The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 08, 1888, Image 4

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TIJL 1AJLV lii:JiAi:i) : I'Ji riSfliou i u, v :x5iiAbKA , ilO-i J)A V, OCTOBER ISoS.
Tne Kvening Herald.
A. Kallxbarjr, lira 111, llorkwouil liuililiiiL-,
Telephone u.
Dr. Slutlnx, Offlre In J(t1ikn lniK Store, ltel
dmrr Cor, fcifcth ati'l i run lie, Trl'ihonc No. 42.
lr. Wlthrn, lli Palnl.-H Ii.ntlxt, lulon
Illork, ofcr FrirLe'M llrir Store, rutlniuoutli.
Council meets tonight.
Tuere ar.j lut few candidates who
will gather at tlie river t lu-t flows ly tlic
throne of flod.
Tlie hollow at the foot of Sixth
street hill is being filled up with the sur
plus clu t which h carried from Main
Oyer fifty men are now employed in
grading the streets, und from present in
dications the work will be completed in
a very short time.
The ladies aid society of the M. K.
church, will meet Tuesday afternoon at
:i o'clock, at th? home of Mrs. A. N.
Sullivan, corivr 11th mid Koek street-.
The Y. L. It. It. A. will give a social
at 5. A. 1C. hall, Tuesday Oct. U. As
this will be the Inst social before closing
the room, they will be gbsd to sec all
their friends aud p:ttrou.
Good butter iu the I'lattsmouth
market at present is far more rare than
the gold to purchase it. A butter mine
here would yield a rich return. Not one
pound could be purchased list Saturday
for love or iajuey.
The ladies of the city :n t tonight
at the rooms corner Main and 4th., op
posite post office. The object of th"
meettug, we understand, is to have ull
the ladies meet and see w hat can be done
to proyide a place of resort for the younz
men of the city. Every mother, daugh
ter, and sister, of the young men of
Flattsmouth should be present.
Mr. J. C. Crawford, an old citizen
of Plattsnioutli who is now residing at
Areata, California, writes to the IIeh.vld,
remitting if 10 for sam lie adds the
following few lines of encouragement
concerning one of the doubtful states:
"Politics beginning to warm up on this
coast, California is all right for Harrison
and Projection."
Mr. M. D. Polk entertained his sup
porters of the county convention by an
oyster supper on their return from Louis
ville Saturday night. The supper vas
served by Mine-host Riddle, of the Rid
dle house, in his usual first-class style.
It is needless to say that a jubilant time
wa3 had and the brain food partaken of
recruited their much exhausted abilities.
The Hon. J. Sterling Morton, nomi
nee for congress on the democratic ticket,
"will speak in the Waterman opera house
"Wednesday night next. As he is the
king bee in the Nebraska democratic
swarm, there is no doubt but that a large
andience will greet him. lie will
be the only prominent speaker on the
platform, and he will occupy about two
hours in explaining how thvarc to over
come the great difficulties now before
At a meeting of the stockholders of
the Nehawka bank, of Nehawka. Neb.,
which was held on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd.
the following gentlemen were
appointed directors: Isaac Pollard,
Lawson Sheldon, Geo. IV. Young, C II.
Parmele, A. I. Weston, S. M. Kirkpatriek,
Jos. E. Running, L. C. Pollard, Andrew
Storm. The above directors then ap
pointed the following officers: C. II.
Parmele, president: L. C. Pollard, vice-
president: C.C. Parmele, cashier.
Messrs. Louie Kohrell and Singer
sewuis machine aze.ul. lira at. are in a
deplorable condition today. Kohrell is
obliged to carry a cane to assist an in
jured limb, while Rradt has been unable to
put in an appearance on the streets at all.
Their misfortune was caused by the tip
ping over of the furniture wagon of Mr.
Boeck. They had delivered some furni
ture to the home of Mr. Rradt, Fifth
street, at the rear of the Rainier stables,
and they were in the act of turning the
wagon around, when it upset with them.
Bradt was struck on the head and re
ceived several severe wounds, losing
part of his lia r, while Kohrell h id his
left leg badly bruised. The horses were
checked lcfore they could get av.ay.
The accident occurred Siturday after
noon. The Leap year reinforcements so
long held in a secluded locality are about
to come upon us in full force and a gen
cral outbreak is feared. It is reported
the young lad k-s are about to hold another
ball on the evening of the It'th in Fitz
gerald' hall. Invitations will be extend
ed in the usual leap year style, and the
htfrif will be strictly private, no lady
fti'l gentleman leing admitted at the
1por unki an invitation is shown. The
bll will ! glrn in lienor of the young
Ay vl!tor now in ths city. Over sixty
fUtJoo will ! given. Several young
tntif tinn tU'm J' ir Is drawing to a close.
f,ifp bc"'rtl deapoiidcnt, but when the
to? t?mUf f Ifut that the young ladies
KMptili ttf Of Hel l, they will, no doaM,
- ' -1 e r- - r--,----' '
Held at Louisville Last Saturday
Strons Men Nominated -The
New Central Committee.
The republican county convi-ntin was
held at Louisville Saturday and nomina
tions made for one state sciiator,two rep
resentatives, one county attorney, one
commissioner and one surveyor. "
Convention called to order at 11:-'10 a.
m. by Chairman M. . Polk. Dr. M. M.
llutl.T, of Weeping Water, was elected
temporary chairman. Re made a short
speech which was well received.
John A. Davies and L. E. Skinner were
elected secretaries and an adjournment
was taken Ull 1:00 p. m.
Convention opened at l:-'.0. Report of
committee on credentials and organiza
tion adopted; and temporary officers
made permanent.
The following were elected delegates
to the float convention:
L. E. Skinner, Jas. Sage, N. T. Mugec,
C. D. Cl ipp, Geo. D. Matherson, A. Shel
don, F. A. Murphy, M. R. Murphy, Geo.
II. Chatham, Wm. Deles, R. C. Yeoman,
Win. Weber. H. Eikenbuy, P. S. Kendall,
G. M. Flower, Daniel Down.
M. Carey made a motion that delegates
bo instructed to vote for J. C. Watson:
motion was laid on the table.
A. N. Sullivan then nominated Hon.
W. II. Newell for senator; W. W. Drum
niond nominated M. I). Pulk.
Motion carried to allow those pris -nt
to cast their full ratio of votes.
Ry the second ballot Polk was elected
l3-one in tjority, he receiving eighty
three votes an I Newi 11 eighty-two.
The following iniu-vd p:;:-s jii.j w. re
then put u; for nomin Hi.n for represen
tatives: Gjo. R. Fiuley, C. A. Kuiif;.! m,
Nicholas Satchvll, Rozzjll Mo:;w.
Edwin Jeary and T. F. Young, and on
the fourth ballet Nieholrs Sitehcl' an.l
Edwin Jeary were nominate I.
Allen Ueeson was then nominated by
acclamation for county attorney. A. R.
Todd was also nominated by acclimation
for county commissioner.
II. C. Smith an I A. C. Hayes were put
in nomination for county surveyor, and
Mr. Smith was declared the nomine.-.
Mr. E. II. Wooley then offered a resolu
tion commendatory to Hon. Manderson,
which was adopted.
The following were elected for the
centaal committee. Tipton, J. P. Eur
dick; Greenwood. J. C. Stevenson; Salt
Creek, M. Newman; Elmwood, John
Aaron; South Rnd, James Crawford;
Weeping Water City, J. W. Thomas;
Weeping Water Precinct, Simmons; Cen
ter, I. N. Woodard; Louisville, Cutfoith;
Avoca, Hutchins; Eight Mile Grove,
John II. Becker; Liberty, A. Root; Platts
nioutli Precinct, N. Jean; Plattsnioutli
1st ward, W. AY. Drummond; 2nd ward,
II. C. Mikiu; 3rd ward, Wm. Ibiyes: 4th
ward, James W. Sage; Stove Creek, C.
D. Clapp. 0:laudo Teff w is elected
Latest Novelties in Neckwear :t S. &
C. Mayer's
Harrison and Protection.
Large streamers bearing the following
lines have been extensively circulated
throughout the county and elsewhere:
Grand Republican rally Plattsnioutli,
Nebraska, Saturday, Oct. 13. The Young
.Men's Republican Club of Plattamouth
ire making big preparations for the rally
on the above date. There will be meet
ings both in the afternoon and evening
at the opera house. The afternoon meet
ing will be called to order at 2 o'clock,
sind the evening meeting after a grand
torchlight procession, will occur at the
yinc place. Clubs will be present from
Lincoln, Omaha, Ashland, South Rend,
Louisville, Greenwood. Weeing Water,
Cedar Creek, Union and other points in
Cass count3 and clubs from Gienwood,
Malvern, Pacific Junction and other
ooiuts in Mills Co., Ia. The meetings
will be addressed by the following
prominent republicans: Gov. Jno. M.
Thayer, our candidate for congress, W.
1. Connell, Judge M. L. Hay ward, Judge
O. P. Mason, Att'y Gen. J. Y. Stone, of
Iowa, and all the nominees on the coun-
tv and legislative ticket in Cass countv.
We inviti nil i-euiillip:ins hi f'ji.i ni-i.l !!.
1 1
j'jiuiiilj I 'Jiiiiucs 10 unite v. uti us. .vr- I
ii;igcr.iezits will be made for trauspoitn-
ion on all railroad linos.
Children's Shirt Wauts 20 cents at S.
fc C. Maver's.
A Lincoln newspaper man was yes
terday asked to read a printed article
ami give an opinion as to its merits. He
read it aud denounced U as the w orst
piece of rot he had read for months, and
wondered if the idiot who wrote it was
still at large. When he heaped upon it
all the contumely he had with him, the
man who gave him the article whispered
something to him, and the Lincoln news
paper mail looked as cheap as though he
were offered for sale at a junk shop. He
stammered and laughed convulsively.and
kicked l.inuelf real hard. The Lincoln
ne.vspaper man had written the article
himself a few months ago. Liucol Jour
naL - . v
To the Friends and Patrons of the
Y- L. R R A.
Realizing that the work our associa
tion has carried on for the past four years
can more fully and more satisfactorily
be continued should we unite our efforts
with th'we of the Y. M. C. A., we have
decided to close our reading room Oct.
12, and transfer our reading material,
furniture, etc., to th- reading room of
the Y. M. ('. A., in the new Anheuser
Ruseh building, corner Main and I'oiutli
streets. This room will still be open to
the general public, ladies included, for
the purpose of exchanging books, oue
afternoon of each week, (afternoon to be
hereafter designated), and all library
tickets now out will be honored at the
Y. M. C. A. room until the expiration of
the time for which they were given.
We expect to continue our organiza
tion as heretofore, with the aim in view
of adding to the circulating library as
our means will permit.
We trust most sincerely that the ninny
who have shown us such kindness will
foci the same or greater interest iu this
new work, which we feel will accomplish
much more good th m we would have
been able to do.
Olivk Jones, Lillian Pollock,
Secretary. Pres. Y. L. R. R. A.
Campaign Caps either Cleveland
Harrison Joe. at S. & C. Mavcr's.
Mr. O. P. Smith is at Nehawka.
Mrs. Phil Seidenstriker, of Omaha is
in the city today.
Mr. Jas. Pollock, of Lincoln, spent
Sunday :st hi- hour." hen;.
Mr. Fred Murphy of Cedar Cieek
.-;. ut Sunday in tlie city with his many
- M.-.ssrs. Fritz and M:x Wi-stcrman, of
Lincoln, visited with Messrs. Beit and
Jim Pollock over Sunday.
Mrs. "W. 13. Hill and Stuart Livingston
leave for Evanston, " III., tonight.
Stuart will attend college there.
" We need not go to Omaha any more
to buy our clothing, we can buy it cheap
er at home," were the general remarks
made la?t night at the yrand opening of
Joe, the One Price Clothier.
Republican Club Meeting.
There will be a meeting of the Young
Men's Republican club tomorrow night
at 8 o'clock sharp, at the usual place.
Every republican who is interested in the
success of the coming rally is earnestly
requested to be present. A full attend
ance of all the committees is earnestly
requested, as no time can now be lost in
completing preparations for the rally
which occurs not later than next Sutur
Silk Campaign Ilandkeichiefs for
cents, worth 7oc. at S. & C. Mayer's.
Be'ween The lOth and 15th.
For the Benefit of the WorMngman:
Prof. Strassman will keep his office
open on these dates, between 6 and 8,
evenings; and adapt Glasses which will
comfort and relieve tho eyesight at
reaspnablo charges. Office Riddle
House. 3d
Previous to removal to Carruth's
building November 1st, and in order to
reduce our Stock we will sell everything
in our line at a low figure. Satin Scarfs
15c. formerly 2o; Satin Scarfs 25c for
merly 35; Satin Scarfs 50, formerly 75 at
S. & C. Mayer's.
Nearly three hundred loads of sand
were drawn and dumped on lower Main
street yesterday. The sand to be used
for paving purposes will be taken from
the sand bars, as it fully answers the re
quirements and more time will be made
The old ditch which crossed Sixth
street in the vicinitv of Rilstein's meat
market is being filled tip today with
Main street soil.
There will be a inci ting of the
Chatauqua club tomorrow night at the
omec oi i.vron tMi K. I lie usual work-
will be commenced.
Dont go to Omaha when you want
to get your besntiful parlor and bed
room sets but go to Her.rv Eocck's fur
niture? emporium where you can get everv
tiling in the furniture line that will go to
IMI-n I'.,,," Imnii Iwinlitlftil ....1 t.miM.f
i i
l; and above all yon csn cet it cheap,
Remember that
he who sells most can
sell cheapest.
Joe, the One Price Clothier, had the
grandest opening last night ever seen in
Plattsnioutli. i
Mr. Jas. Donnelly sells the Atwood
Suspender, the only suspender in the
world that can be adjusted to the form
of all. Non-clastic shoulder straps and
clastic back straps. tf.
Dr. Withers will make you a set of
teeth and guarantee a fit or no pay.
Everything necessary for furnishing
house can be purchased at II. Roeck's.
You query why from home I go,
" Why "bout the town I rove ?
The reason, why is plain, yon know,
We've got no Oakland Stove.
lm Buy one of Jouksoh Bros
Wood for Salef
Leave orders with J. P. Tutt, at Ben
nett ci Tptt'a s tor".
An Ordinance
declaring the necessity of a district sewer
in sewer dbitrict No. 2, of the city of
Plattsmouth.and ordering its construction
in alley of block twenty-eight.
Re it orda'ned by the mayor and coun
cil of the city of Plattsnioutli:
Skc. 1. That it is hereby declared
necessary for the health of the city to
construct a sewer in sewer district No. 2
through the rdley of block No. twenty
eight, of the city of Plattsnioutli, and the
same is hereby ordered construc ted ac
cording to the p'ans and specifications
heretofore adopted.
Skc. 2. The Board of Public Works
are hereby ordered to obtain estimates
and let the conti act for the building of
the same according to law.
Skc. This ordinance shall be in
force and take effect from and after its
passage and approval.
Passed and iidj roved September i5th,
A. D. 1S8S.
Attest: W. I. Tox, F. M. Richey,
City C.'erk. Mayor.
An Ordinance
declaring the nec essity of and ordering
district sewerage in district No. one, from
3rd street on Main east to its proper con
nection with alley between 2nd end 3rd
Re it ordained 1 y the mayor and coun
cil of the city of Plattsnioutli:
Skc, J. That it is hereby declared
necessary to construct district sewerage
in sewer district No. one in the city of
Plattsnioutli from its- proper connection
at alley on Main ttrec-t between Second
and Third streets to a connection with
the storm w ater sewer, an main in Third
street, and the same is hereby erdered
Six. 2. The Board of Public Works
are hereby ordered to obtain an estimate
of the cost of the same and to let a con
tract for the con" ruction of the same.
Skc. 3. This ordinance Fhall be in
force and take effect from find after its
Passed and :pproyed September 24th,
A. D. IS
Attest: W. K. Fox, F. M. Richkv,
City Clerk. Mayor.
The voyage from maiden fair to
womanhood i.s often attended with irany
perils. Mothers should insist upon lheo
daughters being p-epared with every
means of safety. Universrdly acknowl
edged as tlie reliable "Lifc-p' rs i v r" n
this rough sea of uncertainties, is Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It ha
averted many a disaster. It has rescued
many a periled life! This popular reme
dy is prepared especially for Woman. It
is the only remedy of its class sold by
druggists under a positive guarantee to
give satisfaction. The guarantee has
been faithfully carried oat by the manu
facturers for many years.
What in the world is the reason you
will cough and keep coughing and still
keep trying inferior medicines when
positively relieve your cough at once?
This is no advertising scheme, but an
actual fact, and we guarantee it. Sold
by O. P. Smith & Co., druggists.
Because he had no Garland Stove.
Buy oue of Johnson Bros. sept22-dlm.
A good sm u t boy, J 4 or 15 yrs. old,
can find a g"v d home and school for the
winter call at office. 2d-lw
II. Boeck's furniture stock is acknowl
edged to be the finest and most complete
iu ine cuv.
Sherwiu &, Williams' mixed paints, the
best in the market, atFrickci. Co's. drug
tore. 8 tf.
Wanted. Steady employment given
to a good blacksmith.
tf Robt. Donnelly.
Two car-loads of potatoes and other
produce just received for winter use.
Call and get prices.
Lcve cams tclie door of the palace,
Anl the door was opened wlda;
There wasn't a thins to hinder.
And they needed uim much inside:
But he rattled his quiver, and said with sigh,
"Can I enter an open door Not l!
Not I! Not I:"
Love came to the castle window.
And he round a great broad stair;
There wasn't a thing to hinder.
And he oilbt have mounted there:
But he lluttcred his wings, aud said with a sigh,
"Can 1 plod up a siaircasef No, not I!
Not I! Not I:"
Love came to the shore of the oceac,
And saw far over the straaJ
Ad inaccessible tunress
Op a sea pin island stand.
Who cares for au ocean r he exyXy cried,
Aud his rainbow wins were quickly plied:
"Not II Not I!"
L-ovn cnn:e to a !o:i?ly dungeon.
U'iiere nindnw ti:d door were toned;
i wit- was iiue wlo (Vuwij pivc iam entrance;
I liou-.i i:e 1:uk'I.hI there ion and harj.
Thou "Wlui can's for a IkiIl?" saij the saucy elf,
And straightway the warder was Love himself:
"Not I Net I
Eva L Oijtien.
Chlneno as Opium Smugglers.
Who do I think are the ruost successful
smugglers? Tho sleek faced, moon eyed
Celestials, most emphatically There is
no roition of a vessel or its cargo sacred
or safd trom tho tEauinuJalions of the
rascals They have the deadly 'drug
plaited in their queues, quilted "in their
cloihiug. packed iu the cork soles of their
shoes, and tucked unav in the soft, cling
iiig folds of their silk handkerchiefs
They have false bottoms and sides to their
camphor wood trunks, false bottoms to
tlieir cooking utensils, and luev are false
ail the way through. They will construct
material to resemble coal, fill the interior
with opium and place it in the coal
bankers until all suspicion is allaved and
the steamer diseharcred: they construct
tin boxes to fit around masts and cover
their deceptidu with false mast coats well
calculated to deceive the inerreriesd
r cf,a I'-Zst T'- .'--";' rt
elite's aM Misses'
Call early and make your f elections,
yon all know how dillicalt it is later on to
This cut repress
one o. mil'
Cuius in that line, eiunnie.ieinir with h.o
-1.50, with a Ak'. rise for a size made
Drown Cheeked All-'vVod CI. n
skirt, with Surah Lined Hood.
lines from
2 to 1.
Is, sizes
F. H
Do not fail to call and examine the "Cash" Prices we will give
for the Next Thirty Days.
You Can Save 25 Per Cent
"While we are having this
The Boss Tailor
Muiu Sr., Over Merges' Shoe Store.
Has the best and most complete stock
of samples, loth foreign and domestic
woolens that ever came west of Missouri
from to $35. d.-esn suits. if;25 to 45.
pants 4, $r,, $0, i.50 and upwards.
t"Will guaranteed a fit.
r n !
Pnces Delv Lompeimon.
Xj--W office.
Personal attention to all Buginecf Knlrust-
o my care.
Title Examined. Abstaicts f'mnpiled, Iu
uriinee Written, Keal Estate old.
Better Facilities for making Farm Loans tlian
Any QtUer Agency
Dr. E. C. West's Nerve and Brain Tre&tmei.t
a guarantee specific for Hvsterta Liir.rinu.
Couvulstons. Fit. Nervous Keuralirla. Head
ache. Nerveou Prostration cauaed by the ue
of alcohol or tobacco. Wakefulness. Cental le
prewion. Softenlnur of the Kraln repultinc in in
sanity and leadiDK t misery, decav and Jeath,
Premature old Age. Barrenness, Lis of Pow
er in either sex. Involuntary lxn-n auo Kj-er-mat'rrho?a
caused by over-exertion of tjj
brain, selfabuse or over-indnlvence. VnoU
contain one mouth's treatment. $1 oo a box
or Six boxes for 8S.0O. sent bv mail nrMUm.
receipt of price
Ml ,8
Our Stock of Cloak is now
mid we urn hliowin tlie Largest
Lint! v ve r ojicneil out in thin Htj. La t
clits tltHiinr a New Vn tin's ftfieoli U,
slioul'l not miss looking over onr lino,
for wo are i-liowing the Very I ntcet
Novelties -at verv Low I'l i't s.
Ladies' arid Misses' Meis !
Tips cut rcjircsents our jionular
.".) LjuIh-k' Jacket, made of All-Wool
tiifl Clotkin, ninl at the price a
ii c',':;li!(l bargain.
We have Full Lines at $i t $15,
:ach ni.elir uj of I lie Vijry hefet materially
in solid trolois and htries.
'Misses' Ja-Vets from $1 to $70.
Sizes rane fro:n 12 to 18.
kino, Plaiu-d
We l.ave lull
ruffi'inc from
li'l if-
Plush - Cloaks.
tave never carried
( 'loaks as thi ;
a !
1 at
Plush Sacqnes from $2 ."..(hi to -15.
Piu-li Newmarkets at S':...(.
Phi.!, .Jackets from Sl.j.oO to .fL'U.OO.
Piush Medjoka's from 18 50 to S85.CO.
Pin.-!: Mantcau from 31S.00 to A-lO.oO.
1 'Snarly :iiic! uiv. kc
ynziv tZvli'vtiozis.
errmai n9
Great "Cash" Deduction Sale.
Dr. C- A. Marshall.
Fieservutii-n of the
natural -jc-eth a
Speeiiilry. Au stlw ties given fcr Pain-
i.ksS filling ok extkactiok of tekth.
ArtificiHl teeth niide on Gold. Silver
Itu1ler or Celluloid Flutes, and inserted
as soon as teeth are extracted when de
j sired.
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
nS 3 O' qSi-
: M
m i (y j
coil f o f si