The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 03, 1888, Image 1

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Wi".-;iiiii! Water
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iss i.!;ji:.. -. i l . . '.-Meets
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1rni.-'iii. i.ii.Du'i.; ii:e l.i-i-cMluily iuviH'd to
r'!:i r- n. . a. ii. w.-Mrcts
1 i-vrv :il"rn:;i i v iiiii:r at W. f I.
Ii:ill -in !! ;l' r :ir.' : I --1 r n i I y m
visoi'l tii'i-i!l !".. ii! M.-iKti-r Workman ;
J!, a, i.t.-. !'.';. ; K. J. Mo' -.i::. Ovt;ieer ;
J. K. :.l'.U'i-i. Ki-oor.l.-r. N..;: :. MODKIIN VVuODMICN
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brutlii-rt iir." - i i -!':i o ni-ci witli ii". I.. A.
;V : IMT, 'r:..'l':ii :. mi -iul : 1 . I' .
Wortliv ..lviiT ; 1, It. Sniilii, l.x UmiUcr ; J .
C. WilK-tts, ! 'i".
-is.Trsy.;:i.:i t.!i;ii no. .o. r. w.
X Mrf! fvn- :i!' t-rn;-.'.'- :-'i.l:y t'v.'iiiii;; at
i;ir!;v: I h.ii! :.l s ;'' . All ll.iitsirnt l.l'illi
t'tt siiv r. 1 -. -1 T n 1 1 v I'.viU'.i ! i.'t'-n.l. '. A.'. M. W. : S. t", Cic mi. Km v:ii:iii : S. C.
iVll it", Ut-c -i.l ! ; i- A. No.v.:oi:'..'r.'t-r.
McCOrilHiS POST 45 C. A. R-
j:os ! ;
T. V'. vs. n 'i-iiiii:iii(ter,
t:! S.'l'n iVs S :i!..r Vice
1". . li.vrm Junior " "
tixit. Nil. i s Adjutant.
Al'.il'.'i' l!:i s il " '
M l -.' i' I'l.n-eror tin l:iy.
CiHW.H-' " " 5":irt!
J;k.:,.i. IIi-.mi-i.k 'eru't r.Iiijor.
.1 ii!:i;iiiitii!!'.!OIA.V.. ..(jurnfer M is'er Si r;;t.
At.t'ii A v. i i.;i: '. l'oit Cliajiluin
ret-ii;i4 -:itiir i;iy evening
WW h r B R. O W N" S,
Xj-"W oppice.
V .-s.'ii:.l at'eiitioii to all l'.iisiiie-" rutrust
' iTj lay c.ire.
STJTAHV i? ri-'t"K.
Titl-vi l-.-in:!ii.-il. Alisiaiet ''!iiipiieJ, In
siiraiiee Written, l.i al i'.t-ile Soitl.
lietter Facililins for iit;:!i:n; Kanii I.oaiiH t'oar.
Any Other Agency
iiiLii Culliui ulOUIi
Ii;'p:v;e:if the lVilowing timo
trioJ a.i'l lire-tested companies:
A.meric.i:i tvntra'.-S. ivrs. A-cts 51.2riS.lno
Coin:nci-c::il L:ii.:i-ICni:'.a'i.l. " 2.-W.5H
Fir A-5sto!a' i-a-l:'.i!:oU'!jii:a, 4.4 l.".."TtI
Franklin-;"!i-:a'. ip'.;i.t. " :;,U7.10C
llume-Xew- Y.i:!c. " T.s:-5.Ml
Itis. C . of v.,.-;!, Anierif i. riiil. " 8.4TI.3tJ
i.ivt'r.'!.':l.o:ivloa & '11 .'!-1:11:4; " t; 1.; W.T-si
Nort'i rr;ri-.'.i .: V. .rji:atiK-ii i " 3.-t7S.754
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S:uiu-l:eKl V. & M.-Spfia-rieM, " 3.r4t.-Ji.i
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- Lamps
ap jtrriees
Latest by Telegraph.
Weather Indications.
For Nebraska and Iowa: TlircaU'ninjj
wcatli'jr, fullowed ly liylit rain or snoTf,
filijjhtly colder, stationary temperature,
lilit to fresh winds generally easterly.
Killed Two and Injured Four.
ItARNKsvii.i.K, O., 2. The lioiler
of a portable saw mill on the farm of
Lafayette IJolcn exploded yesterday
afternoon, instantly killing two men and
seriously injuriti four.
The Firo Record.
IJkown's Vai.i.iit, Minn., Feb. tf. This
town, which hts been o lont; blockaded
by the bliz.ard, was visited by a flre.
eai lv yestenlay morniao; which catiand a
loss of $1S,0()(). The block containing;
Hanel Hros.' hardware store was burned.
Sheridan Lionised in Boston.
IJoston, Feb. Gen. Sheridan was
driven around the city yesterday morn
ing and was greeted everywhere by tre
mendous crowds, who cheered him wild
ly. A reception was given in Faneuil
hall at noon and the place was packed
the crowds extending far out into the
The Deficiency Bill Approved.
Wajimnotok, Feb. . The president
yesterday approved the net making ap
propriation to supply deficiencies in ap
propriations for the fiscal year ending
June 0. 187, and making appropria
tion to carry into effect the provisions of
the act of March 2, 1S87, iu reference to
gariculture stations.
Liquor Houses Closed.
Pus Moinks, I., Feb. 2. There is not
a wholesale liquor house open in the city
tonight. The three that had been hold
ing permits to sell for legitimate pur
poses were all doing business under a
firm name, such a McCormicU 6c Co."
Judge Giveu holds that a permit can
issue properly to only one person, and
that the person so named thall be the
only one who shall sell or deliver the
liquors. Since these firms all have done
business under the firm name, the judge
holds that they have violated the permit,
so their stock is now under seizure and
their cases will come up at the next term
of court.
Reduced Ratorto Omaha.
Ciiicaoo, Feb. . A big break was
made yesterday hi freight rates between
Chicago and Omaha, the reductions on
several classes averaging 50 per cent.
First class was reduced froai 75 to 40
cents per 100 pounds, and other classes
in proportion. low roads hail up to
this time been able to hold up their
through rates, but the war started by the
Hurliugtim fc Northern in the northwest
was too much of a pressure, and the
freight officials west at once began to
contract for business on a lower bais.
This precipitated yesterday' break. Lute
in the afternoon the demoralization
reached the Kansas City roads and the
same schedule as yesterday to Omaha
will be put in to-day to southwestern
Missouri river point3.
Iowa's Railway Fight.
Ds.s Moines, la.. Feb., :J. The railroad
right was formally precipitated in the se
nate yesterday afternoon in a long iind
exciting session. The railroad committee
reported favorably on the bill to reduce
passenger fares to 2 cents a mile. The
bill was warmly supported by Senators
Young, McVay and Finn. A number of
other senators, while not absolutely op
posed to the proposed reduction, held
that the people of the state were more in
terested in securing lower freight rafts
than lower passenger fare. ?o they in
troduced motions and amendments of
ouc kind or another to have the bill re
ferred back to the committers until the
freight matters could be brought up. The
whole tession was consumed in lighting
this proposition, and finally a motion pre
vailed to recommit the whole matter to
tlie committee, with instructions to con
sider the freight matter first, or at least
as fcotn as the other. Several telegraphic
protests have been received from work
iagenen against this 2-cent fare bill. claim
that, if passed, the railroads would retal
iate by cutting down the wages of their
emnlores. Manv business men are send
ing in protests also on the ground that
thy are morn interested in getting "lower
freight rates. Senator IIarli received
yesterday a lengthy protest to the bill
signed by sixty six members of thelJroth
erdood of Locomotive Engineers and
Firemen at Crest on. Tiic sintimcnt
against the bill, or against having it con
sidered first in preference to freight re
duction, is growing in strength daily.
Postal Changes.
tY'ASHiNCTON, Feb. ::. The following
Nebraska postmasters were appointed
yesterday: Ashley II. Kicker, Colbergan,
I'ierce county, vice Villiai:i Klilzke, re
signed; llouldt, McLean, K-ya I'aha
county, vice William S. Kowan, re. igneil.
American Pork Barred Out.
Washington-, Feb. :5. -United States
Consul Klfwing, at Stockholm, has in
formed the state department the Swedish
government has declared against thr; im
portation of pork from the United States
unless it is well salted. The consul says
the order is founded on a report that a
hog pestilence is raging in the United
Trouolo in the Coal Regions.
Kr.AOixi;, Fa., Feb. More trouble
occurred in the coal regions yeterday
morning. Some twenty-live foreigners
who weru on their way to work at the
William l'enn colliery were shot at Mid
driven back home. Coal and iron police
are on duty heavily armed with carbines,
And this force will be dounbled to pro
tect non-union men on their way ho:n.
. . . . - -
Big Muddy Rising at Kansas City.
Kansas City. Mo., Feb. 2.- The Mis
souri river registered it 2-10 feet above
the low water mark this morning and is
riing at the rate of four inches in twenty-four
hours. The January rise has set
in, but there is no likelihood that it will
reacli th height attained la.-t year. Tli?
river o:i December 21 w;n 1-10 fct t
above the low water mark, winch is the
lowest point 'reached m i.i.;ny years.
About two miles above Ouindar's. a large
epiantity of broken ice has become
wedged in the curve of fh? river, but b: -low
this there is comparatively little ice.
The ice gorge at Lawrence, Kan., broke
this morning and the volnme oT ice
down the Kav and stopped just above
the Hock Island bridge, near Wyandotte.
Part of the temporary bridge gave way
tonight, and it now looks as if I lie Union
Pacific and several other I nidges would
go also.
aiic j'.xporirinMii s uT ii Vt-i' M-s Inventor
Yankee (irauilmotliors Viinlieatel.
There nre a p;reat iiia?iy interesting charac
ters among the inventors who yearly troor
down to Washington to sci about their
patent-;. One of these men, Williian Iioekcrt,
of Yonkors, talkeil his hearers into a state of
enthusiasm the other day about the medical
qualities of sulphur. Mr. Heckert says that
in reading the history of Italy and other
volcanic regions, he found that periods of
freedom from epidemic disease correspond.
with periods of volcanic activit y. Iu com
paring labor statistics he found one trade in
which consumption was im'.::ioivn, that of
sulphuric acid making. It occurred to him
that the antiseptic properties of the sulphur
fumes killed tho disease germs in all these
cases. His wife was a hopeless consumptive.
He began having her inhale continuously tlu
fumes given eff by tho boiling of ordhiarj
floured sulphur in water. To his delight sho
began to mend, and in time wa.-; completely
cured. In other cases, the names and dates
of which are too numerous for rejetitio:i, hi
was successful.
"While Mr. Heckert patents man;,- of his
ideas he is quite willing that the consump
tive public should have the full benefit of
this. Tho apparatus is simply a glass retort
with a spirit lamp beneath and a tr.!o from
which the patients may fill his lungs with
the sulphur vapors. A solution of common
sulphur and water boiling in the retort wiil
produce the necessary vapor. So firmly con
vince of the feasibility of the remedy has its
discoverer become, that nothing but his busy
life has prevented his urging some wealthy
philanthropist to open a small hospital for
consumptives, where it may bo given a fair
public trial.
Many an old custom , rcme:!- cr rule of
health had its root as firmly bonded in the
truth tis the most new fancied of modern
scientific maxims. Probably no one of tho
endless generations of iiitlii Yankees whose
grandmothers have dosed them with molasses
and brimstone, was ever convinced that tho
medicine really did him any goo.!. In fact
nothing more than Dickens' familiar delinea
tions of the motherly Mrs. Squovrs treating
her young charges to this nauseous mess is
needed to render sulphur a discredited
remedy. Yet if the word of this simple
hearted inventor and those of some who
have taken up the study of th" question arc
to be accepted, sulphur is the king of pana
ceas. "Washington Cor. New York Tribune.
Clothing; for Winter.
One of the most common faults of our
northern people is wearing an eeess of cloth
ing. One has only to look about hi:n to note
ladies, even early in the season, wrapped iu
furs, plush cloaks and other thick eov;Tiiif-s,
while any number of men ere to bo s?en v. iLh
overcoats sufficiently her:vy to protect th.-m
from the severest cold in winter. To thus
early become accustomed to such clothing is,
of course, unwise in the extreme, and launy
must eventually pay the penalty of the habit.
"Leave off your winter clothes late in .the
spring and put them on early in tho autumn,"
is a wise injunction, but it must not be liter
ally rendered. One should not. of course,
thus enrly assume throughout bis heaviest
clothing, but the change shn'.ild bo made
gradually. To put on warm under flannel?
early in the autumn is a sensible rule for rdl
to follow. Equally as good a rule is to wear
the fall overcoat as lath a3 one can and be
comfortable. Rather than trust entirely to
clothing to keep warm, we sh.add depend
much upon exercise, ami if feo heavy vrraps
or overcoats are worn, tunt cannot be taken
in sufficient amount to maintain good health,
or whea indulged in the body is hablo to !
como overheated, und a "cold' is generaliy
the consequence. A very common error with
men oftener then women, i3 to wear, even in
tho coldest weather, too heavy outer cloth
ing. Hall's Journal of Health.
X4- of Vnlcr at TVIeal-;.
Opinion:! differ as to the Hu -t f tlif
free in ge-o! ion of water at meal linn s, but
tho view most generally received is
probably that it lilut- s the gas! l ie jui-.-:iml
so retard.'; digest i n. Apart froi.itin
fa t that a modi-rate delay in - prongs
iu by no i!ie;ins a. disadvantaj.'.', as Sir
William Huberts lias shown i;i his ex
planation of the popularity of tea and
coil'co, it is iiK'i'i' than doubtful whether
any nieii uect is in reality produced.
When iiiue.-.ted (hiring moab. water may
do good by washing oat tin-digested food
and by exposing tin undigested part
more thoroughly t thj action of tho
digestive ferments. Pepsin is a eatuh pi ic
body, and a given quantity will work
almost iinleiiiiiiely providf-d th'; jK'ptoncs
an removed as I hoy an; forme. 1. 'liic
good cfiYvts of water, drunk freely before
meals, has. however, anothe r beneficial
result it washes away the mucus which
l! Kecreto.1 by tho mucus membrane dur
ing tin; intervals of r. pose, and favor -i
pcri.-talsis of the v. lie!.- alimentary tract.
Th membrane thus cleansed is in a much
belter condition to receive food and con
vert it into soluble eomoouo'l-;. -cording
to Dr. l.e; !'. . '
joet a special study, cold water should bo
given to persons who have suiiicieiit
vitality to react and hot water to the
others. Iu chronic gaslric catarrh itis
extremely beneficial todriiik warm or hot
water hefoiv n;-, and sail is said in
inn:-.; case.-; t.) add to the good effect
produce;!. Ih iti-:! Medical Journal.
AVav.Iiint !i:rf i'siliulH Hotel.
Villnrd's hotel is a port of milestone
marking the growth of Washington. Il
' within tho memory of men now living
that what is i:ow tho spacious hotel was
merely a coii'ry inn, with a front of not
more than thirty f;vt. Tho oldest por
tion of the grand hot. 1 of today was built
about lliroe-quarb.')s (,f u century ago,
and was known iir.-t u.t tho City bote!,
afterward as Wiiihansoii's, a'.:d again it.
was called Fuller".-!, under which it w;ei
known until alo'ig in tho 'oils, when th"
Willard brother.-; took the liou-e and
gave it their name. As tho city gi'i.-w
the house grew, indii il now occupies
more than two-third:-; of a block of
ground, its many t Series cf apartments
furnishing uccointtiothiiiou for ti thou
sand gu- i:?.
Through its many years it bar; ever
been tho favorite resort of statesmen iu
both bouses of congress. Many consulta
tions which bad for their object the hap
piness of millions have been held then'.
During the war facers of all grades
found it a welcome refuge from the
wearisome details and privations of cam
paigning. Frcsidents-oli ct have gone
out from it to take the oath of oil ice.
Many caucuses of great moment, decid
ing important stepsof public policy, have
been la id there. Yoi:;;g benedicts and
their brides visaing th" ;:; ifal feel thav
their weddirg tour litis not leeii perfectly
rounded unless they visit the famous
hostelry. The buihiiug lanv haa a front
of 150 feet on Pennsylvania aw nue and
runs :)50 feet -n I'o-n tes'iah :.tre; t. Pi i.t
tlio hotel of Washington. New Yor.c
Ili.smai'flt's Nsrmw ICsoape.
According to private correspond-, rco
from Ilerliii, Prince Dismarck has Ix'ci
considerably troubled of late by the e fleet
of tlie bullet wound be received so manv
years ago from the revolver of a would
be assassin. Many people have forgotten
even the circumstance that the great
German chancellor was s murderously
attacked by tho youth Blind, but ns a
matter of fact five shots were discharged
at him, and it ws smiply owing to tho
sturdy way in which he grased hi? as
sailant's arm that only one of them took
eltect. This bullet glanced oif one of the
chancellor's lower ribs, and a bony cx
cresence which developed i:i consequence
still marks tho place.
As it turned out, too, Bismarck's, ri d:
was by no means at an end when he
grappled with and seized his assailant. A
military guard hurried up :i hearing the
chancellor's shouts, and the impulse of
the foremost of these stalwart Privsiau
grenadiers, on seeing a comparatively
feeble slrinpling being b.eid and seemingly
maltreated bv a ponderous man with a
bald head for l;i .march's hat had fallen
off was to club his rifle and bring it
down on the Litter's bare paio. Luckily
for Germany, howcvi r. the chancellor
warded oft Lis impending fat? by shott
ing out, lioldon; I am P.:-m
which, as the latter
storv. fiie solo.ic r 'iro;
Junisi :i te!i ; lit
ed I:i:; weavon i::
a much greater fright than ti:at c;f Lis
rscapeil victim. Loudon iirsro. .
:qh:s,-" Out Vcst.
Swapping is always associated with
western life,"' said a real estate broker to
a ropoivT. "One always imagines r.
cowboy cr ranchman meeting another
and exchanging a her. o for a gun. and a
blanket or a number t-f cattle lor a pi-xte
of land.. This barter is not only carried
on in the west. You won: 1 be surprised
to fcf-e what queer transaction.-:; we Lave
to make sometime.?. A lady in ihiri city
who had some iir.e diamond.;, wished to
make an investment in real estate, but
had no money to invest. She came u us
and we managed to g t .a piece of land
for which sh gave some el her diamonds.
The man who disjosed cf ih. land did
not want tho diamonds alt-.r he had re
ceived thorn, and he again managed to
exchange them for a share ina;';xd pay
ing business iu a Email country town.
Sometimes all the sbx-k iu the store will
Ik? valued and taken for real estate; some
times horses and carriages will be given
for biLsiijesse-.'" New York Mail and
Hew Dr. Varren claims tiiat if Ihero
were no women on the. stage no men
would go to the theatre.
Forty -five years ago there was not a
rt stage staixuj in thy United Sstatt-a.
The Jh'yligll' Store.
.1 u-t aflt t our inventory, we reduce
pi ices 'o , il the goods rather than to
carry ov. i'. We are willing to m II our
entire Winter Goods at cost. Slules ve
have a large quantity and ofUr them
very low. Calicos : to 5 cents per yard,
making tl.c best standard of tlieui at 20
yards for SI. on. Gingham best dress
styles III cents per yanl. Dress g. ods
all kinds at the very lowed prices, from
5 cents per yard upward. Woolen hose
we otfer at cost, extra Cue. Ladies cash
mere hose, worth sfl.M). now 15 ce:it,
fine h- avy wool 10 cents, now 25; child
ren's line ribbed worth 5o, uw :!M. L n
dcr ware must goat low pries. , e
will not k( p them over.
Our Gents Silver GieyMaiino Shiil,
and draw is, former prices 5n now :;5.
-. ... g;ey iii.irino :iii:ts
ami drawers, extra quality 15 now 5n.
Our Scarlet all wool shuts and draw
ers line ipi tlity ssi.oi) now 15 cenis.
ur scarlet all wool rdiirls and draw
ers, fine quality 1.25 now 1. 00.
Our senile! all-wool shirts :uu drav,-ci'-.
line quality 1.15 now 1,25.
.ir searb I all-wo.l shirts ami draw
crs. line qu.'lii: -.00 now 1.10.
iyn'ALi.v as cii!:ap.
Our 25 per cent, discount, on cloak.-, is
stii! good. We are b ! -mi. in. d f o close
out our entire stock and never b foi"
has ,u'h an opportunity b .-n olTeudlo
economical buyers to j u i !:-- tie- l :-t
qualities for so little nuiuev.
Joseph V. Weekhi:c,i.
Snour curc'il Iltiins, Jhtcoii utii t'.:
I will sell as ci;-..p ns any oilr v iiiai ltet in llu; City aiol I JeIf
coinjH'f ition, atnl res-j.oet fully i-olieit y i; r jatr mime.
i?J'Come and see me. .Neville": I!oi-k, th ;tnet.
Pairiors, ILSed rooms. Ohiin-rooms
Kitchens, Mailways and Olliccs,
Where a ningnificcnt fflock of Goods and Fair Prices
i.'.B t'wal tS .X Yi:i
ihpspw Hnntnorranh pry
Vv'ill he open .,'unuary "Jltli, at tlie
Olt D STllX j') OF F. ii. G AP,!'! L'Tl-T
All v.'ork warranteil iirst-dass.
-w; cutlb:
Heat Mark
33i lutein.
and i : ; -1 am. :.;: v;
J iv.-1 variotv d' Sati.-:i"t; lu'iml i
ill Vim r.iZ3t it-J rAr Ii