The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 03, 1888, Image 4

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Tne Evening Herald.
A. KalUbarjr. lf-ntl-t,
Trlrphvuc Ho. ''-.
Ilorknvo'l ltd t Id i tif7
llr. Slunlni. Ortir in 4friiisM Hoi Mnrr, lst
Arnrr or. Kiith aiH (iranitr, Tclfplione o. 4:1
lr. WlihrrH. Inn I'alnlesi llintlxt. I'nion
lllork, OTt-r t'rirke !rutc Mure, riallHinnutli.
Children's Shirt Waists 20 cents at S.
& C, Mayer.
Mr. Joi Lloyd's little girl who lias
leen ill for some time with typhoid fever,
in convalescent.
Dr. S hillkneeht 'u now the oldest
physician of this city, having resided
here for more than twenty-seven yerus.
Four children in the family of Knnis
152.-5 :r, living ntir Mt. Pl-asant, are ser
iously afflicted with typho-malarial fever.
Silk Campaign Hnndkcichiefs for 3.1
cents, worth 7"c at S. ?c C. Mayer's.
The work has ! n commenced in the
Carruth building, which is being tilted
up to receive the large clothing stock ol
S. & C Mayer. The. petitions are alrcr.d'
torn out mid tin; foundation for the
addition is belli.; laid.
.Mr. S. M. Urigg, knight of tin
;iiil r;i.;.-r, h:; r.'ii.ivol from hi
sin"!) n Siih 'tftt, to one of the cozy
rooms in 1 1; ; Aiihi'ii-cr-Bii'-th building
The location ; the mo-t f-uorabie and
we tru-t iit ; v smile from success in
hi- new iart i .
Mi. .!. I'. .1.. it:, son 1 avis today fr St.
I.oiti.s t. s . ! t a'ld purchase the Litis'
design. in H;t-, Bonnets and Millinery
gocd-. Wait ttr lr r lt'.urn In-fore pur
c h isin ' I-cv. h'. re. Oct. 3-tf
Ti.e wife T .Mr. Jaeob Falter, win
in w 1 from th!s city to Cri 'tito.i, Neb .
Ia.t M-ircTi. dii-.l l.e-t Tuesday and v.a
buried on S.ui. lay. Tin-y ri:siiled about
eight miles w tit of Ik iv previous to their
depaitup-. !'it the f.i::ily ii well known
in tii citv. Mrs. Falter h a si-t -r of the
1 1: i t, brother. f til! City.
Mr L. ( '. Men cr iv.iiied his posi
tion as superintendent of the street rail
way here, nt a mtctiug held by that com
pany last Thursday. Mr. Frank Carruth.
president of the company, who sent in
hi resignation a short time airo, liu
withdrawn it,and ha will still continue t
till that oiliec.
Previous to removal to CarruthV
buildintr November 1st, and in order to
reduce our Stork wc wdl sell everything
in our line at a low figure. Satin Scarfs
15c. formerly 2; Satin Scarfs 25c, for
merly o": Satin Scarfs 50, formerly 73 at
8. & C. Mavci's.
The creek which takes an under
ground course along 5th street and emp
ties into a ditch immediately below Main.
is LeiBg tilled up with tiie soil dug up
from the street. The authorities hav
come to the conclusion that such au ad
vantage a3 an In igating ditch of that
kind is not required here.
The 41 He, She, Hint and Her" com
pany arrived in the city this morning and
they will liold forth at the "Watermat
opera houso tonight. Tickets are selling
rapidly and we expect to see a bumpei
house tonight which they deserve. Geo.
II. Adams is known in this city, and al
who know him will not mi3 this rare op
portunity of hearing a first-class corned
fan. He is well supported by a powerful
A dispatch w received here yester
ilay morning from Pu Kblo, Col.f stating
that StuKt Livingston had been killed
near tint Jul icj in a wreck which oc-
curred on the f. T. and Fort Worth rail
roJ, about 0 o'clock v-'stei day morning.
His b jdy wa then at Trinedad, and the
authorities were awaiting orders. He
w.n . uephiw of the iate Dr. H. II. Liv
ingto;i, an.i wis well k;i wn 5u this city
having resided h :re sivcral years.
The work of gnul'ng Main street has
commenced and everything pic sent :
tlcploraV-h" r.xidition. Faying will 1
commenced as soon ns the grading is ad
vanccd sc.t'.i-.i' iitly to aliowit, and abou'
the loth. v. hen th jU' inds of people wil
visit our city, and r.Il will Le desirous o
fircing the city j-roent an attractive np
lcaranc', just liieu it will remind one o
the visit of an earthquake a few hour?
previous. Although the rough Appear
ance may not leave a favorable imprvs
sion upou the victors, yet the authorities
may be admtrr d for the improvement?
leing ma lo and iii::uv may be contented
to fetumi.lo over the roug'i this t:uit
and come agaiu wlien tlie javed street?
will be a. credit to the city and u fiord a
a pleasant walk.
Resolutions of Respect.
The following resolutions were adopted
at the sanctuary of L. A. 8332 K. of L.
WiiEicK.vs. One of our esteemed fellow
citizsns. Dr. K. U. Livingston, has beer,
touched by the hand of death, and
WnEREAS. We realize the loss sus
tained by hi family and the citizens
generally. U?it
nesolved. That we tender to the be
reayed fauii'y our sincere sympathy in
this time of their bereavement
Ilesolced, Also that the secretarysub
mit a. couv of these resolutions to thexie-
reaved family, also a copy to the Platt
inouth Dress. Cosa. Cbawxl, R. S.
jjr. Jas. Donnelly sells the Atwood
r T
An Aged Saint Laid to Rest.
Hauuikt t kscott Horn May 4th, 1SCM'
rt Cluster, Masm.husi tts, iiel S'p
tembcr S-'stli, lfHM at the home of her
son, C. K. Wescott, Plattsinouth, Ne
braska. She was tlie daughter of Joshua and
A1113' Mason; at tlie uge of 18 was
rieil to Stephen Wescott; was the mother
of ten children, threfs of whom survive
her, nanifly: Mrs. Francis M. IJennett,
Chester, Mass.; Lloyd M. Wescott, Brush
Creek, Iowa, and her youngest son, our
fellow-townsman, C. E. Wescott, with
whom she hus lived siuce coming to
l'lattsmouth about five yeais ago with
hrr husband, the latter having died May
2d, 13-1, soon after their arrival.
Mrs. Wescott has lived n consistent
christain life for over sixty years, having
been converted and united with the
I'aptist church at Chester, Mass., under
tiie minirttriition of Elder Jno. Lelaud.
Her love and faith iu the church of her
ehoice was pronounced, yet fcho was to
broad in her denominational views to le
a narrow sectarian, and her soul was so
expanded by thi meltiug love of Jesus
as to (reckon '.'very child of soverign
race; a kindred spirit, and her breadth
f intellect, and warmth of soul kept
her iu lively sympathy with all the ad
vance movements of the day for the up
lifting of humanity, and notwithstanding
-lie had pass- d her four score milestone,
even cheering childhood and youthful
e ithusias:n found in her presence joy
Hint delight, and during her late pro
traded illness they kept her chamber
fragrant with the perfume of flowers.
Sir; was a woman ol rarcot graces
.inished by highest Christian culture,
which made cvai the sick room a very
11 t h 1, with mental facilities unimpaired
up to lifes latest moment she gave blessed
i.-suivtuce at th final victory that was
-oou to be hers. With her latest breath
she exclaimed: '"I am About Home,' I
have tried to make my life a labor of
love, -'Hut there is nothing like tiie Love
oi Clod." Then with the dying prayer,
"O, .Tjsu.s Givo Mo Kzst," she er.teretl
into the eternal rest of Heaven. 'Bless
ed arc they that die in the Lord."
Thw' funeral obsequies were conducted
by llev. Baird. The beautiful cas
ket was covered with floral offerings of
beautiful designs, the cross, sycle ant
shield were contributed by the W. C. T.
U. The pall bearers were Messrs. Pol
lock, Gault, Spurlock, S. A. Davis, W.
Smilii and Robt. Donnelly. Amonir the
aiany friends that gave timely aid were
Mis. llyan, of Nebraska City, and Dr.
.Mansfield, cousin of Mr. Wccott, from
Chillicothe Mo. We will all miss this
"True Israelite, indeed in whom there
was no guilt." But the stroke falls
Heavily upon thefaithful 3011 and daugh
ter, Mr and Mrs. Wescott, and their three-
dutiful boys sous of promise who
were always ready to contribute in every
vay to her comfort and happiness.
Iu their home "Grandma," was the
'Favored One." Her room must be the
-unniest and her hearthstone the brisrht-
jst She was the one never to be forgot
ten, and her un-ellishness made all this
service a pleasure.
But this beautiful life is ended, and
die last tribute of love has been paid to
ill that was mortal, with folded hands
md speechless lips, she rests beneath the
silent clods dust to dust; ashes to ashs
But ths beloved influences of sueh a life
will live forever, and its illumination
ill brighten our pathway to the golden
atc. "Where we with her may testify
that th-; widouebs of God's love, is as the
vvideness of tlio sea. and the justice of
His Mercy more than liberty.'
The papers of the following places
please'eopy; Bush Creek, Iowa, Laport,
ud.,Pittslield, Mass.
Mr. C. O. Welhj, of Omaha, is in thu
citv today on btiness.
Mrs. C. II. Parmole left for Bellevue
where the will visit for a few days.
B. I). II. Biker, who has been a guest
at the home of C. II. Parmele, was a
lass -nii'T to O n ihi last night.
Mr. Chas. Thornburg. formirly of this
-it y, but who is unw agent for a whole
ale h.uise in Omaha, was in the city yes-
rday on business.
Mr. Jesse L. Root, formerly of the of-
ice of Co veil, PIk .v Beeson, but who
is uow cashier or a butiK at Columbia.
returned to the city List night for a few
days visit with Lis vsiie who has recently
returned frc-m Denver where she has been
ju an extcndeel yisil after a severe ill
ocss of several months. She locks much
improved in health and no trace of the
sickness is noticeable. Mr. Boot will re
turn to Colombia within a few days, but
his wife intends ii rnia at her home
during the winter.
"I have taken, within the past year,
several boiiles of Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and
find it admirably adapted to the needs of
an impoverished system. I am convinced
that this preparation, as a blood purifier,
is unequaled. C. C, Dame, Pastor Con
gregational church, Andover, Me-
For Gale-
ie undersigned h?a for silt 13 bead
An Irish Sentiment.
EniToit Hi:nAi.u:-Ihave seen in an issue
of the Journal that its editor and pro
prietor accuses Patrick Ford, editor of
tlie Irish World of being a renegade
and a deserter from the Union army dur
ing the rebellion. Now, as there is no
chance of Patrick Ford ever seeing that
obscure sheet or of getting an opportun
ity to refute its bare assertions, I take it
upon myself, with good and reliable
authorities, to brand the Journal as a
bare fabricator, whose only object is to
turn the Irish vote in this locality from
Harrison and Protection to Cleveland
and Free-trade. The Journal sees that
the Irish World is u power in the field
for Harrison and Protection, and that if
the Irish adhere to its teaching (which I
have no doubt they will) that democracy
and free-trade are doomed to be buried
forever in utter oblivion. English free-
trade banished us from the Irish shore
and the same malignant enemy wants to
pursue us with free-trade to this glorious
free republic. Sherman, your lies won't
work. M. O'Donatiue.
Wm. Donnelly.
In Memonam.
The Irish citizens of Plattsmouth de
sire to express t ieir heartfelt sorrow,
that each and all feel over the loss ol
their dear friend and neighbor, Dr.
Bobcrt II. Livingston md in meeting,
assembled Oct. 1, 1833, unanimously
passed the following resolutions of re
spect: Whereas, The death of our bei ved
friend Dr. Robert R. Livingston,
is felt and deplored b' every ljver of
liberty and justice in our midst; that all
Irish American citizens in Nebraska, fully
knew his views in regard t the trouble
between England and Ireland and knew
that he was in sympathy with Gladstone
and Paruell in their efforts for the free
dom of Ireland and on any and all oc
casions was found to be the steadfast
friend of the Irish people, and his sym
pathies were always with tiie oppressed
f dear old Ireland. Therefore be it
Iiesolved, That in his loss, Ireland and
the Irish people, have lost one of their
best friends; haye tost one who can never
oe replace ! in their hearts and affections
and that the family of the lamented de
ceased iu this hour of sorrow have our
undivided sympathy.
Wm. Neville,
T. L. Murphy,
JonN Blake, Com.
Jos. J. McVey, I
Maurice O'Rourk, J
Grand Island vs. Plattsmouth.
A game has been arranged between
the Plattsmouth and Grand Island clubs
for Saturday afternoon next. This will
undoubtedly be the last game of the sea
son and the best one yet played here.
The Grand Island club is considered
the best lot of amateur players in the
state, and they hare not attained as wide
a reputation as a host of kickers, as some,
visitors wh i have played here this sum
mer. The men who have been secured
for the occasion will do more effective
work than any team Plattsmouth has
yet put on the ground, aud there will
certainly be a creditable game played.
The Fremont battery Messrs. Pond
and Heller will assist the Plattsmouth
club, and all who witnessed the Wahoo
Plattsmouth gaino during the fair,
remember the effective work done by
them then for the visitors. Home run
Huff, of Omaha, will also assist Platts
mouth in Saturday's game.
Resolutions of Respect.
The Plattsmonth Fire Department in
meeting assembled this Oct. 1. 1888,
unanimously passed the following reso
lutions of respect ou the death of Dr. R.
R. Livingston. Whereas,
The deceased Dr. Robert II. Livingston
was the first chief of the Plattsmouth
Fire Department, that he always took an
interest in tne wort ever since was al
ways ready with head, heart and money
to help the boyiic all their undertakings
and was always their friend; iiieiefore
be it
Resulted, That in his death the De
partment has Lost a true member and
friend- one who was always ready to lend
a helping hand in time of need, and that
the Department sympathizes with his
family and the entire public in the great
loss sustained oy au.
II. C. Ritchie, Secretary.
He, She, Him and Her" at the
The name of thl3 entercainaienj is a
good index to its character. It is a
unique collection of individualities. But
it is the pernio of the world, especially
the unusual and absuid people, who are
the most interesting. "He, She, Him
and Her" is an ingeniously arranged as
sortment of eccentricities and absurdities
of the kind people seein most to enjoy.
The characters were large in the hands
of those who made the most of them. In
the leading parts Mr. George II. Adams
as "Toby Perri winkle," and Miss Toma
Uanlpn a3 "Tootsie Brant," brought many
a hearty laugh ai,d enthusiastic cheer
from their auditors. A commendable
piece of work was also performed by
Mus Alidaa Perreault as "Mrs. Murray
Hill." Miss parrje Francoise also did
some clever comedy work jn the grjt set,
but her part for some reason disappeared ;
afterwards, the occasion not being ap
parent. The ents3.inraent was witnessed
r7 n M r -- ", -- ' r-i Lr,
A ft-ft& r?sa Pmintu Fair KAntAirt- '
ber 18th to 21st, 1888
Lot 1:
E Sage best col apples named 1 . . '
Sage, largest col " 1... :
J Vallery, jr., 2 on same 1
Lot 2 apples:
E Sage, Beu Davis 1 1
Sige, Thompson sweet, 2
Sage, jonathan 1 1
Sage, sweet bough 1 1
Sage, tamense 2
Sag, ranibo 2
Sasie, Baileys sweet 1
Sage, swoet paradise 1
W S Wise, Jonathan 2
R F Dean, belle flower 1 1
Dean, northern spy 1 1
Dean, tamense 1 1
Dean, pecks pleasunt 2
J Vallery, j r., Ben Davis 2
Vallery, belle flower 2
Vallery, white winter pearniaiu 1
Vallery, golden pippin 1
Vallery, greennig 2
Vallery, willow twig 1
Vallery, sweet paradise 1
C Slater, dyer apples 1 1
Slater, pallman sweet 1 1
Slater, geniton sweet 2
Slater, hcslip crab 1
J Vallery, jr , sweet bough 2
J Gapen, rambo 1 1
Gapen, wht winter pearmain 2. . .
Gapen, pleasants 1 1
Lot 3:
C Slater, concord grapes 1
J Vallerv, ir.. 2 on same
Class 10 .t W Thomas cut z.inis.
E Sage, i bu beets
Sage! C stalks rhubarb
J II Becker, i bu barley
W L Propst, 50 ears eor white 1 . .
S Richardson, 2 on same
W L Propt, 50 ears all colors 2 . .
Wm Murray. 1 on same
B R Franz, 50 ears white corn
.1 B Holmes, i bu fall wheat
Wm Murray, i bu Irish potatoes.
W P Bailev, 5 P Bailey
Lot 2 W L Propst, best aud lar
gest disp farm produce
15 00
Lena Shrnder.spec worstered work 75
Mrs E Wol forth, pr pillow shams
and sheets "'
D E B ibbington, water elevator. .diploma
W J Hesser, breeding plymouth
rock chicks J
Hesser, breeding leghorns 50
Hesser, pr angora rabbits 10"
Mrs II Eikcnbary. charm string. .
class 16 specials
S Richardson, ea corn Gilmore's special
J Vallery.jr , disp fruit Leesley's '
Anna Taylor, bread Ritchie's
Mrs R F Dcan,knit goods Dovey "
Mr.? J R Vallery, prettiest iaiy un
der 0 mos baby enrriase or
Mrs C Jeans, prettiest baby over 9
and under 24 mos. .carriage or
Mrs Foselsong, 2 on same. . li
Mrs Tracy, 3 cm same
6 CO
6 00
1 00
3 00
Latest Novelties in Neck-.vear at S. &
C. Slayers.
"The Social Mirror," is the title of
a book that treats ou the rules and us
ages of the social circle, for which Miss
Mamie McCrosby is canvassing the city;
and Mr. J. TV. McCrosby is canvassing
the citv with u book entitled "Story of
the Wilderness." These books are good
first-class books and every person should
have them in their home.
Campaign Caps Cleveland
Harrison 15c. at S. & C. Mayer's.
A choice lot of Polen China pigs 0 mo?,
old, for sale only till Nov. 1 at my farm
six miles west of Flattsmoutb.
29-2 WmMektkn.
ew Eyes
The long felt want in this com
munity for sight-restoring glasses is now
supplied by the succejsful optician, Prof.
A. Strssnian, from IJerlin, lie: many, tor
a short time longer at the Kiddle house.
The waste of valuable eytsight cau be
prevented, if not too late, by his correct
mode of equalizing all inequalities of the
injured eyes In his specialty, it is con
ceded that he is the head of the profes
sion, and many of our btrst citizens, and
physicians haye been successful 111 ob
taining relief by the use of his glasses:
Allen Berson,
Dr. Srliildki ucht,
S. P. Vmiatta,
V. II. Newell,
Mis. P. Kessler,
Mrs. P. Kennedy,
C. W. Sherman,
Eli Samps n,
Mrs. H-inkin,
Mies Young.
V. Manker,
Prof. J.B. Wi tcrmb
Judge A N. Sullivan
Mrs. Benfer.
Byron Drew,
.1. Vallery, jr..
II. Boeck,
Mrs. F. Johnsi n,
Mrs. N. E. Sge,
Mr. C. Nichols,
Mr. Hodgctt,
Mrs. Levings,
Mr. Hayes,
Mrs. Nieman.
Geo. Buckle,
John Robbins,
Light summer shoes for your
girls, 23 cents only, at Merges".
Bargains in every line for 30 days nt
Warrick's Drug Store to make room for
Holiday Goods.
A few Autograph, Photograph, and
Scrap Albums at greatly reduced prices to
make room for new goods at
Wjll J. Warrick's.
Mr. T. Er Wiley, lib C lumbers sr.,
New York City, says that Ayer's Sarsapa
rilla cured him of a dry and scaly humor,
from which he bad suffered intolerably,
lie ndds: "I have not now a blemish on
my body, and my cure is wholly dee to
Ayer.'s baraparjlja,"'
Sherwin & Williams' mixed paints, the
best in the market, at Fricke & Co's. drng
tore. 8-tf.
A nicelibme with fourl ti J10C0
$25.00 cash'and $15-00 per m nth. W.
8. WlBK. it.
n 9 r.
r- k 8 i
u arc now
SI lowing a
Our Line of Fall )re.-s GnoiU is the Largest and Most (Ymijiletu
Stock iu the City, and ve arc fdiowino; all tlie new
Colorings in
Dress Flannels, Broadcloths, Henrieltes.
Beiges, Serges, al Prices not to be implicated.
inch All "Wool Suitings, Solid Colors and .Mixtures, only 4Zv. yd.
40 inch ill-"Vool Broadcloths. Solid Colors and iMixtuns, only
i i ,. .... i k..
''v j ) ou
52 inch -All-Wool Broadcloths, tol'd Colors and Mixture?, only
5 ccntrt 'cr yard.
54 inch French Broadcloths, Twilled Back, at 1.C() a yard.
The?e goods s-old last season at $2. CO.
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ro.d values.
- - J-
Ol St
4. T. v n
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for the Next
ou Can Save 25 Per Cent
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Cul ie. Di.-ii ri.-r.-i niid j-'innner i-' iitl h t
ure d.-ttiuerous at this reason of tte ver I
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cli?c:iw's is to Iia'e a bottle of some reh- I
w... 11.. T:,.l.. TJ..I. :.l
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