The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, August 23, 1888, Image 4

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    Vno Evening Herald.
A. Kallnbary. DeatM,
Telephoae 2U. 3..
Bock wood BaiMlag,
Dr. KUirla, (llBec la fltrina'a Dr Ktor. Uel
ieaca Cor. Sixth aa'l Uraalte, Telephone So. 42.
Dra. Cava A Mmltk. the Paialraa Iteatlita, l aloa
Block, over CUIxraa' liaak, flatUwoath.
Today the republicans hold their
state convention at Lincoln.
Mr. Jas. linker who lives south-west
of the city, buried an infant yesterday.
Miss Ettie Searle has resigned her
position as teacher in the high school.
Another switch engine was brought
into the yards here today No. 23. No.
GO will be used in the upper yards and
23 in the lower.
The democrats in their return from
the convention which was held at Weep
ing "Water last night, made better time
than they were known to make on a trip
from there a short time ago.
Messrs. Frank Fitzgerald and Oscar
Engle were arrested last night for dis
turbing the peace and fighting. They
were arraigned before Judge Clifford
this morning and each fined $5 and costs.
The doctors of this burg stato that
cases of typhoid and malarial fever in
their worst stages are becoming quite
prevalent, and it is thought that this
summer will be accompanied with as
much sickness of this kind ns whs wit
nessed here hist season.
The school board held a meeting last
Monday night to consider the applica
tions from several teachers for the ensu
ing term. A good number of applica
tions have been received and those in
quiring will ic examined uetore any are
selected to fill the two vacancies now
The management of the young T,
A. M. dancing society has issued invita
tions for the first of a series of assemblies
wincn is lo he given tomorrow eyening
at Fitzgerald's hall. They haye spared
no pains to make the coming event a very
pleasant one for all who participate, and
we trust success may attend their efforts.
A Herald containing the cut which
appeared in the paper the day following
the banquet given by the republican club,
can still be seen in some of the business
houses and also in the treasure boxes of
some of the young ladies. It is reported
that Mr. John A. Davies, president of the
Young Men's Republican club, now of
fers about $3 for each copy which is still
in circulation.
The public generally are under the
impression that the conference of some
of the representatives of the Y. M. C. A.
over the state, which is to be held here
tomorrow and the two following days
will be open to men only. Such will not
be the case. A special invitation is ex
tended to the ladies who are interested
in the good work, to be present Friday
evening at their meeting, and they tre
also urgently requested to attend next
Sunday evening.
Hon John Y. Stone of Council
Bluffs, who favortd the Young Men's
Republican Club of Plattsmouth with
one of the most eloquent and entertain
ing addresses upon the occasion of their
recent annual banquet, has been nomi
nated by the republicans of Iowa for at
torney general. The Herald extends its
congratulations not only to Mr. Stone,
who is recognized as one of the ablest
lawyers in the western slope, but also to
the republicans of progressive Iowa upon,
the wisdom of their selection.
The school board has decided to
open the schools again sooner than was
at first anticipated. The rooms will be
opened on the 10th of next month if all
present arrangements are carried out,
when there will be a errand reunion of
the school children. The ambitious
scholars, who have been promoted, will
return to the school with li jthtened hearts
and start out on their new studies, while
the more careless ones are less jubilant
and return to trod the same road for
another term.
Handsome bills are being posted np
advertising the fair which is to be hf-ld
here from the 18th to the 2lst of Sep
tember, inclusive. The new fair grounds
for that occasion will be in first class con
dition in every particular, and the great
est event-of the kind ever known in the
history of Plattsmouth is anticipated
On the grounds can be found one of the
finest driving courses in the state and it
is expected that several of the most noted
trotters in this part of the country will
put in an appearance.
Messrs. Sam and Jas. Patterson, Geo.
Oliver, Dal Jones, Morris O'Rourk, Harry
lieese and Charley Miller have accepted
an invitation from the Malvern, la., base
ball club and went thither this morning
to help them out today in a game against
Macedonia. We think the proper thing
to have done would have been for the
club to adopt the Plattsmouth uniform
and advertise it as the Plattsmouth club
assisted by three of the Malvern nine.
"We hope the boys will not do cs much
muffing for them as they have done for
themselves of late.
A Pleasant Time.
A more successful event both socially
and financially than that of last night
has not been realized for man; a day.
The entertainment was given under the
auspices of the young ladies of St.
Luke's Guild and was managed in every
particular to perfection. Each young
lady exhibited her good taste in selecting
a dress for the occasion, and each dress
was manufactured in tuch a style as to
represent a certain business house, and
there were about sixty in all represented.
The whole party in their merry-making
efforts and the lively stir, presented
to the minds of the spectators an enthus
iastic .spectacle. After the young gentle
men had waited upon their lady friends
by treating them to an inviting repast, all
joined in the merry dance to the music
rendered by jthe Bohemian band until
a late hour.
The ladies were financially successful,
having cleared between $80 and $90.
Appended we give the style of the
different business houses and the names
of the young ladies representing them:
Jim Donnelly, Edith White
C. E. Wescott Clara Palmer
O. P. Smith, Drugs Nellie Simpson
O. P. Smith, wall paper. ..Cora Wayman
Murphy & Son Mamie McCoy
E.G Dovey&Son, notions. . Georgie Oliver
dry goods. . Edna Adams
" groceries. ..M. Shepherd
F. S. White, ice house Ella White
W. (J. Keefer May Beverage
S. &('. Mayer Barbara Gering
L. Moore Anna Livingston
Journal Mary Sherman
H. & M. band Janet Livingston
IIeuai.d Maggie Oliver
Carruth & Son Mary Hawksworth
Carruth Canning Co Maud Viyian
First National Bank Birdie Wright
J. Pepperbcrg Agatha Tucker
F. Herrmann Hattie Fuliner
B. Elson Vernie Leonard
Water Works Blanche Trayer
Mrs. A. Rosier Adeiia Tartch
Reading Room Susie Sampson
W. Cook, barber Maggie Campbell
Drs. Cave & Smith Jennie Dabb
A- W. White Manota Eikenbary
Base Ball Blanche Feight
Lenhoff & Soennichsen. ..Nettie Ballance
Stadt-lman House Stella Traver
F. G. Fricke Dora Fricke
Robert Donnelly Kate Goos
Mrs. F. Johnson Irene Patterson
II. Bceck Ida Bo?ck
P. Merges Florence Merges
J. P. Young Gertie Kerney
Herold & Son Dora Herold
V. V. Leonard Lora Reinhackle
Robert Sherwood Lizzie Miller
John R. Cox Maggie Vallery
J. I. Unruh Annie McDougle
A. Clark Ella Clark
City Hotel Celia Goos
B. Ramsey Ella Wright
J. V. Weckbach Kate Hemple
J. V. Weckbach Ida Foglesong
Henry Weckbach Rose McCauley
Post Office Berth Wise
Will Baker Anna Heiscl
Waterman Lumber Yd Una Freer
Oliver & Ramge Mary Whales
J. Hatt Mattie Smith
Gering & Co Edith Gering
Bennett & Tutt, Lizzie Steimke
Will Boeck, Mamie Stiles
Burlington Route, Miss Ranking
Asst. Mail Clerk, Mollie Ballance
Delivery Clerk, Minnie White
Judge Newell is in Lincoln today.
Mr. II. Boeck is in Omaha today
M. W. Schlegel left for
Lincoln this
Having this day sold my stock
of Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, etc.,
to Messrs. Brekenleld & "Weid
man, I would respectfully and ear
nestly ask tliat all those in my debt
come lorward promptly and settle
their accounts as it will be neces
sary for me to close up my business
as speedily as possible before en
gaging in other pursuits. I also
take this occasion to thank the
public, both in the city and county,
for the very liberal patronage giv
en me during the tiire I have been
engaged in business here, and hope
the same will be extended to my
successors. JNO. 11. COX.
HHE o nr ir no. urn. 9 a
I zzl Estate
Eight Mile Grove, Aug. 21, 1888.
Died. The infant child of Mr. and
Mrs. Jas. Barker, Aug. 19. The remains
were burried in the Eight Mile Grove
cemetery, Aug. 20th, at 2 o'clock p. m.
Funeral services are defered for the pre
52 inch All-AVool Dress Suitings in all
the New Mixtures, only GO cents a yard.
52 inch All-Wool Broadcloth Suitings
in all the New Shades, only 85 cents per
yard, worth $1.00.
Ladies' Long Cashmere Scarfs, Fringed,
only 75 cents each.
Ladies' Long Cashmere Scarfs, Fringed
and Embroidered, only 85 cts., worth 31.25.
Ladies' Long Persian Scarfs, Fringed,
at $1.35, worth $2.00.
Ladies' Cashmere Scarfs, Fringed and
Embroidered, $2.25, worth 33.00.
South - Park
Mr. M. B. Murphy went to Lincoln
last night.
Wr. J. C. Eikenbary left for Lincoln
this morning.
Mr. Byron Drew is spending a few
days at Greenwood.
Mr Byron Clark was a passenger to
Lincoln this morning.
Mr. O. Guthman, of Louisville, arrived
in the city this morning.
Mrs. II. C. Ritchie and Mrs. M. B.
Murphy are in Omaha today.
jiiss usiiArgyie, or yaney, la., is
visiting at the residence of Mr. Geo.
Ball a nee.
Miss Lou Billiard, who has been visit
ing at the home of Capt. Palmer for a
short time, returned to her home at Kan
sas City this morning.
Miss Jessie McCoy, sister of Mr. Joe
McCoy and Mrs. Frank Corsey, who has
been visiting in the city for some time,
left for Council Bluffs this morning.
Mr. Adam Boeck and daughter. Miss
Millie, of St. Louis, who have been visit
ing with the family of Mr. II. Boeck for
some time, returned home last evening.
.Mr. Cliff Sheppard came in from Lin
coln last evening to attend the social and
dance which was given by the vouncr
Died. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Rev. James Mullen, at their home at
Elmwood, this county, with typhoid
The deceased is aged fourteen years,
and was brought down and buried
in the Bight Mile Grove cemetery, Aug.
21st, at 2 o'clock p. m. The funeral
services will be conducted at their place
of worship at some future date.
One of Mant.
Special Values In Gloves !
A young man who has been in the
employ of Mr. C. M. Holmes, at his
livery stables for some time, secured a
watch from Mr. Wat Holmes, Tuesday,
which he agreed to pay for in monthly
payments. The fellow skipped out and
was gone some time before anyone mis
trusted his dishonesty. Mr Holmes, sr.,
learned that he had left for Pacific Junc
tion. He took the tram for that place
and shortly after his arrival there he met
the fellow who received such a scare up
on coming in contact with him that he
immediately handed over the stolen
Ladies' Brilliant Lisle Gloves only 25
cents, worth 50.
Ladies' Pure Silk Gloves only 30 cents,
worth 50.
Ladies' Pure silk Gloves only 50 cents,
worth 75.
Ladies' Five Button Undressed Kid
Gloves, Scallop Tops, Embroidered Backs,
in Black and Colors, only 31.00.
Ladies' Four Button Dressed Kid
Gloves, Embroidered Backs and Colored
Welts, only 31.00 a pair.
Ladies' White Linen Collars only 5
cents each.
21 lots in Thompson's addition.
40 lots in Townsond's addition.
Lot 10 block 138, lot 5 block 104.
Lot 1 block 0, lot C block 1)5.
Lot 11, block 111, lot H, block 01.
Lots in Palmer's addition.
Lots in Duke's addition.
Improved property of all descriptions
and in all parts of the city on cany terms.
A new and desirable residence in
South Park, can be bought on monthly
Before purchasing elsewhere, call . id
see if we cannot suit you better.
The great bandana king in his speech
at Port Huron yesterday, opened his ad
dress by an expression of fear for the
grave, as usual. For fear that an occas
ional breeze might strike his brow and
cause him a death blow before the cam
paign should come on, he asked his large
audience for the privilege of keeping his
cap on while addressing them. When
such a mild breeze as 'was then blowing
will so materially affect his constitution,
we cannot imagine what will become of
the old man when the gale of November
next strikes him.
F0 Herrmann,
Guest (at Delmonico's, New York,)
See here. When that waiter brought
in this soup I happened to look up and I
noticed that his mustache was wet, wet
Head waiter Very sorry, sir, and Til
have the soup changed. It's against the
rules for waiters to wear mustaches here,
but that one is a new mao, and hasn't
had time to get shaved yet. Omaha
There is not one thing that puts a man
or woman at such disadvantage before
the w orld ns a vitiated state of the blood
Your ambition is gone.
Your courage has failed.
Your vitality has left vou.
Your languid step and listless ac
tions show that you need a powerful m-
yigorator, one bottle of Beggs' Blood
Purifier and Blood Maker will" put new
life in a worn out system, and if it does
not it will cost you nothing. O. P. Smith
& Co., Druggists.
Dr. C- A. Marshall.
ladies at the Waterman opera house
Mr. Ed Hill, of Chicago, nephew of
Dr. Livingston, arrived in the city last
nigut, ana lie, accompanied by Misses
Anna Livingston, Etta Sheppard and Hat-
tie Fulmer, started for Denver this morn
ing. They will spend about two weeks
at Denver and some of the popular re
sorts among the mountains.
Dont go to Omaha when you want
to get your beautiful parlor and bed
room sets but go to Henry Boeck's fur
niture emporium where you can get every
thing in the furniture line that will go to
make your home beautiful and comfort
able; and above all you can get it cheap.
Remember that he who sells most can
sell cheapest.
I agree to forfeit $10 to any cigar
dealer of Plattsmouth who will produce
foreign 5 cent cigar that will equal in
fineness and quality that of Pepperberg's
"Buds . Don t all speak at once.
18-lw Julius Pepperberg.
For Sale.
I offer for sale for thirty days, at low
figures, my residence property, Cor. Gth
and Dey streets. House of 8 rooms in
i.L 1 "a . a
morougn repairs, gooa statue, large cis
tern and city water, four lots filled with
fruit and shrubbery and commanding a
fine view of the river, 300 bearing grape
vines, it taken soon will sell at $ 1800.
Part time if desired.
tf. Mrs. J. A. Buell.
Resident -Dentist.
Preservation of the Natural Teeth a
Specialty. Auestheties given for Pain
less Filling or Extraction of Teeth.
Artificial teeth made on Gold, Silver,
Rubber or Celluloid Plates, and inserted
as soon as teeth are extracted when de
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
FiTZGKitA Ln's Block Plattsmouth, Neb
5 acres of improved ground north of
the city limits.
5 acres of ground adjoining S uth
2 acres of ground adjoining South
1J acres of ground adjoining South
20 acres near South Park: Se 1 sec.
14, T. 10, R. 12, Cass county, price $1,
800, if sold soon.
nw i sec. 8, T. 12, R.
price $2,000.
A valuable improyed stock
aiernck Co., Neb., 1C0
reosoni'ble terms.
10, Cass Co.
fram in
and on
Windham & Davies.
A man can furnish his house more com
pletely from the furniture store of II.
Boeck than at any place in town.
Child's high sandals, only 25 cents a
pair, at
Everything necessary for furnishing a
house can be purchased at II. Boeck's.
The finest bedroom sets can be found
at II. Boeck's.
uouc, uiarrncea ana summer com
plaints are dangerous at this season of
the year and the only way to guard
against these diseases is to have constant
ly on hand a bottle of some reliable rem
edy. Beggs' Diarrhcea Balsam is a POS
ITIVE RELIEF in all these disagreeable j
cases aou is pieasant to taKe. it will
cost you only 35 cents. O. P. Smith &
Co., Druggists.
To Builders.
Bid3 will be received until noon, Au
gust 28, 1888, for building a boiler room
addition to High school building. Plans
and specifications can be seen at Bennett
and Tutts, the right is reseryed to reject
any or all bids. Wir. Hayes,
tf. Sec. Bd. Ed.
Rev. J. W. Simmons, J). J).
This book is one that every loyal per
son should possess. It tells of all the
foremost colored men of the United
States. It gives their biographies, and
has over 100 fine steel engravings.
- w
Agent for Cass County.
Practical Piano and Organ Tnner
First-class work guaranteed. Also deal
er in Pianos and Organs. Office at Boeck's
furniture store. Plattsmouth. Nebraska.
Consult your best interests by insuring
in the Phoenix, Hartford or tna com
panies, about which there is no question
as to their high standing and fair
Plenty of feed, Hour, graham and
meal at Heisel's mill, tf
II. Boeck's furniture stock is acknowl
edged to be the finest and most complete
in the city.
Light snmmcr shoes for your
girls, 25 cents only, at Merges'.
A new line of neckware just
at J. II. Donnellys's.
Mr. J. Antill has reported a big oys
ter trade in this month of Augurst.
Notice of Probate of Will.
In the Matter of tlie Last Will and Tnlamont
of Mack L. Jonet, Deceased, In County Court
lass L Oiiuiy. x-oraK.
Notice U herebv civen that on the nth dur
of September A. 1. 1S68. at the County J o4 pre 's
Office in Plat istnoutii. Ca s County, Nebraska.
a iw u ciucn i ii mc lureuwn, me tallowing mat
ter will be heard ami considered t
The Application -f Maria E. Jonea to admit to
Srobate the lt will and testap-nts of Mack L.
ones late of Liberty Precinct, tn said County,
Ueceaed. and for le'tort of administration with
nl'l annexed to Maria K, Jones.
Dated August 2nth igss.
By order of the Court ;
24-2 C Kvssell, County Judgs.
When your skin is yellow.
When your skin is dark and greasy.
When your 6kin is rough and course.
When your skin is inflamed and red.
When your skin is full of blotches.
uuen your sKin is tun ot pimples you
need a good blood medicine that can be
relied upon. Beggs' Blood Purifier and
Blood Maker is warranted as a positive
cure for all of the above, so you cannot j
possibly run any risk when you get a bot
tle of this wonderful medicine. For sale
by O. P. Smith & Co.
I wish to notify all those who knew
themselves indebted to me, th t unless
their accounts with me are settled by
fcptember 15, 1888, they will be placed
m the bands, of a collector, who will col
lect the same. Respectfully,
dl4t Theo. P. Livingston, M. D.
For Sale.
One charter oak cook stove for sale
cheap. Inquire of
tf Solomon & Nathan.
Wood for Sale.
Leave orders with J. D. Tutt, at Ben
nett & Tutt's store, tf.
Sherwin & Williams' mixed paints, the
best in the market, at Fricke & Co'a. drug ,
store, 8-tf.
Legal Notice.
In the District Court of Cass ponntv. Kphraa.
ka. Michael Archer vs. Sarah D. Archer.
To Sarah D. Archer, non-resident defendant :
iou are hereby notified that on th istli rtav
of July. A. D. 188. plaintiff filed his petition in
the District Court of Case county. Nebraska.
wherein you are defendant. The obipet and
prayer of said petition being to obtain a divorce
from you becanse of your willful ahaiiilr.nm.-nt
of Plaintiff without jut cause, and continuous
ly remaining away for more than two years
prior to the commencement of this suit.
Vou are required to answer said petition on
or m-ire nepiemoer lotn. A. U. 18S8. or your
default will be entered therein and ludirnient
obtained according to law.
uarea juiy asm, a. i. ikss.
J4 . Michael Archer.
By his Atl'y, Byron Clark.
B. A M. Time Table.
GOINO WKW. r.mvn h-ot
NO. 1 .4 :5fl a. m. ffa. 2.-4 -OS n ni
No. 3.-6 :40 n. m. Kn. 4. in -an a m
No. 5 9 i35 a. m. N. e. t -ia r. t
No. 7.-7 M5 p. m. No. 8.-9 :50 a. ml
Iso. 9.-8:17 p. m. No. 10. 9 :45 a. m.
All trains run daily by wavnf Omaii j
Nos. 7 and 8 which run to unrl tmm K.hnri..
daily except Sunday.
NO. 3(1 iS aetUbtO Pnilfin .InnKlInn ot a .
No. 19 ia a stub from Pacific Junction at lla.m.
The present year bids fair to be a dis
astrous one from tornadoes and wind
storms. This is fore-shadowed by the
nuni?cr of storms we haye already had
the most destructive one so far this year
having occurred at Mt. Vernon, 111.,
where a large number of buildings were
destroyed or damaged. The exemption
from tornadoes last year renders their oc
currence more probable in 1 888.
au at our office and
nado Policy.
Unimproved lands
secure a Tor-
for 6ale or
c x-
itcn, frame Mange, tncl Scratches of
every kjnd cured in 30 minutes by Wool
ford's Sanitary Lotion. A sure cure and
perfectly harmless. Warranted by P. O
Fncke & Co. druggist, PlatUmouth