The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, August 06, 1888, Image 1

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    ii r i iii - r wr .t .-aw-
tnerk, -
w k rox
Kniiccr, . -
Police Judg!,
Mar hull,
Counclliueii, Intward,
2nd "
" 3rd
- llVltO.V Cl.AMK
- - A Mahdi.k
) l M Jl'MKrt
t Co. O'CON.NOK.
I I McCallk.v, J'KKS
I J W Johns
Khkh 1ohi
( D 11 HAWKS
V Johns n,C'haihi an
Hoard Tub. Work
Deputy lreaiurer, -
Deputy Clerk,
ltecorder of Heeds
J.mutv Uec-irder
Werk if litrtct Cojrt,
Hupt. of Pub. Schools.
County J ii. lue.
L. A. Campkki.i.
Hiki CitrrciiKii'Mi
" W. II. Pool.
John M. Lkvda
W. C
A. Mauiii.k
Al.l.KN llKKM'l.V
Maynahd Si-ink
A. It. Todi. Ch'm.,
Iajvih Fol.T.,
A. It. Dl'.'KSOS,
Weepini; Water
AMASS M)D!K No. Ili. 1 O. O. K -Meets
Vevery Tuesday evening of each week. All
transient brothers are repectfully invited to
O. F.!. pieet every alternate k riday lit
e'.tci tiilntU in the Masonic I!!. Mailing
Jirotljers are invited to atteml.
. W
rumo i.oih;e no. si, a
O. U. W. lleets
Vry alternate Friday evening at K. of I.
litill TruTi4iiiit l.vnthc.f are rospectf nil V in
Vlte J tonttuud. K.J. Morgan. MastiirWoikmaii ;
li. S. Itarto. Foreman , Fr&rik brown. O ver
nier; ! Bo'cn, iulde; t;eoia lluuuworth.
Ueeorueri II. J. JoIiiimiii. Financier Wiiah.
Kniitli, Kecelver M. May bright. Past M. W. ;
Jack Uauicberty, lns!de Uii:rd.
of America Meets second and fourth Mou
lt ay evening at K. of 1. ball. All transient
brother are requested to meet with ui. I.. A.
Novvco ner. Venerable Consul ; C. K. Nile.
Worthy Adviser ; S. C. Wilde, Hanker ; V. A.
jtorrK. Clerk.
LAiTSilOUTAi lA.tAiK M.3, A. O. V. W.
J-' Mct-tf f-vry Mtefnaie IT'.day eveniiiK at
r1.-.fci'"ood Kail at f oVIock, All transiiit uroin-
iMfJua.U. w-i MoyiJ. roremao : . v.
W Benoracr ; l.conam .iidenjoi,. Oyerseer.
lI.ATTbMOl"ril U)l)(i SO.e, A. K. A A.M.
A Meets on the Ilrt and third Mondays of
eaeh mouth at Ibeir ball. All transient broth
ers are cordially Invited to meet with us.
J. . Kichky, W. M.
Wm. Hats. Secret nry.
r,o: - B: A. M
Tueid!iv t each
a. ji jeu if on-'i aim niunn
.a...ih Mvoir Hall. Traujcitut brothers
t.iti.iuviled to bieet wiiU us. -
I.. . K. E. Whitk, II. P.
V,M. IIavs, Secretary.
)Tt.1Vi7n ;OM MA "HA .:'. Nf. ,5. K. T.
-5-Meet- tir-t a.Tl ttli;4 Ws,biie.oay infill of
r'fVWntocrtHU Miso Uah..- VirUtniK brotbern
I to eifdi-aliyinyitcd (o meet V.irli in. '
" V-i"- Hav.-Kcc: "K. E; WittTK. E. C.
ineet t lie eecond and fourth Mililas of
4 ach month at Arcanum Hall.
f K. N. tiLF.NJf, Ucgeut.
P. C. Mi nor. Secretary.
J. v! .foriN.sftS.". ..tvi
C. s. TV i
V. A.tfVr
HTft'py STUKlUHf...
l....(,t. lfli;,v .
t-HAitUH lhrti
.Senior Vi'ce '
J 'alitor V
..::..Oss-Qf .e iay.
" iuard
Pergt Major.
..Quarter MSitgr SiTgt.
I ost vuaj'iaiu
ifeetiui "aturday eveaiu
Ti .Mn-.t lioLt. f( Wi.Kiham
Jst'X ice IVesi'jiMit. " ..'.'...A. It. Todd
nd Vice lUeIU.uit.. ........ H m Nevill.!
- A... ' ' 'if lli..
r. ii. duthman
T C. Kitl.ev. F. E. White. .1. C. Patterson,
.1 A I'onner, B. EI-on,C. W. Sherman, F Sor
d r. J. V. Week bach.
Represent the following tinie
trieJ auJ lire-tested companies:
Amerlom Central-S". Iouis. Assets
Commercial Ualon-FuK'n, ".
Iie .ssooi:i'.ioaPdilaueti.lila.
franklin-Philadelphia, "
Home-New York. "
Ios-Co, ot Vorth America. Phil. "
Li verpooli London & Globe-Eng "
Jpjrth British & Mt?rcantile-En "
Norwich Union-England,
Spi iiifieM F. M.-Springaeld,
3,117.1 06
7.&-V3.V 9
Total Asets,?42.H5,774
ttw Afljustfsi 'Hi Paid attlisApncy
Any nSLlxici
Hrj.t. ILj arson,
(3or. IStU aitd Granite Streets.
ntractor and Builder
u 12-Cm. -
When your skin is yellow.
When your skin in dark and greasy.
When your akin U rough ami-course
When your skin is inflamed and red.
When your tkin U full of blotches.
When your skin is full of pimples
need a good blood medicine that can le
relied upon. Ileggs' Wood Purifier and
Blood Maker is warranted as a positive
cure Tor all of the above, so you cannot
posHiMy run any risk when you getabot
.tie of this wonderful medicine. For sale
by O. P. Smith & Co.
I wish to notify nil those who knew
themselves indebted to m, th-it unless.
their accounts with me are .settled by
September 1.1, 18H8, they will be placed
In the hands of a collector, who will col
lect the same. Ilespeetfully,
dl4t Tiiko. P. Livingston, M. I).
Colic, Diarrliua and Summer com
plaints are dangerous at this season of
the year and the only way to guard
against these diseases is to have constant
ly on hand a bottle of some reliable rem
dy. Ueggs' Dianhcva Italrtnm is a POS
ITIYE RELIEF in all these disagreeable
cases and is pleasant to take. It will
cost you only 35 cent. O. P. Smith &
Co., Druggists.
Everything necessary for furnishing a
house can be purchased at II. Doeck s.
Light snmmcr shoes for your little
girls, 23 centa only, at Merges'.
Men's, capvass fcbqis at Merges', only
85 cent?, every thing cheap. tf.
A man can furnish his house more com-
pletely from the furniicre store of II.
)io.cck than at any place in towu.
yA'TEp A good girl wanted in small
family. Enquire at this office nr at the
corner of Sixth and Granite streets.
Child's high sanduls, only 23 cents a
pair, at Merges'.
Sherwin & Williams' mixed paints, the
best in the iarket, at i"ricke .L Co's. dru
Two "llei! l I riJ. ! "
t!!'-!f f "i'l SMe !-: i. ; -!' iMti - I;.
w;i- W o is Uoi'iiif:' t!;e riM au'ij'iril wit .
ejiivlk'tit "iK-iiisof itiL L llcreurou coiit!.
f tliein- "I.i-rlitniiiu j.l.iyeil a qsirt-r i-a;x':
ui n r.inrii i:er Itjir.ilo, V T., rofe;it!y. I:
ruck a !rl wire fence an! for u (iistauct
n I'Ji) yartl iiiellol iJio liarbs witli Mit in
;ueir.i; rii: ijirimij jmj!i.-t ;,it (::;.', c( !
fiJi'it liut'bu't: !i.v!! io. Uk po.-.ts. -.'iin
rttrhrtml VmiiIs tiftre'natlf liinlfu into t:.vl
vrett's a'l niekcl plateiL" Jim Ulerins, liv
nj; near: -riiite" Civf!i, r-.t., killoil a verj
Irtrje '-hicke:i a fe,v ':t- r:c VipJ u
U-iiicj Uie cuiKuf V-' :rually lav-
i!iil ill sbat6.l'ir."!i1if:4;i ri'u'iuii"uri founj ii
'o cpntain ' cjkV' uu;-i au-i i:i t!io lior:i
prairig 't. j, o.jtioj Ui iiiu.s,,:ke
cUasij IU& fit i;:ta I'-iw Loi'ii. mi.l to securt
.he j-nt awallowetl the horn." New V-Ji SJun.
An Inrrease lo '--Villst Autliurs."
It is surjrising to nota what an increase
there Lms lee;i wit.hip thp last flftvi) jtai-s
in tLat class kaonii - as ''ui'tirft "autboi-s."
Thirty -five years go "Ailuison Iliehctrds,
ami the late DaVld' tL ptrother ("Porte
Crayon almost htjUV a jnonopoly In that
fielL Today its' &c' a yeritnblo ariiiV of
men doiiis' similar frorl. W. Hamilton
Gibson, UowarrJ fyjp, Ailfn 0. Iieaw-i-a
i , peruaps, best
out there is a host of others, espe
cially on the comic pajers and the doily
press, who, while turning cuf falf Work' as
artists, pan hTtfo jo'u a peat story Qr artic e,
'produce any dmciunt of jingling rhymes.
Oliver Uerford, Harrington, Michael A.
Volf, W. IL McDougall are a few of those
whose work is most frequently seen. "B. B."
in The Epoch.;
Protection from l'mbryU FieudAw
In New York e sagacioiis' man with a' diU
esetit; Tegarti 6r: the safety of his follow
faiip'gs has invent4 ft globular rubber tip to
pa on the point of umbrellas and canes to pre
vent their improper intrusion into the eyes of
human beings. The tips are on the same flan
ts the rubber guard on n foil, They hurt
the appearance of n stick, but ca an, umbteiia
taey are not so disrji;. C-Uicaga HeruU
The Yquiic Emperor'i Saffceatlon.
The curt remark of the young German
emperor the other day to the municipal
authorities of his capital, "Make it your
business to see that more churches are
built in Berlin," has P'Ore. significance
than appeara pr ha surface. For Ber
lin,. notwitVstahding Bismarck's boost
hat the Germans love God and fear no
body, 13 the poorest capital of Christen
dom In the matter of churches. It has
little more than sixty places of worship
to satisfy the wants of nearly a million
and a lialf of people, and the number of
worshipers in all the churches on an, av
erage Sunday is said to be Jess, than 2 per
cent, of the entire opulation,. Doubt
less the yo.ung exiipeior thinks anarchy,
communism and lawlessness are calcu
lated to find a congenial soil for growth
in a city where only 23,000 out of over a
million of people assemble in the churches
on Sunday. Once a Week.
The largest Gas Well.
The new roaring gas well of the Phila
delphia comiwny, back of Canonsburg, in
Washington county, according to the
registered pressure, is the largest in the
world. The gas locks jike a solid piece
pf blue steel for some distance after it
comes out of the pipe. Solid masonry,
twelve feet thick, was put in around the
top of the well to hold the cap on. The
tools and rope thrown over were, per
haps, the heaviest of any yet moved in
that way. The iron in the tools weighed
3,000 pounds; the wet rope, nearly 2,000
feet long, weighed as much more, but all
was thrown up like a rocket. Boston
A correxpondent wants to know what
would 1x9 a good name for a cat boat, ' Call
bw "Kitty,-aKHu-qr- ,
A Wonderful Hocking Stone.
Imagine a Jtone. in size containin
aUut 300 cubic feet, in shape nearly as
'ouiiuasnn orange, in weight not less
than 80,000 oiiudti, or forty tons, and 60
nicely balanced upon a table of rock that
a child ten years of uge, by pushing
against cither the north or south side,
can rock it back and forth; yet the
strength of 100 men, without levers or
other appliances, would be insufficient to
dislodgo it from its position. Such is
the celebrated rocking stone on the farm
of Mr. J. McLaury, two miles west of
Monticelio. This is one of the greatest
natural curiosities in our whole country.
What sculptor could chisel out a piece of
maruie of its size, and then xise it so
nicely that it would vibrate under bo
light a teuch? But its shape, size and
losition aro not the most wonderful
tilings about it. Its body id composed of
a somewhat loose and soft sandstone in.
winch are itnbeded numberless round
and flinty pebbles, of a diamond liko
hardness. In all the valley where it is
situated it is the solitary specimen of its
class. Around and under, tho rocks are
of a totally different structure. The
table on which it rests is a hard 6tone,
nearly as hard and close grained as tho
blue stone of our quarries. From whence
came this wanderer and how? Monti-
cello (N. Y.) Watchman.
St lido ..tit from tho Cuilltle School,
Sixty-two of. (ho Indian' studeiits who
have speiit five or raore ye:iis at the Car
lisle Indian "school at Carlisle, pa., were
sent to their homes in the west recently.
txime went to Montana, soma tu Idaho,
others to. Arizona, New Mexico, Indian
territory, Nebraska and Dakota, rvpro-
sentimr (il'tcaii diirerent Indian agencies.
This party ot Indian vomit was the
brightest crowd of 1hv: and trirls ever
ent out bv the Carlisle school. In fact,
so much confidence was placed in them
that thev were allowed to return to their
western homes without an escort, some
thing never In foro done in ilio history of
the school. The party consisted of
thirty-live larjfa U'pZ- t rtuali ores and
twenty -one .'t.'l'"- Soma i"' heiii" were
very glad V return to their "relatives,
:roni whom 'I hey have' been separated so
ong. but others appreciated !ht; fa.t lhat
ihere is iiq ;dvauV.:'i !W liiein fi-om the
Indian ways when unee brought in con-
;act with them again at their homes, and
much preferred to remain in the cast,
fhe demand of the p:irc!it3, of course,
jverthrows the ilesire of tlte young Indi
ins. and the govern mejit, I'.y'vMx nr, to its
ooiiat i".! v- iv;:.iii ai; tivi th"
.'Xpiratiou '6f thtli' l::iu .seudj" liiem
back. Boston Trauici'-i'i.t. '
Olio o it-.a 1U
I!C!J .A.bOtli 1''
est pu:ce pi juti inc
the h't-
vi Ui' tiuih. To:
w l-ef.4M Iho sua. "oOallZeS ht-tf.
inl cue r.iearound v. i;!i the i.-eii'iur that
io U uin eUy umkr the r.ivs r.f a Lin ning
;la?s. Vy ;-r,e'u :i tcu-rid spot shoul.i
:ave Ihch selected for t!ie caiup met-tin-'.
t round which, as a nucleus, these nlucc.-.
lave grown, it d::ilCiiit i trnagin'e, but
M?rla tiie leiii')f'ature iSS'et"s-ttC'rwail.
ts tho result of the conccuirhikm ( bo
line! i religious fervor ii (I'p llow
vcr Mint jyy by,, it 3 !;' !at
litre is it as soci as, v!i
he iMiuudary bi'iw- rtr&i-i, UJ"
I U .;. i- .. .. -v..S tO
x ir-j. 1
o m.o fjregan-
lii'i e ava 1 he
lame, t'.iu JiaJt and
die blind; gravy uiui i-cvei-oini clergy
men; cuUitvd fpp.iti Ui great itumliers;
mammas, with tlieir nurses and littb
i'.es. The babies are the only eopie
who display much energy, and they hare
a good deal more than their nurses feel
to be at all desirable, considering the
position of the mercury. Qnovlass, how
ever, is. conspicuous, by its absence a
pretty u l la a rara avis. Perhaps it is
the way tho girls get themselves up, but
they produce the impression of being a
singularlv ill favored companv, Mew
York Star.
Going a IJttlo Too Fast.
On.o. c tite loetors is warning summer
vacationists that their chief danger is go
ing too fast. 4 'The most common error
at the start is overdoing." There is a
walk of several miles on a mountain; or,
if it is batlung in tho tea, an hour is
spent among tha waves. "Degreeingly
to grow into, anything," says one of the
old writers, "is reserved unto the wise
men.'- He adds that auy change that is
mado in our mode of life should be grad
ual. "The first exercise of any kind
should never be to the extent of fatigue.
As to bathing, it is to be remembered
that man is not an aquatic animal." The
trouble with those who seek a summer's
rest is that they are carried away by thej
novelty of new situations and do not con
tent themselves with peacefully enjoying
anything. This, is particularly so of the
women, who naturally hugely enjoy a
break up of the monotony of housekeep
ing. Globe-Democrat.
Not rha Rllit Temperament,
Summer Resort Hotel Man I am very
sorry, sir, but you wont do here and I must
dispense with ycur services.
New Clerk Eh? What1 the matter!
44 You are too thin skinned."
44Qh, 1 mean no oiTense, none at all; it's
your misfortunes, not your fault. You see
your skin is to thin that th blood shows
throuli. You ti ish up eerily and when the
thermometer is over 150 in tbe shade your face
gets so red and you look so uucomfortable
that itdrivos away custom." Omaha World.
The Baby' Endurance.
Some genius with a fancy for handling ba
bies has 0,jured out that a piece of wood the
jize of a month old baby would be worn
down ono-balf in six months if handled ns
much as the average baby is. Nashville
American. '
Philadelphia hotel men calculate they give
away $3,000 worth of stationery a year by
letter writing finds who don't pay the
hotels a cent.
Peculiar I'lmara of i.fe Voted by an Old
Itullroud Conductor.
"Yes," said an old conductor on ono of our
trunk lines recently, "we see all manifesta
tions of human happiness and sorrow hero iu
the course of a few months. Sometimes wo
carry a funeral party in one part of the train
and a lot of roistering pleasure seekers on
another. We become accustomed to such
scenes, and the hurry and worry of our work
prevents our sympathizing or rejoicing with
them, no matter how much we might feel so
disposed. And did you ever observe how few
people there are who manifest any breeding
when traveling? People who would bo called
cultured at home will sometimes act in the
most shocking manner aboard a train. How
frequently we 6ee men, and even women,
with their feet upon the velvet cushions in
front of them. Men who would be ashamed
to have it known that they use tho weed will
spit tobacco juice over the foot rests and floor
until they render tho place thoy occupy use
less for decent people. These coaches are
scrubbed, dusted and polished every trip, but
people don't seem to appreciate it.
"It's a fine place to study human nature.
For instance, look at that man curled up in
iun usuuii v H-euji:i'ii riy lour : i-n
gers. He thinks that, because ho lakes his
boots off ho has the right to project his big
dirty feet into the aisle as far as he pleju.
But no matter; I can squeeze ly tueiit when
necessary, and perhaps givo his less a tweak
now pud then that 'will make him think we
have been telescoped.
"But all people are not boors. Yao can
distinguish the true lady or ttautioman here
as elsewhere, TUey ae never impertinent.
drunk, nor sprawling dead asleep over the
seats. They seem to take it for granted that
all is being done for their speed and comfort
that Is possible, and are battened. Coarse
men, women, and old people make us the
Uiost trouble. They seldom know exactly
what they want, and so are never at onsrv
The latter class we can tolerate for humanity's
suke but the men 1 Why, I feel liko Ditch
ing them from the train sometimes. Thev
imagine their little slip of pasteboard entitles
them to all the room they can occupy and a
voice 111 the train management bpi Jc
"We see all sort; cX raj tings, cf course, but
Uiio is one kind t shall never cet used to
and; that 'is1 a'soiOare. manlv voimrr full
.caving bis old father or mother 01 Slfft
heart I tell you the 'G 0(1 I. voiil' nrirl
Be a good bey i' and' the tears mean some
thh'g tVten, and don't you forget it. When he
takes his seat he has plenty to think abont,
and you can tell by a glance at his face that
life for him has begun in dead earnest May
be you have been there yourself i I have,"
and seizing his lantern ho left me to iy
meditations. Chicago News ' 1
'llie Xphs Tree of Civilization.
The continent is an armed camp. The
nations labor, as the 4ews rohyiJt .Jerusalem,
with a sn-ci-l ia hand and their industrial
tools; in tye othor. Restless, 'snspio'ious armies
are encamped. sC& by s.ide where formerly
uaticmn Uvtd and labored. Every year some
oiw or other of these armies iuvetitd some
more deadly weapon than lis rival, some
more terriflo explosive, some more exiedi
tlous mode of slaughter. No sooner does this
happen than all the others h&s,twU to adopt
it, piling on with, desperate enrt-gy " the
PftUPpSy ui armor benfeath which' humanity
is crusted Amid the ceaseless el.;b, ud ijiow
of human affairs, ns piiiioAQenciV ueWr
varies. 'Thft ?iun ,tai expended u
Vjad tVr' ' slaughter cjnsUA." '
Every year mo,ra iJ j increases.
Vhe Sc41 iu ...ore is drained from
tf- yuer to feed the magazines.
. . ory year the barrack gains on the cottage,
and preparation for war becomes the absorb
ing preoccupation of a great proportion of
the flower of our youth.
From every able bodied man this armed
peace exacts three, four or five3'ears of life
when it is at its richest and brightest When
the youth steps into manhood and begins to
dream of love and labor and of the sweet
joys of home and family, there swoops down
Ujon him the kidnaper of Mars and carries
him off to the barracks and the camp. This
vast organization for murder is the upas tree
of civilization, and all the continent is sick
ening under its fatal shade. Tho first cost is
the cost in actual cash paid down, the second
in life wasted at its prime, the third in the
condition of unrest which saps the sense of
security necessary for the prosecution of
business. Business is diflicult when peace is
not worth three months' purchase. Every
year commerce becomes more and more in
ternational. Every year, therefore, any dis
turbance of peace becomes more dangerous
to the trader. Even tho shadow of war 110
produces far more serious dislocation of in
dustry than in old times was caused by tLo
actual progress of a campaign. For in old
times every parish was a little world in itself,
a microcosm capable of independent exist
ence, and able to carry on its own business
and grow its own crop if all the rest of the
world was in measureless confusion. Today
all this has changed. A network of rail ar
teries and telegraph nerves now knits all Eu
rope into one organism. Pall Mall Gazette.
Fishes of the Sea,
Though no sharp line of separation can be
drawn, marine fishes are roughly divided,
for convenience, into three categories shore
fishes, which habitually frequent coast lines,
and rarely descend to a greater depth than
300 fathoms; pelagic fishes, which inhabit
the open sea, most of them spawning there
also, and the deep sea fishes, which live wbere
the influence of light and surface tempera
ture is but little felt The shore fishes, ac
cording to Heilprin, number upward of 3,500
species. Their northern range extends to or
beyond the eighty-third parallel of latitude,
but in the southern hemisphere they are not
known to go beyond the sixtieth parallel. In
the different zones these fishes are largely
identical in both tho Atlantic and Pacific
basins, as well as on the opposite side of these
Tropical waters, however, produce a greater
abundance and diversity of forms than those
of temperate regions, while the reefs give to
the Pacific and Indian oceans more species
than the Atlantic Our still very meager
knowledge of the pelagic fishes is sufficient tc
indicate that the number of such types is
very limited. They diminish rapidly from
the equator, and become rare beyond the
fortieth parallel. Of the deep sea fishes,
Gunther enumerated upward of fifty forms
supposed to have been obtained from depths
exceeding 1,000 fathoms, twenty-six from
depths exceeding J.WO fatboms, and nine
frnm Q U) ft.brm. Ofhr KriMMM linrA nine1
been obtained, one from the extreme depth
&aw i nun unn urami mm auu.
Real Estate Bargains
consisting of
i aiKi
21 lots in Thompson's addition.
40 lots in Townsend's addition.
Lot If) block UJy, lot 5 block Hi I.
Lot 1 block fi, lot (i block !)..
Lot 11, block 111, h.t 8, block CI.
Lots in Palmer's addition.
Lots in Duke's addition.
Improved, Pniy of aU descriptions
and ia nil parts of the city nncauy terms.
A new and desirable residence in
South Park, can be bought on monthly
Before purchasing elsewhere, call and
see if we oniuiot suit you belter.
3 acres of improved ground a?rtii of
ie city limits.
3 acres o ground adjoining J3-
9 acres
. ark.
.f ground adjoining South
acres of ground adjoining South
20 acres near South Park: Se J sec.
14, T. 10, U. 12, Cass county, price $1,
800, if sold soon.
nw i sec. 8. T.' 12, Ii. 10, Cass Co.,
price $2,000.
A valuable improved stock frain
Merrick Co., Neb., ICO acres and
reosontible terms.
Windham & Davies.
Consult your best interests by insuring
in the Phoenix, Hartford or yEtna com
panies, about which there is no question
as to tlieir high standing aud fair
The present year bids fair to be a dis
astrous one from tornadoes and wind
storms. This is fore-shadowed by the
number of storms we haye already had
the most destructive one so far this year
having occurred at Mt. Yernon, 111.,
where a large number of buildings were
destroyed or damaged. The exemption
from tornadoes last year renders their oc
currence more probable in 188S.
Call at our office and secure
nad Policy.
Unimproved lands for sale
change .
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Dr. C- A. Marshall.
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PreMervallou 1 f naturxl teeth a apri-lalty.
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All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
FiTZOKiiAMiN Block. Pi..vTrHMouTii. Nik
"Fainleos ODontiGts."
Tl-e only IietiliHfH in the West control In ir Mi la
New Hy.-fetii ! IC tract inu' Hint 1' iilliiK 'J ecllt
ut Pain. 11 r iniaen hello Is en
tirely free from
Harmless - To - All.
Teeth extracted and iiitilieial teeth Inserted
next day if ileslx-il . '1 he prenei vatluii of the
natural leetli a .specialty.
The very finest. One in t:i:in
'I he Cilietk' l!;tnk.
Block, t.ver
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Win. Hcrold &
L'ry uQOuS. Mioiis t;oois m
or Ladies and Gents
He keeps as large and 11s wi ll -SELEGTFIj
A can be found any place in the city and make
you prices that ilely competition,
harper's Bazar nitim m Ball's corset?.
Watches ! Watclaos I
H. M
lias moved and i nnv hi the fthcrwoou
room, Cor.. )l and Main tis.t where
V.e ;s better able f, tlo ,;s
Large Stock of WatchcP,
Than ever before, and will ns an induce
ment sell j'ou Watches way down. Call
and get the Special Prices in Cold Watch,
es; it will surprise you. A Pull Line of
the best styles ot Jewelry and Silverware..
Repairing will be given Special Atten
tion. All work warranted to give satis
faction. C. F. SM ITH,
The Boss Tailor.
Main St., Over Merges Shoe Store.
lias the best and most complete stock,
of samples, both foreign and domestic
woolens that ever came west of Missouri
river. Note these pi ices: EusiiuFS suits
from $10 to dress suits, $25 to $45,
pants $4, $5, $0, $0.50 and upwards.
C2?Will guaranteed a fit.
Prices Defy Competilion.
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C3-. 33. KEMPSTEB,
Practical Pmq ana Organ Tuner
AND IlKPAini-'K.
First-clags work guaranteed. Also deal
er in Pianos and Organs. Office at Hoeck'a
furniture store, Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
B . &, M. Time Table.
No. 1. SM a. rn.
No, 3.-:40 p.m.
No. 5. 9 Ar a. m.
So. 2.-4 :25 p. m.
Ko. 4. 10 :J a. tn.
No. C 7 :13 p. tn.
No. 8. 9 :60 a. m.
No. :45 P- W
No. .-6 :17 p. m. o. 10. : a. w.
All traiti run dally by wavof Cwaha. except
Nos. 7 and 8 which run to and front bchujler
daily esc, pt Sunday.
No 30 is a tub to Pacific Junction at S 3oam..
No. 19 is stub from Paeinc Junction at lia.ot.