The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 11, 1887, Image 3

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Tim l.jui.W:,,,,, ii1 r Mir Shadow of tlm
IVaKn f 11m, fcjui l-r.,,,,.,,.,, Mountain.
A Mil!..-!!,!,,,, Kcoiiu V Valley ;,M0
I'eet li:ri.
Tho wholo faut, of tho land now shows
tnut this region wft8 f)I,.0,.I1(, ,)(- vio
lent Volcanic disturbance. Ono or i,,n, of
tho oaks of III., ,San 1 rnnoco mountains
li.-ij.liiy t-xtii:. t. craters. The ground in plac s
J iwcrwl with M-ai-ia-, and th- uph. vals
scattered alw.ut h.-ivo that .list-rL- J, broken, ;
unfunny n;,poai resulting Iron, somo 1
'" uvulsion ,t" nature.
With an early Mart wo mak- good h'nd- I
way. Tlx; road all tho way from town has i
Ih-ch very good for a mountain di.-.triet, with j
only on., or two roehy or stoop hills. Wo
past k.., Unites to our right and stop at 11 -d
Horse .S.riii;r, where wo water our stock.
This "spring" is .-imply a hoh, .In- in tho !
ground tocat,.), tjil( ,rAn.(,r ".,.,,., that j
Hows from the Nan I'Vmicisoo mountains. It
was not long before tho guide p. .in!'.l to un '
abrupt break in tho 1. .eg vi t."t through tho i
forest fi-(. . (l1 elsewhere fr.,m und.-r-l.njsh
an 1 wo knew that wo woru Hearing
ur goal. Jnaf. iv inruv minutes wo drove. '
absolutely u it hhi a few yards of tho chasm.
Tho walls of th" canyon were d, o us. Wo ;
jumped from il.,, wagon au.l h-mI.-.I tho ski p i
incline leading to it. There was no hint of I
tno glon. s that awaited us.
Tho s.viio bursts up. in tho eye i;i nil i!-s
luaj.'siio l,.-.mty. The brain reel;, the facul
ties are iiluio t, paralyz'-il i.i e i .n. -nn-tai org
the stupendous .!.(. hs, tho awful ohn-in.s, th
r.m:::dng conglomeration of caste Dab d Initio,
mountain, rooky pinnaclo of a thousand
fantastic form-, now unfolded to our vi--w.
Jt looks as if tho hau l of an n . -i ; :: : rT l
liail swept th" region in wrriMi. It i; superb,
fearful, fascinating, horrible! I'lio vita, in
tending for iiiinion-e distances in every direo
tion shows tho vnrie 1, weird, uncanny, 1 tj
tit'ul forms of peal:, eliT, and rooky crag j i .;
ing from tho !(.; i:s of the mighty gorgo.
They have a t Ii'oi: fiii l shapes. .Sc. mo are l.k
Nov! JCtTt'i-t Ion of a stranKur ful.j-.n
lloliiility A Kiignpst lou.
Mm. Y. is a Iiiilliat.t Uoston woniun n
jil.inidarit o:;. t titivo ahiiity, hhrewd wit, mid
delightful h.. pilality. Tho txi.reiieios of Lcr
liuvl.and'.i 1.; i:;.-.s lei to tho l-cping up .f
ui e,ta;.Iis!i:;i.-!:t in tho wis', Jlrs. V.
p.c. :iH s"iii" mouths of tho yojw, and whoro
h!:o enter! ah
t !,' i o was lr
J:u;:lish !i!
of ii:t rodiif t
Tho ): less :
fnost for. I i: :!;.
"We ar, .'-'i no.
f ho h.tid, !!
: a I'l'eiit luuny peoj.lo. One day
-u;;LL to ilrs. Y. tho eard ti mi
I' lorm, jtoronijmnied l.y a letter
a IK in friends of tho V'd
nl. down Mairs und ; rc-ttud tiio
e-' u tomcd to travelers hero,"
we know ii:t what, to do with
them. We .-v; ct. (.il ryl.ody to.irrivo travi I
Maii.ed and; : hr.u t ed ; and wi let Veryholy
l.-iie- a l.alli !.: , lirtt thin-;.- 1 Kpoko to tho
('rvnnt, l fo; ;, I cauio down, and tvcrytiiino;
is a!! ready."
'Ihit,-' sta:.
thial: .f put: i,
" 'Jll, I l.ll'.V
rdrs. V. ". i
mend tho str;"T(r, "I cniiuot
LC "II to. SO M!U'- troulilo. J"'
ji: t how you lo !,:' int"rruptel
at 11 is I ii only thin': that re
stores mo to j.iy no. mo! condition v. hen i'vo
I.e. il t rave!;,i;-, aed vim h
t hi ' mii I i oi.i i ;. ..stoii. "
liavo (mini
Tho vn.-.t
-: oi:ti Jo ai
his .S'-rm.leS '
hoi- ki..,iy
shown ir-.-.tai
to ,',o J i:m:
.i his
and j.i !';.;
In duo tin:
ti-o ; :ii i.,i-, -,
"I 1 i
lain.',".--!! !:.
' . :i. 'e :
f::l i-.-.t;:, an .
i- mnrr. 1, I.i.
itw) truly I:'
' revi I'L the
:io :il. Ti:o
- ! (!.' I.aii
in U'-.
arrv it:
n n
r " !
i ii
:! 1!
.11 h-
was ('
t.' idlo-.V
r nL of
i.nian was
v. i:i i o it is
oi .:.i:i;u.ty
1 :r.,aia to
r to vour
IIIcJ IcvcIopiii'nt of Art in the Pr
(I.K'lion of Cameo CIuhs Ancient ;las
inakliij; Crystal, Ltal and Llino Glaxu.
Cut aud J'roHcd 4;lusa.
(JJasswaro cun reardl Loth as a neces
tity and a luxury, I ho latter fronr the heauty
f tho material composm,; tho urtieh; and tho
urtisLii; work l.o.stowod upon it. Tho imjires-
non prevails to a consideraido rxti-nt that cx
l iisivo j;la.ssuatc, lil:o cxp, nsivo poreclain,
wiil not Lroalc tso roadily as tho cheaper
r.-.d'-:-:, hut this is a delusion. Thero is no leal
Motivo f,.r tho puroh.-Lso of tho vo arti
flo except the Kratiiioatioii of atasto for lux
ury. Tho 1,'nkcl .States all tho
natio-al advantages that are j k .sse.-s. -d l.y tho
Kitropean countries f,,r tho lnanulactui-e of
j;l i-;-. aad in tin? us.j of natural ";as jL jias ,,.
nipoi-tant faotor not jios-cssed al.road. The
cie.ii.iine-s of ola.-s and tiio cheapness and tho
ca.-,o with which it is m.inaoed certainly irivo
recallar Manner of IlilHnsr Criminal In
tliti Oriental l'miiiiKula.
Tho manner of kiilino; is cculiar;
fspocially ohnoxioin to tho Catholic. Chris
tians, who aro al.undai.t ia this -ountrj'. An
ordinary Unman (tosu is set up on a lm.;c
cart drawn l.y oxen. Tho man is tied to thi.
wilh nrms t rrtendod, and lio is thus drawn
through tho streets. A crier procedes the
pro-eion, amioun'-ino; the crimo for which
Iho man is Im-i'ihj pmiishe l. His fri.-nds .re
allowed to follow and protest his innocence
and hewail his s-ad fate, hut as tho punish
ment is usually visit - 1 noon tho family if the
t : 1 1 o (u;;luy
i j'imtl.s 10 jMTt-t iit. flitajn r llitin smy
Vt'iil mtr lt: liiuliixthl. (Jail audi
treason has Im'.-h glaring
following of
ut ion at the
in the city,
ido tho West
I . tin-
that vicinity an
Uuropo. On the
exo-i diti;;Iy chea
i ::..i:i,
e.i-e.iu r
!.' .1. "1
a (.':
v. h
: n- !, ;;
I; nf. .;
rat r.-:
r y
'i,-:-.i.t y
I ':..
.1" i
i"! Uii
1 in( h
call on
"i".tlos, so::m re-eml.lo tli
cathedrals, lii.'iavr.i t:
so as to res. inl.lo no! hi
ruins of ci
t 1 and d: .
Iit th-i:-
'.si.-l'I'V. Til
... ! I
t v. in
I ril
1,1 no.
1 io wo
v vi! ii
'o: yt. at
have s 'n
fore. Uut
v.o oa ti
in. Wo
Lrolhcr.s far off i.i th" 1
liatit and vari -d co'.i.: i!-,;r
f;ray, Drowiu jvllo-.v, win: or io.
ii'l.Is to the, splen.ior of tho .-
know how In;:;; th" e.i:iv..ii 1
i.sf Wodono! w.--it to knu'.v;
least. Its sui.'imity ruoicos. V.
it before. Wo m;i t have seen it l. :f
where In o-.irdn!
a Mt'.'KXBiir.-: kce:-:k.
Hut tho sceno is so s' ;ipL ::d- us thn
not rely ah-no upon tiio no to tak i
luiibt call in tho aid of other faoulliL-s 1.
we can even form a faint cciacepii .:i of l!:u
imriioiisity lx-f.iro i.s. lkroisa '-sermon in
stones'' indeed!
The viow before us presents ft ch.isiu moro
than twelve milos wido. more than one milo
i:i ilotli and htrotfiies for miles and miles to
the east and to th west. Tho wail of thecan
j'on does not at this point go sheer down to
tho bottom, but proceeds to it by a series of
"lienchos." still itdesoiiids ixrpeadicuiaily
or nearly so to tho lii st bonc'i .so many
hundreds of feet that wo prow dizy wh.-n wo
l.xk over and conteniplato it. We :;mit seo
tho river imni; di.u -Iy Ih-Ijw us, pariiy frvia
this circumstanc , partly booai:-o m'-.-w is
obstructotl by many-ef-antic forms of ro. Ic
and earth. Faraway to tho east wo cat-h a
glimiiso of a narrow whito thread which v.o
aro told is tho river. Through a powerful
glass we can see it soethiiio; and boihn over
rnpids, and ut times w hoa tho lav dus
away -wo can hear tho rar of tho cascade.
Tho distance, however, is so enormous tint
wo can hardly believe tho statement of tho
puido that the stream is hero a lurjje ono sev
eral hundred feet v.-ido.
Nearly opjio ite w hero wo stand, r,;i tho top
of an isolated but to, whoso foundation Foems
almost at the botto-n of tho abys;, is thesind
stono rock known :;s ITeideJlR-V"; cattle, iliios
n way to the north .ve t is r.'i iminonf-o forma
tion so distant wo cannot determine its com
position looking lil:e theruins.f acatiiedral.
Scattered throughout tho lougdi and luvadtli
of tho gorge far as the eye can reach, and
isolated for tho most pirt. aro gigantic .aks,
crags and even nui:. II-.-iv and thero far to
tho north wo catch giimp-es f the distant
walls of tho cany on "on tho ether side."
After th" fJist impression of tiio bcl:ol.L-i-
ono of awo, of won-lcr, almost of horror
tho thought comes, '-Hore has been so:no
mighty convulsloi: of nature that seems al
most as if it Lad :!:!: en the earth to its con-
t:T." , o can scarcely crod:t tno sr.U eui-.-nt
of geologists t:iat ti:o river in i's co;;rs-e for
ages lias cu'. tiiis mighty gorge which Las
b-jen widened by ths coiuuin: d ag.-ncies cf
corrosion and dismi'gration. Tho nn clianical
vsearof streams as performed by too aid f
Lard mineral frai'v:eiits earn --1 aior.g by the
current is enormous. -The element of veloc
ity," says Capr. Putton, "is of d.c.u'.-lo im
portance. The Coi-. rivio in this iv.-ivct is an
cxeeiitional river. Th- average f:.'d in feet
per mile through dNtri. t cf tl; Kaiba'i
(tho Grand r;inyn:.i i-i i'i.tT." Tlio sacio
authority ob:-ervs; "Ti:r-o who have long
and car'.-ful'.y si;: li 'd the Grand n::iycii ot
the Colorado d n t lie itato for a m. :':o::t to
prouo.uMco it by f..r the in.--.-i sui.Iimo of
earthly spectacles. If its su'.Hnnty cor:-t.-d
only in its uim -n-ioas it ct.uM be s-n.IIi-i.. iy
Kt fortU in ii single s.::t. nee. . It is more
than 2':) mi. s 1 fivm o to 1) v. ido, and
from .".(): ) to '.' ' U .;.(.:. Tii.rj are in
tho world v. :'.;. s v. hi.'ii ere Ioivt-. r ar.d a few
.in iv . :
u a:. ;.
"i rea
.:! I I.:;
'.'. a 's :
i-hen i h:r
', .iv."l-!:
nay. '-I
You c. r
'eli't Se.n
I a---
. i
t I
ii" iii:ii;-i,-'ho
s'-ry i
! it a i. ie-i
I.. r
which ii : el" e-'
Would t-.lvo tin:
tho proper i i ! i
were i;. t .'asv t
t-i I.., w:
toi i'o:,i:
:-v:i!:g roi
.' -.-i.i. of g:
-LVrtoit C
:-. r.Ti-s. V.
!. tii : U
iare.l that
i v. as i;o
,-.ood, ;.s it
i---.:io!i of
st.s who
i'j'o' i-
!a: s mamifaeUu ers of I'iit -l.tirg and
advantage ln.t: po. .-,-s.-. d in
other hand Jauop , has its
i labor, it has the talent of
oi'-voti-d io tlio artistic production of
r general i ms, und it lias its art, schools
in number a id stioei ior in teaehiii"- to
o f 1 he L'ldti-d Slates.
For tiieso reasons Kuroj;.- hi a long way
ahead of tho United States in ingenuity of de-b.gii-,
sin. pes, patterns and decoration, tilass
frorn th,, carl .--L hist.-rie ages has been a
favorite i:n .'.iim: for of beauty.
'J he lhii-l cnai-aetei- of the original subsianco
P'-rnats it to ho molded to an inlinito variety
of forms, and the deli.-at.. .-hades of col
oring may bu infused through its crystal cJear-iio.--s.-
as to a iapt, it to I ho luxurious uses of
t l.- tab.'..-. 'J he highest deveiopjiu ut of art is
in the produe'ion of cameo gia..
a:; ANTiK:;i akt.
F.vidciie, s . f this art in its perfection are
n in the beginning of
lutiful and erciieiiMvo
..sol' gl.-s were in use. At that time
in its common forms was jv oFi-.-. i.-n-t i.-t..
:;u saucer of g.'as-. could
for money eqai valoui to
:g tiio other c.areuie, it
:! t'.at th--imij eror Jero
:i:L to i:,).tr.K) for f.vo
uen.ia n,-;. Window glass
a! -out
o is.
Very ane'i-nt, and cv,
tho Christian era vei y b .
e ! i- -.
L o'
1..; b.
Oi'l" :
IS !ii .
p ii !
i ;."',is
did n
:-f (.
::'-lt of
I !
C. ;;. ei.oj a
nght at. !....-;
ent. liii:-!.:-..::.
.orically i..-;ri-ati
a timivai
. 'O v 1 !
Christian era.
n o until th-
; -ritici;
of mode".".
a:i I
! he '1 iiir.l century-
it lii
"e i-t:i
'I come
-:i!ary. In
.' th.- kin.f.s
I "idy is famii ......
:n.n have of caopin'.
said, w hen ! : ; i n
favorite ex: . - ". .;.
'i r ois,:y,"'-; -. ..":
coiisidorablo i.-' tiou !'
'just so" or "i .i I,, .-io ;
q.iiied need. ,'( l.n
stol a large sum of mi
ers and 11 "d to ti: v. . :.
w as sold to " : eti ves a
ents g'.-ia r:dly, r-.nd a! ,.,
( cape a - im.. :i eta
ho lh.. sight !:" J hi-; i
wanted, it,.-: ,,; . .- -.1 .
. " ii V.-rent f roe i ; .:;,t ,.. . , j
The sitnai io:i .as a j-n-.-.
pos.-d orimin;:: uas s :eh :
any moment dy io (a:
h-md, to arr ; :.:i ::o.
c:; a g'-d ..- lit" t;-.::
! ho oiijoot t.-: t.o
siblo wit iiin a , ii
the on ih.;.., :
amino.! find .-- .
whatevi r
- -
f hov
1 t iier:
!-..-itive evilcncos
tl'. s c. .utainin.' ivii
uiled on the m imi
y, more than 1,000
i is a
v.'i-.oiu tlio v.or.Is
:' . elll to lid t!.o 1,
g ago a Ijoton man
'!uy from Ids employ
A d-. rirtiiei cf hi u
i.i I'ohey sinierinlei:.!
ut a month after his
" v U legr;:; hed thus
eye rp'ii th-i persyji
wc vi r, was verv
1 in tho circular.
4" -;se; i f
I'aet hi'
, In-
.iie, ot!iT
:i would
J :i
. i
.yers as to I.'
; o:i uoiiiing .
ive i'.imin .
had any j.r.r
if. "Yes,"' v
:' f. 'h.w to !:
;-. -i believe j
.filiation ..::
..- t
night the tuK-f
:;;y t:o man it ;oj-
tins rioergt-iifV
of tho ca'.-e
t!:" ti:iofs .m-
"tr.tie-. Tiny could hit
t il i;,i - tho ,...
.'i.i' iii of i:i-piratku if
.v.y of expr- '--;ng
f. ; "! n:.",-. r kn.-
r. :::; widi'-nt sav
in h.-.if an !:o :r th;: in-
I'-gr..; -.1 tj tho we t;
tho viiane-ota d-'teeiive
v.-.'tii lu's man, and before,
arrested. liostou lV-t.
to or.
io !
ho co
the e;
th.-ti ,
turi: r v-a
e. 1
Tl h"l
as n
: for.
dd iav.
more v. i
nir. try i
the -vm
-f !.:.-
I.erf ;irer.
d It; -,,1 1
': l;..-:-. a.-iug.
i to buy iai,ru
n in"!'.,
ig. lie
:.i- t ) ;
i 1'.
.:: b:
r.s i i'-;
made t
!: i::.. 1
eeiv.-l i
.. :n.
as s
: :-'di
1 wri
t hnt
to ;
1 1".
. V."
a f;
I ill-:
t :
1 o ..".V!ii
e Ve::r.- ;
i:t- d w;.!
p out
. r-o::.
s ".vcre
::-t :-ni:u
ov.'y me."!?:s
.s his i:a;::o
i tors of
rrr.v. I-
out thut: :U
. liis t,; : i
rg,-, perisap.-,
nrght have
e. A:.-x:t::d:r
: he ever re-
: in iostot:,
: t:: d trav. i
:'.'err.l ityhM-f
lii his l.'vi.-h-:nd
; aid, his
ir pi-opcrti
id.out tiiat ail
ye.- rs of uu
; i:ii'-sr.:ixie!y
j r.Iemoir t-f
, '! ov.y th
pa. in Kngl.m.i
j F g rr, o!u-rs the
. of g;.-e.m;i!.iug. (
j wines art. -aid to bo ropre.-i
! rneuts of the f. -urtli dynast
i errs ago. anil m the tombs of a very early tho pr..ccv5 of la-si .lowing is
seiit.-d in an iimni,r.i!.a!iio manner. In the
! tim-' of the it, .man Emperor Hadrian, among
the chief industrial occupations of tho iuhabi
! tants of Alexandria is mentioned irlassblow-
ing; and i.i.-riug t he r.-igii of AureJian, in tho
Third century, glass formed a part of the
Egyptian tribute, showing it was thou an
arti -le -f manufacture in Egypt. Tho deli
cate color:;:,.; of gins -., that ad is so much to its
l-eai. :y, lnoii in ancient times. Tiieso
colors ar .produced by a mixture with met -lis;
for instance, blue is produced by cobalt,
greet! by .. ;i::ei" and rose or rubv by .-old
Tho gr. r t .-ite of the i:.anul'ae; uro of glass in
t' leases was Vcai.-o, and its uiticles
of mam:faotu:-e were e sported all over tho
world. Tho glass trado of Venice has been
superfedj'l by that of England and Germaio".
: it: rniM-iPAi. i.:i;i;imkxts.
Soico.i of which there is percent, in
good glass sand, is tho principal ingredient
m g i-ait en' ers int- tno superior quali-
t.u.. glass, g;vmg ltcgarnessand brilliancy
rim , musical rmgoi a ga;ss rrtu-leoiily
corn' s ; .-om bad gias;. Crystal glass ia bad
gloss, u iico is also termed Unit glass. Only
ioa-1 glass can tie cu:. jimo is now greatly
use l m tho iii";r....aetiiro of gla., prc.-ed
ula-s articles 1 tin - m:;:ie of lime glass. In its
manufacture the United States has an ad
v im ago over ot.ier count ries, on account of
its taients for the use of machinery. Whir
ttio eastern part of this country was formerly
the of tiie principal glass industry, it has
moved west of late years, owing iarg'dv to
the b.-'ckwarduess of the eastern nianutaeuii
. . -j i..iicj t. Loe icriKiiie; oi. iim.? glass. ;st.
L'.ui ; is no.y an important gla.-s niaimfactur
i ig centre, bur the greatest amount of bust-
li:- is ( i i th" Ohio valley, of which
I'o'.-'.urg and Wheeling aro lhe chief glass
friends is ni.t to be rath r small
There aro two pl-e-i s of exc
capital. One, seldom u-ed, is
w hilo the chief place is just out.
gate, on a hillside, wh'-re the immense crowds
upon tho city wall and otii.-r hi;;h places can
g.-t a good vi.-w of tlio interesting sight.
Whether th" prisoner, in Ids exhausted state,
has succumbed to the toi l uro on tho cro-s or
not, on arriving at the piaeo of execution he
is placed face down ward, ilh his neck upon
a block, wh'-n, by ones. rohe, if it is a good
one, the heavy sword severs tho head from
the body. Tin, hands and feet aro then cut
off, and the mutilated body i; carried back
into the city and laid, chest downward, in
one of iho streets, where it must lio for three
It is refreshing to note that tho jiooplo, and
even tho ilogs, avoid t hut, street for tho time
being, arid the adjoining shops aro closed.
They count from the evening when the body
is laid out tid daylight of tiio third day, so
that the body only lies thero one day in re
ality. The forei-.'isers resident in tho capital,
dm ing tho time following tiio em.oute of l'sl.
u hen so many politi ai criminals were exe
ci.ted, often stumbled upon horrible
sights in their lournevincs about tho .streets.
On ono o.vasi:. n when tiio bodies were near
tiio legations tho reoreseiitativcs combined
and asked for their removal.
It should bo mentioned that the liumeno
king is opposed to this oraetiee. which custom
eoius stid to demand. I n ease t ho accuser
ioul.1 be proved an impostor and to have ue-
cu-.e,i th,. man false v. tho oris-oner or l.i-
friends have the riht to demand an evo from
iim. Their method cf obtaining Iho organ
is ipnto novel, and if well performed it i
iii. .re expeditious than is the modern stir- ieal
method of eneucleati'in. The cuipritis made
to sloop over a. id is then hit, with tho P. ad d
en ! of a ii.-xililo stick upon a spot on the b.-e k
of the head, when tho ye protrudes sufiieient ly
so lliat ic may bo cut viT. If, however, t he
people who wi-h the eye are not prompt, ill
doing th,. cutting operation, the prisoner may
'pti io'y i-'cpl.i'-o iho fyu and possess it. tin real!-r
in p.-.-.ce, all of which is said to have
' -"ii done many times, but unfortunately has
"lot been witm ..-ed, as yi-t, by foreigner.;.
S oul Cor. Francisco Chronicle.
fit ft $ fHn h
S l
1 ' srr&?n" Kl
roii am, classks ):-
w:at y-CuL-ssJ BLd.v&9Sav2iS J-1- JLL
I U W" v V -to. T t
:oi(- a maudiincciit
slottl; nl'
-.:- Z'"'rm 9
(mx.i1- and Yaw
i 7 r, if i rr."
. i 4 i K i i UJf
AND mBklrtlti:
Tti tStti r?M&tf ittr'u xtsk W
Nm.'A tf'u. 7.c V.-i f T-7-(
t.Vlls. Tile
given tho gl
ic-a.y piato
la r. rei v in tilt
natural gc.s
i-s ;-y
willdovv g!;ts5
West., but 1 in.'
mostly i:. !T:-!c. 1 i
Ti:j cut-glass industry
grov.-.i great .y of recne
ci is not Vt-t exported
pressed glass i . The e
g;a-s from this cotintrv
A .tori an states, and co:
ih-iti- ii ?-o.o..-s,sious in Ausirn
this section h-
-,-reat lmpctu
mamifact tired
in- glass used in the
roia I-Vanee.
of this country has
years, bus tho arti
to tii extent thai
n-'l' exp'n taLions of
are to the Koutl
id-.-rable goes to tin
lli.s country
u -.1 no. .ii
'Ci the oi
to competo with any or
.1 stomped lime
diy ab.
titnes ot .;vii)i
. -o - ;st ot t.:e gl.tss m c-.;n;co ie use is of
kind. New York Commercial Ad
v. hich are dee! r.
l.y summits h .'!
Kaibab. Slid the!
est thing t'li ear:.;,
of its n.agnitu ;c,
its ensmbie."'
'!;.,.. is n t -.-.-.-l
Tiicre are v; ;c-. s lianke.l
ti-oi iii ' j-alis ;.:os ,f tiio
rarv.l ruiiVi n is th-j tid lim
it is so not aioiie by virtue
u: Lv virtue of the wholo
id.ig h::
the j,-.-.
r day.
...:Ve uc
, ' . t.
nl ...(
: y -. i
.;!:! cT.'i
fio- IIeirews.
. i.:e .-.) iirui h," said
, 1 -
i- : t
Iiato is a tr;.;!. i-ut a oiuicu.t one, lea.Ji.i:
from r. pvint in th."- vicinity t the bottom of
tht canyon, ar.d guides can bo procured to
cui '.tii t the tot:: i.-r to it. One must have a
veiy fcteady head, however, t" aeoomplisii ti;o
feat, -and Ik a go. d st rung chmber besides,
tsoiuo idea of th; task may te had from tho
fact that tho trioo ceapi, s throe days and thr.t
the difficulties f i iinil'ing are s-o gre:;t that
nothing can bo transp..ri. d but a small quan
tity of food. Tii" hardships of such an un
dertaking are then :: a; parent. Very few
jiersons have ever utit nipted ir, but among
them have btcu two iadi s, ui n one of
w hom, as I au inforiueil, the effect of s ur
mountir.g such an incline has left an iudcliblo
inipres::ion. She lins never been tho sanio
v.-ontan since. New York Times.
t I 'I!
; in f
:.v he
a vcry
t'ie'-e ::;
and C.
v. o con.
Z iv.n i
the fti".t
long I-
a.-..-. ,t my trie:
si; --.s f the
tin iit is prov.-r
man who wiii i
and gent n us , i 1 1
wormy mstimr
is law abijiii
as t:cc way iii w i.i oh t!:e J -tipiicl
and prosp. i-, d in tld'.ix. r b.tck than l4o thei"
i IL.-brev.-s Ic ro. Ted.iy thero
; '. ;,- you v.-ill f-.-c that widio
t !-:-' i .':::; ry ha - iioroa-- i
iv;.-:,- it v::s 'J :.',(. ,M -
.v poptdit ; .a hc.s iuercased in
:;" - r i'.'oj. or! ion. Of cour.-o
'' j in i.o.s-.a, Austna
r.-.-o in America, but
ligui tS which I h ivo
a L-asis for est iniat ir.z
-it ' ice race, it w ill not Lo
s c-' iiirryis in the Pad." I
1 tv. h ."o he attributed tho
H :.;vw. ::::d he said: "His
ie-i, l et I have yet to meet a
tiytiiath? is public spirited
e su; : -.i-t of benevolent 211.I
us g' ia raliy. Certaiidy Lo
"' "iiwiiiider" in Brooklyn
t .; ..
1 :"..-
Ancient Climate of America.
Goldsmith's (;-.
aphy. published in l$2t,
Tying the frisky Laces.
Ilelurnel travelers from country and sca
tiio hotels speak of the low shoes worn by
the ladies this scanner. The ladies also speak
of them. The hices would untie, ar.d who
was to tio them but the escorts. In this way
many a ''board walk" promenade nas pro
long"d and niutunl happiness resulted. Some
cf the dudes, how ever, complain that they
cracked their h-eaviiy starched waiitcoasts ia
etoopiug down to gallantly lis tho frisky
laces Nw York Sun.
describing the l.i.nod States, says: '"Pt-oide
become old in America sooner than in Eu
ro;e. Upon f. mah-s the influence of the cli
mate is stiil more sensible. When young tho
women are generally K-autiful, particularly
in rhiladclphia, but after 2') they begin to
1'X-e their fresh color and teeth, and at tho
nge of '23 many o them would pass for Euixv
peans at It)."' What funny things those old
geographies were, to Lo sure. New York
Tho Y"cter Carrior of Aspiawall. peculiarity of this country i that a
;ny tho water to th
is ( !:i; doved to cr:
:. o:te;, v. ucre it is sent oil to a skip that is
1 I of i:.a::d. i:; addition, tho muk imt
carry its uriver, while men carry the coffee in
.-. suca as o.,e ma . seo on tuo 1 ".is
of co
sa k
the driver
cou.d ear:-
dots II. t l.;W
that: ceeais t.
the1 bmden
1 -re.
;ht of
Kansas mines yield annually about 0,000.000
tons of coal
', "S .
on li:e:r backs.
bout as much
f ware;-, and half the we
!.,.,,,.,, if , 41.
.... ....1 .... vt t-v-.iii.-o tt:e mule
two sacks of coftee easily, but ho
"."o to do so. It is not the style
to be the only reason for keeoing
clr tee r.rde. When tho men
e-t: at curry 1:1 -r coiiee to niarktt thev ir.ake
ortiuges 'i tht mst-ives, but 0:1 oiner occasions
they iio not work very hard or very long.
Ti.o water carrier we met got his tnulo in
the way of our earring..., or our driver got in
the way of the muie, and the mule was upset
by tho collision. Although it was no fault of
o.a-s, the mule driver picked himself up, and,
waving his club threateningly, advanced on
u j d 'coring at a rate and with looks t'out
sceme 1 particularly ugiy. It was a question
with us whether to use a pistol or run to save
ourselves from a beating, when our driver
came to the roscuo by telling us that the col
lision had ruined tho water carrier, and that
nothing short of 25 cents American silver
could retrieve the broken fortune. That
coin produced, the water carrier went away
with many expression which we could not
understand, except by the deprecatory wav
ing of his hamls and the bowing of his head.
A.-..n:nwall Cor. New York Sun.
Toiso:ion Fishes.
T:i a collection of poisonous fishes now oa
t xhibitioy. nt Havre is a very peculiar tctro
"0:1 from the Jcpau sea, which is sometimes
...el as a means of suicide. It gives seusa
'.'.i:r, iike ihose of morphia, tiiea death.
4u kcusa w Traveler.
I'oisonc-tl by 3Iiim:i-.y Ityes.
A weird interest attaches to mummies, and
ui'-ir commg to iuo, or exerting an occult in
iiuence when resurrected in one lay, has
furnished the fouudal ion for several ro
mances. Hi re is a pro-aic and tru.. story,
with tho scene laid in matter of fact New
York, which goes far to relieve the romancers
from the charge of romancing. Some time
ago Mes.-rs. Tiffany & Co. received an invoice
of mummies' eyes. I do not go so far as to
say that they were the actual eyes of loading
citizens of Thebes and Memphis, but they
were taken from tho eyo sockets of mummies
exhumed from Egyj ' ian tombs. Th-y mav
havo been the actual eyes red need to the
hardness of sto, 10 by the process of embalm
ing, or tin y may have been only false eyes
like those used by modern taxidermists in
perpetuating the life semblance of somo pet
Fido or Tabby. At all events they weri
dubbed "mummy eyes," and the jewelers set
about getting them ready for tho market.
They were amber colored, opaque and luster-less.
It was thought best to polish them before
setting, and a workman was set itt tho task.
Ik-fore h- had been long at the work ho be
came id of a fever, and another man was put
on the j-.b. lie, too, became iii of tho same
kind of a fever .before ho had spent much time
111 the j ,b, and three or fttr other workmen
who succeeded him wore taken with the same,
ympfoms und suffered a sindiar illness, cl-
i'i.a'i i:.i(r
J i
H X'.
u ;
tanMy e
.j. ;i. ko jtidtis.)
! a full Mel complete stock o
;i;fi jhhI n Full JAiu; of
diothtrs, working on
tno same surroundings
other jobs amid
under the same
."onuitions, were enjoying their usual good
health. Hero is an ox-client opportunity for
the Society for Psychical Pa-search. "Were
t hese illnesses simply a coincidence, or did the
mummy eyes real ty exert .some occult and
baneful j ower for their own protection!
New York Commercial Advert'ser.
Why Corn Itroad is .Scarce.
Corn broad, once a stapio and common ar
iice of food, is coming to be regarded as n
luxury. Not only is this true of tho north,
but also of the south, where Indian corn was
u one time preferred to wheat for making
bread. A Georgian sai l in explanation cf
the "'Tho complaint that a really
prime article of corn or Indian meal cannot
i.o obtained in towns and cities is general. A
country miller ti'.i me that he could not pro
duce good, cornnical by the use of modern
grinding machinery. The softest and best
ilavored meal is inado from new corn. This
1 ho proprietors at largo mills refuse to grind.
To get good cornmeal the grinding must be
dotio slowly, and it must bo given time to
cool properly before it is moved. This cau
only be done in country mills, and the supply
is far behind the demand.
'Eesides this, cornmeal cannot be kept long
without deteriorating. It is not in the matter
of bread making alone, however, that corn
meal has fallen into disuse; it is less used for
cooking purposes generally, ihe greac in
crease in wheat growing and tho improve
ments ia the flour making line, together with
the high price of corn and low price cf wheat,
is iu pait responsible for this state of things.
Eew persons now use com for economical
reasons, iiany, however, would prefer it for
a considerable portion of the time, if a good
article could be procured. The southern corn
is preferred toad others, although the Ciut
corn raised in New England is an excellent
article; but it requires a large amount of
cooking. toni taat grows in tne frame
ions of the west is tho most undesirable,
and as this represents most of tho cereal that
is fcrjsale it is not used to any great extent."
iNew ork Mail and Express.
n pMWm P fin
tit - - Li V f, iV II H 'A f- . rJ W, 1 t ii'Ti XT'
S3 1 A
w ?
"iV V'- ts
oi $ b
& 1 R Y4.
(( fl 11H T fill
H s 4. $3 ffl S
Sr i- --s
r;'-' '1
f ir ;
High Priced Peaches Abroad.
An American who recently returned from
nghind saj-s that before sailing he noticed
one day a plate of fine peaches among tho
nut ot tne dming room at the hotel. He
inquired their price, and was told that the
peaches were sixty cents apiece, and that
they were "ail or nothing'' for Englishmen,
us the fruit has not yet been brought iu
ia:itities which insuro cheapness. Chicago
Tax Collecting in 3Ioroeco.
Muley Hassan knows how to collect taxes,
anyway. Kecentiy many ot his subje-cts
Manifested a tendency to be delinquent
Thereupon he cut off the heads of a dczeu or 1
j a::d stuck them r.p in front of his palace,
o cue- . urnge prompt settlement on tho part
of the others. It worked splendidly. Every!
deli:iuu.ent taxpayer ia Horocco settled uj
iu iiiilj next day. Hew York Tribune, . i
Uggi rGcd, Nolo tier, u
Bill Heads,
j oi ciy olei clqs of priii i4'.
1 Ul
r v
mmi li warn miiih ivwra mr. m
t: CuMvilifCtl.
I it'i'S
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