The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 11, 1887, Image 4

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)t JJlattamoutl) Dailg Ucralir.
Publishers & Proprietors.
A KilHln&ry Icnli2l, In BlocR
rrood IJulItlinx.
Hern In this IhikI of,
llmler tli; t'loiioii nv,
K.-iiciiiiiL' wii'n o'lTclinns ami tide.
JCuleraml bi lili; iln t!iou abid-i.
Ami. heart of the West, beat hits" !
KiirKP'tlti" tlio ilisii:vl rancor
Of years t.iat sluxilil hi; dead,
JC illy we allfinjii (-(. and lia.ll.
ItltMniiiKi'iir nation's head.
InMf to you. O ruler,
Aud to your penile wile
In prosperous ways (Jod guide your days,
Nnrcoirit tlicm piist till you at last !
Enjoy the vnd'ess life.
Writ r for the Chicwju Daily Acu.
Leave orders for wood "with John
Tutt at Pcnnett'B groceiy store. bt f
The "Q" train -west this morning,
was crowded to a jam. It carried a
laro excursion from eastern Iowa and
rick out the pioct of Ileal Estate yo
want and then call fer j rice and terms
upon Windham fc Davi b. Over Bank
of Cass Co. lBtf.
Every one buying a dollars worth of
goods and over will receive a chance on
an elegant sewing machine to he drawn
Christmas Eve.
Peteu Mekges.
If the mayor, Messrs "Wcckbach and
Murphy have luck in selling the sewerage
bonds nothing should hinder Plattsmouth
from soon having a complete system of
Jack Frost came in last night and
advertised himself to f-tay for the winter.
He will give an exhibition nearly every
night and will decorate his stage with
pure silver.
For Sale.
A farm on "Weeping Water bottom, the
S. W. i of Sec. 28 Tp. 10, liangc
1-1. Enouiro of James Walston of
Kock Bluffs for farther particulars.
Sept. 1-Gnio.
A fellow from the country drove
his team too close to the railroad truck
by the depot last night and a puffing
engine frightened his horses, and in a
fit of rearing and kicking they broke the
wagon tongue.
Charley C. McPhcrson started out
his cold frosty morning to put up his
election fences. He goes out in vain to
run for recorder, and on another frosty
morning a month hence, he will read vj
his deTeat. Mr. W. H. Pool is the man
who will occupy that office.
Just recaved a largo invoice of
Ladies flno kid and coat button
shoes at S2 a pair, guaranteed
equal to any
50 shce
In the I
m arked at T. H. Phillips'.
The Presidential Train. I
The President and suit will pass Platte- I
mouth to-morrow afternoon at 12:40 I
sharp. It is probable the train will stop I
to register and afford our people a chance I
to see him and his much admired wife, i
At all events all who are at the depot I
can see the grand "palaces on wheels". I
Mrs. J. F. Johnson has recently re- I
turned from St. Louis where she purchas- I
ed the tincst lot of hats, bonnets, ribbons I
and other millinery that could uc iounci i
. . ill r 1 I
there. We have taken a personal iook at i
. . i i . I
them and pronounce them superior to J
anything of the sort eyer brought to I
I'lattsmoutD. Jlrs. JOUnson ttesires lier I
lady patrons to call and see these beau-
tiful goods before the nicest of them are j
Ladles Attention- I
Call and see the elegant line of shoes I
just received, cheap and fine at 1'eter I
Last evening was made a very plea?.
and one for Miss Cora Wayman by a sur
prise party given to her at her home on
Washington avenue find 7th street. The
deception was complete, she being invit
ed to a party at a friend's and brought
home under a pretense, there finding a
number of friends gathered and h avinjr
a good time. Miss Cora enjoyed the
surprise and helped them pass the even
ing pleasantly. Supper was served at
ten o'clock.
Remember the Milk Maid Carnival
Friday evening, Oct. 14, at Fitzgerald's
halL In addition to an interesting liter-
arv and musical programme. The Glee
club will be present and render some of
the selections prepared for the samgerfest
roncert. Dane nrr after 10 o clock r. m.
Admission including dance tickets, 1;
general admission, 15 cts. Music will be
i. T r, -xr i l tt-ij !
I III IIS ll'll 111 IV .11. IIHII I. I.11I11IU11WI
is cordially invited to be present.
Hon H W Cridv I
The Statesman, Scholar and True
American, set an example worthy of re-
flection for all True Americans. Healing
wounds that no methods except those
used by Heaps' Camphorated Arnica Sal ye
which is sold on its merits for ay use
that a salve can be used. No cure, no
pay. For Bale by the following drug
gist Price 25c per box.
W. J. Warrick.
Ladles' Claze Dcngdla button
shoes S2, worth . : : H- Phillips-
Strode was at Lincoln last
J. B
Jessie Root left this
morning for
Charley Thornburg went to Omaha
thi3 mornin''.
Byron Clark was at Beatrice last
night on buisness.
J. Vail cry, Sr., was a passenger to
Omaha this morning.
Tom Patterson made a fly trip to
Omaha this morning.
Miss Orac ; Anderson went to Omaha
on a visit this morning.
Mrs. O. I). Sparks left for her home,
in Broken Bow this morning.
Mike Schnellbacker and family re
turned this morning from a visit atNew
haka. Mr. A. Dixon and wife, returned
this morning from St.rLouis and other
J. M. Patterson went up to Omaha
this morning to attend the democratic
state convention.
Miss Nettie Meyers, who visited with
J. M. Patterson's family, returned to
Omaha this morning.
Dr. Cook went to Omaha this morn
ing as delegate from Plattsmouth to the
K. of P. which is in session at that city.
Frank Stever, foreman of the water
works operations, arrived this morning,
and work at laying the new main will
probably begin at once.
Pete Heeler, a former resident of
Plattsmouth, but now of Anderson ville,
Iowa, passed through the city this morn
ing enroute to Omaha to attend the K.
of P. assembly.
In order to clear our large stock of
Kilt Suits, we will sell them at fifty cents
on the dollar for this week only.
S. & S. Mayeh.
Burglars Attempt to Break Into VV.
H Pickens Residence Satur
day Nisht.
Greeted With a Bullet.
Lat Saturday W. II. Pickens, the well
known contractor and builder' received
a check of $1,000 from J. D. Tutt, which
he deposited in the bank and in the even
ing he received a transfer of deposit of
$1500 from E. B. Lewis which he took
to his house, also having some 50 dol
lars with him, which he intended paying
a workman. His residence is on Wash
ington Aye., the first house south of Dr.
Schildknecht's, aud the lower floor is oc
cupiedby Stephen Smith. Duriug Sat
urday night Mr. Smith was awakened by
some parties trying his window, and
just as he woke they proceeded around
to the kitchen door and attempted . to
eaiur " UUL 11 "13 """iy lasieueu, aim
L !i 1 . . i. 1 i 1 I
they tried a kitchen window. Mr. Smith
was now thoroughly aroused, to the lact
that burglars were around, and taking
his revolver he proceeded to the kitcken,
but the men then passed around the
house and he raised a window a little to
listen and look out. The raising of the
window awoke Mr. Pickens up stairs
wbo KOt up and took b3g revoiver nnd
stepped out on the stops, there he saw men ,jassmfr along below him
Tuev turned the corner and passed
around the house nm.n. Mr. Pick-
then descended the stairs as quietly as
possible, but just as he reached the bot.
torn of the sta rs thn men nnssrd tl.P
window raised by Smith, and Smith
promptly tired but the bullet struck an
air ball built in front of the window and
bounded back with tremendous force I
just missing him and going all over the
kitchen. The shot frightened the men I
away aud Mr. Pickens lost his shot and j and burying dogs was held for an item
the men escaped without any harm, and j ized bill.
the darkness and drizzling rain prevented
any discription of the men from being
The burglars h.ul probably thought
Mr. Pickens had a good deal of money ges, room rent, 10. W. II Malick, sal
at home, but besides the $50 and the ary, $G0. Jno. Fitzpatrick, salary, $45.
transfer check of 1500 was all. and M. L. Beaver, labor, $31.35. Geo. Hum-
that was good only to him.
Scarlet Underwear from 50c upwards.
Clouded Merino Underwear from 50c
upwards at S. & C. 3Iayer's.
The friends of Chas. L. Coleman
surprised him in a first class manner last
eyening. About twenty young ladies
ftnd gentlemen assembled at his home on
1UU ooi ma at auout eignt o cioeiv
in 60cial amusements etc. As it was the
"l 13 l,c"ucul "
of more than usual interest to him, but
X 1 T r . J A. A T 1 A. I
ueaiunt think ot his inenas ever maKing
finrh n n si in Annnf. it. A trpr rtrpspnt.lnof I
1 1
lum wllu bWU,lJ lpropriaie inuuies ox
lULir "wnubuip ana goou isues ior me
luture the party uroke up at about
twelve O clock.
We have this day reduced the price
of lead (best brand) 5oc, per hundred
ii. i : .1 "i rr .. 1 1 : i i
paint 10c, per gallon. On account of
our large purchases at reduced rates we
are able to make these' changes. Allow
us to make you rices when in need of
any kind ot pa:nt.
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Se pt. 12 87.
Council Doings.
Council met last night in regular ses
sion, Mr. McCallen being absent. The
minutes of the two previous meetings
were read and approved.
Mayor Simpson said he would depart
from the regular order of business, for
the evening and calLd for the report of
the board of public works in regard to
the sewerage bids.
Mr. J. W. Johnson, chairman of the
board of public work, gave the report,
which advised the accepting of the bid
of Shaw, Muihollan & Downing, of Kan
sas City, and that the firm file a good
bond to the untount of $15,000.
Murphy moved to accept the report
and recommendations. Considerable
discussion then cusued which was finally
ended by the adoption of the following
resolutions, presented by Mr. Murphy.
Jli soloed, that the report of the board
of public works ben reived and adopted,
and contract be entered into when (sew
erage) bonds arc sold.
Dutton then moved the mayor and a
special committee be authorized to nego
tiate the bonds in Plattsmouth, Omaha,
or elsewhere, and named, with Mayor
Simpson, Messrs Week back and Murphy
as the committee. The motion passed.
Mr. Johnson then advised the council
to place a limit to the time for the com
pletion of the system after the entering
of the contract. A motion from Jones to
make it four working months passed,
and Mr. W. S. Wise, speaking for the
firm, said the time would be agreeable.
The bond of the firm of S. M. & D.
was then lead. It was for 15,000 and
bore the names of C. II. Parmelc and J.
M. Patterson as securities. The bond
was accepted.
The mayor called attention to the time
and money that had been- expended in
going thi3 far with the sewer preparations
and recommended the employing of an
experienced engineer to oversee the work
and firm of Kosewater & Chisty were,
mentioned. Mr. Chisty, who was present,
said it was not necessary to enter into a
contract with the engineer till the con
tract for the construction of the sewerage
was drawn.
A petition was then presented from
residents near the corner of Oak and 3rd
streets. It sceins that about a week ago
M. McGuire, who lives on the corner of
Oak and 3rd, circulated a petition asking
that Oak and 3rd streets be graded at
their intersection. The petition was
given to the street commissioner, M.
Morgan, and he proceeded with the work
which was to be paid for by the poll tax
of the petitioners. The grade as petition
ed for would cut 3rd street badly, and
expose the water pipes to frost and the
chairman of the committee on streets
alleys and bridges saw fit to stop tho
work. The petition presented asked
that the work be continued. After con
siderable discussion the city surveyor was
instructed to examine the matter and see
if the grading was proper.
A petition was presented asking the
council to establish an ordinance for the
protection of life and property from
steam boiler explosions, by appointing a
man to examine all engineers, who have
charge of boilers under power. The pe
tition was granted.
A petition from several of our leading
merchants asking that the law in reference
to working on Sunday and running
stores etc, be enforced, was placed on
The finance committee then made their
O. M. Streight had a bill in
again for $7 for
horses, after
considerable discussion one half of it was
A bill of Daniel Burris for shootinrr
The following bills were allowed:
J. C. Coffman, special police 20.
Toney Geropachc-r, special police $0. J.
G. Chambers, special police $6. P. Mer-
phry, labor, 0. J. II. Waterman, salary
20. W. Wagnor, labor, 10.50. Rich-
ey Bros., room rent, fcG. C. II. Smith,
salary, 122. Gibson Miller & Co., re
pairing seal, 1.50. J. O'Neil, special
police, 14.
The report of the city marshal was
read and referred to the committee on
The treasurer's report showed the
amount overdrawn on various funds
i0ll .53; bills receivable 400, total cash
and bills rcDeivable, G325.C5 now in the
The police judge's report showed a
collection or nncs 10 cue aniounc or Sv,
!..? r r . . e
and wa3 referred to the police committee.
Mn j. j0hnson called attention to
the nGCpSSity of a fire proof place in
.., - 1, fn tpnn tlio rJtv'a vnltmliln nunnrs
and it Wi.s agreed that he should keen
tI ; , lt Qn motion the citv
attorney was instructed to correspond
and obtain from Ogallala the 300 due
on Water Witch engine.
Mr. Murphy stated that 9th street south
of Gold was in a very bad condition and
a motion to have it repaired not to J
amount to over $30 passed.
A demand from the V. B. fe Q. R. R.
to the treasurer of pchool district No. 1
to refund $1430, taxes which they claim
ed had been unjustly paid, was referred
to the school board. Council adjourned.
Great Reduction in tho price of
Astraehan Coats and Vests and Overcoats
at S. & C. Mayer's.
The Quaker Medlcino Company
Respectfully &k fonic very plain ques
tions: Can Consumption be cured or
even be benefitted ? Can a Cold be cured
or even stopped? Can you expect to be
even relieved by any medicine or physic
ian? No you cannot, if you simply
change the temperature of j'our body
three or four times a day for every
chang ysn add to your cold Mothers,
your children's health and your future
happiness demands of you consistent
love. Shall vanity make your life mis
erable, ending only in death. Dr. Wat
son's New Specific Coujdi Cure is the re
sult of science. Price 50c and $1. It is
warranted by the following druggist.
Plattsmouth Markets.
October, 11 187
Wheat No. 2, 4n.
" " 3 40.
2 1.
3 35.
$3.S0 i" $1.00.
Balyeat's Fig Tonic.
Balyeat's Fig Tonic Cures chronic in
digestion. Balyeat's Fig Tonic is especially for
weak and delicate women.
Balyeat's Fig Tonic, not only relieves,
but cures
Balyeat's Fig Tonic removes all impur
ities of the blood.
Balyeat's Fig Tonic is a mild and gen
tle laxative; with its use, strength and
ambition will return and a healthy glow
will brighten the complexion. Price 50c
and $1. Money cheerfully refunded if
the above is nof'substantiatcd by trial.
For sale by W. J. Warrick.
Y! W, CT. U-
The regular meeting of the Y's will be
held in Roekwood hall Thursday, at 4 p.
m. The children of the Band of Hope
are requested to be present also. Parents
are urged to send the little folks.
Furnishing Goods
SET. A ' T53
5 Hi taS
All the newest and latest Styles for Fall
and Winter in men's and boys wear.
Dr. C. A- Marshall
rj5 . . 4-
Preservation of natural teeth a ppccialty.
Teeth extracted without jut in lj iwc of LawjUing
xVll work warranted. Prices reasonable
Fitzgerald Block, Plattsmouth ,Xei:
Represent the following time
tried and fire-tested companies:
American Central-St. Louis, Assets $l,25-?,tnl
Commercial Uulou-Enpland, 2.3M.3I4
Fire Association-Philadelphia, " 4,415,575
Franklin-Philadelphia, " 3.117.KC
Home-New York. " 7.5.59
Its. Co, of North Amcric-i, Phil. " 8,474.302
Liverpool&Londen & luhe-Eng ' 6,639.731
North r.ritish & Meicantile-Enff " 3,373,754
Norwich Cnion-EnclaiKl. " l,2ii5.4Ce
Springfield F. & M.-Sprirgfield, " 3.044.9J5
Total Assets, 12.115,774
Sixteen Thousand
Last year, nnd il low prices will f-ol 1 jjoode, wo intend to sell inoro
this year.
VO U. '
Ladies' Good Grain Imtton Shoe for $1.00. formerly ohl for 1.7H; Ladies'
Heavy Grain IJutton Shoe, the b -t wi :ir for i?1.75, foiiit rly for ?,',r; I iulii H best
Mil vaukee Grain liutton Shoe, :i.00, formerly sold foiO: Wo are oflVrintj all
our $2.50 line of shoes for $'.'.00; Ladies' Fine Gla.c Don'ola Lntton and Tampers
Goat for $2. .10, formerly $:',.(). Men Heavy Hoots for only Sfl.M), forr'naly $2.00;
Men's Ucst Whole Stock Kip Hoots for s'J.iO, foi inerl y sold for ifU.iNi; Men's Fiuo
Whole Stock Kip Hoot for only !;:;.((), formerly ij'-UiO; Men's Calf Hoot, and
solid, for only 2.0, formerly !j:.00; Men's i'ijie Dress utton Slioo fo.r only $1,23
formerly &.r0.
We also have great many other "cash" barirains in ChildrcnV, Misses and boV
that it will pay you to call ami examine our ;oods and be coin inced that we aro
selling cheaper than any other dealer.
Jonathan IIatt
7 3
J JL-i M
-S xjr J Ji u.
Sugar Cured Meals, Hams, Bacon, Lard, &c, &c
ot our own make.
The best brands
8 B 0
g a uolUa sj
wmmiMmjw bailie
Notice of Desolutton cf Ce-Fartner-
Xo'ir-e is liereby uiverj thrt tlio cn-pnrtr.r
ship hreto're fxitinr between AH-rrtiMi-
)iir arnl .1. W. Fir.n. m Cis.s 'eii: ;isi;a.
in the !iv stock liume-s. l:ts ffua ri.ty 1 pen
l;slvel ly rmitu;il coiisent. Tl: lii!-ir'fi
will hereaftT l-f eonducieil by All-ci-t I'n'our.
whom all bills are paval.le. " I)?.t'l S-j-t. 20,
1587. ALIiCP.T Dtl OFK.
Dollars Worth
J. V. MAirniia.
of OYSTEIJS, in cans ami bulk, at
J m
O 3
vith hili arm and vibrating fchuttle, j.
sold on time. Tat,y payments or cash
Manigcr Plutttmtuth Prone
Go s.
X -