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md, St r. i
:::.SKA, Kill DAY. FICDIilT A 11 Y , Is'X.
The Plattsmouth DaElv Herald
Publishers & Proprie tors.
Is piiblHietl every fVPifx xt Sunday
auu Weekly every Tliupul-jr inoruliiK. HKis
tereil at tho iMislolnVe, I'ii tvinoutli. N'Hi. :is
Neeond-elaHH mutter, outre, corner of Vine and
Fifth ftrtets.
-TKUMS run llt.Y.
One copy onn year in ndvance, by mail 6 m
One copy per mont h, ly carrier f.n
One coy per week, by carrier 15
One copy one year, in advance I ,V
Une copy six month! in advance, . 75
Ocik sleepy contemporary has discover
ed that The Hkkai.I) is a mugwump.
We trust it may receive consolation in
the thought, as a mugwump should cer
tainly lie very clos to the. democratic
henrt in these troublous times.
Thanks to an honest court in Indian
apolis two of the Democratic election re
turn forger have been convicted. Yet,
at the same time, only across the Ohio
river in Kentucky, a prc.nium is placed
on such actions and a conviction on suc h
a charge would he impossible.
Tiik democratic organs are howling
Vociferously for the working men; yet
will use their utmost endeavors to defeat
him at the polls and if not there they
will invade tnc ballot box ami defeat him
at any cost and cooly ask you what you
are going to do about it. For particu-
lara sec the Thoebe Carlisle contest.
The Herald is not egotistic, but it
thinks it can name the strongest and Uie
lest ticket tliat could le placed Ix-lore
the people this presidential year. That
is, taking it for granted that the peerless
Blaine will not allow his name to be
used. Our ticket is Walter Q. (ircshain
for Presitlent and Senator llawlcy for
Vice-President. Ar. abler, cleaner ticke t
has not yet been mentioned.
The city of New York, which
almost unaniinoii.'-ly democratic, is more
heavily burdened with debt than anv
uiiiirr n or muiu iu mi: norm, n't iiie I
state or sew lorK, wnicii is republican
iu politics, and has recently finished the
finest canitol building on the continent.
- C5
is practically out of debt. There is
vast difference in the honeniy aril integ-
rity of the two parties that careful men
r- it-
The ITkii vf.o is d:id to note the 'inr or-
porauon or a railway, ro oc mini tnrougn
f -1 i -i. ,i I
the central part of the South Platte conn-
try, crossing Cheyenne countv and reach-
incr into tho rn:,l field nf Wvnminnr l.v
" . i
tne jussoun I'acitic people. It will ie a
great boon to the, at present, sparsely I
settled district in Chevenne county which
at the present time is seventy miles wide
and one hundred twenty miles in lengdi.
and holds within its bounds thousands
of acres of rich prairie soil emial, in
every res;)?ct, to our bet lands i i Cas?
county. Owing to inadequate railway
iacuuies and tne mismanagement ot the
Union Pacific, which has been, and is
now, the only line across this rich coun
try it has been kept hack and its devel
opment retarded. "With a railway along
the table land north of Sidney it will net
only be a good thing for the company
that builds but will be a great advantage
to the settlers in that part of the country
as well.
is not wanted as a candidate by his part v.
In this state the opposition is certainly
growing stronger, as the partial success
of Governor Hill at the recent meeting
of the state committee olainlj- indicated.
The truth is that Mr. Cleveland has lost
many of the shrewdest and most capahl-i
managers who formerly made the efforts
on his behalf irresistible. The shrewder
men of. the party are perfectly aware
that his position on the tariff makes him
a weak candidate. They would be glad
to get rid of him, for that and for othir
reasons. They know that his message
on the tariff question would be quoted
throughout the countrv, in the event of
hi9 nomination, and would constitute a
platform which it would be impossible
for his party to escape. Xot even tl.c
passage of a moderate tariff bill, if that I
were possible, could break the force of I
tin mocco rrn in l.ul,lii timnfion It lios I
. m ... . . It
made him a candidate in whom all radi
cal and extreme free traders deliirht. and
it has also made him a candidate whose
r I
nomination would prove dangerous to
ais party in everj' doubtful state.
I 4 r
mired in their own falsehoods. It is un-
.pertain whether they can now afford to
. ' - i - i . i . - i-i a i i I -.
pominate anvoouj- eise. ine irouoie is
:hat they have been puffins; Mr. Cleve
land for three years, without the slightest
legarrt for truth. They have made a
W-eat many readers, of the innocent cla
rho conscientiously read only one paperfl.reak fast. You can drink more and
jest they should get their minds con-
used, believe that Mr. Cleveland-- the
ne honest mm in the democraewtjarty;
fiat hi n-mination by so bad a party
as scarcely less than a miracle; that he
s nobly and granaiy wiuisiuuu me -
ally tendencies of that party, and that
is nomination is now the only, way to
prevent t int 1 lo calamity. That is the
prevalent democratic and inugwunp
doctrine, and there are people ko stupid
that they believe it.
If Mr. Cleveland should now he set
aside, these believers in his superhuman
worth would be offended. To them it
would seem a triumph of the basest ele
ments in his party that he was not sustain
ed and rewarded by rcuominatiou. If an
attempt were made to justify a change
on account of his tariff message, the case
would not be improved one whit. Then
the radical free-traders would boil over.
To them it would seem an outrageous
tiling that a competent and upright Pres
ident should be refused renominatiou by
his party for no other reason than be
cause he had frankly expressed the con
victions they hold. These voters, o
whom there is a great many in the doubt
ful states, would -declare that Mr. Cleve
land had allirmed in his message nothing
more than nine-tenths of tho Democrats
throughout the country heartily bellievei
and that it would destroy confidence in
the good faith of the party to puni.h i
President for frankly stating its tradit
ional beliefs and honest convictions, lie
yond a doubt, hi- defeat in convention
under such circumstances would cost his
J party thousands of voters in every doubt
ful state. That is the dilema in which
the Democratic managers are just now
placed. If they nominate Mr. Cleveland
they will have to face the loss of thou
sands of workingmen. If they do ni
nominate him they will have to face the
los of thousands of tadical free traders.
and also of the innocents who believe
that he is the one heaven-inspired reform
er of this generation. New York Tri
Forests of Alnsica.
The southeastern part of tho territoisy.
from being the most accessible, is the
most lrequentlv visited and tho most
commonly referred to as "Alaska" as
consequence, though really less of Alaska
thr.n Alaska uj of the United .States,
rully four-hfths of this part is ouiio
densely wooded, and the other iifth is
composed of water, which winds in in
numerable channels like so many rivers
( -' other at all angles, but con
..i. i , , ,A , , ,
vious ways. Fortius reason "Alaska"
-. southeastern Alaska) has secured
reputation of being a well wooded
part, densely crowded with timber, thero
r square miles of untimbered tracts in
i'o vast Arctic pare termed tundra, tnat
i. - , l , .1
nave never seen plant nie larger man tno
upon it, wun pel naps an
, - i . l i
I iYrvMition hprn fin! ihr--rf nlnno tin liiiv
" " X - ---- - - ,..--. ...,
water coursG3 of a stated willow a few
inches high that the whole family of
alix would repudiate as black sheep in
l"? 101U WmlG Ulere alC are tOWn-
chitv elsfiivhpn of Jnno so Ri-sflrsplr- for.
f.stotl or with HUCh indilferent timber.
that from all ordinary useful standpoints
Ulcr Have almost been tundra, and
j;io a uiiiu iiioiu jraiiiiy la-.m iu i.iu
reindeer thereby. Frederick Schwatka
Colds and Nerves.
A timid woman comes home one night
pale and ghastly with fright, having en
countered a specter clad in white, which
the calls a "erhost." In a dav or two
she uevelop3 a cold, for which she- cau-
"ot in any way account. Fear acts as a
depressant to the nervous system,
crippling its powers of resisting tho ac
tion cf cold, hence tho phrase, "shiver
ing with fear." Similarly, innumerable
events of daily life tend to irritate, de
press, or excite tho nerves, and render
then unfit fcr maintaining the body tem-
peraturo against the fluctuations of
weather and climate. During these Un
guarueu moments a timing exposure to
co:d or damp 13 Bumcient to indue
catarrn. Contemporary Ke view.
Proprietary Medicines.
New York leads tho list in the number
cf proprietary medicine manufacturers.
Ii lies 103 factories, with an invested
capital amounting to 3,512,430. Ohio
10 second with 01 factories, Pennsyl
vania has 53; Massachusetts, 40: Mary
land. 34; Missouri, 27; Illinois, 22; Cali
fornia, 22; Michigan, 20; Rhode Island,
?0; Connecticut, 13; rew Jersev, 12;
Virginia, 12; Georgia, 12; Kentucky, 12,
md ennont, 10. Nebraska, r.orth
Carolina and Colorado have only one
each. The total amount cf capital in
vested ia 10,C20,8S0. About 5,000
hands are employed, and nearly 2,000,
000 yearly aro paid to them. The value
of materials used Ls 6,704,729, and the
aluc of products is 14.CS2,494. New
York Commercial Advertiser.
Eegg's Cherry Cough Syrup.
Is warranted for all that the label calls
for, so if it does not relieve your cough
you can call at our store and the money
will be refunded to you. It acts simul-
taneously on all parts of the system,
I -t-4.I ir l.iot'in it it t li-wl i 1 f j f 1 I
uuini, in 'm w -
The rural postmasters of the couuty
are clamoring for their just dues in want-
...... .
"'.g a daily mail route.
Who is Your Best Friend?
Your stomach of course. YVhv; Be
cause if it is out of order j'ou are one of
the most miserable creatures living. Give
it a fair chance and see if it is not the best
r i .1 : r : . : . . l. .. l 1
friend you have in the end. Don't smoke
in the morning. Don.t drink in the
morning. If you must smoke and drink
pvait until your stomach is through with
smoke more in the evening and it will tell
on you less. If your food ferments and
does not digest right- if you are troubl
ed with Heartburn, Dizzniess of the head,
coining up of the" food after eating, bil
iousness, indigestion, or any other trouble
of the stomach, you had best use Green's
August Flower, as no person can use it
without immediate relief.
Pink II Lien lonnet,
I'ink cotton Kown.
Hoses printed on it, -
1 lands burnt brown.
Oh! blithe were all tho piping birds, and lb
Kolden lielted lees,
And blithe siin she on tin; doorstep, with hr
apron full of peas.
Sound of seylhe nnd mowing.
Where buttercups jcrew tull;
Sound of rel kine lim ing
And parly iiiilkniaitl's call.
Sweet she kjuijj on the doorstep, with tho young
peas in her lap.
And lie came whistling up the lane, with the rii
bons in his cup.
"You called me a had penuy
That wuuldu'1 be sent away
jS lint here's good-by to yon, Jenny,
For many and many a day.
There's talk of eaniiou and killing
Kay, never turn so white:
And I've taken the k inji's. shillii:";
I took it last nilit."
Oh: merry, merry piped the thrushes up in tho
cherry tret".
But dumb une sat on tho doorstep, and cut
through tho rate went lie.
S-ent of hay and summer;
lieu evening sky;
Noiso of life and drummer;
Men mnreliing by.
The hay will lie carried presently, and tbeeher-
ries gathered nil.
And the corn stand yellow in tho shocks, aud the
leaves begin to fall.
Perhaps some evening after.
With no more wn;' of tliruh,
j, The lads will cease their laughter
And the maids their chiller hush;
.v, And word of blood nnd battle
Will mix with the sound of the flail,
Anil lowing of tin; eutt!-i
And clink of the milking pail;
And one will read half fearful,
-. A list or names aloud.
And few will stagger, tearfid.
Out of the littie crowd.
And she, perhaps half doubling,
Ih'lf Knowing why sh- came,
WiK stand among them, pouting,
And hear, perhaps, his name
Will weep, p-crhupi:. a little, us tho wanders up
the lane.
And wish ou'j summer morning were all to do
Mary Probyu in MucmilUins Magazine.
Concerning Criiis and Precious Stones
Idiiiid in tho I'niteil Stutes.
The rejjort of George F. Kunz, ihe c?:
ix?rt in gems, which has just been issued
by the geological survey, contains much
interesting information relating to t he
discovery of precious ts tones in the United
.States. The list of accidental ilmls
throughout tho country is large (-ucugii
to be inspiring. Mr. Kunz calls them
accidental, and then says that at .SaliJ;;,
Colo., over a ton of garnets have been
picked up during the year. They iind
garnets of the rarae sort in Lcwiston,
Idaho. Some of the pure, clear quart:,
when it comes in big chunks, is quite
valuable. They found some very large
aiasses in Virginia earlv in the vear.
They were reported as transparent
crystals of quartz, one weighing 642
Hunds, another :j-iO jounds. When
tiiese reached New York, however, they
proved not to be crystals, but veius of
translucent quartzite, with crystallme
markings of a grwup rather than o( a
single crystal, and the clear spaces, whic h
were onlT observed on these crvstalhne
sides, would not afford a crystal ball
more than one inch in diameter. The
larger part was almost white with flaws.
'Such would do, however, to sell to
tourists," savs Mr. Kunz. naivelv.
Some amethysts have been found dur
ing the past year at Deer Island. Me. :
also a few amethvsts are found at Durr-
ville, 11. I. A precious stone of much
interest is an opaque white hvdrophane
discovered in Colorado. Tho finder has
named it "magic stone," because, as
usual with this mineral, it possesses the
property of becomin absolutely trans
parent if water is dropped slowly on it
from one to thrco minutes. It is so
porous that it-will absorb its own weight
or water. It quickly recovers its opac
ity. A beautiful pink clialcedony h-s
been found at Cisco, Utah. It admits cf
a high polish, but it has not yet been in
troduced in any quantity.
T. F. Lamb and G. C. Hatch mined fcr
a time at the Mount Apatite locality, near
Auburn, Me., and found tourmaline gems
and minerals to the value of o00. This
localitv will be further worked. Quite a
large number of the yellow, green and
white beryls found in Litcluield countv
have been nicely cut and extensively sold.
The cut gems sold during the past year
are valued at $5,000. but a large part of
tins sum prooably represents the cutting
and other necessary expenses. The Ma
rion Bullion company, at Marion, N. C.
does not make a business cf digging for
gems, but Col. Deming has found so
many garnets there that it paid him to
sell them in quantities to manufacturing
jewelers. There was also one iino ame
thyst of a magnificent purple color and
over ono inch across, lino aquamarinaa
from one to si: cr.rats ia weight and
some beautiful cLloiiiic inclusions in
quartz, which, when polished, show very
lino landscape effects. Yatiugtci Ccr.
New York Sun.
Fluctuations of Jiainfull.
Of Gil current meteorologicrJ phe
nomena, rainfall Is tho most irrcilar,
both as to timo and place. Tho rainfall
cf one year may be double or trcblo that
of the year before or tho year folloivi.
At any ono station these iiuctuationa era
ordinarily so great cs to thoroughly masl:
any secular change. It mv.y vary great!
from place to place, even though tho dis
tance lx email, while the change of tho
location of a gauge frcra the ground to
the top of a house may mate it give very
dhferent indications. For these reasons
it is apparent that reliable results, in re
gard to a general increase or decreaso cf
rainfall, are to be obtained only by com
bining a large number of observations
scattered over many years and over the
greatest possible variety of condition..
tlenry Gannett in Science,
Fruit from Across Water.
Philadelphia, next to New York, re
ceives more fruit from across the ocean
than any other port. When the regular
season begins two or three steamers
arrive every week, each containing from
30,000 to 0,000 boxes of oranges and
lemons, making an average of GO, 000
boxes of fruit received weekly. Chicago
Nothing Xevr.
It is a mistake to think Volapuk is a
new language. The brakemen on pas
Ben ger train? in this country have used it
for years to call out the names of stations.
Peoria 1 Vanscript.
:tH .R lllt nl1 Oi ";oiiiu.i;ii.
l:ccnt meuMuviiieiitrf of Mount lit. Hlias
and Mount Y"r:u),c-1 iv.h ether high peaks of
the west show that Wriuigcl and not St.
tliias is tho hihert. Mount llood w.n il to 1.
called Ki,0(X) f.- tliigb. Ti i:ti:g.:hiii.iu makes
it an :ineroil l-r.i-omi.-ter made it l'J.Oi'J'J,
nnd u laereuriai baixiiiieter 1 1 .St. I',
esiiiiiuted at i2,i''2 fe t liih, roves to 1m
KfAW. Wrangel rises f-t above Ccp-
iv river, whj h is itself 2,0:;U f- et above ::rk
Jevel, and the mountain is at I,(Jil f.t
lii-,lier tha!i any other Ii'oi th American )xni'sc.
C"ii,-:igo N.-v.s.
A Si:Ii:iari:io Valley.
At die r.puith if the Cono thero i.s a
rcr:iarkabk siJ.iiiariui valley. at
the liioul h cf the l iver it is l,4"i2 feet
deoji, and it can Ijo dislinctly traced for
KiiJ miles out to sea. New York ,Siui.
lie courageous, lroji your best friend if
he fchu-.vs u honesty and integrity.
Yaeli(iii; in Bermuda.
"Vifo (on boai'd a small yueht, taekine;
ugainst a bead wind) Ah, how delightfully
exciting this is. Kvcry timo the boat tacks
I feel a thrill of uierb pleasure all through
my veins.
Husband (gloomily) Yes, my dear; verj
uice. Vo:i ure not paying for this bo:it by
tli'J hour, I thiiik. Icvv York World.
;i(iu:jI Slioeblui kiri';.
Farmer M. H. 1 1 kolniaii. of Hopkins, Mo.,
has found a seven iacli vein of siicK-blaeking
o:i l.i.- farm. It lies four iVet below tkn sur
l'.".; e, and whea 1:1..;-;: I ail:! rubbed ;.
shoe.-; iii.ike-i :t lino jioli.-.!. Chicago News.
Begs's Dloocl Purifier ancJ Lilood
No remedy in tii" v.'orld bus gjmKil
the popularity that this medicine has, as
a hold on family medicine. No one
should be without it. It Las no calomel
or quinine in i!s cumposiiion, consequent
ly no bad effects can arise from it. We
keep a full supplv at all times. ( . I.
Smith Co. Druggist.
Cil P.-:PaATi0N EVEH PnOCtiC:-!
Fo.- Caiiyi.s, Horser.ecs. V.'crk L'jnis, VVr.o!t,?
( ' :i-!i, I ry, 1 f::; k i n-- 'ie. lis .f li.ii? M; :i!i::::, ui.-i
IWi.ik !iial :'.tid l.mei Au' '( icn-.. '1'ry it.
Wrr-rter.l lo Cure Consmrijition i.i it E irilcr S:.i"C-.
R A!J-flr AD Atj-oii.ts DoirJtiicn over -
PAIN t(JE I Will ere Vlie, '! l.i..; !,
I i i. ii :. 1 'r t I ;itv -,v'-"' inn's, el,-., in 1.-- - i ; i li:n. r :: v
; !n r n.-il;( iniM -ii curl ii. Ci'inr3ntc:;a io C to i hcuiti.i
tls.YI s::id KeiiraSjia. V.'iirr.UiS-l !y ..:r I.
:i:;u S i." lor SI w e ill m !:.; esi :L ui 'ui". :: ir.-. j.ivj.:i:d. . l i; s
H-R-Ro-.d Remedy Co.", Box 372. Lincoln, Ne").
Trade supj-di'-d !v
Ii-hardsoii Druy- Co..
Omaha, Ni-Iraska.
Ccristai.!o'3 Salo.
I!y virt lie of live ( xceMt inn Umiet! !y C;i'v:ti
l;iiN:-ll, coiuily jmlir'. wiliiin iiijil 'l'o" C"-s
ecioit v. Nein- .-kri". ami lo.'e ilirected. I will
o ilieleili clay of Kehnu-.rv. A. I. ."t In
oYIim k ii. I'l.. el s;;id iM :r the Hi if r;iin
f iriner :y ((c'lpie.i ly ..'ohii S. in-Ue, en :v-mi:;
flieei in if it I siinuii'h, ( '; s--eor.uiy, e!ra-!a.
se!! :it pul:ic .iiielion. tlie fn!Hv. n:; i; io(!s tsinl
el. allies lo-wil :
All the .--I'-clv of !i,nihv:iic ami s'aeif .;);.
eovsistin;! el 1 1 sl;ves. s:oveii:-. naiN
-er-ens i'.ml ltnlts. till Imekets. Knives ami
forks, spring wire.iiiow liandles, a! vani.ed in.u.
smaii uiui's, iron lions, wen wneei. ooeKet
knives ami c.U lei y. etc. : lieintr ?ll t lie stoel. of
fai-a .Hlia v. I'tiive now re aniin nns.ild and
in said More room. The sairie ! ii-j; levied i.i
oii an.1 lake us the )roier!y ef .Fultii S. lxikV.
defendant ; to satisfy live in. laments of s;iid
eoiilt reeovered l Levi ;d(tini;. W. li.Sehild-kUL-elit.
Nortltlield hnif l o. l.e-'o!d 15 ro ,S;
Co.. '. Sidney Shepherd t Co., i!aiutils, said (lefeniiant.
f lat t. sin o utli, !).. lar.narv ."u, .. I). ISss.
M. M'-Kl .WAIN. Ooiistahle,
tf 11 Cass County, elnaska.
Dr. Black's liheumatic Cure has
cured more cases of Iwheuniatisni in the
last ten years in this city and county than
any and all other medicines put together.
For sale by Smith & Black.
I E A V fc. ,5 I
i: - i i i W
-.:v,w ti ii rm'W.'&ffrJViVZr?.
Dr. K. C. West -s Nerve iuid P.rain Treatment
a liuarantee specific for Hysteria Dizziness.
Convulsions. Fi-a. NTvor.s N'eurnljria, ll:-:l-aclie. rrnstrjil'i.ii causeil hv ll;e use
of aleoliol or 1 i.l-aceo. U akefu!ness. jVeiital 1 e
pression, Soiieniii oft lie 1-rain re.-aliing in in
sanity au'l '.ea'Suis; t nusere. 'leeav ;!iil -ieal h.
i-reaiatiire e;(l A:-e. Harreiiiies-s. J,' of Vuw-
er in cil -ei-.s . JiivoniMary I.e.'es rm-l Sper
mal rriiii'a e::iisi.-il ly over-exertion r.f
lr.iiii. seJlaliuse or ovei-imiii!ci:ce Kaeh l: x
eoniiutis oie iio;i'I:'s 1 rea 1 1 it nf . ,?l i a
orsix lioxes fin- .v.".(M, si-lit by n.;;il pvipaiiloi
receiot oi price
To cure anv case ' uii each oii'ei r-ceivei-!;y
i's IOr six laws, acc wnpan erl v.iili .").i:'i
we v. ill seiiil t!ie pureli :ser our written j; i::tr;: ii
teV' to return t.'se :nney if t!:e tn ati::ent ioe
not ellci a cure, l ; iiai ant ei issued oulv bv
W ill J. AVail icu sole ::-( !, Pla' tsiuoutli. 11.
$5CO FiewariJ.
Vv'e will pay he ni.'ove reward fcr any
case of liver complaint, dyspepsia, sick
headache, indigestion, constipation or
costi ven'.ss ve cannot cure with
West's Vegetable Liver Pills, when the
directions an; strictly complied, with.
They are purely vegetable, and never
fail to give satisfaction. Larue boxes
containing CO sugar coated pills, 2oc.
For sale by all druggists. ;cware of
counterfeits and imitations. The genu
ine man it Pictured only by John O. V11
Sc Co., Sf!-2 Madison St. Chicago. Its
Sold bvV.'. .J Warrick.
Use Dr. Jilack's lihcumafic Cure if
it don't do you any good come in and
we will give you your money back. For
sab- by Smith Tc Elac k.
Use Dr. Black's Iihcumatic Cure and
throw away vour cane and Clutches.
For sale by Smith & Elack.
Tne standard rejiiedy tor liver com
plaint is West's Liver Pill-i; they never
disappoint you. i!0 pills x! jc. At War
rick's druij store.
Choicest Brands of Cigars,
including our
Flor tie Pepper bergo' and 'Buds
always in stock. Nov. 20, 1883.
1 inako riniiu for niv
Large Stock of Spring Goods
Coniiiitr ami tin-re fore will
cent, heluw regular
A 11 1 r i
Ladies' Fieiicli ICitl . . . s5 00 20 per cent, discount $1 GO
Ladies' French Ivid 4 .r) li " " 3 50
Ladies' Jiriht Dunola ....... 4 ()0 " " " X 20
Ladies' Jlrilit I)on;olu .", (H) " " i! 40
Laeies' Kid . . . 2 2, " " 1 b0
Dailies' Peh. ( if .at . ..... ..'." . L50 " 200
Ladie' le!. (Jnat . . 2 25 " 1 SO
iMen's JJiirt Shoes s Oil " 0 40
JNIen's Shoes 4 50 " " " 00
Men's Shoes .......' 75 " " " 00
-Men's Shoes "2 ;0 " " " 2 00
Ciiildrons '-Little (J hint School SI
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And everytitin to suit the demand our trade. (Jive us a trial.
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Soiitli Side lain .Street,
Eureka leaf
Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal and Poultry.
I invito a.11 to gi-No mo a. trial.
Sugar Cured 3Ieat
Hams, Bacon, Lard.
at lowest liying prices. Do not
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Jos Arms IUtt.
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POItK PACKERS and dealers
Subscribe for I lie Herald.
Sugar Cured Meats, Hams. Bacon, Lard, &c.,
of our own make. The best brands of OYSTERS, in cans and bnlL-
reiluec Jill
leather gowls 20 per
prices for cash only.
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iocs," the hest in the market, same
clumee to lay in a cheap supply.
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iinest and Ireshest line of meats
all kinds in their season.
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I'etwcen Fifth and Sixth.
itc. elc. Fresh Ovstr-r in r'., o..o.
fail to aire me your patronage.
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