The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 10, 1888, Image 1

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Iloa-il I'll!). Work I- i:H' ' I"
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County 1 uij!'.
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day 'Vi'liiiv: ::l. lv. ol I". Ii ill A 1 1 I ; l:Mt t
lin.i ll'I'S iii-f 1. IIH-Il-!l 10 M--.-' .illl l.!-. ..
N.uii ir. V. .:ii!i' '' -i ':' : ':.
Worliiv Ad . ;-'! ; i, ii. Si-ii:l K:c S-.i.i.i-l'
C. YVil! tl. Ci'-i K.
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O. S. 'i vi-s
F. A. if. I'H--
AiJiil-'HT lAiirs ii' H v
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Jaiioii ( i:m
.Al.l'ilA V!:l.:iri'.
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. M.
i U:-r of the Oay.
HT;tt M:ijjr.'iArrtT Mas or Si-rat.
l'o:-t .' idain
Prs.Hi:ii atU:tlni to all JJiudiie-" I'.itrust
t oiTy care.
,mt.ii:y B.V OKPH1R.
Titles Examinfd. Al.staret.' Compiled, lu
OTkt'e Written, l-e:d INtate Sold.
Uetter f jejIUie- for making Farm Loan than
Any Otiier Agency,
Xfi): 'iwka.
9 k - r
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llcpresesit the tI lowing tim
tried and lire-tcU-d LMiupanics:
H,E.Pasmer&Son Central-S . I. '.i s. Assets SI 2".s.lC0
ComiuersiA! Tui u E ij:'.'.'!.!, - 2 r.w.-.ll
Fire 4.ielA'i.iT:-l.ii!:ul!5di!a. ' 5.! '."..r7o
Fraakl'u-fliii .'.l; 'ui.i. " S.UT.K'd
I!o:ne-X'UV l ovk. " 7. j
Ids. C of r'.!: A:.i"-ii-1. V:'.. "
l.iverpi)!vi:I..'ii'i n ;'. )':.'-l'i.; " iliJtl.TSI
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Latest by Telegraph.
ManyTAnlmais in New Ycrk City
! Suffering From an Epidemic.
j Mkw York, Feb. 10. A disease reem
lKK bling dipiherii, which broke out among
; the horses in this city about a month ago,
j is keeping the veterinarians very busy.
1 It i in the nature of an epidemic and
j probably there is no large stable in town
I that ha not two or more cases of it. It
invariably proves fatal unless treated hcr-
: - ,, ....... ,
j oieiilly in it incipient stagrs. acorea or
i Jin'm:l11 have died from it and others are
' ''msi evc'ry dy. Tl.e greatest aulTerera
. have been the trucicmen, who nly own
! one or two ho risen and who have but poor
' ' Hccoininodations far them,
U. Gray, who
! fifteen horses in his boarding staldes
in IJenter street, has eleven horses recov
ering from it ami others down with it.
One stable up town has over twenty ca.ea.
Th first symtom of the disease, Mr. Gray
suys, iu.the refusal of the horse to cat. It
becomes listless, its ears droop and it
loses all interest in life. Matter exudes
from its eyes, which gradually grow
close. Its heed and neck swell and when
it breathes there it a rattle in its throat.
If tho disease isn't immediately checked
the falls in his stall from exhaus
tion and dies. The first remedy applied
in all the stables is a mustard plaster over
the throat, and, if the disease lias gone
far, over the lungs. The throat is then
syringed with a mixture of milk, whisky,
etrgs and flaxseed and the home subse
quently is induced to drink the same
mixture. This, when done in time, will,
if the horse is kept in a well ventilated
stable, out of draughts, usually brings it
back to health. The disease sometimes
attacks nearly all tha horses in a stable,
but nerer all at once. A dozen may get
sick and just aa they are getting better
another dozen may bo affected. Mr.
Gray eays the disease is a nw one.
The Injunction Remains.
Dcbuue, la., Feb. 10. Judge Xey
to-day refused to dissolve the temporary
injunction against the Cedar Falls & Min
nesota railroad in favor of the Dubuque
& Sioux City in a case involving the
lease of the former road to the latter.
Killed in California.
Nebraska City, Xeb., Feb. 10. Par
ticulars of the killing of Tom E. Farns
worth a well known man and formerly a
citizen of this place, lias just been receiv
ed from San Diego, Cal. He was acting
as peace, maker between two men and
was hit by a shot intended for one of
thorn and killed instantly. He was a
brother of Mrs. R. P. Draper, of this city.
Tho Nebraska Court Bill-
Washixgxox, D. C, Feb. 1C. The
i house committee on the judiciary today
directed that a favorable report be made
on the Nebraska court bill, introduced
by Mr. Dorsey. The bill was unani
mously reported, and will be passed
without trouble as soon as the judiciary
committee can secure a day for the con
sideration of its bills. It may be that
Mr. Dorsey can secure unanimous consent
to call it before the judiciary committee
ThreeSaloen Injunctions.
Dcnri K, Iowa, Feb. 10. Three per
manent injunctions wetc orriered against
the saloons today. These are the first
granted after the continuous effort made,
since the prohibition law was first passed,
to .close the saloons here. Before the
writs were issued by the clerk, the defen
dants filed supersedeas bonds,' and will
keep open until a decision in the final
; court. Suits are pending against nearly
j every saloon in the city, but it will take
two or three years to try the cases at
i .
Lumber Rates Reduced.
i Eav Ci.aike, Wis.. Feb. 10. Tonight
: the rates from the Eau Claire district to
! all Missouri river points were reduced
2-i cents, leaving the differential only 4
1 v.aukec & St. Paul. The reduction is
not understood to be a mere incident of
t'iS r'at war' ,,ut a P irauiount cor.ces-
sion to a reijuet made by the lumbermen
of this section many tWe since the old
Sue dilfereutial was established. 'Ihe
re"U w5H bc eDeriil P'lin5 of lumber
here and shipment by rail and but little
i rattiu-i It is believeil Freilenck V eir
i hauser's influeute J;jf hiid much to do
fgfH with this reduction of rates ful
VwO I lows so soon after his acouisition of in-
terest here. The Omaha fc Northwes-
eru makes similar reductions.
A Farmer Kills His Wtfo. Shoots His
Daughter and Suicides-
Mixxkatoms, Minn, Feb. 10. The
littlu town of N'ew Prague, Minn., on the
Minneapolis S: St. Louis road, about for
ty miles south of here, is in a fever of
excitement over the most horrible tragvdy
in the hittory of that part of the state.
Farmer John Janausi-hek is dead by his
own hands and his wile li'H by his side,
murdered by her husband. Their daugh
ter, a iirl of ten. Ik- at the (joint of
death with a bull t in h.v head
from her father's pistol. The shooting
occurred at T o'clock last night and the
news was carried to New Prague by a
crippled stepson of the murderer. Jan
auschek married a widow about twelve
years ago, but they never lived happily
together, the principal bone of contention
bein some property belonging to the
wife, of "-vhii li the husband disind to
become; poscSKed. Once before hi; had
threatened to kill her, and had purchased
a revolver for the purpose. YrFterday
morning she filed the preliminary papers
in a suit for divorce. While her .sun by
a former marriage was in leisure attend
ing to the matter, Jau;iibciu;k we:it to
Jordan, bought a revolver and returning
to his home ooii.uicnecd the "work of
slaughter, with the above results, lie
was a hard drinker and bore a Lad repu
tation in the community.
. The Oklahoma Doom.
Kaxsas City, Mo., Feb. 10. At the
conference held last night coi.ccrning
the openinir the Indian Territory tin:
work was completed by ti:u p.doj
ion ;f
a memorial to conirrcss and a series
resolutions which favor the opening of
the territory for actual settlers only, and
not for large cattle raiser or corpora
tions. A committee of fifteen wr.s ap
pointed to present the memorial and
resolutions to congress.
Nebraska Pensions.
Wasuinotox, Feb. 10. Pensions were
granted for NeLraskans today: Origi
nal invalid Dawin Clark, Crestoi;
Morin M. Hiatt, Plattsmouth. Increase
Jerome Ii. Urooks, York; Robert Lock
wood, Schuyler.
Weather Indications.
Washington-. D. C, Feb. 10, 1 ::j) p.
in. For Nebraska, light snow, followed
by fair weather; warmer; light to i'reh
eouthernly winds, shifting to wisteily.
Tlio Strange llreetl Tliat Inliabits tho Top
of tho (.'ini(iiu ?3oimtaiiis.
'California sportsmen can now- go up
to Oregon and tshoot wild cattle." said
John Day, an Umpqvia mountain pioneer,
referring to the completion of the railroad.
It is a fact that- there are hundreds T
wild cattlo in the high hills skirting llm
Umnqua valley, and some of them aro
not more than a couple of miles from tho
railroad track. Some of these cattlo, too,
tire 25 years old or more. In the moun
tains near Riddles and Rosebud they r.t e
probably the thickest, but they do not
venture down ia tho valley much. They
stay in the tops of the liills and get wr.t r
from the living springs which riso there.
For tho most part the3 arc concealed in
the dense growth of oak and fir in the so
mountains. There Li heavy undcrbusjii.
too, so that it is a hard matter to get m
to them. They go in band.; cf tix or
eight usually, but at m'rrlitr. herd of forty
or fifty get together and lie down hi tho
same yard that is, Ihey sleep on the
same spot, which id usually a sccludod
place among tho trees. A land cf wild
cattle have been known to ge t together
on a cleared place like tliis every night
for a couple cf years.
'"When feeding there are always a fo-.v
bulls to act as sentinels. While the cat
tle graze in bands of half a do;:en or ?o.
they aro nevertheless closo to other bands,
eo that at any alarm from any one of tho
bulls, which leisurely feed o:i higher
ground, they all rim away togi i.her.
"The. cattlo are of all colors and wilder
than deer. It is a hard matter to get a
bhot at thorn for the reason that their
tcent is so keen. They can smell a man
a long distance cff. They got wild in
1853 when tho old man Riddles and two
or three others of the lirst settlers camo
to the valley. Their cows wandered oil
and could not bo found. After two or
three years, all the pioneer.? had to do
when they wanted beef was to rig out,
two or three pack animals and go up into
the mountains. The cattlo had to bo
killed on sight tho same as deer or bear,
for they could no more lo driven down
than deer could. Once killed they were
quartered, packed on the horses, and car
ried down. They have been hunted a,
good deal of late year:;, so that there aro
not as many as there used to bo.
"Some of the cattle aro very largo and
fat. I have caught glimpses of bulls in
the top of the Urnpqua hills that ardon
ili p? A bull I saw in tho fall of
'78 on the head of tlie Rogue river au
certain would weigh 1.400 pounds. J
There is good grazing in the mountains
all the year round. A peculiarity about
these cattle is that their eyes and horns
are jet black. The retina, iris and tho
ho!e apple of tho eye are one mass of
blaok, ' You can"? distinguish any jifTe;.r
ence in any part of it. Tho horns, too.
while being black as ink, arc long and
very sharp. Drought to bay, the Oregon
wild cattle are very wicked fighters."
Han Francisco Examiner.
Hie 11 W ho MhIik u llusinft ..f t olli." I !u:
ali.l I i li:inl ii; Tli in.
Aii Ilaliau. ta;;v.ering uin'ir a li-av-loe.'l
of coin i lie-h li.- rarri'il on li- r-V ili'. t.
tuil in oho end ot a stout erain suck. e:;!i i
tlio I'll un i.i of tlio stil-t '(.ism y. 'I'll" li.-.l-
ian's load eonsisted of liiO jjoan'is of i'':.i - l
States H'imi(.--'. Tin lia;; and i!.-; i-oiii-'in
v.'.'ro parsed tliroiij;li t Ik little window .
to murlilo eoanler, a eondil ioiial iiv. pt
was (jiven to tho swnrili.v le.i?.it'ir,
piaeed it i-irefiiiiy in liis i.iside pi--kl a:ni
stalked eonteuU-dly out of the ImiMi:.;;.
-.'liat are you goiuy to do with all il:o-:i
pelv'!!!".'" was a- ';ed.
' i'lie .sumo us we '- with all siieli depos
its,'' la replied. "We Count them over, M.rL
out tlie eoiiaterfi-it pi"e.n and tokens !:e;
Hie goml ones up for reissue, and the i:i:e-.:. -rent
ones we s,ot one side t 1 returned io
AV:j-laii;;toii for r.-eoi.':-.' ; . To-i'.iorr. w or
nvxl d-fV the depositor reliirns, jiresnls his
receipt i: a 1 wj yivo lii!:i liills to tho tuiiount
of his U-;;ojit, h'.vs the to kens mid eouiiter-
feits, if there ur. any.''
"Where does tho man pick up such a ji:au-
tity of pennies;''
f Mlr.Oo; ho
Ihein from tho .;ro-
eeries, Huio ;n keept-r :and smaH trades people
down iu tho ii' :'-I': ' r " '"
trve, where ihey u.v i.i 0;-'...
ijuanii! ios. He bay:; tlieai up at a small
discount, then brings them here for ex
change, re:- -iv ing th'-ir full face value, and
luo di'iere'.ie.-'i what ho receives and
what he pays for the.-'i remunerates him for
hi j I a::d Iron!.!':.''
"J)o other pcopli; exehuajo pennies very
"Yes, largo lirrn; very often ser.d
laree amounts for i
..iiC're th.i odd eeat a:
laii"Oads r.!al:o e::el::i;:
hane. Retail r-t ivs
i eliargcd. The i.tivet
re:; r.lni' -t every lay.
The Dry Duck r iiln.;;.!, for instance, I.tijs
i.-i on ;;:i avc; - ,v :'') u :;!y in one cent
piecL'saad i!:cb..; the Ji;-ta Iwuy road about
'-l'R :t d..!.'-. r.U'1 th cijiated railroad from
to $ l.r.o.) in Um; cent j.'ieee:-'."
'Whan io you Vj v.-i'tb ail tiii- qu'ini ity of
....'fj.l stulV :"'
"T::'-re Li al.'nor.t always a (leiaand for it.
Ainu .''- sw many top efter it as thero are
('.etjosito-.!. Mmall e'aane is rather searce
thati oJ:. ruiw. The::, a;,-;iin, we ship a gre:it
deal to the wcs.t ar.d aontii, whero up to
two or three; year; nf.-o pe:ii:ieJ5'. un
known and live c..:ii, p.eei s v.vre rarely used.
Rut latti.-rl.y they h.iv.s come into very
eral use. Thi
dcnitmd keei;s the
eoi.i movirg p
l.i-isMy now, aa 1 we s; 1-
C.v.i have a::y gre.i- a:a;:a:!t on hand, i e:
t.-r.lay wc laal J.I' in live cut pieees a::d
!? I,lCt in o:io c:eat piec. ;. aad that is a fair
average of the n hand at this season
of tho year. iJef-'-sa t'::f p.-exut demand in
tho and v.c.t v.-. often had larger
q-.'.ant-Ues, I hav-. .-eaa tao tim-5 when we
held lt;0,!:0t) ia dve ::',0:i0 in o:o ceat
pieces." New York Commercial Advertiser.
Terrible I'linisIuiK-iit In Africa.
A recent telegram fi:n Ueelmanaland re
lative to tlie supposed massacre by Lo Ben
qaio, the king of r.Iatabt.I.-hi'id, of t'u'J me::
proves to bo exaggerated. Tito tntthisas
follows: Mr. Fred :-'e'oi:, liia -ek-brated
Iiuncer, with noiu. lingiish frka.ds, Mr.
J.naicson, of Dublin. Capt. 1'ouut.aiii and
mic-ther, who v.eio on a bunting expedition
o Lo lJe:!iulo"t; territoi-y, v.cro away ia
Tdashoiialajid after big game, accompanied
by a body guard of 1'AJ riatabelo warriors
under an lnduna. Their duly was, wink
ostenslldy acting as guides, to watch tao
white hunters and prevent their leaving th.
act'aal limiting gi-oimds, and, above all, io
thwart any attempted gold prospecting. The
latter attraction, nevertheless, induced tik
wholo party to deviate from the hunting
grounds toward the northern gold fields,
prospecting by tho way. The lnduna neglect
ing to prevent this, o:io of his followers, fear
lag the consequences, returned and informed
Lo Benqulo, who dispatched a regiment to
administer the inevitable punishment. The
king's messenger overtook the party and
communicated the death sentence, which
was immediately carried out. Ail the lr'O
natives died without u, murmur, tho niod3 of
execution licing two spear thrusts and a blow
from a knobkorrio. The English Luster.;
were simply cautioned and conducted ba ;l:.
London Daily Chronicle.
Jolin Iiuskla's Keecnt LetU-v.
Mr. Ruskiii has grieved bis friends by
writing a letter which is quoted in behalf f
the law breakers of Trafalgar square. Ii-
admits ia the opening sentence that I. o ha;
ik t read the newsjapers lateiy mid s : dois::'t
ki:ow much a! -.oat the er.?.e. "There are," Li
sa ys, "sureh" Lor esc jeople chough in Lo;i
U:i to keep the averarto of rogaes inqr.iet:
and t'aat they don't know bow is the faait. act
of the speakers in Trafalgar square, but of t ho
chatterers and babblers ia ihe houses
liament f .r tiie last tweat v 3"ears.
.3 iOI'
right, any i'ritisa citizen has a right to stand
on the parapet of the terrace if he can to
tail: to aav one who will listen to Li:n. bat he.
has no l ight whatever to t;.x hi-; patcinai j
wealth to l-.-.iy hiras"'f leave l i tall: non):e::!.e I
ia the houae of commona. Tlie yhoikwr-e.v: '
l.avono busiat.-s X al:ta"
to I
tbem to Ewindie thept:b!i; wit! i cheap t !:.":;
c.r ten pt ta. ai wiiu ulM.'.y o::e Ix t thesa
f-hut their sli' i.p rot o?i t'uaday merely
to plja-e God, but all the other days of tha
week togive their shop 1-ors a:.d girLj r. gc-o-!,
long Christaias holinav; aad if the bovs aad
girls like to talk to each oeh.-r frr.r.i thJ back-:
of the lin:: or the pi-lar.; of t:.o lamppw-S
oon't let the Li.'e (iiaai1.; interfere, nor the
police listen to what they aro eayiag." New
York Tribune.
Weather for tao Tlakimo.
To speak briefly of th? titajKratr.ra :!:.
Eskimo most i njoy.-, f r . Liie !. uot
consider the lov.vt ?s any liar.!, hip to b ar.
it is not that -? aie-h ho likes the best, an i i a
which, choice he has a decid, d prel'ei-euce.
Taking it all around, I would feiy that at
about 2U c.cgs. to :jj deg ;. Lilo .v zero deaning
toward the latter if, with lift!? i.r u.
wind 1 iowiae, at the thai, and the f-ky clear
or covered b only light, l:e;ey clouds. La"
given rise to more expressions f satisfaction
from the Ekix.iO, as far ::s 1 observed wkilo
among them, than any other. I mean tl;L:.
cf coarse, as relating wholly to tho weather
itseif, unaeeorapanietl by any other coi'dh that of te.aperetc.r?. for th-- li h4i!ic
wiil praise tao viie.-t storei or weliuine the
worst weather i it briiigs with it a number
of seal or walrus, a dcsi-ending drove of rein-d-.K-r,
or anything else tliat makes life easy to
sustain, so littlo does l:e eru-s fcr tho meteoro
losical iiart. Frederick fck-uwstka.
The JJi'vliVlrt Store.
Just alter our inventory, we reduce
prices lo s- 11 the goods rather than tu
carry ov.-r. We arc willing P sell our
entire Winter (binds at cost. Staph s we
have a large quantity and oiler them
very low. Calico-; :', to 5 cents per yard,
making the best standard of them at 'Jit
yards for -fi n", (iingham bet dros
styles 1 0 cents per yard. Dress giods
all kinds at the very lowest prices, from
5 cents per yard upward. Woolen h 'mi;
we oiler at cost, extra foe. Ladies cash
mere hose, worth 1.0(1. now 75 ocni-i.
line hf-avy wool -10 cents, now .'5; child
rcn's line ribbed worth 5o, now :'.(. l'n
dcr ware must go at low prices, a e
will not keep them over.
Our (tents Silver (!rey Mmiuo Shirts
and drawers, former prices ."() now .'..".
' v" ' : ' .". r ' y r:a; ino shirls
ami urawcrs, extra quality To now 50.
Our Scarlet all wool shirts and draw
ers fin- quality 1.00 now 75 cent.':.
Our scarlet all wool shirts and draw
ers, line quality 1.25 now 1.00.
Our scarlet all-wool shirts and draw
ers, line quality 1.75 now 1,25.
(Mr scarlet all-wool shiits and draw
ers, fine quality 2.00 now 1. 10.
Iridic - SIiieleiHvcicr,
Our 25 percent, discount on cloaks, is
still good. We are determined to close
out our entire stock and never before
lias Mich an opportunity been oH'crcil lo
economical buyers to purchase the best
qualities for so little money.
Joseph V. -
arior Seis,
K.ifcheii$9 Hallways, Offices,
Where a ljiaiiiiicent stock of Goods ami Fair
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Pure Fruit Preserves, 15c a lb.
Thompson's Relish," Something Newand Nice
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Weckhac - h.
Bedroom Sets.
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PLATTSM OUT! f, ,N E Ii Ii A H K A .
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