The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, July 17, 1888, Image 4

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A. Kallabary. Deatlat, Kockwocx! Baildlag-.
Ttlrpaoa Ha. Hi.
Dr. SlrU, Ollr la e-riaga Print Starr, Knl
Vara Cor. Sixth aal tiraaltr, Telrpaoa o. 45.
Dra. Cam A Mmlth. th Palalnui llratUU, I'aloa
Black, arrr t'ltixraa' Baak, PlatUmonth.
Half of tlio leap year is past, ami no
fatal results have yet been reported.
Messrs. Dickson and Todd, county
commissioners are at South Bend today
overseeing the building of a bridge.
The case of the Nebraska k Iowa
Insurance Co. vs (Silmorcis before Judge
Itusscll today. John A. Davies, attorney
for plaintiff and A. N. Sullivan attorney
for defendant.
The Engel family which was arrested
on Sunday for being drunk and disturb
ing the peace were lined by Judge Clif
ford yesterday as follows: The mother,
$5, Oscar, $10 and the girl $2.
Anderson Nelson, a Swede, and
C'has. Weaver, ft German, were brought
up before Judge Clifford yesterday and
fined $5 and trimmings for using inde
cent language on the streets.
Thk IIkkai.u learns from various sour
ces that a wrongful impression has le
come current in several parts of the coun
ty, touching the extent of the invitations
to the recent banquet of the Young Men's
llepublican Club of this city. TiikHkk
ai.d is authorized to stater that no com
plimentary tickets were issued except to
members responding to toasts and repre
sentatives of the press. Nevertheless the
doors were open to all republicans who
cared to purchase a ticket and enter, as
The announced before the ban
quet. The great ex tense attached to
undertakings of this character,bar extend
ing general complimentary invitations.
The base ball boys of this city, after
miking contracts with numberless teams
to visit some city in this vicinity, have
finally decided that on the 2"itli they will
go to Lincoln and meet the club which
played them here on the 1th. A contract
had I teen made with the Council Bluffs
team for a game on that date, but for
same reason unknown to the boys, it is
not their intention to hold good the con
tract as they are to play the Omaha
league team at Council Bluffs that day.
The Plattsniouth home team is ready to
meet them at any time, and all feel quite
confident that a game with them will ter
minate with several runs in favor of
Since base ball is the order of the
day, the printers of this city do not pro
pose to sit back in the shade and allow
all fat and lean people of every descrip
tion to toss a base ball without acquiring
a little information in that science. The
two printing offices of this city can eject
nine men for the purpose of playing any
other host of mechanics, and we hereby
challenge any who have enough confi
dence in their staying qualities to plav
us. If the printers cannot stick to the
llies which are batted into the field, by
practice, they can resort to the pad gum
or the ink keg, and by the assistance of
either could hold the hottest liner that
ever crossed a diamond.
about 11 o'clock which brought the-curious
people from all directions in quest.
No blaze was visible in any direction,
and as no one seemed to be wiser than
anyone on the matter, the large crowd
stood looking for the blaze. It was dis
covered tliat a fire broke out in a tene
ment house belonging to Chaplain
Wright, which was occupied
by Mr. Walt Scott and family. The F.
K. White hose cart of the second ward
was the first upon the scene. Several of
the hook and ladder company took charge
of the hose cart and when the hose men
came they found their cart gone. They
then took charge of the hook and ladder
waggon and were soon with the other
Nothing definite is known as to how
the fire orginated. A thousand opinions notice,, as faWnSoff
' - " ' . .
I.. la U.4 pre c t,i k.. i.6 tcAlre,
A Cleveland anui lor tlia reforinaire,
A Thurman anulTfor the big bolstalre,
A Mills' bill null for the tuterpretal.e,
HnufT, brothers, una ft" with care I
HnufT lu the presence of the free tradalre.
Sneeze, brothers, sneeze with care I
hneeze la the pretence of the free traldalre.
A mugwump Nueeze fur the great Grovalre,
A democrat rueezn for the oftlce seekaire,
A third party ueeze for the rum aellalre,
Saeeze, brother, sneeze with care !
Sneeze In the preeeuce of the free tradalre. .
Wipe, brothers, wipe with care !
Wipe In the preieuce of the free tradalre,
A Oeveland wipa with the inensane rare,
A Thuruiaii wipe with the bandaiiHire,
A Hill Scott wipe with tlie bin dollaire,
Wipe, hrotLera, wipe with eare !
Wide In the presence of the free tradalre.
MandielU Courier.
were made public in the crowd and nine
hundred and ninety-nine out of the thous
and, (us is generally the case) were too
absurd to be listened to for a second.
The citizens crowded around the house,
each one making himself so officious and
spouting off orders so loud and rapid
that the chief of the fire department, if
he had had a trumpet in his possession
that would break every dass in the
houses of the city with its would
have been impossible- for hint to have
given an older to the firemen and made
himself understood. Where such a crowd
interfere with the duties of the chief and
firemen when performing their duties,
they should turn the nozzle on them for
the benefit of the directly interested peo
ple. When citizens know it to be the
duty of the firemen to fight fires, why
will they work their unwelcome frames
in among them and give orders.
If they had not done this last night.
we are sure so much damage would not
haye been done with the water that was
complained of. Mr. Scott and wife had
been attending a sociabk given at theG.
A. It. hall and had just arrived at the
house on their return as the lire started.
Other damage than blowing the wind
ows out bv the water and the burning of
some of the wood work under the chim
ney, is not worth mentioning.
The building is located on llickory
sirect iteiween ?tn and !tli. -Many sup
pose the fire was caused bv rats which
A portly gentleman who wields the
pen in executing his duties as county
clerk at the court house has undergone
considerable change since yesterday.
The com which grows in great abundance
in the tine large Nebraska fields ha been
since the change.
We have heard of pancake, egg, and po
tato prize eaters, but the prize corn eater
has never come before us until today. It
is reported that the gentleman of whom
we speak beat the record today by pun
ishing one dozen roasted ears. This af
ternoon we noticed his posture to be
more upright when writing and that he
is obliged to rest occasionally for the
purpose of catching his breath.
The "Men Abort Town," "Curb
Stone Observers," "Town Strollers," and
others who revel in capital I'sand egotism
iu numerous western dailies should be
suppressed. It is very tiresome to read
in the columns presided over by these
geniuses, paragraphs commencing, "I
dropped into a barber shop yesterday."
"I was accosted by Judge Snowburry."
"I am iuclined to think." etc., etc. When
a newspaper man runs in the letter "1"
eyery line or two it is safe to assume that
he speaks of himself as n "journalist,"
wears eye glasses with a chain on them,
and earns about Si a week. Lincoln
Our Ivlid-Summer Slaughter isafo .
Aboat the Moat Nereaaary Adjunct of
Daily Xawappr Ufa Work.
About the most necessary and at the same
tinio least appreciated adjunct of a daily
newspaper is the office loy. Tho duties of
f Via .fTlr" lw.v nrA innnr iru ruul ami rutn Jot.
J . J - -IT. 1 1 IK 1 1 Ifl
luS. Ilo comes to the editorial room at half oruer lO licaii up Oil r Uthis ami lMuls Ml varioilM I K'Ta l'l 111111 1 S WO
j'.rU Ua V 4U bUO ii;iujii uuu mv.'i ll'IUU" I
Mtinl oiler J'.xtniuidiiiiii v iiuIiici iim nt.s ior tins wet k.
An Opening for Him.
"Are you the editor i"'
"Yes, sir."
"Can you give me employment
"I am afraid not. I have a lare force
of writers. What were vou doinr last i
i was writing advertisements lor a
but the war
baking powder company.
had got hold of some matches, as no fire I in that line is all over
had been in any stove excepting the ijaso- I "Well, you might try your hand at
line stuve for sometime. The house was circulation affidavit, and 1 will sec what
liooded with water, and when thu nozzle I I can do for you." Lincoln Journal
was turned to the window, the glass of a
window in an aihoinini; house was
broken, which brought a lady to the
door exclaiming that there was no fire at
her house.
If the democratic party at head
quarters runs short of men who are capa
ble of manufacturing a well polished lie
we would advise them to send to Phitts
mouth after an Omaha Herald ctrres
pondent. H c think the man who did
the corresponding act for that paper con
cerning the banquet which was given by
the young men's republican club here on
the 12th cannot be rivalled in his line.
Such a lie, everyone knows who attended
the banquet, neyer before nor never will
again receive publication. He is a cham
pion, we all admit, and even C. Whop
per, who formed a few lines into a squil
in a faint effort to misrepresent things in
the same way, cannot polish up a whop
per as brassy as the one which appeared
in that paper.
There is some talk among several of
the political men, and they are trying tc
work it club from the two parties into a
hot game on the diamond. Such a game
would be interesting and we hope sonic
of the most influential politicians w ill en
deavor to urge the matter. There art
republicans we know of who would make
a home run every time, but we would
like to the game anyway. Other cities
luve organized clubs and every few da
(ledgers are sent out: 'Harrison vs
Cleveland." The democrats should hayt
fie privilege to create a little excitement,
anyway, and let people know they arc
still in the ring. Every class of opposi
tion, even to the fat and lean people, i.
se;n upon the diamond m hot conflict
ball tossing. We would propose for th
democratic nine as a battery. Mat Gerin
as pitcher, and C. W. Sherman, of the
Journal, as catcher. We do not plaj
him in that position saying he will catch
anything, but we speak with assurance in
regird to his efficiency as a back stop.
Mat would fail to work in a curve that
would pass him. The democratic nine
with proper gearing might woik its way
to victory.
?Ir. Tiios. Reynolds is m Omaha today.
Miss May Cranmer is in Omaha today.
Mr. liallou oi Omaha, is in the city to
Mr. Jesse L. Root left for Iieatrlce thi
Mr. Cutler, photographer, returned
from Omaha this morning.
Miss Ella Gabler, of Omaha, who has
been visiting in the city for a few days,
returned last night.
Mr. J. W. Beverage a former citizen of
Plattsniouth. who is now a resident of
Omaha, is in towu today.
Miss Bell Wendell, who has remained
it home for some time recruiting after a
iong siege of office work, left this morn
ing for Omaha to follow her vocation at
that city.
Mr. Julius Straus and wife, of St. Joe,
brother and sister of Mr. and Mrs. Julius
Pepperberg, arrived in the city last night.
Mrs. Straus will remain in the city. Mr.
S. left this morning.
A Cross Error.
Customer : "Grocer, I have a bone to
pick with you."
Absent minded grocer: "Very well,
"The last sugar I bought of you had a
lot of vcllow sand in it."
"You are certainly mistaken. We use
only the finest of white sand." Lincoln
Lawn Social Tonight.
Every one is invited to the social given
by the "Y's," at the home of Mrs. Lover-
ing, corner of 10th and Marble.
On the 17th and isth there will be
in excursion over the B. fc M. from Un
join, Wymcre, Central City, Columbus,
Grand Island, Kearney, McCook and all
intermediate points to Fleming, Colorado.
A special excursion train leaves lloldrege
at 7 o'clock p. m., Wednesday, July 18th,
and will arrive at Fleming at 4 p. in.
Excursionists from eastern Nebraska must
reach lloldrege on the regular train, ar
riving there at 4:30 a. m., Wednesday,
July lbth. Excursionists from Republi
can Valley points, west of Red Cloud,
and eat of McCook must reach Holdrctre
at 10: 05 p. m., Tuesday, July 17. A
Pullman sleeping car for Fleming will
leave Lincoln 10:15 p- m., July 17th.
One fare for round trip. Tickets good for
one continuous passage going in connec
tion with special train from lloldrege.
ind good to return with stop-over privi
leges on any regular train up to July 28th.
Mr. h. L. Keister, a young lawyer
who has been performing his duties
faithfully in the office of Judge A. N.
Coal is cash.
The undersigned coal dealers, doing
business iu the city of Plattsniouth, deem
it to the best interests of the . public, as
well as of the dealers, to sell coal strictly
and exclusively for cash.
Coal is a commodity that is, and should
be, sold on a very close margin, too small,
in fact, for the dealers to trust to the de
lays and uncertainties of collections.
The dealers are required to pay spot
cash for coal. The credit system entails
a serious loss each season, by reason of
the amount of bad debts necessary to be
charged off to profit and loss, and in the
additional expense required for book
keepers, collectors, etc.
By dispensing with the above formid
able items of expense, dealers can "afford
to sell coal at lower prices, and they feel
assured that this will commend itself to
the thinking public.
For the above reasons, theref re, the
coal dealers have decided to sell for cash
OX AXl) A FT Elt .71 XY ll, 188.9.
This means just what it says.
Timothy Ci.akk.
tf II. A. Waterman & Son.
ing his coat, collar and tie, "proceeds to wres
tle alternately with broom and duster until
the room begins to lose its crazy appearance,
and to once more resemble an abode of civ
ilized beings. Then, after an interesting In
terview with soap and towel, ho prepares to
jump around like "a cat on hot bricks," an
swering the ever noisy telephone and tho
never silent desk lells, which tho editors seem
to consider their sacred duty to be forever
In tho meantime visitors aro crowdin
into tho oflice and firing tho craziest kind of
questions at tho oflice boy. ' Ono wants to
know ir tho olheo eat fs n real animal or a
creation of the editor's brain. Another asks
if tho prisoner puzzle was ever found out
Some want to pay their respects to tho edi
tor. Others want to pay him an old debt.
etc.,. ec. Aliovo all, tho boy mast do his
work qmekly and carefully. This requires
an expenditure of nervo force which is sel
dom without its effect. As a result of his
efforts to meet tho requirements of his posi
tion the boy frequently lteconies nervous and
absent minded, lie may often Iks seen try
ing to unlock tho reporters' letter liox with a
broom, putting a two cent stamp cm a jtostul
card, etc
But tho drawbacks of tho position aro out
numbered by its advantages. In tho first
place, in his daily routine of work the youth
comes in contact with all sorts of people who
have alls sorts of dispositions, so that he ac
quires a knowledgo of human nature the liko
of which could hardly bo got outside a news-
paper oflice. He learns a great deal of tho
manners and itersonal appearance of our
country s great men whose cards iio carries
in to the sanctum sauct. Again, in getting
answers irom tuo editors to the many inter
esting quieries made by the more intelligent
of tho everj-day visitors, ho is storing up a
time private lunu or miormation winch will
render him valuable service when in after
years Lo has attained a higher position.
Finally, if tho youth be bright and quick ho
win "catch on" to lots of little incidents in
his daily life, which, by "writing them iqi,"
will not only swell his pockotbook, but pave
tuo way to ins future success and prosiH?riy
us a journalist. James J. Smith in Tho
Miij'I'on, the Man Monkey
The original of the character of "Jocko.
tho Brazilian Ape," was Henry Leech, mi
r.nglisliman, whoso professional name was
tJtto Motti. His body was of tho size of im
ordinary man's, hut his legs were ouJv a font
long, yet such was his agility that he con Id
outrun, on all fours, a very fair runner. His
skeleton is in Mine. Tussaud's exhibition in
London. Tho llavels afterward introduced
tho character iu their pantomimes, bur. it
was ielt to JMaiilton to bring it to perfection.
lie had wonderful strength in his hands ami
could walk with his hands hanging under an
ordinary floor joist, his whole weight de
pending upon tho grip between his thuiuhs
and their opposing lingers with perfect
i i.
eue; uuu ne occasionally astonished a
braggart of the profession by walk
ing on his hands on a slack rope, or
on mo Hawser witu winch tiio circus
was towed by a steamer. This sinjrular fa
culty made him an expert eh'nibcr, and ho
would nm up and down the interior of tho
circus and leap tho rail of the tiers and run
along them with an agility that no apo could
excel, lie fairly rolled with laughter when
he told how he frightened tho colored ieoplo
on the Mississippi.
On one occasion, when ho leaped among
them, chattering and grimacing, many
jumped in their fright through the windows
of the circus into the river and were rescued
with difficulty. "For God's sake, stop this,''
said Spalding afterward, "or we'll have deal
niggers to pay for." In December, 1S54,
while playing iu Charleston, ho created al
most a panic in tho theater. One of tho
scrub women was stationed in tho third tier
with a stuffed baby, and Maiilton. in his
Jocko act, snatched it from her and, jump
ing to tho side of the proscenium boxes, beat,
its head against the wood and then threw it
to the stago and jumped on it, the woman
yelling all the while and the audience in a ter
rible uproar of terror and iiidiriinthm rv.
troit Free Press,
Lot i.
r II.
Special Bargains in Hosiery - 3
At 25 cents :i jutir Our Kntitv Line of ('liiMunV Fiiwy
J'riiitod Hose that have never l.i l'. ic rt-tuilul fur Jts IIimi 0
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from 35 to 50 cents a pair.
At 50 cents a pair comprises our Kntire Line of Children's
I'Jain and Uihbcd Enlifdi Lisle Thread Hose, formerly fold
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Silk Flatted JIosc worth lrom 75 to si. do n pair.
At 75 cents a pair takes in our Stock of Children's Fancy
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Extraordinary Values In Pans !
Gauze and Satin Fans, Flain and IIand-Iainted, formerly Hold front
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4.50, reduced to $3.4 0.
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Our $10.00 Ostrich Feather Fan, Shell Handle, in Black and (imy,
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Full Lilies of Japanese Fans at Popular Prices.
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80 50.
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duced to s5.00.
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Alpaca and Boiuhuziue Para.-ols at ii''ativ Bediic-d Prices,
Jot m9 jDhl sl
There is not one tiling that put- a man
or woman at such disadvantage, before
the world as a vitiated state of the blood
Your ambition is gone.
Your courage lias failed.
Your vitality has left you.
- 1 ! A IT il
i our languid step ami iiswess ac- ui -i
: ..1. . .li I rl- I 1 J I . -I'll s
nous miow mat you nreu a powciiui in- qj jg -ifPAf'-
rumnitor ...... T.. .!,. It. .....' I1,.,. .1 I . 'ft- , iWl
i'unher and IJlood Maker will put new S
life in a worn out system, and if it docs
not it will cost yon nothing. ). I'. Smith
iv v . o. . iilllriTlsls. !
jury .- , m ifc- i
Will J. Warrick has the best and larg
est stock of wallpaper in the city, their
styles arc new and fresh and no job lots of
last year's designs or bankrupt stock to
run off, if you want the latest and best
assortment of new goods see Warrick's
stock. tlwlw
Mien's canvass shore qt Merges', only
85 cents, everything cheap. tf.
The fare has been put down on the ferry
boat (Katie Pease) to $1.00 for round
trip for two horses and driver. Buy
your hay from the other side of the river.
1 1 1 m Pr-TERSOX & Co.
S illivau for some time, and who has left 1 Sl'1 p-3 cheaper than anybody,
a favorable impression uon the citizens S'L co"vinCC? uo iruble to
f f1 ... . - show goods. tf. Peter Merges.
ot I'lattsmouth, leaves tomorrow morn- - .
Taken for a Waiter.
In reading a few days apro of the ruinous
condition of the old palace at Versailles I re
called a curious incident that oconrred to mo
at tho grand ball given there some ten years
ago, the last time it was opened for a public
occasion. You will remember that the re
publican government has neglected the place
until now it is said to be unsafe. The la-t
great ball given there drew an enormous
throng of some 1,000 people, and every ce
lebrity then in Paris was present. It was
ostensibly open only to invitation, but tho
usual means of entering a state ball obtained
admittance. I was in Paris at the time, and
in company with two companions went to
tho palace. IJy judiciously feeing tho dooiv
keepers we were readily admitted.
Once within tho great palace we were lewil
dered, and did not know which way to go.
Everybody was in the regulation evening
dress, and the horde of paid attendants could
not be distinguished from the guests. In
pushing from one room to another, looking
for tho coat room, I fell upon a weazened,
small man, whom I took to be an attendant.
He was standing in the room taking in tho
urowd( and I supposed ho was there to servo
the guests.. . nlki'ig up ro him, I asked,
briskly, which was tho way" to the dressing
room. Gating at mo an instant, he bowed
politely and pointed to a door, without say
ing a word. I thought no more of the mat
ter until two days afterwards I was at a
public ceremonial, where who should bo the
central figure but the man I had taken for q.
waiter. He was the king of Spain. Elliott
C. Jtwett in Globe-Democrat.
Ladies, Attention !
Itec.irmer Toilet Preparations which
include Cream. lialm. Moth find Prcckl
Lotion, Powder and Toilet Soap, arc sold I
only ly ucring x Co., and recommended
by the following society ladies : Mcs
dames Adelina Patti-Nic.olini. James
Ihown Potter, I.illie f.angtry, Simh
Bernhardt, Helena Mod ji ska, Fanny
Eavenport, Clara Louise Kellogg ;iml
one hundred oliieis. tf. jr ill
K 2 MH.?
Furniture for Sale-
A line lot of household furnituic can
be purchased at a moderate price, also a
one residence can ne rented winch is m j
a convenient location for parties wiship." I
i . . ....
to Keep boarueis. there are several
large rooms in the house which would
- M 5
o 8 M t
Watclies I Watches I
find ready tenants. For information ai - i , .
. ... . .... i Has inovMl find is now in the Mniu,,l
ply at this office. lOjl.
ing for Alma, Xeb., with the intention of
going in business and practicing law at
that place with Mr. W. M. Mourning, a
youn: man who resided here for some
time and is well and favorably
known. While we are sorrv to sec him
Best in the world. German Vegetable
Liver Pills. For sale Jv Gerimr & Co.
English Sntvin Liniment removes all
Hard. Soft or Calloused lumps and
Bl emishes from horses. Blood Suavin
Curbs. Splints, Sweeney, Btifies. Sprains,
Pinlf Krc Ponrdia nnl t-tr . rv
leave the city with a view of in proving by use of one bottle. Every bottle war
ns location, we end with him our I est ranted by F. G. Fhicke & Co.,
wishes. Druirsista. Plattsmonth. Nfb
Tlio Road to Success.
A commercial traveler tells the story of
himself. It was in his early traveling days;
in fact, ho had been taken out of the ollice to
make hid first trip on t he route of the regu
lar traveler, who was sick. He visited two
or three cities on his route, not meeting wirh
much success, which he attributed to the fact
that two or three other salesmen carrying
tho same lines of goods were just ahead of
Being afraid the house would be dissatis
fied, and a little doubtful of his own abilities,
he telegraphed his employer, "Better call me
in. There are three rival salesmen ahead of
Instead of calling him in, the head of the
house telegraphed, "Push ahead. There are
a hundred other fellows behind you.''
So he went ahead, satisfied that he could at
least hold his own with the fellows that were
behind, with the result that ho made &ueh t
good trip that he was kept on the road, and
his salary increased. Ho said the idea that
there were a lot of fellows following served
to stimulate him, and he deicViaiued to go
ahead and puh things to the b&t of his
ability, and be succeeded. Jewelers' Review.
Furnished House to Rent.
A furnished house h open to tenants
at a moderate rte. The proprietor offers
to board with the family that rents the
house. Any family without small child
ren cart have a good chance by inouiring
of W. W. Cole!"
When your skin is yellow.
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When your skin is inflamed and red.
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When your skin is full of pimples you
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Blood Maker is warranted as a positive
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room, Lor. oth and Mum Sts., where
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Large Stock of Widthis,
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