The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, April 24, 1888, Image 4

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    THE DAILY liEUALJ, rLAl.itfai.ou in, xiSitASK A, TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 1S88.
The Evening Herald.
Publishers and Proprietors.
A. KalUbarjr, IieaMxt, liocknood Building,
Ttlrpboac So. Sli.
Dr. Slrvtnr. OtBrm and Ileniilenre fehrrwood
Block, Trlrplion 4 .
Commercial printing a specialty nt
the IIkramj oflice.
Jul work of h11 kiii'Js neatly execut
ed at the MhKAF.D office.
" Have your letter head and envelops
printed at the IIeuvli) oflice.
Council adjourned last evening to
meet tonight. As yesterday wan consid
ered a holiday they did no business.
Under the law, real estate taxes will
he delinquent May 1. Personal property
taxes have been delinquent hincc Feb. 1.
The friends of Dr. John Jllack will
be pleased to learn that he has so far re
covered from his sickness, that he is able
to bit up.
One of the popular young clerks who
works for a clothing house has been vis
iting South Park lately. Wonder what's
the matter !
Wire A box came today, John, ad
dressed o you. Husband Did you open
it? Wife No. Husband-Well, I wish
you had. It may be one of those dinged
infernal machines. Epoch.
11 request of several of our citizens
who are residents of Chicago avenue, we
will just state that a certain young gen
tleman who frequently wends his way in
that direction will be asked either to
"pull down the blinds" or buy another
avhale box of cigars, if the people should
be compelled to sse what they did once
The citizens of Lincoln seem to fa
yor brick for street pavements. Cedar
does not give satisfaction there, and as
l'lattsmouth expects to pave this year,
the citizens should begin to decide with
what our streets shall be paved with.
We elo not want cedar if it won't last
but two or three years.
Dr. Siggius has purchased the line
property en the corner of Granite and
Sixth streets, of Herman Herold and is
making improvements on his new pro
perty. The work on this h ;U)e is said
to bo the very finest, especially on the
wood-work inside, anel as the location is
nn admirable cue, the eloctor wns very
fortunate to secure the place. We notict el
he recognized Arbor day, as a few small
trees adorn hU lot since yesterday.
-April 24th the C. U. &, Q. will run
another of their popular land excursions
at one fare for round trip to all points in
the west, northwest, south and southwe.-!.
Parties in search of cheap h"mrs will
lind this an excellent oppertunily. Emi
gration to the south wct has been unsur
passed in the history of the country for
the patst two months and if you want t
go you will never find a more favorable
time than the present. Abingdon, 111
Ztrju. Th'ii excursion train will arrive
in this city tomorrow, and will take pas?
enzers all along the line. A large crovve!
is expected as they carry passengers fron
all eastern C. B. & Q. points.
Last evening witnessed a very injoy-
able event in which quite a number oi
the young people of this ci"y were par
ticipants. The event was that of a party
given in honor of Jliss Eiiralls, of
Hastings, who i- the guest of the Miscs
Weckbach. The usual amusements were
indulged in, after which refreshments ii;
abundance were served until all were
sure their satisfaction was complete.
The Misses "Wctkbacli deserve great
creelit for the manner in which
they furnished so much enjoyment
to their guests, and the event will eye;
be remembsred as a delightful one.
Those present were Misses Engall, Wig
genhorn, Ashland; Tilla Lenhoff, Maggie
Campbell, Maggie O'Hourk, May Lth
rop, Myrtle Lathrop, Julia Oliver, Laur:
R'uinackle, Kate Uemple, Kate anel Amel
ia Vallery; and Messrs. Fred Lenhoff,
Peter Keeler, Chas. Eades, A. U. Knott?,
Dave McEntee, George Lenhoff, W. A.
Derrick and Will Streight.
The Perkins House is undergoing a
thorough renovation, and 3Ir. Kiddle,
the congenial proprietor, is sparing no
time and expense to make this house one
of the foremost in this part of the State.
A good hotel is an accommodation that
is something this city is sadly in need of,
and Mr. Kiddle will do our city proud if
be fulfills his plans, and we feel quite
confident he will. A good deal of com
plaint has been made in this city by th?
traveling public, for want of proper ac
commodation, but if this gentleman will
only d as we feel cpuice certain he will,
it would throw out inducements to out
riders who steer clear of thi3 city today
just en that account. Such an enterprise
would certainly be highly beneficial to
all, especially the proprietor, who would
reap a rich harvest if he will only work
Ids card right A city the siza of Platts
mouth, ani with as much business, would
never let a good, energetic business man
leave to go to other fields for want of
patronage, if the man will only do what
js right ,
Herman Herold is building a fine
largo house on Wintcrstein Hill, which
he expects to have ready for 'occupation
in a bhort time.
The case of the Gale Sulky Harrow
Co., vs. E. G. McLaughlin is in the
hands of the court today and it is ex
pected to occupy the whole elay.
The case of Maude Emery is laiel
over until tomorrow, ns a number of
prominent witness arc iihscn, and a 9
soon as their arrival the e ast will be re
sumed ISonds were accepteel so she is
not jailed.
Two prominent Omaha capitalists,
Dr. E. M. Parks and M. J. Kennard are
in the city today looking over our real
estate bargain. Tilt: IIkhald hopes
their geod judgment may prompt them
to make some investments before they
Mioses Mauelt and Mainmie McCoy
give epiite a large party last evening in
ho'ior of their friend, Miss IJlanchs
Feight, of Omaha, who is at present
their guest. About twenty-five of their
young friends were present anel a very
enjoyable evening was spent in the usual
amusements. The lawn presented a very
handsome appearance, being well lighted
by Chinese lanterns.
The Ladies Aiel Society of the M.
E. church give a concert and bazaar next
Tuesday afternoon and evening in the
M. E. church. The ladies are endeavor
ing to make this May festival a success,
both financially and otherwise, anel we
trust they will not be unsuccessful in
thoir undertaking. Refreshments will
also be served in the evening. Further
particulars will be given later.
John Richardtsou, father of Mrs
W. C. Showidter, is lying at the point
of eleath. For many years he has
been alTlictcel with asthma and eliffcrent
diseases of the lungs, until at last it has
termcnated in consumption. lie has been
confined to his beel for three months or
more, anel now since that terrible disease
is in its worst stages, he cannot last only
a few elays more at the longest. Mr.
Showalter anel wife hayo the sympathy of
thejr many friends in their bereavement.
"Job" Stevens, a man who has no
particular occupation, imbibed a little
too much "fire-water" this afternoon, anel
b .-came furiated He founel a man nam
ed "Scotty." at McWy's saloon, who, it
seems, was not a particular friend of his,
anel began insulting him, anel wa3 about
to law violent hands upon him, when
"Scotty," in oreler to defend himself,
struck the man. Stevens was arresteel
and locked up. The two men appear
for trial at 4 o'clock this afternoon.
Since we have, by request of a large
number of the citizens, started the Daily
HiiitALi), anel cannot offer any serious'
causa for complaint to those who have
been generous enough to appreciate our
endeavors to furnish them with a good
live sheet, we wish to mention the fact
that although we are now doing our best
to keep the wheel turning every day,
there is oiu elay in the week to which we
devote considerable time to bring out a
good weekly paper, anel we wish to make
special mention of this, and render what
ever is in our power to ad
vance it, and if each one of our friends
will j u-1 throw out a little influence to
wards the weekly, the benefit woulel bi
realized immediately, and with that assis
tance we can promise you improvements in
both. Although the daily is now paying
its way uict-ly, we do not wish the public
to think the weekly has dropped out of
existence, aud as we are epjite sure a
number will endeavor to cstist us, we
will give to any cne sending us thiity,
(oO) yearly subscribers, an open-faced,
stem winding silver watch, valued at
13. The w:it:h is guaranteeel to be jubt
what we recoa.menel if, a first-class trti
cle, anel any one using a little extra ex
ertion can secure one.
The Y. L. R. R. A. will give a liter
ary social on Tucday evening next, in
the G. A. R. hall. The people of this
e;ty would do well to patronize this en
tertainment and offer a little assietanec
to this good cause. Only a few days ago
the association secured the services of
the Welsh Prize Singers, and had the
smallest attcj-.d.apcc at that conceit we
have witnessed at ny entertain
ment in the opera house for a long time,
The singiDg was of the highest class and
was very much appreciated by all
who took advantage of this rare
opportunity, but both the singers and the
young ladies of the association felt very
much disappointed to scee such a slim
house, and is enougli to eliscourage them
in their good work. The reading room
furnishes gooel reading of every descrip
tion, .and any ueeson who has no other
way of securing good reading are at
liberty to visit tiic reading room where
they can find whatever news they want
free of charge. But such an institution
rannot cupport itself, so the citizens of
Piattsmoath should give juii a little as
sistance, il not much, by patronizing an
occasional entertainment given by these
young ladies, and by ho doing, which
would cost but very little, would largely
h;-Ip to support it. We hope to see the
social next Tu?sday well attended. The
entertainment will consist of music, reael
ings, recitations and three or four essays.
Everybody go,
Peter Merges is in Omaha today.
Rob. Uachler has returned from Canada
E. 11. "Lewis was a passenger to Omaha,
this morning.
Joseph Arnold, of Ashland, is attend
ing court today.
Jerry Farthing was a pass-nger to Oma
ha this morning.
J. H. Waterman and J. H. Young went
to Lincoln toelay.
Miss Wigg2nhoru, of Ashland, is the
guest of Miss Tilla Lenhoff, ot this city.
Judge Applegate, of Tecumseh, arriyed
this morning anel is holding court in
place of Judge Chapman, who went to
Tecumseh to officiate in his place.
New Law Firm.
The Hkrai.d is glad to welcome among
us Mr. O. II. IJallou, "who will in a few
days open a law oflice, anel a month e;r
two later will remove here and make
Plattsmouth his permanent place of resi
dence. Mr. liallou is an able attorney
and will be quite an acquisition to the
bar of this city; his experience and ability
as a lawyer ranking him among the b;-st
in Omaha. He will, we learn, keep nn
odice in Omaha, where he will be fouud
during their terms of court.
Largest List, Best Terms and La west
prices on lots, houses and lots, half acres,
acres, fivoand ten acres. Property shown
free of charge. Call and sec me. Ride
out aud see if I cannot show you some
Bakuaixs. a20tf W.S.Wise.
For Siberia Refrigerators, the best that
are made, and Ice-cream freezers, call on
J. R. Cox. a23ml
Gasoline stoves are all the rage now
and the best in the market is the "Quick
Meal," you can pet one at J. R. Cox's
hardware store, Main street. n2Sml
J. R. Cox has a full line of hos and
bose-reals for your lawn. n23nil
Definition of Male lieaary.
To call a man charming in face, or
lovely, or beautiful, or pretty, is to mini
mize almost to insult him. A man can
only be called handsome, an il very, very
few men can be called that.
A handsome man must te manly in
figure, conveying the Idea of strength and
energy under the most reposeful exterior.
He must have the shapely hands, feet anel
ears that tell of good blood and cultivated
progenitors; he must have his head well
shaped, well set and well carried; he
must have a deep, broad chest and a
straight back, and long shapely limbs;
his features must be regularly formed,
and yet full of expression, and the kingly
power that great sculptors try to give to
Coloring does not much matter, so that
there be no reel upon the cheeks, and not
too much in the lips, and, perhaps, the
mezzo tints lend themselves most satis
factorily to manly beauty, but, above all,
the handsome man must never be stout.
The heavy throat which overflows the
shirt collar never caries with it an nir of
refinement, whatever it may do of
strength. A blonde man runs the risk of
weakness and insipidity, and a black
beard man is handsome, even though he
be a trifle melodramatic, but still golden
haired and black haired men have betn
very attractive the worlel over.
Of course below this grand climacteric
in the thoroughly handsome man there
are ranks after ranks of good looking,
attractive, pleasant faced men some
upon whom one loves to look and find
sweet content In contemplating faces nnel
forms far from faultless, anel yet quito
satisfactory. Aud here we come upon
one of the most strange and almost cruel
conditions of our being. A man may or
may not be handsome, he may or may
not have any physical attractiveness what
ever, but nobody likes him the less for the
deficiency, he never finds it a barrier in
his career, a source of failure in his life;
women love him and men approve of him
just as readily as if ho is handsome; in
fact, the woman or women who love him
set him down as handsome in serene de
fiance of the rule3 of beauty or the opin
ion of the world. Mrs. Frank Leslie
A Natural Lamp.
The light of the fireflies of tropical
America seems to be dependent upon the
w ill, as when feeding or asleep it is not
seen, attaining its greatest brilliancy dur
ing activity and flight. The color of the
light is rich green, but the eggs omifc a
light of a bluish tint, according to Dubois.
This naturalist has made extremely inter
esting experiments with the pyrophortn.
The eggs which he dried retained their
luminosity for a week, the light reappear
ing when they were placed in water, lie
ground the luminosity organs in a mortar,
after having dried them in a vacuum,
and then mixed them in boiled water, the
latter Immediately becoming luminous.
Dr, Dubois concluded that the light cf
the pyrophorus Is Intended as illumina
tion for itself alone. To prove this he
covered one of the upper lights with wax
and the animal moved in a curve; when
both spot3 were covered the beetle soon
stopped and then moved in an uncertain
manner, carefully feeling the ground with
his antenna. The spectrum of the light
was extremely beautiful, being continu
ous, without -dark or brilliant rays.
Christian at Work.
Topics ot Conversation.
More than six months ago an English
magazine offered a prize of three guineas
for the most original and suitable topics
of conversation on the four occasions of a
morning call, before dinner, in the draw
ing room, during dinner (ia the dining
room) and in the train. Either this three
guinea prize was no temptation to in
ventive conversationalists, or else the task
proves to be impossible, for believe the
project has fallen through, and wo must
go on without the discovery of a royal
road to brilliant talk. What a blessing a
few sparkling suggestions would be to
those of us who only can berate the
weather when the supply of gossip falls
short. In thesa days when- money buys
everything, the demand for appropriate
topics of conversation really ought to bo
furnished regardless of expense. Th6
trouble with the editor of this magazine
in cjuestlon was, not that he didn't mean
well, but that he didn't make his prize
worth the trying for. Three guineas!
Why,' bless the man, he should offer a
undred times three, and become a bene
factor to mankind in the noble results he.
would attain. Boston Herald.
Real Estate Bargains
consisting ok
uth - Park,
21 lots in Thompson's addition.
40 lots in Townsend's addition.
Lot 10 block 133, lot 5 block 164.
Lot 1 block 6, lot 6 block 95.
Lot 11, block 111, lot 8, block 01.
Lots in Palmer's nelelition.
Lots in Duke's addition.
Improved property of all descriptions
anel in nil parts of the city on easy terms.
A new and desirable residence in
South Park, can be bought on monthly
Before purchasing elsewhere, call and
see if we cannot suit you better.
5 acres of improved ground north of
the city limits.
5 acres of ground adjoining S- nth
2 acres of ground adjoining South
1 acres of ground adjoining South
20 acres near South Park: So i sec
14, T. 10, R. 12, Cass county, price ?1,
800, if sold soon.
nw i sec. 8. T. 12, R. 10, Cass Co..
price $2,000,
A valuable improyed stock fram in
Merrick Co.. Neb., 100 acres and on
reesonble terms.
, S 1 m
indham & Davies.
Consult your best interests by Insuring
in the Phoenix, Hartford or Jitna com
panies, about which there is no question
ns to their high standing aud fair
The present year bids fair to be a dis
astrous one from tornadoes and wind
storm3. This is fore-shadowed by the
number of storms we have already had
the most destructive one so far this year
having occurred at 3It. Vernon, 111.,
where a large number of buildings were
destroyed or damaged. The exemption
from tornadoes last year renders their oc
currence more probable in 1888.
Call at our oflice and secure a Tor
nado Policy,
Unimproved lands for sale or ex
Towels - Towels
A gooel Linen Hack Towel only 10 cent each.
" Fancy Bordered Dam.isk Towel, size 17x33, only 15c or $1.75 dz.
Extra value
" Knotted Fringe
" " Plain white l).mm.,kTowcl size 21x52, only 75cor $S.25 dz.
Good Values in Bath Towels at IB, 20, 28, 30 Cts.
Table Linens.
Turkey Red Table Linens at 25, 40, 50, 05, 75 and 85 cents per
White and Cream Damasks from 25 cents to $1.50 per yard.
Extra Values at 45, 50 and CO cents in Cream with Red Borders.
Fine Table Linens in Sets Napkins to match, from $5.00 to
$10.00 a Set.
Table Spreads all Sizes and Qualities at Low Prices.
White Doyles at $1.25, $1.50,
White Napkins from 75 cents
Cream Napkins from SI. 25 to
One JJoor Sast irst IT&t'l Sanls.
We earnestly request all of our friends
indebted to us to tall at once and settle
accounts due. "We have sustained heavy
loss by the destruction of our Branch
House at Fairmont, Neb., by fire and now
that we need money to meet our obliga
tions, we hope th?re will not be one
among our friends who would refuse to
call promptly at this particular time and
adjust accounts.
Trusting this will receive your kind
consideration and prompt attention, we
remain, Vour Truly,
10x37, only 20c or $2.25 dz.
20x43, only 25c or $2.C0 dz.
20x44, only 35c or $3.75 dz.
d " 20x44, only 40c or $4.40 dz.
())n work border 50c or 55.35 dz.
2.00 and $2.50 a dozen.
to $4.00 a dozen.
S3.25 a dozen.