The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, April 20, 1888, Image 1

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1 M. I ll II KY
w K Vu
" J-VMKi I'ai i i ki:k .n. .ii'.
A .Maimh.k i
I ' t K fr'O It II
- S
V II Mali .k
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Cou'ioilmeu, Is. v.- ml, -t A .. A!1!. ,ii;uv
I f ' IV ... 1. t. I ' II
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I iK. Mlli-M.VS
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I r W lu i I - N
) ip'i'OHMIII.
I l" M C I.l.fc i'KKH
Boaid I'uli. V.'urk-J i isi': ; ii'
I 1 II ll .WV l i l II
-: ;
Jtuiy I'leiiirer, -
lit-puty C'li-rk,
itficur.ler i.I Wi imI.h
1'ttputy U rc icisr
( Ikik ui in-tiiot Co art,
Sutit. of ruli. Seh'jiilii,
County Ju U 5.
illiK. I'ol.l.ltl'K
I'IIMi l
W. M. fool.
Jo in M I.kvua
J. C tiKKsimn
a. Maiioi.k
A I.I. KM liKM".N
Mav.nakh Sunk
V. Hcsski.1.
HOAItl) I K IfLI'KltVIrtDllH.
A. B. Toon. - - - ruttmoutli
Iajuis K ii.r.. Ch'in., Wi-epln' N at-r
A. U. Il Krt.l.V. - hllllWOO.I
lASS IOitw- N". U'i.
I O. ). F. -Meets
... ! v .v j t.I f:ic'l W'fl'K. All
trannii nt lir-Uuis aie rt-r-ifi ruliy iuviicil U
II K !i,i-i V--:' a i-lnic ii"i:iy m
t t . i y ii
e;l'h Ir.ulilli in ill" M.i"iil'-;
lir.. ):!! i.rt- i vlici ' attend-
rruio l.oi'i:: X . i. a. o i ..
1 ,-vitv U'-i i i' rri.l.iy evi-iiini: at K . t-1 I
hall. Tr:i'ii-i:i l r l ! . i ir i..-s.-i irii!ly l;i-
vil.-lf i-iUi-ii I M n'.Miiiii ..IK;
K S 11 ir-t i-.k-. r.-r.-i-aii ; l-Tasik Hnii. ovr
r-r; I. H..VC-. ':u;te: IIh-mIi.
lCroirii-r ; II. .1. .l-.iin"". bi'iaoeMT ; .a-li.
Smith, Ki-ei-v. r; M. Ma l.r'jd t. f; t t. W.;
Jaeiv I;.in.heitj . li.s'de t.iwn;.
CAS- : vA!i X! at. ioi)i-i:N whodmpn
i. Aim-i i.' t --.M.:etsM-eiia -ni l f 'iirtn Mn
day rvfiila-i at K. if I. hall. All traiijifi.l
l.rollier- alf reiiist-il to ii;e't with n.". I A.
NVi:. iter. Vener ibl-! Crnnul : !. f .
Wuriiiy V'lviser; l, U. Smitli, ll.uikei ; w.
C. Willetw. fleik.
1l7vTrsM')liriI I.OIMJK N'V H. A. . IT. V.
M -etn ev.TV alti-rnatu 1-ii.l iy evening jit
KiMkM-iutil tiall .'! s iVl.ic . All I ransient brut 11
rr are ri'i !) t fully b-vlti-il mi attriu!. l-
I.Mrsoll. M. W. ; K. Hovd. Koreiuau : i. t
Wil.le. lieoriter ; Leonard Anders-in. i ivetsr fr.
WlcSONIHlS P03T 45 G. A. R-
HOST 11.
.1. V. S tints ... ..' -'sinandi-r
O. s. Twi w .....s, ice
l. a. i;at, ui. hoi
4 I trtt. Nil. KS-
' HZi:V SI KK.HJll f
hl i.s li;. IM i
Cir i!i.w- rut"... '
. jiift-r r tin;
in, ml
Srrt M.ij 'f.
im'ir cr Miw'rr Serit.
ro-.t t'liai-l viii
.I.',lllrl;'. K.MVK.
Is. .t'ClfM.
!; -at-ir.l.iy i-ve-n-i
r rn.iial at'entlim to uii Busine-s Entrust
to my care.
Tttli I'x i"ilui-d. !staict 'onipi:e.l. In
surance Written, l eat Klatt; trM.
Better Facilities for inak'ui!; Farm Loan than
Any Other Agency.
B. B. Wi iiU4M. John A. n.wiK.
h'litary I'ublie. Notary 1'ublie.
0;iiie ovr Kmk if fa- Cumty.
K?p:-e2at the fallowing time
trij.1 mil tiro-tosted companies:
Ameri ' i " :i, As--ets Sl.-,".ie'
Coinui.T .' V
Fire A- '..i i '
rrt-I' i tl l-iil.
2 ..-?:."
T ".'
r V. I 'lpilia.
Pranklin VUi: : :. !; "ii i.
llome-Xo '" V ..
Irs. t? i, ot v.r: '.i A-i, v. Piiil. '
LlviTp.iolL -ilii i:i-i;'e-'.:!is
Nort'l 15it'sti . Mre uilile-I'a -'orwlcli
Uui in-iiai-'.i:!-!.
SprinQeld F. M.-S-jrinsSel I,
Tot.'A .V-sets.?
Cor. 12lh and Granite Streets.
COIltraCtOr aild BUilder
. . o,..
Tr i iiri,r.
l irrlnll.
A Pet.lfled Body Exhumod.
AfifsTA. Gn., April 19. A mobt singu
lar tlincoviTj waa ni.i le in the Auufcta
Cemetery today, lu luoonlanoe wit!i in-
DtriK'tiutiH icceived from m -niher.s of the
.r . -1 .. s rn . . . ...
lamnjr, me n m inis ui n. i. u.iiaii. wur
exlitnneil by CViiictcry Su;c:iiitfnlMit
IJry.m, aiul Internl in h ilifT.-riiit sortioii.
When the grave tlicr h'wl nneovi-rcd
the coflin unrl went to remove it from t lie
lravi- it wa foun ! that two men could
nut hudjjo it. Usually after u liody has
lain in the ground for scv ral years it be
comes liyht, but it took six men to lift
tlii.s one from the grave. This singular
fact induced Supt. Dryan to investigate
into the cause, and it was found that the
body win completely pi trifled, and was
as hird and solid and heavy as rock. It
was in n wooden coll'm, and the top had
decayed so that the eU-ss had fallen in on
the faro. The weight of the glass had
sdinewlint disliijurd th-j nose, but with
this exception and the sunken appearance
of the eyes, the fce pred intud its familiar
appeai-aiiei. : When buried, however, th
face was ck-an bliaven, and when looked
at today it was covered with beard sever
al iiK lies long. The faco was dark aud
presented the appearance of iron, looking
ii t unlike a metal cast. Supt. Uiyan
and those present, after mukiug the ex
amiu ition. proceeded to bury the remains
in the new lot, but tho story leaked out
tin evening and Undertaker Piatt and
other will make an cff.irt to g.-t Ih- con
sent of th; family to agun cxhunp tho
body for the purpose of making a critical
und M-ien'ii'ic examination. The rcmairs
were buried less thau four years ago, and
the short time in which petrification has
occurcd is a remarkable and unusual case.
f. Bit of Mob t--iyy.
Stkani;, Xeli., April 20. rStrang was
tlr? scene of a mob "Wednesday night. A
partv claiming' to hive a mortgage on a
stock of drugs took pcnceaUo ps,se.ST
s:u of the same while th j druggist was
out. About o'clock p. m., a mob of
citi. us broke the buck and iuside doors
down and took forcible possession of the
pr.'niis-jjs. Til-? party in possession offer
ed no resistance. There are various cx
prcsMons if opinion concerning the out
!o.k of Hk? tiling. The woods were to
have been sold at public au -tion today.
Tiie .:ile will ba h ive a postpoue
ment for otli r conipilcat.d business.
A Suraan's Hi:l-
XottTii DeNJi, .Neb., April 10. Dr. A.
P. Elwood. of this plice, performed
quite a sci-ntffie and delicate of
surgery this nftercoun by removing n
grain of co'rn from t lie bronchial tube of
a thrcc-vear old child of a farmer named
McDauicls. AVhen t lie doctor took
charged of his patient, to all appearances,
the child was l ft lcss,' its breath having
stopped. Quickly cutting open the
child's windpipe, t tie surgeon soon sucr
(eded in withdrawing the kernel r.nd :t
present there is no doubt but that the
child will recover.
Cone to Work on tna Eikhorn.
Fukmont, X. b., April 20.-- John Roche
left here for Gknrock, AVyo., with three
pile drivers and sixty men for the pur-pos.-
of putting in the bridges on the ex
tension of the Frci4ciit, Elkhorn & Mis
souri Valley road from Clenrock to Fort
Casper. This iiue cov'iiug a distance of
''liir'y-live mile?, was graded last year,
and -is sum as the b ddg.-s are in McDon
ald t Peafiold, of tljis city will begin to
lay tiie iron, and the road will be opened
and trains running as soon thereafter as
Kicked by Vicious Horse.
lir.owNVJi.r.v:, Xl.!., April 20. Howard
M'jL:ili!;:5. a y: uug man of this place,
was kicked in the head by a vicious
horse l:u-t tv-. nin and now lit-s in a criti
cal condition at his home. Latest fid
vices say his skull is fractured and the
injury nrre s-rious th in was at first sup'd. Dr. Stewart, however, thinks it
wil! n it provj fatd.
The Dying Emperor.
tsiLix, April 20. Midnight The
cni:.erots condition is somewhat more
favorable. His fever is lower fnd his
respiration easier. The emperor did not
leave his lad today, and accounts cur
rent of hts f .-elings are distressing. He
perseveres m transacting business, and
does not cease writing.
Tha "White Caps" Again.
Locisaille, Ky.. April 20. -Riley
i Whittcn and Enoch Lewallcp, with a
j band of white cap3, went to the lious.i of
i Richard Merritt. in New Albany, last
' ' evening, and drove Merritt across the
liver to Louisville, abqsed his wife, and
1 1 severely a stranger who happened to
be there.
TO V.'iLL L. VlSliCrlin.
f'.r !-.e r.e ; i -. ! !; v. Jic-i ..: ,..'.S t:.l
t " i! .. i ''r. l.i: i f I j lj .. J.
I l ;.- . -i-r i i i I... .'u
' ! r -: :
C : 1 : :. t;." .; v.. '. .1,
C. ; '.v..: i ::.:.;!.v.;;.
ii f ' .. ::
I:.. :!: .:t. -V. .-i .;.v.
. i. -. ... i ; I.
.'. :!. I. :'....'.'. -i- i i A.. i . Trnv.-U-r.
:r ll".:-,tt rt lit i li'.-.t ;it.
Ch!:-t S;:ii.rt:.i;i:;j t;:-:t iile-i-;o i
b"':. r j witii I'io y.--ur,v.i t'.i,
t'.ia-i 2w
'Tii'; isvrx? w!i'ii!i tlifv have r.''.'.jtc.j
thi sai.t J.'., "jTovi.I.-i u:i!y fur tafl'
,:.. ....,(.,,- i.u ,-r.:it
u ;. i j:;.-.? t l::t lln iii ri. They u e v ry
:::;i;-Ii tlic ra'ii" l.vl n:nl baleiiniu r.-s wo
l . only t! r- t.'K'.a u; t fio roof hi
i-v.-ry :'. V."i'!i i'l-: l-;;'i:!i t'jey h.tvi? a
: :-i '-:" .-:;!;;.';!( v. I.'j'i ru:n i:p tin: sl.Ie f
' ijo In;:. ?. A:i fc.i;ri:i'! ea:i l-o jni'.at liio L'-t-!('
s. a:i 1 t!:i':i tli.: f::v;:i . i ea:i i-!i':il) up aad
all n !V:-t: ) l of Li i.t - tin iv iKfiii'cd.
I'uj ih-j j i;CJ :.;i'l t .ho fiiviuoa can
r;. t l;iv -'.Jy s.t tlie thw it a .vs ura;rs,'iurr
Lo.'j i:;' ' :iir.; or I ; IiVt.--. v:;r;.( fj"ii: work
o: tLo l.;::! ;i:i-. r,?i'l iti i:vuy c:i'.. is h uiily
forui.-ti i:i i.'.avni : u -ma i:ci;:!i!jri:: r Luilil-
:i2-.i. I i siarrov." k'ti'I ;;ivt3 a ii:;t vr.te
to o:
roe i;-tt:.i o.-o f;:t!e i: h).i uw
-i'.ii a uiio-.v a ivlu
ill imos win iv ii U i:.u.'.l u;h:i IjuiltJings."
I7t:w York UvcJiing Mun.
Can for ttio I. i I:!:s.
"T":c v.-..v!T-::i evi.lo:iiiy n-a:l ko::io iortioiig
of the iie-.s!Ti;i: ;-j i!," said a cynical
bacliclor. ,-A city pajyjr had tt little item in
its eoliinias a fu-.v ilays a.-o tx the? efTot't- thai
i'i-inco'iti Hi Witl u:i I her daugiiter ear-ri-.'.l
silver headed canes v.'iilo walking. This
morning I noticed half a dozen women who
were plodding r.lonjr, and each ono was
armed with a neat littlo silver headed cane.
I venture to say that insid of a month it
will be a great fad anions tho ladies of Chi
cago. However, as it will necessarily
velop a cra2o for pedestrianiMn, dcih't see
that thire is any great need of objection to
the fashion, even if it is aping tho ways of
royalty and is but another form of Anglo
manias'Chicago Tribune.
Siia Loved tu ScoTcl.
All old woman in New York, whose will is
now being contested by her heirs, had H aid
piwUeo. Likoa rjd many others cf her
sex she loved to scold, but us she iHscssed
about everything sba could wish for such
opportunities to indulge in her favorite prae
tico were necessarily limited. To remedy
this defect, however, sho hired a maid to
read her extracts from those news; rprs thaji
fho pftrtiordai-ly Jislik ud thVii "soil Jed
thtjgirl for tlieir contents. Thus tho girl
was considered personally responsible for
everything that went wrong throughout tho
world. IIow sho bore the great load of
responsibility is not state;L Philadelphia
A liVoi!irr;il AViigoti Itoud.
Parallel to the railroad ran often the great
trunk road, which, starting at Calcutta and
ending at Pc-shawer, is, I suppose, the grand-:
est yagon om ii tho wurkt 1,000 miles
Jong, boautifully maeademized, everywhere
smooth enough for a bicycle, and generally
having a fine row of trees on either side, la
thelowereountiesthesc trees are beautiful
evergreen oaks, or some other of that char
acter; up here tho bulbul or guniasalie tree,
with its delieato mimosa leaf. We fre
quently see long lines of camels slowly wend;
i::g their wayt and large, caravans or asses
und cows. Carter' Harrison in Chicago Ma;L
Edwin Booth's Smoking; llali'ts.
Edwin Booth is one of the most inveterate
of smokers, and must spend a small fqi tiinij
yearly in the jiululgeneo of his 'taste for tho
fr-agram weed. Aa a rule he smokes cigars,
and they are a particular brand, furnished
hiiu by a manufacturer, and from which ho
never changes. At home in his study ho
burns a mixture of costly and fragrant to
bacco in a great water pipe, and there- is a-;
ways a littlo table spread, with a great array
of pipes and'of all makes, from which his vis
itor can make a choice if he prefers. Jfcw
York Herald,
lZcvlval of Roller Skating-.
"There will be a revival of the roller s!:aV
ing crazo this season," 6aid a well known
dealer in sporting goods. ''But of Course ;b
ndil not reach the irupurtipns ot a couple of
years ago, when it was impossible for tho
factories to keep up with the orders, Peoplo
have not lost sight of the fact tha roller
skating is healthy excrois, and there are
already signs, judging from the orders wo
are receiving, t at it has como to 6tay, as it
should." Chicago Tribune,
Ilmperor William's Coo!:.
Emile Bernard, cook to the late Etiyperv
TViliiam, since always consulted 'with
hli imperial master in regard to the dishes of
the day. The old monarch often asked the
cook to cT.lain the -jonipositioa of certain
dishes, and occasionally suggested an addi
tional flavoring, which indicated to tho
French chef that his niaj(jsty "could feel his
niputhfuls as Well as swallow thera.'' Frank
Hint to Housekeepers,
IIous.ektepu-s who have been accustomed
to judge of the age of a turkey ly the flexi
bility of tho rear end of the breast bono will
1 . . . ..-.-..1 T ...-. i il.o f itnranniinliul . 1 1 "Y"1T
dealers pound the breast bones of aged tur- j
keys until the tip attains the flexibility conr i
sistont with j-outh, and thus, render them
marketable, -Chicago Herald,
Earthquake Shocks
Riviere Dn Locp, Quebec, April 20.
At 12:40' yesterday morning- a slight
ohock of earthquake was felt here. It
passed from north to south and lasted
three or four seconds. 9
St. Pattl's Bay, Quebec, April 20. A
very strong earthquake shock wa3 felt
here yesterday at 10 o'clock which lasted
three minutes.
Tl Sikh Stalwart Rac.
Tho peoplo "from Benares to north of
Delhi are much more stalwart and manly
than are tho llengalese, but they in their
turn nre greatly inferior to the men of
tlm I'uiij i'o. This wtiod means and ex
presses the country lying between tho
live great branches of the Indus. In this
country is a innguiflcent race of men.
The Sikh soldiers in tho army tire the
handsomest bixly of men I have ever Keen,
a:id indeed I have never Been any Knro
pean or American who came anything
like being a perfect model of manly
beauty as several officers I have seen in
the native Sikh cavalry. Today we wit
nessed the practice of a native regiment
at company target shooting.
Tho ol!iccrs ou horseback nre simply
superb; afoot all show ono universal de
fect among the entire people of India an
almost total absence of calf to tho leg.
liven in Punjab men and women have
none. I can say this of the women be
cause up here there are tvo things quite
antipodal to our customs. Men wear
what seem to be skirts and the women all
wear trousers nnd very tight ones, too,
below the knee. The other singular thing
Is ono sees hundred.-! r-f m?:s w '.. brar.l
dyed a brilliant red. A gray bearded mau
Is rarely seen from Lahore to Peshawer,
for they take on a bright vermilliou, evi
dently not for the purpose of concealing
axe, but as a sort of beautifier, Tho men
of Punjab proved themwelves brave by
giving England more trouble to subdue
them than perhaps all the balance of
India. But when once they acknowl
edged the supremacy of their new rulers,
like brave men they have showrj t'itm
selves true. They have none of the ser
vile demeanor of the Bengalee. They
look a foreigner strnight in the face re
spectfully, but with an apparent con
sciousness of their own dignity. -Carter
Harrison's Letter in Chicago Mail,
Fus:-.iuut iuj bu( ageroim Sport.
The most intensely fascinating nnd by
far tho most dangerous way of hunting
tho Bengal tigers is the way most of tho
natives do it. They collect in throngs of
hundreds nnd go to tho -woods, with half
bred bull and terrier dogs, rifjea vf 4'
cnliber and innumerable spears, nnd drive
the tigers pt their jungles. The vicious
dogs go iu and hound them and snarl and
howl threateningly. The tigers are grad
ually driven from point to point by thi
howling dogs and r.brieking natives, and
are Anally worfced, a gigantic and
strong netting mue or ten feet high and
with interstices seven or eiht inches
square. Then the chetties, as these queer
natives are called, range themselves along
the Eiues, and when the tigers lune at
them they nre met at every point by
gleaming spears. Such howling ard
snarling, combined with the shouts of the
natives, sounds like the wailing of thy
damned. The native wouif' ;re. vu hnd,
too, and lend lh'i- 'h ft'1'' when the
goYfi'ttiuca'it 6f!i?ers join -in the European
ladies are perched conveniently iu trees,
to lend a bit of life to the scene. San
Francisco Examiner.
A Card or. I'lioeosrraiiJs?
"YCtM'd you rather have my card or my
photograph "
Two young men who had been discuss
ing a bottle of wine in au uptown picture
gallery were prepjirirtg to part,-
'Your card will do; I doat want to -put
you to so much trouble."
4,Xo trouble at all. If you likeI'll pui
my portrait on the back of the card."
lie thereupon drew from his pocket a
small rubber stamp and imprinted on the
back of his card a very creditable likeness
of himself.
An inquisitive reporter, who overheard
the dialogue, t0.o'ts. jmins the next day to
leai.n to what extent the fad had gone,
lie found that there are several concerns
in the city where portrait stamps are
made, imilar in style to the rubber
stamps, containing one's name and ap
pended to it it pocket lead pencil. These
stnTips fcost from $2 to C'O each, and are
from one to three inches square. All the
stamp makers require is a tintype por
trait of the customer nnd a money order.
The stamps wear well and are much tU
fected by young clerks unci Eusf snl& busi
ness men. -New Yw-K Mail and Express.
A Unite Kolcd Cavalryman.
A small man, w ith a gray mustache, a
fclouch hat over his blue eyes, and a walk
no longer as chipper as it once waa, is
recognized by few people here when be
makes his occasional visits from, Wsii-.
ington. He is Gen. Pieusviiton, whom
many think one o? the greatest cavalry
commanders of the war, and who un
doubtedly fought aud won, perhaps, the
greatest cavalry engagement of tho con
test between the stales. It was at Brandy
Station, where eighty regiments of horse
men contended on one field with no in
fantry or artillery nearer than ten miles
away. Sometimes the battle Hags of hu
contending generals were not fm-lWi cep
a rated than the twp aides of Broadway.
PleasQiiton, Kilpatrick and Custer were
iu a single group. Detecting a crucial
point in the opposing line, PleasontOA
cried: "Custer, go right in there'," Cus
ter's mounted band at o,ncs struck up
'The Star Spangled Banner," and in ten
minutes he, had carried the position. Cus
ter and Kilpatrick are dead. Pleasonton,
barely 50 years of age, seems to bo out of
gear with the world--rr-Cor, JCew York
fho I'-mpress' Own" I'alace.
At the distanco of a short drive from St.
Petersburg is a charming miniature palace,
owned by the empress, and known by th
name of "My Own." It is in thQ midst of;
lovely grounds, and 5 ft happy retiring place
for the rpya family whenever they choose to
come to It. LouLe Chandler Moulton.
I2o3 Not Admitted.
New York retail merchants find the dogs
which are led by chains by f aahioaahle wo
men such a mn'sauso In their stores that
many have put up a gilt sign reading: "Dogs
are not admitted here unless in arms."
Soft. thin, waxed paper is found to an
swer the purpose of cild silk or muslin in
the majority of dressings and is much
A fortune in cash awaits the inventor of
something to keep family skeletons frcm
stalking at the wrong time. ilail and Express.
riM..v 1 )n..l!1.i Oi
Just after our inventory, wo reduce
prices to sill the goods rather than to
carry over. We are willing to sell our
entire Winter (Joods at cost. Staples we
have a large quantity and offer them
very low. Calicos ii to 5 cents per yard,
making the best standard of them at 20
yards for $1.00. Gingham best dm-s
styles 10 cents per yard. Dnss gtoda
all kinds at the very lowest prices, from
5 cents per yard upward. Woolen hose
wo offer at cost, extra fne. Ladies cash
mere hose, worth $1.00, now 75 ccnli,
fine heavy wool 40 cents, now 25; child
ren's line ribbed worth 50, now 150. Un
der wear must go at low price, as wo
will not keep them over.
Our (3-nN Silver Orey Merino Sliiitu
a.., u.ariiij, ioiiiici' prices 50 now 515.
Our Gents Silver grey marino shirti
and drawers, extra quality 75 now 150.
Our Scarlet all wool shirts nnd draw
ers fine quality $1.00 now 75 cents.
Our scarlet all-wool shirts nnd draw
ers, fine quality $1.25 now 1.00.
Our scarlet all-wool shirts and draw
ers, tine quality $1.75 now 1,25.
Ojt scarlet all-wool shirts and draw
ers, fine quality $2.00 now 1.40.
Xjiiclics' - Underwear,
Our 25 per cent, discount on cloaks, in
still jjood. Wc are determined to clone
out our entire stock and never bcfoio
has such an opportunity been offered to
economical buyers to purchase the best
qualities for so little money.
Joseph V. Wcckbach,
rli fc 0 s
As per previous
lullj determined to
g Plattsmouth and so advertised accordingly and
now, as satisfactory arrangements have been
perfected for the continuance ot same under the
management of Mr. J. Firiley and P. F. JJuft
nei as hook-keeper and cashier, we herewith
j notify our friends and
cision and kindly solicit
kind patronage, so freely
past sixteen years, by the addition of compe-
tent clerical force.
On account of Mr. Solomon leaving the
city and by the adoption of the stkictly
Courteous treatment,
i Bed-Roek Prices,
ff j We trust to merit your good will and patron
H, P. Whisler's,
The City Bakery,
New England
Home Hade Bread.
lie has procured tbe services of I. .1. Strayer,
of Omaha, whose Fpeialiy is in making
this liiclir, easily digested.
Fnrchaae a five r ten cent loaf and you will be
convinced of its merits.
u Mmm
amiounctmeiit, we Lad
discontinue business in
patrons of our final de-
a continuance of your
extended during the
and an elegant new
We liave our house filled with
And are prepared to deliver it daily to cureua
tenif lit iu any quantity de-sired.
Le orders with
At store on Sixth Street. We make Spec
ialty of
And Loadliii Cars. For tcrn.s teetu or
If. C. MeMAKEX & &OXT.
Telephone 12, - - Flatt
DCpi. 1-uiii.