The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 26, 1887, Image 3

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ING a;:t of listening.
I ntp.n I :;. of Dry filler- A llitlh TnT lu
livery iluu -flit. 1.1 I'ltrlur Tin lle Herb
ini'i;:ii i Mt-iiii't i;i iijiM-t :sm for
Tlr.iin Woi I. !. iluiin lu-lil Hints.
Hoi. H- of !! in'.!, popular wkiumi have
i'l.-;:i: r. uk nor v. oalih to roe. .miii-ml
1 ' !'--ri ; I. Ij'ii.a n sii-!i invij I heir po-.if ion
ii t!i'- I .i ' of l!iir friends chii-Hy to the
!' I'i .i. Wi re l!n ino-t ehiii'iin g tit
b !:. y'- i the oilier haul, how i:i:!!iy
Wo -,. I ;.. ,' . n; V. J.i 1 ! :.-! 1 : 1 MeSS m.d hllppi-
!! ic 1 liy their i .;i!o:-:tiu.n of this
ic. -:.:;.r .A.
I .' '. 11-. ;: '. . . i!hv-,f i-.- ! ion of our meaning.
AVin ii- '. I yon i:t t n kivh-Iit, brighter,
l, i'ii-.-. . .on:-"; uifotbau ( rir--f As
..::"'. j r by the l-ro i-le
." ' '" iinii. r i !:.! ue!ch s h. r gra-efnl head
i n-b.ig ..m- hi r b- ho may v.cll 1 el
I of I'i-. '"1 Mr I. Willi ii. .s hi I be city
t"'l i y," l.i--..! i'l ir -. 'i'. iy. "Did you, dcirf
! I ; --.-.l rie",; n.i Iroia In r novel.
i! mv.s t'.iliil t!..-.t ho'1.0 of
I;;.-!. !. ivi.ii' I -- I'm vi ry thil);c f..r u-:.
'I ! .'T ;i i'i - - i nun i !.ii "li'-ii ':i ;'i'i iitrnl Moor,
;." I :i .:' i p;i -.l!i!"i." ''. I .slri;,
'' ; ": i i "i ; !i" r. u : ! I!'".i-." -i-jk
J .!' i'i ii :"."i ,ii : t-i-l" i-.-i oil I !io J .i;-;'-. 'l y .".! i t.. -Ali.-a I'm :,'.;.'," wys
';:!. -i: l . . .. i'l-..- !..'. "Il yo.lM rat In r
1 rl.'ir.'II "l-ia i vvouii! lot r.-.UT
r- .. It- I !!, .'i'i h.-r l'..-ok
r.:, i !l .' ;i .'-1 !! ii , I i r i vi-. on l.i-r !.u.:!.:nl
.-. , 1: a v. i I ,.: !.i' i' I fi ir . .f - rof. .mid inti i . ;t.
:.!'. ;.!. I " . !i r l"n r in 1 !;. ';., vl ii-u
J ii . !i"l '!' i - . i i ' : .: .i . -i ni''!tisi iis;
ill!-1 ' !y ii j ! -1.,), : !in;c a tfii!- lsurt-,
. . !: i; ;;iii.'' ovi-rto liavo a h.::!ol.(i
v. i. ii .; .1-
i' : : I you .'"nl ii Ix-ttiT s:( :r tli.tii
'i :i-;-:'!. K! !:.'.'iv.r II. ( i. .;i!"sti jif-
l'-i'r; ..( I. it 'r.'ii'C 'I'!.", .jil.iiu -; v.i.h I'm
I ,-i u'.-.' !'... ;.:i. ii'-- : l-'Vi'S al'.v.'iy.s in
ii ii-; I-.- . . I.: . c -t :ii'. .i.s 1 rusln -l; n.r is
1..-.V.T. .- I t t!." I :):::!;;.! i-..:i of ,;;t-
i .-.!;.; iiii.I li:..iii. i'n hit..- 1 1 uit
i. !:!: a Ii-:' I I.'-' ii'' -' Ill o.N- n . j oiily
i'.;. . - ....... ;i ...;!. ,,i (!ii i.!--il s;s!'-r.
'Wo! I I : ! ; " !.: I'l r. i'l :..i-lh!!i;t aloud
I-) viiu" : . ! ihw, i-oi:.i::,; into 1 1
r .-. ' : i : . . I . il:" !:i'.- h'.ililii-
I.! ; v. "il ; . ... 'I i-.T. .;': t ;.-i .1 t'n? new
i'!-:il .!!.;' 'i ;. .Vi:ai" '.villi it'.y mi iilc u! k -ut
tii- vow.-l : i.i ;;..iis':rit, i.i it.' "i)i-
il,;'. i v' M.i.'.ir:. 'i'i;;is :i:,i7i!r.ij;-.l ho
i '!'. s t i i'. :. ";.' v.cril i. j ihio
v.. t -: o ,!y j.i' iv-rs ii . I'i'".- 'illy ho is
i",-, m .hi u !-v . i, ''invv.t i'l soamL IIo
v ii-. .. ;:i I- t: ' 1 1." i.;-.Ji: sylliiMos:
:-;::a- , ;.., i.ait t ..-. t'..: -t
ii. -i j1 fr ii-! i .: '.:!:: n l;if!i iii-y," 'i" siv;-.-.
-: .!, v.-'-' . ."..-.rt!.-! );ri :'., t i t!i:.t,
t i i 1 1 i i r.i " :. i.- : i-.;;:! -ir .'.!!. is iist-.,;'.-;
nil i' .-. ;.!!' o'lj-iyi'i;; it iia
i:v. ' y. re;,' ii i:!:u.-'.ir. i.s gf.-no.
ri : ;. i. i i ;i'l;';::-a!'i" v. oaiau; why ilics
si"- nor I' v.
1 ; 1 Mit l"ii .i;'''" to ji;i -s a few il.iys
i i :t i--. : -.'!. i'v '' ". ' t' i:nf! th" li i:n'i-'j of the
ci i. I n .)'', vi ' i i i oi ic " "i;!'.:'.i i f ;n inc. The
li-'.v i'i-i';ty, iaL-IIi;rcnt, ;:--oo:u-
i I; .' o-i: ' ' ; ; ; L:iy i-or,-7i-"l ul.i'.i' i 'J'oaicili
l !i" r:.'i-r; ". '
syo'.ii t- i-i ;
hi-i-'i-, he '
v. :. I. '"ii.-
faif 1 '
1 ut - i a.v- :
I v! ;::-" -. a
II iv- o,' 1 "I- (
; a" t "- I oi a
v.;i i :-M !, 1
i .!:;.-.
;r- '!- '
hat i Ii!:!-
of !a:;!:i:: :i i
r vj .1 ha v ;
liv r Ton: ! '
,i v..:s iri;vai! ;. i.'.ii i
: !:i i-i:i ;!r;ii. :f hi.j fail; re
! 'i-iiiy, "V.'ait a l.iV I
.' .i.:y 1 tli "..-i!it h. r olevrr.
I f.,::.. ! lid- not rh'vii-i :;;.i tly,
;:: i;; )iy the iifili I
rtiiy '.wwry of the i!?iiv:--in;j
."..::;::-t"i fhatlor. VTi.e;i. f.t
I h.':(i-a th.- v.v.ldi;)- ilay
-.i.i lavi-if s:i,-;hii;t ilivo!u:i
. a -Ir iii'.n ia th"7- have oi'.i'ii
;.) .".ail stay ut t'io 1 1' mki't ii'.-,
. in. illy '.. !;;iv tin opportunity
; vi x SL'if. ami for thi:-; rca
. .vays i-.-i'u-:-:l the invitation.
' 'ai.ii.oi s" Jounial.
5);'.i';:T of D iiiip (-!l:;r:;.
Y!i- i:a; : ''o : f 1 '.via:; (''-y i-l!ars can-n-'i
l o t" ' !!-'. I li::..!i tho pooplo.
,'x ivi-ca.' v -.1 at :.:'iU-tt"l!y ut
I'll-:-v.:.:i i .v.r l'.-.' ;viii:'. i'a., where fivo
j;, i. -M-f I '.' : nn'ty w..-o i'l with a. tyjihoid
Ii ...: 1 If. h.: 1 ::i:-;. ria'iia i-i.'Vi-.K-.::-;
jii.ii. u'i .:"..i'.':iv, iv 1 i.i'"Oi-. ::.!.'. iina
ti:a i fti::- ;. !r.:.i tii.; lri:i:it:g v.uiv'r
j;:.::' vr ' I. '"'! rcr i-.-i've 1 hy o.volii ic-a to
t '.: i-!' : I-.-. t taut th" I'li-kat" s in tiii.; cas-o
v.-;t ; c:..- I ! -.- u ila'::;- criiar. A t:-i axii froia
iv ui r!..l aiai ksvl llio locality ;na-,shy
? 1 ti:o coil-ir v.oL T-. ')V:.ito tiiij a '!:-:Ua
L-i.I I r '. i' ' : ;: t a iiciiihor-
in cr.vk. 'i.i"il::.i-' i '-'l bctiu Ltapi-".!. ;uul
i;i !.: i.'K'hi "-. of .'a' . i- iia.l avciiaiaiaivl in th?
il '. i t'r.i fa ?', !:i:- A-:i that ilrnamite wa.;
in t .-"a.- t" y w -:M :i-.i. havo fl-yi f ?..-;
i v.;:.: iv::v v -.1. i.-ii vii ti l"ai.; i'iioas
1 v.. i !,.", :': 1 : -y atutvt.i s! -;t .):.-
t. .:- .' .. ; :' ! t : ..-":-!,.'t : i 1. ! . f 11,
vva.: I v.:-a iii ail; I .1;. 1. Th ;i. si2sp.".'U!i;r tiio
i'a ' v'. i'. ih-;i.i v.-.: ; ( io-.:: ! oat, hut
is t . t'i" .-.-aL to doi:-, t!'.
f.-:--:.v- w.f i-.:. "t."., att-l a".! of iho ciiii.hva
h.v! u:-' . ' I !. i-. t:- V-rwc.l
n-:-l ... ! I : i : v". i "::! 1 1:-: I-- l-i-v-..t
. i ..v ':.' . : : :.vt ;ht s'-aa
-a. . '.-h 't T ' :! I ii.a ;:.'.'. hat iho
1 ' ' ' a
..l-. -. .:.ivl. ilii.i' iinVlli
a-i i'.'a-. Ai::: .liff iiy.i. -ia.
i:i ittr'nf Tact ii'?:.
r.!'-';i i ; ti." .'.lor j.:.-i
r t ' . . !: v.; . -i iaii.:.
V!:-!" - a :
l:-.- o :
r. ii.a: i v .
ft-:-i IV-...: ! :.. ; .".;tv
'..j.K-t of i'l-.crc.fc
h.-v,-:: I ih- a
!. . .. . v -a
a '-. ( i i i a rsa, as a'f:u
xi- .1 1: !."-p cr:!vr
i- 1:.. ;' v c :!: v:-. vv.;i ara i i th-5
- t of : vr h wi'.ii t'a- carl; you
):;, :: .1 . "o . t !:;' :iv iviiacvil !
; : i"i. t i ..o v. ; i (;; r.a lav o:u:
t : . .'. .- . -- T i.-- : i- ---- --
1. ; " ';. .J---' ''"uiiy i'l-'-i. ' .:. pis
r;; a- ; i a-a :'"y n-T.:' V l.' a s'-.? ;--i!-::t ;.
t .!.' ' :'.!:! : : is " i" i"y ia a!!- w
: i'a- vy a:'.itvo-i tv X WA
- c a--:.-. . i'-.-.X'::t,
! .-?.. 1 it;- a .-i'h ; ii.' I'r. t.i tf
..... .. i
C . v'l- l.'.i:
i:a. :ia. ::a-"" ; ;' i-i" !-.-"'i' ' . u ji
I.:-.-:; of i . .".1 j-ppr. a.'a::- .'..' Tho lata
.; t v.: . a v p'v.ry, to La a i-tlio t,M
f. -::- f k r.
sea:-..-: j;:; I si i
n: 1 - to '-'." i
" . ..... - e
i - rio'. .-.a . .
" I, .- a 1 Views of lo.v:;.-5
: i-a.-r tiaa " aiv ;:'! ; o
apvti :: f siiiiy iavsua!ij.
i : a a. r. . .:t to tho visitors
h -t t--.p: - f ':ivt:xiuna invrv luvlit
! r.fal it;. i .' tiaj ii. an the stats of the
Wi ativ r i r il..- iia-i ry of th'? kitchen. ritts-Li.:-
Pi-Tat h. .
Tri lls pa CIrl of I'oitrtocn.
Tiif.a: p-'" ': -"--, I. a nearly I- 1 1 clieveif
I v.w t- t 'ir .-ay 1 vaycr si v.ouhl rim Etc
:ra:-v. Iii v -..- houir::y, like faa affi i rys.
(I i i.:-t 1 ilk ' i 'V: Lotrer than piri-:.) lain
cail- i "Tii a li Jy fit l.oa.. ;n:.l tkiak tlx
ii..;a.' : .-; ::.. Ot.i? of lay reat trial; is
tliis: If I ,' ' t- c-Ihabins on the ciJckcii
Cfv.-v, a-.paaa.i .fyVVutswi, 'at toi ca -hani.' 1;
apreat l'.v ear--i.l iyh i. taiakhij; about
Ixuus, to 5.' iiiial'in.4 aL- v.t like a boy."
Then, uvpaa, if t v.aik hoiao froia town with
ahoy, Eiamtiia bays, "Yo.i !.l lie lti-ycar-t'la
chii 1, nut qtut j-.layiiij viili dc.l!, to go fly
ing aroL't'tl wiUi a Loy." I huUs 14, becausp
it is nVitit llif i no a pirl logins t
wr U into i-lnci two .izci t' a
wear h-r p.loviM anil ln.inii-t iii tUtorn
unit if a fiv-':li' r.'t ui hff faco hho
hor ia th" worM ii iliil pot thi-ro.
trial i. tin'-.: Jf you tiro hi comjiunj..
aiiythinp funny happens, yuur nf'tV
ji fiuhiy o't a i iii Kay-,"J oiit open your uioaV
ho wiilo v. h'-.a yoa l.i i-l i in., of enjoyiq
'H ti
u ko'hI iHMi iy oi o. n ii:i r" is iinyuiin
hut? it n ha'M-i, I .u i ict :-i ami gloves
sipioi'.i'ii- yo:.r nioiifii up to laugh. M
liat si'll in ( 'ourii-r-Journal.
Slrivii:-; )u.- willi A not lif r.
Then: : ro mot hi i s who rani!' t sih! tho
of Hjioit', tiu-l who ralluT ii.-ul fault with
1 tii.ii- hoy ; fur iavi -1 ia.; so much if th'-ir
time aii'l i-li rt in tle-m. An uii'li-r'taui-iag
of the iii"."!in;7 of t!:o !'iy iiiipuiso will s;ivo
some mi aopn h--nsioii. ll..y- ialn-rit un ia
:.ti:i"tive ih: ion to strivo t'f ne'iieve
soun-thiii anil to indulge ia eoule.-t. for the
lake of ii::e t'-ry. Their maseuline forefathers
for as have l"-n il invt thi.ii 1 1 heir Htrii;;lo
for .-: i-.l 'in-", i:.'ni their ih .;ei-i:ila:its of Iho
.vii:i') si-x have mi inhoin impul.if to pusv-uo
similar act iviiii-s, even Ix fore they are oM
enough to mi.!'" thiu of nuy practical pml
ia it ihiy of civiliatio-i, wh--a the uvailahility
of one's; el'i'oi ts is ili l.-iye.l to it later n;0 than
il is in a inoiv primitive;.jo of life. A hoy
is not fully ami truly ;i hoy utile.::; ho sliov.s
a pooil iimoiiiit of ttii; impulse. It. v.a.i
mil lire's pift. to him, an 1 i s use is not only a
;.'.-;'liiie;it:'in, I. ui. i! has a training v'.Tu t ia
titling him for th ) strifo of lito in aoh. r
i -a most. What impractical, cluni.-;y hoys
thv-r.: am lik-ly to he who never habitually
p'-iyeil with their fellows, ami who laver
worked hard to excel tu'.ii ot!:er at jHa ts.
!!! lloii-ekit piir.
! 1
Ilosion's Ilaiian Horsewomen.
I'.'isloa hiis hhowii "f Ii-t woman
::re not. bi hi'id the m -n in their enthusiasm
for out. of door pleasures, and it is n;xr'e:..olo
to note how much, beiiolit as well as p;"auh:e
isaro hoalos ia
I he
1!ii ;
1 loverly lam's
fall. J'.ome of
the 'ii-
.t from Iho
MieKt ridiav
ipl 1 t
; was
ccf 111
bv the villi!
maii-oias. iVaiiess, j;ra
ais-l diirinK sire l!ies. lino riders, aal, consid-,-ri!t;c
h"v little i-h--.ii.-o t'ao New England
i hiiiate pives thorn, it is a!to;;i.t her surprising
that they ride so weil. Ttio sparkle in the,
eve, the kIow of health ia the c!ie' k, both
l.e.;peak tho value of Iho graceful and health
ful exercise. The excitement, of jumping
pctare bars and fences oaly leads an ivMpiI
zest to the fun. IS'o mora baooiuhis coiitumo
is known ia these days in v. hi -h to i:et oi? the
'ra.'O aad r r'emoiit. of feiaiamo tHiamj
ii.aii the i Idin- habit, ati a vrr-pder it is that
more beautiful wotniin a.-o not puiato;l in it.
Oar aimts and p;r; i -h.-of hi i s remember tho
timo whea it was every hac-ic-ty lady's ambi
tion to he j -aiali d ia tho ra-ef'.il uttitudo of
plavin a tho harp. Why not now tho
irir aiie portrait: i. ox con i ot.u
A V,
itii Ti.! In livery Ilnast hold.
a; uee;!s a bath at i imes, and every
human ha!
f.r a con
siaco con .
l;t -i.m;ii:v
si vol y si.iv
a'aoa slioul'l ooiiTam KomoLiiin
lei a imraer-ioa in water, and,
i at and eiii -ici.t jiortablo baths,
vi 'y low liares, are now cxtcu-;.-,.
I for :;a!o, t!i. ro is little cx
u p -ople to ha without ibis priee
! tho Iou;j eatah'-.-iie of diseases
a i ; I v. ir, says a well known Troy
..i- elv one can ba named m the'.cii a bath is navies.
'. s .d with yood health, a bath.
ouv for r:e i.
less bene sit. !
to whicl; it. .
physicia a s -.
treat men u or
To tho-," IV
as comir. "a si
jyxo.vth to h
and deli'.'hti'i
i appliance, psves lame nnu
il.liy faaetion::, a brightiios-is
m r.-nity, a oi-.-ariw' of mind
(.i-.l buoy.ri'.-y of s-pirit. It is covtamly a
bh'.-siu to both aiia! loivl body. For the
menta.i w; rk -.', 't ii a riervo ionic. A thor-or.-,'h
application of water of proper teniiier
ann v.-i'i! ci:!;n and t:;tv. t?lrcn:itii and tone
to his v.! iiysitai. Tho indoor laborer,
who KeUbufc a scanty supply of fresh air,
needs a bath to oat lia th s skin invigoraiiiia
olaments oi t'ao opea air. lltrald of Healih.
Ladk-s' Itcailiaif Cliths.
The forming of ro".'.Hii:c ehii.s ia social cir
cles is li.-eotr.itis very poialr the country
th:.r.;ih. A lady traveiLni; recently in soino
of tho interior i-jwus ia "Massachusetts foaad
thorn in every community, :i::d not infre
(pKi.tlythrLO or four in the saute
Ti:e meiiibcifihij) varies from ten to tve.uty
t'.ve, the lesser number bei'iy; the more often
oh.i'-rveil. The halies form ihoir club, select
their books, and each one t-Ucribes for some
pood periodical, w hich is sent to her uddreso.
Ijf course, uo two of the members subscribe
for the same jieriodieal; thu i. each ouo may
read her own f.r.-vt, ami p;vss it on in sysioai
aiia t r ier. The club by this means is able,
. eomnaiT'ive'v small outlay, to becaui'j
fa:. i bar vvitn taa coraif.irs ut an lao ucs. tai
rrrt publications. At t'ao end of the sea?on
the ciiib liolas an atictiou, euabiiuy; the n o:u
be.s to retain what i.s worth j reserviiifr, aii.l
the remainder of tho I erlodieals and books
are sold. rilavyazine of Aiucriean History.
Oao cf the fjreat
day is the iiaucity
tt I'"asiit.:.
iuis..t?:e3 of the prc:ieut
of uudeticiotliinjj that
women of fi
sr.-. i.--. of ma
pet: k-oats of
asv:s muuipii m; it is i iyin;i t'ie
v ili-ies:v::. Some have loiVe:l
mv kind, and are content With
ion-s ami ore-: It is r.eiilier seeui-
1;,- nor ti'.y-d lor Iiealilu Itumiiiip; into ex
tresues v.oald feeni to be a characteristic of
womankind. ;-o::ie years ago they wore
overweighted with clothing, which, eomhi"
mo.iiy frosn the hips, was in every vay
.leleti riot;.-. Now they run so much into the
contrary c::ti' in'? that, uiiie.-s the folly is
siippi-d ia. the bud, diseases of the luui"s,
rhi um-itistn and .a lony; train of evils will run
rampant. The ilL-cipit s f v. colon t lothinj;
would noiiiiair else worn; but sossw
il t ire iie vc.-.ts liave leeu brought out ia
d v.h'rli are tp.iiteworlii talukin; about.
..eii's Tamil v ilavrazine.
1 1
l'leiity of Hot "Water.
One of the most important and most ne
glected pr.rts of the kitchen tluties is tho
k.-aping p tent of hot water en the st-ove.
Ves-y low cooks can be taught to replonioh a
kettle as s- .aii as it is emptied. The old lady
who. v. h.. a dying end ahn-.i. t speechkv-s,
btvkoaed her dair-htor to bond over her to
receive bar final mes-a;rcs, end murmured
with her hi.-t breath, "Always keep tho
kettle full of hoi water." is no subject
for ridicule to housewives. luost of them
have bttn in extremities where her coursa
seemed to tla ia t ntirei v natural. To be ia a
hurry f r i
eupiiu ii am
i ertain dioh
a tax upon t'l
I.':.:.lli:g th
water that
liee;Ie;l i" r ;.
keti'e dry. is
hard to n-.- t.
never be pi i
only to find tho
1 at ience that is
I the kettle must
-1 on the stove unless filled,
and e:tat:.':.a;ion into tho matter on every
visit to the kitchen, are the only remedies
for the.-o.:'oie. Christine Terhuno Ilcrriek
i i IIariei 's liazar.
To r. I ai;e Herb Viuejrars.
The cheapest heme made table sauces can
made from the sweet herbs used for seasoning
meats and v"Oiiltry, cim.bined with vinegar.
Either the green or dried lierbs may be used,
r.hh.ouh they are bert jiir.-t le-fore flowering;
l:e suro that re du-'t or insects are upon tho
herbs, cove r a bunch with a quart of scalding
hot vinegar, and l.-t it remain on them uutii
it becomes impregnated with their flavor;
then strain off tho vinegar to use at table and
rcplaeo it with rr.ore; ono bunch of gooJ
lierbs will llavor three or four quart of viuo
Kar. Tho le:it ki'o.vii horljn are sage, thyme,
savory, sweet liiarjoram, mint, celery, tarra
gon and parsley; take tarragon, for iu:tanio,
which caji Iki l night at the Ocrnan htrb
Etaiids for live cents u bunch and w hich inakea
a:i !xctlleut table haucu Juliet (Jorsou in
(Jood Housekeeping.
lillfliK-tte of I lie N:tikln.
A napkin should never be put on the table a
second lime until it has lui-n rewushed ; there
fore napkin rings should lie abandoned or re
legated to the nursery tea table.
A' n fashionable meal the puest does not
fold his napkin. At n s-ial tea or breakbe.t
hoinnydoso if the ho.-itoss sot the example,
bat there is no absolute law governing that
I'ruiich jf the irabji ct.
Never fasten your napkin around your
jiit k ; lay it a.-ross jour kneo convenient to
tho hand and lift one corner only to wipe tan
mouth. Men who wear a mustache aro per
mitted to "saw"' the re.oulh with tho napkin,
as if it were u bearing rein, but for ladies this
would look tio masculine. Nothing is more
unpleasant than a damp napkin. Never al
low a napkin to be placed on your table until
it has been well aired. 'Manners and Social
oii! for Iti-ai:. ','oih-rs.
e.'tcelli-nt ;o;:p for the braiti workers
: ori -in in ( h-.-iuaii v. It is esteemed as
a : i!
if l he most niitiitio:! and appetis'.iug
: iflo'.VH to th" (iermaii f,otiri!let. l'ut
a :.ev j.;ia i'.ivh'u onions, one. turnip
i hea l of cabl.-a-'i- a iu:irter of ii pouyd
ml i
bntt.-r an 1 a ipi;i ri. of white stock; ste.v
1 t ialr. Add am.t !:"r quart of stock, pulp
i- v..-;.-;"i abl. s aad hoi I wiia the wiup for
if hour, s'irria r c-.msiaistlv. Jastbeioie
:v rv iug sir ia belt' p'nt i f boiling cream
and about twenty button onions, picKe-d and
boiled i-oft in milk and water. Seasoii with
salt and thicken, if desire 1, with rice Hour
v.oi ke'l wish butter, i'iie ii of the-so ingredi
ents may be raiike'd higti as brain Iood. New
York l'oot.
Not liy 1 ).-. :-r..
The idea obtains that woman's tlres3 is a
true exponent of her tastrs. Pon't lielieve
tho assertion ; there isn't an atom of truth in
it. Tiio f reat majority of women all over our
land dre-.-s as they can, not as they woald, and
when we eo tho blood curdling combinations
in their clothing, so often met with, it is uu
j'ust to accuse them of d"fyiag tho laws of
tar-to through ignorance or pure iudi'Torenco.
I.Ioncy is an important factor in getting up a
wardrobe perfectly harmonious in color srud
fabric i.i all its details, and it will be found
that economy or poverty is generally at tho
bottom of tho matter when a woman in clad
unbecomingly. Garry Gaines in Tho
"No Such Tliiajj as a Terfect Man.
It takes much grafting, and pruning, and
watering, and training, and digging, and
tender care, to produce tho perfect plant.
And it takes all this, and more, to produce
tho comparatively perfect woman. As to the
jierfect man thero aro none of him. All tho
caro in the world, all the money on tho earth,
all tho water in the saa, would not produca
e ven a dim likeness of that unknown crea
ture. Tho word perfect in all its forms and
derivations has been omitted from tho fairly
bright lexicon of man. "A "Woman" iii San
Francisco ReDort.
Uoiiiiig Milk for Children.
"While, milk is kept en ice, in the milkman's
cau or in tho domestic refrigerator, it is con
tinually receiving the germs, becoming more
and more infected with the germs of tlecoiii
pooltion. The practical lesson from all this
is the necessity of boiling milk or other arti
lieial food fer children shortly before it is
given as nous'ishniosst. This cannot be too
strongly impressed upon the minds of all
concerned in tho welfare of children, and tho
younger the child tho greater the importance
cf observing tho rule. Globe-Democrat.
A Itemedy for Tender Feet.
Sly remedy for tender feet is cold water
about two quarts two tabiespooufuls of am
monia, one tablespoouful ef bay rum. Sit
with tho feet immersed for ten minutes,
gently throwing the water over tho limbs
upwai'd to tho knee. Then rub dry with a
era -h towel, and all tho tired feeling is gone.
This rceiyo is gotd for a spongo Latli alo.
ilyra Douglass in Detroit Free Press.
A polish for delicate cabinet work can be
made as follows: Half a pint linseed oil, half
pint of old ale, tho whito cf an egg, one
ounce spirits of wine, ono spirits of
salts. Shako well baforo using. A little to
be applied to iho face of a soft linen pad1, and
lightly rubbed for a minute over tho article
to bo polished.
Spirits of camphor will remove fruit ctains
of all kinds from white goodj if applied be
fore the goods have been v.'ct. Wash, anil
boil in the usual manner, and you need
not look for the stain, for it will not be
A faded carpet ".'. ill get a somewhat new
luster by palling a half tumbler of spirits of
turp; : tine in a Lasi a of water and keeping
the broeuu wet with it while sweeping.
Ia Luj-ing a washing machine, alwaj's take
inte account the strength of the person who
is to use it. Some machines cause more fa
tigue than the old way of rubbing.
Don't grease a creaking hinge and stick it
up with a remedy that is worse than tho evil,
but put a little graphite or soft lead pencil
on the place of friction.
"Meat and mirth,' remarked a Scotch
matron, "is a' bairn's want till the' are
turned seven."' Sho ii a wise woman in her
To remove grease from garments, dissolve
a tablespootii'ul of salt in four tablespoonfuls
of alcohol, shake well and apply with a
Lime water is gixid for chilblains. Use
strong and hoi. A saturated solution of alum
in water, used hot, is also a curative.
For coffee stains trj" putting thick
ino on tho wrong side and washing
with lukewarm water.
it out
Iron rust comes off with lemon juice and
salt, and the same kind of juice will remove
stains from the hands.
, Rub new tins all over with lard and heat
through before using Crst time and they will
not rust.
To clean tinware, dampen a cloth, dip it in
scda, rub the ware briskly, after which wipe
"Why leave stains on cups and saucers and
other elbvhcs when ashes will remove them?
To clean piano keys, rub them with a little
alcohol, applied with a soft rag.
Matches should alwaj-s be kept in a stone
or earthen jar, or in tin.
One hand in the dough ia wortn two feet
in the dance.
Life of u Woman of the M'orkini; Clair.
Toiling in I lie I irltl Work llli.i k. iuxl
Ktuiiii f l'iii;-r That Art. N-vi-r
The Irish woman of the m it and work
ing classi-s is in every truth nii.-.tress of her
homo. Thiit homo may .be but a half clean
scratching on mother earth walled in wit!:
stone ami roofed Willi si raw or, but
there she- is que -i. She ia 1 he .-.pial of In r
hu-l aud, slaves with him, but is not his slave.
She kc .-ps tho 11101:03' and dmi; the ruling,
and iwlisi her man drinks is as f ;:I Jy mist rev,
of h'-r home, her obi!. Iron, of her goings and
coalings, as 11:13' American wife ali ve. Sh" is
not tii I3'. A long hi ritago of povt rt3', hard
work, urid r living on bare Honrs, with
multitudes of ohiiiin n, with 110 kindly teach
ings, no gentry class of jiarisli visitors and pa
trons to encourage tidiness, she does not
know ho'.v to make the !c:'t of her second or
third hand clothes, of hi r dirt floor. In r black
porridge it, of her own sturdy jH-rson.
A I-laU-KTf.'.I. TOM. Hi;.
Vol, she is never idle. She tt.iis in 1 ho held.
She goes down to the S'-ashoro and cats sea
weed, for u hioh privilege she must pa-h r
landlord so much added on to the rent. Sao
carries this home in a basket tdaiost as big as
ii barrel. She digs polatii x, I kids i.p the
wheat, or outs, or hay, and piles turf to dry.
if their small farm is up in the mountains
she . ft.-!! ii seemis to the valley and bring ;
11 basket fuis back load:: of cart h to scat
ter over the thin, unferti'o sail on t!:e rocks,
so 1 hat 1 hey may plan! cabbages or potatoes
upon tl'.i ui. She does this silently, cheer
fully, Willi her husband a? hi r side. A dre-x
once in six or seven -er, rs is all she will have
v. h. 'ii she goes into town with her pig to the
fair, her loud of turf, or her lirkin of butter.
Ih-rwork blaekened stumps t.i lingers are
never idle, for she knits, knit-;, knits all the
while on stockings and socks to sell at the
Eiioj;.-:, and so add by a six penny bit or a throe
penny bit to the sI'T.der hoarding of nioia y
kept warm in h. r bosom fi r i he rent.
If there is 110 turf on her little farm he
fuel must bo bought from tome hog ova:
near or from the town. Often she will il
tho week's churning from th" cow for six
pence or uineK-nee. I.'leanl' in h'-r 1 v ;:
person, putting to sham" th" t !. op woi ie; 1 m ,i
lilioi-.girls in her nearest town, it is a:;;: .:i: y
thai she still lives in an untidy horn". ; '! . ;
suierstitio!!s, dei religion.--, and h .1
she and her husband, but for one t'-ing, :.:.
that is to save enough money to seiei i : -- ...
their strong young sons i r daughtvio oh to
America. It has been said, arid is .v y
true, that in all Ireland thi ro i- not a j a .r
family such as thc:-;e 1 have written of who
has not somo one oir in America who occa
sionally helps them on by sending home v.
little money.
Often in our lonesome walk.-, through this
beautiful, picturesque, but lonesoaio country,
we see eld women following over fields where
the cattle feed, with big sacks on their backs,
picking up clods of manure, which they v. ill
take homo and dry for fuel. AVe travel miles
over this country, through small hamletsaud
villages and around small farms, whore fam
ilies live in the conditions of this average
peasant woman. In the west of Ireland and
southwest tho income of a farmer and his
wife, on their little patchin' of land, will,
from all sources, not exceed .(.'."iU, orft-'aOof our
money. The rent and the poor rates deducted
from this leaves but little indeed upon which
to clothe and feed eight or ten or more human
beings. That they keep light hearted under
1 struggles, and smile at you if you smile
at them that they sf
enough to send tho "
ug" ie on and even save
-ye" or
the girl oil' to
America is a miracle of patient thrift and
perseverance I shall never understand.
If their landlord or landlady conies their
way it is painful to watch their behavior.
They do not begin at him or her about the
drain, or the sewer, or tho well, or tho chim
ney for they have none of these' I-liaul I
have walked through a s ttlement or village
of thatched cottages with not a i;ia;:le chim
ney on the whole thirt" houses but they
draw up on one side and almost go down on
their knees, with bobbing and I owing, and
pulling their forelocks, '-Gad blessing" her
ladyship for nothings, and kissing her hand if
the- get j. chance, bumble, reverential end
polite. Did traditions- make thesn do this;
oid traditions and new experiences.' Catha
rine Cole in New Grit-tins i'lcaun-e.
Albert I-lilwani's "Private Study.
Perhaps of all tho clews that Sandringham
a-1 ords to a real insight into tho prince's 1 har
acter, that furnished by hi.; private si.: ly i.3
the best. The roosn is the smallest cf the
suite, and is lit by a single but large window.
The woodwork is all 01 light oak, and tho
walls and coiling 01 a neutral tint. It is
essential!' the haunt of a man. There are 110
hangings, no 1
of lair lingers.
ie-a-hrc ., no dainty devices
no iai't rugs, even on the
iusines," wu s written in in-
oaken fleor. "Huskies
visible characters ttll
over the ai.iirtment.
The principal piece of funilture was a solid.
square, oaken desk, upon which, all ready
laid to his hand, were the paper and envt h -p-es
the prince uses. There arc no books ia the
room, but a set of shelves kolas all conveni
ences fir smoking. Un ike walls hang a
variety of sketches. A telephone has be-on
pui in by the window. Il c onnccts with
Marlborough house, i i I. ::don. and is re
garde:! bv the servants with a n.i.itureof fear
and supcrstiliem. i'ail ilail G:
1 e".
A Wonderful xTeiuory.
The handsome colored man who attends
the door of the dining room at the Palmer
Lou--e possea-es the lvni-.rkalila faculty of
never losing a hat intrusted to hi ; charge.
Sometimes :i.KJ or -tol) im-ri .lir.e at once in the
big room. The racks will i.-e piled, thickly
with hats, yet each man, as he emerges, iinds
tho pc-lite servitor dusting oir his proper tile
ami no othev. A be t wax made the ouierday
by two drummers that they couhl confuse
him. They put private marks on their hats,
which were precisely alike in :ityle, color and
sine. "When they rose from dinner their hata
were handed to them with a Chcsteriioldian
lxw. "How do "ou manage itf he was
aiked. '"I dunno. I jes' kinder sees eacii
genunan's head in his hat." Then he smiled
a iride sadly, as though tho sword were too
sharp for its scabbard. Chicago News.
Adulterating Recr.
London saloon kcoiiers have adopted a most
ingenious contrivance for adulterating beer
at a minimum risk of detection. An ap
paratus is uixid which comie-cts the pump
with a barrel of sugar and water, as well as
the beer barrel, thus enabling the bai"tender
to dilute the leer at will, while at the same
time the original cask remains untouched,
and adulteration inside-tors can always bo
furnished with a sample of pure Leer or ale.
Chicago Times.
Before using new eai"thenware place in a
boiler with cold water, and heat gradually
till it boils; then let remain until the water
is cold. It will rot be liable to crack if
treated in this manner.
Tho kiiiiip quality 1 piols 10 jMTciiit. dieriix.T tliun any !i
tlie .Mi-.-i.i'ii. Will m-vt r be iinkii-lJ. (.'nil ';
--. --i -
' V. ''Ik:: a,-
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P -i T"SS. ' ;v .Vr;
Parlors-, irdrooisis, fiisMsg"roius.
IiLitclicns, Elaliways mid iillves9
W'T' .rt -fr- 'Vrjm
fr-; t-A Jfi' W
Where a iimirnificenl
slock o("
Will Keep eonPtaiitly on hand
u rugs and I
Wall PajMT and
E. O. Dovey Sc Son.
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A spkiidid a&c-rtin;:it of Ladies' Iissses' and CliiWnns
We have alo added to our line of carpets some new patteit.s,
iiooi oil Giotiis, Acttts nni iis. t.
In men's heavy and fine Loots and shoes rdso in Ladies', Misses and
Cliildrens F.otgcar. we have a complete line to which we I-WITE
your inspection. All departments pull and Complete.
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