The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, July 26, 1888, Image 1

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X U3I I SJ2 !;;
V K Fox
A Mahoi.K
lilc Judge,
V 11 MAI.IcK
Comualmcn, 1st ward, A hAi.ihui;uy
1 lK. A Sill I'M AW
) M It MtitriiY
r lit VA i.i.r. . ......
1. 1 V Johnh s,Ciiaihiaw
1 KKK.K I.OltllK.K
( t) 11 llAWKHWOKTII
Board rub. Work
K.'pmf freaiurer, -Clerk.
Kccor.lcr of l'i'd -Itnputy
VWrk of Ui-trict Co art,
Sheriff. -burveyor.
Kuit. of Tub. School.
C'wuuiy Judicn.
JtOAKI) OK aui'
A. 11. Todi. Cli'm.,
IjttVtH KOLT.,
A. 15. lUJUSOV,
I). A. Cam l-ii km,
. Tito. I'lM.i.ncii
. KxaCki rt'iiFiKi.u
V. II. 1'ool.
W. C.
AI.I.KW Hkksow
- C. Ku.ssici.l
Wefdii Watt-r
K r KllilrtOU'J
.. ..rww www ww www www w
IAHS 1.0UCK o. 11.5. I O. O. K.-Meels
Vvvory Tiuwday evening of each week. All
traiiKiei.t UrotUers are respectfully iuvilcd to
lit tel.
i7i..VlTMOlJT!I KNCA M I'M 1CNT No. 3. I. O.
1 o 1".. me el tvery alternate h nday la
(Hflt iMoiuli in' I be Ma-.oii: Hall- Visiting are jnyited to attend.
miCIO LOIM.U NO. fl. A. O. V. W Meets
every atternat- Friday eveuliiK at K. . of I .
hall. Transient brother are respe. tf ully in
vited to attend. K.J. Morgan.: Master Workman ;
i;. S. liar-tow. Foreman ; Frank l'.rown. Over
mvr; 1. Howen, lluide; tleoi-je llouxworth.
lce.-,rder; II. .1. Julinson. Finaneier ; N ali .
("mitti, lteoeiver ; M. Maybrijilit. raft M. W. ;
,:.; InmnU'T'y. lt:s!le Guard.
'j t Amerle.i Meets secoml ami fom tll Mon
! av eveiii:i!i at K. of 1. ball. All transient
lro;lici are requested to meet with u. L. A.
..vro ner, Venerable Coinul ; !. F. Nib'".
V. oilliy Adviser j t. C, V iMe, Hanker ; . A.
j.e."k, lierk .
C !i..:t. ..i...rv :.ii..r..:.trf ! ridav even
V. W.
in; at
KtK-Kwuud hall at ku'i-Iock. All tiKiixient nroin
er ar resjieel fully Invited to attend. l.
I urson. M. V. ; F. lsyd. Foreman : h. t. .
Wilile. lieorder ; Leonard Anderson. Overseer.
l. TlMOI Tli i.oi;i:k no.c. A. F. & A. M.
1 Meet on the irt and third Mondays of
ae'i ii.ciitti at liieir ii.til. Ai! tr-jnsieot 'ith
. ,s i ; cordially l:ivu-'d to ...i-et .it.i ij;.
. . . 4; O, KM. .:, AV. II.
iV tt. IiA jef tetary. "
'KIIUASJCA CllAlfKb. NO. H, It, V- M
Meet seeond and fourth Tuesday of eaeli
liiont b at Mai-onV II. ill. TranscU lit brother
are invited to meet with us.
F. n. WitiTK, H. 1
Wsi. IfAVf. Pemtary.
r. ZION CO&IMA-pAltV . M. -
Meet ii...t a.i4l lui.d Wed.esdiiy miit of
It- inontfi-iit SNsii 'li:i1!.- Visit bis bivtbeie
cordially invited to tuet wiih iis.
I . II a l s.- Kee. F. E. W it IT K. 1- ( .
o -etw f It Fceond ard fnurtii J'oisdaiS (t
,'k liioi'th i.1 AifiiUm : ll.'ib.
11. N. til..VN', Itefe'elit.
C. Ml. vol'., heeretary.
WcCO:41HI POST 45 C. A. R-
.1. W. JoiivsoW
C. S. Twiss
F. A. Maths
; lil. N I I leal
mill :vr,. Ki..i: r.
tt a ;.i.w Ui :-.' n'..- .-. . -
Clf I' Ji.1)
A kEK;' Fity. -
.1 -"OH iI.K.V A W.
.Co:iim atider.
..Senior Vico '
.Junior "
......uietrof Hie itny.
'" Ouard
Pertit Mhjor.
..Ouarter Master Sert.
' i-
I,, f. n iirj
. . i- j i v iiauiiii
Aiei tlu Saturday cveiiina
Kubt. I: Windham
A. 15. Todd
Win Neville
K. Ilerruiaiin
F. It ( i it li mail
1st Vice l'res;de!it .
2nd Viee rreident
T'l'ifL-ier -
, : . . . i IKKi.VOit.
.i C. Kl.-bev. f. E. White
A I 'miner. V.. Elson. C. w. biicrman, f
r. J. V. Weekbach.
J On mor
I.L.i UilHUl
lrpre.-5ciit tlic following tlmc-tri-jil
:in fire-tested companies:
American Crtntral-S". Iou:s. Asset. 51. -", 100
Commercial ITiiion-Kulaiid. " 2.5y :.l4
Fire Ass K-larioa-PhilaJelidiia. S,4lo.r76
Franlilia-l'liiladelohia. " 3.117.10
I. ll -rMV Vrk. " 7.53.9
Ii 1. tji, ct Ne,-th" Aii-.r;c.i. Fhii. !' f.m.3u2
i ivrpooiiLoadou i ijiobe-ln " C.iyit.TKl
ialli Hrltisli & Mercantile-Eu 4 ? 2.1TX.T51
auritb I' "".b".6 Ir1. & liSjni'jwW, !' a.oil'5
Total Assets,? 12. 115.774
L13S3J ijjastsJ aui PaiiallMstpnry
Cor. 12tli auil Granite Streets.
loniractor and Builder
I'nw.kJyn bri.lgo ti:n t ; iic.1 ti.
th.' public live ;-rs.
Sllvi r lr.s'l tip in f'on:!. .Mrii-:
to a decree to piudine n ru-w in:;;;;:-fc-vt-r.
The Alexandra, a w c:n.".:i i. c!ul. i bt:t
four years olil. y-l COO isuuiU-as.
A peasant has jn I d;l in Au.-tiir.
Hungary who was 1 I'i vcara :f at-. lb
li'fl a son ng(;l 115 carsatitl a gratuLsoi.
of bo.
A Nevada ranclutian trapped ::;ul
poisnnril 1.C00 rabbits i:i fotu taonibs.
and then figured that above .000 new
oncn had coihl1 to (ill llu-ir pl.icrs.
The Austrian govornment has a ban
vloiittj its ititetition of renewing the anli
Analcllit law, and will henceforth li-jlu
Ue Anarchi-itt by administrative decrees.
The Russian general Suwarrow. nftei
tho seizure and deslructioij of Warsaw,
eiitelly butchered 20,000 I'olesof all agea
and conditions in cold blood, Nov. 4,
The South American agent for some
extensive manufacturers of harvesters at
Chicago ha3 been two years at Monte
video, and has sold mowing and reaping
machines all over the River Plata region.
Tavern3 may bo traced to tho Thir
teenth century. According to Spelman,
'In the reign of King Edward
only three taverns were allowed in Jx.ii
don. Taverns were licensed jri England
in 1732.
A West Morris boy was arrested r'
cently for ebooting an eagle contrary to
the law. Ho was in a fair way to be
fined or imprisoned, when a commission,
conij)osed of a clergyman, a justice of
the ieace and an editor, sat on the dead
lody of the bird and declared it to lie a
fish hawk,
A Nuremburg inventor has produced a
shoe sole composed of wire net overlaid
with a substancp resembling India rub
ber. Theso soles, which cost but half
the price c leather, lavp leen tested in
the Gorman army and found to bp twice
r.3 durable. .'
They are having hard work finding
hard pan for tho foundations of the new
bridge across the Thames at East New
London, Conn. They have pub piles
down 113 feet, and have not got to solid !
eqrth yet. It w thought that bolcora
will bo reached at about lCO'feet.
A writer in London Truth suggosta a
Eeicibld occupation for women who like
sewing, but do not wish to becomeeither
dressmakers or seamstresses, and desire
to live in their own homes. It is the
overlooking and repairing of women's
wardrobes. After a cllentelie had been
CEtubiiahed it would undoubtedly bring in
very fair wages. "
A firm of pyrotechnists in Enpfland
have at their factory r Newfciiud'and
dog posittvely revtls hi fireworks,
lie rushes into a shower of sparks with
as rm;eh delight as in a cold bath, and on
a lighted squib being thrown within his
icacli ho will run after the smoldering
stump as if it were a bone and trample it
out with his paws.
M. Achille Poincelet, in his lecture at
tha Hall of thi Boulevard des Capucines
in--Paris-the other day, ' discussed the
qualities of blondes and brunettes, the
differences in their love, their role in
pnyafe life and in history, iiiikod with
the philosophy of beauty, and the ques
tion, which was the superior typo of
woman, the Parisienne or the Georgienne?
He ignored entirely tho red headed girl,
Fred Marsdcn, tho playwright, con
sulted a well known physician a few days
before 1 hii death as to ' the - easiest and
quick'est mode of suicide.' Tho physi
cian supposed he was securing incidents
for a scene in one of his plays, and ex"
piiined tho subject to hiin patiently.
Jlnaliy Mr. Marsden, taid: "J have it.
A big'dosc of chloral, then stop up nil
tho crevices and turn on tho gas,"
and litis is just what he did. He offered
tho physician $10 for his advice, but it
was refused on the ground that no pro
fessional service has been rendered.
g;anst food Aduiteratlor,.
A grocers' conference has Lecn called
n tho interest of purer foods. Jt meets
on Coney Island m July. It sceuaa at
last that adulteration has gone bo far that
the grocery men are afraid to eat what
they sell. Besides, the better class of
retailers find it impossible to obtain hon
est '"articles. There will bo at least five
thousand exhibitors of materials, and it
is believed tho discussion wil not only be
practically valuable in throwing light on
hidden ways,' but that 'there cab be
brought to bear a heavy force on manu
facturers to puj; mbro honesf articiea pn
tha markef. IJq prpiooitioa of nioro im
portance will como before any of our
summer conventions titan this of pure
food and honorable deal. Meanwhile the
Concord School of Philosophy will hold
no session; so we shall have les3 of Ilegel
and Aristotle, and more of honest ginger
and coffee and quinine which will iict
bo regretted.' Giobe-Lemocrat. ' "' ";
A Queer Thing About Owlsf
A Kingston man has made an addition
to his collection of birds, a large owl,
lately caught at Hurley. ''Owls are de
ceptive birds," eaid a citizen the other
day. "I had one, a few years ago, with
which I played a trick on tho public I
kept the owl in a cage. It was an at
traction, and many people saw it. ''"'Qfria
day 'llie bird died of 'cold poison and a
taxideruiLt stuffed it. I then put it
buck on its perch in the cage. Pecple
who liad seen tho owl alive said that
they could tee no difference in its ap
pearance, and they would come and ad
Uiijo the bjrd just the tsame. That ia thji
reason why I say an owj is & peculiar
bird. Deal "pr alive they look aSou) tLa
amp.' Ivingston Fireman. .
flattie HetKMn the Leader.
AVe boys ustxl to delight in tho battles
which resulted when two strange herds met.
Being with our own so much, we grew ac
quainted with all the personal tieculiurities of
each. Thoy were not blooded, rattle, with
short horns and heavy bodies, but great,
"g! piebald creatures, with long, keen
bonis, and wild eyes when roused. Wo ex
ulted when two strong and resolute steers
approached each other with the ferocious
slgiri of battle. Tho lowered heads and
lulling tongues; the stiffened, swelling necks;
t!i wrinkled skin around tho rolling eyes;
tho deep, oaiinou3 roar of th:-ir voices; tho
e.vatioaf, f Idclorig approach, liko skilled box
er:, all thtso ltd up to tlio sudden crrwh
ia.5S of tho la-ctiag skulls and luirns.
And then follow tha straining thrusts,
'.bo mdden relaxations to get. an ad
vantage, the cl;-.:iai.ig of i ha!:en and
interlocked Lorn, the d'.'i breathing,
tlio terrible glare of t'ao b!H lt.hol eyeu, Now
t'.:o briuillo gels the r.j-'per- hoM tuul presses
i-ho white to. tho giHiua.i, nearly slmtiiiig off
ids breath; :iow too whito rj-athv-r-i l:im.-;e!f
.'or one last, laihtv e!l'. j t, r.r.d lirtittgthe
)t'j.T upo:i his horns, l.teraily ruua away
-. il'i hiia.
TMs cads thij battla, f': f"ri'i;.dy risougls.
5i victor in s. 51 t:!j i-aseii !. Mt vindici-ive
ti!-a fuiieu always beat'?-.i, is the r.i o with a
.I. e.- ot-( dw. K.icli herd had it caamriioii,
it d no accumte tlil v.c Ik-co iio 1:1 tii.? readia;;
it t'aeo bovine ch::ract'r. !i:'t we could tcl!
.1 ki--j v. ht'l'.ii r "Oi' l'Srin jii.-.-mi; !,nsia -ss'
. r whether "ho way only l;U:i.l.i' ti;j otiier
.eiicr.'' llanilin G:u-!a:id ;a Aa'I-''"'! hg-
lViirait JIade D.-sc - IpMoKH.
A Ii.tli.iiatiiv pi.bli'iia.- i'rm a v.!ii:e ngo
.ranted a -.:c:::.-e of Tij;v.4 Ti'i.tlwcelebraf-.:
raderrf L-eatral Al'iiea. li, l:a.peiicil thai
it that limj i;- y.'ctiro of tho king of the
-.lavf: ilejler. hud coaie l'ro:;i Africa, and : o:i
:ea!l -ai.i'i of this city undertook to collate
an- Ihj u iii tif t5:o publish:. ii:i!l ;ittai;::iliIo iu
'rinat ion idoiit ;!; pt-iv;ui:d ipe:: ranee of
'.!:: t v.-orihy. llo foa:;d i:i tho v. ritiugs if
Jaaietvia, Stan Joy, Van (I; -la, Uletrup and
')?. Lenz so:::e nii::':i:e tie.:TfJitio:i.t 'of Ti; ti
i'il, I with tho aid .'f this ::::iterial the
)UT'i-,h.T.i laadi.' a picture ca" f!a; big Central
African. U'.iao tix-a two woodcats muile
:'ror.i phoiaxvaphs of t!:y la-adep have come
o hand, and it i ; ;r-it uut. tlii llalt iinore
'icutro rank almost; with tho in
rravingj r.3 i very j;o..d likeness of Tip.pu
!'i'. l'robabiy uot once in n huudrtil. times
'-.vald a iMirtrait le ia:td:i merely from descrio.
tio.v; that would, on the wh',-1;--, .-o jioarlv l-e-5C-i':lliIe
tli Kubjor t as in this cje. Success
!! this li-.:.l.itce was li ! h" fact
ot 15." iiua'sj K-gavilnig Tippu
Til a th iv,ost stplli'iiig pli-Si..iiaiity they had
nn t in Central Africa, gave very minute and
detailed descriptions of him. New York Sun.
Tlic Intlian Struck Illm First.
At an early hour tho other morning Carl
Seitrert had a sanguinary tussle with a
dummy Indian wbieh r. u.s peacefully doing
duty as u elgnr s-ign in lront of ti North
avenue htn.o. - Ali the blood that was shed
flowed from Carts veins, and, though he
"knocked out" Lis man, ho was much the
wurss fop pio yincaaiitei- t he puhc.oiiKiu
wha fel.-usotl ti'.ti tv-tl nlan rroiil Carl's visjj
like gr'P h uid tho ludian struck him lirst
and he didn't propose to bo insulted by any
coppered colored Choctaw or Pawnee. Jus
tice Kistun looked at Carl's bruised and
bleeding knuckles and sighed in sympathy,
for the judge's knuckles aad palms had not
entirely regained their normal condition
since tho Justices' re:j,".: b.aAa.U grtoie.
"Pay thu cos-s, aial gu, '"h'o inorcffiilly said.
"Lt-t rx dim-or ;dlbne'tnd you will not se
unagiriaiy ' red 'skins on 2sort.l jn , 1" -Chicago
Aliuo Itmitlu by Clairvoyant..
Tho miring r.ros;Kctor stands in danger of
losing Ms vocation. A man need no longer
shoulder a pick and a shovel and spend days,
weeks and months in traveling the moun
tains and gulches iu search pf (hn precious
metals. Tho '.'.miiiutizer" has dono away
with all hut. All that a man requires to do
now'is V be put to s-leep or mesmerized and
started oil to discover a mine, I met a
mesmerist the other tiay, aud h$ declared
tvv.t ho ha I a colored, malt whom he hatl sent
all over tho. ouhtry while asleep, and who
had vuifced a ccrt-aiii spot in uu Arizona min
ing region, which ho believed would bo found
to be an immense mine. Ore indicators
must yield before the sleeping prospector,
and I have no doubt tho latter will also bo in
demand to locate ore in mines which are now
equipped with all but that. J;res Haakell
in GIoIkj Democrat.
t'arclc&siioft in Slaking: Up.
Uany of our best aptresses paint most care
lessly, They usually ruddea their lips with
a hideous cherry paste, which often looks
quite revolting. Tho whito is put on care
lessly, so that tho natural color of the flesh is
left behind tho ears, and they rouge either
too much of too little. Tho black about the
eyes is put on so thickly as at times to CllV-td
clog the eyelids and tQ kid all expression save'
that of. the .Idiotic stare' Of an ill mado wax
work Saturday. Review.
As It Sounds (tlivji,
lit tho case pf a person, listening to his own
voieu and -,ttt"raiices from the graphophone,
there i much for curiosity, if cot wonder
ment. The i;ron who never heard himself
s;;caU a:; he has heard others (outside of him
sel, a:; -it were), is astonished at it3 sound.
"C.u that be my voice a:? others hear it?" he
mentally asks, for it sounds hi his ar with
an almost ur.raucijinr- ring and toiiej. Biicii
Hie ti:s : irtkiTid.
Hurat nulstcad, tf 'V'.ifl Cincinfiati Com
mercial Ch'.i'lto. was ttt-ked tho other tlaj
".vh:.t ::ovc;ty aiscovcred in his Eurojieau
travels lx-t year which iiaiircsscnl him most
forcibly. "It was the jas in Ireland," said
ho. "which will never stand 011 end, and
must therefore bo emptied or corked." New
York Tribune.
Iti u iAdy's Studio.
A York sti:d:a is diialy lighted 9
lu -k comes on liy.i ilo of skalla saie.rd
-.villi p'iosphorus. To tho topmost one is ;'. l:o;ie contairj'cg a candlo. It is a
L;;y". sadii , too. ,
1 he trie cf paiitJ that dog should wear ia
ammu-r is kiiicierl-ai'kvrs. Tho Epoch.
A jaid-Ileuiau oppejrs to be a central figure
'll t; r.uclts.
An attempt has bot-n made to have the
historic gallows tree on Hampstead Heath
cut down.
AV'hen A. T. Stewart died there was to
his credit on the books of A. T. Stewart
& Co. $12,000,000.
A Florida planter has contracted to
furnish a New York dealer with 1,000,
000 cabbages during the season.
The British budget shows 57,000 for
extra police for the coming year, in con
sequence of the dynamite scare.
It is said there are farmers' wives on
Long Island who make boys' trousers for
three cents. There are women in New
York who toil sixteen hours a day for
sixty cents.
A splended mine of molybdenum, a
metal more precious than silver, has been
found in the Cascade mountains, near
Tacoma, W. T. It is worth $30,000 per
The supremo court of Massachusetts
has decided that a railroad is not liable
for damages for injuries sustained y tho
holder of a pr..:j.
Tho whole stock of diamonds produced
by tho three largest companies in Cajx)
Town has been purchased by London
merchants to be held for a rise.
Tho gold mines of North Carolina aro
again being vigorously developed, ami
exceptionally rich yields arc reported
from most of them. At tho Mann-Ar-rington,
in Nash county, some men who
work over the tailings merely are said to
make $21 a day.
In the library of Dr. Williams, in Lon
don, is a copy of the Bible in shorthand.
It is exquisitely written, and is said to
have belonged to an apprentice of tho
time of James IT, who feared that the
Bible was about to be prohibited, and so.
wrote this copy.
A new fire escape in England is a sort
of a chair that slides down ropos, and the
host of a house possessing it often enter
taiiiei his guests 'by permitting them to
take a ride. At tlio Italian exhibition in
London it is expected to prove the great
rival of the switchback railway.
Australia and Cann-Ia :lvo shortly to
le tinited bv a cable 7, GOO miles in
length. x4le Egcria, a vessel belonging.
t 'lip Diitish nary, has begun to survey
the route, and it is expected that tho
U'ot k will take three years. Tho cable
will commence from a point on the east
ern coast of Australia and proceed by
way of the northern cost of NeV Zealand
to British Columbia, passing tho Fiji
Islands and landing at Vif tva i.t. on tho
southern end of Vancouver Island.
M. Jovis, 1; French aeronaut, is j0
bo building an air' ship m y, r.ioli "he pro
poses to iu t-f&s tho Atlantic
from NV York this fall. It is to be
called tho '"Atlantic," and will be 200
feet high, with a cubic measurement of
nearly 100,000 feet. It will weigh 4.500
pounds, and will carry the same weight
of passengers and freight. M. Jovis
thinks he can make seventy miles an
hoar in it, and expects to land in Nor
way or Sweden, or else in Ireland, in,
three r-nd a half days after starting. 'The
corfc of ue' enterprise is fixed atal:out
A Million on I. Iff.
The greatest achievement in the his
tory of life insurance has been mado by
Mr. John Wanamaker, who is now pay
ing premiums 0:1 1. 000. 000 to twenty
nine different companies, The last
IKliey issued on iis life was received by
h";tn tho other day. and so far as is known
there is no. other man in the world whose
life is insured for such an enormous
amount. There are a number of men in
this city who have been trying for years
to achievo the point just gained by Mr.
Wanamaker, but they have so far failed,
although John B. Stetson, the hat manu
facturer, has succeeded in getting poli
cies on his life amounting to $750,000.
He is desirous of putting the amount Up
to a round million.
The risks 011 Mr, Wanamaker xs life are
divided equally into life and fifteen year
endow ments, and he pays over 00,000
annually in premiums to the different
companies in which his risks are placed.
In the matter of paying premiums he is
outdone by Mr. Stetson, who pays .$S5,
0C0 in the same length of time, but the
difference is accounted for by the fact
that besides paying the premiums on the
risks on his own life, he also, pays those
on the lives of his business manager and
his son-in-law, both of whom he has in
sured for. $100,000 each, besides holding
policies for large amounts on other peo
ple's lives, Should Mr. Wanamakc-r al
low the annual dividends to go uncol
lected until the risks on his life expire he
will be entitled to about $1,400,000.
There are three companies which carry
premiums of $100,000 each on his life.
But Mr. Wanamaker is not the only man
in this city upon whose life big risks are
issued. George Chiids is insured for
$100,000, and so, ' is. Wharton Barker.
Hamilton Disston is insured for about
$150,000. J. G. Darlington is insured
for one-tenth of a million, and his part
ner, William M. Iiunk, for twice that
amount. Philadelphia Iiecord.
How to Cet a Silver Cradle.
Talking of customs reminds mo of a
curious old practice which still prevails
in some of the provincial towns of Eng
land, of presenting the wife of the mayor
with a silver cradle should she give birth
to a child during her husband's term of
office. The old custom is still kept up
in the town of Worcester, England,
where the mayor's wife, having had. a
child born unto her, was a few weeks,
ago presented by the corporation with
tha traditional silver cradle. It was ia the
torn ot a dish for fruit or flowers. On
each side were cut glass dishes, betweea
which the cradlet which was of wicker
work pattern, swung from the hands
a, pair of silver cupids. Jewelers
Real Estate lianrains
- X 2NT
0 L
21 lots in Thompson's addition.
40 lots in Townsond's addition.
Lot 10 block 138, lot 5 block KM. -
Lot 1 block (i, lot (i block H5.
Lot 11, block 111, lot S, block (il.
Lots in Palmer's addition.
Lots in Duke's addition.
Improved property of all descriptions
and in all parts of the city on easy terms.
A new and desirable residence in
South Park, can be bonght on monthly
Before purehnsing elsevhrr;-, rail and
see if we ca'iiict h!H you Ik tt r.
5 acres of improved ground north of
the city limits.
5 acres of ground adjoining South
2 acres of ground adjoining Smith
1 acres of ground adjoining South
20 acres near South Patk: Se J sec.
14, T. 10, Ii. 1?, Cass county, price $1,
800, if sold soon.
nw i sec. 8. T. 12, U. 10. Cass Co.,
price $2,000,
A valuable improved stock fram in
Merrick Co., Neb., 1C0 acres and on
reosonvble terms.
Windham & Davies.
Consult your best interests by injuring
in the Piuenix, Hart ford or Aitnsi com
panies, about which there is no question
as to their high standing and fair
The present year bids fair to be a dis
astrous one from tornadoes and wind
storms. This is fore-shadowed ty the
number of storms we haye already had
the most destructive one so far this year
having occurred at Mt. Vernon, 111.,
where a large number of buildings were
destroyed or damaged. The exemption
from tornadoes last year renders their oc
currenca more probable in 1SS8.
Call at our oflicc and secure a .Tor
nado Policy.
Unimproved lands for sale or ex
change. WIHDHAM&DA7IB8.
Dr. C- A. Marshall,
I'i enervation i-f natural teeth ir:lulty.
Vttth i j'ti'twtt'il without Kiln I'U ur i,J 1aiiijIiIiiq
All work warranted. I Vices reasonable.
I'"ir.lKltAl.ll'f4 V.l.'U K l'I.VTI-HMOI)TII, Nlll
"Painlccs Dcntisto."
Tl-e only Detitiftn In tlic Wist controllng till
New System f Kxtnii tliiK Hint Killlnj; J celli
without rain. Cur unucM ln-iic in en
tirely free Ironi
AM) IS Ali ;OI.l"i KI.Y
Harmless - To - All.
Teeth exlr.ictcl anil itillii;i teeth inserted
iioxt ilay if iti sln .l. I h,. j,-(.M. vjitloiiof the
liiiluiiil tci lh ii specialty.
The very finest, otliceln l i li.n IJIeck. over
'1 he Cilizei .
lttCI-.l VLtX-
' CrO 'i'CJJ
Win. Harold & Son
Cry Goods. Notions Boots M Shoes
or Ladies and h nts
lie keeps as Ir.rtr,- jm, ,iS well
3 IFJ X. "FCr,p' Xj STOCK
Af can tin i.mhi.i u;, y ,,;. jn , ,u. y jna(.e
"ii inn-..- mm u. iy i
Harpfir's Bazsr Patterns and Call's Corsets.
Wa.tch.GS ! WatcliG3 I
Has moved and is now in the Shcrwooa
room, Cor. 5th nnd Main Sts., where
he is better able to show" his
Large Stock of Watches
Than ever before, aud will ns nn induce
ment sell you Watf Iks way down. Call
and get the Special Prices in (iohl Watc h
es; it will surprise you. A Full Line of
the best styles of .Jewelry and Silverware.
Ilppairing will bis given Spi rial Atten
tion. All work warranted to ivc fHti--factiou.
The Boss Tailor.
Mala" Sr., Over Merfa s' Hln.e .Store.
Has the best and most comph te flock
of samples, both foreign find domestic
woolens that ever mine west of Missouri
river. Xote these prices: IhisinesH i-uits-from
$10" to :)',, drcr-s suits, ?25 to $4r,
pants 4, .f ."), $0, pi.LO and upwards.
CSTWill guaranteed a lit.
Prices Defy Competition.
Practical Piano and Organ Tuct
ritft-clafs work guaranteed. Al?o deal
er in Pianoa and Organs. Office at lioeck'a
furniture store, Plattsmouth, NebraKka.
Notary I'ul.lic. Notary Ttiblic,
Ittornsys - at - Xa."w.
Ofllce over llutik of Ca t'ouiity.
Plattsmouth, - Nebkaska.
or. C, BOONS,
All work first-claf-s; wet Fifth Street.
North Ilobert Sherwood's Store.
Job work done on .short notirc at
he IIeuali oflice.
B. &, M. Time Table.
So. 1. 1 :W a. m.
V, a. 6 :40 p. III.
No. 5 fl J .. a. ill.
Vrt. T --T .ir. ii- in.
;rixo kat.
No, 2.-4 or, $. m
No. 4. 10 :m . i,
No. 0 7 :l-i . l.
9 :50 a. m.
No. U. 9 - n.
No..-6:l7 p. in.
All tratue run ilatly by w:tvf 0 ha. except
w. 7 anil tt wlilp.h run to :iu-J f r in hi liuilT
daily exct pt Sunday.
No. 3d Is a ctr.bto Pacific .Junction at a
No. 19 H a stab troiu fucinc Juaction &t tuaa,