The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, March 28, 1888, Image 4

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The Evening Herald.
J. H. KING, City Editor.
A. KalUkarjr, DeatUt, U or k wood Batldlar,
Taltakaaa tV.
Dr. Mlif, Odea aad Bmldrar Sherwo4
Block, Tclrphoae 5a. 42.
Mr. McElwttia ia alowly improving
in hea'tli.
There has not been much change in
the condition of health of Dr. John Kl&ck
for the past few days.
Dan O'Kourke, cam in from Mi
touri Valley, Iowa, lat night. He will
remain litre about a week.
Regular meeting f the W. C. T. U.
Thursday afternoon at S o'clock, at the
residence of Mrs. S. A. Daris.
Don't forget the republican prima
ries tonight for the purpose of sleeting
delegates to the city convention.
llr. P. . llowland, road machinist
for the B & M., cams in from Cheyenne
this morning and goes out to-night to
Holyokc on Iso. 3.
Koland Heed, next Saturday sight,
will s;ive a refined and very laughabla
entertainment. This is the last chance to
witness the celebrated comedy entiled,
The engineers arc sick, the firemen
are fcick, the switchmen are sick and the
II. & II. is sick. They are all out except
the B. & M. and they can't go out, al
though they are ont lots of money.
The Cleveland Young Men's Demo
cratic Club ars making arrangements for
a large room in the Dovey block to hold
their meetings. It an agreement can be
arrived at they will meet at that place
next Monday night
The action sf Sherman & Cutright
in the county court against the Commer
cial bank of Weeping Water as garnishee
of James M. Cole, tried a few days ago,
resulted in a decision for judgment for
the defendant, costs taxed to plaintiff.
April 3, being election day, the
ladies connected with the Catholic fair
have been requested to giyo a dinner in
Fitzgerald's hall, between 12 and 2 on
that day.' The cost will be 3 cents. As
the proceeds are to be devoted to a char
itable object the ladies effortsbhould be
It don't soem tojnako any difference
whether a lady is employed in a work
shop or an office, a refining influence is
always evident among the employes or
the surroundings. This is especially no
ticeable in the transformation of what
was once a dirty, musty, official apart
ment of this city, that was stored full of
mouldy-looking ledgers, into a clean at
tractive place for transacting business.
Mr. W. L. Tucker called in our office
today and showed us his book ia whi'h
he has kept the condition of the weather
for a number of years back, and on the
28th of March for the past four years it
has not varied more than three degrees,
and one year ago, yesterday, there fell
four inches of snow, and the next day
five-eighths of an inch of snow fell. The
thermometer registers just the same today
as it did on the same date last year.
The case of J. M. Schnellbacher vs.
Jones & Fitzgerald, tried in county court
before a jury yesterday, resulted in a
verdict of 40 for the plaintiff. The
amount sued for was $173. The case
was contested with earnestness and skill
and especially inasmuch as the defend
ants were compelled to nuke their de
fense from the plaintiff's books in other
words go into the enemy's camp for am
munition to fight him Tirith.
"Mr. Voss the architect is in the city
with instructions from Mr. Fitzgerald to
meet him here and give him figures on n
structure adjoining the opera house."
Journal. Mr. Voss may have said so,
but it's not so. Mr. Fitzgerald telegraph
ed from Lincoln for M. Voss to meet him
at Plattsmouth and as Mr. Fitzgerald did
not get any reply to his telegram he did
not come. Mr. Voss did, but it was not
in connection with any "structure adjoin
ing the opera house." We will inform
our readers concerning Mr. Voss's mys
terious visits in doe time.
Last Sunday will be long remember
ed by two young ladies of this city. One
of them is a school teacher and was guid
ing the gentle footsteps of the other
maiden across the velvety lawn, (it was
plush last Sunday) in the direction of the
Stull scheolbouse about three miles north
of town.- After they Lad transacted their
business and counted the surrounding ob
jects, they undertook to survey the coun
try in the direction of Oreapoli?. Tbey
arrived at that classic region safely by
four o'clock, waited till seven for the
train, and then returned to Plattsmouth.
Stanley's trials and tribulations in ford
ing streams on the "Dark Continent" was
nothing id comparison to what these
ladies had to undergo., The water was
icy cold, and in some places very deep,
.but there was no help for it, "we must
get home before dark." fAre there any
men around?" "No!" "Well, Jump."
Oh! immortal shades of Mary Walker
with bloomer costume, why were you. not
aroaad to atczti those ladies in their dis
tr" "
A Simultaneous) Strike Soon Ex
pected on Side-Tracks.
Ciiicaoo, III.,
i Marcu 28.
OJJii'e of lleathjuartem of Brotherhood
of able-Tracks and Ji ranch Line
City Editor, Plattsuiouih IIkkald:
Inclosed you will find the stenographer's
report of the proceedings of the Brother
hood of Side-track and Branch-line Rail
ways, transacted at a meeting held Wed
nesday afternoon and evening, March 21,
at their office in the Bodkin block, which
I sead you by order of the Association,
and request that you find room for their
publication in your worthy paper. The
delay in sendiag them to you was caused
by the sudden and severe illness of the
stenographer. T. P. Switch, Sec.
"The gieivance committees of the varT
ious lodges of B. of S. T. fc B. L. K. It.
the "Q." system met at their head quar
ters Wednesday afternoon at 2:30, March
21, for the purpose of considering and
taking steps in regard to the partialities
now in existenpeon that road, between
the main line and branch and side-tracks;
the meeting being in response to a call
from Pres. Rustyrail. There were 105 of
the membsrs of the association present.
The afternoon, until 5:30, was taken up
in speeches, laying cut the complaints
and questions to be acted upon; speeches
were made by Messrs. Frog, Creston;
Stoneballost, Plattsmouth; Spike, Bur
lington, and F. P. Tie, of Minneapolis.
At 5:30 the meeting adjourned to meet
at 7 o'clock.
"Promptly at 7 o'clock p. in., Pres.
Rustyrail called the convention to order,
and a committee ef eight was appointed
to draw up resolutions. The committee
consisted of Messrs. J. T. Roadbed, llast
tings; F. R. Steelrail, Quiacy; M. P.
Smokestack, Kansas City; F. 8. Coupling-
pin, Chari on; A. B. Frog, Creston; J. D
Stoneballast. Plattsmouth; O. II. Cow
catcher, Denver, and L. Sidetrack, Chi
cago. 4.t9o clock tue committee pre
sented the following resolutions, which
were adopted without alteration :
Whereas, It is a greivous fact that
there is a wide discrimination on the
great "Q" system between the side tracks
and branch roads and the main lines, and
we, the factors of such side-tracks and
branch roads, failing to see a just cause
of such discrimination, do hereby
Resolve, That we shall endeavor to in
duce an abandonment of this discrimin
ation and have one road brought ia the
same appreciation as another; aud
Whereas, The discrimination consists
largely in the abandonment of the side
tracks and branch roads, aud the using
of a better rail on the main road, and the
permitting of empty and freighted cars
to remain upon us,so that our bright faces
which are the rails are obliterated
by rust for want of use, and the heavy
cars upon us shade us from a view of
the sunlit skies by day, and the star-
spangled firmament by night, and which
vision supplies a joy unspeakable, be it
Resolved, That we demand that the
volume of traffic on side tracks and
t 1 ... a
Diane a roaas do increased until it be
equal to that of the main line in all res
pects, and
Whereas, The company cannot trans
act business without our aid, we, the
side tracks and branch roads do
Resolve, That if a chance is not
brought about by April 1st, 1888, which
shall coincide with onr wishes, that at
noon of the aforesaid day we shall lock
eur switches and refuse to further trans
net company business, at least till our de
mands are satisfied.
Whereas, Beins in sympathy with
our brethren, the factors f the main line,
who are compelled under the present
plan to do much more than by right be
falls them in the transportation of freight,
Whereas, Much of the freight is un
limited as to time, be it
Resolved, That we invite the factors
of the main line to cooperate with us in
oureffoit to obtain our just portion of
traffic; and that in place of standing un
limited freight upon side tracks, it shall
be run out over branch lines and returned
for the purpose of keeping things in mo
tion and insuring the lightness of branch
On motion of Mr. Stoneballast, Presi
dent Rustyrail and Mr. Frog were auth
orized to confer with the "Q" authorities
and attempt to bring about a change
with the proposed force. The meeting
then adjourned.
S. T. Cattleguard, Stenographer.
Treat All Alike-
At the lost meeting ef the city council
an ordinance was passed in regard to the
volunteer fire department of this city.
It was ordered that the chief be paid
$100 per annum, tae assistant chief $25
per annum and the secretary $50 per
annum. This is causing a great deal of
dissatisfaction among the rank and. file
of the department, and they say let
the department be a paid department or
a volunteer department. They don't
want any distinctions to be made only in
the case of the secretary, who they say
should get paid. A petition to that ef
fect will be banded to the city council
next week, and if they don't approve of
it the wLole of the hose companies and
the book and ladder company will hand
ia their resignations.
Choir Meeting.
The members of the choir of the M.
E. church are requested to meet at the
church this evening at the close of pray.
"The erubescent excrescence on your
olfactory organ is yet in its adolescence,"
said a physician to a young man with an
abnormal development of his noise. The
doctor merely meant that the boil on the
youth's nose was not yet ripe.
It wae a Boston girl who asked: "Why
is it that two souls, mated in the impera
tive mystery of their nativity, float by
each other ou the oceau currents of exist
ence without being instinctively drawn
together, blended and beautified in the
assimilation alembic of eternal love?"
"The concatenation of circumstances,"
said Evarts, "has not cnvolved out of
my pre-eminent position in the adminis
tration any elements except such as were
disscutancous to a successful aspiration
after a more elevated situation; all my
strivings for a boom have resulted in a
"Most beautiful, accomplished, and
charming madame, would your ladyship,
by an unmerited condescension, transmit
your most obsequious, devoted, and very
humble servant that pair of Pyrepenten
tigists, that he may cxupenite the exu
cences of this nocturnal cylindric lumi
nary, so that its refulgent brightness aim
resplendent brilliancv mav dazzle the
yision of our occular optics more potent
ly." lie simply wanted the lndy to hand
him a pair of snuffers across the table.
An exquisite once drove up to the
door of a couut.-y tavern, and address
ed a small boy who came to the door, as
follows: "Adoloscence, extricate my
weary quadruped fr6m the vehicle, stab
ulate him, tender him a sufficient quanti
ty of nutritious ailment, and after a reas
onable length of time has elapsed, and he
has ceased transpiring, manipulating his
coat meinwhue with a whisp of hay, nl
low him to quench his thirst with a mod
icum of aqua pura. When the aurora
of morn shall have illumed the Eastern
horizen. and I am about to resume my
pereginations, I will amply recompense
thee for thy hospitality." The boy ran
to the door, and brawled out, "Dad, dud.
come out here; there's a Dutchman wants
to see you."
Jesse L. Root went up to Bellvue to
John Robins went to Omaha this
Mrs. Andrew Dill left this morning for
Ulysses, Neb.
W. II. Newell was a passenger to Lin
coln this morning.
J. II. Haldcrman, of Weeping W ater,
was in the city today.
Miss Evalyn Wise was a passenger to
Omaha this morning.
Mrs. J. D. Simpson went to Nebraska
City this morning to visit relatives.
John Becker, who has been sick for
the past ten days is reported better today
Bert Wheeler, who has been visiting
Byron Drew left this morning for his
home in Omaha.
Master John Ilaitigan went up to
Bellvue this morning and took his gun
along intending to walk back and bring
some ducks and geese.
Mrs. Frank Shopp left this morning
for Maywood, Frontier Co., Neb, Mr.
Shopp left day before yestrday with his
household goods. They expect to make
that place their future home.
Felix Kennedy, who has beeu employ
ed in the boiler shops of the B. & M.,
leaves tonight to take up his permanent
residence at McCook. Felix is one of
those popular young men we hate to lose,
He has a great many warm friends in tkis
city who will regret his departure. He
has always been respected for his hones
ty, industry and generosity. Oood bye
Felix and may prosperity attend you.
Baby's Prattling Replication?.
"This is the house that Jack built!''
"The house- Jack built!"
"This is the corn that lay in the house
that Jack built!"
"This is the cow that Jack built!"
"This is the rat that eat the coi n that
lay in the house that Jack built!"
"This isthecruinpledy horn that tossed
the corn that Jack built!"
"This is the cat that
"Papa! Mrs. Jones' cat's get kittens,
I seed um."
"He is not Dead, but Sleepeth-'
The following has reference to the dis
trict court now in session at Council
"During the afternoon session the case
of Carruth vs. the Chicago, Burlington
& Quincy railroad was on trial. This is
a damage casein which the plaintiff asks
$20,000 from the road on account of the
death of Frank Carruth. Mr. Carruth
was a conductor on the road in 1884, and
was running a passenger train int Pa
cific Junction. His train was backing
and a collision was about to take place.
He rushed to the rear platform and pull
ed the bell rope to signal the engineer to
stop the train. The rope broke aad he
fell from the platform and was run over
and killed." Omaha Herald.
Poor Frank! Our belief in spiritulism
becomes more cenSrraed. Instead of
Frank Carruth it should have read
"George Foster," Frank's brother-in-law,
who was killed while a conductor some
years ago on a passenger train running
between Omaha aud Pacific Junction.
Mrs. Foster, the plaintiff, is now in
Council Bluffs attending the trial.
For Councilman.
By the request of n:any citizens I con
sent to become a candibate for council
man in third ward, Bhould the voters 6ee
fit to atan 1 by me. Respectfully,
Tako Kctlco
Members of Plattsmouth Eucampinent,
No. 3, I. O. O. P.: You ure herewith
requested to meet at our ball Friday
eveaing, March 80, for special work; also
Saturday evening, March 31, for work in
degrees, conducted by the Omaha Degree
Staff. By order of
H. C. Smitu, C. P.
L. O. Lauhox, Sec. tf
Y. W. C. T- U-
A regular meeting of the "Y's" will bo
held tomorrow afternoon, at i o'clock, in
Miss Cranmer's rooms. All members are
urged to be present.
Postmaster C. W. Synder, of Ceda
Creek is a prisoner in Omaha charged
with embezzling and destroying :i lette
containing $75. lie plead not guilty.
and was bound over to the sum of $1,
000 to appear boforc the United btates
district court.
The Home Fire Insurance Company.
of Omaha, insures working horses againh
nre in any private Dun, .stauie or siie
en farm, or within twenty-five miles o
farm, and against lightening, winds, cy
clones and tornadoes, wherever they
may be.
O. & M. Time Table.
;oixj wk-t.
No. 1. 5 :.) a m.
No, a. 0 :40 j), in.
No, r 9 a. in.
No 7.--7 : 15 p. in.
No. !. 0:11 p. in.
No. 11 G :0j a, HI.
(iiUMi ICASf.
'o, 2. 4 ;l!5 . in.
0. 4. 10 ::'.() a. in.
No. o 7 :::n p. in.
No. 8.-9 :.r,(l si. 1:1.
.'. 10 0 :-!" si. in,
No. V. -i) :3S c. fci.
A'l train rim daily by wavof !nialia. excep
IN oh 7 and 8 winch run to ana Iroiii heliuile
daily except Sunday.
No. 30 is a etub to Pacific Junction at 3o.a in
No. 11) Is a stub from Pacific J unction at 11 am
The firm of Eoeck & Pir'sall will Uisaolve
April 1st. All parties indebted are notified to
settle before that time and save the expense of
a lawyer. JJOEUK .tBIKDSALL.
roil KENT. An eflh-e in tiie best location
on Alain street, inquire at this efiiee. M23U6
Hay for Sale
Three lmndi ed ions of bay for salo for caeli
either delivered or ou the ground. Leave or
ders at Henry W cckbach's store. I.. Sxlll.
Ja i. 3 ind&w
FOH ALS2, A new seven-roomed house, all
complete, on street-car line, in monthly pay
ments or iu exchange for farm land. A pply at
Su-Uh & Co.'adniij store. rn27dS
VOll SALE. The lot corner of Seventh and
Gold Streets, ulso the lioiue. which contain
six rooms and a double parlor. Pal-. cu easy
terms. Apply at residence or of Kobt. Fitz
Kerald. in24-7
We have jvut received the beat ati tuiPnt of
complete dimer. tea, '-number and roninioas
sets ever brought int this city. Call in and
examine. No trouble to show oi;r gode
11128-lw. M. C. Mcthy& Co
FOB ALE On reasonable terms niv resi
dence on the N. W. corner of E!i;i and 11th Sts.
Said property roni.ts of H block v.ifh a irood
fctory ami a half house i f rooms, two ward-
roues and cue i a::try ; good whi and cut
water : twentv-seven hcarim; aiudc trees. a;id
au auundaiiee oi sma'i la it oi an kiihis. n
P. 1. ISA I li-J.
Br. C. A- Marshall
Preservation t natir al teeth a specialty.
fceth extracted uilhout j:iin hj uoc of Laughing
All work warranted. Pi ieeres'nable
Wm. Hcrold
Fry M. Mps Boots ani liocs
or Ladies and Gents
lie keeps as large and as well
As can be found any place in the city and make
jou piiee3 that defy competition.
Ageuts for
HarDT's Bazar P. Kerns and Ba-l's Corset.
Repd llie reason vt'Iiy you
should purchase lots iu Soulii
Park, on puge 4. Gtf
Merchant Tailor.
Keeps constantly on hand sample of the
bVt poods to be procured. Is prepared to
make pants for 4-00 and upwards aiidkuus fo
Repairing; dvsuting
Neatly and promptly done at he lowest
prices. Over Peter Merges' store, North Side
Main Street.
4N. SULLIVAN. Attorney at Law. Will
give prompt dtieniion to all biiPiness in
trusted to him. Office ia Union Block, East
side. Hattsmoutb, Neb.
Notice of Partnership.
Notice is hereby given tha the partnership
heretofore existing and kn-rn onc er the firm
title of R. K. A T. P Mvinestnn. i? bereby
charged t Dm. K. R. Livingston & Sons, the
Junior member. Itobf. K. Liv ng on. jr.. having
been taken lulo the firm, to take effect April 1,
ISsi. K. If. Li vi oton. Sr., M. U.
T. P. i l vinos-! nv. M. I.
m2Cd2w K. it. Livingston Jr., M. D.
Public Notice.
March 17. lfuy.
Puhllc Notice is hereby civen ! the citizens
of Plittniouth. Neli.. ltat si nu'jlic insn ction
of the sanitary coii'HMou f all T ieniisex yards
and alleys witnin mul city wi i te neiu. cum.
lucncii eon the first day of A mil. 18S8, and in
evry ertfe wheie parties bare t that dare
failed to cP-a" tin and remove any aud all filth
on or about their premises and a leys such
persons will forthwith be prosecuted before the
PnllM Jnrfro and nnnished aeeordinir to Ixw
7'"- ""Ttrtt!Pr"'lof r-irt.
Tin's waist is designed to meet the requirements oi ladies who
cannot, comfortably, wear a still and rigid curaet, while it can be worn
with as inn cli comfort as an ordinary dres waist. It will give the
fame elegance of contour as the heaviest boned corset in the market,
while the stays are so arranged that they will give support to the back
and tpinc and in nowise interfere with the freedom and comfort
ot the wearer. The weight of the clothing is transferred from the
hips to the shoulders by means of the bhoulder-straps, which are ad
justable to suit any form or length of waist.
"We have these waists in "White, Grey and Gold and the price to
introduce them will be $1.00. Sizes 18 to 28.
?fe also Carry a Fall Line of the followiG Corsets :
Uoitrees Duplex, Bortrees Skirt Supporting, Misses Corsets,
Loomers Ela&ting Comfort Hip, Satin Corsets, F. C. Corsets, I. C.
Corsets, C. P. Corsets. Onr Cleopatra is the best 1.00 corset ever
thrown over any counter; our 750 French "Wove at $1.50 cannot be du
plicated in this city; our Blanche Extra Long Corset at $1.50 is a bar
gain; Childrens Corset "Waists at 45 and 05 cents.
On 23oor East
Reasons for Purchasing Lots in South Park.
1. As a whole they are the finest lying lots in the city.
2. They are shaded with beautiful forest trees.
3. They are located between Chi ergo and Lincoln Avcnuee, the
two finest drives about the city.
4. They are only a ten-minutes walk frem the business portion
of the town.
5. I5y reason of their location
faies into the city, they are more
0. I he only addition to the
7. The. only new addition to
and with a prospect of beijig supplied in the near future with com
plete water privileges.
S. -ew sidewalks recently
the addition and will shortly 1 e
0. v ill certainly have street car j-rivilctfc at r.o distant date.
10. If vou wish a fine view ot the river, locate on a lot in Sonth
11. If you wish a eighth-and
it can be had lrom a South Fark lot.
12. To persons in the railroad
South Fark is the most desirable
liS. lo persons desiring a
western portion of South Fark is
14. llie 1. tv w. railroad track runs near the east line of th
addition, furnishing good facilities
lo. It vou locate in South Fark you will have good neighbors :
Mayor SImp-on, John 11. Cox, John
"Week bach, Chas. Harris, John H. Young, Henry "Waterman, W. C.
Tngraham, J3. Spurlock, Jerry Farthing, Thos. E. I'eynolds, S. A.
Davis, L. A, iliner, C. JM. "Wead,
Coleman, S. A. Speakman, Frank Feeson, Chas A. Fankin, Sarah E.
Alexander, John Moore, M. A. Shipman, J.illie Kalisky, T. W.
Faugh t, Clayton Barber, "W. J. IIe;ser, Harry JCneller, J. E. Barwiek,
J. G. Uoval, W. X. McLennan. I. C. Minor, b. McCourt, J.C. Fought
and others are owners of South Fark
10. Over 12.000 worth
used of within a short period and
peculators which is tolid rrooi ot
of the city.
17. More substantial houses wee br.ilt in South in the
fall of 18S7 than in any one locality in the city and the prospects lor
spring building are much greater
18. Lots will be sold until the 1st of April, next, at 150 eacbj
after said date the price on the most desirable lots will be advanced.
- 19. Terms cash, balance in one and two years, or lots may be
purchased on monthly payments.
20. Any number of jiersons, not less th?.n five, urcLasitg'ten
lots in one transaction will be given a lot free to disrose of as they
may deem proper. .
21. Any person or pertons purchasing 20 or more lots and pay
ing l cash, may have one antl two years on balance without interest.
22. If airy other icasoris for purchasing lots iu South Fark are
desired thev will be civen bv calling at the office of
Oven ocx c?aaco coct:
1 A
(i ti (i o u o V)
2Tirst 2Tat'l Bank.
between the two main thorough-
f;ccessible than lots in other additions.
city reached "by two established
the cily reached by water main
constructed to within a lew ket of
picturesque view of l'latttmoth,
employ, the eastern portion of
residence locality in the city.
residence on Chics go avenue, tht
available for that purpose.
for manufacturing industries.
A. Davies, John L. Minor, J. V.
Frank Irish, J. Is'. Glenn, C. L.
this desirab.e picperly has been dis
no art has leen fold to outside
the giibttantial growth of this part