The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, August 22, 1888, Image 4

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    Tne Evening Herald.
A. Kallnbarf. DeatUt, Rock wood Baildiar,
Tclepkaa 21. i.
Dr. Mxgtan, 0(1 re la flerU' Draic More, Bl
ar tor. Sixth tiraaltc. Trlrpboae So. 42.
Dra. Cot Nmlta. ihm I'alalnui PratUU, I'nloa
Block, oTor CltixeaV Baak, FlatUMoata.
Tomorrow is the day set for the state
convention, which is to bo held at Lin
col. The corn crop throughout the coun
try is reported as being good. The small
grain however, is not so good, as was ex
pected. The democrats turned out in full
force this morning and attended the
county convention held at "Weeping
Water today.
The friends of Mrs. John Barnes, of
York, will be grieved to learn that she
was thrown from a carriage today by a
runaway team and badly injured.
Mr. Philip Weyrick of Tazewell
county. 111., who is here on a visit, has
rented a farm occupied by
and will make this county
Geo. Perry,
his future
The delegation to state convention
from this county was instructed to use
all honorable means to secure the nomi
nation of Capt. C. N. Baird for state
The ladies of the United Presbyter
ian church, of Murray, will give an ice
cream social, at the church, on Thursday
evening, Aug. 23rd, to which all are
cordially invited.
Thos. Wolf, living north of Union,
is the owner of a half-blood Ilolstien calf
probably the largest ever known in this
part of the country. At its birth it
weighed 10$ pounds.
F. M. Young, eight miles southwest
of town, is building a fine new residence;
diuientions, 28x38, two stories. Mr.
Young is among the many prosperous
farmers of that community.
There has been considerable trouble
in the Christian church since the resigna
tion of Mr. Hampton has become known.
A conference of some Christian ministers
from abroad was held in the city yester
day, and it is reported Mr. Hampton has
since abandoned the pulpit.
Jas. J. West, publisher of the Chicago
Times aad Mail, accompanied by a party
of friends, passed through the city on a
special car attached t No. 2. last even
ing. They were met at the depot by Co.
Treas. Campbell and wife and Miss Paul,
who accompanied them a3 far as Pacific
Junction. Mr. West is an old friend of
Mr. Campbell and Miss Paul. The party
have been spending a couple of weeks at
Manitou Springs, Colorado.
--A'two-year-child of Mr. Jake Stulls
merits death in a shocking manner yester
day afternoon. The little girl's mother
Lad been in the habit of hanging a pail of
milk in the well each day and occasion
ally the child would watch her while in
the act. Yesterday the child wanted a
drink of milk and went the well, un
noticed by the mother, and removed the
covering from over the top In trying
to pull the pail up, she lost her
balance and fell into the well, a distance
of eighteen feet. It is thought she was
killed by the fall. The mother was al
most frantic with grief when she dis
covered her child and could get any as
sistance short of a mile and a half. They
live on what is known as the old Miller
A remarkable sensation occurred in
this city of the Platte within the last few
days in which one of our brave boys was
about overcome with the scare it afforded
him. The young man takes his meals
and rooms at a house on Oak street. In
his absence one evening some of his
friends quietly made it up among them
selves to put up a job on the fellow,
mors to test his staying qualities than for
any other reason, as he excels as a boaster.
A dummy woman was dressed up and
put in his bed to await his arrival. The
amused crowd waited for him until a
late hour when at last he put in an ap
pearance. He sat contented on the edge
of his bed making preparations for retir
ing. The window-b'.ind was fastened
back so that he could easily discern any
object in his room. When he was about
prepared to emerge himself and close his
peepers for the night, he was startled to
observe the streaming tresses and bright
face of a woman. He never Cott-on, and
in an excited state of mind rushed from
his room, inquiring for a match. None
of his friends in any of the up-stairs
rooms could find a match for him. He
then passed swiftly down the stairs and
rapped on the door of his landlord's
room, exclaiming: "Mr. A ! Mr.
A ! Have you got a match? What
woman is in my room? If you put any
body in my room I want to know who it
is' lie insisted on Mr. A accom
panying him to the room. The landlord
opened the door and walked in, followed
by the terrified one. When the fellow
looked over the shouldcr.of his landlord
and discovered the truth, the relief and
Surprise coming in contact on his nature
about foundered him. He baa threatened
to leave town If the bova wnnVl nnnui
t hoax
A House for the Habitual Drunkard.
To our knowledge this subject has
never before been introduced to the pub
lic, and for what reason we know not, and
cannot refrain from expressing surprise,
when the daily demand for such a place
must leave an impression on the minds
of all who may walk the streets and wit
ness the degraded state of humanity in
some cases.
Men, young and old, who have, by iu
ccssant indulgence in taking too freely
such an erroneous step, habituated them
selves to the evils of liquors, and are now
unable to take care of themselves, are
left uncared for by many who are direct
ly interested in their welfare because of
their evil habit. Suchjnen still retain a
chance down in their breasts which would,
if an opportunity was afforded when
these men are made aware of their wreck
Ickhdcss, be taken advantage of and they
would still be men and come to the front
as resectable people. As long as they
are left to themselves and so many temp
tations arc daily set before them, they
will never take advantage of that oppor
tunity. When the people of this country
realize the fact that they can still do
something for their friends when in such
a state of helplessness, they will be more
cgre to give an assisting hand and help
in the good we are about to speak of.
The citizens of Plattsmouth, or any oth
er burg, who 'are directly interested,
should petition the men who represent us
at the capitol, to build houses or work
houses in certain parts where those men
could be kept and employed. When
a man would apparently become so help
1 -S3 that he would become of no use to
himself or anyone else, that is where he
should go if the proper authorities, after
being satisfied with an examination,
should think it a proper place to send
If those men who are now only moder
ate drinkers would think of the place as
their future home, they would certainly
use a little more precaution than any of
them do at present. When the men
would be confined at such a house for a
long enough time to satisfy the author
ties that they could refuse a drink when
offered to them, they should le set free
Such a place would certainly benefit
not only the man and his family, but the
whole community.
Why not some interested person urge
the matter i
Firemen Attention.
The following letter has been received
by the fire department:
Nebraska City, Aug. 15. 1888.
(JhitfFire Department. Plattsmouth.
Neb. Dear Sir: Your lire company is
respectfully invited to be present at
Nebraka City on Thursday, the 30th of
this inontti, to participate with us in the
celebration of the completion of the "Q"
bridge at this city.
The Board of Trade has offered prizes
as follows: $65.00 first prize and $35.00
seconu prize to the hest and second best
companies. The Nebraska City fire com
pany will not enter the contest for said
. Will send you transportation from
rjattsmouth to Nebraska City and return
provided you accept this invitation and
notify us of the number of men in your
company tliat will: attend.
Arriving here at'l0:30 on the K. C,
will be in plenty of time. You can leave
next morning at 4 o'clock over same
Let us hear from you at once.
John C. Watson, Chairman.
H. L. Wood, Secretary.
At n meeting of the department it was
decided unanimously to accept the invi
.tation and the following committee was
appointed to ascertain how many would
attend, and take the names of all mem
bers who desire to go. The committee
appointed represents one member of each
company, and all members of such com
panies will report to the member from
their respective companies.
S. C. Green, chief. T. S. Clifford,
Whites;" L. Reinhackel, "Rescues;" W.
L. Thomas, "Wideawakes;" James Johns,
"Rich: y's;" D. M. Jones, "nooks."
The members going will go in a body
and lake the Neville cart. All members
must be in uniform, as far as possible.
The committee will meet tomorrow,
Thursday evening, and make up their
report nt the council chan.ber. By order
of department II. C. Ritchie,
A party of singers were out doing
the serenade act on Monday night. The
people, within a block were all enjoyins
.the melodious strains until a gentleman
on a balcony immediately above the par
ty extended his head far enough over the
side to be discovered by one of the sing
ers who immediately took up an obligato
solo in which there were about a dozen
demisemiquavers and in an excited man
ner commenced to sing "Water, water,
water, oh, look out for water." The solo
was not accompanied as it should have
been and the harmonious crowd took a
sudden leave while the man on the bal
cony tried to explain that he did not in
tend to throw water on them and that
he considered their sudden departure a
Wild and lured looking lithographs
are being posted in prominence on each
side of Main street entitled. "The Twelve
Temptations" which is soon to visit Oma
ha. Plattsmouth does not require an ad
dition of twelve to show up in promi
r -ca ia that lizs.
Mr. H. Waterman went to Lincoln this
Mr. Jos. Connor and wife are visiting
friends at Ashland.
Mrs. Wabright and little girl went up
to Omaha to spend the day.
Mrs. Qayle, daughter of Dr. Winter
stein, is spending the day at Omaha.
Mr. J. Pepperberg has taken a trip to
Lincoln and Omaha on business.
Mr. W. Q. Mercer came down from
Omaha yesterday and returned this
Rev. M. A. Hampton and wife took
their departure for her home near Lincoln
this morning.
Mr. George Ailswortb, of London,
Ont., grandson of Mrs. Kate Oliver, is
visiting his relatives here.
Mrs. D. A. Campbell went to Lincoln
this morning. She was accompanied by
her husband as far as Omaha.
Mr. Bob Iden, who has been attending
Dr. John Black during his long illness,
took his departure for St. Joe this morn
ing. Mrs. Dr. Livingston and daughter.
Miss Janet, accompanied by Miss Cora
Hill, were passengers to Omaha this
Miss Maggie Streight and friend, Miss
McFarland, who have been visiting at
the state fisheries for a few days, return
ed home this morning.
Mrs. Taylor and daughter, of Central
City, who have been spending a few days
with the family of Mrs. Oliver, left for
their home this morning.
Mr. II. Chapin, who returned only a
few days ago from the west, has again
gone to Orleans to work for a few weeks
for the B. & M. at that point.
Miss Lou Ingail, of Hastings, who has
been east as far as Chicago for several
weeks, arrived in the city today on a two
weeks' visit to the Misses Weckbach.
Mr. Joe Fairfield and brother, Mack,
two old Plattsmouth citizens who have
been living in Cheyenne county for sev
eral years, are in the city on a visit to
their many friends.
Mr. Nash, state secretary of the Y. M.
C. A., arrived in the city yesterday to
make arrangements for their conference
which is to be held here next Friday,
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. T. J. Thomas, who recently took a
trip to Washington, D. C, returned to
our city this morning, accompanied by
his wife. He reported a pleasant trip.
We are glad to welcome them into our
Mayor Richey and A. B. Todd returned
from Denver and the mountains this
morning where they have been recreating
for the past week. Glowing reports are
given by them of the west, but they were
a little dissatisfied to learn that they had
missed the primaries.
Two of our popular young men who
are generally possessed of a humorous
turn of mind and who, when the public
is not convenient to receive their jokes,
hammer away at each other. The two
fellows were standing on a corner the
other evening with their heads together,
agreed among themselves to rest on
humor for a short time and look into the
future with a broad view. Matrimony,
f course, was introduced, among the
many subjects, when the following .re
mark broke from the lips of the more
amerous one: "Pete, why don't you get
married and settle down ?" "Settle
down !" says Pete, "it keeps me a hust
ling all week to get money enough to
settle up."
The state secretary of the Y. M. C.
A. arrived in the city yesterday and is
making arrangements for their conftr
ence which is to be held here on Friday,
Saturday and Sunday. All are cordial
ly invited to attend the meeting next
Sunday afternoon. Ladies are specially
requested to be present. Meeting at the
Presbyterian church.
Chief of police Poisall gave a pros
titute, who has been occupying the west
ern extremity of the B. & M. yards here,
a ticket of leave yesterday afternoon. She
and some of her familiar friends were re
quested to cross the river, which they
did. she paying all expenses. The "Kit
ty Pease" transferred the passengers.
Great wrenar&tions are Iwincr mn.p
bv the ladies of St. Luke's Gnill for
advertising social which is to be given
oy tiiem at the Waterman Opera House
tonight. It being the first of the kind
ever given in the city and also a great
novelty, a large crowd 6hould be the re
Wood for Sale.
Leave orders with J. D. Tutt, at Ben
nett & Tutt's store. tf.
Colic, Diarrhoea and Summer com
plaints are dangerous at this season of
the year and the only way to girtird
against these diseases is to have constant
ly on hand a bottle of some reliable rem
edy. Beggs' Diarrhoea Balsam is a POS
ITIVE RELIEF in all these disagreeable
cases and is pleasant to take. It will
cost you only 35 cents. O. P. Smith &
Co., Druggists.
Light summer shoes for your little
girla, 25 cents only, at Merges'.
Mr. J. Antill has reported a bis oys
ter trada la tiij cc-th cf Acsrzt.
' 52 inch All-Wool Dress Suitings in all
the New Mixtures, only GO cents a yard.
52 inch All-Wool Broadcloth Suitings
in all the New Shades, only S5 cents per
yard, worth $1.00.
Ladies' Long Cashmere Scarfs, Fringed,
only 75 cents each.
Ladies' Long Cashmere Scarfs, Fringed
and Embroidered, only 85 cts., worth $1.25.
Ladies' Long Persian Scarfs, Fringed,
at $1.35, worth $2.00.
Ladies' Cashmere Scarfs, Fringed and
Embroidered, $2.25, worth $3.00.
Special Values In Gloves !
Ladies' Brilliant Lisle Gloves only 25
cents, worth 50.
Ladies' Pure Silk Gloves only 30 cents,
worth 50.
Ladies' Pure silk Gloves only 50 cents,
worth 75.
Ladies' Five Button Undressed Kid
Gloves, Scallop Tops, Embroidered Backs,
in Black and Colors, only 1.00.
Ladies' Four Button Dressed Kid
Gloves, Embroidered Backs and Colored
Welts, only $1.00 a pair.
Ladies' While Linen Collars only 5
cents each.
Fo Herrmann
Having this day sold my stocl
of Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, etci
to "Messrs. Brekenleld & Weid
man, I would respectfully and car
nestly ask that all those in my deb
come lorward promptly and settle
their accounts; as it will be neces
sary ior me to close up my business
as speedily as possible before en
gaging in other pursuits. I also
take this occasion to thank the
public, both in the city and county,
for the very liberal patronage giv
en me during the time I have been
engaged in business here, and hope
the same will be extended to my
successors. JNO. R. COX.
Dont go to Omaha when you want
to get your beautiful parlor and bed
room sets but go to Henry Boeck's fur
niture emporium where you can get every
thing in the furniture line that will go to
make your home beautiful and comfort
able; and above all you can get it cheap,
Remember that he who sells most can
sell cheapest.
I agree to forfeit $10 to any cigar
dealer of Plattsmouth who will produce
a foreign 5 cent cigar that will equal in
fineness and quality that of Pepperberg's
"Buds '. Don t all speak at once.
18-lw J cues Pepperberg.
I wish to notify all those who knew
themselves indebted to me, th t unless
their accounts with me are settled by
September 15, 1888, they will be placed
in the hands of a collector, who will col
lect the same. Respectfully,
dl4t TnEO. P. Livingston, M. D.
For Sale.
One charter oak cook stove for sale
cheap. Inquire of
tf Solomon & Nathan.
Sherwin & Williams' mixed paints, the
best in the market, at Fricke & Co's. drug
store. 8-tf.
A man can furnish his house more com
pletely from the furniture store of II.
Boeck than at any place in town.
Child's high sandals, only 25 cents a
pair, at Merges'.
Plenty of feed, flour, graham and
meal at Ileisel's mill, tf
The finest bedroom sets can be found
at H. Boeck's.
II. Boeck's furniture stock is acknowl
edged to be the finest and most complete
in the city.
A new line of neckware just received
it J. 12. Dc UyV tf.
There is not one thing that puts a man
or woman at such disadvantage before
the w orld as a vitiated state of the blood
Your ambition is gone.
Your courage has failed.
Your vitality has left you.
Your languid step and listless ac
tions show that you need a powerful in-
yigorator, one bottle of Beggs' Blood
Purifier and Blood Maker will Dut new
life in a worn out system, and if it does
not it will cost you nothing. O. P. Smith
x to., Druggists.
Everything necessary for furnishing a
nouse can be purchased at II. Boeck's.
When your skin is yellow.
When your skin is dark and greasy.
When your skin is rough and course
When your skin is inflamed and red.
When your skin is full of blotches.
When your skin is full of pimples vou
need a good blood medicine that can be
relied upon. Beggs' Blood Purifier and
Blood Maker is warranted as a positive
cure for all of the above, so you cannot
possibly run any risk when you get a bot
tle of this wonderful medicine. For sale
by O. P. Smith & Co.
For Sale.
I offer for sale for thirty days, at low
figures, my residence property, Cor. 6th
and Doy streets. House of 8 rooms in
thorough repairs, good stable, large cis
tern and city water, four lots filled with
fruit and shrubbery and commanding a
line view of the river, 300 bearing grape
vines, it tasen soon will sell at f 1800.
I'art time if desired.
tf. Mrs. J. A. Buell.
Notice to Draymen.
The draymen and exiiressuien nr lipr.
bv notified that the extent of tlu.Jr time
for paying a license limited to one
1 r . i i - ...
wetK. ii ineir license is not nnu i,v
inar time, niey will l;e dealt with accord
ing io law. Jy oruer or City Marshal,
To Builders.
Bids will be received until noon. Au
gust 2S, 1883. for buildiner a boiler room
addition to High school building. Plans
and specifications can be seen at Rpnnot
and Tutts, the right is reseryed to reject j
any or au pias. Wsr. Hayes,
tf. Sec. Bd. Ed.
For Sale.
Household furniture for sale, consist
ing of kitchen, dining room, parlor and
bed room furniture, also bedding, in fact
everyimng necessary in keeping house.
Enquire of W. W. Cole. tf.
Given under the Auspices of the
t Ladies of
Waterman Opera House
Admiatission: Adult 25 centa; Chil
dren 10 ctrti Errrjtc'jc" .
Real Estate Barg.
South - Park,
21 lots in Thompson's addition.
40 lots in TowiiKend's addition. '
Lot 10 block 188, lot 5 block. 104.
Lot 1 block 0, lot C block 95.
Lot 11, block 111, lot 8, block CI.
Lots in Palmer's addition.
Lots in Duke's addition.
Improved property of all descriptions
and in all parts of the city on easy terms.
A new and desirable residence in
South Park, can be bought on monthly
Before purchasing elsewhere, call vnl
see if we cannot suit j'ou bettor.
5 acres of improved ground north of
the city limits.
5 acres of ground ail joining S nth
i urn.
2 acres of ground adjoining South
li acres of ground adjoining Soutl
20 acres near South Park: Se i sec.
14, T. 10, R. 12, Cass county, price f 1,-
800, if sold soon.
nw i sec. 8, T. 12, R. 10, Cass Co.,
price $2,000.
A valuable improyed stock fram in
Merrick Co., Neb., 1C0 acres and on
reosonuble terms.
Windham & Davies.
Consult your best interests by insurinff
in the Phoenix, Hartford or Stna com-'
panics, about which there is no question
as to 'their high standing and fair
The present year bids fair to be a dis"
astrous one from tornadoes and wind
storms. This is fore-shadowed by the
number of storms we hayc already had
the most destructive one so far this year
having occurred at Mt Vernon, 111.,
where a large number of building wero
destroyed or damaged. The exemption
from tornadoes last year renders their oc
currence more probable in 1 888.
Call at our office and secure a Tor
nado Policy.
Unimproved lands for eale or ex
r. ----