The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, June 27, 1888, Image 2

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Th3 Plattsmouth Daily Herald.
Publishers & Proprietors.
In published every evening except Sunday
and Weekly every Thursday morning. Kegls
tered at the postofllce. I'lattfinoutli. Nebr.. ks
DHoiMid-cIa-tn mutter. Olllce corner of Vine and
Tilth streets.
One copy one year In advance, by mail SO oo
Onecoy permontb, by carrier, 6"
One copy per week, by carrier 15
One oopy oie year. In advance 51 no
onaeoDTili months, in advance......... 75
aib:"vivk iamoub.'
The rd bandana In flunz to the breeze,
Un with the HtarsanU Stripe !
And Tburuiau aud Cleveland will go a you
Up with the Stars and Stripes !
Th f re-(rade wind la ready to blow.
And the flowing bowl is becfuiilnt; to How
For the red baudana if English, you know,
I'p with the Stars and btrlpes !
For home r J fortune and fatherland,
l'p w'th tlie Htars and Klrie !
W want no airs from free-trade land.
Up with the Mars and Striae !
We'll luve no banner f Knglixll stuff.
No red bandanna and Thurmaa snuff
For us "Old lory" is good enough.
Up with the Stars and Stripes !
For American homes ani American trade,
l'p with the .stars and Strle 1
Well draw our Kharpest political blade,
I i) with the St. us and Strip a !
Free soil, freg schools, free ballots, free men
We've been in the battle again and again.
And we'll liirlit it to the end. amen !
Up with the Stars ami btripes !
SpringQeld Union.
Blaine is a republican to the core. In
a short time lie will return to these United
States and uiarshall his forces and put
bis shoulder to the wheel and the repub
licans wiil march on to victory aud take
Washington, and the country will go on
prospering as ever.
To the free-trade democrat his platform
is free trade; to the protectionist demo
crat it is only tariff reform. To England,
however, it is free trade pure and simple;
and to the workingman it means little
work, low wages, competition with Eu
rope and general depression and discon
tent. There is no doubt that the work
ingman has the common-sense view of it.
From the Elizabeth Journal.
It was an appreciative audience last
evening which listened to the remarks of
Messrs Davies, Windham, Chapman and
Vanatta. It was full of enthusiasm and
responded to the telling points made
with a vigor which gaye evidence of the
spirit which will march the republican
column to victory in November. The
"Walk away'' which our democratic
friends predict for Messrs. Cleveland and
Thurman will be accompanied by an
outpouring of democratic sweat and
agony, before November rolls around,
which will be edifying to the bystanders.
We give our democratic friends due
notice that the sociable will be an inter
esting affair.
"Mr. Watterson was kind enough to
say that before they took the roof off the
house they were going to give the occu
pants a chance to get out. By the 'house'
I suppose he means the great workshop of
America. By the 'roof he means
Protection; and by the 'occupants' the
mechanics. He is not going to turn them
out at once, nor take the roof off in an
instant, but this is to be done gradually.
In other words, they will remove it
shingle by shingle, or tile by tile, until
it becomes so leaky or so unsafe that the
occupants that is to say, the mechanics,
will leave the building.
"The first tinner m the platform is a
reaffirmation of the platform of 18S4,
and an unqualified indorsement of Pres
ident Cleveland's Message on the tariff.
And if President Cleveland's Message
has any meaning whatever, it means free
trade not instantly, it may be but that
is the object and the end to be obtained.
All his reasoning, if reasoning it can be
called, is in favor of absolute free trade.
The issue is fairly made shall American
labor be protected, or must the American
laborer take his chances with the labor
market of the world? Must he stand up
on an exact par with the laborers of Bel
gium and England and Germany, not
only, but with the slaves and serfs of
other countries? Must he be reduced to
the diet of the old country? Is he to
have meat on holidays and a reasonably
good dinner on Christmas, and live the
rest of the year on crusts, crumbs, scraps,
skimmed milk, potatoes, turnips, and a
few greens that he can steal from the cor
ners of fences? Is he to rely for meat on
poaching, and then is he to be transport
ed to some far colonly for the crime of
catching a rabbit? Are eur working
men to wear wooden shoes?"
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Tb Daughter of 0t VffOXtwu
In th days when Lord Lytton wrots
poetry and was better known as Owen Mere
dith, people who pretended to know Insisted
that ho had some unhappy lore affair with m
married woman, to whom some of his most
famous poems were addressed. Afterwards
he consoled himself with a wife of his own,
but he always retained a great fondness for
the Lucile type of woman, with pale, clear
skin, and dark hair and eyes, such as the wo
man of his first passion is said to have had.
Strangely enough, bis daughter strongly re
sembles tbo girl he was so fond of describing
over and over again in verse. She and ha
are the most inseparable friends and com
rades and the affection between them is really
beautiful to see.
She is very clever, it is said, and he has
educated her in great measure himself, la
consequence of which their tastes are similar
and their intellectual pursuits enjoyed in
common. They both are ardent connois
seurs of Eastern art and literature, and tbs
hotel they inhabit in Paris is a perfect treas
ury of Indian carvings, manuscripts, pottery
and hangings. The girl is an excellent horse
woman, and early every morning she and hef
father are to be seen galloping side by side in
the Bo La. Afterwards they work together,
for she takes great interest in his public
labors and performs many of the duties of a
secretary for him. She paints with consider
able skill and sings charmingly, and there
have been whispers of late about her efforti
in verse, which are said to be such as Owen
Meredith himself would not be athamed to
acknowledge. Nsw York World.
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CoL Iliggtnson told the whole truth la
bis recent Cambridge lecture on the pro
fessional life of a literary man; the gist of
which was. that honor makes a great part
of the reward of an honorable profession.
Susan Chan rung In The Writer.
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The YVatCare of tlio Kace.
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ple more permit themselves to be governed
by conventional laws than marriage. There
is certainly none in which it is more impor
tant that these should be displaced by scien
tific ones. It is marriage that makes good
the steady drain upon the world by death,
and supplies generation after generation oi
new comers to re-enact the momentous
drama of life. It is not too much to say that
the welfare of the race depends primarily
upon well orderai marriage. Is anything oi
more importance than maintaining our race,
at its present grade or improviig upon iti
Boston Herald.
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The republicans of the United States, assem
bled by their deligates In national convention,
pauae on the threshold of their proceeding te
honor the memory ft their first great leader
and immortal champion of liberty and t lie
rights of the people, Abraham Lincoln, and to
cover also with wreaths f imperishable re
membrance and gratitude the heroic names of
our later leaders who have been more recently
called away from ourcounc:l, (irant, Garfield,
Arthur, l.gan and Conkllng. May their mem
erles be faithfully cherished. We also recall
with our greeting and prayer for hU recovery
the name of ono of our )ivin heroes whose
nuniory will be treaxured ill the history both
of republicans and of the republic. The name
is that of the noble soldier and favorite child
of victory. I'll Hi i 11. Sheridan.
In the fpirit of those treat leaders and of our
devotlou t human liberty, and with that hos
tility to ail forms of despot iein ai.d oppression
which is the fundamental idea of the republi
can party, wo send fraternal congratulations
to our fellow Americana of upon their
great act of emancipation which completed
the abolition of slavery throuhout the two
American continents. We cnrnvstly hope wo
may soon congratulate our fellow citizens of
Jrl-h birth upon the peaceful recovery of home
rule for Ireland.
to the national constitution nd to the indis
soluble union of states to thts autooiMuy re
served to the states under tiie constitution, to
the personal rights and liberties of citizens in
all males md territories in the union and es
pecially to the supreme and sovereign right of
every citizen, ricli or poor, native or foreign
born, white or black, to cast one free ballot in
th public elections ami to have that ballot
duly counted. We hold a free and honest pop
ular ballot aud iiit and eial representation
of all people tube the foundation of our re
publican government and demand effective
legislation to secure the integrity an-1 purity
of elections which are the fountains of all pub
lic authority. We charge that the present ad
ministration a::d the democratic majority in
congress owe their existence toihe suppression
of the ballot by the criminal nullification of the
constitution and laws of the United States,
We are uncroiupromisingly in favor of the
American system ot protection. We protest
against the destruction proposed by the prei
dent ana his party. They serve the interests
of Europe
wk wnx snrroitT intekfsts op America.
We accept the issue, and confidently appeal to
the people for their judgment. The protective
system must be maintained. Its abandonment
has always been followed by general disaster
to all interests except those of the uiuurer
and sheriff.
We denounce the Mills' bill as destructive te
general business, labor, and the fanning inter
ests of the couutry. and we heartily endorse
the consistent aim patriotic actlen of the re
publican representatives In congress in oppos
ing its passage. We condemn the proposition
of the democratic party to place wool on the
free list and insis' that the duties thereon
sha'l be adjusted and maintained so as to fur
nish full and adequate protection to that in
dustry. The republican party would effect all needed
redact ir-it of the. national revenue by repealing
the taxes on tobacco, which are an arrogance
and burden to agriculture, and the tax upon
spirits used in the arts and for mechanical pur
poses, and by such revision of the tariff laws as
will tend to check imports o' such articles as
are produced by our people, the production of
which gives employment to our labor, and re
lease frm import duties ttiese articles of for
eign production, except luxuries, the like of
which cannot be produced at home, there i-hall
still remain a larger revenue than is requisite
for the wants of government, of internal taxes
rather than surrender any part of our i nfec
tive system at the Joint befust of the whisky
ring and agents of foreign manufacturers.
We declare hostility to t he introduction into
this country of foreign contract labor and of
Chinese labor alien to our civilization and our
constitution, and we demand the rigid enforce
ment of existing laws against it and favor such
immediate legislation as win exclude sucn ia
bor from our shores.
We declare our opposition to aMcombiLa
tions of capital orgnnized in trusts or other
wise to control arbitrarily the condition of
trade among our citizens and we recommend
to congress s,dcI the state legislatures in their
respective Jurisdictions such legislation as will
prevent the execution of all schemes to oppress
the people by undue charges on their supplies
or by uojust rates for the transportation of
tueir products to marxer.
we approvepegisiation ny congress to pre
vent alike unjust Duruens and unfair discrim
ination betweon states.
runLir: land legislation.
We reaflirm the colioy of appropriating the
public lands of the Chited States to be home
steads for American citizess and settlers not
aliens, which the republican party established
in 1802 agauist the opposition of
the democrats m congress, which has brought
our great western drmiaiu into magnificent de
velopenient. The restoration ot unearned land
grants to the public domain for the use of ac
tual settlers, winch was begun under the ad
ministration of President Arthur should be
continued. We deny that the democratic partv
has ever restored one acre to the people, but
declare that by the joint action of rcpublicahs
auu democrats aiiout mtv million acres oi un
earned lands, originally granted for the con
struction of railroads, have been restored to
the public domain in pursuance of conditions
inserted by the republican party in the oiigin-
al grants. We charge t- e democratic adminis
tration with lailure to execute laws securing to
settlers ime to ineir Homesteads ana witn us
ing appropriations made for that purnese to
harrass innocent settlers with spies and prose
cations under the false pretense of exposing
irauus auu vniuicauntj uie law,
The government by coKffiess of the lerritor
ies is based upon necessity only to the eud that
mey may necome states in tne union : there
fore, whenever tiie copditions of population.
material resource", piibiio inteuigeuce aud
morality are such as to insure stable local gov
ernment therein the people of such territories
should be permitted, a right inherent in them,
to form for themselves constitutions pud state
governments and tie ad uitted iuto the union
Pending preparation for statehood all ollicers
thereof should he selected from bona fide
residents and citizens or tne territory wherein
they are to serve. Mouth Dakota should of
rignt ie immediately admitted as a state ii
the union under the constitution framed and
adopted by her people, and we heartily e:
dorse the action of the republican senate in
twice passing Mils for her admission, "i he re
iiisat ot tne democratic house of representa
tives, mr partisan purposes, to favorably con
sider these bills is a willful violation of I lie
sacrea American principle of local self-govern
ment, and merits the condemnation of all just
men. '1 he pending bijla in the senate for acts
to enable the people of Wishington, North
JJakota and Montanna territories to form con
stitutions and establish state governments
should be passed without unnecessary delav.
The republican party pledgos inself to do ail in
irs power to lactntate tne admission of the ter
ntories of Aew Mexico. Wvominir. Id:ih o iinrl
Arizona to the enjoyment of self-government
as states. um oi mem as are now qualified
as soon as possible.and others as soon as they
way uecunie u.
The political power of the Jlormon church in
tne territories as exercised in tne past is a
menauee to tree lUEiltutiens loo dangerous to
no long sunered. luerefore we p edge the re
publican party to appropriate legislation,
asserting the sovereignty of the nation in all
the territories wiiere the same is questioned
and la furtherance of that end to place
upon the statute book legislation stringent
enouga to aivorce political ironi ecclesiastical
power, aud thus stamp out the attendant
wtcKeanees ot polygamy.
i ne repuimcan party is in iavor oi the use
or Dotu geiu ami silver as money, and con
demns tne policy oi the democratic admiuis
tration in its efforts to demonetize silver.
We demand the reduction of letter postage
to 1 cni per ounce.
In a republic like ours, where the citizens Is
the sovereign and the ofllciil the servant,
where no pewer is exercised except bv the will
ot tne people, it is important mat tne sover
eign reople should possess intelligence. The
free school is the promoter of that intelligence
wh icli Is to preserve us a free nation. 1 here-
fore, the state or nation, or both ennbiued.
should support free institutions of learning
sufficient to xtlord to every rhild growing up
In the land the opportunity of a good common
school education.
We earnestly recommend that prompt action
be taken In c-rress in the ei actment of sach
legislation as will best secure the rehabilita
tion of our Americnn merchant inaiine, aud
we protest against the passage by congress of
a free ship bill as calculated to work injustice
to labor by lessening the wages of those en
gaged in preparing materials as well as those
directly employed in our shipyards. We de
mand appropriation for the trly rebuilding
of our navy, for the con&truction of oast
lortifioitioiis aud modern ordinance and other
approved modern mea"s of defense for the
protection if our defenseless harbors and
cit ies. for the payment of Jns-t pensions to our
soldiers, for necessary works of national im
portance in the improvement of the harbors
aud. channels of internal, coastwiser and
ore pn commerce, for the encouragement cf
the shipping interests of the Atlantic, Gulf
and Pacific states as well as for the payment
of the maturing public debt. This policy will
give employment to oar labor, activity to our
various industries, increased security to our
country, promote trade, open new sud direct
markets for our products and cheap n the cost
of transportation. We aftlrm this tote far
better for eur country than toe democratic
policy of loaning the government's money
without interest to "pet banks."
The conduct of forels.ii affairs by the ptesont
administration has been distinguished by Inef
ficiency and cowardice. Having withdrawn
from the senate all pending tiea'lrs effected
by republican adnilnjstrat lors for the removal
of foreign burdens and restrictions upon our
commeice and for Its extension into a belter
market, t has neither alfected nor projmsed
any others in their stead. Professing udlier
ence to the Mearee doctrire, it has seen with
iille complacency the extension of foreign In
fluence in Central America and of foreign trade
everywhere among our elghbors. It has re
fused to charter, sanctioa or encourage any
American orgauizytion for coutrftcling the
Nicaragua canal, a work of vtal importance to
the maintenance ot the Monroe doctrine and
of our national intlaence In Central and -South
America, and necessary fo- the development
of trade with our Pacific territory, with South
America, and with the further coasts of the
Pacific Ucea o.
We arraign the present democratic admiQis
tration for its weak and unpatriotic treatment
of the fisheries question, and its pusillanimous
surrender of all privileges to which our fishery
vessels are entitled in Canadian peits under
the treaty of 1R18. the reciprocate marin
tine legislation of W.W and comity of nations,
and w hich Canadian fishing vessels receive in
the ports of tiie United States. We condemn
the policy of the prasent administration and
t lie democratic majority in congress towards
our fisheries as unfriendly and conspiclously
unpatriotic and as tending to destroy a valuable
national industry amlai indispeusible resource
of defense against foreign enemy.
The name of American applies alike to all
citizens of the rep.iblm, and imposes upon men
alike the same oHigat ion of obedience to the
'aw-. At the same limecHizensbipis and must
be the panoply and safeguard of him who weais
It, should shield and protect him whether high
or low, rich or poor. In all his civil rights. It
should aud must'afford him protection at home
and follow and protect him abroad In whatever
iaua ne may ue on a lawiui errand.
The men who abandoned the republican par
ty in 184 and continue to adhere to the demo
cratic party have deserted not only the cause
of honest government, but of sound finance, of
freedom (and purity of the ballot, but espec
lally have deserted the caue of reform In the
civil service. We will not tail to keep uur
pledges because tl ey have broken theirs, or
because their candidate has broken his. We
tli ere tore repeu' our deelaiation of 1884. towit
1 he reform of civil service auspiciously begun
under republican administration should be
completed by afurther extension of th" reform
system already established by law to all grades
of the service to which it is applied. The spir
it ana purpose oi letorm snouid ue observed t
all executive appointments, aud all laws at
vartence with the object of existing reform leg
islalion should be repealed, and that the dan
gers to free institutions which lurk in the pow
er oi oir.ciai patronage may oe wisely ana ei
feetively avoided.
The gratitude of the nation to the defenders
or tne union canuot be assured except by laws.
1 he legislation of congress should conform to
the pledges made by a loyal people, aud be so
enlarged and extended as to prev'de against
the possibility that any man who honorably
wore tiie federal uniform shall become an In
mate of an almshouse or dependent on private
charity. In the presence of an overflowing
treasury it would b a public scandal to do less
ior inosc wnose valorous service preserved tne
government. We denounce the hostile spirit
suown Dy l-resiaeni Cleveland in tits numerous
vetoes of measures for pension relief, and the
action of the democratic house of representa
tives in reiusiug even consideration of general
pension legislation.
In support of the principles herewith cnun
elated, we invite the co-operation of patriotic
men oi aa parties, especially oi all wonting
men whose presperity is seriously threatened
by the free trade policy of the present admin
Republican State Convention.
The republican electors of the state of
Xebraska are requested to send delegates
from their several counties to meet in
convention at the city of Lincoln Thurs
day, August 23, 1888, at 2 o'clock p. m.,
for the purpose of placing in nomination
candidates for the following state offices.
Lieutenant Governor.
Secretary of State.
State Treasurer.
Auditor of Public Accounts.
Attorney General.
Commissioner of Public Lands and
And the transaction of such other busi
ness as may come before the convention.
The several counties are entitled to re
presentation ns follows, being based upon
the vote cast for Hen. Samuel Maxwell,
judge, in 1887, giving one delegate at
large to each county, and for each 150
votes, and major fraction thereof:
Adams ...
Antelope .
Johnson 8
Kearney 8
Key ha Paha-..
l?oone si Knox
15ox liutte.
Lancaster 25
Lincoln 8
Logan 2
Buffalo ... 14
Hutler 91
,011 p 3
Burt . . Ill Madison.
... 8
("ass 1
Mcrherson 1
SI Merrick.... 7
ri Nance 5
Nemaha... 9
Cheyenne ...11
Nuckolls 6
Clay li
Otoe 12
Colfax 7
rawDee 8
I'eiklcs 5
I'ierte 4
Folk 6
Platte 10
Cum in g
Custer 17
Dakota 5
Dawes 7
Dawson 8
Phelps 7
Dixon C Richardson. 12
Dodge..., la
Domrlase 27
Ked Willow 7
Saline li
Dundy 4
Fillmore 10
Franklin 7
Frontier 10
Furnas 9
sarpy 5
Saunders 12
Seward lo
Sheridan. 7
Sherman 7
Gage 19
Sioux 2
tanton 4
Garfield.., 3
Gosper 5
Grant li
Thayer 7
Thomas 2
Greeley 4
Hall 11
Hamilton 10
Valley 6
Washington 9
wayne a
Webster 9
Wheeler 3
York 11
Harlan 8
Haves 4
Hitchcock t
Holt 14, Unorganized Ter 1
Howard 7
Jefferson .. 9! Total 671
It is recommended that no proxies be
adn.itted to the convention except so ch as
are held by persons residing in the coun
ties from which the proxies are given.
lo Chairmen County Central Commit
"Whereas, At the republican state con
vention held at Lincoln October 1887,
the following resolution was adopted:
liesolced, 1 hat the state central com
mittee be instructed to embrace in its call
for the next state convention the submis
sion of the prohibition question to the re
publican voters at tho repubucan pri
maries, Therefore," in accordance with the
above resolution, the several county cen
tral committees are hereby instructed to
include in their call for their next county
convention the submission of the prohi
bition question to the bepcblican voters
at the republican primanes.
Geo. D. Meiklejohn, Chairman.
Walt. M. Seexet, Secretary.
Eureka Meat Mark
Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal sud l?ci.Hiy(
Z invito all to give mo a "trial.
Sugnr Cured Mtafs, irnms, Pact 11, Lnr.l, etc., olc. Fmh Ojiltis in Can nidL'tilk
at lowest liying piicts. Vo not fail fo civc ti:c yctir t Mtroiogc
I- 3? 22 uu
Where a
Will call
they, are headquarters
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We are receiving
Oranges, Lemons and
Just received, a variety
We have Pure Maple Sugar
Sugar Cured Meats, Hams.
of our own make,
The best brands
Dr. E. C. West's Nerve and Brain Treatment
a guarantee specific for Hysteria Dizziness.
Convulsions. Fits. Nervous Neuralgia. Head
ache. Nerveous l'rost ration caused by the use
of alcohol or tobacco, Wakefulness.Mental De
pression, Softening of the Brain resulting in in
sanity and.leading to iniserj'f decay and death,
reniature old Age, Barrenness, .Loss of Pow
er in either sex. Involuntary Losees and Sper
mat"rrhpa caused ly over-exertion of the
brain, telfabuse or over-indulgence, t'ach box
contains one month's treatment, SI co a box
or six boxes for 5.00, sent by mail prepaid or
receipt of price
To cure an v case. With each nrrier repeived
by us for six boxes, accompanied with $.5.00,
we will send the purchaser our written guaran
tee to return the irouey if the treatment does
not effect a cure. Guarantees issued only by
Will J. Warrick sole agent, flattsmouth, Neb.
If you want a eood
silver watch,
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send us 30 subscribers to
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Bacon, Lard, &c,
of OYSTERS, in cans and bulk at
The standard remedy for
plaint is Wett's Liver Pills;
disappoint you. 80 pills 25c,
rick's drug store.
never War,
We will give a silver watch, that is
warranted by the jewelry nun of this
city, to any one who bnn3 us 13 yearly
cath subscribers to the Daily IIiujld.
Choicest Brands of Cigars,
including our
Flor d PepperbergoV ar.d 'Buds
always in stock. Not. 23, 1885.