The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, April 23, 1888, Image 1

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NU3IHEK 1815
' r'
r. m. i -i ii kv
. K t
. l" ri i.Hso , .in.
- l. il N I'l. VUK
-AM iM K
H I "I I I- Kltl
W II Mai. i k
1 .1 V W I K If AC II
Coii'i--il.nii, Is w.iiil, 't A . .M.'muiiv
1 .1 .):
' Mi:. V SHI I'M AN
) M it Mi i:r.iv
I m W Hin i' N
' ' o N oil.
II Cl l.l.f N . ritK
I'oln l
I .1 V .J l N rt - , H A I H M .. N
lioaid rub. Work-? m ' '" u
I U II llAivKs'Vdinii
i GUi;jliY" Ol'FIGHIiS.
Treas ir- r,
I'e-iuiy treasurer, -
Jiepuiy Vl rk,
H. cii'l'rnl ii.'i'ih
I'epuiv .I t
tM.TK of Im-Ii ici. (.' irt,
Mieriit. -8-irveyor.
Huot. of I'uli Scli'MiU.
County 4 ii I;!;.
liO A no oK fUI'
A. It. Tll.
Lot'is I'-. 1. 1 .. Cll'lll.,
A. II. li K.SoV,
l A. iriKi.i.
Tllos. I'ol l.ix'K
I'llMt ( nin ilr II l.u
1-..A t'ltiuti i-1 M.l
W. II. I'ool.
W. V.
A. M tlHII.K
KltV IS'lllS.
Wecpiin? Wslt-r
K. in wood
tIAHH I.DIM5K No. 1 1'. 1 . O. F. -Meets
'every Tnr-day evcnliiu of each wck. All
transient Lrotlirrs aie ro-pecUuily invited to
A O V.. incei cveiy alternate I-richly In
rach inonili In ill- Ma-onic H ill. isitnijj
Jtrotlieis are 1 vlled lo attend.
MWUO I.OIICK S . l. A. O. II. W.Meets
1 every altrru-u Friday eveninir Ht W. of 1 .
hall Transient l.rolliers are resieetfu!ly i-
vllf.l toallend K..I Morj?!tii.M.istcrAorkiiiaii ;
K. rt. Nar-Mw. Foreman ; Frank lir.n. Over
eer; 1. Il e. Cuide : Jeoii;c lloii-wortli.
Keeordcr; II. .1. .l.hns.ii. Financier; JVa-li.
Smllli. Ki eeiver ; M. Ma) bnulit. Tact M. W.;
Jack liautherty. Ii s'detiuari?.
VV of in.-ri.T l Mrt tifiTOi'il :m! f 'Hilli M'!l
d ay evnini at K. of I. hall. AM traiisienl
brothers are re.-iiesH-d to iu-fi with n. I.. A.
Newe.t;cr. Vei..-rlde t'.oisul .. V.
Worthy dvis.T; 1), II. Siniui, h Hanker ; N .
C. Willetts, t'lerk.
IlI.VTr.SMOiTIH I.)Im;K N. a. A. O. I.-. W .
M-eli- i-v.-ry alt-mate Friday at
Ilorkttood h.illat hiiVIihw. All traiinU-iit Lrotli
er are respiM-ifully invited hi attend. I., s.
I.srsoii. M. W. ; F. Iloyd. Foreman: S
Wll.le. K.-corder ; Leonard Aiid.-rsuu. verst er.
J. W. .loitxsox
5. S. Twins
F- a. nTKs,
l!r. NlLK.s
IIZNitY sritKioiir.
MauiS Ihv.v
th ki.ks f hi KltV. ..
.1 ri tn ;. ii :. t V.
..Senior Vice
.Junior '
.:: ..... m
nViet-rof the i i
.-iU't M .j"!--
'.".in m r Mas or Semi.
L. V. CcuriH. . -
tfu'liii-r -Ttur hy ve'ii'i.i
P rsin:il atU-lltloll
Jo my t-are.
to all r.i:siii" Knlrut-
r.lKV IV l'"r'M'K
TUU-- !: v:ni -!. '-a t .iiipi!'iJ.-!:i-suranci
Written, ' fa I K-til so'd.
Hotter Fai-Hiries for niakini; Farm Loans 1 1:"
Anr Otlicr Agency.
K.V.. M-iiiam. J.iiiv A. Paviks.
Notary Fublie. o!u!y Public.
sViXiisA3: a. d vviiw,
.-ttoL-naya - at - Tavr.
ridi-e oer i;.i.k tVa County.
Rppre??:it t!to following
trii l .1:1 1 fire-testeil comp
American nraJ-S-. Loirs, Assets
Coiiinir i.d Eu!aiid.
Fire As.k! i I n-P;ll ideliU:a,
Franklin- I'lii ri !.-l;!il ,
Home-Nf v York. '
Ins.C.of vort'.s A:nilci. Phil. "
Llyeri!&L i I in k ;.ihe-ng "
Nrt!i British v Mrrc ialle-EQi "
Norwich rnlon-L.i.'I.iii 1. "
8priiiiQell F. & M.-Srin.jfloM. "
SLOW. 100
2 .):.;." t4
Twtal Assets. S12.U5.774
LAijuStnl uaPridaUlnAgriicy
ur 1
Cor. 12:h au l Gr m'te Street.-:.
Conlrcctor and Builder
SepL 12 Gui.
A Sleeper Burnoct.
Haiiijy. Ncli., Apiil 22. Tlie hlci-per
Wati viin t cauylit lire bix miles oust of
lure, at 8:-M a. in., t.i.lay. All tin- pass-
; r iix.aji il with their tffctts. Tlie
! frar vas entirely :iiiMiiuctl. All the lcl-
liiig. etc., was lo-t. N one was injured.
I.o.-, ? 10,000.
Oostroyod by a Prairie Fire.
Oah.ano, Ni-I.. Ajiiil 122.- X )ruiriu
(irt; near town this ivcniiijj ilestroyej u
Vivc-iicn: tract of Mack walnuts, caltal
pas, mill koiiik large cotton woxl trees,
ulsu ciiiilwo-jil liL-loiiijing to Ati'lrew
Moiell. The laina(8 art: not known
hut will be great. Tim lire was set by A.
Another Assault on a Scab.
Nkisiiaska City, Nel., April 22.
Another murderous assault was made on
n .scab (iivninii here l.i.-t nilit named
Fiank Shea, lie was employed in the
"Q" yards ut East Nebraska City. lie
was ordered off the t-trevts a number of
times by brotherhood eymputhizers, and
refusing was assaulted, and would un
doubtedly have been killed but for the
timely interference of a citizen, who was
passing. S!iea" head and body was a
mass of bruises. Liter, Paul Martin, a
discharged policeman, sua arrested for
participating, but released by Chief of
Police Wiutoa aud Shea, the victim, ar
rested, lie is now in j iil to shield him
from mob violence- Other arrests will
probably follow.
They Do Not Drink-
Oakland, Neb., April 22. Decatur,
in the northeast p-jrt of Hurt county
voted tiiis spring in favor of license and
thirty freeholders who favor snloona can
n. t be found in the town to sign the
saloon ineii'it petition, so Decatur goes
dry for another year, despite the majority
of voters.
Tekamah voted in favor of license by
thirty-seven majority and will also jo
dry, as the city "dads" are 014 a tie and
the mayor cannot vote.
O.ikl ird has two saloons in full blast,
bvdh paying down $1,000 and will be the
only town in the county having saloons,
but it :s thought, by the assistance of
West Point and Hooper, th t she will be
able to saliefy all in Hurt county who
ui ive the stuff.
Brutal Murder of a Ndgra.
IIolstox, Tex., April 22. A cold
bio ided murder vas ccniinitted jester
d.iy evening at Color County.
A white man named Lewis Huiugarner.
who has Iilm h s.uv rintendiiig work at
tin- co il bin on the Southern Pacific road,
hail .1 n.'gro nanud J. H. Williams at
work under him. iUtmgarner has been
in tlit hubit of ciir.-ing and abusing tli
ncgio, whieh-tiii; d.irky had heretofore
subnii-Zively !jrn -, but 011 yesterday he
exhibited more manhood than usual and
gave Hj'ngmKT so:ni of the sun? talk,
which angered Humgarrier and aroused
his mif.-ds-.rivas propensities. Hurng uner
d -parted, an.1 soon returned with a dou-b!e-b;ii
tcI d shotgun, the contents of
which hi discharged into the breiwt of
the negro, kiding him instantly. When
fie negro saw Buuigarner approaching
v,ith the gur lu threw up his hands and
pleaded piieously for his life, but his
plea was unavailing to check the mur
derons intents of the determined Bum
'rui;r. After commtitini; tha tnurdcr
Uumg irner tied, and h:3 not yet been ar
rta 1.
Cuba Terrified.
Key Wkst, Fi t., April 22.- The latest
intelligence from Cuba is alarming, ow
ing to the fact t!i4t Captain-General
Martin, is allowing himself to b3 guided
by a paity '.aiming to be great Spanish
patriots, 'I'd - entire, liberal press of the
island has been suppressed and consti
tutional rights d.-nied them. They
hencefoith will not be allowed to pub
lish any acts of kidmpping, murder,
arson or any other act com.iiittcd on the
island. The two otliciai organs of the
jfort-ra'neut "''ill continu: as heretofore.
Martin now wants to make it appear to
the eyes of the worl I, especially to the
Madrid government, that these kidnap
per an 1 other bandits arc being incited
by Cuban lu idars in order to again be
gin a war to give Cuba her liberty. Thia
is by nu means correct. The fact is the
bandits are doing as they please. List
week fires destroyed six or eight planta
tions. This week there were two or
three more, including one in the city of
Sagua, in which tifty h-.niuos were burned
down. The people now living in Cuba
are terriQ-d. not knowing at what mo
ment th'y may I12 murdered in cold
blood by bandits or government troops,
who make in my mi-takes and many iq
noeent people are kill.l by their stupidity.
o:f L n:cHT in new yor::.
9itki'ier K)tirl..ii l'liiilins anil Sisail-
'J l-.em uitU tli Namci ft 1 uniot:s
Artist, An Art In Iturlf How It la
"DM yon know that picture forging on a ficalo was lieiug done right here in New
York f" ok k etl a well known cuuiioiseur of a
rei-rter iveently.
j The iej)orter did not know it ami asked for
j the partictilarseoneeriiinK such nn cutc-rprim
I "it is a shameful truth," continued the
writer's informant, " that there are at least
half a dozen artists in this city unknown to
the public as such, who ar-s constantly en
gaged in making spurious paintings and sign
ing such work with tho names of famous art
ists. The men who niako theso bogus pict
ures are. all young as artists go talented,
and without an exception have received tho
Lest training afforded by tho foreign schools.
It is within their means to make for them
selves enviable reputations, but their love for
ready money is groatcr than their ambition.
They have long and carefully studied the
works of those noted painters whose pictures
they imitate, and for which there is a con
stand ami ever-increasing demand. They
produce a finished painting on an average of
ono a month. They imitate the work of such
painters as Rousseau, Dupre, Daubigny,
Millet, and Corot, putting on their canvases
every idiosyncrasy of theso masters' han
dling, copying tho mannerisms and using tho
i-ainu combination of colon, all of which
thoy have reduced to a flno state of perfec
tion. They know tho favorite subjects of
the great painters, and make only such pict
ures as are jxjpular and get big prices.
"The forging of an artist's signature is an
art in itself. The American picture market
is flooded with these spurious paintings by
artistic counterfeiters. The latter often re
ceive large sums for their most clever imita
tions, which are sold to unscrupulous dealers,
who in turn sell them to wealthy but iuexr
I)erienced amateurs, who believe they are
purchasing the original work of the master
whoso name occupies a conspicuous corner of
the canvas. If by any chance, however, tho
amateur finds that ho has been swindled he
will tell no one, as such a rcvelatio.1 would
reflect discreditably upon his knowledge and
good judgment as a collector.
"Fioture forging is rampaut in Europe, and
tons of bogus old masters and not a few
forgeries of modern ones aro annually
turned out and quickly bought up by par
venu collectors. Such despieablo business is
comparatively new in this country. I know
of one picturo forger who devotes himself ex
clusively to painting landscapes in the man
ner of Corot. Ho has a stcreotyjMJd subject ; a
river shoro view, with a single tree, a white
cottago clearly reflected in tho water, and
a sky of scui ryhij clouds. This man is con?
tinually grinding out such a picture, seldom
varying tho subject, and so dexterously imi
tating tho unique brush work of the great
Frenchman that none but an expert or siecial
student of Corot's work can detect the diffcr
enco between a genuine jainling by the
kilter, pf a si;:iilar! subject, and a fraudulent
picture by this clever counterfeiter. lThQ
latter lives in tho greatest style, surrounded
by every luxury that money can procure.
Ho has a hor.t of friends who suppose him to
bo a retire-1 broker, and entertains them right
royally. lis has his ttudio on the top Coor
of his palatial residence, and there surrepti
tiously paints li! bogus Corot landscapes.
He receives enormous sums for hi3 work, but
is an extremely unhappy man, living as he
docs in constant fear of exposure and arrest.
He is, however, moro fortunato than his
brother counterfeiters, who are for. the most
part under the thiimb of a dealer, arid being
a degree less clever and audecious, bareiy
able te eke out a comfortable living by the
means of their pictorial frauds. Itisahighly
unsatisfactory occupation, to say nothing of
its baseness-and consequent dangers." Xow
York Evening Sun.
An Artful Docltr Caught.
Mrs. Hickc-Lord has b?n "Soing a part of
the season at AVashingtou. A well known
lady con-espondent called on the wife of a
Tepresentativ e and said: "I am dying to call
on Mrs. Hicks-Lord and describo her apart
ments, but I don't know her and haven't
anybody to introduce me. Now, if you will
let me have that lieantifi Tbjt c-t euiirpideryr
on the table, 1 will go on pretext of show
ingittoher and getting her to order on
like it." " - .
Tho T-argain waq struc,
Tho enterprising newspaper woman seized
tho attractive souvenir, and made her way
to Mrs. Lord, who received her pleasantly,
even after sha had announced her errand.
"This is lovely 1" she exclaimed. "I should
t.hink ypu w ould stay at homo and do as
much as you could and sell it in the "stores.
How much does such a stand cover as this
bring, for instances!"
"sell these for fl-v? carelessly answered
tho scribe, casting furtive eyes about the
room and taking on inventory of furniture
and wardrobe
Dear mef exclaimed the millionaires:
i'lo! how cheap 1 HeiVs the money 1"' count-;
ing it out an once.
" t'Oh, dear nol I can't sell this! This is
already spoken for and promised. But I will
make you one like it," said the terrifled visi
tor, reaching for the embroidery.
Vigo home this very day," said Mrs. Lord,
4iand I must jiave this. You can make Mrs.
1Vhatshern&ma another," and she calmly
went and put it in her trunk and resumexj.
her packing. The correspondent had not
energy enough tP recover the property, and
When she appeared before the obliging owner
she was grievod to hear; ' -Oa, well, its very
nice to gratify your curiosity, but that em
broidery cost ine $S4!B New York Mail and
A Big Fire Averted-
Aubcrx, Neb., April 22. The city
had a narrow escape fi-om destruction by
fire this afternoon. About 5 o'clock fire
was discovered in the corner of the
buildiDg occupied by Willard "s hard
ware store, but was put under control
before much damage was done. It was
a narrow escape, ns a brisk wind wa9
Ah, Norali. yet tho grass Is wt 'tis early times
yiii're out I
And, ft'ire, the sun aud you, ruy pet, should lijht
us turn ti out.
Tho buds nnoiir', the swallows whirl, you ler.d tho
your astray;
And what 'h the happy news, my pearl, that warms
your heart to-day?
Ah, can't I trace the darling: face I've loved for
ieuty years?
Aud don't I know tho April grace 'where smiles
just touch the tears?
There's sre galore your basket fills of bios.,oins
golden Kay,
But more, ashore, than duiTodills you're brinjcing
Ii' niie to-day !
A four leaved shamrock! happy hour! that prom
ise must come true;
And lucky Uowor that owns the power to bring
Rood luck to yon !
At other's tread it hides its head, and crouched
away in fear,
And pushed its four leaves forth instead t!io mo
ment you drew near.
And what's the boon the omen brings? for wealth
you u never beek;
And henith and bloom were mocking things to
sueh a Mayday cheek ;
A secret's cheap those eyes would keep!-,1 know
tho happy lad
But, Oh! on'j r;.f.:re. ilee4 .! ! ...e a
couuty sad.
C'assell's Maga-due.
l'Hstrjr of the Oceun.
A reporter debarred from his usual call
at Delmonico'.s, lunched at one of th(j
coffee saloons of Park row. At his table
eat an old sea bronzed sailor, who sud
denly made the unappetizing inquiry of:
"Did you ever cut any lamp oil dough
nuts!'" "Positively, never!'' replied the re
porter, with a slight gasp of horror.
The oid man smilingly said: "Well,
they're better than these greasy things on
our plates. In my young days I was :i
whaler, and the captains of whaling ships
used to give prizes to the mec; something
for .sighting the first whale, or striking a
big 200 barrel fellow, the fastest boat's
crew, aud so on. After a ship had stowed
her first 1,000 barrels of oil, the crew
would pet a barrel of Hour as a present
front the captain. When we tried out
our next sperm whale's blubber, the cook
would take n lot of our flour, roll out u
big batch of doughnuts and cook them in
the hot, boiling oil and first rate they
used to taste when eaten with molasses.
You, ceo tho oil when fresh is just us
sweet as lard, and besides you must con
sider that it is not fish oil at all, for the
whale, you know is un animal. " New
York Tribune,
A Cheap I'lreproof Stable.
A correspondent of The Hartford Corr
ant relates what he saw in Frankfort,
Germany. The loft of a stable had
burned out, and he asked for the horses,
thinking that they must nil have per
ished, but he was assured that Ibv
were in the stable and. idi i'ight, for uo
smoke nor heat could touch them.
After" everything was burned in the
loft, he made an inspection, and found
that the stable was practically fireproof
They had in its construction use; v-V.
railroad ties, placing them three ami a
half to four feet apart, and then put
arched corrugated iron between tho ties,
and filled in with ft mixture of cinders
and lime, making it deep enough to pro
tect the ties. The trap or door to reach
the loft was made of sheet iron, filled in
with the same compound. This kiM oj
fireproofing is very chean ad, according
to the writer-, is very' effective. Scieutilio
Tho French Pronunciation.
A Boston girl who has been viiillng it
seems queer, but Hoston people go every
where at Newark, N. J., had been study
ing French for mouths before she went on
the visit, and had flavored all her iniaU
nations and perceptions, sq to speak, with
French. In driving about the town,
where, it hardly needs to be said, there is
a largo German population, the Boston
girl noticed oyer- th3 doors of a great
many establishments the sign, "Lager
"Tell me," said the Boston girl, after
inspecting one of these curious signs (o
the 100th time, "does M. Lfihjiay beeyay
own all. tho stores in "Newark?" New
York Tribune.
Not That Kind of a rioiYer;
A young mother living in Detroit has
one charming little daughter named Lily,
who is very fond of playing out of doors,
The other day she came home covered
with mud,
:-Oh, oh!' said her mother, severely,
"can it be possible that this is my good
little girl, my sweet, pure Lily of the
"No, mamma," answered the little trirl,
sorrowfully, "I guess Fm, your' bad,
naughty Lily of the Alley now, "Detroit
Free Press.
Two Men la Gray.
A New York letter carrier in his regu
lation gray suit with brass buttons wa3
sitting by the side of an elderly gentle
man who wore a slouch hat.
"Your suit has t familiar, look to me,"
remarked the latter.'
"Where were you a letter carrier-"
asked the distributer of mail matter.
"I never was a letter carrieVi but I wfl
in the Confederate army, and occasion
ally I gnt over more ground in a day than
you ever do." Texas Sif tings.
Not a FIcaant Revelation.
(Time, 8:30 p. m. Present, M?- Jones,
Miss Belle and. little Effied
Miss Belles-Is it not about time that
you go to Ied, darling? Or are you going j
to stay and retire with me to-night?
Littla EfSe No, me hain't " going to
stay wif oo no more.
"Not And why, dear."
Little Effie Tause oo snore.
Mr. Jones looks uncomfortable. Bing
hamton Republican.
The Fatal Camera.
It i3 said that the body of a man with
his head twisted off was found in an alley
way back of a Chicago photograph
gallery. The coroner's jury brought in a
verdict pf '-'found dead," "but they cen?
sured the photographer for not being more
careful when posing his customers. 'New
York Commercial Advertiser.
O. &. M. Time Table.
No. t. r, ::n n in.
No. :.- - : to , in.
No. !l :. .1 a In
No. 7.--7 : la !. in.
No. - ; :I7 . in.
No. 1 1 - ii :'.'. a. in.
ici Ml IAS'
Nil. 2 I :J. III.
I. o. l - in :;( ;i. mi
No. C i l.'i In,
No. ;U ' '
No. il - -;t .t; a. In
No. I J. 'j :ln . i
A 1 trai
H i daily by wav of ' ln;iha except
Nos 7 ami s which i un to mill from M ini; ler
daily txi'i jit isi.nd.iy.
No. 'in is a i-Iiili lo rai i!:c .ltnn-1 ion at x .".n a lu.
No. p.i Is a stub from I'.ieiic .Iuim imp at II a in.
FOIl l i: !):i re is iim'.iIc t ! in my le-l-deiice
on the N. V . corner of I 1m and lllli Sts.
Said propel tv cii-sts ot '4 block wilh a uond
etory !iinl a h lif h-nise .f -Ik rooms, two ward
robes and pa:. try ; j: n. well and city
water ; t wi-nty-Hi'ven hearing apple trees, and
au ahuiidancK of sina'l fr.'it ol 'all kinds, tf
P. i. 15.V IKS.
C3rO X'O
Win. Morold & Son
Dry (tes. liciioiii Urn M M;ocs
or Ladies and Gmts
lie keeps as large und as will
smxjznZsroirjL stock
As can be found any place hi the city and make
you 1'iiccs tli.t il fy t-iti 't i': imi.
A;;ents for
HarWs Bazar P ttcraj end Ears Corset.
C. F.SM1 T H,
The Boss Tailor.
Main St., Over Merges" Sin e Store.
llas the best mid nios-t comph te stock
of samples, both fin-ugn mid domestic
woolens that evercann: wot of Missouri
river. Note thi so prices: Business suits
from $1(5 to $:!.-, d.- ss mils, ?2r to 45,
pants $4, ;, C,.r,0 and upwards.
CiaTWill gitai antctd a lit.
Prices Defy Competition.
Dr. C. A- Marshall.
Vitrei vaii.m f natii- 1 t 'elh a Fp ecialty.
ftii tjttudi 'i I'.HIn.nt in in In ukc uf Lattyhipg
All work waiTi titcd. I'tioes reasonable.
Ft i.c.H.KAi.irs pi. u I'i, tinvoutii.Xfh
V- e have our house li'led v. i fi
Aud ;;vo prepared deliver it d?.il to oui cus
tom :s ii: any ii;iiit l y ('oinv! .
l--uo erdeis with
J- X''- BSAU Td Zr: XsrCTD 2F .
At t'tore on Six ii Street. We mnk a Spec
ially of
And Loailiii;.; Cars. '"or ttrins see us or
If. C M-2Iil2?:K U. SON,
Telephft;p7it - - Plattsinouth.
-(JO TO-
H. P. Whisler's,
The City Bakery,
New England
Home Made Bread.
lie has priit-iircd ih services f I. J. Strayer,
of Oui.ili i. x. I)e e sp;'i'ia'!y is in making
tliislish', e;'.siiy liigested.
Turchase a five or ten cent loaf and you will be
ecr.viiiced ot i;s merits.
SSI QtpA .
Bead fcr Clrcalar.
Orralia, XTab.
(Name this i aper in yonr order.)
Heal Estate bargains
I 2T
South - Park
21 lots in Thoinpon's addilion.
40 lots in Townsend's addilion.
Lot 10 block loH, lot j block 104.
Lot 1 block i, lot fi block Vi.
Lot 11, block 111, lot 8, block !.
Lots in Palmer's addition.
Lots in Duke's addition.
Improved property of all descriptions
and in fill puts of the city on easy terms.
A new and desirable residence iu
South Park, can be bo.ight on monthly
Before purchasing elsewhere, call and
see if we cannot suit you better.
5 acres of improved ground north of
the city limits.
5 acres of ground adjoining S' nth
2 acres of ground adjoining South
ii acres of ground adjoining South
20 acres mar South Pink: Se sec.
14, T. 10. I!. 12, Cass county, price fl,
800, if sold soon.
n w i Etc. H. T. 12, H. 10, Cass Co.,
price $2,000.
A valuable improyed stock fraui in
Merrick Co., Neb., 1G0 acres and on
rcosonuble terms.
Windham & Davies.
Consult your bct interests (y insuring
in the Phoenix, Hartford or -Etna com
panies, about which there is no question
a3 to their high standing and fair
The present year bids fair to be a dis
astrous one from tornadoes and wind
storms. This is fore-shadowed by the
number of st(ns we have already had
the most destructive one so far this year
having occurred at Mt. Vernon, 111.,
where a large number of buildings were
destroyed or damaged. The exemption
from tornadoes last year renders their oc
currence more probable in 1S83.
Call at our office anel secure a Tor
nado Policy.
L'nimproveel lands for sale or exchange.