The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 13, 1888, Image 1

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lL,ATTSMOUTiZ, MiliilASKA, 31 ON DA V HY JSNINC;, FEIIIIl'AIiV i:J, l.SK.S. 2 I Ai iJIClt i:5).
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mL-T IT-IT" - rv-; j--;rf Ar-YTr- t-J: J-.-yxrmjyi iw it-t t ..i-fi . r.yr..m.-....-.f... .r-K.T-fi T... . r lull rim llliiw
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i V. i .v t-i:
i .1 ii .'! i i: ft: V
I .i W I i : i N
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i ; M:C :.i.!'.n. Pi i s
( .1 V .1. h: ns v ,v; : I a I !t.M.N
K.iuiil ru:..V,Vik. j i iivo ;..';i.i..:
(111! ll.V.VK.i V. Olt'Mf
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Win", fjir.
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A l.l.i.:. IS f. i-.S" '
M a i :. n H.'l . K
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j.Mi'i.-i r' i.i .. 'iriu.,
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l 'l SOGI l'?iM l'-S.
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V,.v -iv '.'ii .1 -V i.i:,' fi c; l w-i-U. All
trrii..-i'-nl I.i'fl
hit '.'ml.
.-; nr.' I'.'.-'i ci.ui ... iiinn u i"
rju:i' !.u!i. i: ml .... i .. . -.m.-. ,.s
-TV -TV aLl.Ticu 1''V I'lTiil:: at K. of 1 .
Iia'l '1'r i-i',-w t.j-m l:-r an- r' -.pci-tl iilly I"-U-lto.i'ti-
' !. I'". I- l,il'. !;"-',r ".Vti k niitii ;
U. x, '.ul.-. Imt.-a :a-i ; I-. .1. iMurgiTi, vciefr ;
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rf1S "VA!i' Ml.:".'. M i K it N V(l!)iMK.N
j( Vtii'-it -.i. -v:i i t-iSfO.''il an ! f.-intli M'ln
day i-v.-nin- :il K. ! I. All HulisK-Ilt
l.rl!i.-i .is.- i '': !- 1 t' iii'i' v.iiii ii". 1.. A.
Noivi'n i:i-r. -:n i m'.!.' I 'otisul : i. !'.
Woiiiiv Ai'.vi-.. : ; O, II. Sinitii, K v llancr ; V
C. Wilti-tts, l it i. .
i n.A'r rs?' . Ii " in iidcs-: n:. A. (. I . v.
i :i;M-i :-i v .".lii-riiiiiv- l'li'liiy i-v.-iii'i;: at
Ktick-.vo.).: Kali s oYIixti. . All : raiisiciil lirulli
,.s i't-sM.fifi!lly iiivittvl hi alli-i'. '. A.
:uts.;lif. M. Vv. ; N. iln i-n, i orcnniii : S. C lii-i'ol-iii l' ; I.. A. Nowx-oiiu'i'. OViTit iT.
McOOlllillC POST 43 C. A. tl-
.f. W. .!,i:is.os '...ii:i! iii.Ii-r.
C. S. 'IViiw Sfiin,r il-h
K. a. I'.nv.s IiuUiir "
ii'.). M:.v:s Ailjat'anl
Anii'tr I'AUis ii ...... M.
5lAiJi.v lux .v l'lii.-i-.-i.f tli Hay.
:ii v;:i.i-s Imhh " " ".i:;tr.i
j:kx.i. tti'.-.u i.K St-r;t M;.j..r.
.J..-oi: lliiw: I.M AX.. ..:i:ir:cr Masi.-r S. r.t.
A I I'll1! Win i"r i'o l Ci!a;!aui
McUii .-aliiritay cvi-ai:':4
I'Tsnnal :i;u-:itioii to i ll JU-.-iil.' s1 I-ji'riwi-to
my tar-?.
Titlt'- :: ;'iii:'r,l. A!!'-!:.;e;- ''o-.njiileii, Tn--iirain;.-
V,': iura, : IM-U'o r'll.
ISetter I'iifiil'.i. s (.'. lii.iM'.i' l"ai:n I.oun- tl:i"
Any Otf2.ce Age-acj
Il-.itismis ,
rV4'li: ii.?-4.
,L.S dlsllGliluU!!
Kcprei-eiit ;i-j fn! lowing linie-ti-k-d
::v iiro-te.-k'J v-ompr.riic:
American (Vnt r.:!-S . I. "i s, Assets j'l.'J-.s.lnO
Coianierci.i' l.'i;; e: -Ki..;:;i.i.!. '"
JFire A-so -!.:'i !J l i !:i io: Jill irl . ' -1. t l"i.rC
Fraukrui-lii!':'..'.e:!.!!ia. " .i.llT.lfr.
IIome-Vv; " T.s.-3,rKJ
Icrt. C . of Vel't'.l Aliiei i;-.!. Phi'.. " S.-tTi.:'-,--'
j.lvtTjiiniiil. ni.'. Mi i ;io'je-iv.iir " ii.6'5?.Tsi
North lintisli ft M-'ri-Mi'.ilv'-Iiui " ;;..-57:",75l
jrorwieh I'ninii-Mir.'lauu. " 3.?l".4i"6
iSpriaaeM f. jn: M,-S:i;:;:i:l:jl;t. " .".(' U .tt-5
Total Assets. .'42.115,774
OiSDy nlsiiiPaiJattiiisAgCES
m n arm
Cheap Prices
A Big Failure.
Komi;, Feb. PL The firm of Levi A:
Co., merchants at Ihui, Italy, lias failed.
Tin: liabilities of the firm rc $s0,000.
rh: failure is regarded as tin indiction of j
tlid g ii'-r;d lott-.niic!' of IiininefcHjiii Italy,
" .,,,.,
Wcathor Probabilities.
, ,., , .). r.,
WAsyiN;T, I'd. 1 :-J0 p. m. In-
' . , , ons for Hehriiikn: 1-nir weathci, ,
, , . .1 ... I
f..H.-..l ir r.nii or mow 111 nortllflll ,
...rtion; warmer, foil .wed by slightly
' !
I Colli; llkJUL IU 1IC9II BOUlimvl. .t.
ii I' ii.. r... .1 H..... I .l.illiiLir In I
nortlnvcst winds.
Cashmere Forts Caoturod.
Cai.citta. Ffi. 12. Tii Cashmere
fort-i on the (il;;ft frontier of TurkcMan
have been captured ly trans-frontier
tribes. Indian troops liuvft been tent to
assist in thoir iuciture and tho disjt'.r
sion of thj invaders.
Murdor nd Robbery.
Cuiaco. 11!., l'cb. A Daily Xcws
St. Louis special Bays the treasurer's office
at (Jarthage. Fanola county. Texas, wan
robbed Friday night, and County Taa
urer Hill w.ns killed. The crime wm not
diiicovcred until late Saturday ercning.
The robbers secured (i.000.
Wolves Lcoso in London.
London, Feb. 12. A pack of caged
wolves escaped from Sawyei's circus to
day. The elephants, camels, lio:i and
other animal;, became mad with terror
and were liberated with difficulty. The
wolys were trapped in a stable, where
they furiously devoured a horse already
slain. They till defy capture.
A Hew Counterfeit.
Washixunon, P. C, Feb. 13. The
secret service division of the treasury
department has discovered that a new
counterfeit of th .? silver certificate ha
been put in circulation. The bill is al
most three-sixteenths of an inch to j short.
There arc no distinctive lines in tht
paper. The ;cnerl appearance is good
and likely to deceive.
Sfain by a Dog.
Z axes villi-:, O., Feb. l:i. Saturday
afternoon Mrs. Lewis II. Harper of Mill
Hun, north of this city, left her 2-year-ol.l
boy with Mrs. Smith, her sinter, while
slu came to town. The child was play
int?; on the floor wh-.n a viciaus coal mir.c
d that had an aYerion tj tho boy,
seized him, tearing and multilating his
ivjau aud exposing the skull in several
places. Upon examination it was found
that one of the do's tushes had pene
trated the skull behind the ear, and there
is little hope of the child's recovery.
Tho Sixty-Eighth's Monument
Ukttysiicko, Pa., Feb. 1:5. George C.
jAcks'jn and Alfred Craighead, ollicers of
the Sixty-eighth Pennsylvania Infantry
association, Philadelphia Scott Legion,
yesterday decided to erect their monu
ment of Quincy granite, fifteen feet high,
near Ern'nvjt'iburg road a short distance
north of the peach orchard where they
lost nearly GO per cent of their number,
while engaged supporting Clark's New
Jersey battery during the hottest of the
second day' battle. It will bj dedicated
July 2 n-jxt. ntiring the reunion of both
armi-.'s on the twenty-tifth auni of
ih.; battle.
Bass's Chnrry Cough Syrup.
Is the 011I3 medicine that acts directly
on the Lungs, Ulood and Bowels, it re
lieves a cough instantly and in time
.-lTects a permanent cure. Sold by O. P.
Smith & Co., druggists. j23,Umo,d w.
This Week of Congress.
Washington, Fob. 13. The educa
tional bill still remains the unfinished
business of the senate, but there is unani
mous an understanding that it shall be
disposed of next Wednesday. Senator
Edmunds will call up some time during
tbs week for consideration and action the
bill reported by him from the foreign re
lations committee to charter the Nicara
gua Maritime Canal eorpaay. Beyond
this no announcements have been made
for the coming week and no programme
laid out. It is expected that one or two
speeches a ill be delivered during the week
on th president's message, which still
lies on the table. Tomorrow tf ill be
given up by the house to the considera
tien of business originating with the com
mittee oa the district of Columbia and
the proceedings ore not likely to be of intercut.
Begg's Cherry Cough Syrup.
Is warranted for ail that the label calls
for, so if it dots not relieve your cough
you can call at uur store and the money
will be refunded to you. It acts simul
taneously on all parts of the system,
thereby ieayjng no bad result?. O. P.
Smith fc Co., Drugis. 25-3mdS-fr
Soum person took upon himself tlu
I rcsponsibilit v of propln eying the kind of
I weather v.c should have timing t In
inontli of January, February and March.
Jlis prophecy was ptttv curn-rt for Jan
uary but he made a bad gu-ss for this
u,nth for lie said wc should have ' ttorin
:u a;ln'cr days" on lh: X?, :i. 5, ". 7,
s. 10 and 12 v. hrn the i. T'-i w h;
the v.uHt. These w-atlier projlieU anil
v 1 '
othcru who try to pierce tin; veil ot u.-irfc
. J 1 .
futuritv, uenorully Maud on the hi ink
- - , ., ,..,,.; .
nd toiinle over into the nivstciious
11 . ...
' ,. ,
Sci'uiifl ucfiin to iciMat tl.cir nrt.'dic-
J - "
tions w.iich are ju-t about as reliable as
the remarks of a fort'.ir.e-tcllcr, who,
when you cross her prim" with two dol
lars, mutters something like the follow
ing: "You've had sickii'.' s and trouble.
You'll have omo property fall to you.
You do not have full coniiden:- in your
husband. You have a very g-.-itlc
nature. Everybody loves you. You
have had trouble with a relative. It w. s
not your fault, liewaro of a blin" eyed
woman Ailh a mole tm her It ft che.'-k."
Good day cj.11 again.
Together they s:it on a woOiilaml rook,
V.'Ikh the sua tiji.i-il tlio western hills;
An.) rin.ut lovo cot nil for his oljseut iiiato.
As lie I'.ipi'Ml from th rij tiling rills.
Ths youth willi 11 hold, di-ti-i-ieitii-il look,
Tilt Kil l i-o still Ly his sitlt-;
As he loM of ill!' fame lm meant to achicvo,
Defuro she coiilil Ik" his britlo.
IIo saM he v.o.ilil iVlve in tin? iniin.' of fame,
lit wonlil f iri.-e. on tho jilaivs tit' !il'";
At la:-t he- wi.uM conn" with honor iiuil wealth,
Anil cliiiii In-r then s his wife.
Tin? sun fell asleep lK-liiml tho hillj.
The iij;ht forgot lh;f elay;
Hat ill new moon loo!:t-a likt" a half burijtl hope,
As she silently followed her way.
The youth arose as t !ie .-hadows fell,
Uut tho pirl siiil it on tho stoii":
Aud oft fie falidows v.ill miiiat her fall.
And mark her Hi!iia: e.! -ne;
l'or the youth id tl'.o.-v words of love,
Another will sit h.v his .-i.i.-:
But tlit" mriideu v. ill va'f mai'Ie:;-; do,
1 or U10 man to elai.u i I l.i i !e.
Mary MeC'roary in 1 iiiir.r.t ln'.iia Times.
A Hotel Jinn (.Ivi--. :t To-.v Points 'oi;
ferisins hf I':".:"o-as I;ish.
"The quantity of propravd cheese nightly
consumed by aetor and iujii nbo'.tt town is
surprising," said James L-'.it ier, of lh (Jikey
house, tho oth-jr day. 'Al"tar tin- tli'.-nt.'i! all
of tho uptown chop hou"". and ca.oa
crowded with gentlemeji seated at well ap
pointed tables sipping malt !i(;ui:rs:'id etith'.g
Welsh rarebits, or rajjuito, t-.s somo call
"W'hyis this tlir.h c.illecl V.:.-h r.v.'e'oiis,
when aeeorJing to i3ii:lat-Savari:i it is oi'
Swiss origin'" asked tl: writer.
"Welsh rarebit is ;i tA-j.v. term,"' Rrtid ?Ir.
Cutlery ''lieloiiyinj to a lare group whi-u
describe in the samo humorous way tho
special dish, or product, or peculiarity of a
particular district. It is qaito l-hihi-li to
call things by some, outlandish name. In
Englatid r.'-i 'Essex lion' is 11 calf. A 'field
lano duck' is a. baked shoepshead. (l-:sgnw
magistrates' and 'Norfolk capons' are red
herrings. 'Irish apricots' and 'Mui::-.tor
plums' nro potattKs, and the dainty salt
water shrimps are called Gravese:i;l s-.vj-t-t-meat.s.'
Tho original V."elh" rarebit v.:s
made as follows: Take a.-! many eggs as you
wish, according to the numbor of guosfs, and
weigh them. Then take c pi jeo of checre a
third of tho weight; of the eggs, and :i pk-ec
of butter weighing or.e-jixtii as much. c;tt
the eggs, after which add tho butter and i he
cheese, cither grated or cat into small pkoej.
Put the ingredients into a satieooati, and over
a good Cre stir until tko mixture is smo-jta
and thick, yet soft. Add sl; to taste, and c
liberal quantity of pepper, which is oao of
tho principal charms 01 this dish.
"I imagine the foregoing tli.-h would set
rather heavy on the. stomach of the average
late supper eater. Dr. Austin Flint, how
ever, has been quoted or, recommending his
friends and patients to eat Welsh rarebits, or
anything else they take a fancy to, whenever
they are hungry. He said: 'Dyspeptics are
chiefly persons who eat regularly, restrict
.their diet to simple food in small amount?,
ar.d constantly have their stomachs 0:1 their
minds.' The only time the busy 2scv Yorker
thinks of his stomach is when it is empty.
Even then business may prevent him from
fcdtisfying its demands."
"Does the modern Welsh rarebit contain
eggsf asked tho writer.
"No, the American Welsh rarebit is made
as follows: Cut up a quarter of a pound of
mild cheese. Put it into a saucepan with a
pat of butter and stir over the fire until it is
thoroughly melted and free from lumps.
When quite smooth add a wineglass of oid
alo and mix it well into tho cheese. Put a
thin slice of hot toast on a hot plate or side
dish, pour tho melted cheese over it, and
servo as quickly as possible. It should be
eu'.u from the plate in which it is served.
"A golden buck is made by adding a
poached egg to a Welsh rarebit. A York
sliiro buck mado by adding bacon to a gol
den buck. It is quite fashionable for gentle
men to cook their Welsh rarebits in a chafing
dish at table. A few of the patrons at our
restaurant arc celebrated for their mode of
preparing them." New York Evening Sun.
Tropical Agriculture.
In order to encourage the youth of the
fcsl&nd of Jamaica in the study of the
first principles of agriculture as applic
able to their climate and soil, the govern
ment of that island has oftered a pre
mium of $.00 for the production of the
best text book, elementary in plat, era
biding simplicity, brevity and freedom
from "technical terms. It is to be u
manual calculated to create in the minds
of the youth early and intelligent interest
in the 'soil, and in the profitable cultiva
tion of products that will command a
ready home or forvign market. The
work must be eminently practical, ar.d
entirely free from untried or doubtful
theories. Ameiican Agriculturist.
To in;; (Jtislnif, s tin'! J'ul i "if:
1 laving sold my harcc-. busine-. ! rut ; ;
auk you loco!:!!' in nil ! ..ill- tool, j
act -omits !y Uij 1st f March, 1 N:-:s, t it!n r
I'V note t ; !!ii.n;cv: :m I Inll-t l.i-o i.i V
book by Ih-it li
Thanking you ! r ;
pat j.wti nna-;. . I :.n !- found in li
.--hop for two weeks. I am Ke.'-pe 1 1 ully.
M.'J dUt-Ct . M. .Sii::.:-:;ii.
To I.B.T. J'llt'ni-hed VO 'll i, -01, ll; kt
coi n. r ith and Oak Mm els.
I. iVaiiman se!U fiu'iiiliiiv on th in-Mriliiiii-nt
plan. l'ayiiHi.t wiekly t-r
monthly. " !2-dtf
Go to 1. Parkinan'ii for !i::c 1 unrt ui v.
S .vc tii.-! t - Lingeiis, sin k il.-li a.d r.:l
kinds of I'. -!i or h.-rrint; for i.'-nt c;in I t
had ;:t jinJitf; ii v n v'c ( '.
Thera arn fl I ri'.ozrm you
should cm chiiso totsia
Use pat;o i. !
Folt S.M.i-; tin Ii a-t'!:a...e l-.-il.;-. li: j
itiih ii'. e 0:1 the N. '' . corni rid' Elniaint 1
1 1 th streets. Said property cwii-is's of
block with i gtiotl story and a half
house cf six rooms, two wardrobes and
out: pantry; good v, . !1 and ciiy v. at : ;
twt'.ity si yt 11 bi.'iiring apple' tiers, ai il an
abundance of t n.all fruit of all kinds,
tf P. 1). Pails.
Sli'iS iiiv vti-.-is vF: -ou
shotib! poieiot'.e iul i.i Smzils
H'iii'X, sis pat" 1. 4jJ!
Gi ld ()in M"s ranges- the b si
in the market at I. P.-ti'lcman's. I'll!
Xcw furniture at I. P. 11 h man"
Try ). P. Smith & Go's Damask lio.-c
for Sail Rheum. Scrof nlou sores, felli-is
External Erys pel is, Ila-h. Itch, ch.alin'o
of liifai.ts ti"., a I'omple!.-! 1 iousi !:ulit
Kcnietiy. I''o hous'-hol. 1 shotiUl be with
out it. t f
for Chapped J lands mid Lips.
-Koal c.-tato and abstract.,
d'.f W. S. V.'i.E.
Firo InsuTtmco v.riiien in the
Etna, I'hccnlx !-Car:ford by
Windham & Daviis.
Hay for Sr.lo
Three hundrr-d tons . f hay for sale fo;
cash, either delivered t r 011 th-- round.
Leave orth rs at Henry Wcckbach's toi e.
Jan. t! m'idocw L. St: i.i..
tSt.-s. LSnnislcr
Has n!e:tcd a cut ! ing m isool in co:::i c
ti n v.itii !i:-r ;rc:-v-making, "ivh'. re I hIk s
:n?iy pi i'U:e the lutt s-t impr.-ved tailor
?.tem, s;iid to be the in-st in u--. Pcoms
over Soiomo:; Zs'irhanV store. di'.H
Damask ibise tiie Grt-at Skin Curt- ar.d
TVder article. .Mfg. and sold by ( . P.
Smith it Co. ' tt
1 I'V i III
ii h Th is; Ci-' iisat Warricr
V. .;!. I.i VAN. Aforney :il Law. V,V:
f 1 r !.',: . : !-;.! i . in' ; !i I". -H, (--' 1 -"r-
t'.-.i to !;ii!i. Jii':'-- in l'i'j:a Jtloi !., l-'.-.r.t
i 'r. :'l;,tt-!!'.. Neb.
V 1 vim am, ,h.i:s A. J.vir.-.
Notary I'abile. No,:y fulillc.
m sT v t
'. ij 'vfJJa;. iUl:J;b; Lliji.5 c-lill ilk.
or Laiiies arm (J.ut
lie ke.-ps i-s l:;.-g; and as well
As t-aa he found juiy !'!:.;' in tin- city nnU nai;!
lull prices t;,ut i. fy eo.'ai cli ion.
Horn's Bis r P it rs: Bi i's Goto:'.
V- 1.'
r V; - ' t j
Preservation 1! aatnr:-! teeth a -p rei.::; y.
ruth uiractcil ii'.:fi.Ki' j.u.'.i irj . Lawjhinj
All work wai-rantod."' Prices reasonable, j
Fitzori!.'. lii's Y.i. n Pi. T:-.!tir-; u . Xri;
C. F. smith, j
j. ciliOr. ;
Kecjis constaiiiiv r;i h id :.i;!j.;,- f j
lie.-tKc.oil- to be J'.io; l.i-it. ; Tf';'.a:t d t.. j
fiake pants ior -t.iii a::n i;;.vva: lis arid ai h or '
iistv. j
"eatiy an.l proirp-ly t 'ie lowest1
prices ' verPett-r Merges' stole, North Si Js
!sla tr-t !
.! ii -1 a 1 1. r 1 'i 1 r 1 h 1 nt or . . . e 1 1 i
plli . "o il the goods l;.lh r tlia.llo
i :il!y orr. We are Uiibii't I imII oil!'
entire v' i l.t 1 T 1 10. 1 -1 lit 1 o I. Slapl. . V. e
li:i.-a l-L'.'.e i i;i;;l i I y ;.inl t-li r thrill
1 I V I v, . ( '.: i ui, . t! t 1 "1 frill s pi r 1 1 1,
l:i-.l.iii'M!.e be-t tar.d.nd of tie m :,!':M
yar.l. for vl.il1. l. t t!n -,
s'yic. !il (v!'b ..! ;.-i::d. lr.- o,l;
all k:ud a! lie- very luwe.-t prioi s, iioi.i
."1 cents p. r yard c.pv.'ii rd. Wool 11 I.
ivi! o!f. r at 11-t, extra fu . I.:.di s a ii
I.l. I'e In --.', '.volili .,t!.bVI, lo', "1 (.;:!-,
line inavy wool ! 1 ee::'.-'. nmv '.'"); t!i:h!
r 'n's hue ribbed v.o:th " ', now tti. I'm
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