The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, January 24, 1888, Image 1

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I.d.i : ' Hi. I '' Meets
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C. Will -i:s, i'i-ri .
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Kcoa::!M post 43 c. a. r.
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Better I'r.ei'.ititj-i lor ut:ikin:; r:irm Loans than
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S;ii-i.i.;'-.!: I i r. "i.ifi -5 " :i."44 s.T.
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UMp: Ei-;ss aHtlPaiteiis
Olieap Prices
Council Meeting.
Council met in regular sesaion latt
nijlit, Mayor Simpson in the cliir.
ltoll dll. mciuberg present, Greusel,
Uutton. "White, Murphy, Joues, Weber;
ahscut, Weckbuch and McCallen.
Air. Weckbach was abaent from the
city. Mr. McCallen come in late.
Tlio minutca of preriaus meeting were
read and approved with the exception of j
a correction by Mr. Murphy in re
gard to the licensing of teamster.
The following claims were referred to
tin; finance committee:
. Mailole, for surveying 9 ro
By roil Clark city attorney, salary 52 LO
J. H. Strode, leal service lu t itzger-
itlil t'ond case 5 00
M. DiidiP, for wood and coal 8 Co
.1. II. W;i:,tiiiuii & Son. for lumber ir.o 0
i '. II. Km i i Ii cily clerk, sulury for Oct..
Nov., I)fc. iiml Jan loo 00
riain . outli Water Company 10(n oo
.1. 11. VV:itruin & Son, lumber 48 "5
.lull : Vauil.i. Ii.iulins iind ilrtii.K hHe. 4
ri Osltm ne, work and labor '2 0
K. II. ''iiiiiil:mli;ini, for dryii u Iiokh... 3 00
.1. II. V ati'i 1II4H. salary f-.r last qiiarler lost 00
Mos-s limine, ehl and wood fr use in
t t'iin ii !ii.iuiucr 4 00
It Ytu moved and fct-couded that it be
the duty of the police to give the fire
Mjyed and seconded that the hook
and ladder house be put in proper order.
Mr. Murphy brought in a report from
Byron Clark in regard to the salary of
police jud", which was na follows:
To the chairman of committee on po
lice, M. 15. Murphy: In answer to your
inquiry of the right of the police judgs
to return tines paid and apply the same
in payment of co.ta in cases of de
f'cndnnti, who were convicted and com
mitted. Under our statutes a fine be
comes a portion of the school fund as
booii as paid, and the police judge can
not divert it from that fund and apply
it on coats. Nor is the city liable to the
police judge for fees he is unable to col
lect from the offenders convicted and
committed te jail. All fines shall be
paid to the city treasurer that arise under
the statutes to the county treasurer at the
end of each calendar month, under the
statues, see Sec. 84 P. P. 225 Statutes of
1837, annotated. Respectfully,
Btron Clakk,
City Attorney.
After a lengthy debata it was muved
by Mr. Oreusel and seconded that the
finance committee bo instructed to report
at next meeting.
Report of city attorney iu Chicago
avenue bond case as follows: Serries A
No's I and 5 inclusive; series B No's 1
and 5 inclusive; series C No's 1 and 5
In judgment and claims against city
of $3000, it was moved and seconded
that the report be received and placed
on file.
Mr. Du'ton moved that report of city
attorney with bonds and papers attached
be referred to finance committee.
Mr. McCallen enquired whether the
city had settled with Fitzgerald.
The mayor read a letter from Mr. Dorr
of Oglala, which stated that arrange
ments were being made to issue bonds
and settle case at once.
The coupons and bonds in the Chicago
Ave., case wero ordered to be destroyed.
Mayor Simpson read a letter from
Ktnsaa City in regard to the purchase of
30000 ft of sewerage and piping ol
Plattsmouth; had answered and given
price of same.
Mayor said that in the interview that
he and Mr. Nevills hud with Mr. Fitz
gerald, the latter talked favorably of a
Mov-d and acknowledged that the re
port on street bond be filed.
Mr. Dutton introduced the matter in
regard to the taxing of troops at the
vern house. As the ordinance now
standi the city has power to collect $3
from each troop. Mr. Duttnn thought
$" was to much, said that he was in
favor of reducing it; spoke of iho Boyd
opera house in Omaha paying $100 per
year for a license, but thought the tar
should be less here. Mr. "White moved
that Mr. "Waterman be allowed to run
opora house during the year of 1888, for
$25, but did not carry
Moved and carried that ordinance tax
be referred to the judiciary committee
and defered until next meeting.
After a warm discussion council ad
journed. Reagan as a Railroader-
Washixgtox, D. C, January 23. Mr.
Renaan of Hastings, whose arrival waa
noticed in these dispatches last nig'it, is
In re in the interest of the St. Joseph,
Grand Island, Kapsns City and Missouri
railways. He is loaded with petitions
asking 'hat railway mail service be plac
ed on thtsc roads, and has interested the
entire d legation in the ma'ter. Mr. Rea
gan will stay here spme days or until he
finds out whether be will succeed pr not.
If you w-mt your photograph taken go
to W. E. Cutler, d,lrt.
Weather Indications.
For Nebraska: Warmer, fair weather,
followed by snow or rain, briik south
erly winds.
C W. Moulten Dying
New York, Jan. 23. General Sher
man was summoned last iight to tin
bedside of his brother-in-law, Ch illi s W.
Moulton, who was not expected to liyc
but a few hours.
Cleveland Censured.
Baltimore:, Jm. 23. At h mw-ting f
Methodist prraehers to-day a resolution
offered at the previous- meeting cMi.-mt ing
President Cleveland for sending a copy
of the constitution, came up. There was
much discussion but the resolutions w-i
finally adapted.
Mr- Dorsoy's b:l!s.
Washington, 1. C, Jan. 23. -K ; ;:
seutative Doisey to-lay introilni t 1 i :i
appropriating $lr.0i):l f..- ;'io e. ! ;!
tion of work on Fur!s IJ. i-m i
Niobrara. Ho also intr..tbm 1 .i iitu: n
from th,. V.iriii.-r's A ! I ir.!Ci! of till- ll"
f V. li...v:i'mmi- for n revision o! t'l'' I
tnrilf law and calling attnitiou to iii m
t qualities. Also a bill to pension John
McCoou of Buffalo county.
Tho Sioux Reservation
Washixotos, D. C, Jan. 23. The
sub-committee of the house committee on
Indian affairs will tomorrow listen to
Congressmen Dorsey and Mr. Diaper of
Niobrara, who will advocate the pillage
of one of the bil s to open the .Sioux res
ervation to settlement. Mr. Purvey ex
presses the opinion that the house, as a
whole, is favorable to the passage of the
An Annexation Committee.
"Washington, D. C, Jan. 23. A sub
committee of the housa committee on
territories, consisting of Messrs?. Ford of
Michigan, 3Iansur of Misaonri, and Dor
sey of Nebraska, will on Saturday hear
the delegates and governors of Montana.
Washington territory, and Idaho, in ref
erence to the proposition to annex the
northern portion of Idaho to Washington
Two Alleged Thieves Arrested.
Dakota Citt, Neb , Jan. 23. Charh s
Hagerman and Chaile3 Springborn were
arrested here to-doy for theft by Sheriff
Brasfield. On examining the former's
trunk it was found to contain keys in
numerable, type, spoons, buffalo robs,
blankets, etc. Hagerman hud been a
waiter at the Eureka hotel for about two
weeks. The latter got bonds of $200.
The trial takes place to-morrow. Hag: r
man is in jail.
Paddock's Bills.
Washington, D. C, Jan. 23. S m,!or
PaJdock to-day introduced a petitjon
signed by about 100 residents of Nebras
ka praying for an appropriation for tl:
erection of a building at Plattsiuouih.
The petition was printed and T. ill o
ly appear again in the senate ns will as
in the house. Sr-nator P -id dock La
troduced a bill for the r-!L-f of Isaae N.
Thompson of Nebraska. It pro-i-' -that
he shall receive the pay of first Wsv
tenant for n period of three year!- dm uu:
which he acted as seeond in 'y., :
his company and during which .::,. ie.- ; -ceivtd
the pay of first .-i-gorini.
Tho Coai Question.
Th Omaha and Lineoi;i s have
been bavins iiniu' v.crils uvi r t'; !".e;;t
difference in tire price of coal in O.naha.
Lincoln and Platt-motith The Uib.
Democrat has eole -cted sorae fir.ns
which can be applied to Phit.nmoutii
equally as well, and then deducting th"
difference in freight, Piattsmouth dealers
would lose from trn Ci nt to one dollar
and thirty cents per ton. The people of
our sister cities bays never appreciated
what generous citizens Plattsmouth lias.
Plattsmouth people may not gtt as much
for corner lots a our neighbor, but for
unstinted g'-nerosity, our equal is not
often found. Now n conclusion let u-i
state a fact that will relieve you a little.
Since the river was frozen over the streets
of Plattsmouth have been lined with
loads of good hard wood from the Iowa
side. This wood ii sold very low so
that large numbers of the citizens have
taken down their coal stoves and put up
wood stoves. The result is an overstock
of coal, and rather than carry it over, it
is sold at 10.50 per ton. Come down
and sit by our fire and quit wrangling
over the matter.
If you want substantial dress good
buy them of Wm. Herold. j-23 tf
The ladies of the M. F,. Church will
glye a eociable at the parsonage this even
ing. A cordial invitation, is exter.Jt'd to
The Clilneno Six Co-npanlrs.
"Tho Chinese empire," said my in
formant, "is divided iulo numeroixa
provinces, over which Hi-- eeiitr:.! ;-ov-trnment
at lYkin exercises but liillo
direct authority out.-iilo of the coll'-rtion
of the revenues. These subdi vi .Ions of
the empire are under the despotic . m:i
trol f laiagist rates, or mandarins. Tliv
Hoi!e of the diliVrent provinces tsj-.ik
Iectiliar dialects uiiil are excei ibnly
clannish. Ujxiii the ojK-ning of e. nitra
tion to this country the representative of
tlilTcreiii, sections of the ( 'hiiicse empire
formed six companies, known us tiiu
Keong Chow, Sum Yup, Kt)ii Yv'o,
Ning Yeong, Hop W'o ar.d Yen V.'o.
"These six companies werelirst firgan
ized for lenevol( nt puriMivs. and did
worthy work in the early days of Chinese
immigration by providing their peoplo
with the necessities of life until employ
ment could be obtained for them. During
latter days, however, they have ul:::ot
ceased their benevolent work, anil tin -ir
function now is the utljiii Ueatioii of the
personal dilTeienees of the im inU rs of
the companies. They net in place of the
courts of the state. "When a Chinaman
lias a grievance he reports it i hi v-
pajiy, wl;o in 1111:1 u-jK.. ... .. io.o
ohicials of the six oimjianies. A com
mitteo of residents of Chinatown is
Belccted, to whom the matter is left for
arbitration. " Chicago Herald.
Meat for I'oor IVojile.
'I am told," said a Boston butcher,
"that the people in the poorer parts of
New York city buy the highest priced
groceries, and that the meat men nay j
they can sell the coarser cuts of meat to j
the rich, but that people of moderate !
Jin iiiirj itx no in, in hi a j s- rii;
thing from Washington and other cities.
A friend of mine, :i man of wealth, wise,
like his father before him, had long been
noted as one cf the most jjenerotis 1kiio
f actors of the poor in the city where he
lives, and with whom I happened to bo
talking about these matters, remarked:
'For my family I get the cheaper cuts of
meat because they axe cheaper. My chil
dren are satisfied wiih round steak and
shoulder, even if they are not quite as
tender and toothsome as sirloin. They
are strong and healthy and understand
that tilth fool is good enough for t heir
parents ami is good enough for them.'
"I question whether his gardener or
bis coachman would be so entirely ready
to accept such doctrine; and if the poor
peoplo to whom in times of stress his
money is given without stint are like
man' others of their class, not a few of
them would be, ill content with some of
the food materials that appear regularly
oa Ids table." Professor V. O. At water
iu The Century,
Illustrating a Sermon.
During Dr. Huntington's Christmas
sermon in Grace church an incident oc
curred that wr.3, to those who saw it,
a striking illustration of the point math
by him a few minutes before, thr:t the
deference with which woman is t rente-i
has greatly increased in Christian coun
tries during the Christian era. A lady
who had evidently been kite i:i st -y'.h:;;
to church, and who appeared to iy. vo
gone to several churches iuthe vain i:o;,c
of finding a seat, entered at the ror;:;-we-:-t
door and looked wearily abot:. her.
Every pew and every chair in the ai .Irs
was filled, the seats against the vail i.:
rear cf the side pews were crowded, end i
srvcral men wero standing. A ;.ou-ir
man occupying a scat oa the side 1 : . :i
caught the solitary laily's eye, mc : '. '
to her to take his seat, and aro: . V
fashionably dressed man who hr.r ; ;
stai;di:ig. and who hail not no; iced ;
lady's arrival, moved qmckly t !
the vacated place before t::-j lady mo .'
gi-t near ir. The yov.: i-.:m q . '
tou-Iird bis ana. and j.uusirg t- '
around he saw the ia -y making i .;. ,
scat. A profouiider Low of apo'or- :
v.-:i3 raado by the fashionably ! -mrin
has el 'e;a bci;i seen . :'
'"C. i-j of a church. I'-evr Trek r -.
A Queer Old i"ll;r: li:.
The old Connecticut pilgrim known a.
'"Jie darned man'' is dead. In young
manhood his mind was unhinged by the
r.:dden death of las af.ianced bride, ard
for tho mt of Lis long life he tramped
tLiough the stare, always wearing liU
vedding suit. TJ:e great desire of his
?ife was to preserve that suit. And the
cidy articles Lo over solicited were needles
and thread v yarn to mend it. As years
lassed c;:. tii-3 re)airs to whicli the suit;
was subjected were so th::l
but little of tho original cloth remained.
Eat in the eyes of the poor old pilgrim it
was always the same. New York Tri
bune. W&ntsd
Five energetic, wide-awake men to so
licit membership in t'ae cities of Nebras
ka and Kans;:s, for the American Musi
cal Association, of Chicr.go, Business
pleasant and profitable. Yen need not
be a practical musici ui. Call any even
ing up to Friday and see the agent at Mr.
Ferguson's, Cor. Vine ar.d 4th streets.
For Sale Oa reasonabls tentis my
residence on the X. W, o; tier of fclm ami
11th streets. Maid property consists of
J block with a good story and a half
house of six rooms, two wardrobes ar.d
one pantry; good well and city wat-r;
twenty-seven bearing appb: trees, and an
abundance of small fruit of all kinds.
tf P. D. BATE-
Just Arrived .
I. Fearlman has just received a car
load of furuitui from fct. Louis v. t.i. h
he will sell at bed rocl: prices. ti !
Two cars qf u'-c arrived th's j
morning for J. I. Ur.ruh.
Try O. P. S.n'oli cS; Go's l. of P. C 1
pgn, Lasting und Frngraat. j-SU tf
f, iHSH.
&l I i. fl. 1 M)
n 1 1 L.W i 11)
Vy il;e Dry (iuoil
M I'd
. " ". .-'; . -a , i r.
.Ociks, import-, ci N..,vy ri. . i kots,
Astrakhan and Piu.-,h Wraos,
AV l' a!.- o i 1 l'o 1" s
Alc.o 4oi:!c:i Ti-ie.ii.s at 7.V, vroilh Sl.". v., A :;f ,'neli ail vooi Tri
cots. nt -toe, woi-tli 75. TLt!.-;e :uv lie iro-.r j, . i.,j., oflen-d to
Y11 A-U
ic-i;biiiioin.'.ii cues
this year. Ladies are invited
1 m i ? m Eli
..-fi. 1 A- " 1..
v. I!oi.i-;sai.i: a;..!
15 ililLt it. ? c ) . V. , Ji i; L o
JH J. ft, . I hi a. W .. J
ft"-'ii":ir eiii'd Iluiiis, i'-aco:! aiwi ti.e
I l;t' hi
I W'i'i .S 1! :ln eilO.iJ) :UiV d:r
('Ml j -el i t I. !!. l'i S jiO-'l 1 1: ily -il.:':.
"-' ".' i::ie and see I'.i". '
' I
T. ., ' fc- il
s ii pi fe
A '
Parlors, ti'-drmnirif ISitthig-rtHims.
ICitchen, flatways and Milce,
.-r., i-. v- A i-c
Where n niacin fit-cut stock of Goods ami Fair Prices
P. 5
u . ft. b
AViK hi e;.0!i J:i:ii;;t!'T 2 t th. ut ti:e
OltO ST3.-TD OFF. l.GLirxUTi
hO..-. t. .ii . i I. in - l-'jj ii... .
n 5
.11 ti r . ...i . .
- !in iori u m id'
v -r r-
r ;
.. 'A .4. .X a
1 r
'- :- - -r f: ?
- - v. s-. 't. A.
iT.. ir "I -
to -;.ii In i..rc the ni. !i
ii.'.raa'n -
f -v. -n
ft. 4 I
- y grrfi is-"
; I
i J lj v V..
..i j j j: k ; c , . . . . X. JL
i.i.TAii. j;i:al; a in
- . , v X ,: i i. jL
. ;
i .-1 vaiieiv
o . ai..-: ..i i ' ill
" 1 i .: :'l.'. ? i L' ' i. : i ' '.;:
J io'-ck, di, .ti;'.t.
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'ts 'i -TO.
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Jhffinmmh Lq ion
I !'Mt VS I i HJ!'
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