The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, March 05, 1888, Image 1

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tt-V -11 IT!
M'JIIJKK t ill
AUorn ;,'.
M irrii.tll.
Con i:1I:iii:ii, I w.iM,
: II Smith
J II V. I Klt.M AN
liVlt iN I'l.AIIK
A MaImii.K
.1 S M I 1 1 K W S
A Sad Ending of Beautiful
About tli roc years nge u handsome
woman an "unfortunate," was shot by a
-, )'J "'ai.h-k ; j jalous female companion in Cherry street,
i. w iiiik j Dig Moines, Iowa. The body was taken
'! wii ti it ' to an undertaker's, where the features
' V v im.Ii 'were viewed by hundreds of persons,
- !: v 'lI'Vi'Vs' I'iik I a,,10I, whom was one who was deeply
i .1 w.J miss ,'.iiaii!Man j affected by tlie impressive scene, and who
Boaid ru!.Vork:-j J"V u'.iwKX.KTii ! sheil bitter tears. The writer stood near
; . j : : : and noticed the emotion of the impulsive,
GOLTJ'l-Y OKKIG J'il(S. j a vouiplinlnid and beautiful woman.
j . ... ... . Ucr name was Mrs. Helen Howard,
Twh.iiit. - i' A. i. n-r.l-.l.i
ll.-mity I''.riT, -
li.'JMIt V I I "Ik.
Jt 'C' r il
iMpiltV It '
C.torK i :l-UHtl . II"',
ii A.
flli . I'lll.l.lUK
I'l !.! I It II till II Ml
.1.1 :
I'll li. KMiMIVj
t . .'I OOI.K
A i.l.K"J i fc.s -N
-. iiLSriSI.I-
Su,t. .if i'llh.'
Comity J a
r.-i.i:i or si;i-i:kvisoi:.s.
A Ii. lol.ll, - - I'hlttSI.K.IlIll
1.oi:m V -i.i.. Oli'ui., Vci i:ii ViUci
A. 1. IH Un'fN, - !; UlWUOll
iss i.oih; - Ni ii';. i . r. -M'-'ts
'i'Vci'v 1 1. i'm. .iv . v.'i.iu i'! (' !! v. ck. All
tr.-ii-.r-ifiit I-iiU'.i 'is ale j .-1 m.I : iiliy h.vilej U
mum !.:?;"!: N-. i. a. o i w.-.w.-ts
I'Vi'i'V a'e iT-i I' I-"' 1 I .' I'l'i:!i!'- 'v. of V
liiill. i i-.i .-;. n; !i-r
vite-l l '.'i'-ii l. ;.! i
i:. I'.T. t-. w, l ..r
Ht-er ; I l; '. -'.i l
l.-i;.rl. r ; II. .1. .1
Smith. 1;. (': t'r ; V. i-v- lit. 1 ;
J;ifk J.Ui;-,!.il t:. . I: siiii'.
;i r i- ri's;i''l . In I V I u-
.M.'l.lSt'-l -V .IK ! :.l! ;
I i .... I. in ii. i ".'it-
.: ii :' lit"- u i i til.
. 1 iniiii. it'" ; '-V ;is!i .
W . :
no. :i:i . 1!h:h:!:n vi hhm s
of Aui 'i i;-'.i -Mi-.'S c.iin! :i'i'I !'i'-ii ?iin
il av evciiiii-: at ! H I . Ii .'.l Ail nal.s.iMU
I Ititlioirt ai--' ciiit sl'-'l li ii'.' i i v. illi ti--. I.. A.
Nowi'o i t-r. 'i :n-i-il!'.' ''M'-.-;l ; . .
AViti lny ilvi-i'i-; i, i!. S:iiil!i, LI 11 ili:u l ; .
C. WiUctts, t !i-.'i -
Lst., vrrsMi-.i; mi i.oi';k n v.. ". w.
Alji t- i'V m v alM-fii.ite I'riiltiy i-vciiiii;? :it
Kock-.voixi li;l! iii- o'rl 'i"' . All ii insii-nt lnIii
ers uro'.'tf;:i:y i:iit-'.l n Jii'i'inl. I.. .
K-Tsnii, M. W. ; ''. l;oil. I ni iiiiii! : S. C.
Wiliie, Ketrlei' ; .onaiii Aiis'.-t;:::!. vcrsi er.
rVScCUHiHii POST 43 G. A. R
J. V. .I.ui xs )X
C. S. Tw:-ss
K. a. Ii r, ...
Illf.O. Nii.k. ..
A L'lsrs i- l" a ;
Hai.i-v ;;:; in
I'll ai: t.K-i f' n::
liKX.I. 1 1 KM r i. '
J APillt (!' I :' !-.)! VX.
Ai i'ii a i:i ... i .
U-eM:i4 -:.! ;t. .l iy
ivi. 3,'
who was murdered in a saloon in Omaha
l t.--i. ; l : l a l .. . i l . ..
-.A I 1: 1 I ' i: I I K.I.K i J.I limy IllJlli, iJ 14 HUlulirui khuiji
.1.. i ;V.'ll" i Iiai,,,'1 frank li. Hyan U full account is
v.i'..-.ii.vAi.TFi: mi Sunday's Herald). Her husband.
a ,
"Dick" Howard, is well known in Kan
sis City, Kui liugton and Dcs Moines,
Iowa, where he has run saloons, but fail
cd in business on account of his wife's
generosity. She would beg, borrow or
steal money from her husband, and would
not squander it on liuery, but ivo it to
tho poor and needy. She thought no
more of giving ten dollars to a person in
want than thousands do of giving ten
cents. She "tlew hih" all the time, but
her husband was too effect ionatc and
foolish to know of her doings. Her sis
ter "Willie" married an actor named
Scott, on thn stne, with a large audience,
at the cast side theatre in Dcs Moines si
few years aio. They soon separated. The
family moved from Dcs Moines about
twelvemonths ago, and have lately resid
ed upstairs, nbout the center of the block,
facing Jefferson Park, on Sixteenth St.,
Omaha. " 'Tis true, it's true, 'tis a pity
it is 'rue," that Helen has been unfaith
ful to her marriage vows for a number
of years. "Dick" was her second hus
b'ind. She married her first husband in
Chicago and was shortly after divorced.
From Chicago she went to Des Moines
and married Howard. Her parents and
husband are deserving of public sym
pathy, because they treated her with deep
ufrecMon, but her cutcness prevented
them from detecting anything wrong in
In r actions. We must end thia sad nara
tive of the life of a misguided woman,
with the beautiful words of Goldsmith:
"Taught by that Power that pities me, I
learn to pity them."
. s-'iiiisr Vice" "
liiaUT "
i. M.
ciiU-i rof t li c- l!;!V.
... . S'l-r ;t
.1 l ire;' Ma-nor yei'-jt.
ro.-t li:ii'.jill
r 'rsolial at 'e.
to my f:;n'.
T" ?3 f 7ST Z!
7T orncE.
; s Kn trust -
Til!-- K' i! iin 1- A!. i i.-" l oinj.ileJ, In
suraaec U'l i:tf n, '- SoM.
Better Facilitii's fr iiiakiu Farm I.oa:w than
Any Other &g&acy,
Ilalt?monll2, - sb:aslia.
Iiepresont the i'llowiii tiine
trio'l i:i l lire-t.--tt.Hl eu:np:inies:
Amerie i:i On 'r.iT-S. I. ir's, A-sets ifl.'s !:0
Cojsi'iierial '! ".iiiia-K!i',-!ri'i , 2 .iiw."! I
Fire ASlH;l-i :ateliliia. -1.4r.X78
Fiai'.kl!ii-l-!'.';Ui.,.i !;'i:i.i. " S.llT.irr.
IIiniie-Xi".v Vo:',.. " 7S"o.5l9
Irs. C . of x.irUi A"Wh-i. Piitl. " 8.JTI3G2
Livfr;) ) !.'!.: i t ii & ;''-K:ij; " s I::.7S1
Nrt!i ritU;i M-iv.iuiHe-K:ii r..:K,754
KOrwIe'l l:;!M!!-F.!V.'i:!!lI. 1.2!") liT.
SpriniStsl-.l V. .1 :I.-Sr;:s3fi-M, " 3.'il.9'5
T:Sal A
.It .
-1 P . i ;i i-ttni? T;'ir?
Oh! Consistency, Where Art Thou?
"The best paid labor pays the best," is
the utterance of L. Q. C. Lamar, and the
Plattsmouth Joiim tl; also the following:
"The best results to capital are to be
obtained by contented, well-paid labor,
and when labor is not contented itissafe
to say it is tiot well paid, because as a
rule it is the pay that inspires the laborer.
Low wafts and over hours makes poor
work the world over."
There's a boomerang being thrown in
the Journal office that is quite amusing.
Now that the Journal has been upholding
this'rike,it would be a laughable incident
to sec the same occurance taka p'ace
among the Journal composing force.
Anyhow, we should not be surprised if
such was the case, as they are the most
poorly paid printers in the city. TnE
Herald pays as high as any country
paper in the United States. It is also a
"Union" office, where no "rat" is allowed
a job under any consideration. Now,
Jotra,"practic3 what you preach, "and
pay your printers the same wages fis the
Plattsmouth Herald.
S I 0 U I S Sia 3 5 Ir XJ
I.usincss in Avoca is rathe: lively now.
Owing to the bad weather farmers can
not do much There has been three or
four sales in the neighborhood, and oth
ers advertised. Things generally sell
well this spring.... We were surprised
on going to the homo of Mr. and Mrs.
David Combs, near Xehawka. to find a
number of friends assembled to celebrate
tin! fifteenth anniversary of their wed
ding, and a very pleasant tune we had.
Tin-re was some ten or fifteen present.
Among the friends were Mr. and Mrs.
John Mcrdock, Mr. and Mrs. John YVag
ney, Mr. and Mis. Win. Davis, Mrs. White
anil others. Mr Combs is contemplating
removing to the far West in the near fu-
! turf, and hence the surprise.
D. Crocket.
Republican Meeting:
There will be a meeting of the
Young Men's Republican Club at the
county judges office, Monday evening,
March 5 h, at 8 "o'clock for the purpose
of electing three delegates to attend the
State Convention of Republican clubs to
be held in Omaha, March 15th, and for
the transaction of such other business as
snail properly come before the meeting.
A full attendance is desired.
D. A. Cami'ekll, President.
I A. N. Scli.ivax, Secretary.
I am here to stay and sha 1 endeavor
; t kce, up the good reputation in the liar
, n -s-s line in the f Jture asin the past nudum
r :uly to supply the demand of the 14
; t ade. . (3. ueefer successor to u. M,
Wfi3 tf,
roll man's New Palace.
The splendid new palaco which George
M. Pullman is building on Pullman
island, one of the Thousand Islands
group, will bo ready for tho millionaire's
oi-cujiation in tho early spring. Mr. Pull
man hu.4 owneil the island for several
years. It is said to be one of tho most
charming of tho group. An old htone
house, rcj)ortod to be a colonial French
convent, formerly htood on it. The house
wluch Mr. Pullman is building will be
unlike anything of the kind in the coun
try. It is designed as a sort of private
hotel for the family and a very few in
vited guests.
The material is stone in its natural
state, put together in all sorts of shajies.
A tower eight feet square and seventy
five feet high w ill rise from the center of
the building. On the iirst floor will be a
large reception hall, dining room, butler's
pantries and sleeping aiiurtments. In the
dining loom will bo a fireplace large
enough to roast aiox. The remainder of
the house will lie divided, into sleeping
apartments for guests, excepting the
upjer stories of the tower, one of which
will be used as a card room and the other
as an observation room, where an excel
lent view of tho river and the surround
ing country can lie had. The interior
will be of heavy oak, with massive case
ments and large oaken doers. Boton
Discretion llio i;ptter I'art.
The lest sort of courage is the kind
that goes with a rapid estimate of chances
and still has Bonie niethml in it. If Mr.
Snell, of Chicago, who heard the burg
lars at work in his basement, had, instead
of going down to them single handed,
but tired his revolver out of an upper
window to summon the neighlors and
the police, the sequel of that tragic story
might have Ix'en different.
Noise and tho certainty of detection
always startle burglars, and give glietter
chance to capture or even to shoot them,
if this is desired. A good alarm above
stairs, notifying tho thieves below that
the neighliorhood was being fully aroused,
would have been a much surer as well as
a safer thing. The daring of Mr. L3rman
Weeks, in Brooklyn, some time ago,
who went down into his basement un
armed to grapple with a robber, may
have been a display of fearlessness, but
surely was not wise. There are plenty
of opportunities in life for showing per
sonal courage, but in dealing with ruf
fians, bent on flagrant crime and armed
for their work, it is better to let the po
lice in to help. A watchman's rattle is
about as practical a weapon on such oc
casions as a sensible man or woman iieed
wish to have. Philadelphia Ledger.
Daniel Drawbaac'1' Invention.
It is announced that Daniel Draw
baugh, the inventor, who claims to have
invented the telephone, is working out
something new in his workshop in Cum
berland county, Pennsylvania. He has
now an invention which he declares will
be most useful in time of war on land
and sea. It consists of an electrical con
trivance by means of which the presence
of large bodies of troojis on land or shipj
on water can be detected within a dis
tance of teu miles. A general of the
army with this new contrivance in his
tent can, it is claimed, tell by its peculiar
motion if the enemy is near, and the
commander of a war vessel can also tell
the approach of any vessel, hostile or
otherwise, the resistance of tho water to
the approaching vessel causing sufficient
friction to establish a current that will
cause the indicator to sound the alarm.
London's Early Suburban Train.
The Chatham Railway company, of
London, recently began running a train
from St. Paufstatfon, starting at 3:15 in
the morning. This was done to accom
modate the night workers living in the
suburbs on that line. The experiment
was a success from the start, and other
lines have followed suit. It 6trikes us
that this thing could be done in more
than one city in America. There are
thousands of men working in the even
ing who would prefer to live in tho
suburbs, could they get accommodation
at the proper hour. The trains could re
turn to the city almost immediately, car
rying with them the marketmen and
their goods, and city sleepers would not
bo disturbed as they aro now by tho
rattling of the market wagons coming in
town at sunrise. Chicago Times.
A Lion of Literary Circles.
Frank R. Stockton is at present the
lion of literary circles in Washington.
Every device is used to persuade him to
inform a curious world whether it was
the lady or the tiger which issued from
tho door. His wife tells of a Boston host
ess who had planned to trap the author
in the following way: She invited Mr, and
Mrs. Stockton to dinner, and intended to
have the ice cream in two molds one
In the shape of a lady and the other
formed a tiger. She then intended to ask
Mr, Stockton from which design he
would take his cream. By some chance,
however, the dinner never came off, and
the great question is still unanswered.
Pittsburg Bulletin.
The Crown Prince's Kindly Heart.
The sweet and kindly spirit which
trktikles In his eye when he speaks with
children brings him very near, not only
to the hearts, of his small interlocutors,
but also to those of their parents. An
eye witness relates an anecdote that is
charmingly characteristic. Ths
noticed, during a etate banquet, that the
court pages (who are boys of noble fam
ily, from 12 to 15 years old) cast longing
eyes toward the sweetmeats. He sum
moned Lalf a dozen of them, made them
Btand in a row, and threw bonbons into
their open mouths. Haying taken the
edge off their appetite, he stuffed their
pockets, and sent them on their way re
joicing. Cosmopolitan.
Item of ien-rtii Int-rrt Cllpjied from
tli Kxehittijj' ! tilt mu In l'arvo.
The furniture dealer find that tln'ie is
a tremendous demand for what arc -ailed
hoarding house bureaus to lit In-tween a
IkmI and the e:il wall of hall IkmIiooiiis in
tiny modern houses. These are a new
conception, the mutt astonishingly iix less
one that can i imagined. Such bureaus
are alxnit thrte feet long and eight or
nine inches wide on top, but the draw
ers, of which there are thrtv, an- ordy
six inches deep and six inches high, just
big enough for a tooth brush, a lii-cktie
and a p.-q'r collar box. Vet nothing in
the trade sells as well as they do.
An old Plymouth Kock lien that had
lioen for ten years the jiet of a lady in
Norwich, Conn., died recently. She
weighed fourteen tound.s, but was ap
preciated chiefly on account of her intel
ligence. She knew when it was meal
time as well as a regular hoarder, and
came regularly for her food, calling for
her meal once a day. Of a brood of
forty, she was the hen altogether lovely.
She always wanted a chat with her mis
tress daily, and wh ri : ' '.
well would tease to bo held in her lap
and rocked by pulling her mistress'
. There is a little girl in Baltimore who
goes out into tho streets, liegins crying
ami gets the imlice to try to find-her
home. She gives an accurate descrip
tion of a house, but when tuch a one is
reached she always declares it is not the
right one. The other day she kept three
policemen busy all day walkingaboutth;?
city with her, and at night admitted that
she know all the w hile w here her home
was, and could have gone to it at any
The old Rodgers inure in Washington
is for sale. This interesting structure
has many curious arsoriatious. On t!ie
fidewalk in front of it Ocn. Sickles shot
Barton Key. The house was cc;:p'etl
during the war by Secretary Stanton,
and it was there that Payne tried to as
sassinate Secretary .Seward. The lot on
which the house was built was formerly
owned by Henry Clay, w ho swapped it
with Admiral Rodgers for a blooded colt.
Eight sportsmen shot over the pre
served ground of Lord Mansfield at
Scone, Perthshire, recently, when the
extraordinary number of 1,400 head of
trame fell to their guns. Of that number
1. 100 were pheasants. One of the party
used three guns, which were kept loaded
by two keepers, and at one spot during
the day's work he had about 00 pheas
sants lying around him.
A Hungarian miner who was recently
treated by a physician at Phcenixville,
Pa., had been living for three months at
an expense for food of only two cents a
day. He was earning $1 a day, but ate
only black bread. As a consequence his
teeth were falling out when the physician
began to treat him, and he was slowly
The Mercrd canal that has leen built
to convey water from the foot of tho
Sierra mountains in California, at San
Joaquin, has been formally opened. Tho
reservoir in which tho water is stored
contains 040 acres. The canal is twenty
seven miles long, and will irrigate over a
quarter million of acres.
At the present rate of increase in impu
tation, by the ye-- H)0(J the Stars and
Stripes will probablv wave over nearly
100,000,000 citizens. And then this
country will begin to look forward to the
time when 1,000.000.000 free citizens
will look up to the starry flag for pro
tection. The famous Jones county lulled buz
dard was kilted at Hazel hurst, Ga., by
Will Meeks recently. The bell attache-It
to the bird had t ngrave I on it the letters
"C. E.'" above the words 'Joiies County,
G., ISoO." It has been known in vari
ous parts of the state for years.
A i15,000 lighthouse lens, made in
Paris for the United States government,
is now in Washington. It is the largest
lantern lens in the country. The gla-s-work,
or lens proj'i measures 1.1 feet in
height, while the internal diameter is y
feet 8 inches.
An effectual way of cleaning a side
walk of ice and snow has lt-n adnpted
in Philadelphia. A rublxr hose is con
nected with the boiler in the cellar of a
b'.:ild;ng and a jet of live steam thrown
upon the sidewalk. The ice soon disap
pears. A locomotive has been sent by tho king
of the Belgians to Tangiei-s as a present
to the sultan cf Morocco a singularly in
appropriate gift, considering that there i i
not a yard of railway or tram line within
the dominions of the latter.
The newest method of notifying friends
of marriage is to send unrds announcing
it, accompanied by an invitation to caii.
This is borrowed from the French, and is
in the nature of a refreshing change from
too much English.
Berlin has a population of 1,000. 000,
only 2 per cent, of which go to public
worship. With nearly 400.000 people in
Hamburg, only 5,000 attend service.
One-tenth of the Christians in the
world do, nine-iembs of the Clu-istian
woik. So long as this is so we cannot
wonder that it goes halting as it does.
Helena, M. T., claims to have the riclu
est men in the west. A list la published
of capitalists who can draw checks aggre
gating over 23,000,000.
After thirteen years' litigation an Al
bany estate has realized eighty-five cents
aniece for the heirs. The lawvers got
$11,000 each.
The stones of the famous Temple Bar
of London are now being put together to
form a gate to a brewer's residence.
Arkansas City, Kan., lias a house which
is constructed entirely from boards taken
from shoe boxes,
Tho ihyligit Store.
Just alti r our inventory, v.e inline
prii-i's 'o 11 the goods rutin r tl!;i;il
( airy over. We aro willing to sell our
entire Winter ( Joods at cost. Staphs v. e
have a largi: quantity and oiler tlum
v ry low. Calicos :i to .1 ci nls per yanl.
making tl.e best standard of tin in at 'Jo
yards for 1.00. Gingham h.--.l 1 1 1 . s h
si 1 -s 1 0 cents per jard. Dr .-..s gioils
alL kinds at tho very l..".ve. t prices li"in
5 cents pel' yard upward. Woolen I. !
we oiler af-o.-4, e.xtr i J ne. Ladies ra h
inere hose, worlh vl.iso. now ctn!-,
tllie heavy Wool 10 cent-', now ','": child
ren's fine' ribbed uoilii "'I', li'iv; L'O. I n
tier wear in 1 1 -t go at io'v pr. ..-. :i- r. :
will not k. cp t!i. m over.
Our G'iits Silver Giv;- M i ii.o Holl
and drawir.-, former prici s ."( may
..... .1..) : hit 5 s
aiui dr.iwirs, extra quality Z't now ,V.
Our Scarlet all woul shuts and ih e.v
ers I'm quality 1.00 now . c i.!--.
Our seal let wo..! : Is and ';'',,
crs. tine quality '-l.'M now l.t-'".
( ur .v;u ! t ;.!!-who i ? hills and drawer.--,
fine qu i!:ly !.?") now l,M.
O .r n':irlet all-win -1 siiii Is and diaw
tr, line quality ;.! n.nv I .-10.
i:!,;L A i.i.v as t ;n;.i
Our '5 per :t. di -count on cloak.-.-, i -
f-t:ll good. We .:V del e ll.ilc .! t lb '
out our entire stock and neyi r l. l.t;
ha f.ich uu opportunity be ; o.'i'.-;ei (
economical buyers to ,i;i ( h i. .; the be-1-qualities
for so little nion y.
I! in m fin & Bnra
bmn W oLa t.-ra v mUi-'.m
As ifr previous' :ir.!:nii:i('! iiieiil, v.e iiml
e: fully determine 1 to ili.-cmitiii i:r bii :. in
!' :ml so :tdv.. : t i-( il :ic.;-iiiii;'ly ;.i,i
now, as saii-fjiclory .'smiii-Mf-iits L::vc Ik-cm
perfected for the contihu.-uiee of puine under tho
Ml iviiirm.rc.iiionr ..t Me J !;. .!. .,...1 I' V l,,1f-
r.ei as book-keeper :ml cashier, ve In a with
3j notify ot:r friends and patmn.s of eur iinal Ij-
si cisiun and kindlv inl'ivl. a 'cniitiiinaneo oi'v'.:!-
kind ):iti-on::'-(' "-o tree! -.' ox ended duriii" tho
'A past sixteen years, hy the addition of .-oiiii e-
r.ji tent cieru'iu lorce.
! On -cfo'-iit i.i' fi- s:, ...... i..-.i-r...r i b.i
Njj city and ly the auuptio; of tlie sn.-n n.
Courtoji:s treatinent. and an eh LT 'nt
R o 5 n i
r U tft t . . o cm - . J. la r .
nji met jvjji
i; Bed-Rock Prices,
Iv "NVe tru?t to merit vour trood v. Ii! and
U O ft M I J M
TL . 6!
; nRNF
B a w a v
i it
t 3 i
iw ii u n i tin n
Will be open January ;2ith, at the
OIcD STilX D OF F. 1(. G:I1T ST1
All work warranted
1 1
: 1