprived of an eye can have
this deformity removed by the insertion
of an artificial one, which moves and
looks like a natural organ.
9 to 12 a. m., 1 to 4 p., and 7 to 9 in
the evening.
George Rurgett, Rev. A. Clark, Mr.
Duff, Mrs Dr La sli, D P Rolfe, Mrs
Streeter, Dr Drinker, R M Rolfe, Roden
brock, C Anderson, J W Waldsmith, V
A Cotton, S H Calhoun, Judge Mtpes,
David Brown, Dr Ifershey. rm H'er,
T S Jones, E M Taggart, E Reiber, W.
H Murphy, Frank McCartney, James
Fitchie, Rev. Emanuel Hartis, Mi. A.
E Rudd, Y D Merrirs, Miss VanMeter,
Dr S L Gant, A Home, Paul Schminke,
N"at Adams, Geo A Wilcox, Mr Sheldon,
Mr. Gunsell. Rev R Pearson, Shoraerus.
L Levev, S M Kirkpatrick, Dryscoll,
Donald McCuaig, William Wilhelmy.
Rev Iliyers, Logan Enyart, N Red field.
J F Welch, Rey. J B Green, John Good-
lett, C B Bickel. Dan Gregg, C W Scher-
fy. E S Hawley, A R Neweomb, Wm
Nelson. Mrs N Davis, Wm Fulton, Acora
Klooa, Mrs Ed Platner. M T Johnson.
Mrs Carnout, Mrs. Sterling Foon. Mrs.
Watson. Msa Morton. Mr Geo W Hawke.
Mr W T Sloan, Mrs I W Lloyd, Mrs
8 J Etepheiwon, Dr. Xibop, 2Ir Jc-ca
Pit Strassmau,
I'M, Stem,
Never bolt rc lias an Ojiticiim re
ceived Piich testimonials from
the people.
Oilloe of Iowa Soldier's Home.
MarHhalltown, la., Feb. 17, HS.
Pkok. Stkanhman, lHnr &fr: The
frliiu4iu villi f'lil'liikl 1 jil (nvui'if Atiil U'ifit
when in Clinton, have proven in every
way satisfactory, and wo take pleasure
in recommending your work and glasseu
to all win may be in need of safety and
and comfort for your eyesight.
Very Respectively,
Col. Milo Smith, Commandant.
Mayor's Ollicc, Marshallti 11,
November Hrd, 187.
Prof. StiasKinnn has been in our city
some six weeks or more, aud as an opti
cian has given the last of natUfaetion
but Ii iim to prices and quality of work.
having treated Rome of the most dillictilt
cases of the eyi s with success and am sat
isfied you will find him it skillful opti
cian and a grSitletiiaii.
Very Respectfully,
Nki.son Am kb. Mayor.
Prof. Strassinaii, a distinguished op
tician, now stopping in our city, comes
be ft -re us with the highest testimonials
of skill and experience in his art. and I
take pleasure iu recommending him to
my friends and the public who may bo
in need of liis pet vices', ns one entitled !j
his confidence. J. Williamson, M. D,
Ottnmwn, Iowa.
t ew Eyos
Tin; long felt want in this com
munity for sight-restoring glasses is now
supplied by the successful optician, Prof.
A. Strssinan, from Berlin, Go: many, for
a short time longer nt the Riddle house.
The waste of valuable eyesight can be
prevented, if nut too lute, by his correct
inndo of cipiidiing all mi ipialities of (he
injured eyes In his specialty, it is con
ceded that he is the bend of the proles,
sion, and many of our best citizens, and
physicians have been successful in ob
taining relief by the use of his glusse;
Allen Beeson,
Dr, Schildknecht,
Byron Drew,
J. Vidlery, jr.,
H. Bo. ck,
Mrs. F. Johns' n,
Mrs N. E. Sage,
Mr. C. Nichols.
Mr. Hod get r,
Mrs. Levings,
Mr. Hayes,
Mrs. Nieniiin.
Geo. Buckle.
Mr. Leonard,
J' lin Bobbins,
Mr. Holschiuh,
Miss Laura Baker,
Mrs. A. Sift.
S. P. Viitiatta,
W. II. Newell,
Mrs. P. KcNsh r,
Mrs. P. Kennedy,
il W. Sliciinim,
Eli Sniiips' n,
Mrs. Rankin,
Miss Young,
W. Manker,
Prof. J. B. Witc.omb
Judge A N. Sullivan
Judge Chapman,
Mrs. Bcnfer.
V,. W. Covcll.
Mr. Elson.
'o. Nntfrrson.
W. D. Jones,
f. M. Jones.
I. C. i 'iimtuinn,
1'. W. 'it to.
Mc Knrrv.
Mrs. Kutc Simpson, Mr,
I . I j. WW1,
L. D. Bennett,
Dr. Jno Black.
I lev.
Dr. Geo. Black,
Fred Goes,
Mrs. 1. A. Plumb.
Mr. Strcigbr.
J. H.
Mr. J. W. Jones,
Dr K B Yonng, (' F CI -, t C. K Power..
D B Miller, J B Recv., Mrs J Si :111k, Mrs
T H Dearborn. G VV Holt, A C Blose, W
A Close, Mrs, A'jlebec, Mr Stockslager,
J S Wnstii, Rlv McCIurf, Mrs Hesfler,
Airs. Furrier. Manker, Rev McCiillery, Mrs
Stanley. R Wadsworth, Mr Maicnholt,
Mr Jelfiies, Rev Jagtf, AV Stslford, C V
Schneider, Harvey Spry, O E Richnrdu,
David Harris. Mr. Isold, C II Lune, C M.
Mills. T H Lee. Wm K0eI.I1 r, C .1 Lilli-jebe-k,
T M Lee, Geo L Piatt, Mis L
Holvser. Wm Duhlcy, O Ruuni-, Mr
B S Porter, I II Ilazaronus, Mr Broad by.
F A Carter, Mrs Fisher, Mr Stoddard, K
O Shepherd. A McConnell. E A Brown,
Mr GiLaon, Mr Pikes. Rev J W Hamil
ton, S P Miller, Mrs F C Chirk, B K A
Simons, J W Sautbiu, Mr Van Alstinc,
L F Ross, Mra Deemer, Mrs. Junkin,
Thos Griffith, I Sanborn, Geo Binus, Mr.
Meyer, P. P. Johnson, and many others
from the surrounding country.
Col W P Hepburn, ex-congressmen;
Hon T E Clark, senator; Rev Snook, Dr
Cokenowt r, Dr Lewelleu. F W Haiipb.
-I S Mclntyr. A S Baily, J D Jones, B W
Foster, H C Beckwith, John Glaseby, O
A Kimball, Mra. Morsman, V Graff, Rev.
Scay. Dr Van Sant. J D Hawley, T M
Monzinijo, Dr Milieu, H Bed well, Cnjit
Stone, J II Stet, Hon Wm Butler, O N -Hurdle,
A T Clement. J M Crabill. Mr
Newton, Mrs Shaul, Hon T E Clark, Mrs
Loranz, Dr. Power, Rev Eddy, Raymond
Loranz, A P Skeed, J P Burrows, Dr
Barrett. Mrs Ells.
President of First National liank and
President of Creston Naiional B-mk
J II Patt, Mr Donliu, Mrs Teed. Ed
Derr, Rev Van Warner, Geo Webster.
Miss C Webster, Mrs Mury Eckcrt. Thos.
MeGrath. Ed Lewis, Dr N Turrey. Iot
Larrsbee, Col Swall, Mrs W 1 Moor
W V McQuaid, J II Lichty. Mr S,t r,
Dr Grovep, Mr II Newman, Dr Dunlsi
W F Patt. Rev F W Eaon. Mis M Sulli
van, Mrs Laramore, Mr. Zallars, Mrs K
Duane, Mies C Eoyer, R E Ewing. W 31
i-jarr. Dr. Reynolds, Mrs H P S.iwver
Miss Mattie Muntz. C Hurlev. DG Miller
N II Blanchard, Dr Schifferie, Mr B Hur
ley, Mr Hamman. Mrs A M Gow. Prof
Meyer, Dr Reynolds.
Senator Tiloom, Dr I F Han'sit Dr
Copperthwaite. Mrs Dr Lee. Messm. Pnr-
vln, Kost, Mosier. F II Bradlev. II n
Jones, D Shireliff. p m Purdy, f;en Re
Warner. Mn F J Cpx. Hon P A Dey, Rev
Porter, Prof Parker. Prof McClire, Prof
McBridf, Prof N R Leonard; Prof. A O
Crat, Trof I nTTElfcr Tr E40 Ti-
1. ' ' '-