The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, January 23, 1888, Image 1

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I'.I.X. Col. I.; Iv
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c. wi'.u-t's, eitiu .
LATT::i;j;: r:i f .(:.-: k . s. a. o. it. w.
A "VI i-t-i i'v-tv u'l'TiKiii! i'li'i.-.y I'veiiiiiri
.von. I h.ill ;tt S"i-!i.';. Ai! : i:i.:iU 111 i.n;h
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iiil li--. M. W. ; :S. i-io -ii, i .iii'iii;1.!! : S. C.
Vt'il-lt-. it'i:i:ii.-: ; .. A. Nuwcov.i-r. ver.?r.
MsOVZlHiZ POST 43 C. A. R.
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trie-1 :ui'l lire-tested coinpriine.s:
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-trL-.!! (..:!iMl-r.i!--::l!iU. ' I, -'.. '''
i5;i::i :.-: : i". A M.-Srii.lic?! i, "'5
wj: will have a
bmte iDUii;) dfilifallOillu
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surra & blick-s.
Plattsmouth Prospects.
I'lattsmuutli 1ms im good if not Letter
prodpccls for the coming yeur th'in :iy
city of its si.a in the WchL Soniu
tliiuk tliat in the spring there Mill Li? a
Jii: Loom ami the city property will
to iuLolous piicos and for Unit reason
there are A'ery few transfers innde in city
prop-ity just now, everybody is holding
back for a fvirturc m thj coining hphsoii.
Will, wc think that tlu-y have a good
right to think so, as in the coming spring
tin streets will be paved and sewerage
eiinati uctcd and th electric wires will
.-pan our streets before next fall. The
big building to be built on the corner of
fourth and Mum streets will be as tine
a structure us ever graced the streets of
any city of any size, and we hope thni
Weeping Water will soon get it into her
head that '.slie can't run I'lattsmouth"
ami the result will be that a tine court
house will be built here, and we are
almost certain of one of the liuest depots
wc&t of Chicago, and the Omaha IJelt
Line railroad, which was lately incor
porated, will be built, at least thid fur,
before next fall. All tlnse improvements
will create a demind for labor and the
m.ihanics and laboring men will have
plenty of employment at good wages.
A Point in Manliness.
Learn to be a man of your word. JOno
of the most disheartening of all things
i to be associated in an undettnking with
a person whose promise is not to be de
pended upon and there are plenty of
thrill in this wide world, people whose
promise is as slender a tie n a spider's web.
Let your given word be m hempen cord, a
chain of wrought steel, that will bear the
heaviest sort of strain. It will go far
making a man of you; and a real man is
the noblest work of God; not a lump of
moist putty, molded and shaped by the
lat indiK-nce met with that waj calculat
ed to make an impression; but a man of
forecfu!, energized, and re
liable charaetir, a positive quantity that
cmi bo calculated upon. Ex.
A Gmnd i?;ay.
7 Svon 7 big features with ihe
Cora V:m Tassel new spectacular "Hid
den Hand company, that no other show
contains. At the opera house on next
Tuesday night. A superb double com
pany, grand military band, excellent
operatie orchestra, wonderful aud novel effects, the acms of human
efforts, an unparalUIed presentation of
spectacular grandeur, they will make the
greatest street parade ever attempted by
a hall show, on the morning of their
A Dead Beer,
"Hon. Judge Julius Cooley," of Oma
ha, stopped at the Gibbon one night last
week, bui he failed to call at the Repub
lican o;Tice and pay that -7.ri0 he col
lected for in orer one year ago. A man
that will keep money that he has as agent
collec ted will steal ( a ride on the railroad
by hiding in the water closet until the
conductor gets by) Cooley can get extra
copies of this issue to furnish to the press
of the state by paying (cash in advance)
at live cents a copy. TV. V. litpuhli-
Funeral of Adjutant Woods.
SciiiTLER, 2ieb Jan. 22. To-day the
interment of the remains of the late Jos
eph II. Woods took place. The scrvic s
were conducted under the auspices cf
t tie G. A. It., and the body was escorted
to its final resting place by Junt oru r
together with members of the I. O. O. F.,
A O. U. W. and Company of K, Sccoml
regiment, Nebraska National guards.
Mr. Woods was quite active in social,
business and political circles, aud in his
death Schuyler loses ode of her best and
most highlv esteemed citizens.
Celebrated at Vienna.
Viksxa, Jan. 22. The centenary of
Lord TJyron's birth was celebrated by a
grand representation of "Manfred," with
Schumann music, both in Vienna and
Pistil opera houses. Ail the leading
oapi-rs of Austria-IIuncarv publish arti-
eb s Jhis morning on Bvron's life
1 work.
IVeathor Indications.
For Nebraska,: Colder, fair wtr.ther,
Ugi.t to fresh winds, becoming northerly.
Try O. K rt.-uitii Co's K. of P. C-1-ojjnr.
Lasting and Fragrani. j-23-tf
A larg.; crowd attended the auction
of il.e hsreiware stock of J. S. Duke to
d Tiiii.t sold reasonable and met
! with ready sale. In fact I .here were a
' many bargain tUut ere ,:ai obta ;i
i able every day. and those wishing to
p-jreiinse siiouni ie )rrseiii ims evcu-
ing's sale, which opens at 7 o'clock.
W. D. .Touts is acting :ss auc tioneer
: L the J. S. Duke sale of hardware!. Mr.
It. fcL-Ovftjht and C. Panuele are acting
1 as clerks. W. 6. Wisa is avrent for the
parties that cmsed tke a.e to pe made.
ISattle nitli a Vt'linti.
The whaling steamer Lizzie N., d
Provincetown, J.Iass., Capt. West, which
has been e ngaged in the finbucK v.-halo
lishery on the cistern coast, when ;il Mint
liftecii miles oast wmtliea: L from Seguin
island, off tho coast of Main", taw ;i
large lone whale of that species, and at
tempted its capture. A loat was low--red
and manned by Capt. Wet. bis
jiiato and four wamen. (';:jt. West,
witli a large, heavy whale gun, in which
was an explosive bmili lance, tool; I lie
bit-ach of the boat, whil. the mate
hteered. When the boat wrif. near enough
to warrant a shot Capt. West lired tiio
gun, but, as the S'-a was rough, the mo
tion of tho Ixxit destroyed the accuracy
of tho aim. Tlie wliale wr.s badly
wounded, but not in .nny vital part. The
whale then made for the boat, and in
prssing under it struck it with bis flukes,
throwing it some thirty feet into the air,
with its crew.
As the lxiat descended tho wh'do again
struck it with bis tail an 1 completely d
n.'olished the lioat and killed one of tlm
crew, cutting him completely in two.
The- whale then commenced to bite and
strike wit li his tail at tho pieces of tho
boat, killing two more i.ien, No:d Olc-n
and Chris Johnson, who were f;iqjoi tin;
themseves on pieces of the wreck. ( ";ipt.
West, tle mate and tho otlier men . ore
safely taken aboard the steamer and an
other boat was lowered to capture the
monster. Then the whale attacked tho
steamer. By a quick turn of tin- ruld--r
the steamer cleaved him by :t few feet-.
This occurred a second time. 15y throw
ing over a, largo cask, at which iho whal-;,
thinking it was the tiiip, kept 'nicking
away, tho captain w;u enabled to get a
shot with the Immb lance, and iinal'.y tin;
whale was killed. Boston Transcript.
Antony ;lucstei- i'isliermoii.
Thriftlessness is uncommon amon
Gloucester fishermen; drunkenness is
almost unknown; harmless banter end
bellowing boasting are the uenrcat ap
proach to brawls. There is a tender
heartedn.ess among them that is remark
able and almost pathetic. jla:iy go
away tliat never come luick. Stand bore,
if you will, at these crowded !.-iicrvcs
and watch the arrival and departure of
iisliing fleets, and if you have a heart
you will feel something heavy in your
throat. The old mothers and fathers,
tho younger brothers and bi.-.ierd, the
wives and wee Ushers' chikkei:. are ail
here, score on score. They are try
ing to look Lravc as the vessel.-
sail out. Thcio is jirido and loj al valor
in their faces all. They shout and slicui
to the departing ones, who send it all
back in. good measure, every manner of
good cheer and sea lore for luck. As the
schooners clear the harbor, out past Ten
Pound island, some "will run aw ay around
the harbor edge, as if to keep company
to the last. But those who stay, leaning
far out over the dark bulkheads, look
fixedly on and on until the white sails
disajipear liehind cruel Norman's Woe, or
sink behind tho horizon; and if you can
see in their eyes as they at last turn to the
little home spot for the weeks or months
of dreary waiting, there is unutterable
sadness behind the quivering lids. Ed
gar L, Wakeman in New York 3Iail and
Material for Successful Engineers.
A number of our leading railway shops
are taking in "engineering students."
bright young men who come from the
technical schools to learn the practical
side of railway mechanics, and who en
ter a3 apprentices. They receive slightly
more pay than the ordinary apprentice-.:,
but their wages are still merely nomine. 1.
The exporienco has been that when en
gineering students have been thin re
ceived, the benefit is mutual.. The-e
young men come into the lihops fees::
from their mathematics and their draw
ing tables, and while they absorb ail tl:;::
they can of the practicalities of their
chosen work, they are found to lie very
useful by their employing ofiiccrs. Lo
calise of their familiarity with mechani
cal theory and drawing. There are not
a few master mechanics in tlie cuuntry
who are invaluable in their i laces
-.lass men in every respect but who, in
arly life, had noS tho advantages of
?di:cr.tion which this younger gciscratii
of students has hr.d. end they ll::d ma.-y
directions in which these educated you-ig
fellows arc made useful. E-prcix-iy
useful are those students r.s a detail for
special work of i.ivestigatl..n. Ihcy are
well equipped for such wc ; k, real l! ey
know how to make a good ropoi t on the
same. Railway Review.
A Trio of Eigats.
It happens onh'once in a century when
a triplet of figures can marshal them
selves before the human understanding,
and I presume thoso who are fond of
dates will see much that is suggestive in
this. Assuredly there is the sound of
fleeting time, the tick tack of a clock, the
4!going, goin.2, gcne" of fnto in those
three eights of 1SSS. They actually give
me the shivers, wliile in appearance it is
the most awkward array cf numbers I
can remember to have outlived, llov.
much jauntier 1777 looks! And as to
1999, it is as graceful as if composed of
comets. However, it is no use worrying
about what cannot be helped; but if I
had my way one of thce fat eights
should be bounced. Boston Herald.
11ioiKit It Was AViteliery.
Tho iiostofiiee of a small Ft-tiU-nie-ni, near
tho Rhine, tJermauir, had rocyatly been sup
plied with a telegraph c-anueetion. An int-x-jTrienced
farm lat-orcr stoi before tho v. ir.
elov, arl, seeing tbe p.-Minaster working the
apparatus, sayst 'i ravr;i: sav- sncl: a suwins
machine. Can I look ut It ?' 1 ho po--tnausi-s-r
asks kira to stop in a:ui shows lihu ail about
ii;. Tlie f.wmc-r looks and listens, half aston
isheel, hal iiiereduiou., end tiaallj-, shaking
Lis head, he said: "ink jo here sewing, or ten tale macaiae, it is au waea-
ery either way' Fortign Letter.
a ci ninvi-irs taix
3 at ho'.::.
An Iiiliy
lllll'S.'l't .-l
Story i.l' u I'.
::l.l:ii A V.n! :!:.
'1 il:n- I i Si;- Lis 1
I. if. ilii'.i! tin li
l; ni :.l i .f Jr! iiii.
I'm dri i.'i.;' in lirn-i!-h"ii n ..', d i i! I
you v. lial tl.i-1.:.-; I up doix- f'-r ':, -. ' -'
ing nlout . ii!--;:iii :'.i.i. wi- u
to .-l t: miniit.-s .r lum-ii, 1 ii.- : i;.
told us wo came tiKT.- to v.wrk, ai.-d fot
'i;t ; now v.- ;,'' furty miu::' -s. 'I l.' ii :
u. l l.i li I vi- 1 1 j nit. t !i - It-Tiai a v. ;. v. i l.i
tin- collars 'T, wl.i-ii
asii'j i:i
r.n- .i
t!u-Li;.s, ic-.'l -i ttien- li 'li
Imar i-arly an-i our t'-aai, :! in !
of t!:e stiiliie iiii'i t'.i'.' utii'-i" i.i t In ot in -r i
and harness ;:i and In iuj; 'cai out t!
2ov that's ail ilnac tor us. And t:i::i
ll.-cd to have t i.'.i.- !i our cars, and ui- ;
to have lo I Hi', the !! i :r t!i.- o.i' i:i.
.. i
i l.
v im a ci -.1. i.i i i"; . .
Vi'c i:;! t do i' ii:i-1
I '. ' f:a1 v iii'hl.lti
i en: .
t '
I . :
I i 1 i" ivru-i- is ; !-.
1 .,i ; t !.;.! i. .
a-.n.-ii::::.--, .-:!.-! i:ot
a 1:i,d'r. i'"d t: i a il
: v"'! !.- '! t i.i'a
I i tin lij hoars i- '.
57 .t !n.!i..' at Mid. i-.,!i
my fai:i":y i'i !;.::
wij-!;..lit .1 e.-al e-ti
l:niii a. :s.!i t::i .. :
aii'iMi' r ii:;iii '.'.'...: t .
l.i.s ii.-'.--'-. l!!a- I'vi
a Oil t..,i nf :u y d: y aid
. and :ioL .-;.-. i a '.! i (
i'. i.t hoars !.i: ::..' : i it..' .
a ii;v. i.'-i'i t!
l::or.' i .f that.
1 r."t ii!) iil'iiiit iiali' jiasfc ."" in tii
r.iid h.;iit t'.r- lit- and civk tin
i i .
lulcfier. raav l.i . a'i- ! oo:. !.i ,s- i. i ;
( .vo ;:!id Mi:i'i: co;;'i - , ninl i!' r.iy "i:c"s ;
1 f-:!: ivi and wiii-; ra v.ord v. jt!i !:i-r : .'.
V.-.:ii:: t'ui--'iil. '...!. e.iid thi-i: l i.i hm d :.
f nVb'l;, 1 Ii)ti"i. ii Hi-ir l !n-si.'.li!:' ' ;
-oi::u: .f tin lue-l i:--i!i!ioi-i!-l tor r'.. .:;;
l!' lit. !' I'ili S m) 1 i J'Si J.'et home l o
liuieh; lint I vi ;ril four lijieni, rooin-; : :.d
iK-evnt. p"n;i'.- ft a" UfLvUW-jrs ilIiovc !(;! I-. . v
:-v, a'd 1 pay a -sioatii. 1 ;.,- ifi a y
n d v,i"k ::'. in days., iieeail.-!-1 iic.-ii ali J e ;.i
m-i':c. I ;:iv- i.iy witc all t-::--i-pt i w iv. .-iiil-liii";-.
wtiii-ii p-f' in'' fly !"i:--!i"S liisil tobacco,
a: i'i v.ii- n -. ! fo lav a, i :.i doliar nov,- and i ;. :!,
I.'IK. t !i:'.t"; ; '!;','.;!.', and I lien's no l'i iti; c.;i
now on :-.r-i it of her and i.:c i.'-'di.i., the
dn-tor. Wc.i. t ei't laane i.t - at i'i:;!i: r::d
take lav lo'tt a id ; ee i my a rti'I luoV'-n-k,
with the M'l- i l' -'.itrier she saves over Jnr i - ,
aad tiie'i i lo ir-u Tim only tliiag h..;d is
my Hot tciii - eiy !::! ii-.-a.
I can 1 n-.!y t:i..ul; Jn.t t 'ist. my little K'max
l:e.o..-s i:;.- now, l.ut cp to .'i Vc ;:-; (,! ! :
did not l.-vv.r uv.i frotn ony p.:s-:-r by :;i t!v
stree:. I l:-id a ciiiiii. and lie 'litlu'c ! '!::'
i.n. Vi ilea 1 --aid that. i"..t I.-.- b i:e is me an v.-.
Tias is :;o'.v it w;;s: I doing S'lV 1'olii'l c..;i
end ::cr..-eii hours' vork on ;iic- Ti.ii-.'t avenue
in New Y.-irk, and i l-.e! i:e-;l of .-very c ::l
and a coast it ui ioi: Hi a horse, so 1 ma-is
ti i!. 1 h
i l h. ca coa- Jh.ii, 1
1 vears o'.l, j-.:im ila
lbs me, at: i n;a d i.
Iila't -.vab: v- it lio::; he:
Ktt!'- iaami"
tllV I.".' 1 '-'i!l
lt:al to lay off
was .
o tr.i;
I con
SO J:l
at'd J
!:. ::tv ci iv.i;, ;:ot :lu.;-and h: l-.e.: ;
Tii'-re v.'.is lisnui.' ae.d !i- : t : i - 1 :
u-k a a 1 in-, each look a i-iaii". aad
-ri d to uiv wli'o ;. tbaii tho l;ttl-j
v.-oid'hi't hear ;.
iiaiaie, di-ar, : says my wife, (rod
afd keeo har to me, 'o,e of tlrjs,- gi.-nt '.
hi, ;
fat'irr. Do yoa k'.io-.v v. i:ic!i
'Th:.: is my p" .", '.tivs ;:!-.
Aad lii-a .hK-kld!ev.'.l ultat I'd been '. .
iag -ii::!. f. r the li'. ;!;- i lii'd walked v.. e to him a. el Ii:::'-' i o:i his k:i-. :i" . p..
up Ik r iiiout'i for a kiss. !SSa- had Sc.-.i :.
beard in t!ie in a oaoo in a whik. .i.i !.
beard and mhie were as like as two brooii-.
aad she c'aosi t'ao v, ro;i-.r one.
."e!l, in one way !' lo .!:ia;; at it, I'i
pcit '." to say tliat sh- knows me now qail ;
r. c!ii!d eagLt to. il iy be ii's w hat tlic-y ca
a Prov Id.'iK e, and tho lia.ri-r of (toil is :i ;:
'a!. r.HViiuw, my !ee;s is tliat bad now llr
o.i -. ia :. '..'ii-Ie I li.ive to lay oti" for a da
aad iv.-t l!ie:n iy v-cakiis:": abnai find sit II
do'.v:: for wh-.'ii y.u ;r-t a r driver's 1.-.
cu you it's a eueii ns iiii.t-.; tliat wahcia-.; is ..
good for it (ti" you can si. and tiee paim a
tin.- ilov.-n. Vv'iiai; do 1 in--att by a drAcr'
lo;.;; Wti', J'ou'll liud many a man i:r,
break he.s it in t'.ie;.i- threi- cities, v. :
thev'll not I'-t a driver sit invi. raid in '..
r.i will get it sooner r later if they sti !:
the bu: :..-'s-. It ci.iac s of stun tin;- t o -many
hoars v.ltln-eit the- e-I:a;.ce to ..
tlmt a ee .. i.ietor iau-, up anti dov. a
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one, Jiia r.i:-, will .-.; r.-a.'.'hi-s ,; ve;
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el aside sloel.
teat :?.
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l-odi. for v.
. .: Lae Jaiil'.;i''ii. - i'i l:a
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i:a a i.etter iaa:
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.-.i.: : i .-.iov.'s ive i:p ; .a : a
J-i'.'S o.i ry .m-::: cn :.c-our.t ct tlx t
lh--y s-.ii'c-r bat it ain't t :.: '.:-. t i-w diy ; .. ,
theVh-.'e lii'e. It's head o i t!. l-.;s. .-a.
they novi-r g-t uro lo it. A yoag I'i. .
thinks if 1 e's .'t:a::i.'ed and ki'o.vs a'
hors- s that h" can b'- a driv. r. iVe'd. 1 ,i
Cud out i.'- i'.:-3n-!ni!i-ctii:stitiiti"!i of v. : :-.
t!iai in k.iawiac; aLoii: I vvoreoir . . ;
fir-t pain in my 1 -egs in ..boat three or 1
days. Eat then e-an.'J tl'.o swollen veies.
Tht'V mart eoni--. it's tlie natural v.
t a.ieiice of the business. "Leave railioaOiae-,'
ravniv doftor. Oil, it's easy to -;ay i.. ! at;
when a iiie.ti is tied t a pair of ear la.r.-.-s
and has a wife v.rA family to nippurt I'isi e's
no :-iek thing ss loi.-kiiig f -r otl.e. r work. lo
won't come to hint, m-.l l;sw cii he go t ie;
But i:i the lvgards of that 1 think I urn i-ry
Inekv. fer my Ihw- will be old enoe.iih to :.
preiitiec toa a:ie!i!r.i..i of lay ai.-ij:ir.ii;tin
in another o'i do oi years, eiaj after tiiat
he'll chip in a littl toward keeping the fr.'aaiiy
aad I'll 1e ablo to lay otr a iiay now and th ::.
I siioko ab-jiit the abasho'ise atl iti
potter's li- id, bat there's t.o such thing f. r
v.s. Th.atV. another :M thiag h r.. mvay it a.
Ir,- ii'.ee.tis oi;c:tyr. la "u 1-1 we go.
a wrek when wear-j sic": which will pa-;
c:fv the lamiiord and kteo a bite in the e i;
l aariL la case ft death tbcivV no provision,
bat we niako up a saiiscri'dion and j.h
tyithc-' -?!.'J c-r ."io. i:ijy i-s
in..;t'2h to leave- tho pcatcr'n li. !d in tiio dis-
ta'.iee: r.nilt!: onlj" e-ost to us o; ket Jji t:p tho i
loer.l is thirty-five cents a iaonin. so that we
i'ii -ft f.el it ve-rv hard, thoaea there's a do..-n
i thin--? rj'iii3 for every i-cut that iajst .f u
i e;irn t''s pr.tty maeii all I can
I ji,;,, ,,f about drivin-a cur. I t - -W
i m
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is h rj
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r-V t!:
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I'll. ii
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I-'i'oiii Slamlari
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; i'le i:s :i t - .,i
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liej i:i
I will ;;v
Cf.'lli Jii'til
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iny i .
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nu r;.-' :'.-. .;
and ft-c lid-
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k W k liM
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r.v. V . i.' :
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T- '"3
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a nitiirni licoiit stock
stocic of
mWl,,-V.-KKL. . lkn. Mi
I. -.i in .'ai .- r-jzr?iiizrxjrz?3;ijirzT--lrri " rj -nrvk
Dr. R. Nunn,M. D.,E Ch
'.':.i-.:-. . t'.i!.
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13 la. to i i ia
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;n:aha. r.'ejh"a'd::i.
's ii n . t c 1 1 ee Pn nc i u e 1 1 v
Dissolution Kocico.
I'l.A'l TsMofTli. I'el., .f.ili. '., t
y-tUe ' r. :'"i;i: U la.i..; im.i vrn:
Tin firm a .Mr'-er :;-rs.,-; f,y
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nay diS'-tvi-il l.y imitu '.I c .-nyi-i.t. T!i.-
i u! hereafler Le e-niiiiu-tei! by Vf.i:. ,
Mercer, known us Men-cr Bros.
i. i-o;e-:-
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in i j i i-
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-iiu. raf.
way fi ami $MTnmK,
. -"- 73 T'-T ? i--1
of Goo:ls and I-'aii
TTV-fgrM-.'.-3-i -jtrrri
Notico of
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Net iee i -. hr.-l.y ti.en ti-at lv i-tfe(.f n
c-iiattei ninrta'e ilaied ua tjj,. ,( j; o.;iV , f pt--etnet-r.
i if 7, a d i'.idy lib il '.' ft i r ijili .1 iti the. of tlie county e leii.- ; Ca imtv. .Vi-!-la-.k.l.
il I ll" l;tlt ';'.V of l)i lals.i.".. . i -7 .-.lal
xt-c-iitea I y J. !'. 1 ! to : i ia.- a s ..i -nt
.V Co. 1i scc.ti- the I. avi, itn
mivi -t S-'je .el ;:mi iipoil -.liiicii ll.ei.- ,, Ti.iw
(111: tii sum of Ssiis nj. lic'adi ti.ivie- 1-i-ni.
irao'ii-in ih iiaymeii-: f siiid -ma. '.; -re f!
i v.ill n ' tile iinliiItV tll'-Scoi ll--ii-!ll.'--i.'. vi ;
'J !:ft eiitire steek of tev . tmiv.-iro i'.;al --'.iflf
ai'd liea y lia.a.i ai e ai;i listai'-i . t t li siere-iiie'-a.
' Miuaie-i! ill la ie-k i-aiii; t z ( aiC
Imlf lot t iglit fsl tilock twi'iitr-itm-- u':n :u tlo
-ity ot riatt-iia.etii, at pidd;- aai-tioii' :-t l
f i'"!it door of tlie abo n ' -iini storr l-t.diiiok'
in the city of r!tiiiio:th.Cas foui.l v.V.-Im s
ka. e;o i lie t'dis! !!" of .lai.ui'.iy. l ass, ;.i tin
hour oi eu o'clock a. in. of --Hid ebsv
Shkhm.ii M. .! ,; -- r & Co..
Xi. 3. Wi-se. Agt. and Atly. Vi-rtL' .
for Moi tyaseei.