The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 02, 1888, Image 3

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Utilizing Knravlnspi for IWoratlve Pur-
poaea How to AVuh Ulan!et Kag
Carpet Tliw Mother Instinct Infant..
Household III11I4.
V Leu ammonia water bos eui Umnlc,
vinegar ami water thouM Lo given freely
antlon the instant. Thi may 1 followed
by copious nci-1 drinks lemonade orange
juice, etc. A generous riosA of hwi-cI oil will
also bo useful. Ico freely employed will
somewhat control the iiitlammntion anJ
opium will be needed to eubtluo the pain.
Arnica Is sometimes drank bv tmstnke fcr
something else. To empty the stomach thor
oughly with an emetic, then follow ith a
generous doso of castor oil, if it can bo loriie.
are tho Drst important steps in treatment.
Paregoric will Biibduo tho pain and. if the
headache persists, employ a hot foot hath,
put a mustard iHiste to tho back of tho neck.
and give one-half teaspoonful of the hromida
of potassium dissolved in water.
n lien children drink kerosene oil, or
mothers administer too much of it to them
carelessly, the symptoms are great pallor of
the face, bluencss of tho lins.drowsines, feeble
pulse, coldness of tho extremities and great
prostration. Givo mustard and watri- to
empty the stomach and if vomiting does not
occur at once the fingers should be thurst
into tho throat. Brandy and water is in
jected to restore heart action.
In arsenical poison'ng, tho first thing to do
is to expel the poison from the stomach, using
mustard and water, assisted with largo quan
tities of milk and raw ejrers, milk and limo
water, oil and limo water r flour and water.
In the meantime send for the only trim an
tidote, bydrated ieroxido of iron, which
should be administered moist and 111 large
quantities after vomiting is induced. Finally,
a generous doso of ciustor oil f houlil bo given.
Stimulants, ice and opium are used for their
tiurjoscs. Many medicines nro prepared with
a very strong alcohol, and children have
fieen known to bo jioisoned by an overdoso of
It. For treatment, tho child should bo held
In tho arms and its head l given a good
douching under cold water from faucet or
rump, until consciousness is restored. Then
an emetic of mustard or ijecac should bo
riven, followed by aromatic soirit of am
Foisouing by opium or any of its prepara
tions (morphine, laudanum, paregoric, eto.)
is remedied by fifteen grains of sulphate of
riuc in a little water. If this cannot Lo ob
tained at once, use mustard and warm wa
ter, or salt and warm water, and after vomit-
IDg give plenty or strong coffee, put a mus
tard plaster around the calf of each leg and
If the patient is chilled and sinking give
freely of spirits, and water. Dash cold wa
ter over tho face and shoulders and walk the
person to keep hiin from going to sleep, for
that moans death when the drug is yet active
in the stomach.
For treatment of poisoning by sulphuric
acid, oil of vitriol, muriatic acid, and sim
ilar mineral acids, give instantly cither mag
nesia, chalk, whiting, lime water, soda, sal-
eratus mixed in water, or, what is better, in
milk and water. If neither of these sub
stances is within easy reach, knock a piece
of plaster off tho wall, pound it and give
that in milk or water. Whatever solution
is used givo a wine glass full every two or
three minutes. Warm water and mucilagi
nous drinks, such as linseed tea, barley wa
ter, milk, gruels, etc.. should bo given freely
for some timo after a sufficiency of the anti
dote has been taken. A common poisoning
is by oxalic acid, whiA is taken by suiei-.le9
and is also mistaken for epsom salts; tho lat
ter, however, are bitter aud the acid is sour.
Tho remedies are the same as for oil of vitriol
poisoning. Good Housekeeping.
The Decorative Vso of Pictures.
Cheap looking contrivances for decoration
are always a mistake, generally a failure;
but there is a wide distinction to bo made be
tween such, and those effects produced with
out much expense. A poor chromo or coarse
engraving is always in bad taste, while a good
picture cut from .1 fine illustrated paper and
suitably framed is artistic and satisfactory.
Tho art of reproducing and engraving has
now reached such a point that almost
every good weekly and magazine offers the
means of admirable wall decoration, or the
making of screens or stocking a portfolio.
For the first mentioned an original and ar
tistic method is the following:
Select interesting and well engraved illus
trations, if possible a series for instance.
Abbey's "She Stoops to Conquer." Buy and
bave cut at a wholesale bouse cardboards of
uniform size, and on the center of each of
these paste carefully three or five of tho
pictures (closely cut to (he margin), and
frame them with a very narrow band of oa
or cherry. Now arrange these along one cv
two sides of a room devoted to reading c
"lounging" purposes. If there are low book
shelves, let them run along the ton, or they
may bo placed with picturesque irregularity
nbovo the chimney piece, a narrow high
frame enclosing tureo or four such cuts at
the side, ami a long narrow frame across the
center. Text applying to such a series might
be prettily bound in soft covers and hung by
m ribbon on the wall, so that the pictin-es
bare an additional interest when studied us
"illustrations." Caro must be taken, how
ever, not to mingle inharmonious decorations
of other kinds wicu such fixtures. Few but
the simplest water colors look well with
them, but peacock feathers, dried grasses,
great sprays cf bitter sweet ami clematis,
re effective against or back of the dainty
'works of art and self toned framework.
Another novtl way of preserving first
class illustrations from weekly papers is Vt
cat them out close to the edge and then pus to
them smoothly on an artist's stretcher. Each
as can Le purchased for from fort 3- cents to
fl, the cheaper paper looking the b?st,
while the engraving or cut soon takes c a a
mellow tone very artistic in its effects. The
wooden framework of tb? stretcher serves as
m catch, so that these well decorations can
be easily bung ou a nail without any hook.
A charmirg portfolio can bo mad 3 uo by
having a number cf pieces of heavy but
cheap card board cot in various sizes. Two
dollars will purchase enough to keep you
busy a long time Select from magazines or
Illustrated papers the best work cf the best
artists in black and white. Cut the pictures
dose to the' margin, and paste theci in tho
center of a suitable sized piece of card board,
while, when it seems an improvemer t, a bit
of explanatory text with the namo cf tho
artist can go on the reverse side. Fort'olios to
bold these interesting pictures should l5
made as follows, the method being devised
by a lady who had collected a number of
charming black and white illustrations in
tnis fashion: Cover a large piece of card
board with silk or plush royal ptu-plc, olive
green or old gold is a suitable color, certain
bade of browns also looking wclL Next
over two pieces of c - board . pointed at
a end, widening to t inches at the other,
T ithM dA mi Diecrs of silk four 1
OD, eiUer Sloe e pieces Ol 61UE IOUr
iscbea wida. These, vi-h the roittea. card
r-- i Y- r ' til a ij;cco of s'?
for a rurnin'jr utrlns at Join on
Hlo of tiie Hiik to iho !.iij.o covered
lxjaril, and tlio other ton full r-ce'f fciik
which can lj gathered in nt i be to;, with n
Mlk running Mritij;, formin;; a ' ntmcious La;;
(lortfolio, if wo mny call it ix, which by
moans of rihliOiiK or v)rl ntnl t.i'w l ran lo
hung against tho
Harper's Bazar.
v.a'.l very llictively.
How to IVasIi lilanhct'.
Put a pint of household ammonia, hi the
bottom of your tub, having had the. hbinkct
well beaten to remove all clinging dust bo
foro you get tho tubs out. Then lay the
blanket lightly 0:1 over tho ammonia, and
oiir ujkmi it u sui'icient quantity of warm
watr to cover tlio blanket entirely. Then
with a stick or tho hand flop Uiu blanket
about in the holutiou, pressing all tho water
that will come out cf it iigainst the hide of
tho tub, without wringing us you remove it
to tiio rinse water. You will Lo amazed to
eo the dissolved dirt coming out through the
fibers, as no washing cr rubbing with soap
futls will bring it out. in the samo way,
iu the samo moderately warm water (not
boiling water), and by simply pushing tho
blankets about in tho till). Press through the
wringer and hang out to dry iu a windy
place, not in tho sun.
As the blanket hangs thero drying a little
water will collect in tho four corners, which
it is rather an amusement to squeeze out to
help tho drying process. If you do not care
to put a second blanket in the lii'i-t ammoni-
ated water, which must bodsno promptly, as
Vho ammonia evaporates quickly, divide tho
quantity, taking half a pint for eacu otio of
tho two tubs, and wash two blankets at onco.
Tho evaporating ammonia, released by tho
warmth of tho water, can only escapes
through tho blanket, which is laid over it in
tho tub before tho water i:s applied. Hence
you get tho valuo ot every drop of it. In
ordinary cleaning with ammonia, for paint,
brasses, silver, etc., mix it with cold water
first, and then add a litUo warm water to the
A Wont for tho ltag Carpet.
The only thing that kills n rag carpet for
popularity is its cheapness. 11 it cost to a
yard it would Lo on the floor of every bond
holder in the land. There Issomcthir.g about
a rag carpet that suggests home. It is not
so cold and formal to tho cyo as tho hand
somely flowered Brussels that you see in tho
parlor. As soon as you put your loot on a
rag carpet, you feel on good terms with tho
household; ami you naturally expect to h'.-ar
a Lettlo sing and sea sumo friendly cat arch
her back aud rub social! v against your shins.
And t uo man that owns a rag carpet made of
articles collected ubouttho house can
down with the carpet and talk to it. It is
full of pleasant reminiscence". Ho can see
in that carpet pieces of till tho clothing ho
has worn in tho last tenor twenty years. All
his cast oif wearing apparel is in tho carpet,
except what is iu the crazy quilt. Over
coats, suspenders, felt hats, neckties, gloves
and overhoes glow before him iu a ml,
white and blue sea that would sot a statue
peddier crazy with delight. (Joed House
keeping. To Scld 3111k Properly.
It is recommended that the milk supplr of
cities, at least in hot weather, be scalded as
soon as received by tho consumers, to pre
vent its 60uriug. To scald miik properly
tho following method i3 advised: Tako a thin
jhss bottle provided with a rubbencork, fill
t with milk nearly up to tho neck and place
Uncorked in ft kettle of water, which
should thou be gradually brought to a LoiL
When steam has commenced to escape from
the bottle cork it lightly and continue the
boiling for thirty-five or forty minutes and
the process will be complete, A bottle of
milk thus prepared, it is said, will remain
sweet a mouth if kept in a cool place aud
tightly corked. Boston Journal of Health.
Die republicans of the I'nib d States, assem
bled 1 y t heir lielintes in itiitional convention,
utilise on the tl:ie-ln!il of their proceedings t;-
honor the memory f their first nr-Ht Under
ml iiu or:;.l ci-aniro:i of liberty and 1 lie
rights of I he people, Alilahau itu-oln, y nd to
e--er lst Willi wieiiliis I impel isiiaiie le-
iiieinlirai:re aiul ;,ai'tiile the hemic mimes of
..111 tiller leiuo-i who nave lieei: 111 re recently
called away fro iireoune If. :rnt. (laineld.
vnliu-, l.oniin and ( i.iikiint;. i,a,y liieirincm
jtics be talthfuhv ch-i ishcil aiso re'ai!
with our irrHeiiii"H anil prnver for his recovery
th name of one of our livin. hero s wlpsse
ni' morv will be tref tired in 1 1 e history bo'h
f republicans aurt of the republic. 1 he i jnne
-rhat. l the irihi" ol ter ami favorite child
f victory. I hilip H. !i'rjrl;:n.
In thepir't of ih.ose itiit icitdrrianil ofoiir
(I votion t unman Illicit .and with that hos
tility to ail f.riii.s of dcs.otii-in ai il oppression
winch Is the itir.ttainei tin uiea 01 1 lie republi
can partv w feuu iiiiie nai concraic.iaiioiis
to our fellow Aiiiciic.-.Jis of J' upon theii
ureal aci of emancipation whloli completed
the abolition of sluverv thtouhuut Iho two
American continents. peann stly hope we
:sv noon eomrrat ulte our fellow citizens of
Irish binh 11 nun life peaceful ifccuvery of home
rule fcr lrelai.d.
to I e natiolia constitution hikI to the inrii-
sol ible union of states to ihe autooniny re
s' rveil to the Mates uti'ier the constitution, to
the personal rights am! liberty's of utiicetif i,t
all ate and teri'toiies in the unina and es
pecially to the iiip-eiue and sovcre-'sjn 1 ljitit of
everv citien. lich or poor, native or foreign
imm ii, white or black, to cast one free ballot. 1:1
th- puMie elections :iu to have tht baliot
ilit'v counted. We ho!U a free and honest pop
ular ballot and hint and ei'ial ivpre entutlon
of all p ople t be the foundat ipa of our re-
pub!i ::n government and dtonatut Ucetivn
li-i.i'-l.iiioii to fccure the inteiitv ani puiity
elections which are the I" uiit;.ins of all puo
lic authority. We charge that the present ad
ministration :t::tl the dt-cMf 1'ultc majority in
conjjii sb owe their to t tie Mi)iiesston
of Pic ballot by the ciiin'.mil nuliiticat en of ihe
eonst'tu-ion niiil laws of the foiled States.
W e are ui)cr4iuiroiois;nj:ly 111 favor of the
i:ier:-. an sWeiu ot rioti ct'.on. we protest
auain-t the "destruction pioposcd by the pre-i
dent ana his paity. 'I ht-yceive lt;c itit resi
of Kumi c ,
WK W I.I. Stfl'or.T INTniFsTScif AJIF.RIOA.
We invent the iwuc, , hikI cuiilidently a peal to
1 h- people for : lnii jiiiKiiul. 1 he pi elective
M !r!ii must l.e maintained. Its abandonment
has a'wiiys !ie n foilowe.l l.y uei t:ril di. Vter
to xl! in'teiests evcept tin se of the itntitivr
ami sheriff.
We i!i uiirf the Mills' bill :; iff strnetive to
f:eii' lnn-uiecs. h;b r. artt .he lanoiim inter
ests 01 the country, and we hearli'v endorse
the consistent an p..t loll action of the republic;'-"
reprosrn'atives n coniesi in oppos
11:1: Its p:mi;e. W e condemn tne proposiiioii
of the itoiiiocrmic patty to plate Wool on jhe
f eeliMa'id ii:is that ii.e di.tics thereon
sin I a;'.ju-tcl and liiiiitbird so a to fur
ins!: t'i.1 aud adr;-.i te protection to that lu
ll try
T'ip reuuMirrp- !urlv effect all needed
leil.iei!- 11 f ili aiioriit r by r.-oenilug
Ihe tax ! tobaveo. which a"e an arro
and 1 umIcii to itriei Iture. ai.d the tax upon
spin s used in the arts and torn echa leal pur
pose c, and bv filch revision of the tarit! 1 wsas
will tend t cheek imp -rts o such ar:i leg as
a e pr ducetl l3 our peof -e. the p'o.'uction of
which Riven empl.-y. e t to ur labor, and re
lease fr-'iu jn.poi t duties tnese urtieles of for
eimi production, except luxuries, the like of
hicli cannot Im i reduced at lionte. there hall
ill remain h larger le vpi ue I llaii is n (luiitt
for t e wart of irov r: tnent.o! ioiernal tax-8
rather than urieii er ai 1 art of our rotec
ftve svsb ill t t l-e jon I bVh yt if the hi-ky
r::i- M.d agents 1 f tortt.mi inaiiii'io tiji-. j.
We eclare lot .Pty to the it troctictlon Into
t Is coui'tr of foieian eontmct l-ib r and of
Chinese b-hor alien to our ivii'Zi'tion mid our
coi:-titi!lloii. ai.: we den. at d the ripi I enforce
in nt of exlstb "Z law Ht'a'tJ'-t it s:no favor snc'.i
iimnediat lepislati- 11 as mill exclude -uch I
b"r from our shores.
w declare our oppo iMftn to a'l coixbh.a-
ton 01 capital ori-:uzed 111 frtists or otlier-
k i-r In control art ItrarHv the c-iiwlilh. of
ariltrarily the coooitl
trade am ouif . nr citizens am! we rec mend
M,.riai mi.t Ihe slate biiislatiir in Iheir
n.4.tive jiiriKdiriiorn nch b ch-bul a wl l
-sve 'e rr- e 1 to-- -
or by u: jn t r iles for the transportation of
tiicir pK diictH to inroket
we approie legislation by co.te-s to pre
vent alike unjust burdens and unfair l fciliu
1 1 1 .1 1 Ion bet ue.ui rtaleK.
c lii.ic 1. a M i.F:i.l.ATio. .
e re;. Itn in 1 he policy of approprl -ttiiiK the
I 11 1 M . I. .mis o the I lilted Slates to be hoiue
sicadi lor An t rie;. 11 cilii i.s and settler not
Ull iif. v hie the lepiibliean purtv established
in is 2 'a 111-1 the opposition i t
tin- dcn.ocla's 111 coiiicsh, which l i:s brought
our f.reat western domain into nii.i.ilh ciil de
vclo:eu:e t. ' he rci'oration ot 1. i.e. 11 lied I .nd
jiiants .41 ih.; pub'ie ilotu iuiorihc ir el ac- Sftllels,.e!l was bi-nun i.oiler Ihe Hd
lulnbtialion of 1'lt sblei.t A r 1 1 1 1 r shoulil be
ciiitiiiiit l. e deny thtt Ihe (ieuc eraf'e party
has ever restored one acre lo the , but
declare that by t he Joint act ion of ivptihlicahs
and democrats nbom llfty million acres i f 1111
carned liimlc, riyinally 'ajiicd for the eon
m 1 ik-i ion of railroads, have been restored lo
t he public domain in pur-nancc of coinUl ions
ius-itcd by th" 1 cnublicaii party in the oiijln
al jti We cliai(ie t e democrat ic :! rr: inin
1 1 a! ioa with tailc re to execute law.s s. cmi lug to
cet tic is ith to ill el 1 home.-tea lis atiil il h us
lii'j api ! 1 1 iat ioio 111 ide for thai, purpose to
liarrass b iiocdit set 1 1 cm wit h tiii s ami piose
cni !. -us uiiilcr t he false pretense of cioi-iiig
frauds and vindicating the law.
Ali.MsoN - 1 I' I.'IUTOKI M,
The covcniiiiciit by coi'Kre"1 of ihe teiritor
lei is ba-i d iiiou iieeersii) only 10 II. e end that
they may neeome stales in Ihe union : there
fore, whenever t lie ci.ndif Ion of popnhil ion.
material looiiicc-s p blie t.oii;.,ce and
morality are Mich as to insure stable local t;ov
emmo t therein the people ol io:di tct ramies
hIiouhI b 1 ci-mittcd. a 11(11 inherent '11 them,
to fofi.l for Ihcm.-iclves eon.- 'itnl ions and state
K'lVeiniiiciitf and be ad 't't-d itilo I he union.
Peiidint; prepaiati 1. fi r statehood a'l clticcrs
llieie. f sho .Id be .selei li d in 111 bona liile
icsid nt aud citizens of the territory wherein
lliryare to serve rs. n:h liaUnla e I 1 1 -1 f
rlgi't be iintiie -lately adiaiited as a slate In
t he union under the const if 1;: I n f r un d and
adopted by her people. 1.1. si we hci lli'y c'i-ilor.-c
I he cl ion of the ieptih!ic: 11 .-.cnale in
twice pas-i:;f; bills for ler ailii.issjon. 'the re
fusal of the ill mocral le hc.ti-e of icprescntH-livc-'.
or partisan pun se. ! f.norably -in-shier
these bills i- a ill'iil violal ion" .f l he
s i red A merican price! pie of local aclf ;;"veru
ment, an 1 met ii the ii-u of all Jitst
men. 'I he peisi.inu bills in 1 he senate for acts
to enable the i'eo,.le of Wisbii piou. N.nih
) ikola and .Montmitri tctiit-uicv to fortu con
slilu inn ; and establish stale jrmeiiiine Is
s:o aid he passed without ui.ucccs aiy de'.-y.
The iv ubbean ra-ty pledaes inself to do a'l 111
i's power ti faeiiit -I c I admission f 1 It.. ( cr
ritoi ics of New Ai ic. W yuiiiip.L'. plaho and
riona to the cijiyuoiit " of 'seif ii (i iiinoiil
as st ai e. Such ol i hem as are i.ow oualllii'd
as soon ;is possible. mid others us soon as they
may Dci.oiue so.
T1IK MtiltJH'.". to: FSI ION.
The polil ;c il power of l he Mormon cMirch in
t he ter: I'.oi tcs as exercised in the past is a
men. nice to 1 1 ce ii:si it et ions ' er da li!icroi:s to
be Ioiib sulicicd. T 1 ri !'i;ic e p edj;e I he re
publican party 'o appropiiite b-i-ilal ion.
a -se fling 1 he Kt.vereimit y id I he nal ioir in all
the terrii o ics wheie the s,in:e is 'ptc-tiuucif.
and in li.rlhi lance f that t ml to place
upon ihe statute book leublat ion s! ' iceent
en u. hto divorce 1 o!li i- iil fi-cm ei clesias! leal
power. ud 1 Ik 11 - lamp out the atteidaut.
wickedness of poll amy .
'i he republican "party is i-i fa vor of the use
of bol I. fold and si !ver in money, and con
demnsthe ptdiey of t he democratic adminis
tration 111 iis ell'or's to demonetize s'lver.
We ie:nni;d t!,e reduction of letter posltige
to t c at per mice.
Iu a republic 1 l.etuus. wh-ve Ih citizens 's
the soveit i;zn aiul the otiicil the servant,
where no poW r is exercised e.xecpr bv the w i 1
of the j eopie. Ii is important that, tlie sover
i;ii 1 eopie should Hisses' intolliire' ee. The
free m hool is the promoter of that intchivcuce
which isto preserve lis a free iutthn. 'I here
fore, the state or nation, or both eonbined.
should support free instltutiona vi icarniim
s"fl'.c.ient to n'ord to evei y child irrowinj; up
iu the html the oppoi lutdt'y of a good eoiniuon
fel.ool education.
We earnestly recommend that prompt aciioti
be taken b c iiim ss iii Ihe e actiiit nt of such
lepi.s ;i! ion as w ill best M'cure the rebabilba
tion of our A-i eric 11 tin rchatn marine.. a'"d
we proti st nueiiist ihe p:issai;e b c'iin.-ress I
Ire" ship bill as cab plated to work Ir ju-l ice
lo hiin r by b -sei b g t he w ;!L;e- of liioa e:i
fr::'-eo tu prenariin-; matui i;-.!s as .-ell as ti;osr:
(iii'e"! iy eiiitijuyeti in 0111' shipyards. e de
iiiaao iippi opi iat ion- !Yrthe e-riy relitiihHi.g
01 ur ravy. for tlm com tt 11; t ii-u of c
torlilii alin: s and muderii oniiuancc ami othi r
pjir- ved mod.-rn m a -s of dcjei;se for the
proleclioi! 1 ur !ef ii-eiess hailii'is iind
ciiies for the p;i incut cfjtist ;x Kipiialt) luif
soldicrs, for t eee-sur y ri.- n natiot-al i.n
pmtiii in thu in:pro enicnt cf the h-ituors
ii lid hail" els f i tenia!, coastwiser and
oie Lrn comiiicrc''. for th- eucoui acmeaf 'f
the shipping interests of lb All nlic. tjnlf
ami I. cifp: states as ell as for the paynrrt
of the iiiatininir public d.-bt. Ti;is poil -y will
stive eo.ployiiuiiit to our I I. or. acti it y t-i out
various indus: lies iv.civased sccutjty to our
coin. t rv, promote t i;:de, epeii nt w and diie.' t
in;!! kets for our products and cheap 11 the cost
of rransportat on We affirm th'e to e far
better for ur country than t 'e democratic
pn'b'y of Ioanbi the iroveriunent's money
w iihoiit interest lo "pet banks."
mil F.i ::' iiki.atioxs.
Tl-e conduct of foreign affairs by the pic-ciit
aiiiiiidstrat ion has been c:i.-t iniruiVdied bv incf-ticie-ey
aLd cowardice Ibiviut; v iihdrawii
from the susile :: 1 1 tiending tiea b-s effected
by r -publiciiH a Iministralio' s rtir (he removal
of foreign burdens ami restrictions uiion our ce and for ils cxb usicp into a b-elter
n arkct "t has reilhcr alfectt ,5 m.r pi 00 sd
a-.y otheiij in !ieir t.tead Professing adher
ei ce to tne Monroe doclrii e. it has seen with
i-lle complacency Ihe extension of foieign in
fiuence in iJentral America and of foreign trade
everywhere ainoi our neighbors, it has re
fused to charier, sanction r encourage any
'lneiican ornaniyticn for cnusirmajiiK the
Nicaragua canal, a work of via' iinpoi-iai ce to
the maintenance ' tho Monroe iloidrb e and
of uiir natioiial innuence in Central ami S u,h
A nicrii-a. and 'iccesf a y fo the develojuneiit
of tr'-u'.e with our ' aeific ter:itory, with Sou h
A nieriea. and with the faither coasts of the
I'acific Ocean.
We arraign the present democrat i.i ;,il i.ii-"i
Iraiiov for iis weak and tmnau-iatie reaiinent
of t ue lisln lies ,,-.iCi;ii,.:i, a;ul its imi-i'ilanliMoiis
sttrienderoi a'l piivilei's to which our fishery
8ei- arc enti led in Canadian pints under
be treaty f lsls. the rt-cipmcate siiurin
tine le Islation of ls::o and comity of nan ns.
aud which C;in ;liiiti llsbini; ve.s?cl.s receive in
the ports f 1 he Failed Stab s. e eon lettui
the licy df the preneat a:!i!;i;u?raiiua anil
I ho iit-mocraUc ma yi iiy in c:ii;ress tew-aids
our lishe'ies as unfriesailv ac,i coiispiciopsiy
1:11 t:it riot ic and as teiii'.iim I o destroy a Viduabie
national industry aniiau i".distnis:hte resource
of deb ase .ljrp.mst i iciyn enemy
'Ihe name of American applies alike to -ll
cilieus cf the r p.tbli . and upon men
alike tlie same o' lin:,lio of ob"diii-e to the
aw. . t the same timed izt-tisl-.ip is ar.d ty ii'jr
be the panoply and safeguard cf him v h; e.i.a
it, si ould sbie'd and protei ! J:i:ii w hctlicr biph
or low. rich or po r. in al: lits civil iiht. It
shoulil ar.d aio.rd hbn 1 r.-tectioii at home
and foiiow at ! protect him abroad in whatever
laud ho inav be on a law fill on a ml.
The men who abuph-acd. tli-? reput lieai! par
ty in l.i.-: ( aild com .title 'u tidtiere to the dcnio
eraiic part have deserted not n:y the cause
of hoi est government, but of linance. of
freedom 11 mi puiity of the hal'ot. but espec
iallv have desei't i the eau-e of ri for - in tl.e
civil scrvfe We vi:l tot fail to l;'i p our
jil'(U';-. Iii,(,:ibji t! ey have broken 1 heirs, or
be a ! tl.cir cat'.bdate has biok-11 UU. We
therefore M-riest oui ib cla-atioii of :
tm eV tl ":Y',:,;' IdminSioV' sim,; be
ei i:ieei by u f ;rt ar extet'St'-n of t li reform
.. stt it; iilrcaily es- nbiislied by buv 10 a yrade
of tlio sci v:cc o wbicli ii is ajit lji d. Ilicnir
it u 1.11 1 e of 1 1-i . :i iiio.ii.i be ouseiveU in
all ex-entive a I'.outuients. ami all -iv at
Viitieoeerttth ll e ol jeet -f cxif'lnj: reform I
Islation sin uhl be erel (l. and tht the !an
peis to free Institutions which lurk in the pow
er f " rial 1 utronae m 1 be wisely ana ef-fe-
lively avoided.
1 be praf itnde of the n:sti n to tl:e (lefaa-'frs
of the union canri;.t be assured r?-cii)l iv laws.
The letrislatloii of contrres tiioula conform to
tlie dedj;e.s made by a loyal p op'e. and be so
eiilarsi-d'and extended 113 to inov'de a;;iinst
the i-ossibility' tb't nny man ho honor bly
w re the federal l-llifoMn shell becon e an In
mate of r.n :-lr.islious3 or leiei:d nt on rivnte
eiiaritv in the nic-ence ot tn oveifi'tng
freast'iy it ou:tl h" a pili. MHtid.i! to !ob--s
for those iosc vaioroes cerb-e preserved 'lie
jevcriniienf We reemir-ct the hostile npirit
i-lioivn by I'rrsidcnt cievelr.iul In hie numerous
vetoes of n.easures for pension relief, and the
action of the d meet n; ic iionse r f rpieseuta
tivesln refusing even consateiatioit of general
periston lejiislal icn.
In npiMrt f the principles ''erewitli enun
ciated we invite tlie co-operation of patrio'i
m-n ! all purties. rspccii.liy nf a'l working
men whow prospr'tv is seb ns'y tSue tei.ed
by the free Irade policy of the present aaailn
istfRiion. -
The firt e cem of Ii roo-I goverament ta
Ihe vircr.e and sobriety of the 1 eotde nd the
piirtry ni their hoine-i.' Thr repntdiean party
erd'"V frmMtHf"! -",l 1 rr "
H. T. TI'."MAS and Notary I'ublic.
I"i zirerald block, l lal iMiioitth, el.
A. N. Sl: I. Id VAN.
Attoriiey-af - Law. Will Mve protnpt Jttentlr.u
to ail bushiest. 11. ti listed to !.im. Ofliee In
fnion itlock. Kasl tide. 11 it tsmoiith. Neb.
11 l ir.M. IMPI.KMKXTS.
Airi icullural Implements, ' diii t l.-'inl Puiijr'c
Hid l.'uthterd aim-i. -lb i d liiiber a' l
bone 1 My." sold and Warranted. Main stie.-l,
between Mxih aud Seventh.
of I b'tisiiioiit Ii. fapifal S.mmk); siopliis sll,-l.i-'d.
.lohn I-ltcriii.l. i'r. fiileiif ; S. Wauvh.
t'asbicr: K. 1. While. jce-Presidciit . Hoard
of Directors : .John l-'pciald . K. K. While.
.J no. It. ( lark. 1). liaw ksworih, S. Wuufcb.
1 UK Ci ri'.KNS H.v K
d I'iattsnout: . ;i l 1. stock paid In. ".o.eixi.
1'iaiik Carrulii, Pre, idem : W. H. ''UsiiU..
Jisbier; .1. A. Connor, Vic -I'li-fident. A
ccneial banking biici-ic-s Ir ii-aeteil Collec
tions receive prciiict airl careful attention.
Tl..vt Ksmi 1 11
I UcIiKItT Ib'INNKl.l.Y.
IMacksmiih ed Wnonieakei-, 1 )caler in Vbiil
mills. Pumps and l'ii linns.
"P'Ki'S AMisilOM.
I and S'l-ies. b'"pMii ue;
o( Ii side Main m:cc
I loliipl I y I'ttendi I
B' "
rs a:
Nl Sll 'f S.
I -KTi'l! ."ill'i:''.K-t.
A complete assoi i met. of ceiy Kind of I'.-iot-
v e;;-aii'l eh'-a' er than the cheapest w
the .Missouri Itive'. Als.i m.M.uf ir
ib'i an ine.
TtAKIih'K SHOP A.o 1!
1 y
iiot m dCobi r.a hsai ..u.i,-,'
Children's Hair Culling a spccia!t . Cor.
and Main, under Ciirrui li's.
iJ r. st a nr. v., Cakes. Pies, buns, etc.. fre-li daily.
Party. We, bl-nts and l-'a' ey Cake a. specialty,
lee Cream in any ijuant it y.
ooKsiii.hi:!'.. vi r.
.;. v. nvsc.
Ilcol.scllcr, Stat inner, and News Dealer; I'ancv
t ioods, 1 o s. Confcct ii'i'i'rv. Kinn 1 iyars. Soda
Wafer and Milk Shake. I'i;i.iinsi!iil ..Mollis and
5 usi al In-tiuiufiit.s.
S. & M A Y V.U.
Ileip's I-'iiriiishinus, I'inc Tailor Made Clothimt
in Men's. Hoys' and b ibl -en's Wear. 'I heir
prices defy rim-petition. Thev niisreiiresent
uoihiii". 'Ihclr Vi:r l 's Their IJind.
( . iTiiiM;.
1 . (;oi,i)i:;.
Clidh'rir. Kurn !sli inn ;oods Uo to the obi re
liable bouse for Mats. Cars. Umbrellas, Ti links.
li- ts. Shoes. Alain street, next Cassi o, bank.
pi oruiNt;.
c. k. WKscorr,
Clothinfi. Hats. Cans, te. Kine FurnishiutrF
our specialty. One pi ire and 110 Monkey eus
incss. it 1 ays to trade w illi us. Kockwood 131k.
-i OA ItK I'Tli CA Nv I Nil CO.,
I'raak Carru'li. Henry J. Sireiitlit, t'r;priet3rs.
Packers of thet limax brand Vegetables.
rilll.MH KH US.
1 ru ts, ( onreetionerv and Hn (. la"i.
O. V. SMI ' If & CO,
Oea-ers in Wall Paper, Paints. OH. Art Mater
ials Cijjars&e. I.'ockwood Uiock.
(.Elm r: v.".
Ch:-..icals. Paints. Oi.
u v. 11 ki;T''Ki: ,i- co..
Irn. Medicircs. chemicals. Paint. Oils,
Yarui-h s. Ove .-iriilis . Matlonery,
Soled T- it iituj l'any Articles.
Ilry Goods, tlroceries Notions. Oeneral Mer
chatidisc, etc. s. E. corner Mam am! tilh Sts.
V. HHl:hM AN'V.
Iry thicilii. Notions and Lafi'es' FurnishiiiK
(ioods. one uoer east First- iNaliona! Hank.
k. c, dovi:y & RUS,
Carry a 1 ire stock of Fij.6 broeerles, Drv
(; :-0!. s. Carpets. ti-ieorsK.vai-e. Nottor.s, : nil
Fancy locd-;, to tie b.iind in the enmity. Up
pcr Jia : street, between .ith and fitli.
Dlt. A. T. WiTIlF!?o.
"The Painless llentists.11 Vert 81 extracted
without 1 lie Ji'iisi pain liaiin, Ar ifleial teeth
iiist jtf.d iivo.ietibitely after extr:ictii: natural
ones when doiied. (lold and all other Fillings
stiiclly iirstcla-s. Ollice in Fi.-ion Hlock.
Fnruil ti-e. IlAlte,tr. l-ooKinu (ila"", Tbdiire
Fr inios. cto. W ooden ami stetal CHskets kept
!) itlliik, "
Fiirr.ifnre. Parloi Suits. Cplm'stery Oaods.
R-oves, ibioetisware. 'tinware. ar:! iii' Kinds of
Hon-ehohMioods. North Et'i street, between
Maiu and Vine.
FtUtVI'-'HIXd C ls.
J. H. I N T.bY-.
O.f r.ts Fia. Fin nishcr and llatle -. The most
complete and finest s'oek in the citv. Cnnuth
Block. Cor. .11 h and Main.
M ji. Mont'iiY co..
The Ip;uili5 Deniers in (JrceeileH. (rockery.
Cliitin. La lis. Wooden and Willow ware.
Fh.ur, Feed.&e. (.'iisili j.a'd fercoimtry produce,
G!Ur:!- ttlKS.
Gfoeeiic-, i'rovislous, (Glassware md Crockery.
F- V,--C(!
(lieep., Staple -iMd Fancy
-roccii p.
Sta' le and Fancy liroeeries, Orecn Fruits and
Canned Goods,
AI O. Tl VCfl
t!nvir!i9 and v!i.",e-isware, Fbmr trd Vc
Cigars. Tobacco and Cutlery, iiiddle House
Slap!? auj Fancy (;r-eeries. Glassware
Ciockeiy, Flourand Feed.
FT EI) '"005
Proprietor City
tel. Terms, per das'.
Siectal Attention Klvea a. iitVu
W. (',. K KEF Fit.
Successor to O. M. Str-i:lit. Harness, S;i:i.i!'-r
(;oods. Vet-1. Robes. Uusters. aud all bij-sefi:r
ntsiiii goods.
johvs ox r.i:(s..
llin.-t-.vare. tove.. TiDware. 'rabie ar-il I'ecVft
('at ety. Basors, ele. lb-es. hold svinK va
cbities and Jewel (iasollne etoye. linw.ok
of all kind done at reasonable piie.-s. 5ain
street. Jtoekwood Block.
11 A. MrFIAVAIff.
Wntchts. Flocks. Silverware uml Jewelry.
Special Attention given to Wtch Bepniiim;.
A b.vavs cat rv a fine -tcK of Oiaionnd. Watch
es. CI cks. Jewelry, Siiverwure and Speclaeles.
Propiu and inspect theirpootfs before ii.tteiii?
nig t-lsew here.
Jeweler. VTaltbam AYatches a f pecialfy. Maiu
Street, ner Fourth.
C. HOLJIEst ft ?OV,
ids uvea,
-I.A'i r.ST
sixth st 1 1 1 ". k r. i:i:t. main' and
di:ai.!;us in
-IFrineStanle and
C?JI f
U1 "Tt H "! 3 'frl
( )rai);es, L
' I f V P
Jonathan J. W. Mahtiii?.
rOl'Jv PACKERS ANUDEAi.Kita in ijuttei: and i;g(js.
Sugar Cured Meals, Hams. Bacon, Lard, &c,
of otir own mtil.e.
The licst ldHiulf
esale anil lle.tuil liealer in First (mality
Fork, Veal. I.-.imb, etc. Sixth
'.Neville ISUick. I'ricis moderato.
.1. I! ATT ft (;o .
KiH their own Cattle. Komiri ib'-ir own Lard
and Cure their owti Bacon. Jbiin street.
KbKlt CO..
h (rs. Poultry ie. We nsi; tr y ihe best, trade
of native stock. Oysters ami feinne in season.
ElICHAM '1 A I I.O It.
O. b . sJIIi H.
Mejebaii"- Tin'or. Main street, over Merges'
shoe store. Complete stock of maniples. Fit
guaranteed. Frieesdefy competiliou.
I I.LIN Eli V.
lii MRS. .1. F. JOHMSnx.
A Complete Lino of the Latest Styles of Mil
linery and Trimmings : a'i'o Ch blretrs ami I11
f;Uit' lion 11 e s. to be closed on' at eot.
Meals and Lunches set ved to ordr at aM hours.
A bo ' st ers. ' iars. Tobacco, l'op aud Cider,
epp' site Kiddle llnuo.
FliAim & K LI ETC II,
Sani !e noom. lmporied and Domestic W'nes,
Llqiiois and Ciirrirs. Only straight goods han
dled. Milwaukee Bottled Laer a Specialty.
Cor 5tli and Main Sts.
Nir k Cuiiiiiiihain, proprietor Choice W Inrs.
Lbpiois iimi Cigars. Fool an. I lis 1 bird Tables.
It ddle Jlou-e Bh-ck.
Wm. Weber, proprietor. Manuf jctuiers of
soda Water, birch B '.er. C;di-r, etc. Agents for
Fred Knit's CeiebrKte.l La-.-er Beer.
lull V ISL KE.
ltntile Boom and HiHiaril Hall. Ciioie Wines
i piors and Cigars, ii I'.iard and Fool Tables.
C A i'ISrChil!
l'rofervation of the
Natural Teeth
Anesthetics given for Pain
less Filling on Estractiox of Tfietil
Artificial teeth tnale ru (Jold. Silver,
Ruhln r or C'elluloiil Plates, anil insetted
as soon ns teeth are extracted when dc
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
FiT.oKKAi.n's BtK'R Fi.Trioonr. Nk
Picii3 fEi Organ Inner
AND 1: EPA in Fib
First-rlstfs work guaranteed. Also deni
er in Pianos and Organs. Ofiicc ntUoeck'g
furniture store, Plattsmouth, Nebraeka.
1)i:ali:u ix-
I I. A T'l SJkint 'II', M l'.
I'M I .
Fane, Groceries
lr all Kinls (if
Vasrotables I
mid till varieties f Ircsli anl
(iitantlv n liaml.
of OYSTEllS. in cutis ai:d ln!K, til
Dr. K. ('.. West's Nerve arid I'.raln Treatment
auuarantee npecific for Jljsteila ii77ivfm.
Convulsions. FitH. Nervous NeurMlla, Head
ache. Nerveoos I'rostratioii caused by the m-ft
ol alcohol or tobacco. Wakefulness. Ventul De
pression, .Softening of the Brain resulting In In
sanity and leadiiiir t misery, deeny and death,
retnature old Aee. Barreunesfi, Ixibm of Few
er in cither sex. liivobiiitary L.Hiei and Hper
maf irlio-a caused by over-exertion of the
brain, nelfabuse or over-iiidnlKeiiee. Each box
contains one month's treatment, 41 00 a. box
orsix boxes for ?5.Mi, cent by mall pi (paid 00
receipt of price
To cure any caoe "W ith each order received
by 11s for six boes, accompan'ed with f.VOO,
we will send the purchaser our written Kuaran
tee to return the money if the tr fitment doea
not effect a rule. (liiHiantees Issiu d ouljr by
Will J. Warrick sole aiient. I'lattsnmuth, Neb.
j Choicest Brands of Cigars,
including our
Flor de Pepperbergo' anil 'Buds'
always in stock. Nov. 26. 18S5.
mi y g I
1-3 Sf . o I
U)o O O
WgVJ .
1 1 1 s