The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, September 06, 1888, Image 2

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i Plattsnjouth Daily Herald.
Publishers & Proprietors.
Is published every evening except Sunday
and Weekly every Tnurmlay morning. Hegis
tered at the MMiofllce. I'lntrmuouth. Nenr., s
dfcoiid-cliut matter. Ofllce comer of Vine and
Filth streets.
One copy one ear in advance, by mall 8 00
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One copy Hi nioutns. in advance...
....$1 00
benjamin; iiakkisox,
of Indiana.
of New York.
The democrat are badly disappointed
with the result in Vermont.
Hurrah for Vermont ! She is as solid
republican as her eternal hills.
The republicans did not commence
this campaign with a forced hurrah nnd
a strained effort at noise and cheap effect.
but they will close it with a tremendous,
solid, far reaching boom that will draw
victory in its rippling and luminous
wake. Lincoln Journal.
" I'm not sure that this is not a plan to
accomplish with votes what they couldn't
do with the sword in the south. No one
who had anything to lo with this tariff
scheme, from the president down, ever
struck a blow to save the life of the
country." Cheers. Ben Butler.
It is announced from Washington that
t'le business of the post office department
for the past fiscal year shows a handsome
increase of revenue. This is a strong
argument for the reduction of postage to
one cent, which was called for by the
Chicago convention. Every voter who
wants one-cent postage should ycte for a
republican congressman this fall.
The fact that very few pension claim
hayc been adjusted during the last two
or three weeks may be readily accounted
for. A large corps of the clerks of th1
Lurcau have been engaged iu the prepar
at ion of a campaign document designed
to show how Cleveland has benefited the
country by his severing vetoes of the
claims of the disabled union soldiers and
their needy wives and children.
1. As a whole they are the. finest lying: lot ill the city.
2. They are shaded with beautiful torest trees.
3. They are located between Chicago and Lincoln Avenues,
the two finest drives about the city.
4. They are only a ten minutes' walk from the business
portion of the town.
5. Ten minutes' walk from the new Driving Park and Fair
. 'Uy reason of their location between the two main thor
oughfares into the city, they are more accessible than lots in
other additions.
7. The only addition in the city reached by two established
8. The only new addition to the city reached by water
mains and with a prospect of being supplied in the near future
with complete water privileges.
0. New sidewalks recently constructed to within a few feet
of the addition andVill shortly be extended.
Hurrah for the Green Mountain state t
The result in Vermont, the first of the
northern states to hold an election this
fall, will he received with a hearty cheer
in every republican camp.
It is an emphatic second to the motion
of Oregon that Mr. Cleveland be taken
at his word, and that his incumbency end
with one term.
It is proof, positive and unanswerable,
that the people of this country arc in fa
vor of the policy of protection to Ameri
can industries the maintenance of the
wages of American workingmcn.
t,It sounds like the death knell of dem
ocratic hope in New York, New Jersey
and Connecticut, and thus in the nution.
Vermont has set the pace. Hurrah for
the Green Mountain state ! Maine fol
lows next Monday and it will do equally
well. Omaha Republican.
Secretary Whitney's conduct of
the Navy Department will inevitably bi
regarded with critical scrutiny when he
quits office. There have been frequenl .
rumors that he would not continue it
his presentvplace even if he had th.
chance to do so after next March. Hi
must expect to encounter the sharpest
kind of criticism. That is what hechost
to invite by his unwarranted and wholh
unjust attitude toward the Roach cruisers.
He must expect to be measured in tin
scales which he himself constructed, ant":
to be judged according to his own stand
ards. Even now it is easy to see how
hardly he will fare under such an ordeal
The incompetency of his administratioi
is shown in the delays that have charac
terized his whole work. Though tin
time has expired, or is shortly to expire,
on many of his new vessels, none is neai
completion. It is safe to say, however,
that the measure which must be meted
out to him will not be extended to tin
contractors. No republican administra
tion would desire to bankrupt all tin
shipbuilders of the land and extermjnat
oue of the industries upon the mainten
ance of which the Natian's life to a great
extent depends. N. Y. Tribune.
Alen G. Thurmajt will address tin
democracy of New York City tonight.
Perh-ips he will take this occasion to ex
plain to people thereabouts how In
reconciles his support of Mr. Cleveland
for re election with this emphatic ex
expression of his earnest convictions:
(From a speech by Allen G. Thurmnn at
Columbus, Ohio, 1872.)
My friends, you will never have any
genuine reform in the Civil Service until
you adopt the one-term principle in re
ference to the presidency. So long a
the incumbent can hope for a second
term he will use the immense patronage
of the government to procure his renoni
ination and secure his re-election.
Call for Republican Primaries.
The republican electiors of Cass Co..
Neb., are requested to meet in their re
spective wards and precincts on Saturday
Sept. 22nd, 1S83, to elect delegates to a
convention to be held in Louisville, on
the Cth day of October, 1838, at 11
o'clock a. in., for the purpose of placing
in nomination candidates for the follow
ing offices:
Ona senator.
Two representatives.
One county attorney.
One county commissioner.
The several wards and precincts are
entitled to the following number of
Tiptun precinct 7
Greenwood 6
Salt Creek i)
Stove Cieek , 9
Elmwood 8
South Bend (j
ft M
Weeping Water 20
Center 7
Louisville . 9
Avoca 7
ML Pleasant 0
Eight Mile Grove 7
Libertv 8
Rock Bluffs. 9
Plattsmouth Precint 7
" . 1st ward 7
2nd " 9
:rd " 13
4th " 12
Primaries will be held in the various
wards and precints on the 22nd day of
September at the following places:
Tipton at Eagle C p. m.; Greenwood at
voting place 7:30 p. in.; Salt Creek at
skating rink in Greenwood village 7:30;
Stove Creek at Elmwood village 7 p. m.;
Elmwood at Center school house 7:30;
South Bend at school house 1 p. in.;
Weeping Water precinct at Cascade
school house 7 p. m.; Weeping Water
city at Union hall 3 p. m.; Center at Man
ley 3 p. m.; Louisville at Adams' opera
house 8 p. in.; Avoca at llutclnns school
house 2 p. in.; Mt. Pleasant at Gilmore's
school house 2 p. in.; Eight Mile Grove
it Hyalt's school house 7:30 p. nr; Liber-
y at Union school house 7:30 p. m.;
lock Bluffs at Bergers school house 3 p.
il. ; Plattsmouth precinct at Taylor's
school house 4 p. ul; Plattsmouth, 1st
vartl at county judges office 4 to 8 p. ni.,
Jnd ward at 2nd ward school house 4 to
i p. m., 3rd ward at Ritchey's lumber
ifficc at 4 to 8 p. m., 4th ward at Byron
Jlark's office 4 to 8 p. in.
M. D. Polk, Chairman.
R. S. Wilkinson, Secretary.
They Pay $500, or Cure.
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Remedy is sold by druggists at only 50
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Common Sense
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H. Voullieme. Hotel Voullieme, Sara
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Ayer's Pills,
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The republicans of the United States, assem
bled by their deligates in national convention,
nanee on the threshold of their proceedings le
honor the memory r.f their first great leader
and immortal champion of liberty and the
rights o( the people. Abraham Lincoln, and to
cover aUo with wreaths i imperishable re
membrance and gratitude the heroic names of
I our later leaders who have been more recently
' called away from nnreounciU, tyrant. Garneld,
! Arthur, Logan and Conkling. May theirmem
' ories be faithfully cherished. 'We also recall
with our greetings and prayer for his recovery
the name of one of our living heroes whose
-T1 Txrexx t3rOxxe
10. New brick school house now being constructed.
1 1. Will certainly have street car privileges at no distant date
If you wish a fine view of the river, locate on a lot in
goutji 1.
13. If you wish a sjgjjtjy and picturesque view of Platts
mouth, it can be had from a S'outh Fajk lot.
H. To persons in the railroad employ, the eastern portion
of South Park is the most desireable residence locality in the city,
15. To persons desiring a residence on Chicago Avenue, the
westeMi portion ot South Park is available for that purpose.
lfi. The It. &c if. rijroad track runs near the east line of the
addition,' furnishing good facilities for manufacturing industries.
17. If you locate in South fark you w)l Jaye gooj neigh
bors j . Mayor Simpson? John J. Cp'x, John A. Dayies, John
L. Minor, J. V, Wepkbaih, Cjias. Lfarrjs, John II. 1'oung,
.Henry Waterman, W. C. Ingraham, Jerry Fart)iing, Thos.
Reynolds, 8. A, Davis, JLi. A. Miner, C. M.' Weed, Frank Irish,
J. N. Glenn, C. L. Colemone, S. A. Speakmap, A, Jeeson, Chas,
memory will be treasured In the history both
of republican aud of the republic. The name
lHtnaioi me unuie aoiaier anu lavurue u
of victory. rhllTn II. Sheridan.
in i lie spirit ox inose great it'aarro aim ui um
devotion t human liberty, and with that hos
tility to ml forms of desotim ar.u oppressiou
which is the fundamental idea of the republi
can party, we fend Iratenial congratulations
to our fellow American of l'.razil upon their
great act of emancipation which completed
the abolition of slavery throuhout the two
American continents. We earnestly lioie we
may soon congratulate our fellow citizens of
1tIi birth upon the peaceful lecovery of home
rule for Ireland.
to the national constitution aud to the indis
soluble union of state to the auloouiny re
served to the states under the constitution, to
the personal rights and liberties of citizens in
all elate and territories in the union and es
pecially to the supreme and sovereign light of
every citizen, rich or poor, native or foreign
born, white or black, to cast oue free ballot in
tbe public elections and to have that ballot
duly counted. We hold a free and honest pop
u'ar ballot and lint find equal representation
oi all people l ie me louuuauou vi our ic
publican government and demand effective
legislation to secure the integrity and purity
of elections which are the fountains of all pub
lic authority. We charge that the present ad
ministration and the democratic majority In
congress owe their existence to I he suppression
of the ballot by the criminal nullification of the
constitution and laws of the United States.
We are uueroinproinisiugly iu favor of the
American system ot protection. We protest
against the destruction proposed by the pre!
dent and his party. They serve the interests
of Eurcue
We accept the issue, and confidently appeal to
the people for their judgment. The protective
system must be maintained. Its abandonment
has always been followed by general disinter
to all interests except those of the unsurer
and sheriff.
We denounce the Mills' bill as destructive to
general business, labor, and the farming inter
ests of the country, and we heartily endorse
the consistent anu patriotic action of the re-
fiubltcan representatives in congress in oppos
Ilg its passage. We condemn tne proposition
of the democratic party to place wool on the
free list and insist that Hie duties t hereon
Hha-I le adjusted and maintained so us to fur
nish full and adequate protection to that in
dustry. The republican party would effect all needed
reduction of th national revenue by repealing
the taxes ou tobacco, which are an arrogance
and burden to agriculture, aud the tax upon
spirits used in the arts and for mechanical pur
poses, and by such revision of the tariff laws as
will tend to check imports oi such articles as
a e produced by our people, the production of
which gives employment to ur labor, and re
lease from Import duties these articles of for
eign production, except luxuries, the like of
which cannot be produced at home, there f hall
still remain a larger revenue than is requisite
for the wants of government, of internal taxes
rather than surrender any part of our infec
tive system at the joint beiwst of the whisky
ring and agents of foreign manufacturers.
We declare hostility to the it traduction into
this country of foreign contract labor and of
Chinese labor alien to our civilization and our
constitution, and we demand the rigid enforce
ment of existing laws against it and favor such
immediate legislation as will exclude such la
bor from our shores.
We declare our opposition to all combina
tions of capital organized iu trusts or other
wise to control arbitrarily the condition of
trade among our citizens and we recommend
to congress and the state legislatures in their
respective jurisdictions such legislation as will
prevent the execution of all nchemes to oppress
the per pie by undue charges ou their supplies
or bv unju-t rates for the transportation of
their products to market.
we approve legislation by congress to pre
vent alike unjust burdens and unfair d:scrim
ination bet u eon states.
We reaffirm the policy of appropriating the
public lands of the Uhited States to be home
steads for American citizens and settlers not
aliens, which the republican party established
in 182 against the opposition of
the democrats in congress, which has brought
our great western domain into magnificent de
velopment. The restoration of unearned land
grants to the public domain for the use of ac
tual settlers, which was begun under the ad
ministration of President Arthur should be
continued. We deny that the democratic party
has ever restored one acre to the people, but
declare that by the joint action of republicahs
and democrats about llttv million acres of un
earned lands, originally granted for the con
struction of railroads, have been restored to
the public domain in pursuance of conditions
inserted by the republican party in the oiigin
al grants. We charge t' e democratic adminis
tration with 1 ail n re to execute lawn securing to
settlers title to Iheii homesteads and with us
ing appropriations made for that purpose to
harrass innocent settlers with spies and prose
cutions under the false pretense of exposing
frauds aud vindicating the law.
The government by congress of the territor
ies is based upon necessity only to the end that
they may become states in the union : there
fore, whenever the conditions of population,
material resources, p:.blic intelligence and
morality are such as to insure stable local gov
ernment therein the people of such territories
should be permitted, a right inherent In them,
to fori.i for themselves constitutions and state
governments aud be ad mitted into the union,
fending preparati n for statehood all officers
thereof should be selected trom bona fide
resid uts and eitizers of the territory wherein
they are to serve. Suiith Dakota should f
right be immediately admitted as a state in
the union under the constitution framed and
adopted by her people, and we heartily en
dorse the action of the republican senate in i
twice passing bills for her aliniission. The re
fusal of the democratic house of representa
tives, or partisan purposes, to favorably con
sider these bills is a willful violation of the
s;u red American priuciple of local self-government,
and merits the condemnation of all just
men. '1 he pending bills in the senate for acts
to enable the ueople of Washington, North
Dakota and Montauna territories to form eon
stitu ion-t and establish state governments
should be passed without unnecessary delay.
Hie republican party pledges inseif to do all u
Uh nower to facilitate the admission of the ter
ritories of New Mexico. Wyoming. Idaho and !
Arizona to tne enjoyment oi seit-governnient
as states. Such of them as are now qualified
as soon as possible.and others as ioon as they
may become so.
Reasons Por-
The political power of the Mormon church In
the territories hs exercised In the past is a
menance to free Institutions oo dangerous to
be Ion suflei ed. Ti . refore ep edge the re
publican party to appropilate legislation,
asserting the sovereignty of the nation In all
the terruoiies where the same is questioned,
and in lurtherame of that tnd to place
upoin he statute book legislation "trlngent
enough to divorce political from ecclesiahtieal
power, aud thus stamp out the atteLoant
wickedness of polygamy.
'1 he republican party is in favor of the use
of both geld and silver as money, and con
demns the policy of I he democratic adminis
tration in Its efforts to demonetize silver.
We demand the reduction of lelier postage
to 1 c ni per mice. ,
In a republic lke ours, where the citizens Is
.i.., i.... ...wi niei-l i he rerviint
lie Burn .. - ...... - ----
where no power is exercised except by the wi l
... 1 . t. !.... tit ufkvur.
li re no power is extrciseii except "J ir
the people, it is liuortant that, the soyer
sn people should possess The
e school is the promoter of that Intelligence
oi tne
f.uA Iw t liu nrj
..i.i.i. u i iiriiunvK in a free nation. J lie re-
fore, the state or nation, or both conbined.
should support tree institutions of learning
sufficient lo afford to eveiy child growing up
iu the land the opportunity of agood coininon
scl.oul education.
We earnestly lecominend that prompt action
be taken ii eorpiess iu the ei act men t of such
legislation as will best secure the rehabilita
tion of our Ainericii merchant marine, and
we protest against the passage by congress ef
a iree ship bill as calculated to work injustice
to labor by lessening the wages of those en
gaged in preparing materials as well as those
directly employed In our shipyards. we de
maud appropriations for the early rebuilding
of our navy, for the construction of coast
fortifications and modern ordinance and other
approved modern mea"s of defense for the
protection of our defenseless harbors and
cities, for the payment of just nerslonsto. our
soldiers, for necessary works of national im
portance in the improvement of the harbors
and channels of internal, coastwiser and
iore'gn commerce, for theicoiiragement of
the shipping interests of the Atlantic, Gnlf
and Pacific states as ell as for the payment
of the maturing public debt. This policy Will
give employment to our labor, activity to our
various industries increased 'security to our
country, promote trade, open new and direct
markets for our products and cheap 11 the Cost
of transportation. We unlrm this to be far
better for our country than tDe democratic
policy of loaning the government's money
without Interest to "pet banks."
The conduct of foreign affairs by the present
administration has been distinguished by inef
ficiency and cowardice. Having withdrawn
from the senate all pending treaties effected
by republican adniiulstratiors for the removal
of foreign burdens and restrictions upon our
comineice and for its extension into a better
market, it has neither affected nor proposed
any others in their stead. Professing adher
ence to the Monroe doctrine. It has seen with
idle complacency the extension of foreign in
fluence in Central America and of foreign trade
everywhere among our neighbors. It has re
fused to charter, sanction or encourage any
American organizytion for constructing the
Nicaragua canal, a work of vtal importance to
the maintenance of the Monroe doctrine and
of our national influence iu Central and South
America, and necessary fo' the development
of trade with our Pacific territory, with South
America, and with the further coasts of the
Pacific Ocean.
We arraign the present democratic adminis
tration for its weak and unpatriotic treatment
of the fisheries question, and its pusillanimous
surrender of all privileges to which our fishery
VFSseN are entitled iu Canadian ports under
the treaty of 1818, the reciprocate inarin
tine legislation of 1830 and comity of nations,
and which Canadian fishing vessels receive in
the ports of the United States. We con-Jemn
thetclicyof the present administration and
the democratic majority in congress towards
our fisheries as unfriendly and consplciously
unpatriotic and as tending to destroy a valuable
national industry and an indispensible resource
of defense against foreign enemy.
The name of American anplies alike to all
ciliens of the rep.ibli'. and imposes upon men
alike the same obligation of obedience to the
laws. At the same ilmecl'ixenship is and must
be the panoply and safeguard of him who weais
it, should shield and protect him whether high
or low, rich or poor, in all his civil righto. It
should and must afford him protection at home
and follow and protect him abroad in whatever
land he may be on a lawful errand.
The men who abandoned the republican par
ty in 1884 and continue to adhere to the demo
cratic party have deserted not only the cause
of hoi et government, but of sound finance, of
freedom and purity of the ballot, but espec
ially have deserted the cauee of reform in the
civil service. We will not tall to keep ui
pledges because they have broken theirs, or
beeause their candidate has broken his. We
therefore repeat our declaration of 1884, towit :
The reform of civil service auspiciously begun
under republican administration should be
completed by a further extension of tha reform
sstem already established by law to all grades
of the service to which it is applied. The spir
it and purpose of reform should be observed in
all executive appointments, and all laws at
varienee with the object of existing reform leg
islation should be repealed, and that the dan
gers to free institutions which lurk in the pow
er f official patronage may be wisely and ef
fectively avoided.
The gratitude of the nation to the defender?
of the union cannot be assured except bv laws.
The legislation of congress should conform to
the pledges made by a loyal people, aud be so
enlarged and extended as to prov'de against
the possibility that any man who honorably
wore the federal uniform shall become an In
mate of an almshouse or dependent on i rivate
charity. In the presence of an overflowing
treasury it would b a public scandal to do less
for those whose valorous service preserved the
government. We denounce the hostile spiiit
shown by President Cleveland in his numerous
vetoes of measures for pension relief, and the
action of the democratic house of representa
tives in refusing even consideration of general
pension legislation.
In support of the principles herewith enun
ciated we invite the co-operation of patriotic
men of all parties, especially f all working
men whose prosperity is seriously threatened
by the f t ee trade policy of the present admin
istration. The first co- ceru of all good government is
the virtue and sobriety of the ueople Mid the
purity of their homes. The republican parlv
cordially sympathizes with all wise and well
djrepted efforts for the promotion of temperance,
A, liankln, Sarah E. Alexander, John Moore, M. A. Shipman
Lillie Kalisky, T. W. Faugh t, Clayton Barber, W. J. Hpsse
Ilarry Kneller, J. E. Barwick, J. G. Royal, W. N. McLennan,)
I . C. Minor, F. McCourt, J. C. Fought, W. J. Warrick, Judge .
A. N. Sullivan, and other prominent citizens are owners of
South Park property.
JS, Over 14,000 worth of this desirable property has been
disposed of within a short period and no part has been sold to
outside speculators, which is solid proof of the substanti
growth of this part of the city.
19. More substantial houses have been built in South '
during the year pat than in any one locality, and 6"
building boom continues.
30. Terms, one third cash, balance in one and two yc
lots may be purchased on montldy payments.
31. "Purchase a lot and we will loan you monev with
Thoroughly cleanse the Wood, which 19 the
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en Medical Discovery, and good digestion, a
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hroat and lungs than any other. ' It is
probable that everyone, without excep
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germs fall upon suitable soil they start
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is shown by a slight tickling sensation in
the throat and if allowed to continue their
ravages they extend to the luugs produc
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The standard remedy for liver com
plaint is West's Liver Pills; they never
disappoint you. 80 pills 25c. At War
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