The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 10, 1888, Image 1

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    . 2 lO, 1888.
fr.M. wi r
.cix, - - . . . w m
Iretmrer. - - Jamk Pattf-jwoii,'
Attorney. . . . Uvao Cu
Knijlaerr, - . . -'' A I
. l'olic: Judge, " -''. 8 Cui. -ill. - - W II Miu
Counciliuen. Ht vy.f'j, ' x a7,.b
II' Etc- Mm,
4 th.
Board Pub. Works
j M H Mu
1 H W I"
I COV 'lv.
f L Jl Hawks Worth
Heuuty treasurer, -
Deputy Clerk,
Keconler of Deeds
iMputy Recorder
Cl.-rk of litiict Cojrt,
Surveyor. -Attorney,
Hunt, of t'iil. Schools.
County Jii luo.
1. A. Uampbkll
THD1. Pollock
tXAl'lll rCMKI Kl-O
W. II. P..OL
A. II. Tool). ... Plattsinouth
louin Kiutz, Cli'm., Weepln Wnter
A. It. 1I- Kty, - fcuiiwood
, , w v x.. x. v "
i ass loimK Nn. no. I. o. o. F. -Meets
lcvfi'v 1 iifLiiiK of e:ieli week. All
tr.".iiri-'nt br-jtlicis ate respectfully invited to
.1. 1.
o. K.. ween every alternate Friday
each inoiilli in I IK- 31;iho!IIC Hall,
brothers are i iviltd to liUi'lul.
rMUO UMK1K NO. 81. A. O. U. W. Meets
I every aUerint Friday evening at K. of P.
liaJI. Transient tirother ar" respectfully in
viie.t toatu-iid K.J Morgan. ?I.istcr Workman ;
M. I'.irtow. FircMiiu ; Frank Hrovn. Ovcr
,"!r; I. 11. men, liuide; tiewin lloUMWoltll.
JteVi.nler ; 11. J. .Ldinsoil. Financier; Wall.
Hniitil. Receiver ; M. Malriglit, Paet M. W. ;
Jack Jaii;(,!-rty. Cuaid.
.4 iua .,...vii, Knights
. J confederation of trades
i ;t.i :i...l in. - - -."vv.,
n .w u.u..wu. Bu1neT to Laramie City, will be furnihe
a complete Iiat of all shippers ou the
iJurliDRton Ac Missouri in Cheyenne.
recovery is doubtful
Anothr!l!zzard Victim Found-
BaiTVett, Nek, May 9. The body of
D. B. Itens, who was lost during the
blizzard Vf January 12, was found on
the eyeninjkof May 4 in the hills east of
Csdar river. He had wandered 'about
fifteen miles from his horn into the hills
where there is no settlement. It was by
accident lie was found. Sir. "VT.B. Lynds
was looking through the hills in search
of a course for a new road when he came
upon the body. His clothes were mostly
burned by a prairie fire and his body
was much eaten by wolves. The remains
wers taken to Chambers, Holt county,
for burial.
Fire in the Blue Rids Mountains.
Raleigh, N. C., Jfay p. A fire of great
extent is raging in the Blac Ridge moun
tains near Globe Valley, Caldwell county.
t orginated about eight miles west of the
Globe Valley. Though the air at that
time was rjniet, the flames swung around
to the north and southward, and within'
twenty-four hours the entire western
T. It., Chairman of Joint Com.
It is probable that an organized effort
will be made by the merchants here to
resist this boycott, ns the Burlington, by
building into the city, has materially
improved business.
cnaraeter of the Cowhov.
There Is no eight hour law iu cowboy land
during round up time we often count our
selves lucky if we get ofTwith much less than
sixteen hours; but the work in done in tha
saddle, and tho men are spurred on all the
time by tho desire to outdo one mot her in
feats of daring and skillful li.iv.;ui.iil,in
There is very little quarrying or ji -htin V.
and though tho fun often takes the form of
rather rough horse play, yet the practice of
carrying dangerous weatioiis makes cowboys
show far more rough courtesy to each other
and far less rudeness to strangers than is the
cae among, for instance, eastern miners, el
even lumbermen. When a (fuarrel may verr
probably result fatally, a man thinks twice
before going into it: warlike people or classes
always treat one another 'with a certain
amount of consideration and pclitenosij. '
The moral tone of a cow camp, indeed is
rather high than otherwfc:e. Meanness
owardice and dishonesty are not tolerated'
There is a hifrh rntr.oi-? f- I
quarter of the horizon was shadowed by keeping onP.s yord intense contemnt for
dense columns of smoke. By hard ficht- kmc "f hypocrisy, and a heartr dislik-f
J at A mi r(--;t Mi-.-rs coud :iiid fourth Mon -
day evcuiuK at K. of P. hail. Ajl transient I
iToiIitT are reijijcreu to meet wuii u. i. a.
Nowco !ier. Veuerakle Consul;'. K. Nile.
Worthy Adviser ; 1, U. Hmltti, Kx liauker ; V .
C. WilU tts. Clerk.
Li,rrs.i;juiii i.oii;k n:)., a.o. it. w.
Meet- every a'ieruate Friday evening at
no.-kwuo.l ti.di at m o'ciiicK, All transient broth
er arc respectfully invited i attend. L. S.
l.arson, M. W. ; F. Itoyd. Foreinau c S. C.
Wilde, lincorder ; La(uard Anilerson.Oyerseer.
.1. Y. Jonvs'J..' Commander.
C. S. 'I iss Senior Vice "
V. . IVvtks ...Junior "
Chi, Nii.irs , Atljittanl.
IlMtv -s i nr.ion r 'J-
M t.o.v Dixav Victrof H.e Hay.
C!UI.K. K.Mt'l " tiUTd
AMiKissiiN Ht V Ser-t M;.ior.
.1 int ; "t km .V. . ..iu:irti,r Mas'or Sergt.
j.. i'. i'i'k'h l'o-t ;iiiiiai"
'eeiitir atnrday evenrig
inj day and night the people have been
able so far to hold off the invading dan
pr from their fences and homes. Tha
burnt disjxfcj, cmbces about fifty r six
ty srpuaro miles of fine t:mbcr.
llcDresLvit tlie lulJowincf time-
A. O
ti i-''l I lire-tested comprintus:
American Ce:itral-S Louis, Assets Jl.25S.lno
Commercial Caion-Kiigland, " 2.r.yc.3H
Fin; Aoel itiou-P.sil.ulelphia. 4UI337
Frankliil-Phi!.i..!ei.iiiaI " 3,117.106
Ilome-Xew Yoik. " 7j5.59
Irs. C . "i Vorth America, PMi. 8.47-I.3G2
-i v.-rpooIiLoaJon & Globe-Fng i.9.7fu
North British Mercirttile-En " 3.378,754
Norwich Cnion-Enlaiul. " 145.466
NprinfleM F. & M.-SpringSeld, J.Ofl.9'3
Total Assets, $42,115,774
Tcund Fatally Hurt.
Fairbcby, Xtb., May . A iiin nam
ed A. D. Jons, aged about 70 years was
found lying ii6ar f!;e Chicago, Kansas &
Nebraska railroad track in this city to
night, with horrible bruises about the
head and a dipltjcae ,sioulder. He
was taken to the county poc-r house,
w litre he is lying in a stupor. It is fear
ed that he r!l not live. Jones, it seems
was on his wa from New york, where
he was in an insane asylum, and it is
supposed ihr.t Le cjljicr fell or jumped
from the train while it was in motion.
His wife resides on a farm near here.
man wuo smrks his work. Jlany
of the men gamble and drink, but
many do neither; and tho conversation
is not worse than in most bodies composed of
male human beings. A cowboy will not sub
mit tamely to an insult, ami is verv reads- fo
avenge his own wrongs- nor. has be an over
wrought fear of "shedding blood. Ho pos
sesses, in fact, few of the emasculated, milk
and water moralities admired by the pseudo
philanthropists; bat he does possess to a very
high degree, the stern, manly qualities that
are so valuable to :a nation.' Theodore
iiooseytsit ia The Ce&t-iry.
, -writer Repeats th Stories of
Leffeod Tellers Folk Lore Couceruius
FeatlieruU Songsters IJovx, I'urtrldge,
Robin, Jay Bird and "SMverln- Owl."
Dow many queer fancies the negroes
have about birds! To them every feath
ered songster makes prognostication
either of good or evil to befall the believer
In signs.
Dusky legend tellers relate how the
white dove flew out of the Ark and was the
first living thing to End hind after the
great flood. They augment the old story by
saying that on that land did the dove, for
love of man, plant the first grain of com
They bless tho gentle bird for giving that
strongest stall of life to the laborer, that
which they call In their quaint fancy for
personification Friend John Constant.
ae good com rsful J-t utai.J.., t o.i
constant. " It was the mourning dovo
wuo brought the world another great
blessing, with her.Xender bill she dug for
man the first springs To him who hears
the Grst dove's note in the new spring
time, good or bad luck is portended, as
the hearer happens to be going up or down
a hiS when the tender complaining strikes
his ear
A pocketful of money and a crib full of
cpru ul the eul of tha year await tho man
who. walking a level road, hears the
dove's cooing. If he comply with tho fol
lowing condition, to step three Etens after
hearing the first noto. then to lio down
and roll over his threo last tracks
A mighty "lovo powder" is thourrht bv
dark damsels to be made of a parched and
powdered dove s heart Not a few negroes
oenove mat troubles will follow him who
kills a dove The mourning dove is said
to mourn for a passing souL
Bargains I Bargains
Tl.o nn AV. A. Jlocck & Co., have Puc-cctdcd lioeck A Pnd.
will with
OP fcPmYTn A XT T l CltlTtfnn
. . . ...i.,.. .uilf Ol Jl .! lli
Liisss Aiiiistsl :ni Pai5a!i!!isAfy
JLb. jg. Larson,
Cor. 12th au I Granite Streets.
Coutractoi and BuIIclor
Sept. 120m.
P'rson.-il attention to all r.usiuess Entmst
to iny care.
Title Kx-i-r.iaed. Ahstarcts Compiled, In
surance Writteu. 'eal Fatate Hold.
Better FaeKitie for making Farm Loans than
Aiir Other Agency.
tlal:uj HU, . - ,Vfb;ai:ia.
J.niS A. IAVli:.
Norarv Public. Notary Public.
ttornovs - ct - -1.'!7.
Clee over Bank -f Ca County.
Plattsmoutit, - - Nebhaska.
Wanted Hang Herself.
Dallas, Tex., May (). Two farpirj
living near this city brought a woman
named Mary Curtis to town today and
turned her over to the authorities. One
qf tl;e men stated that the woman enter
ed his house iast mghj; wlipe faej ;vej"e at
supper, and, upon being invited, sat
down to partake of the evening meal with
the family She suddenly left the table
after min.ciug a little, aqd said she was
going to hang herself. The host watched
l;er movements while she procured a ropo
and threw it o?ei a Jlml pf a tree in the
yard, adjusted a noose, and every action
indicated that she intended to carry out
her threat of eif-detruction. He then
called a neighbor to his assistance, and
together they brought her to . this city.
The woman told the authorities that she
was not insane, but that she murdered
her child before she came to Dallas and
that she wanted to hang herself for it.
She hails from Kansas Cfiy.
Found Her H usband.
Ekrpasha City, Neb.. May 9. About
April 1st, after separation oi lw.cty-four
years, Mrs. John Craddock found her
husband in this city. J. B. Craddock
and Jiary A. Wilkes were married
at Brownwell, stalt'ordj-iin-e, rjngjapd, in
l859, and in 1SG4 came to America as
Mormon converts. On their way to Salt
I,nke, Craddock was employed as a team
ster iurig J;e journey across theplains,
his 7?fe going in a ir&in (Mgpii,&r with
other converts, and arriving at their des
tination considerably in advance of Crad
dock. The husband could find no trace
of hi wlfj on Vl arrival, she being a
prisoner with the Mormon eiders. She
finally escaped, going to Wyoming, where
she had been told her husband was. After
a long search she returnted to Englatd.
Craddock, after searching in vain, having
been told his wife was dead, remarried,
shortly after removing to this state, set
tling in this city. Eight months ago
Craddock's first wife learned from letters
he had written to relatives in England
that l;c w3 in this city. Sh came im
mediately, and about April 1st, husband
and wife met for the first time in twenty
four years. After her long search, wife
number one found Craddock. living with
wife number two and a large family of
children. After several meetings, wife
number one relinquished all her claims,
and left for her English liome. Craddock
is highly respected and in comfortable
A Plea for College Athletics.
rsfpssqr Richards makes a new plea for. col
lege athletics. He artrues that two essentin Utj-
new forces are at work in these days, des
tined to sap the physical strength out of
3'oungmen, and thus emasculating charac
toi:. 7hcs$ influenuRS, are concentration of
population h cities and tb? increased ' de
mands made by knowledge on brains and
nerves, lo show how ixmnlation is cnnen
tratlng ho gives the following figures: In
Jtaiein in, of every 100 students, 211-5
came from cities of 30,000 inhabitants or
over, in IS 1, of every 100 students, 44 Came
from such cities. In 18S7, 55 out of every
inn mki. . t . . .
uia ja u I cillitl KJIUIO snowing.
But "the proportion in 'Sheffield Scientific
school has risen still more rapidly. He main.
tains that the system of athletics in colleges
ana eisewnere neips to oounteract the disin
tegrating forces of city life, to strengthen
the youne men against ill health, against the
forces of low liyfufi;, and keep them out of
crimes against seir and society. It is well
known that base habits" are associated with
local physical disorders, and a course of
physical culture invariably is responded to
by" moral gam. It is the oue'most Important
jesson in morais our age nas xo jeam. u lobe-
The Change In Cigars.
"What makes the stylo in cigars?'.' a cigar
ueaicr was asseo.
"Now, I hardly know how to answer you."
was the reply, "for you are asking me almost
too much, j he manufacturers make most of
tue styles jn name only. There are only
three or four "diflqrent patterns' in cigar,
molds. From these three or four distinct
patterns are made thousands of fancy styles
and still there are but threo varieties of
tobacco and but three prime grades of each
variety. There can only be about a dozen
different grades in a cigar, arid y?t ther are
over ivy on tne price list;. jew York oun.
A Fortune Teller's Statement.
"Yes, wo make our money out of the wo
men ,i frankly staged a fortune teller tho
other day. "But when a man is really 'gone'
on fortune telling, so to speak, he has the
nmDs EGGS.
The partridge fears to frequent tl.a
ground oft trod by man. hence arises tbp
belief that death will come to some
dweller In a cabin near which is heard tho
partridges shrill whistle. Lucky Is he
who Ends tha nest of tho Industrious
partridge, for the-so are bird's eggs that
can be cateu without fear of evil conso
But let no person who loyap home eat
the egg of the blue bird, for that egg gives
to the eater thereof an insatiate desire lo
run away always to run away Days
full of sunshine will invite him to wander;
days of clouds and rain will demapd him
to leave the warm homo hearth; always to
sup away somewhere Irom familiar places
and well loved faces Woo to him who
eats a mocking bird s p-rg; the penalty
atiacuea to tne eatino thereof is to "toll
ail. an maybe mon you know." The
eater of a killdee's egg will surely there
after break his arm.
It was the bright, rsutlasa little robin
tht planted on old earth the Grst one of
the many cedars that now shake their
plumes on a thousand hills.
It was the pert jay bird that brought In
his bill tho "first grit of dirt" to tho
world; whence he flew with it legend faija
to inform For a certain space on Friday
qooa. say the mamuiie3. no jay is to bo
een on the whole face of the earth
Why? They go Xo the under world to
car' to the king of that realm a grain of
sand. Whether this is a punishment for
the bringing of that first "grit." uo aunty
will tell, but she will assert most posj
tively that the jays do leave our
vorlu at precisely 9 o'clock- on Friday
morning, and are back promptly at 1
o'clock of that same day
Lucky Is the dusky moid who eees a red
bird when she la not on the lookout for
one. aae must make no mention of hav
Ing seen the pretty fellow, but discreetly
go about her business, "raakin' no 'mira
tion at alL" If this condition is complied
with she will her oweeiheart before the
sun is down. If the bird seen is brit-ht
red. her lover will come In happy mood; if
pale is the color of the bird, her lover will
show himself ill tempered.
eve trir,g cui oi a wild bird's nest a
young oue to strive to rear It in a house
where people live, for the bird will surely
die. and no less certainly will tho super
stitious ones regard this death as a "call"
Win. Iferold & Son
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or Ladies and Cents
11c keeps as large and as well
GELJCCTPIj stock '
Ap ean be found ;tnv iIace In the eitvarid make
ou prices tl: at defy coiii;rii';loii.
"Painless Denticle."
Tle only lct lists In vvi-sf r. nliolli thfa
w Mstt-iii of Kxtrui-uiiK ini, riiin,K j,.,. 1 1,
witln lit I':
illl. 4 III illlJtl-M III' I If
tirt-ly free Irom
Is I II-
Harper's Bazar Ptlterns and BaTs Corset?.
The Boss Tailor.
Jlain St., Over Merges' Slice Store.
Has the bevt nnd most complete stock
of samplee, both foreign and domestic
woolens that ever came writ .of Missmuri
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-rices Defy Compeiilion.
nzjis:xjrjB2 inr -work:
Harmless To - All
liHMiiai UoVmikI. 1 Ik: . i vat ion ot Hie
iii.luml teeth a .s.ecial!y.
The very
lnist ;riifin i if, .I,
'1 Ik C'itii-Lt-' Ijniik.
lilcek, over
a. C. EOCN
All work firM-chus; wtht Fifth Ktrt.
North Hobcit Shci wood's Store.
I Oi: i;On reasonaiwe ii-iimh my re.l
denee on the N. XV. eornrr of I lm ml, t.
Sai.l pro-H-ity cMisistx of U block with a Koo.i
Mory and a half hoi:sc t f ix rooms. wo w artl
rohes and ne fai.lry ; Kood w.-u ,i tllJ
water; tweiity-neven l.eju Iv.z ai'jJe Iims kikI
an abundance f 1 f (;it oi all kii.ds. ' U
" I'.D.n.VIES.
O. &. in. Time Table.
iI; v.KT.
No. 1. 5 :20 a. in.
No, 3. AD p, in.
No. S it ::r, a. in.
No. ".--7 :4 p. m.
No. !. a :1" p. in.
No. II -6 M,n, i.
;oin; k A st,
No, 2 4 p. in.
No. 4 I0:.:(ia. in.
No. . 7 :!.- p. in.
IO. K.-.l ;-,()
iNO. 10.--!)
N o. 1
i ' a. irr.
fover a dozen times harder than tho 'opposite
- " I t i is . . . . . ...
me daily, and sometimes twice a day. But ,ur buma loveu ,nii-o o t?av qweiiug t
the women come in droves, and I frequently 54,8 s&-
i ne rain crow cries for rain. There are
many jolly dialect songs about the crow
The negroes seem to consider him -quite a
smart fellow One of them, a black one
with white feathers under his wines, is a
preachor ctott iloat oareiul UL how
ever. wUl follow the dwellers In a house
on whose roof a crow lights It is the wrea
nesting under the eaves that brings the
greatest good fortune to a house. Fol
lowed by griefs and- trials will be that
man who kills a wren.
Let no person mock & "shlverln' owL"
for the penalty thereto is "dat firell fol
ler yon," Who tuocka a whlppoorwUl
will have hi3 clothes burned up. YYh
hears a whippoorwUl sounding its sweet
note In daylight wiU have hl3 clothes
burned. A flock of brown hir.ia aia,4
au- colts" twtt?r for a death sign.
The great whita crane onlv leaves h!
marshy places to bring .to some household
warnin o death." Great oonsternation
fills a house when the crane flies over tha
roof and calls down his dolorous cry of
"vorpsei uorpsei Corpse r Eli SheDnerd
V- m. -
a iew wieans iirnea femocrat.
have to turn them away, they are so numer
ous. A woman always comes with a com
panion never alone; but I know of but one
instance in my twenty years' experience
where a man called with a friend, women,
too, jvhil9 thsy aro my chief patrons, are not
as firm believers n all V say as men," Chi
ca jo Tribune. "'';'"
One ui ntel Webster Laws.
Few people know and fewer remember
one great service which Daniel Webster
performed for cicnkir.d Is the ten days
during which he- was a member of the
Massachusetts legislature. In one of his
speeches he said, speaking of that time
"I turned my thoughts to the search qf
some good object In which I could be use
ful in the position, and after much refiec
tion I Introduced a blU which, with the
general consent of both house3 of the Mas
s&chnsetts legislature, passed lpto a law
ana is now a uv or ue state, which en
acts that no man In the state shall catch
trout in any other manner than with th
ordinary hook and line." fIow H'PJ PP?
have done as much for mankind in a wLolc
lifetime as he did by this one act? David
A.. Curtis in New York Mail and Express.
The term nlcenra is of Arabic origin.
The science was first transmitted bv the
Arabians or Saracens to Europe about the
r-1 . ....
Dr. C. A- Marshall.
k& v.4I I
rreeervation it nut urn 1 teeth a specialty.
Veclh extracted without jmin ly use of Laughing
All work warranted.. JVies reasonable.
We have our house filled wi.h
And i.i'3 pr?pa;- I a deliver It daily to r;r cus
tomers hi any iuaiit:ty desired.
Leae orders with
At ft ore or. six'h Street: We niAke a Bpe'c
jaitj or
And Loading Cars, or terms sea us or
wi ite. "
K. C. Me-tf AKEN & SON,
Telephone 72, - i flattsmontl
t . C . ,
A'ljralnt) nm daily by wavof final-a cxefnt
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Our stock of Millinery very complete
and prices low. at the Daylight btore tf.
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