The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, August 17, 1888, Image 4

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Tne Evening Herald.
A. HslUbsrr. DeatWt, Bock'wood Balldlag,
Telepkoae Ma. S3.
Br. Slrfflaa, Offlea la Oarlax'a Draff Storf, Bl-
Cor. Sixth aal Uraalte, Telephoae So. 45.
Dm. Car A Kmlth, the Palalwui lr atUU. I'aloa
Block, orar CHIsaaa' Baak, flmtUraoath.
Bern To Mr. and Mre. Joel Smith,
this morning, a daughter.
Mr. D. Campbell is tenderly nurs
ing a thuin which fell a victim to a fly
which he attempted to catch yesterday.
S. & C. Haver aremakin? threat induce-
C3 O
ments to persons wanting children or
boys' clolhintr. See prices ouoted in
their show windows this week.
Mr. llullcnbach, express agent on the
K. C, was detained at liome in Elmwood
last night on account of the death of his
child. The funeral wil take place there
Deputy Sheriff tE. M. Abogast, of
Stanton, Va., arrived "here yesterday to
secure Mr. R. L. Wabricht on a charge
of seduction. They returned to Rich
mond., Va., today.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Edwards desire
us to say that the kindness of their
friends and neighbors during the sick
ness, death and burial of their little boy
Harry, is highly appreciated and cannot
be forgotten.
The i - I. C. E. gave a sociable at
the residence of Mr. R. Donnelly last
evening. Quite a large crowd was pre-
sent ana a yery enjoyauie eyenmg was
spent. The large lawn answered the pur
pose of promenading and different amuse
Scyeral of the boys of this city o
about the age of 16 years arc about to
organize a juyenile T. A. M. society
Tiie first of a series of dances will Ie
given about the first of September. The
managing committee consists of Charley
Murphy, It. W. Clement and Will Stadel
mann. The society will conduct their
dances in a strictly private order and in
vitations will be sent out for ear h as
Where boys are allowed to jump on
and off of cars while in motion as they
are at the B. fc M. depot, we feel it a du
ty to make mention of the wrong and if
possible be the means of having it pre
vented in some way. No accidents hare
occurred in that way recenty, but if boys
are allowed that privilege much lnger,
there surely will be sooner or later an ac
cident which will cause some one
thoughts of regret on account of nesrli
A young man who attended the
grand rally at Glenwood Wednesday
evening expressed considerable dissatis
faction to some young lady friends with
whom he was holding a conversation be
cause of the difficulty experienced in
veiling a annK. une ot tne young
ladies replied, "Well, why didn't you
drink water." The young man did not
answer as rapidly nor with as much
fluentness as is usual for him. "That
w-wh-wh-what I m-m-mean, water."
A lady by the name of Mrs. Greenly
who recently moved here from Sydney,
T- 1 l. i - -
uiiu miiu now lives in a nouse on
Washington Ave., informed the author!
tes yesterday that some one had attempt
cu iw cuwroiorm ner. tne House was
watched last night but no one put in nn
appearance. She has two children and
she supposed some one was trying to
steal. She complained of being fright
ened the same way several times and it is
supposed she only immagines so much.
Already a large crowd have handed
tneir names into the base ball club, ex
pressing their intention of accorapaniii
the team to Council Bluffs on Sunday
next. The required number to secure a
special rate has been secured and the fare
for the round trip will only amount to
51.10. The train will leave the B. & M.
depot at 8:30 and go by way of Pacific
Junction. It is expected that about
100 will go from here. Lake Manawa is
gaining a wide reputation as a favorite
resort and in their efforts to have a good
time we hope they may be successful
i.ast eyenmg about the time the
crowd left the depot after the trains had
pulled out, a little troulbe took place be-
tnecu i. v-uweur, a linking enneer
and J. N. Shott, a scab switchman. The
latter carried a lantern in his hand and
Vi a 1 4ar e( An.1 A, f
uau ju.u;;jKU UUl 1 TO III SOniC CarS
which he had coupled when Callicut
greeted him with various flowc ry names
which Shott would not accept. As
w" "; miimt lunciuaea ins
speech, Shott swung his lantern with
considerable velocity against his cranium
inflicting an ugly wound. This morn
ing Shott was arrested and fined $5 and
costs, amounting to . over $10 in all.
Shott paid his fine and reciprocated by
procuring a warrant for Callicut charg
ing him with using insulting language
and calling several disagreeable names,
lie was also fined to the same extent
For Sale.
Two hard coal base burners and one
Charter Oak cook store, in goo$ condi
tion. Can be seen at oar store.
Mr. O. P. Smith is in Omaha today on
Miss Maggie Campbell returned from
Omaha last evening.
Mrs. Hattie Thompson left this morn
ing on a western trip.
Miss Ida Goodell, of Glenwood, is the
guest of Miss Ollie Gass.
Mr. G. A. Clintburg left for Saron
ville, Neb., this morning.
Mrs. Annie Smith left this morning for
Rockwood, Miss., where she will visit
Mr. Wiswell, of Lincoln, brother-in-law
of Mr. B. Spurlock, arrived in the city
last night.
Mrs. It L. Paver was called to Creston,
la., today on account of the nickness of
her mother.
Mr. Peter Eveland, of Elmwood, a
prominent politician of Cass county, is
in the city today.
Mr. Sam Barker, who attended the pro
hibition convention at Omaha yesterday,
retrned home this morning.
Mrs. J. P. Taylor and daughter Miss
Nellie, of Central City, are the guests of
Mrs. Kate Oliver and daughters.
Miss Ollie Gass retured from Glenwood
last evening. She has been the guest of
Miss Goodell, of that place, for the pa
Mr. E. J. Witte, secretary of the Y.
M. C. A. here, leaves today for Lincoln
where he goes to secure a situation in a
Mrs. Eugene Lewis, who has been
visiting in the city for a few days, re
turned to her home at Springfield this
Misses Maggie Streight and Laura Mc
Farland left for South Bend this morn
ing, where they will spend a few days
with friends.
Mr. Wm. Ilelderbrand, who has been
visiting rclatiyes in the city for a short
time, left for his home, Leavenworth,
Kansas, this morning.
Mr. Geo. Poisall returned from Char
iton, la., yesterday where he has been
attending a grand reunion of his old
company which was held there.
Mr. C. M. McElroy, son-in-law of Mr.
Tli os. Pollock, who has been visiting in
the city for some time, returned to his
home at Fairfield, la., thU morning.
From Veterans of 1840-
Avoca, Neb., Aug. 14, 1888.
Mr. Critchfield Dear Sir: Seeing a
notice in the Weeping Water paper soli
citing the names of those who yoted for
Wm. II, Harrison in 1810. I am now in
my 73rd year. I was then living in Ox
ford, Butler Co., Ohio, and I am proud
to say I voted for old Tippacanoe and
such a demonstration in that campaign
was never before or since been known in
the United States. Coon skin, hard ci
der and log cabins were plentiful.
Yours truly,
Albert Harmon.
Weeping Water, Neb., Aug. 14, 1888.
Mr. Bird Critchfield, Co. Clerk Dear
Sir: Mr. S. Torrence. of Weeping Wat
er, voted for Wm. Henry Harrison, in
1340, at Hornellsville, Stuben Co., N. Y..
at which election they had a Johnny cake
weighing over a hundred pounds and a
cheese as large as a cart wheel.
Yours truly,
Mr. O. M. Torrence.
Weeping Water, Neb., Aug. 15, 1888.
Mr. Bird Critchfield, County Clerk.
Dear Sir: I am one among the surviv
ors who voted for William Henry Harri
son in the year 1840. He was the first
president I voted for. I have always
voted the republican ticket, and if my
life is spaircd until next November I
shall vote for his grandson, Benjamin
Harrison. I hare experienced some of
the democratic administration, and I do
not want any more of them in mine. I
Hin a Johnnie Bull by birth but do not
rant any of their free trade.
Yours Truly,
JonN Philpot, sn.
Mrs. M. A. Timble and her mother,
Irs. Bnugham were at Weeping Water
Monday visiting relatives and friends.
II. 1 Lucks has sold his property to
Mrs. Stevens. Mr. Lucks moved into I
Mr. Livingston's house on Wednesday.
Mr. A. M. Scaggs went to Omaha Mon
day where he expected to get rmploy
nient at his trade. Shorty is a printer
and a good one, too.
I lie "Christians have consummated
arrangements whereby they will occupy
the Baptist church each alternate Sab
bath for the ensuing year.
i ne ,xciiange Hotel is again vacant.
Mr. Llias. fepense left Wednesdav. No
one has rented the house yet. A good
chance for an entergetic hotel man.
A. L. Timblin and his uncle Joseph
Timblin who left here July 24th for the
western part of the state, returned Mon
day without securing any land. How
ever, AL says he feels enoush better to
pay him for his time and expenses.
See the great bargains in S. & C. May
er s snow window this week, ply col-
rs only 5cti and fine French Percale
shirts $1.00.
Having this day sold my stock
of Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, etc.,
to Messrs. I3rekenfeld & AVeid
man, I would respectfully and ear
nestly ask tbat all those in my debt
come torward promptly and settle
their accounts; as it will be neces
sary for me to close up my business
as speedily as possible before en
gaging in other pursuits. I also
take this occasion to thank the
public, both in the city and county,
for the very liberal patronage giv
en me during the tin? e I have been
engaged in business here, and hope
the same will be extended to my
successors. J NO. Ii. COX.
Call For Republican County Con
The republican electors of Cass county
are hereby called to meet in their respec
tive wards and precincts on Satur
day, August 18, 1888, for the pur
pose of electing delegates to meet
in convention at Weeping Water, Neb.,
on August 20, 1888, at 1 o'clock p. m.
for the purpose of electing sixteen dele
gates to the republican state convention,
which meets at Lincoln, August 23, 1888,
and also to elect 16 delegates to the con
gressional convention which meets at
Lincoln, Sept. 20, at 6 p. m., 1888. Ihe
primaries will be held in Plattsmouth
precinct at Taylor's school house, at 3 p.
m. ; and Plattsmouth city, 1st ward, at
County Judge's office, 1 to 7 p. m.; 2nd
ward, at second ward school house. 1 to
7 p. m.; 3rd ward, at Sullivan's office, 1
to 7 p. m; 4th ward, at Rockwood Hall,
J to 7 p. m.
A Plattsmouth Boy Abroad-
Judge Vanatta recieved a letter-from
his late law student, W. M. Manning, to
day, announcing the fact that he had re
cieved the nomination for county attorney
out at Alma, Neb., by the republican
party. Those who know Mr. Manning
think the county is tp bp congratu
lated as well as the candidate, for they
can rest assured that they will have an
honest, earnest, capable man to fill that
office and no more industrious law stu
dent can be found. Mr. Manning's many
warm friends in Plattsmouth are rejoiced
to hear of his success.
A Problem Solved.
Old man:"lfl give my daughter to
you, young man, where will yon take
Young man: "well, er I thought per
haps we might stay here with you until
I can get things straghtened out a bit.
Old man :"II-m,yes; I had quite over
looked tljat easy solution of the difficulty,
but my houe is very sma"
Young man:"Ye-es; I thought oi that,
too; but the idea occured to me that pos
sibly the house could be enlarged." New
York Sun.
Pont go to Omaha when vou want
to get your beautiful parlor and bed
room sets but go to Henry iloeck's fur
niture emporium where you can get every
thing in the furniture line that will go to
make your home beautiful and comfort
able; and above all yon can get it cheap.
itememuer tnat ne wuo sells most can
sell cheapest.
The Belgian Kins and Queen.
His reign will be marked by three imper
ishable traits: he has virtually abolished
capital punishment in Brfgium by consist
ently refusing o sign a death warrant; he
has founded, out of bis own private purse, a
prize of 1,000 for the best '-'works of intelli
gence," and he has extended the dominipn of
bis country and the arm of civilization to the
dark continent. He has also instituted a
purely military order, the "Belgian Lion,"
which can only be conferred on those who
have served blamelessly In the Belgian army
for twenty-five years.
The queen has brought up her young
(taugulOTB in a pure atmosphere of home life.
She used to be rarely seen abroad, save with
one or two of the little princesses beside her
in the pony carriage she was so fond of
driving. An excellent borsewomar., gji?
trained her own horses; a splendid mu
sician, she had a telephone constructed in
her apartments at Brussels, so that she could
follow from her sofa the opera given at the
theater do la JHonnale. She was the de
voted nurse of the late King Leopold. Her
sincere piety conquered the rationalistic ten
dencies of the aged sovereign, and she alone
was suffered to pray at his bedside. She has
been invariably kind to her brother and
sister-in-law, hiding the pangs it cost her to
see their son, Prince Baudoin, growing up to
Oil the place which should have been her dead
son a. (she baa been absolutely and unself
ishly devoted to the unfortunate Empress
unariotte in her curs misfortune; and if.
owing to her retiring disposition, she has
not played a more conspicuous part at court,
tho is loved and will be remembered for
mar. deeds of charity and generosity.
jiome Journal.
Some day 1 Born day I the weary cry
Of souls too sadly worn to live,
Save in the hope that time may glra
Some richer blessing:, by and by;
And mournful is that hopeful sigh
Some day.
tSome day! Some day! The heart once light
Has learned too well th"X siren song:
Let lire and thrive the right and wrong
The good upheld, the wrong set right.
The just shall see; twill end the fight
Someday? Some day? Twill come, ah me.
r . . ... . . . . "
it BCD, wnnen on me WW page
Is Finis! The golden age
Of dreams is something yet to be.
But voicing o'er aa unknown tin
gome day.
Hollia w. Field in Detroit Free Press.
Real Estate Bargains
- X 3X
Qnnh Dor
21 lots in Thompson's addition.
4p Jots in Townsend's addition.
Lot 10 block J.38, M 5 bjpek JC4.
Lot 1 block 6, lot 6 block 05.
Lot JJ, block 111, lot 8, blopk CI.
Lots in Palmer's addition.
Lots in Duke's addition.
Improved property of all descriptions
and in all parts of the city on easy terms,
A new ?nu desirable residence in
South Park, can be bought on monthly
Before purchasing elsewhere, call and
see if we cannot suit you better.
5 acres of improved ground north of I
the city limits.
5 acres of ground adjoining South
2 acres of ground adjoining South
1 acres of ground adjoining South
2d acres near South Park; Se i sec.
14, T. 10, R. 12, Cass county, price 1,-
800, if sold soon.
nw i sec. 8, T. 12, R. 10, Cass Co.,
price $ 2,000.
A valuable improyed stock fram in
Merrick Co., Neb., 160 acre3 and on
reosonvble terms.
Windham & Davies.
Consult your best interests by insuring
in the Phflenix, Hartford or tna com
panies, about which there js po Question
as to their high standing and fair
The present year bids fair to be a dis
astrous one from tornadoes and wind
storms. This is fore-shadowed by the
number of storms we haye already had
the most destructive one so far this year
having occurred at art. Vernon, 111.,
.where a large number of buildings were
destroyed or damaged. The exemption
from tornadoes last year renders their oc
currence more probable in 1888.
Call at our office and secure a Tor
nado Policy.
TT -
unimproved lands for sale or ex
x r tttl ann
Our Corset Department
(Goods that fold at $.100, $1.25 and $1.50 minced to 75 cents.
F. D., P. and I, Q. Qgrset,
Sold everywhere at $2.50 and 2.75,
Our Price This
White JCnibroiflererJ, Fancy JJordered, Initial Handled chiefs,
Our Price this week I2 cents each, worth 20 and
At 25 cents we are selling Handkerchiefs that formerly fold
from 35 to 75 cents each.
Worth Sixty Cents..
Our 5 cent Laws This Week At 3c.
F0 Herrmanne
There is not one thing that puts a man
or woman at such disadvantage before
the world as a vitiated state of the blood
Your ambition is gone.
Your courage has failed.
Your vitality has left you.
Your languid step and listless ac
tions show that you need a powerful in-
yigpraipr, ope poptie or lieggs mood
Purifier and Blood Matter will" VUt pew
life in a worn out system, and if it does
not it will cost you nothing. O. P. Smith
ee Co., Druggists.
Unfurnished House to Rent-
A neat and convenient unfurnished
house is offered for rent. Apply of W.
V. Cole, Supply dept. 11. & M. or ad
dress box 87G, City.
Loiic, Uiarrncea ana Summer com
plaints are dangerous at this season of
the year SPd the only way to guard
against tnese rtweases is to nave constant
ly on hand a bottle of some reliable rem
edy. Beggs' Diarrhoea Balsam is a POS
ITIVE RELIEF in all these disagreeable
cases and is pleasant to take. It will
cost you only 35 cents. O. P. Smith" &
Co., Druggists.
Any one paying up their subscription
and $5 ptS: pap. have the Omaha Weekly
Bee till January 1st, tm.
Sherwin & Williams' mixed paints, the
best in the market, atFricke & Co s, drug
store. 8-tf.
Wood for Sale.
Leave orders with J. D. Tutt,
nett & Tutt's store.
J W8h t.Q notify all those who knew
themselves indebted tP nje. th t unless
their accounts with me are settled by
September 15, 1888, they will be placed
in the hands of a collector, who will col
lect the same. Respectfully,
d!4t THEO. P. Livixguton, M. D.
Light snmmcr shoes for your
girls, 25 cents only, at Merges'.
Wanted Several scholars on instru
mental music. Call on Mrs. Ida C.
Wagner, residence of John Waterman, tf
A man can furnish his house more com
pletely from the furniture store of II.
lloeck than at any place in town.
Child's high sandals, ouly 25 cents a
pair, at Merges'.
Plenty of feed, flour, graham
meal at Heisel's mill, tf
The finest bedroom sets can be found
at II. Boeck'ft;
II. Boeck's furniture stock is acknowl
edged to be (he finest and most complete
In the city.
A new line of neckware
at J. II. Donnelly s's.
Mr. J. Antill has reported a big oys
ter trade in this month of Augurst.
Week Only
S2.00 I
When your kin is yellow.
W hen your tkin is dark mid grcn.ey.
W hen your Fkin is rough nnd course
W hen your skin is inflamed nnd red.
When your skin is lull of blotches.
When your kin is full of nimides
need a good blood medicine that can be
relied upon. Beggs' Blood Purifier and
Blood Maker is warranted as a positive
cure for all of the above, so you cannot
possibly run any ribk when you get a bot
tle of this wonderful piedipipe. ' For tafj
by O. P. Smith & Co.
For Sale
Household furniture for pale, consist
ing of kitchen, dining room, nnilor and
bed room furniture, also bedding, in fact
cveryuung necessary in keeping house.
Enquire of W. W. Cole. tf.
Everything necessarv for fmmJ.mfr a
Louse can be purchased at II. Bpeck's.
Dr. C- A. Marshall.
tesjde2a.t 3Deaa.iist.
Preservation of the jNra(nrnl rrvl,'
Specialty. Auesthetics given for Pain
less Fii uno on Extinction ov Tfi-th
Artificial teeth mnde on Gobi Kik.,.h'
Rubber or Celluloid Plates, and inserter!
as soon as teeth are extracted when
All work warranted. Prices rensonql.lo
Fitzgerald's Block Plattsmouth, Nkb
Rev. J. W. Simmons, Jj. jj.
This book is one that everv loval -
son should possess. It tells of nil
foremost colored men of the United
States. It gives their biographies, and
has over 100 fine steel engravings. -
O. B O n "NT -p
- (
Agent for Cass County.
C3-. 23. KEMPSTER,
Practical Piano and Or fnAf
First-class work guaranteed. Also 1ml.
er in Pianos and Organs. Office atfioet k'a
iurnirure store, I'lattsmouth, Nebraska.
B.& M. Time Table.
No. 1. 4 -M a. m.
No. 3. 6 :40 D. m
No, 2.-4 :'25 p. in.
No. 4. 10 :3u a. ni.
No. 6.-7 :13 p. in.
No. S.--9 -M a. in.
No. 5.-9 :35 a. m.
No. 7.7 ;4S ii. m
No.9.-6 :17 p. in.
-"" : a, m.
w-,,,5,oruU.d?l,y fcy way of Omaha, ncent
dally .xcept Sunday. cuyir
v ?o - Z'W 10 pclDp Junction at .30a. r..
Jo. 19 Is a stub from Pacific Junction at 11 ij