The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, September 24, 1888, Image 2

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4 rorner of Vine and
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a advance, by mail.... $6 no
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year. In advance.
months. In advance.
..$1 51
of Indiana.
of New York.
von novKUNOit,
(First Congressional Distiic-t.)
The Alabama Democrats declare the
will make a "thorough and active cam
paign for Cleveland." Apparently there
ia soma fear anion" the Bourbous that
even Alabama may give its electoral vote
to Harrison.
It is the church against the saloon in
New York this year the church backing
the republicans, and the saloon backing
the democrats. The republican majority
in the Empire state in 1883 can scarcely
eo below 29,000.
The landslide to the republican ticket
(national) in New York is pronounced.
and well-informed democrats in that
state quietly admit that Mr. Harrison
will carry New York anywhere from 23,
000 to 50,000 runjority.
Mr. Thurman claims that it was the
democrats who abolished slavery. Thr
only thing that equals this in the way of
campaign humor is the assertion that the
democratic nartv is tlie friend of the
American workingman, made by Mr
Because it is my deliberate judgment
that the prosperity of America is mainly
due to its system of protective laws, I
urge that Germany has now reached that
point where it is necessary to imitate the
tariff system of the United States.
Prince Bismarch's Speech to the German
Reichst ag.
Mr. McShane ran for congress in
this district on his boodle, and now he
proposes to run for governor on the repu
tation of his boodle. With the boodle
class Mr. McShane will discover that
reputation is a sham, a delusion and a
hollow mockery. Tho?e fellows. Mr.
McShane, deliver votes C. O. D. on de
livery. Gen. IIaiirison made an addres3 to
the Commercial Travellers Association
of Chicago on the 22nd inst. which will
be used as a campaign document. He
called the attention of those gentlemen
to the attitude of Great Britain towards
our couutry during the war of the rebel
lion and quoted from the book of James
Spence a prominent Englishman written
in 1S62, during the war, to show why
England was against this nation and in
full sympathy with the confederacy Mr.
Spence set forth the grounds fully it was
commcrcialy agreed. The south he com
pared to Australia as a non-iuauufitetur
ing country indisposed and unable to
compete with his country while the north
he regarded as the rival and competitor
of England in manufactures and compe
tion for the worlds trade: closintr his
speech Mr. Harrison said:
I have read the extrats because they
Rcemed'to me suggestive and instructive.
The south offered free trade to Europe in
exchange for expected recognition of
their independence by England and
France. Cries of "you are right." Tin
offer was attractive and persuasive to tin
ruling classes of England. They took
confederate bonds and sent out armed
cruisers to prev upon our commerce.
They dallied with southern agents, fed
them npon iiiusivs hopes and thus
couraged the south lo protract a hopeless
struggle. They walked to the very edge
. .aiet," for-
...adly tit that bound
, all this to gratify a
greed. We may learn from
Kow high a price England then set
upon free trade with a certainty of the
states. A voice, "We remember it"J But
now the Union has been euVed and re
stored. Men of both armies and of all
the states rejoice that England's hope of
commercial dependency on our southern
coast was disappointed. The south is
under no stress to purchase foreign help
by trade concession. She will now open
her hospitable doors to manufacturing
capital and skilled labor. It is now true
that either climate or the habits of stable
is gathered. Applause. They will no
longer leave Pennsylvania with an active
rival in the production of iron. They
surely will not, if they arc at all mindful
of their great need and their great op
portunity, unite in this crusade ' against
an anppitude for machinery, energy, and
industry, while the early obstacles of de
ficient capital and scanty labor are ranid
ly disappearing. I am sure there is a
"new south, shackled as it is by tradit
ions and prejudice that is girding itself
her people indispose them to manufac
tures. Of the Virginias, North Carolina,
Kentucky. Tennessee, Alabama, and
Missouri it may be said ns Mr. Spence
said of the more northern states: "They
possess the same elements ns ourselves
(England) coal, metal, ships.
I thank yon again for this beautiful
and cordial demonstation, and will now
be glad to meet you personally. Cheers.
A Salt Lake City dispatch recenty an
nounced the surrender and sentence of
George Q. Cannon, on a plea of guilty on
two counts of an indictment for unlawful
cohabitation. It seems from late advices
that the sentence was a very light one,and
the circumstances peculiar i f not suspi
cious. Cannon is one of tho twelve apos
tles of of the Mormon church, and gener
ally looked upon as incorrigible. The
custom of judge Zano, the republican
predecessor of the present democratic
chief justice, in such cases, was to impose
a sentence of six months' imprisonment in
the penitentiary and if:'00 tine on each
count after the culprit had made a pledge
to obey the law in the future; but Justice
S inford exacted no pledge, and sentenced
Cannon to but 175 days' imprisonment
and $450 line on both fount.
A Salt Lake dispatch to the New York
Trib'ine, commenting upon Cannon's
sentence, says among the gentiles, with
the exception of a few democrats, there is
but one expression of opinion, and that
is that there has been a bargain effected
between the Mormon church and the pres
ent ndministratton; in fact it ia openly
stated, and generally believed, that the
Mormon church has contributed the sum
of $100,000 to secure Mr. Cleveland's re
election, aud that ia return for his assist
ance he, through his appointees, has
agreed to nullify the efforts of the repub
lican appointees in the eradication of
Mormonism. Words can hardly describe,
says the dispatch, the excitement that pre
vails among the gentile element, and a
monster petition is being prepared aoking
for the removal of Judge Sanford.
It ie befitin;; that a party which had its
beginning In the institution of human
slavery should seek perpetuation through
the Mormon iniquity. Republican,
S500 Reward.
We will pay ths above reward fcr any
case of liver complaint, dyspepsia, sick
headache, indigestion, constipation or
costiveness we cannot cure with
West's Vegetable Liyer Pills, when the
directions are strictly complied with.
They are purely yegetable, and never
Fail to give satisfaction. Large boxes
rontaining 30 sugar coated pills, 20c.
For sale by all druggists. Beware of
counterfeits and imitations. The gen
uine manufactured only by John O. We
& Co., 802 VV. Madison St. Chicago, and
Sold by W. J. Warrick.
The standard remedy for liver com
plaint is West's Liver Pill; they never
disappoint you. 30 pills 25c. At War
rick's drug store.
The delegates of the eighth representa
tive district of Nebraska will meet in
convention at Weeping Water, Jeb.,
September 28th, 1888, at 7 p. in., for the
purpuje of placing in nomination a can
didate for said representative district.
and for the transaction of such other
busi.T.-sa an may come before the conven
tion. Tlia counties are entitled to ri-prfciema-
tion ns follows: Cass county, sixteen;
Otoe ccunty, twelve.
Milton D. Polk, CL'm.,
Cusi Co. Rod. Cen. Com.
J. II. McKee, G'h'm..
Otoe Co. Rep. Cen. Com.
et t'utt cold of yours run on. You think
it is a light thing. But it may run into
catarrh. Or into pneumonia. Or con
Catarrh is dissustinsr. Pneumonia is
dangerous. Consumption is death itself.
The breathing apparatus must be kept
healthy and clear of all obstructions and
offensive matter. Otherwise there is
trouble ahead.
All the diseases of "these parts. Lead,
nose, throat, bronchial tubes anil lungs,
can be delightfully and entirely cured by
the use of Boschee's German Syrup. If
yeu don't kn-w this already, thousands
and thousands of people ran tell you'
en-.They have been cured by it end kuow j '
it is. themselves. " Bottle only 73
Ask any druggist.
I look k.trt p:TSf. blue rfcj.
An I ivi.tch tf.- f !. clou t (lia: idly by.
I hr.'.-i;lie tUy Wohhouis' frm,ran:f is-fwt Juse!
Ami lua thy choru t K-.iect bird ia turn-.
An J yet
Bowthhi:; th:-u is tint nan t!io bcaufecus
A veil ii diuwn initio eye and It lietweon.
Ah! (thimie upon thee. foolish heart a tear
A joy thou liioututvit vanished wi:h last year?
Twer vui:i
To necti for last yir's bird. In la-;t year's nest.
I tti weet flowers doud. its bird aro ioo ticC4
A vain
To cherLih last year's love within thy breast,
When with it J'jyi, Ita idol, too. Id gono.
Crap firm a nettlo ntul its power to f.tlnfj
Is loot, 'tis pai l. Ah! li.itrn, Lhuu, poor heart!
And from thin adue qunuit learn weil tby part.
Clasp close thy .rrow to thine aching Lronst,
In soothing other's woes thou shall llnd rest;
From lovo'a cold jishes purer tires shall sprinjf.
And sorrow vanquished shall have lost Its stinj.
New lifo Khali from dead lovo nt length uri-Je,
And phoenix like Bhull soar and seek the skies.
"L C." In Home Journal.
Vj.; -.luiiiiy tor u oeauistress.
There's a good living to bo had in tho sum
mer by any tailor or seamstress who wiU
start a little shop on any well traveled thor
oughfare, and advertise in bold letters on
tho windows: "Buttons sewed on hero."
During their days of enforced bachelorhood
the adult male population is continually
bursting oft its buttons. A man will wear
his shirt or a waistcoat all winter and spring
without any doctoring of those garments,
but within two daj-s of the timo that his
wife has gone into tho country there will be
gaps in his clothes and half a dozen buttons
will be just banging by a single thread,
Tho work of fastening them on seems bo
slight that he doesn't feci it worth while to
go to a tailor or a clothing Louso, besides
which fact the proprietors have an unpleas
ant way of starting a customer up six nights
of stairs into a hot room occupied by a dozen
beery gentlemen, and compelling him to
stand around for a quarter of an hour until
ho can be waited on, so the buttons continue
to burst aud dangle until the victim buys
some mora clothes or sits up until tho small
hours sewing his apparertogether and makes
a botch of it after alL lam told that in
Philadelphia two girls havo u regular routo
that the- travel over on certain da3-s repair
ing rents and attaching buttons and making
a good thing of it. Brooklyn Eagle.
Tho following pretty story is related oi
one of Washington's social leaders. At one
of the receptions of Mrs. Senator n coun
tryman was shown into her parlor. lie was
a "constituent," and was dazed by the lights,
the crowd and tho eleganeo about hiin. IIo
stood helpless and awkward, fumbling with
his hat and shifting his foot ia embarrass
ment. Mrs. Senator stepped forward, hr!J
out both hands, and in her fresh, clear voice
cried, after tho old Kentucky stj-le: "Why,
how do you do? and when did you conic"
"Lord, child," ho answered, "how'd 30
know me? I ain't seed you sence you was u
little thing."
"Xo," she laughingly- answered, "tho last
time you saw me I was up to 1113' elbows in
soapsuds, washing my dress to go to a picnie
on your farm."
Tho old man smiled. "I declare," ho said,
"it does my e-es good to look tt 3 0, an' to
Cad 3"e ain't a bit stuck up Ly your liao posi
tion." And &he made much of the old man, intro
duced biru as "an old friend cV mine," and
mado his visit ono of the events of his life, at
only a trifling cost to herself. Youth's Com-,
Extreme J'olitcness.
"And how is your little brother George,
"xIo3dcad, thank you." Harper's Cazar.
The iev:d'!ieans of the t'nil'-d States, assem
bled by l heir delimit. -s in nittioiial convention,
pause on the thie(-ho!cl of Iheir pmeeediiis In
honor ! he memory 'f their lirst iv;!t leader
and iisiT' dital jdiatiiiiToii f libi-ny and ihe
rights of the people, A i.'laham lineoln. Mid to
cover also with wreaths i inipei i.shaNie n
memhi'aiiee and riaiitude the heroic hm-u of
our later leae;ei wiiu have been :.i'..:e reeeuMy
called away from om ei iii'C'U. :rant, (Jaiiiehf,
Arthur, l.oiiHii and (.'oiikiin;;. i:iy their mem
ories b faithfully eliei ished. V- e also re.;,;:
with ovr f:reet iuH aii'l prajer for his recovery
the ninnii ff one of our livinir heroes
memory wtil be iriw;ired in the liistury both
of republicans ami of l hJ repaliiie. The name
i that of th- noble o.!i:T and favonljs child
of victory. J lii 1 T H. Shi ridan.
In lie Vpirit of tho.-.' great leaders and of our
ilf voiion t' human libeit. and with that hos
tility to ail forms of despotism ai d oppression
which is the fundamental Idea of the republi
can pai'ty. jve kcihI fiatcnal congratulation
to our fellow Ai.U'aiis ot l'.iazit upon theii
in eat act tf einaueipai'iPii l.'j;h completed
the abolition of slavery liirouli.H.i the two
Aineiieaii continents. We eai nt.mi y hop, we
way Fioii conaTal ulatc our fellow citizens of
irif'h birth upon the peaceful recovery of home
rule for Ireland.
wk l-iiti ooh rxswi.nviyr, devotion
to the jiatv'o.isl copstitution and to the iiuii
sclubla union .of tiai.! to the autootmy re
served to the slates under tp.e constitution, to
the pciuttiial right's and liberties of pitiiem? in
all sf;!te- ami u'lT'Jcries " "1C union and es
pecially to the MiipTr-uie fin! sovereign right of
every citizen, rich or poor, ee.hve or ioreitrn
noin", white or black, to ca-d one free ballot jn
tr. public elections and to have that ballot
duly counted. We hold a free and honest pop
ulat h.-illot and uit and eoua! representation
of all pfopia tti be the feiml:ii ion of our re-'
publican 'g.ojeiV.iiiuS and demand effective
l gilaiion to seeuie tiw inutility and purity
of cleftitJK? which are the ioiiui:d;i3 .of pub
lic authority. We charge Hint, the'pVent ad
ministration and Uo fit niocratic ajirity in
congress owe their exisiena Jo tjje supi ression
of 1 he ballot by the orlnmiai iiiiiinarT'P of the
constitution and laws of the Culled rttttew.
We are uncnjmpromis'i'jdy in favor of the
American system of rroteetion. We protest
against the destruction pioposed by tlie presi
deiuciw his party. They uerve the iuterets
of Euroi
WF tVil.LSl'fl'Oiif l;Tf-.i.rta CP 4MEH1CA.
We accept the issue, and c.onfideftly appcel to
the people for their jiiiipie:;!. The jrotrvtivc
system must he niMintaiped, Its abandonment
h"us always been followed by iie:vr! iJ.U: eter
to all interests except thuse of the iiiiiu.i"
and sherill.
We denounce the "Mills bill as destructive to
eenrral himiness. labor, aiid the farmini; inter-
csti tf ooi.i:try. a'.id .'e bearri:y en.lorse
th; cof;i.-t.e.i . .ijjd i..airi..t ic cion of the r
pubiic::!i ivpreasifiitiVis i.-? co..ffs.i in oppos
inn its pafi-oK.'. Ve ;oiid;i;i'i tiie pOioi'.ou
of the democratic paitj to ptace Vii on jlie
free iit aud insisi tiiat Ihe nulics ('.creon
s'ia l ba ailjufted and n;;hdaiaed so as to fur
nish full aud adequate protection to that in-1ii-ti'i'.
ih.,: rpi;!.i;;r 'ii party would effect all needed
reduclioii' Oi tiie i.,.r.iua! revenue by repealing
the laa.eis on fd;aec. Aiaili arr ? arroiianee
and Pull r't'll to agriculture, 8nJ uQ tn.s ipjo.i
i7; firt's apd f.or'mecfiai'ic.U' pur
act! icvi.,i:j of the tarii! hiVi 5 as
Spirt's lisrd In i(
oosei". ana lv tuc
will tend to check Impojn o ma, u;: Me-; as
a e preduccd ly our pei i 'e, the uw?iiciitn vi
which pivee employnieut to our labor, fit J re--lease
i'r"ia impoit duties these articles of for
eign production, except luxuries, the likei of
wf,ijL-fi .uapiii.-t bt produced at Isoine, there hall
stiil ."jii;u.i a Ja-cr icyft i:e than is rnjuiit
forth;? Will. Is (ii" Ai.i;p.' .'nteriud taxs
ratliep Utaji Mine m'.er iitiy :CiT n e;ir 1 -.)'.ec.
tivestein flt Jbe joirt beii-st of the vlilsiiy
riiifT and agciiid t i iu-ico piahufacliirrirf.
y;.visT I'Airri: am L&ioa fi-.i s-e.
We declare hostility lo the ii-trcdticti.-n Into
this courtry of foieip"u contract Hbor and of
fliipes.e labor alien to out eiviiizat ion and our
cor.- i it u tii n. and we den.nd the rmi J cnfoice
KiVjH i.i exiytii laws airair.t it and favor mieh
iimtedia iCfc'ststioy as wiil exclude such la
bor fjOllt 'lil" bhoi'ts.
We declare our oppo'-iti.Mi $.- ..'I co:nbit.a
tloii" of cai!il organized in tr.ints or o.'hj.-r-
wt-e :ii conirol rt irrar'iy me con!:ui n
ur ci:
v e recti" lilend
e b'j' liitures in their
respective juristliciifus sucn letitsiatl'in as wi.rr
prevent tae es:ecuiitii or an scheme to oppress 1 directed e.lcr's foi the promotion of tnepr
tbe pec pie by undue charges on their supplies t:ce.
vent suf unjust IjuIucOS tmi t. -
lnatioli bel t-011 ftiileK.
Ve rciifiirni the policy ef uppnipiuting tlie
public lands of the L'hited States to be home
uteml lor American ell iers and setllTn imt
aliens, whlcti Ihe leptit'llciin patty cctal'Mthed
in lic2 afia nl tlie opposition of
the democrats 111 coukicsc. has brought,
our pre at western domain lido magnificent de
velope;:;ei't. 'I he res rat ion of unearned lnd
j-iai'ls to ilie public doni.'ln for the uo of c
t u:d set tier-, hiMi wa bexuii under the ad
ministration of l'les'deut Arthur should be
continued. We deny thit the deiin ciatic party
b is ever restored one acre to the people, but
tl'elalethat by t he Jo-nt ;.ci ton of repuhlicahs
'id deineei :;ts alu'Ut li fr V m li :.!! aeles i I lin
earned lan!t i-rluinally ti'iii.t.'d f"i the eon
ririll'l ion iI I'.iih'oi.iVs, have 1'eeu restored lo
I he pi;l.!;e ilei:;i.'l i'l puruaiice of'lis
!n. iteil by the wpubiic:ti paiiy in the ott.-iti-a
I v'm ' We c'ium t e dcnioei a! i: iid tnints-tr:-.ti'in
witii taib re toexecnle 1 11 . ci ring to
H'l t lei t it e to t hell h"Ilie-1 i-;.d s jt:i(i villi ns
in.r ap: r 1 1 iatioes niHiie for ih-tt rur)'s to
harrass I' noeent settler wilh cph ami piose
eut ions uiolel the faii-e pli tense of fXim!ng
frauds iind viin'ical mt; the law.
The irovertinient by conies of Ihe territor
ies is liai-cd upon necensil y only to t he end that
they may become stales in tlie union: iheie
tore. w heneMT t he conditions of populalion.
material reMiiirces, pubi'c iidi'iliKeiiee and
morality are such as to insure stable loenl uov
ernmei t therein the p. ante of sueh territoiics
Hhoiild b" permitted, a lijjht inherent in them.
to fon.i for themselves 111 ions Mint s'ule
L'overnmeul and be ad Hied into the union
Pending prcparati 11 for staleliood all othcers
thereof should be selected liolil bona tide
icsid- nts and ritizens of the territory wherein
t hev are to serve. South liakota i-liouM of
riu'it be imiiieiiiately adini'ted ;us a state in
t he union under the constitution framed auj
adopted by her people and we heartily en
dorse t he act Ion of the icpuhlicaii senate iu
twic passing bills for her admission. 1 he re
fiisid of the democratic house o lepresenta-
lives, 'or partisan 'ui i.hs-s. to favorabiv con
sider these bills is ;t willlul violation of the
s.ivied Amerieaii piiucipleot local self-govern
meiit. and inei its t he eoiidemnat ion of all just
men. i lie pending bills iu tlie senate for acts
toenaoie the ueople 01 isnintrion, aoiiii
Dakota and MoiitamiH tei ritories to form con
vtiiu ion and establish state Koveininerts
siiould be l asscd without unnecessary delay.
I he repiiidica.n party p;eies uiscil to no an 111
t's power tn laetlitafe the adnus.-ioti oi the ter
liiories 01 iVi- Meico. Wyoming, liiaho and
Arizona tti the enpivment d sclf-irovernment
as states. Such of 1 hem as are now oualilied
as soon as possible. an." others as soon as they
may become so.
The political power of the Mormon church in
the ten tp. les as exercised In the Past, is a
lin'iiauce to tree institutions 00 dniiL'erons to
be h'lisi suheicd. 1 r l' re v e p eilue the le-
publieau party ; appropriate leeiHlatioli.
assert mir the soverelui.t V oi the nation in all
the territ'ii ies w bc'e the same is ipieslioned
ami in lurlhcrancc of that ml to place
upon Hit stalule bind; lei-lation st:ltirei.t
en. Uf.h to divoiee i ii-ji! l'rciu e elci-iast ieal
power, mid :hns imi)i out the altei dai.f
wi-'iiediiess o! piiy';;iti y.
i he republican party is In favor of tlie use
it tmi n colli ami si iver as monee, ai:ii con-.
den. ns the policy ol the democratic adminis
tration in it- elloi-is to demonetize s lver.
e cemaml t!:e rediietnn of letter postage
to 1 c ut per i unco.
In a iepiihlic I keolirs. wh-re the citizens Is
t he sin er. v-u ai,d the oliici d the M-rvatit
v. here no pow r is ex-lcisetl except by the wi i
1 the peopie. it is important ma! the sover-
i-'u j eiipie should wksci" latelliei ce. 'J hi
tiee "Cliooi is the iromoer ol that, inrchirchce
liK-ii is to i. reserve us a lice nation. 'I he
lore, the state or nation, or both conbined.
sh-'ti d support. In r Institutions of lea ruiii'j
s'.tiieieiit lo Hi-id to evciy chtbl rrowiiiK up
in the land the opportunity ot a K"'d coinnion
t cl.ool eii neat ion.
We earnestly recommeiitl that prompt aclion
he taken b c i s in the ei aclment d" such ion as ill best i-eeiire the ivh.-tbiuta
tionidour Ai'Tiiicn meichant maiine, aio'
we protest anaihst 'he passage by congress S
a tree ship bill as ealctpaled to work iiijmtiee
i i-iabi r by It st-ei ii.n t he waives of those en
.iti'ti in preparing material as well as those
directly em i" e.t in on:- shipyards. e tie
piano ii''. opi i; I ions for the e-irly rcbiiihiii's
'I ; i.r navy, lor the construction of e a1-!
lei jil'u at lot s and Uo-dcni oiuinance ami other
: p. pr v a modern mea -s of detente for ihe
protection i I dlir dcfci-scless harhois and
cities, for I ho payment of just peisioirslo otti
siddmr, for i.ei t'ssary W'-rks of national im
portune inth." impiovement (f the
i:i: than els if interna), eoastwiser and
cie Jin cnmiueice. for ill- encouragement 'f
t i : i s :j i p:ii n interests of the All .ith tinil
a '! l'in-itie s:ati s as " ell a tor the payment
ol ti
m-"i tii iio; public debt. This policy w ill
pio;, incut loei.r Iwbor. activity to oni
sindasiries !' reaped security to our
ejVe V
vai ii us
c.iii!. i rv
in;" kei -
of 1 ! :i :.s
bet ter i"
po i'-y .
N itiieut
v, promo!.- ti ;iiic, open new and dnecl
r our l
oil:es and cheao n tiie etst
riafon Hh alhrt'i
t i.r country than
loaioi v the jrovt r
teresl to "p. t bp.l'k:
l ):;!.!(;: i:ei.a-! i
I tii-? o!' for. ; 'ti ;Vaf!
v litis n di-t ;i
i.d cow a rd a r i!.:
e;,;,ie ; !l pepdim;
ran a--mi::-sli i.tio- s
bitn'ens Mid rest;
tii.d for Us ete;isi;
ha" r. it her sinVei
t his to t
t..e deiiincrtd ic
reem's ncnev
I y !!.- y.
: i -Iiett t
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to the Monroe doetrire. i has -et n
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title CP'tel
'la.ct.ev j he extension of forcij.
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i a! A :n:-i b'a :bl of f'i'ei(.ii t rade
oi.f or in !-:!l.'t!s. it ias re
instil to cb.ailer. sat
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a for c( nst rnct inir the
hieric.-tii oraaiiizvt i
Xicaratrua canal, a work of vtal iniportaiice t
the maintenance of the Monroe tloetritie am'
of our national influence in Central and ."-'"ii'li
A mei tea, and nece.-sai y f:i the development
o! tr-iile vwth our '"aciilc teriitory, with StiPh
America, and v.lth tji'e fillther coasts of the
We arraign the present democratic admi'iis
tr tiion for its weak and unpatriotic treatment
of the. fisheries question, and its pusillanimous
surrender of all privileges to whicli our fishery
s.sci-. are enti letl in C'anatliuii poits inkier
i lie treaty of 11S, tlie reciprocate mariu
tine lci Ksiatioi'i tif itMi and comity of nations,
and which Canadian ftshhig vc&eis receivp In
the poi l.-i of ;pe t'uited s.aii-ii. V- e .oniemn
tiiei t licyof the pi t sent atiuiliiisiiatiou &n.l
tt tlemociatic ir.aj- rity in coiifrrcss towards
our fisheries as u n f ri r-1 d 1 v and conspicuously
unpat ic ami as tending to destroy a valuable
national induct iy andan ir.disjiensibid resource
of lit ii use ag;:iiist !' rei:u enemy.
I he name of Air.ei icaii applies alike to sll
ciiiAtths of the rep.ibli -. ami imposes upoti men
aiikc t";ie:s..o';c of iiatio.i of obedience to the
aw. t the game tipie ci i"iishjp is ar.d must
be the panoply and safeguard of him who yeais
it. si;otlkl iiie (I and prelect him whet hei h!;:h
or low, rich er poor, tti his civil riichf. It
should and must afford him protection at home
and ftllow aid protect him abroad in whatever
laud lie may be on a lawful errand.
civil sr.nvit'E it storm.
The men who ah onioned the repul lican t.;-r-ty
ill l;--i cte-tioue to adhere to the tletuo
cra! ic p'a"T V iia'e dssei-i .-d nit only the cause
of hope i Koyecn.'iienr. 'l.t:t bj ioMjo, lin.'Oice. !
freedom '4ip.i1 p'Uity of' the hal ot. but espec-
il-.HV t'.-ive .tM,iCi l"d 111? cau' c Ol jet')!-''- ill the
civil seiJ. c. V.'t vt;i ret fajl it Jff up our
j !e(!:es because t ey Pave broKen tlielts. 01
be anse t heir eantli. late has broken his. V. o
liicreb'te rci-esi our decla: at iop d tssi. t,-,wit :
'1 he reform of eU i! service auspicloiisly temi:
uii'.'er re;.il !:m ;td i-'.iTi ist ie t io should he
cor;!'?Le-i iv u fitrther esiei.sit.n of th" rcfortts
suaen'-'arr e. :,i Vx, ed ' lav. toal! tr;oles
cf the seVe io r Jt : r.pvi. .'.. v.. .'spir
it ati't tuvti.s, of reform fioo.u.i 'i-.i 00.-.'. ed in
all executive aipi.iiitTtten:!. iiu, ;:Jt iavs at wil it ti t; ol jt et of exist ! r-rorni 1 is
islaiion sl."ih! he icpeab-d. ami tii .( the dati
t;ers to free lust 1! uf Ions which lark in tlie pow
er rf o cial 1 atrohae m y be wisely anJ ef
fec:! -.-iy i.-ohiL'd
'lh-(ia!hatie . me to Xl.c defenf-rs
of the onion canr.ot he'-p.'sured e.vccpt ,v laws.
The f.V'isia'.ioa of conuresa slionld conform to
fls.y V ic.'ri .:4L!?',r'' ''l U,JH' P"01f'. and he so
the possibility tlp-t ."" Vtfc- ;iy
w -ro the federal l-liiform shall becT"" K" ui"
niaie.ii an k imsnoiisc or lie penti- nt on ; r.vat'
charity. Jn ti.e presence of an ovcrfi-twiuj;
treasuiy ;t v.t ti!d b" a puidic sen da 1 to do les
for t;.otr wlios va!oro':s sen Ice preserved the
li'-Acri-i.eitr if d.enottrer th hostile spirit
shown by I'rcsideju, Cleveland ;n ,is tiyprmis
vetoes i f" ireasures for penston re'ief. ;i;i.' ti e
Stiii;: of the ! mocratic house of f pre?e:t::
tlvcs In rrrittu even eousidfratioii of Kener..!
pension leriisj.-it Ion.
In suppost f th jninc";.?es hrrenith enun
ciated v. e invite rile eo-opfration of patiio.i -men
ef alt parties. see( of a'i workin-.
pen waose prop rtty is p-i.-ui!y tltre -tenet:
ov i no iree uaue policy oi ine liretetit ;;d;iiir.
1st nt I.oi .
'i';.r- efrt ?n r.f.rv of rrevi t ;
II'." lit tie rod s-.i.'jlet .f tile .,--op mj t';,.
purii v t f tie :r h.i;ne-. 'fnr republican nar'v
poiV.iI! sympalhsze v fih sil wt-e ;o u well
Ct KI.' K AT
Berlin, Germany.
"v?t '-V- '-T-',"
TO ' - . .-'
7 '-pi
- -I
You can consult hi in about
how to take can: of tlicm.
,v. ar-iitt-d
for the uiif'ii t;lii:i e
crs. ii;:d th'j dontu of I,
(1 1 11-1 ! li-.- i;l'.'
I iy tin; use of his Alaska
Australian. Crystals. A
p lni( al
combination ol
s "V-
And patent s tlf-
aj J . j
Tlie iirst time intraduocd into tliis
niantlfactiifal to oitlcr af'ler c
'.:unin;itiun ijy modern iiptruiiu-ni.-.
has airivsil in Platlsiuontlt, and has
an oilico tit the Kiddie lltus He is do
ing an immense business throughout the
United States, giyjng tfie best ol' satisfac
tion and delight to hundreds wilii de
tective sight. His knowledge of the
human 03-0 and his skill in adjusting the
glasses is marvelous beyond imagination.
Endorsed by all the great men of this
e'ountry and Europe.
In ah instant, as if Ly magic he ii en
abled to tell you any ailment of your
failing vision, point out the cause and
danger, and adapt brilliant glasses, pe
culiarly ground to suit every defect of
the eye. which will aid in strengthening
the eyesight of the old and young. Sci
entists invited to examine the new cy3
tern for the preservation of the human
Teachers should watch the early mani
festations of their scholars' eyr-sisht and
report in time to thcr respective parents
to hive their cvesight examined bv Prof.
t-trns.-man. the expert optician of nation
al fata?..
Artificial Eyes ?eplr.ced.
Persons deprived of an eye can have
this deformity removed by the insertion
or an urnneiat one. which moves and
looks Wn- a natural hr;an.
.0 y p i (.- E H o't Jt
to '4 a. in., 1 to 4 p., aud f to 6 id
n i: f i: u ences.-
e Bnre-ett, liev. A. Clark, Ir.
Dtifr.' Sira'lir j'vsii, iu P. Rclfe, Ljrs
Strecter, J)r Ikinker, H M Holfc, itoden
broek, C Anderson, J W Waldsniith, "VV
S. Ctdton, S II Calhoun. Judjje M ipes,
David Brown. Dr Ib rshey, A'm liver,
T S Jones, 13 M Taggart, E Rciber, W.
II Murph, trsnk JIcCartr;ey. James
Fitchle, lle'v. Ematiucl; narf ig,' Jlrk. A..
E Pjdd, W p:5Ier'ranj, Mi?s VanMeter,
li'rj L'ttanh a ir.rr,p, Pan! fhrriinl-e.
Xat Adams, Geo , " ajn
.Vr. Gunsell. li-.'V II Pearson. Shomertts.
L Levey. S ,M Kirkpattick, Dryscoll.
Donald JleCuatg, William Wilhelmy,
Rev River?. Logan Cnyart. X Tvedfjeld,
J F Welch, Rev. J B Oeen, John Good
lett. C B nickel, Dan Grerro;. C W Scher
fy, E S H i wh y, A R Xewcomb. Win
Nelson. Mrs N Davis. Win Fulton. Atom
Kloos. Mi, Ed Platner. M T J..l.non.
Mrs Carnont, Mrs. Sterling' Motion. Mrs.
W.-t?on. Mi- "for.'on. Mr Geo W Tiwk
Mrs W T P.!oan. Mr-- L W Llord. ?Jis
S -i Steidipuson. Dr. Cishop, Mr Johiiton
Brown. Mrs Aird.
T.'-.''. 1
i: V ' ''
ProL issn
n p t i fa a !
; Froij
1 it'll .-re l;i t::i (d
ciivt.! mh'Ii trttiiiKiiiidl.s IV'M.i
tin jtc)!f.
Ollice til Iva Soldier' II b.c.
Maishnlltown, la., 1 b. 17, 'tiH.
I'uok. Stkahbman, Liar 0ii: The
glasses you furnished myse 1 and wiiu
when in Clinton, have proven in iviry
way satisfactory, and wo tuke pleasure
in rccoiiiineiidintj your work nntl glaH
to all who niuy le in need of aufety and
and comfort for your eyesiglit.
Very Kcsperlivcly,
Cof.. Miui Smith, C niiiiiimiant.
Mayor's Olliee, Marblinllti ?i, '
November 3rd, 1S87.
Prof. Sttiifsinan has been in our city
some six wecka or more, nnd hb an opti
cian has oiven the In ut of Fatisfuclion
both as to prices and tpudity f woik,
having treated wuim tif the most diflirtilt
t asej of the ey with nicccss and inn sat
islied you will find him a skillful opti
ci ui and a gentleman.
Very Kcspcctfully,
Nki.hox Ami;b, Mayor.
Dkskkvks It. No tihiiscient occulibt
has ever visiteel this city V-fore who has
given to the public bucIi excellent pro
fessional service, or 1ms won Mich testi
nionnls frtun the people, as Prof. Strasa
man, now in our city. v are not in the
habit of volinf urily teHtinying in these
matters, but in Prof. Strassiiinn'i case we
do it cheerfully, and enttnly in an ittn-o
cited way dimply because he dct-tivica
it. Oskalootui Jlerald.
Prof. Btraesman, ft distingtiit-lied op
tician, now stopping in tur city, tonus
befv ie us with the highest testimonials
of skill and experience iu his art. and I
take pleasure in recomnu riding him to
toy f i iends and the public who may be
in need of his servics, ns one 7-nl iil d to
hi cohfiib net;. J. Williamson, M. M
Oitiiuiwa, Iowa.
Alter a stay of several wc ks, Prof.
StrnsMiian, the optician, is about to close
his labois in our city. Persons who haye
not yet made Use ol his skill mid sch nee
would do will to call at once nnd tlntc-
bv do tlieinst 1 yes a lasting In n lit. lie has
shown himself to be a limn skilled in his
profession, fair and liberal in his dcalingH,
ml withal, a genlletiieti in eyry n sp ct.
The many commendatory Tlicis given
him by I he press are well deserved and
we shrill part with him witli n gtct. I(r-d
Oik Impress. Maieh 2:Jrd
Ill I) OAK.
Dr E P Yonng, CFCIatk. (i M Pov tis,
I) i; Miih r, .1 li R. t v- s, Mis J Senuk, JViis
T Ji Dcai boin. G W Holt, A C Jilos.e, Wjj
A Ci s , Mrs. Aph bee, Mot r,
.1 S Wroth, Rev MClure, Ml8 lies Her,
Mis. Farrier, K.-v Mt-Cndlory, Mis
Slault y. R WadsWol til, Mr Mutt nholtz,
Mr J. if i ies. Rev Jagg, W StaJi. iil, C
S huvUh r, Harvey Spry, C L Richards,
D.vid Harris, Mr. Isohl, C II Lane, C r.t
."Mills. T H Le. V.'m Ko. hler, C J Liij.
jebeik, T M Lee, Ge E Piatt, Mis h
Holywr, Wm Dubley, G Runnels, Mrs
E S Porter, I II llaz iieiius, Mr Rioadbv,
F A Garter, Mrs Fisher, Mr Stothbud, 'i
O Wi pip rd. A McC'onm II, li A Urowii,
Mr Gibson, Mr Filccs. Rev J W Hamil
ton, S P Miller, Mrs F C Clark, IJ E A
Simons, J V Sautbin, Mr Van Alstinc,
L F Rms, Mrs Di'emer, Mrs. Junkin,
Thos Gridith, I Sanborn, Geo Binus, Jlr.
Sleyers P. P. Johnson, and many other
from tiie surrounding country, '-
Dr O'Neill, CFW Backmon, Rev F C
War, Mrs W F Rose, Dr. Lewis, Capt. C.
P Brown, Mrs. Slaughter, Dr. J William
son, D T J Dou!a., Dr II W Roberts, 8
JJ Evans, A.C Lciojifon, J Iliinspian, ReV
A C Btiilson, Dr R F Hyatt, Mra. O 8
Phellis, Mrs DrTa lor.
Col W P Hepburn, cx-oongrt-EBmc
Hon T E Clark, senator; Rev Snook, '
Coke uower, Dr Lewellen. F liar
J S Mclptyr. A S Baily, J p ,Ion8. r
Fosb-c, ij O Beck with, John Gb8 f
A Kimball. Mrs. Morstnan, V Gra'
Sony. Dr Van Sant, J D Hawlc
Monzingo. Dr.ilbn, IT lhdv
Stone. J II Stet, Hon Wm Br'
Hurdle, A T Ch ment. J M "
:ewfon, Mrs Shaul, IIoD T
I'el";ir!A, ).r i'tnye'r. ii y r
Lorniv. A V Hkced, J
lJanett. Mrs JtUln. '
Pr-si dent of First K
Prositlent of C'eston
J II Patt, Mr Dunlin,
fcrr, icv VP VMg,,er.
Miss ; Wt bster, Mrs Mr
M Grath, Ed Lewis. Dr "
Larrabce, Col Swall, T
W V McQuaitl, J H
Dr Groves, Mr II XeV
W F Patt. Rev F W
van, ifrs Laranrion"
puane. lliss C Eo
i-.iw.'0r, Rr:vno' '
Mattl" .Munt.
X II Blanchanl. I
lev, Mr Ilammar
Meyer, Dr Reyr
Senator F
Jones, F
Veil it
Por Mc'