The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, August 01, 1888, Image 1

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I'olie.r .1 l'li ,
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W K fuK
S t :i.iKHui)
V II Mai-IvK
Couiii-ll-nen, ward, i A SA.,
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tli M Jon kh
IMi. A hllll'MAK
M It Mcicpiiv
I n V lurn:N
1 I MrC
IUI.I.1N. I'llKS
I .1 w
J W JOHSH ISi.t'lUlllMiN
Hoard Pub.Wurk-J f kki; V"uKi?,
1 1' i
. J v,,
Unimiy Treasurer, -
Deputy CliTk.
Kcconler of Ix-rel
Itaputy KtfcrlT
t:jr rk of Ultrict Co art,
.Slur HI. -Ki;rvyir.
Huit. f 1'uti. ShouI.
L'uuuty Jmle. -
A. n. Toir. f.'li'in.,
Iitri!t Koi.r.,
A. 15. 1i IKwiX,
1. A. CAMrr.Ki.L.
TlUH. 1'Ol.l.OCK.
Hum Ci!ircMHH.u
. KxACicirciiriKi.K
W. II. J'oi,
John M. i.kvia
. Al.l.KN 1SK.KSON
Maynahd SriXK
' Kit VI SO It.
Wet-pin' Wiitrr
liAHS l.(i;i:K No. U. 1 . O. K.-Mia-ts
t-riiry TilBwIay evi.m? "f aHl "
tran'iri.l brother are n-M'tfCliully iuvit-il tQ
HI U'li'l. .
I.ATTMOl'TII K N C A M I'M 1 NT No 3. I. O.
A O K.. iimei every alterant b rijlay In
:i-li li.oiilli in I he Ma-onic Hall. siting
llro.the-rs :iro invited to attend.
fnWoUJllUK Ml. hi. A. . V. W. -.Meets
I every alteii:it Friday evening at k . . of I .
hall. Transient ar respectfully in
vited to attend. K..I. MorKaii.MiisltirWoi-kiiisiii ;
K S r.aitow. Foreman ; Frank Krown. Over-i-tr;
I-, tSuide; Oeoitje llouswortli.
Kevord.-r ; If. J. .I.diiisou. Financier ; aMi.
Kmilli. ; II. Maybrmlit. 1'aft M. V. . ;
Jack Dangherly. Inside Ufifird.
of America Meets Hecond and fourth Mon
day evening at K. of 1. hall. All transient
l other are requested to meet with no. J-A.
M.wiiiMivr, Venerable Consul ;.. I-.
Wormy AdvJber ; S. C. Wilde. Hanker ; V . A.
lioeck, Cleiu. .
. r-'
Meet- every alternate Friday evening at
rijoavcod hallutKo'clocK. All transient brotli-
Jiw icuiV'-'ifuily in.ied to attend. 1
l.:usi!i, A'. V. V. !5'yd. Foreman: i. C.
V;lde. Kocorder ; l.eona.d Anderson. t)verseer.
1 I. T rsMOUTH UiDU E NO., f.. A. K. c A. M
Mee!-ou th lrt and third Monday o
?aeh tuoiitii at llieir ball. All transient broth
ers are cor.tially liiijed to meet with us.
.1. tJ. jJjrHftv. w-M-
Wm. Hats. Seeretary. .
11 Meets second and fourth Tuesday of cat h
Itiouln at Ma-onV Hall. Transcit lit brothers
a,e invited to meet with us. p
Vm. Hays. Secretary. ,
t. zu,N COMMA IAKY. NO. 5. K. T.
lixferl lust Him tiiUd Vi..ii:ei.d:iy n:'lit ot
c.-.cini.uth ..tMaso -ls hall. Visiting brothere
-rnre cordially invited to meet with us.
SVi: Hays. hee. F. K. Whitk, E. ( .
J meet t lie feeoud and fourth Moda I
t.-!l i,outh at Arcauum Hall,
x " K. N. y.t.VSX, Kijjelit.
- if. C.Minoi. Seri-ct:fry.
J. V..IonvsoN- . ..Comimiiider.
C. S. Twins Senior ice
k a it r irs Junior
oVokh::"?... Adjutant.
M a ..on 1i xon Omccr of the jm .
CH KI.E-S FOUD r-r. ' 'U;'rd
i.r b(-ch1!'.k:S.. ..tiiarter Master ert.
,Vl'c-K8. r.J . . ...r. Ast Chaplain
ilwetinir Saturday eftnnt
1st V ice President
Jnd Vice 1'resident
...Kobt. I. WiiHlhaui
A. U. Todd
Wm Neville
F. Herrmann
F. K. Culhinan
ii it k. roits.
.1. C. Klchpv. F. K. White. J ( I'atterson,
.1 A. Conner. It. KNou, C, W. SUenaan, t. t.or
d r. J. V. vieckbach.
J:prese:it the fallowing time
tite l :ml lire-testeJ cnmpanies:
American Louis, As-eu
Commercial ITnion-Knijland. "
Fire AssK-!a,.hn-PbiIadelii!iia.
Franklin-I'hiladelphla. "
r Home-XeW York. "
I us. Cj. of North America. Phil. "
l.lvrpoo:.; lyou.lon & Globe-Rug "
Krth'Brlt;sh MrtaKii!e-Ea "
.ofvl.jti Ci;in-lii;s:iu!:d. :
2.u'uil;!d F. & M.-Sjiiiu-lield, "
4,4 I3,5T
7.8."5.5 9
l'.i 15.406
Z, 044 .9 1.1
Tola! Ase?s,$I2.ll--,"4
LossBS Aijastel M Paid at tiiisAirwy
W 01 DON
Any HESLxnci
Ea. Iaarsonf
Cor. 12th and Granite Streets.
extractor and Builder
Pleasures of Hunting n the Cat-IOc CoaaL
Voire of a Dying Ylrtlni Kxprrience of
an Knttitsi:iH(lo Ki lislioian Laiwtoitiy
an Anry lie nr.
The following lay wo found liorses at the
door nml a pack of hour.ds. "I am going to
.Low you, cetillaincn," inid our host, "some
California sjort after rr.y own ideas. Driu;;
up the horses, Bob," to thouteJ, aI IJoh
frrtljwith led up thm mustaugs. fully sad
died, that apjiearrsl to li.ivo Ix-cn kept in the
st.-.blo for mouths on u highly excitable diet
for ur especial lieuctit. wo iiKiunrcl. nad the host put his
iiu;; at the feiico several times. Just to warm
Inm ' Now, ;eiiUenicii," ho paid, i.s we
loped uloii the hard road, "the country Ut
hereaway is well supplied tvi'h j.n-k ral.-hirs.
and the scii:,Itl'J is I ) l :' them din :l
h h'uli ii lid tto:L tliem with tho riilr."
T'.ic -ii,neI had nipplasl o.-: with ril!cs fl'id,
l:!;e ccrt.-tiii I'ic-Ii tvie::iitis, ivj w-re in for it.
Ti:a country was ;.iitly rolling, and we
iiki:i came out into n w bru .li. with patches
f cactus her-' and I'.iciv- All at once .i
ma!l bro'.t ii creatire. with black c-rrs, dr.rlcd
x . and in n laoiueut was away lil;o a lla.h.
fiie hur.-es auat the infcctioM, and i:i a
-i'i):iJ wetv upon a devl run, f ! y cra;:'d
.vlth exeitenierii , sner'iii, their eyes bluzin,
ml riiniiiu lil:" the wind.
"Jjou!; iit fr Imlc.s!" k'.ioutrd the colonel,
m his Loi'so tjok ii badger burrow. Cut. it
v;is t late; ono tif tl:e nm-'tu's landed
;r.i- di-cp in a burrow, stopjied riiort, while
i ho ridir Lept on. lie was rui old hand at
tiii i s.rt f-f thin;.', however, and clearing hiui-sj-lf
luticly landed mi his feet and ran tttvr.ty
or thirty feet to return and examine tls-
uiouut. Luckily, no louod were broke:i, and
leaping jnto the Kiddlo the I'.cld iui tway
:ijnin. The jack hatl i.;ii.;)cd in tho mean
time, but another t".ti! lii place, and horses
and riders were soon making the hard ground
shake. To hit an animal so small ns a rabbit,
at full run, with a rifle, was seemingly an
impossibility, yet tho valiant eolouel (lid it.
His horse took him within twenty feet of tle
(lying1 jack, when, dropping tho line?, ho
raised tho Jight weapon which had been hung
iixn tho saddle, and in an offhand way flreiL
The jack bounded three- feet into tho air like
a bail, and fell, uioauin; like a child.
'rThe rifle was loaded w ith shot, colonel,"
shouted oi'Uiio pno. "Ono shot," laughed to
poloupl, as hp stooped froirf the saddle an 4
picked up the game by tho cars. "It's mere
praetiee; any pne can do it, but J will confess
i Ji bocnftbQUt ten years getting into tho
habit. There goes another 1" and away went
the horses, who knew a rabbit half a mile
away, and enjoyed the sjiort as much as the
riders. Jacks appeared as if by magic; every
bush seemed to afford cover for one or more.
The sharp reports of relating rifles began
to sound in rapid succession, and littln clouds
f Juxt putfs hks Biooke rose cei'o and ihe:-o
aTi'abdut'tbd flying' game; showing how 'diGl
cult a thing it was to hit such a mark.
"There is no use in trying to take accurato
aim," said (he ".hot," as th l.cjrs s c.imo up
and rounded to. "Jt is a matter of intniLion,
I i'elier'e. T take no aim,' but point the rifle
where; think the rabbit will be w hen the
Lu'lcfc guts t hvrc, and In soino way thuy man
age to make connection,"
TJidlng across country at such a speed in
tho clear, bracing air was a most exhilarat
ing sport, aud the excitement it caused was
astonishing.' The horses fairly went mad.
There is something unpleasantly human
about the voice of a dying jack. Tha first I
ever took hi coursing was in tho vallej', and
my greyhound' "had started :to the east and
gone 'out of sight. ' deep arroyo stopped
my horse, and I was uding iq the raddle
ttying to foilQiy her with lny eyes when 1
heard piercing screams and then moans from
the road directly behind mo. Thinking that
a child had been run ever or injured in some
way, I dropped into the saddle and made for
the road, to find my dog standing over a
dead jack. She had circled and turned, him,
and brought it to a finish immediately be
hind me. Often when shot on the run the
jack will utter a' piercing, half human shriek,
and bound into the air to fall dead; so to an
oversensitive ersou t'lo slaujrhtfv. of hun
dreds is by uc m&ii4 a pleasant sight.
As the hot sun bega to pour dwii we
wended our way hue", to ttio ranch, and
wbiled the time away listening to the yarns
reeled oil by the colonel, whose experience
had been rich and rac3'.
'Talking about sport," he said, "reminds
mo of a llttla experience I had with an
Englishman peine years ago up in 'the main
range. lie came down from 'Frisco with a
letter of introduction to me, and wanted to
get ntQ the heart of tht big ganio country.
It so happened that I had 400 or 500 head of
cattle up a valley and a camp there; so I took
him up and introduced him to half a dozen
cowboys regular old timers and they
guaranteed to show him all the bear he
wanted. They got it into his head that it
was unsportsmanlike to shoot a bear, and
that it should be taken with a lariat; so he
practiced with a ropo at steers, degs, slumps
and men until he was a very fair hand at 'i$T
and finally one day' went off on a" regular
bear'hiint. ' "
"It so happened that the boys knew whetf
there ivas a large patch of wild grape thaf
black bcaii are. fond of, and th,ey made for
it, fairly sure to find one or more, and. sure
enough they did- Coming down a little sidi
canj'ou, they came out into J level spot, with
a patch of trees covered with vines in tha
center. Some of the dogs were put in, and
in a few minutes out came an old brown
bear, snariing and showing her teeth
in a terrible fashion. '.Xow's your
chance,' yelled, the boys, and ihejj
ail stood back to give my new". Crieuq
a chance. I tell you ho was' no slouch'; Vi
put his horse up aj uear tho critter as ha
would gp, and ritling around, dropped his,
rope over the bem-'s hoi!ld',rs thfj luiiiuw
she raroi tip. Whim she foU the rope she
crabbed ct . but the pony settled back,
then down she went, and h'gau Just what
tho l-oys expected, the 'roiling' business.
Over and over she wont, winding thj rope
about her, getting snarled up, but coming
lu-arer und nearer the pL:iy all tho time.
The iony wrs th- Grst oe to tumble to it,
tho Loys s iw, and bean t- saort aivt
buck; but it was r.o ue, the o'.d bear Lept
comiug, getting more a-.d more entangled
svery moment, und finally tho ny tui-ied
tail and besan to ili aff ' Ler, sh yeliluji aud
wninicring ana ueratcmng gravel, rao corto
crazed; and in this shapo they came to tho
side of tho bill. Over tho horse went, buck
ing, tho Englishman cussing things until
they were blue. When half way down, the
rope broke, and, fearing tho b,ear would get
away, some of tho boys, who wore laughing
themselves sick, put her out of her misery.
The boys got rather left trying to fool tho
follow us he showed so much pluck iu trying
to stop the bear that they never tried any
Sanies on him again. After a while they
asked him what he proposed to do with the
Lear after be got tho rope around him and
then he saw the joke, and rather thought
tho bear was catching hira." San l'xancisco
A Floating Saw Mill.
Ono of tho greatest novelties of a practical
character which ingenuity has devised is
thus deserilied by a Florida exchange:
J. It. Maull & Hon have their mammoth
floating saw mill' anrhored off the banks of
Burton & Harrison's hammock. This struct
ure is a marvelous piece of mechanical in
genuity, and was built by J. AV. Maull and
Edward, N. MhuIL It is 80 by 40 feet, and
stands about live feet out of the water, draw
ing only about seventeen inches. It is solidly
built, and according to the judgment of Mr.
Carl, an old time ship buildur, is capable of
enduring tho severe strains of even tho
waves of the ocean. The operation of all the
machinery doe:s not seem to move the vessel
any more than if it wus on the land. It has
so far proved more of a success than its pro
jector anticipated. It is equipped with a
forty horse power boiler and engine, with tho
latest improvements in saws ami carriages. A
planer, head box und shingle saws are all on
deck and connected by shafting concealed
under deck, so that the main deck is freo
from machines and available for tho piling
up of immense quantities of lumber. la oim of the veascl is tho cook house, Where'
tho hands board, v Idle. ou the hurricane deck
arc Iho cabin of tho proprietors and work
men. 'They are now so situated as to have
command of an unlimited, supply of ih
jufgest nd aneht timber, and from points
heretofore practically inaccessible. A saw
mill callable of ino ing up und down stream
seeking a supply of logs, uud thus bringing
the mill to the product instead of vk:e versa,
may o.Ter very valuable advantages, espe
cially iu tho south.
MnJo lienuiiful by Sutl'ei-iug.
The beauty of life is in growing. The hap
piness of lio is in striving. How many
women in the world are there who have. cnljjC
been made beautiful by suffering! Hoty
many hearts have only grown' tender from
having ached very hard. If is wbat we see
of life and w hat we know and what we feel
and what w; endoi o and sulTer that makes
us beautiful. It is wanting things and hav
ing to do without them that makes us gentle
over tho needs of others. The beautiful
women in this world are tho all but divine
Marys and Marthas who have known what
it was ' to sit all night alons with giief,
who have broken htut hear; cvti' little woeai
that Cithers could not knew nor unuerstaud;
who have g6ue alone and ia the dark, each,'
into her own Oethsemane, and there spen
long hours in voiceless travail. Caiharin
Colo in Kewr Orlo?.n3 l'i-jayuue.
Styles in Xulies Collars,
Collars, pro yjn iigh and low, the stand
ing vQllar with round corners, the straight
collar turned back at tho front of the jacket
corsage and continuing thence in ho shape
of i-evers, and the square sailor collar which
leaves tho neck exposed. Is'ewer than any of
these is n turned back collar of lace cr
pleated gauze from two; ?.nd r hale to three
inciiu 4esp ; the Jaco is -sewed to the, ihrierc
edol the dress and turned back looselyj
uotr 'tacked, about the ueck,, which, ia put
ilowa a triH-ttJk the middlf of tbq fronj aricl
tMAu - ' '' ' ' " ' " "' " "
I'aris Liulles s I'hotograpners.
Tho marriageable young ladies in aristo
cratic French families are often at a loss as
to how they are to employ the time between
the final departure from the Ciaivents or th(i
bo ruing schooU and the arrifal"of the"
bridegroom. The bals-blancs, the diily
rides, walks and drives in the Bois; the oc
casional visits to the theatre and tho opera,
the courses of water color, drawing, or tha
matutinal" manipulation of the inevitable
piano are not enough to fill up the leisure
hours of French young ladydom.
A new pursuit has accordingly been de
vised for the occupation of the spare moments
of blooming maidens who are awaiting what.
Bon Jouson calls tho "GoMia Mntiimpuy.1
This is ho practice of photography,' and Tyq
are assuied that' a photographic apparatus,
is now fitted. up in the boudoir of pcajly
every young heiress n th ncib j taubourg.
Ffieudj, acquamiituc-ei, servauts and favoi'
Ite dos are all faithfully photographed, and
some of the fair votaries of the art are said
to bo remarhr.Uy edroit in using their
cameras, which are all constructed after the
Eiost modern plau. Very recently, too, a
young lady who was married "out" of the
Faubourg naiat-Germsm received, among
other contributions to btr corbeille de noces,
or wedding presents, a costly cud uperb
camera, - which, would tot l:avo been dis
dained by I'adar himself. Home Journal.
lie "Was Disliked.
?'I don't like Squildig," observed
Snaggs. "."le's too temporizing."
'That's so," rejoined. Mr Snugga. "I've
often, teen his temper rising." Pittsburg
Chroniole-Telejrapo, s
Slave Trade in Africa.
The condition of the slave trade may
be estimated w lien it is learned that Car
dinal Lavigirie, archbishop, of Algiei'5
and partlia&e, has felt it to lje his duty
to go to Eitroe to denounce" ts continu
ation, lie has lately delivered most iuvi
passionetl harangues from tho pulpit of
S, Sulpice, Pariy, lie says that the evi
dence is that 400,000 slaves are annually
bold on the African ehores, and that, tak
ing into account those killed in capturing
them and the deaths from barbarous
treatment, the slave trade counts 2,000,
000 victims every year. New York Sun.
Think It
Mr. Lazybones thinks it lucky we arc not
centipedes, because it would bo such dreadful
work to button on fifty pairs of boots every
time we wished to take a walk. Youth'l
Queen Victoria's favorite color is blue.
Mrs. Cornelius Vunderbilt pays her
physician $10,000 a year.
Emily Faithful decries (lie "shabby
genteel" idea that work is degrading for
Miss Edna Dean Proctor lias given a
drinking fountain to her natite town.
Hentiilur, N. II.
Miss Ames, daughter of the governor
of Massachusetts, is said to look wonder
fully lil; the Princess of Wales.
"Jenny" h one of t lie baptismal names
r.f the new empress c f Germany. That
has a pleasant, homelike ;.o:;i;d.
The dirth of ex-Empress ( ';ii lotta. of
Jlexico. may o. cur at any !iio;:u !it in
!'.e!;:MM!i. Sh. is r.; i'ily sinking and hss
U-einne cnlirely helpless.
S. fi.:iy-t':ree hsceinl.-uit.; llc-
'-eci-a Xmi:.-". "the l io::r; wiioliof lfJ'.i-J."
piri.l' i;i her hoi.'nr at T.lanvors Cen
ter. : 1:::-::., :e otlu-r (i;;y.
Mia; Agnes .' !!t:ekv'!l. a 'r.:i-;':i-Icr
.1' v. Af !' '.: i.. I':. . i' '.
will, i'.. .t t;- i.igli i .1 j.: i.'.-.. in
:!:." -'iii'o (':::.-s" ;,1 (.': per Union at its
late :;j'.i, e.':.ini:i;;l ii ;i.
A m'!:i .i .1 if l:i)iisf!;;.t ping has been
st;:vli"l :;i J!u;; .-,tls I y the Ciiin.U -s ui
i'l..' -dcr.-:. 1 :'ty piiis there recti ve :.
f !.i( : it ;: 1 traioi'i;; in !:;:; .-.t i eci::;)i.i y.
m: !;:; ing. ciMjKing. Sin-ndiiig :.:ri laun
A?i I!:e.;i;j!!nr.M I'.u, dc-eriU'-: Q;:oen
t: !i lhn f I.-a'v i;: u.- V;:A V::'A Ca
:.'l' j: ' i L; 1' i':.i-,' i- so ; .e.M.; uc i.u y Ul-
::(-; i:.;; and i t :u i :i: it ii.!;' In.-i'-;:g
t;i a:,y i.L'i 1. -rn lady ui:l ia:.i!;! ! d
') . i-.i.' a' .si.-r.:-. i Ii-r ? miio, hvr !v.
e r r. .lily w,r.!s :;:e .t-r!-'-i : tii oi
::1 ni;. o.i --r!.;,j e;(!iri' iiiv- un
ic;!.'!.-. i j.. rit c!. iV.-.i oi a '.oval i:aiii:f."
Tlie ,Io;::i:-.i !:i Ihivre has found the
r.r'" de i:::!: . :n:r- ( i" llerMiiardt.
si:.' w::., bur i i;i Ujivre. Her
j , it 1 s- was the e;:;:'h: . ; i .i' ,s 1;, i l.n oeu-h:-;.
;;.) I !.er l'.:l!:s- v : : -. .v-'i : ti.-u t
..f.ic!i.l. v.-ho I;';,, ,nii emmit 'd sui
cide. .':',!;.!; '.s origin:, 1 'u'l!.:- was 1 ':;. lie.
't .n.' i"; -;:i of ti:e tiM ; lliui j-i u was
iVince. s Irene f Ue.--..-, v!n. ::v: j-,:st
ui'irried I'ripeu th-r.iy .' i'ru-;-;.!. Pa.; re
i-ived a h;i;-.ngh h:use-.vife.s tr.iiiiiiig.
S'i: ra.i f!".v, n.;d:e h-;et;'l. u:: l ; i vi iy
t'.iiii;; :he would !i.:v::- to do v. ;,- she
fated to l-cftiiuj the v. i:'e t-f a p-x.r num.
AH the I'riiieivst.s t f 1 1 !.; v. ere trained
in this was tiv tin. i i- mi.ihcr. Ihv l. t;'
grand duclie.-s, daughter of tjiuvu Vi;
The French pn'sur t" we.r has de
CidotJ ., 4iv, ati the ros ; i' the l.egi.n o
Uonor to Idnie. Dronau at the coming
July fete. Rise wm; the fniihi'iii .lieiid
ant of the I'ift y-ri; h r-.-gfiiu-iit f ia
faMiy dtieio be war .-f i'lK behaving
with the tilmo'.t valor ihtrrng tl' i attlen
about Mctz and atteii-iiu... u, the o'-H-Icors
and tr.en, eveii when they were under a
bpavy lite, until she was taken prisor.c-r.
Preserv tho fivpini!ie,t Imtlm :rks.
There is surprising rccJJessnes-? regard
ing the preservation of monumeuts
erected by the government surveyors
tliroughout xot tlovest. T'htsurvever
of hanvi;, coiiniy, Dakota, gives this
(iniely warning in a local paper: I
notice a lanu'iilaUo want ef caro of the
govern refc;,t coiners among the farmers
and landowners of the country. Where
stakes existed they are rotted off, often
pulled out and used for firewood; the
mounds are erased by cattle or trayfl,
the pits are filled up and c.bUU-iuted, and
soon, if not already, t.o certain evidence
will remain of their exact location. Now I
need not enlarge on the very great import
ance of preserving these points to mark
on boundary Jinos. Residents, from tho
east can lec-ail any amount of trouble
arising from somo 4 "lost corner," doubts,
disputes, liligiiiion and perchance a big
surveyor's bill. Therefore, let every one
of '.hese corners receive the prompt at
tention necessary to make it dofhiito. und i
permanent. Since erci Comer uts an
individunht.3' o its own,' owing to the
ioavkc.d "irVegulavities of the government
surveys, it is a ftijstals e to think that a
lost tiornev may readily be restored by
nictisiirenieiits from adjacent corners.
For enduring monumeuts I would sug
gest a pointed .stone or iron rod, or where
practicable plant a tree. To forestall
any subsequent dispute two or more of
the adjacent owners should unite in the
planting of the corner. 1 would caution
roadmasters against carelessness hi cle-.
stroying or burying too. deeply these
landmarks. Chicago Times.
A Test pf fioxl Krectlincr.
Traveling is ono of the severest tests of
good breeding; and whoever leaves home
to go to the seaside or to the mountains,
does well to h-car this fact in mind. At
the places of summer resort, Ux, people
are more in danger of making disadvant
ageous, or even objectionable, acquain
tanceships than they are at their own
homes, from the very fact that here all
the v. orltl meets on a more familiar foot
ing; and aa every person is a stranger to
every other) people of doubtful character
or reputation in their native places, often
succeed iu passing themselves oil for what
they are not, in the crowd of a watering
All this is so thoroughly recognized at
Newport and other large and exclusive
summer resorts that a stranger, genteel
or otherwise, w ill find great difficulty in.
making any acquaintances among the
'summer people,'' as they are called. If
he have no frien t introduce him, and
bring na letter of introduction, he need
not hepe to join iu the gayety which he
sees around him. lie is only a specta
tor, and probably leaves his hotel at the
end of August, thoroughly disgusted
with the inyiybie but lirpi ban ions which
have excluded him from t!i ehavrueti
circle. Demorest's ilonthlv.
Real Estate Bargains
- I 2T
Qf! ilk
I Uili
21 lots in Thompson'); addition.
40 lots hi Townsend's addition.
Lot 10 block i:iS, lot r, block KM.
Lot 1 block 0, lot (J block !i.".
Lot 11, block ill, lot M, block ttl.
Lots in Palmer's addition.
Lots in Duke's addition.
Improved property of all descriptions
and in all pi is of the city on easy terms.
A new and desirable residence in
South Park, can be bought on monthly
lie fore purchasing elsewhere, call and
see if we cannot suit you belter.
3Li XD S.
.1 acres of improved ground north of
(he city limits.
o acres of ground adjoining .Smith
2 acres of ground adjoining South
1 acres of ground adjoining South
20 acres near South Park: Pe i sec.
14, T. 10, U. 12, Cass county, price $1,
800, if sold soon.
n w i sec. 8, T. 12, Ih 10, Cass Co.,
price 2,000
A valuable improyed stock fram in
Merrick Co., Nek, 100 acrc3 and on
reosonuble terms.
Windham & Davies.
Consult your best interests by Insuring
in the Phrenix, 1 '(art ford or JEtna com
panies, about which there is ne question
ns to their high standing and" fair
The present year bids fair to be a dis
astrous one from tornadoes and wind
storms. This is fore-shadowed by the
number of storms we hayo already had
tfp most destructive one so far this year
haviag occurred at Mt. Vernon, 111.,
where a large number of buildings were
destroyed or damaged. The exemption
from tornadoes last year renders their oc
currence more probable in 183S.
Call at our ofiice and secure a Tor
nado Policy,
Unhivproved lands for sale or ex
change. WINDHAM Da7IB8.
llluU uilliui!.
Dr. C A. Marshall.
Preservation of uatural teeth a upeclalty.
Cectli trtractal without jxttn liy uc of Laughing
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
FnznKHKi.n'n II lock I'latthmouth, Nm
"PainloGs Dontiste."
Tin only lientlM in tlie West eoritrolliif; thin
New System f Kmi'hi-I inu nml ! Iillni 'lee III
ill I I . O. k . .- ,
"hiii'iii i.ini. liin MiuieKi niiic in en
tirely free from
AND IS A1SSOI.L"! fcl.y
Harmless - To - All.
TnL?. !xVjiT.l,'trii',il,nH.,iitU,M Inserted
" "". I'leservHllou of tlie
natural teeth a specially.
The very llnest. meeln Tnlon Uluek, over
iiiv Vllli.rup JiHIlK,
3rO 1
Win. Horold & Son
Dry Goods. Notions Coots and Stioes
or Ladies and Uciits
lie keeps as large and as well
Ah ean lie foinnl any plaee hi Hie city and rnak
joii i'i n r i u iy eeiii(r in inn.
Harper's Mm Patterns and Call's Corsets.
Watclios ! Watoiios I
lias moved mid is now in the Sherwooa
room, Cor. "ith nnd Main Sts., where
he is better i.ble to show his
Large Stock of Watches,
Than ever before, and will an un imliiri.
ment sell you AVatches way down. Call
and ret the Snecial Prices in ( Wtr li.
" -
es; it w ill sui prise you. A Pull Line of
tnc iM'st styn s ot. Jewelry ami Silverware.
Ibpaiiing will he given Special Atten
tion. All work warranted te cive salis-
f act ion.
C. F. S M I T H,
The Boss Tailor.
T.liin Sr., Over Merges' Slu e .Store.
Jfj-lti flie lt(i.f auA tnrict tf'tfintti1..f. tfnr-lr
of samples, both foreign ami elomestie
woolens that eve;r came west of Missouri
river. Note these prices: IJusiness snita
from &1; to ft:?.-;, dress suits. 2. to 4-
pants $4. ri, r;, r,.,0 nnd upward.
Y ill guaranteed a fit.
Prices Defy ComPetiliQ"-
-. o
s -
- Pi
8?td i
u ? W
Practical Piano anil Organ Toner
AND KEPAinr.I'..
First-class work guaranteed. Also deal
er in Pianos and Organs. Ofiice at Boec-k'
furniture store, Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
B. A. M. Time Table.
No. 1. 1 :50 a. m.
No, 3. :40p, m.
No. 5. rfiS a, m.
No. ".7 :45 p. rn.
No, 2. I .5 p. rn.
No. 4. io a. in.
No. 6.-7 :13 p. m.
No. 8.-9 :) a. m.
No. 10. 9 :i5 a. In,
No. 8.-6 :17 p. m.
All tralcs run dailv bv wav of Orniaha. exce.t
No. 7 and 8 which run to and from tcliujler,
daily exc pt Sunday.
No. 30 is a stub to Pacific Junction at 8 .n
Mo. 19 is a stub from facilic Junction H-tv Ui
i i i id r i