The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 31, 1884, Image 3

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inai n
I la hull!
M'lXlAL NtmtKH.
AilvrUinnls under tint head, tlir ctuM
yet llimeavli lnsnitlaa.
Href alar.
Liarary at
Warrp It's
C. A. Marshall, Oenflst, sue
reNHtr Id duller & Marshall.
Teeth xtraciel without palu,
b) uie ofMtroMH Oalde liui.
A. Salisbury. Dentist.
rr-f - - - - JJ
MONEY. TO LOAN-Oa real stt by A. I
UAIIM Klill HA t'ontntmn ot IW ii".ra.
f K.mdMiliiibor, aplfmlid oicli .rd ol be.trlng
tr-e:iMr 'I tli ni'ial dii-intlila laima In .'a-4
ii"ni; ; mtuati-il urar all. 1'leaiaul. luqiura
f u Hulllvan.
I.Dit H Vl.K My rililnca and four loti j
i' h .iiM. barn and Irult. and In exiwl-
nt nm.llliou ; alu two liupnv lurin. alio f
t-tnrv Ui1c diimuhm imue nuiuii
turn, and oihsr deitrslil land d hits.
IriOlHAMt-Hause, UtikBd wad land by
' JdUii Buns Hob.
Foil SALE Heveml rMldnne?, stieap. In
tulre ol 1). U. WBenlet Co.
1.MJU HA I.K-raUa Tablets la ell size, at
' iluiulllce.
,.lxj tkiiatiliaalJ It fill A AiriWI iriL. DU ikimiB I
1,'OKSALKftlot In good UcstlSB.
lars at llil olDc
TW- lea
fill r-i.ji I P r1r fir r Amrrleaa
J1 rswfua Machine, luqutrs at trill ofllca.i
i(!l9ALK-.uerdil nd, luqulto of
w.n. Wise. U
1,'OK a.AI.K- Id ppiTi for sale at this ofilc
nt to oents r hundred or I fait par dot-
i(lt.Al.B-1'rlatstni.thrla iMd loca
tion m ibl city. iiHimia at mn qnicb h
IXXtM TO HUM T. A furnishes rsom fur on
ur ! uantlaniaa,
In (ood locution. In
nil at till oIUca.
Fit". u.M lood. ew hoims of faarrsums.
e K'KNi iikIm iuoh. It per
mnnll In Slut.TVUl.
I, via HKN r iho nortn ttor room ta N
,o' Maek, and I riHini up ttalrt. i
lorAlloa lor to-i url ur lordmg buuM.r
Ineatlua for ra auraiil ur hoarding bouse, rants
l,p. Apply to tt'ia. Nftll. It-Hi
Care fxiiarniitced,
r.TUin Curo f ir Mrroin Dlilllly. Htlnal
V-Hn m Inr.ilu 'larf Kmmluot. WfTiiia
tnrr.r. i. ud an ill" 1 tlifl gimiuj-url mry
oi '.iiifiiii-d !f orovBriiiduluimno.
1 w i.r toi, tlx b.ij -4 M.
rr Kpl.oiitle Nw. Kiital Aaali-tr. lMof
Vi-iumy. .-i. Uon:iil Urilii ud all Uueiti
t, .( i,r H ln.
yrtr di.ej or bux.ili IcumM
Dlt VT llN'SlKCIKICNo. 5
Fr Impoieiieo.Hi-rl'.'.ty In rltfiorwi. Iif
r r uii.luri "ll aud all tln-o dla.
r- .uliiiif .tliior.'ualiloiild.iratiiiaiil in'wi.
a. iirxxut. frwdnp'' Oui.ri lit.oo
Ult vTAKS's fl'K'-lFlONo..
K.if 111 v'ho. Narroin Ki-iimIuU, and M
c nt ui. "I lli i''i"ii "yum,
ilfl 4 tx'r U" ! I"' l- W.
f ,r .i..m,i pn' I li tlii-or o if tj
hi .in op 'In iur I ult r "oil II uanli'ill rv rf
8 rioii In niiM JiaHy and dlli mm lr.nn
tin frieo l.w (if r b.n, l a''""-
WoauapauMtarura.iiraj rtior fund duub
It iu ui.iiy pal l. Tt!.i ' in naeli bi.l.
ttc: imi.i br n.a.Uo any .l.lri, at-ura
(i.iiu o rr-lpl..f line. B' ir-
ful tu inru'l.m tho nuinlir ot aiirciflo aiild.
Our 4i,cirti-i iroonlr raimm-fldwt Iur aH.'C'IM
dl.nn M-ianro l r-imoitu arr.vild to
ur- all 1li-f wIlB . BO niKiI.elnt. to aold
f.nniarf Ha and la)l atcura Ilia gruulari,
rdnr uuly Irom
r o. rn!(-KS a co.,
mr. wm -..!... .iiw. liwiwri-i-a
Otan-, t l.M CH e. Cun
tmn M W-M'l Vhimii If n. a- Ika -
mf HUr mmrtm4 wVh. Tfc-f fat4r -ftlfcl,t4
t-whil M p mi-aam O.M. Ufikmia
Wf M -.IK M a-Mt. r mf r til dt.. BKt f
mmtrUHU H. TM f Mn IM.hrlw.U Mlf ly
iaiMO.iafa co, m a tu w. ihm ta, ct-at
r. (j. mu k k co
DltUOiJlSra Js I'lIAUilAClSTS,
itucUen'a Arnlcst Salve.
Tho Uc.t S:t!veln t le wrW for Cuts, i
Bruin-s, S ire, Ulcers, bait Klieum, r s
ver g.-re Tetter Chm.ped hands Chllb
litlns Crns and all .Skin Erupnom snd
tosilivly cure Pius or no pay required.
It Is uuraiiteed to glvo perfect aatlg
lactlouor moufy refunded. Price 25
nuu per box. For Sale llr Fricke ft
Co. Dec. 4sly
B AM. Billiard Hall.
Jerry llartman baa reopened bis Bil
liard iiaii in bis owu 'juiidiDj(. licit to
the ti'y Hotel, and iuviteg the public
to cull and sn him In his new place of
tuint-. His tabtu arg eoiln ly relit
ted, and he will keep on baud ut all
titan the bt-M brands of eigars and to
bacco, and he will serve ojsi-rs, pig
feet Ac, at ail hours, to the hungry.
Call aud at him. aSOdtf
Thouaitndg May u.
Mr. T. W. Atkin". Glrard, Kan.
wriins; ''liinvrr hi-.ltnt to rccotn.
nienil your Eh ctric lliiters to my cus
tuiitrs thev give petfuct satialactioa
and aro rapid Bellers." Klecirlo Ilit
t'r are tliH purest and bust iiieilicine
known and will positively cure Kiduey
mid tomlalnts. Pdflfy lha
blow! and regulate the Ixiwels. No
(Hinlly can all 'iil to bri without tl.nn.
T icy will iv hull IruiU nf dnilms In
t. .mor s bills evi-rv year. Sold at fifty
cvois a bo.t e uy Fricke & iW
Deo i eSw If
A Hatlklng hkeloloo.
Mr. E.Hpiiituer.tif Michaulcatiurgh,
Pa., wii es: "l afflictad ltn luog
levnr ami a'ce on uin; snd reduced
l) livinir skflemo. Uott lreutibd.
bottle uf Dr King's N Discovery f i
t.'oniJiupllnn. which ni I ma an much
CU'd llit I lio ijilit a dollar oottla.
Af'er nsliirf lhfe boti'M, found mviilf
i ntf morn a man. miinpliilely rsiorel
to heiillh, witll hei rly appetlto and g
jmin tu fl-s't of 4 pounds." CtU a
Krlck Js i:.' drug siore and gut a frei
trial iiotila of this erialn cure lor ali
for all Itfng ilfseiiHU. Large bmtleg,
mrumn writ
Qw to the rink t'ranrrow nijht.
Gasoline, at (2t Warrick'g.
Th funeral of Patrick Carroll took
!acg niorolrg at 10 o'clock, from
tbe Catholic church.
Tbe genuluo Burt shoo at Merges '.
Remember, reserved stats lor Li.iie
Evans, Friday eveulug, aro uow oo title
Mt J. P. Young's.
The rink will be planut pluctla
which to celebrglo New Year's dy.
Go Ibere tomorrow afternoon and even
lux and enjoy yourss'f.
A com plto Hue of Jewelry, at L
C. Erveu's.
All abourd of "Fojjg'e Ferry" for the
Waterman Opera Mouse, Friday eren
Ing, Jauunry 2iL. Itound trip ticket,
78c, 60o and 85c.
Ai tomorrow la accrjied as one ef
(l9 holidays of tho jr wlilch people
are wont to recognize ai a day for en
joyment and pliiwure, tlie Hkrald
will oot be itiued.
See L. C. Erven's new stock of (oodt,
especially solcled for tbe holiday trado
Tou will hear and sue some fine slug
lug and cianciug by Lizzie Ersus, the
beautiful Ferryman's daughter at tne
Opera Ho iisp Friday nliiht, Jnn. 2.
The ladies of ilia Aid bociofy will
call tomorrow at your bouse from 8 to
6 p. ui. to receive whatever riunatlous
yoa may make lu the simiversy cclo
brailoo for Mr. Mrs. It. Newell. TLs
S'tlt will U t&keu to ili-t. l'trr; V.' bik
er's. F. Q. Frh'ke A, C.' is hitadquarters
for u ce Clinalmaa irt'80nts. Dou't
"buy uutil yon scf il - stuck.
ThcAui. Aid 8uiety will wet at
Mi s. J. N. Wind's Saturday Jarj. 3 I at p.m. A good attendance Is re
queued. The ni.nt Klcurtiit hue nf dressing
c:iifs, lintel lie's, rare rfiiincrlci e'r..
in lliii rit.y, will lis anld for tha DlXl
few iU err low, to suit tbo times at
F. 0. Fi'&tVs.
Lizzie Lvaiis, the iir-nutiful Ferry
mnd's (ir.iHliter, lit "Fotti' Frrrf," a
cc.'Dedy rtrauiN, will be jirnt-mti-d aliha
Oira Iliiuts in xl Fild.t? fvinicn.
January 2d.
A )arK stuck of the flii'-st and b'"l
slock of it?s er seen in
P atiMnMiih, ai II. Spin
N. II. I' will pay you to c them bo
linyiu buy tl-e ln-r. di!32ml
la the monthly report of School In
District No. 25. Eight Mile Grove, Xe
br:tka, the lollowiuit nami-d .j.iis
have beo placed oo tbe loll of honor
for attendance and (lep"rtmt'nt:
Lee Perry, Waller Perry, Etta Perry,
Frank nii hnrdjoii, Florence Hichard
son, Minnie Ki-er, Iva Minfop'. Itilth
CleramoDa, Jol-n Prrjr, Oi'nn Perry.
Tbe new armuBcmenU of runoint;
tr!ns betwfeo Mil city and Omaha
bits mixed up th United States mails
to such uii txieut Ik at tRo Omaha pa
pets do not arrive ontil the next day.
Puitmat'r Manliall is usinx due rod
nrge(lc measures to have the matter
flxod right.
Oystersl Oyateral 1 1
A lull supply of Booth's celrbraled
Oysters, and Celery for New Year's.
liKSKETT ft Li wis.
The delay in gutting the malls from
tbo trains up to the po.tomVo is a sub
ject of numerous complaints, and a lit
tie promptness would be appreciated.
Borne dtlnyi are of such length as to le
We dosire to close all accounts on the
first of tbe New Year. Please give
ths uotico your rarllst attention and
obllgn. Your resportfully,
It should he remembered by the pa
trons of the Opera House that, hereaf
ter tliere will be no more mi'take la
reserved scat. Manager Young had
his own reserved seat tickets printed
with the numbers printed on the cou
pon, and as there is only one ticket for
g ioh seat tliirc can be no mistake
mule. The first of thene tickets arg
now on sals at J. P. Young's for the
"Fogg's Ferry" entertainment, by L'l
t Evan ft Co , next Friday eveuicg,
Jauuary 21.
My rc-itliure un Washington
nun. Inquire of
2E3dtf. J S. HautmaN,
The Lidlee of the Aid Society invl'e
thilr frlenils lo unite with ihom In cele
bratlagtliesnlven. ry wedding sy of Mr
and Mrs Richard Newrll on N w Yesi's
night at Mrs Perry Walker's Tokens of
rriofin'iercnr.e tlist ths friends if Mr.
and Mr Newell may wish to present
lliein, iimr be sent Into Mrs, Walker's
diinng tl.a day, and It is hnpod that se
many a poxlble, ladies and gentlemea,
will gather la tho evening for socigl
! Commissioner's Proceeding
Board met purxuunt to adjournment,
all members present.
The following claims were allowed;
Diosn & Sullivsu, atty'g fees,
State cases 9126 00
Oerald Pub. Co., notices aud
proceedings 87.50
C J Nobis, convey, uit conviets. 40 20
O W FalrUuld surveying 10.00
E R TodJ wood for poor house 22.&0
J K JJuumoistur tnx rcluadod. . . 8.95
L Qdiuu overutrdisl. 13 750
Poiition of IWy Walker and 82
others, asking that county pay the taxs
of Richard Newell for the years 1883,
1683, lm, as said Rlcbsrd Newell bas
been sick lor two years and uuabls to
perform labor. Petitleo granted.
Pelitltion of M, A. Ilaitlgaa and
others asking that CommiMtioueri pur
chase full sot of Supreme Court Re
ports for tho ee of Clerk of Distilei
Court acd the Court, it was after due
aoLsidi-ratiou ordered that County
Cleik prccure said reports aud turn the
same ever to the District Court Clerk.
Ordered that County Treasurer Is iu
structcd to turn $0 0 Ofrom tba county
general fuud to county bridge fund.
Settlement was then dude with tLg
following road overseers:
Frank Stam'er over district No. 11 j
amount received f3U0.70; am't eipen'
ed for lumber, labor, ftc , 91 12 08 ; bal
ance due district, $118.67.
Jesse Burnett overseer diet. No 12;
am't ree d trout Co. Treasurer t'JS.OO;
am't expended for work au4 matt-rUls.
$30. 2 J. Order on dist. to bal.,$24 20.
Geo. E. Jiuell, overseer dist. No. 31;
am't up. i.drtl iu labor, $27.75. Order
to but. 27.75.
. Jdines Clizbe overseer dist. No. H;
sm't ree'd from Co. Treasurer l-'OO.(K);
paid out lor iubor ami materia!, 22.14.
Order on dist, to bal. li 14,
A Tyson overseer dist. No. 48; in'i
rex'd from Co. Tien. 30CO; pnld out
lor labor and materials 8S2.70. To cr
dt r on dist, to bal. 70.
Wit. M. Ruater, uvnt dist. 47;
By a m'l expended for labn. ftr., 30.09
To order on dist. to bal. 830.00.
O A. Ruse, nveisuiT dist No 60;
am'tree'd Co. Tre-nsurer. 20.00:
paid for labor, ftc., $26.75; to order to
hal 86 75.
IIi a aril Tiilman, overseer dist No. 8;
To am't recieved Irmn Co. Tn-asui-T,
',25 0"; Py litbur fcu.i materlaln $50.50.
To cder to bul 8j6 30.
Pe'er Ildinnii-ll overseer dist No. 14;
'iy bmor and inalnrial, crjuit, $'7.yO.
To order to bnl. 37.90.
James Craw ford, ovenerrdijt. No. f;
To am't ree'd from Co. Treasvrer 65.r0.
Paid for lalior and materlaU $u3 CO
Dr. lo order to bal. $J8.60.
Win. M. Smith, ovi-rseer dist. No. 19;
Dy labor psrf jrmed J22.&0. To order
to bal. $22.50.
O. C. Chandler, overseer disf. No. 21 ;
Am't ree'd of Co. Tressurer, $25.00,
Pnld ont for labor, ftc, 539.80. To sr.
der to bal. $4.60.
Order allowed R. C. Windham on
fi-neril fund for 8H0S7, for redenip
tioa from erroneous sale of certain
laud In sec, 18, T 11, U 12.
Order allowed Mrs. Forerty to the
am't of $3 00 per week for keeping
Lizzie Fitzgerald, a confirmed invalid.
The following claims wers allcwed;
Ptttlt Jurors, Dec. Tsrra $715.30
Grand " " " . .... 173 2
Witu.aea before Graud Jury... 161 70
S Richardson, services ss com'r. 13.00
A B Todd u is oo
Johd Clements 69 Oo
State Journal Co P.ocks 51 07
W D Jones, livery f.Oo
DalliiTs Dec. term of court.... 190 Ot'
J saai) Wilaa, work on road.. . 4.0ij
John Uock, poll tax refunded., 8.0
G F Terrylrry, tax refunded.. 8.20
J. W. Jennings, Co. Clerk.
Slippers for Chrlatmus presents flue
and cheap at Merges.'
Mis O'lve Guts returned last even
ing from a visit with friends lo Gleu
wood, Iowa.
' Mrs Simeon D. Mayer started for
New York City, her old boms, this
morning where she will visit for a
month with her parents and other rols
lives. Her many frbgds will "i-h her
a must plesaul visit.
Fn d Stallemaun returned home this
rooming from a visit to the soutli and
a vUU abb his daughter, Mrs Bloe.'cl,
in bt Louis.
Kiier T. J. Rurtoo has footed at
Plum Creek where he I uow ingui.ed
lu a aaries of nu c'lliys.
t'spt. ai d Mrs. L. I). Bennett rfturned
borne to-day, Mrs. B. Atcliiiu
and the Captain from his Nvw Mexico
in, or j
Meets every Tnrsilay evening at the
Cuii le II ill. iu HiicKwood Block. V
itlug KnighU aro iuviiod in attend.
11. M. Hons, C. C.
W L. Uvkkm, K. of R. ami 6.
CbrUlmss Slippers at Merges.'
The Two Johns-
Llttla Somothlng About the
Funniest Show on Iho Koad.
ext TliursiJay (New Yiuig daj)
tnitiuee and uighl, the Two Julius
Comedy Company, headed by the olo
time coniuiluDu, John Stewart and
Johu Hurt, and an excellent singing
g ituidy orgttnlzaLinu, will uiska tlitlr
fir.t b,pt-htance in Omnlm, at BovU's
Opera HouHfl. The "TwoJohus" are
said to be a rollitksouie, jolly set of
I eople, who have the faculty of send
ing their auditors home after au even
lug of hilarious eujoytnuut from list
ening to the comicitl sayiogs, aud see
ing tbe ludicrous situations presented
during this pity, A very pleas
ing feature of the entertainment is the
singing introduced by members of tbe
company, coutiining of items from
opera in costume, solo.', duiuiaud quar
toites. Omaha lleiald.
Tho Adams Brothers.
These renowned g) lunaiis and acrobats
ho are attracting uiui h attention iu
Omaha have been engaged by the rink
uaniigoment to give au entertain meat
ia this city Saturday evening before the
atertaiument in the rink they will five
au open air exhibition on a wire
stretched across main tit. at.Otb, This
Btitortainincrit will be aomelhing en
tirely nsw and the feats the Adams
Cms. perform aro wonderful, their ex
.h.bition receiving uuatiated praise
where ever they appear.
11 . r '.; i 4L tt a 6 'Li a. a, .
Young, Di:siN-ra manc'b.
Friday Evi'iiing, Jan. 2d.
Engagement of
The Charming Petite Commcd
iennc. Lizzie Evans
Supported by the Young Cumtillan.
Harry Warren.
And I'neirsiitlnnsly Ktrnng Com pay nf Artist
laC. K. Callahan's Plctur(iie Comedy
Fogg's Ferry.
N. R, This play v.111 be produced with' all th
rliiHiat iceuery sndellei'ts with the same eoin
pleie rouiianv that inarkst Its successful MB
st the Park Theatre, N. V.
Adinisbioa 35 50 and 75 cents
Reserved seats go on sale au J.
P. Young book store "Wednesday
100 TONS
Now in the yards nf the
U'.iUcbrcnit Coal Co.
And for sale, delivered at $1,00 per
ton. Leave orders at
cr. ip. TrTOUjra-a
iiJX 5 "WA-o-o: -r
f if , AFI
Wayoti, liuyyy, Mai hitif and I'lov i :
, pairing, uud ytrteraljohlUng
k now prnpsred to io all stalls ot rp rhu
ol farm and ot lior n 'Ii1i.iit, hs taer
i a Kod laths lo n y saop.
The old Reliable Wagcn Marei
Iia't ikKTi oliaixn ot ttia ri.ii jnon
He Is w.'ll knowr as a
Sew Wttsst and Boggiaa aaade I
tfn tii, jBV.ftn lunirtrwswat ir:jiitj'4rffcg.ay !;'. -a:
are off; tho painting is done; gad now tTgrything gitgaragkad
Tho Boss Dlothicra who wltlx a
double header stock of
Clothing: and FurniKh
ing f:ood Tiill occu
py the main liuo
and all ol its
Our Clothing is the most Substantial. Our Fits tr rrefet
Our prices are uniform and reason able. "Ve Lave a Coanpletg lig
of Gloveii, llata, Capi andUn Jerwear in all gradgs; ttt gagt TTkiia
Shirt iu town, and blue flannel and Casiimexg giiirU.
Knit Jackets and Knit Coats.
Lined Dack uoats and Pants.
Overalls and Oveishhts
- Tiunks, Vail3t8 uud Bigi.
Faro's Curtrm Hade Eoots.
A Large Lma of Winter Overcoat.
In Fact, ETcrylliins In MESS tnfl B0TS TT
ITour trade iu solicited, and
we will try ,aud merit your pat
rozaage. C. B. WBSCOTT,
Rockwoo-1 Tllcck, n.ATTSMOUTIT, MB
i i
II 1
Meep con.Ht.iiatly on hand xt
full Hud co.u.ite line oi Hie Fifc-Sf U ARS tad TobACCO,
CHOICE CL'MrECTlO.NEr.Y, and all tbt Kwi a;.4 F,itodiclg
ot the d;.y.
A new a. 2d complete fccln tt
' FANCY" GOODS, t every iefcriptwa just recgiTgd. Otr itok
is NEW, and we are offence.; bargains.
cT. ID. i3I3:3FS03Xr.
Parlies desiring lu vhII themselves
of a thorough course of viouu isa ruc
tion of tbe ini'St cUssical order can
uow liave ibr beiietlt ol my vld ex
pertise. My ruci iod of aalatag l
tbat of the Lupsig dneraiol y ot
liermany. ltwitaia will be rigulary
ifiveit for the la-nint ot parent auu
frlenils the pupil' io snow tut piw-
greas made Itmu it-rui to tviu. Ualy a
limited nuuilx r of pupils will be takeu
and iily(such ns show a laleut for tins
greatest of lusti uiueu's.
Our charge are giooo tr lorni i
10 weeks. Applicatious Dy uisii ie-
ceived. '
dAwlm Isaac Kalukt.
The celebrated Butt soe for ladiss
sue psutteinen, at Merge .
Strayed or Stolen.
From Nrb on or gbcot
the 10 li lust. Ont led InlUar Willi
short horns gtvf a whit stripo on her
belly. Any InforniHiinii leading to the
lecoveiy oliaiau will be wrll reward
ed by J. J.'ileVwy.
d8 wl Plattsmouib, Nb,
pic' uref mini's and pictures. Alway
A alee stock. At l.iONo'g
Itare Bargain.
Cord brli.k boung aix rooms and base
ment nrd ons aero of ground fruit trees
and gripea, for sul or trad for farm
bind Kuuuire of
f. MATHaag
piu.n CoaJs
Plosh toih-l sets, a ery lar' snd
fine Hanrl tit piirciiKed faril.e iul
duy trade, Wit ibsplawd a'
dlt F U i li ke A co s
Th cel-,tni Bit no
mum g.'etlt'i'iei . i.t M lw'.
r.-f i u'.i
i:nf 1-
bull 0a:rw,
Ami pail- iiicmi.) I.. - u :a . ti
City ilen il "kit
J.i!ATi( H t-e A 1 0
All kin nf Ji-rii . in
tiior ler, at L. ".. C''vi'
uv.t...iui d
HVi' i- ntf tl "
a, t'i H''(l ll'."
c. y mi rt i j i- inri-i.
eev. friu
.if I
oi .it en
Albuois ad pLotograpl slbmrs at
. . .
M . aa 1SI
Clsars out rats, mice, roschs lies,
ants, bed-bug, skunks, cblpmenkJ,
gophers. Uc. Druggitg,
PalpiiAtlnu, Dnpsleal gwelllngg
Dltiiurgs, Indigestion, Heilasch, !
ie.n.s cured by "Wells' Usaltk Bs
newer," 'ROUGH ON C0BXS"
Ask for Wells' "Hough oa Ceras. 18
Qmck complet cure. Harg oa sett
corns, warts, bunions.
Quick, complete curg alt kKasy,
Bladeraad Uriaary Dlseasea, Bcrld
ng, Irritation, Stone, Oratel, Caitarrh
of tba bladder. $1. Druggists,
Deo. 4 dir.
,,noioii on coccua
Ask for ''Rough on Coughs" for
Coughs, Colds Bore throat, Jioarssasss
Troche 16e. Liquid 15c.
Till P9 LE
"Wells' irealtsi R-newer." restores
health and Tiger, curas Dy.papsla, Ira
porteneK, Sexnal Debility. &1
Cures Colic, cramp, diarrl ; ex
ternally for aches, pains, sprain j, head
ache n"urala-la rbviimaiiitn. For saaa
or beast. i'Ound 93e,
If yoa are failing; Uoken, wsra
out and nrvjuuess, use '''.Vslls'
Health Ksne wgr." $1. Dmr.Wta.
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