The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, November 16, 1887, Image 2

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    THE DAILY 11EUALD, J'LAITSMOUTII, iNEJJKASKA, AV E 1 N K :? i ) A Y , iN ( V K M J ' K 1 L Hi, 1SS7.
$l)e fllattsmoutl) Dailc Cjeralb
k: n o rr t bbo s.,
Publishers & Proprietors.
Thk month of October luul five Satur
days, live Mondays and two full moons
and was net 11 had sort ol a month cither.
Mil. Cleveland had better snub For
nker again, as in the state so recently
claimed by democracy the aforesaid
Forakei's majority is nearly thirty thous
and. Thk Crown Prince's malady is now
known to be cancer and that too, in
its most dangerous form. His life cannot
ho ttrolonired manv weeks more. Fred-
crick AVilliam, it is true, is, apart from
thr I Hist. if health, and I
- -
in age is still in the prime of
The bet medical skill in Europe cannot
p-ive him The conditions were as favor-I
able as these, in the case of Benjamin II. I
Hill and l.'ylsses S. (Slant who were- a f- I
tlo ted with the oiiibulv from which the
. . , , ,1
Crown Prince suffers and they could not
iiftwiir 1iiit1i gixi-ntit fnmlirinf nrruid. I
- - i
J'W.TlVlIU n j v.v v -.-v- j Aroroilier sttli I
in the northern states, New York alone
indicates a preference for rover Clcve-
i i n m..iu .MiMiimi Telietlier I
the vice and ignorance and ballot-box
repeaters of New York City arc to rule
these United States for four years more
'or not. Decency culture and refinement
in Massachusetts have declared otherwise.
"While everything in New York, except
the cities of Brooklyn and New York
have declared against Mr. Cleveland; yet,
a great howl is raised by the democratic
editors, wh ) 8 rein to be proud of the fa t
that the footpads, thugs and manipulators,
Avho have so long controlled the politics
of these two cities, have declared in
favor of lirover Cleveland. To most
men it is a spectacle anything but exhil-
ir.iting or ennobling in any sense.
The result of Tuesday's election in
New York was clearly produced by the
most shameful violation of the civil ser
vice principles upon which Cleveland
was elected and concerning which there
has beon so much boastful cackle upon
the part of mugwumps and politicians of
the goody-goody sort. In 188:3 the result
in New York was far more disheartening
to the republicans'than that of the re
cent election, but it was not so clearly
the result of boodle. This triumph is a
victory for elements that are as coriupt
as those which constituted the Tweed
ring. "Worse than all, these elements of
corruption have been cemented by the
influence of the national administration
and backed up and reinforced by the
money and powir of the president and
his cabinet. In this triumph of rottencss
the public can see the reason why all the
money power and weight of this admin
istr ition has been centered in "Wall street,
to the hurt of the rest of the country.
Ilepublicans have been slow to tale
warning. Certainly they can now see the
handwriting on the wall that reveals the
democratic game. "With Dakota shut
out of the Union because she is republi
can, and the whole force of the adminis
tration wielded in New York to corrupt
and control elections, the significance of
the preset. t condition of affairs in the
South is to be kept solid by concessions
to the old rebel element, New York is to
be carried and held inline by hook or by
crook, and then Indiana, Connecticut or
. ii i ,.i.4. : . i. -1 Jr.
some oilier Close is iu io nxunu
order to prolong Mr. Cleveland's powci
another four vcars. This is what was
meant when the president refused to stop
in Ohio, but was so gracious to Indiana
that he repeated his school-boy pieces in
two of our towns. To meet this we must
put forth the man who can carry New
Vork state. Evidently that man does
not live in the state. The three men any
one of whom would be likely to carry
Xew York are John Sherman, James G.
Blaine and Benjamin Harrison. Itepul -licans
are divided In opinion as to which
would be most likely to carry New York
anil most certainly win the election next
year, but we believe that nearly everyone
must sec that the standard bearer must be
one of these men. It is to be a struggle
next year instead of a walk-over. That
is settled now, and every republican
should begin to burnish up his armor and
make ready for the fray. Not noisily
nor at the expense of business, but by a
careful study of political conditions and
a preparation to meet them. We must
win next year. The future of the coun
try depends upon it. In four years more
of democratic rule the corruption and
rotenness that controls elections in New
York will be more widespread and power
ful. It grows like a cancer. It fattens
under democratic rule. The only safety
for the country lies in the triunph of the
republican party at the election next
vear. Ex.
Fon Bent House of four rooms,
tf Vakatta & Sox.
Programs and wedding invitations
a speciality at the IIekaj.d office.
From the Albany Argun
The evolution of the ladies' pocket
books is wonderful. One year ago the
ladies were satisfied with a diminutive
affair they could hide in the palms of
their hands. In '.',ltrt days the pocket
book has grown to the length of a good
sized healthy car of corn. Here are il
lustrations showing the h-ngth the pocket
book has grown every three months:
.January 1, 1S7.
April 1, 18S7.
July 1, 1H87.
October 1, 1887.
" January 1, 1888
If this thing keeps on tho pocket-book
will grow in another tar long enough
to bo used as a walkiULT stick. 1 liev arc
now as his as a policeman's club and are
growing at a marvelous rate. Thay beat
the growing of the snielling-salt bottle.
If a man was struck over the head with
the present lashionable ladies' pocket-
book loaded witli silver dollars, he
, , . ii i.i I
would not see any stars, but crape would
vitv likclv li Ln1" lroiu HIS lioor OCII- V
..... ill t i
- J ' ,
loaded pocket-book of tins knul in me
hands of an infuriated woman would
. . . . - .......... i i
he just as cii. ciivc over a man ucau
a slungihot. The male population of
Albanv are wondeiinir where the cvolu-
tion of these pocket-bocks is goiu
s' - op
A very singular loss and recovery oc
curred recently on the Union Pacific near
Laramie. A special freight, running I
passenger time, broke in two on the .sill
and the front .section ran around a curve
so fast that it whipped off tho rear car.
filled with choice !ilks, into the
gulch, where it disappeared from siuht
in the heay lnt-h. The break was so clenn I
i...f ( .... b,.w wen. cooled to-
gether without the single cars absence
bein,r noticed. For two months that car
lay there, while the entire road was la-ino-
searched hi'di and low for it. and
, -
not a soul could guess w here it had gone
The other day a cowboy rode into i
small station on the line and casually
asked w hen they were going'to clear uj
that wreck down in the gulch. The
aent knew of no wreck, and thought
the cowboy was fooling with him, but at
last, convinced he was in earnest, went
with him to the spot where he had indi
cated the wreck was to be found. There
at the bottom of a very deep fill, behind
n Inure nile of boulders and a mass of
""a" I
sage brush, lav the missimg car. No. !
It was resting on its side, and strangely
enough tha trucks were in proper place
The doors were sealed, and there was
nothing beyond a few bruises and dents in
the roof and i-bles to show that there had
, f .,.,.;,...d
neen any icug.i uc..i.i...b . '
The agent thought he was dreaming, our
v. ben li; found he was wide awake, he
lost no time in hurrying homo, ana ivie-
.rr:.ihirir to headquarters. The car was
raised and its contents found intact.
The admirable weather of the mountain
redon the abse nce of rain, and the un
fortunate fact that the car was completely
hidden from view from the track above,
combined to protect tho valuable cargo
from the ravages of the elements or ol
passing tramps, so there was not a dollar's
worth of loss to the lot. Ex.
Austrian Army TCotions.
Titles of nobility are likely to become cheap
: a, , of,-; ifnri inn?. A new armv minuia
j provjdes that every oiliecr of irreproachable
I i i,no n-nrn llin imnerial uniform
conduct who has worn tho imperial uniform
for thirty years uninterruptedly, aud has
gone through at least one campaign, vi,
ii, demand. lx? ennobled by the kaiser and
tho fees usually payaoie upou i-iuiuuu.-uirui
will lx remitted. Another regulation estab
lished by the samo minute deals with a very-
different matter t lie easy recognition oi oi-
iieers and men who fall in battle. In luture.
whenever the Austro-Hungarian army is
mobilized, each combatant is to have de
livered to him u small strip or parenment in
scribed with his name, rank and regiment ;
nl this ticket of identity is to bo kept in a
pocket which will 1k purposely maue in e cr,
pair oi oreecnes. -m.iu.-i u. iuihc .."- '
would be taken from the Lxxlies of the dead
nnd forwarded to headquarters, borne suea
system has long been in ojeration in tne uer-
man army. St. James oazeiiu.
The Yosemite on Trust
Have you ever done the Yosemite? If not,
postpone your departure uniu me laus-i. iu
Kililn moment, and then stay where youaie
Go to an art gallery and buy some views of
the valley; they will give you more satisfac
tion than taking the journey and you will
save money Although wo went under tbe
most favorable conditions our party of ten
just filling tbe stage, with no outsiders and
no crowding still, unless cno is blessed with
a perfect digestion, no nerves, the patieuco
of Job. the amiability of an angel, and the
constitution of a gorilla, one had better taU
the Yosemite on trust. .New ork Commer
cial Advertiser.
Perfumes from Mummies.
Mummies beaten up into a powder and
mWcd with a little oil made for the artists iD
Egypt richer tones of brown than any otner
substance. Modern jerfumers used to pre-
pare tho perfumes and spices rouna insiae oi
mummies insucn a way as io uiuKuuia
"dote on it." Taper manufacturers have
i,vi hn wnnninsrs of mummies to make
coarse paper, "and tho cloth and rags have
been used as clothing. Isew York Sun.
RAVPral prominent Muskegon lumbermen
state that they do not consider feasible the
proposed plan of rafting logs across Lake
The maiden said: "Oh, lorer mine.
Tell nie what is mine and thine?"'
The youth ma1c unswer: "S't heart mine,
Thine azure eyes, sure they are thine;
l!ut in their depths to Raz ia mine.
Thy no rosy red ure thine;
Hut then t kiss tliem, tiiat is mine.
Now fold me in those arms of thine
They join iu wedlock thine ami mine."
1'roni the German of Fischer.
I'oshibilitieH of the Next Century rower
in Ilitles nml Itarrels.
Itt any one consider what tho steam en
gine, was forty years ago, and then examine
t:o very latest improved compound engine of
today, with all its appliances for economy
and efficient service, and then let him try to
estimato what the electric motor of thirty
years hence will I.e. Tho compound engine,
with its wonderful performance, has come as
a result of Ions practice, largo experience,
profound study, ami tho application of a wido
acquaintance with principles. Why should
not tho electric motor gain as much from tbo
hUllif Nlli I I
And, if it shall so gain, is it unreasonaLIo
lo suppose mas tieciricuy may crown eut
. t i 1 I
titenni, in a good many cases, as a source of
power; i large power can lo srorcu in im.
sported on a btrcet car, why may it not Lo
ge; : atel at one point, and then lie shipped
gj1)Ui,i llf,t the water power of Niagara ho
employed to ge-!erato pover, which shall
tnen i;o SToreit, iransiionea ana soui to oper-
Philadelphia There is a rcjrular
- "
market now for coal. "Why should there not
then lo a regular market for fitored power?
AVhy should not a mill owner then go out
and buy his power, for tho season, just as ho
buys his cotton, his wool or his dyo stufi's?
If power can be baled tip like cotton or
barreled up like sugar, then wo shall have
power dealers, power brokciv:, and, may be,
a power exchange in fact, all the details of
a new and important industry. Is this a
funtnstic supposition? Not half so fantastic
the notion of traveling from Boston to
Philadelphia in a single night was to our
grandfathers. It is rather a clearly indicated
possibility, tho promise of which is contained
iu the street ear which is now moving about
u,ider an impulse derived from a steam en-
gine that stopped before tho car started.
Textile Record.
The Strainers of the 'World.
Recent statistics show that tho number of
steamers exist in the world in ItSNo was
.siimated at O.Oi,'.'. of an apjrregate burden of
I0,r,:;i,s-i: tons. In the previous year the
umUr was stated at VfiO, of an aggregate
1 r.trden of 10.2:1 ,2 !1 tons. The world's steam
shipping in lsssi was thus distributed: Iron
Kt'-amers, S,ll,S, of an aggregate burden of
8,'.Ul,4'Jo tons; steel steamers, 770, of an ag
gregate burden of 33,S20 tons, and wooden
steamers, or an aggregate burden ot,f)."). tons. Of the steamers afloat in 1885,
),7'.r2 were owned by the United Kingdom
and its colonies, their aggregate burden being
6,5!5,07l tons. Tho other countries of the
world owned steamers in the following order:
Germany, 570; France, 509; Spain, 401; the
United States, -100; Norway, 287; Russia, 012;
Denmark, 200; Italy, 173; Holland, 152;
Brazil, 141; Japan, 105; Greece and Turkey,
Si each; Belgium, OS; Chili and Argentine
republic, 4'i each; China and Portugal, 27
each; Hawaii, 21 : Mexico, 15, and miscella
neous, 50. From the above figures it appears
that, notwithstanding the great depression
prevailing in the steam shipping trade, the
number of steamers afloat last 3'ear increased
to the extent of 327 as compared with 1S85.
Pall Mall Gazetto.
Instruct ingf the Reporter.
Unhaipy is tho lot of a daily newspaper
chief who has never been a reporter. 1 b
service calls for officers that have conio up
from the rank:;. Otherwise they will fail to
gauge accurately tne relations oi men ana
events to each other, and will become a prey
I tQ circumstances. I have known tho pub
lisher of an iniiuential journal to instruct a
reporter to take out his note book and pencil
as a preliminary step whenever he should be
seat to interview a person. As well tell a
detective to wear a badge on his breast, or a
patrolman to walk the street with a cocked
revolver in his right Land. Many people
would bo more afraid of a reporter who
should suddenly ''draw'' a note book on them
than they would of either policeman or de
tective. Of coar , tho note book must bo
asod for public speeches and deliberations,
and, also, like tho revolver in dire emergen
cies; but the rcpoi-tcr who cannot remember
a column and a half of ordinary conversa
tion (unless it coiieerus technical matters of
which ho had no previous knowledge) until
ho has time to turn it into intelligible "copy,"
should seek bread and fame in some new em
ployment. Heary XV. Blake in The "Writer.
AVliCTC Gems Are Dyed.
Precious stones are dyed at Oberstein, Ger-
r.-.anv, v.-horo nearly the whole population is
devoted to the work of making bogus jewelry
and fixi.ig up chei-.p gems to look line. Differ
ent families have their different modes of
treatment, and some families have the secret
of some one or another special tint which can
be mado nowhere else. Chalcedony is the
usual base of fal ;e onyxes and agates, which
are most counterfeited. The stones are boiled
in the coloring matter and then subjected to
intense heat. Tho color permeates the whole
stone. One has the secret oi convert
ing croeidolite into "cat's eyes."' Gypsum
and hornblende are also made into tho same
gems. Tircons. which are cheap stones of
silicon and zireonia, have the color washed
out and are apparently diamonds until tested.
A thin s lice of diamond is laid over a topaz
so that the whole appears to be one gem.
Emeralds are easily imitated. Many stones
sold as rubies are onlj- red spinel, and much
of the lapis lazuli is only dyed chalcedony.
ew i oi k bun
More T?ian All the IJooks.
Littlo Red Ridinghood is still accosted by
the wolf in the pleasant spring woods, and
she is most fortunate if some good genius is
near to save her. Our school system is not
all complete when we have built a neat school
house and hired a teacher, of whom we ex-
nect all the cardinal virtues for 64 or go a
Wcek during two-thirds of the year. There is
-,, nj a science ot teaching which avail
X i.v ' i J luau i . im. w . . i x
because they not only put tools in tho child slip g l
l,.,.-.lo luif tlir.v rliroct him hnW to USB them. MJ I W i.
UOilUJ, fcMi. " '
and train him Low to use them to the best
purpose. Harper's Magazine.
Could Talk In Seven Languages.
Hostess (a very voluble woman) Yes. Mr.
J Oldboy, my daughter is just home from Vas-
6al-i and what do you tninK, sne can uu ui
seven languages :
mr. Oldboy (who lacks gallantry, but is
wavuDin truth) "What do I think? 1 think.
I my dear hiadam, that if she is like bermotber
at all, she won't find seven languages more
than she will need. Ihe fcpocn.
o. .. I.. , cf,.,fnr lmA hl.
ilin in several of the street railway stables id
Boston, and it ia eaid to be about one-half less
COStly. .
A 1 .ubWlA. t..
(irtcawo : if
Ciicro sin
.1 1 Jv it ( ; . .
metropolis t tli'- -!:LitJ.
1 '. . . ..-,.
lobulation :,. .!...;. ;;!,,!
Has one oi lin-!. ".-'.;;::.-
Streets are
A ttreet ra:.
(i riwles ot t !
iiji'.Ai o
i n o; .i-ra! i
mMll.i? i .wain
If T.. .
J las a lino
; I' .- :
r' jii-.
r t'v
.-! i
over 100 reside.
All Oj.era
Ts cln'a!:a i
plovs hands.
JJrick and '
I'Jati -men'. :
hands, turns
Tw da i y .
Sell nel laci
era Kel.raka.
Du 1'u or & :
Tin: jneat. '
this ioint I'ov t:
disbursing; to e!
( )iiO of the
limit of the city
Over 2.0IM-.
leu ias:-'M
K. C, IA. Joe
The che:i;
1 l:v
oil I'ui'i
ment of nianufa
To healthy.
rea.soiialde iiid;:
"While re:d
ahont then', an-'
chased at from
Mdssotirri 1 acd. .
The ahove
city, more
are earnestly re
ride to Son lii P..
purchased at fr
coin Avenues or
ter. Sou tli Par'.
i : i e
ra t,
: 31!
DEAi-tn ix Tin:
Choicest iteda 4
including our
Flcr de Pepper. -r r-c' t
full. i. op
nd 'Sua:
always in stock.
Fou Sale On vc
residence on the N.
11th streets. Said ;
iable tri.i.i
onicr of K! m
:.ity coii-i-f'.s
,;y and a
i block with a good
house of six rocin?. t--vo
one pantry; good v- :l ;
twenty s. .yen luai;; : .;
w;ir- roi rs
r.l city Wi
t:-.,. am!
abundance of small : .
Ileal estate ar.:'. .1 i
!). ii.-.i
with high arm iv.
sold on time. K
f. J. :
. : t x
'! 15' n;ch
"i f ' i ;'
s i p e
m r
F T- A
Cor. 12th an '
Sept. 12-Gm.
1 I mm a
- L -
Preservation f nn' ! et") a -cp,,-i y.
Ita.UJIuuu. n.....,, j . j
; ' . "
All -work -warranteX Prices reasonable.
W 0 fdi
information to
It is tin; "atowav
It is .-it u:.kl on
of the I'lnttr, at a joint about lialf
iiy rail from Lincoln 'jlhv capital, and
nqmHy mcivasi n
oi' V titer Works
in the State.
lied. :md 1 rinls voted lor
mmencr therein in the :
the purpose,
rip;; of 1
iiool hwildi:! and six ward school hoii.
i-trui-ird duiimr the vear IsST.
in-- fe-fory, eujiital 1:),00(. capacity
d - HO.! :";(, csp-jci ty l.(Mi') 1. :!,
rap; I a I
:'. j 'acii
io:ir. r- Li mm a i.
dean and oiie I )cmoeral ic.
"ii factory.
ry, employs iilteen hands,
,l i
!!:.:, e.
.d matdiiiu
lions, roiu
;d h..I!
t west
f t lie -Missouri
em ii!o
bo;d So.OU".
1 .1 T T
1 State:
1 1 1 '
o:iv(-ys its IVt-iuht trallie into mid
aitsmoutn uauv lor no
ml Ii,
M. U. M. in ;'el-r:tsk:i.
unil I'l.ittsm eatii :md i
:r:iess (,
,-ide, hut.
t only :i pleasant j!
e to i.
1' " 1
. ic-t-
;ie ei i !
l i
is s
I heir locution, an
corn s;,
L;iVv. ;n;j lirmer eacn nay. y.-'
!-ts c in be bought at from si
acre. "Within the next twciv
audi Southern Pail ways, into
ii i i : ! i
e- i'r j .(
wont exaggeration and the
i-pec'i .
. e inuicateu. i art a .-
nd m:i1-:ii nersonal investigate;::. AVhih
s 1 1 i ! 1 1 and desirable residence locality
each. This picturesque addition is aree
veet and may he reached in si ten minuti
" building up than any other part of
p k
K Of Q B
,J? JL.
H It
has a i ull a:-;
I) (j
a:d otiii:i: iii:AUn;"UL
CLOCKS :():' all
"WATCIIKS : !:..(
tiie-e ir,iVi.!i.aiits
o v. c il
Fre loii
All arc w:ut.' -ilMi.
CHAINS :- Jn till.-:- ii:
(jiiite. j-aili-' ai:-i cnl.--any
othor kiid. Al cr.;
locket?, rings, exi Ic" button.-
every tie :-.(:;; t
11 ViV
POrtlv PACKERS and dealeks ix I5UTTER AND EGGS.
Sugar Cured Keais, Hams. Eaeon, Lerd, c, &c
ot our own make. The host brnr.i"U of OYSTERS, in cans and bulk, &t
C3pj:"rs3 call 2
Capital Seeking Investment.
to llicjjricut S.utli Matte country
tin- Mis.-ouri River
:;t ll.e inotlth
way between Cbi
froin Omaha, the
lortj minutes
of const ructmo; r-ewetngo
- cs. Aside lroiu husines? hous:8
J J( ),(()() cans
i i r vear and oni-
m-dovs thirty hand:
' ' T 1 1:
'.M cai:
1 .
i he t rade ot soiitliWCbt-
a I e
y i no- ii '
,1 ,
liiiii! m os i nam!
.M i:-S (! I I
iver at me
throti. - h our
the C. P. &. Q.;
i ari
arkels tocth"r v. 1th
toi the e.stablir-h
i tt -! now t n
nothing- v
would doubt less mal-ce
m ( u!:.t i e i.r lict it ions
1 1 the oil y can he TTlir-
r city i xpect s
I:e iature ;r
iuve-1 leen
,' re you will
to welcome the
pcrity f our
; iu Mealty
e ijven a iree
' i
i tie.
hie !
cii'. w .ere lol.s Jni oe
by (ither ('hicao or
; from the husi ness n
( .'on e:-;-oi:lci:ce toi i itcd.
the : t ;
A i cjbav w mm. V m w-m totsw mm
Jt v. y
vV U- 'V. -V V.;.-
. .i .-1 r
i.-iis, nr.-i-a 0-:;
need in., coniiiicni.iation.
HI' '.'
i .: i 1!.- : i :(i, j i . j k (.1
li e te:;;xt uvl-;.-
ctu.i ins,
. ce.-.
v.. .. X
J. W. AI A UTH 13.
. cr