The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, July 23, 1884, Image 3

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Cirea'atlng, Library at Warrick.'
Irfc atore. ltl
G. A. tlarNliall, Dentist, suc
cessor to Clutter & Marshall.
Teeth extracted without paiu,
bjr use ofMtrotiN Oxide Cia.
A. Salisbury, lentlt.
Excited Thousands.
All over tlie land arc going into ecs
tasy over Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption. Their uoiooked for
recovery ly the timely use of tuu great
life Saving remedy, causes them to go
nearly wild-iu its praise, it is guar
anteed to positively wire Severe Coughs
Colds, Asthma. Hay Fever, Bronchitis,
Hoarseness, Loss of voice, or any aticc
tions of t he Throat and Lungs.
Trial Bottles free at J. M. Iloberta
Drugstore. Large size $1.00
Dec 0 lye6w. .
For lame back. Side or Chest nee
Shiloh'B l'orous Plaster. Trice 25
cents, ...
"SHILOU'S COUQU and Consump
tion Cure is sold by us on a guarrntee.
It cures conanmption.
you need for Consumption. Loss of ap
petite, Dizziness and all symptoms of
Dyspepsia. Price 10 and 76 cents per
CltOUPE Whooping though and
Bronchitis immediately relived by
Sfti'oh'a Cure. Sold by Smith & Black
Bros. Dec.20eowdwly
These are Solid Facts.
The best blood puriflcr and system
regulator ever placed within the reach
of suffering humanity, truly is Electric
Bitters. Inactivity of the Liver, Bil
iousness, Jaundice. Constipation, Weak
Kidneys, or any disease of the urinary
organs, or whoever requires an appetiz
er, tonic or mild stimulant, will always
find Electric Bitters the best and only
certain cure known. They act surely
and quickly, every bottle guaranteed to
give entire satisfaction or money re
funded. Sold-at. fifty cents a bottle by
J. M. Roberts Jand&wly.
A Wide Awake Druggist.
Mr. J. M. Roberts is always wide
awake in his business, and spares no
pains to secure the best of every article
in his line. He has secured the agency
for the celebrated Dr. King's New Dis
ooVepy for Consumption. The only
I certain cuae known for Consumption,
Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma,
Hay Fever Bronchitis, or any affection
of the throat and Lungs. Solp on pos
itive guarantee. Will give you a Trial
Bottle free. Regular 6ize 81.00.
Dec. C lyeGw
A Startling Discovery.
Physicians are often startled by re
markable discoveries. The fact that
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption and all Throat and Lung
diseases is daily curing patients that
thev have Given up to die, is startling
them to realize their sense of duty, and-
examine iuto the merits of this wonder
ful discovery ; resulting in hundreds of
our best Physicians using it in their
practice. Trial Bottles free at J. M.
Roberta Drug Store. Regular size
Alt contestant tor the 25 premiums aggregat
ing above amount, offered by BUckwelT- Dur
ham Tobacco Co., must observe the following
conditions on which the premiums are to be
awarded: All bags must bear our original
Bull Durham label. U. 8. Revenue Stamp, and
Caution Notice. The bags must be done up
ecurelv in a package with name and address
of sender. and dumber of bags contained plain
ly marked on the outside. -Charges must be
prepaid. Contest data Xorrmber A- Allpack
acrea shoald be forwarded December 1st. and
niut reach us at Durham not later
bertSlh. No matter where you reside, send
yirkw-Jadri-e us by mail that you have
done sotand state the number of bags sent.
Najneiof successful cntesiAntth number
of bass returned, will be published. Dec. 2i in
Boston flSuW? New York, Hamld: Philadel
iwDurham. N. O, Tobacco ftant:
New OrtSSl iSS-iS-wrot ; Cincinnati. En
ChicW Daily Sews: San Francisco,
tltfxmicte- Address,
Iaciwsxl's DmHAX Tobacco Co,
Durham. N. C. ,
Every genuine package has picture of Bull.
TfSoe our next announcement.".
The I co Man.
J09. Fairfield has established an of
fice at ilonarch billiard hall, where he
will contract with consumers to supply
ice for the season at the lowest terms.
-8m2 .
Two hundred and forty acres under
fence, with running, water, and one
half mile from the city. Apply to
5ltf W. S. Wise.
M O Connor keeps on hand the cel
ebrated Anheoser Burch St Louis Bot
tled Beer and always ready to pay par
ticular attention to his customers.
You nve money by buying your
boots, shoes and (dippers at- Merges',
where you have the largest assortment
to select from u.
ClorLes. Hair, Nail and Tooth Brnsh-
ea, Combi, &c, nice line, at Fishers,
east Main street. 49dtf
It you want to gtt you broom that
ill give the bfft satisfaction for the
same money ask your dealer for Dor
iok' brooms. - fiS3.lxao
An emigrant was on the streets to
day with a four-horse team, consisting
of two oxen and two cows yoked to a
The city is as quiet today as though
there was a county seat election, and
old Sol pours down his rays upon the
devoted heads of those 'who have to bo
abroad, with unrelenting fur'.
Yeats, at his barber Bhop, has the
most expressive and convincing cam
paign document that a fun-loving pub
lic ever taw. It is an object lesson that
every democrat should Bee.
The lawn party given by the ladies
of the Presbyterian church at Thomas
Pollock's last evening, wa3 largely at
tended, aud the pleasant evening and
social gathering was enjoyed by all
One of the entertaining features of
the ice delivery in the city is when the
Ice wagon drives up to a residence and
the boy in charge introduces bis com
ing by swearing at Ids team iu a man
ner to do credit to a pirate.
The firemen started forth this morn
iog at 5 a. m. accompanied by the B. &
M. band for the state tournament at
Omaha. If the weather at Omaha cor
responds with the weather here, they
will have.a warm time of it an no mis
take. The youDg mens republican meet
ing held last evening decided to pro
cure full suits for the fall campaign,
and they will bo ordered just as soon
as the members of the club leave their
orders with the secretary. In this con
nection, all members of the club are
called upon to interview Mr. II. X.
Dovey, secretary of the club, and leave
their orders.
Despite the tropical weather and
grievous days and nights that do an
noy, some twenty couple of the T. A.
M. ciub hld a dancing party in Rock
wood Hall last evening. The occasion
was a partial farewell to Miss Ilawke,
of Nebraska City, Miss Anderson, of
G.euwood and Miss McElroy, of Fair
field, Iowa, who have been visiting
friends in this city. The party is de
scribed by the participants as a most
pleasant aud enjoyable one.
Plattsmouih sent another needy one
to the Home of the Friendless this
movuing. The person in question was
a young woman with a babe, who had
been deserted by her husband. She
came to this city to live with her par
ents, but as they are very poor people,
they could not keep her,' consequently
the ladies of the Home In this city, se
cured he a place in the State Home
for the Friendless at Lincoln.
There is a man in this county to
whom tie cake deservedly belongs for
uncqualed cheek. He is supervisor of
a road district, and evidently takes a
wide view of his official privileges.
The other day he went into Bradt A
Grimes' and called for a drink of whis
key. He drank it aud said. "Charge it
to the road district." The barkeeper
replied that the house didu't do busi
ness with the road district. "Oh, thats
all right,'' he said, "out at Filley we
get whatever we want and have them
charge it to the. road district." He
walked out, leaving the barkeeper to
charge it to the road district or to who
he pleased. We don't believe the road
district will'pay it. Beatrice Express.
A Railroad Rumor.
Some few days ago the Denver Tii
bune published the statement that the
B. ana M. were arranging to contrat in
a very short time for the building of
four hundred miles of new road west
from Denver, and through the moun
tains. The Chicago Times considers the
statement of suflcient weight to re
publish i. aud it may mean business.
The B. and M. folks have now lour
surveying parties working west of Den
ver, ana tney navo Dcen surveying in
the mountains for the last three years.
Evidently this work is not for nothing;
and the Denver and Rio Grvnde rail
road connection is proving anything
but what the B. and M. desire, so it
may not be a surprising fact to see the
latter company commence work at
once in a new broad guage line from
Denver to Salt Lake. In which event,
it will mean business all along the
Pigmy, Performing Pony-Pupils.
In Forepaugh's circus seyen pietty.
peerless, puny, performing ponies, &
pear in one ring, feigning death, salut
ing the audience, starting, halting, fall
ing, kissine, embracing, going lame,
blind, forming into squads, marching,
answering questions, forming pyramids
playing jhide and seek, fiud-oating.
dancing, waltzing, and keeping schco'.
Remember the pic nic on' Saturday
the 26tb lost, at Smith's fcToye. - The
children and teachers of the Christian
church Sabbath school, hope to meet
all their frUndi upon that occasion.
A New Campaign Club
Last night while the leading citizens
slept beside their wives aud were hap
py while the bats flitted in the dark
ness and the owls hooted up in Central
park, Richey's lumber yard was the
scene of another midnight meeting a
gathering of patriots was there held to
organize a campaign club. From the
record of the meeting found this morn
ing on a shingle in the yard the fol
lowing were among thosj present:
Col. Iluffuer, Lieut. Col. Krcehler, C.
Whopper Sherman, Stonequarry Dra
per, U S. Judge Crites, J Smiling Hart
man, Patriot Ramsey aud other who
appeared o take little part in the meet
ing. After striking kevcral matches,
aud illuminating the darkness sufficient
to ascertain that Bro. Connor was not
prescut, and after posting private llart
man as a bentinel to shoot him on any
spot if he should appear, all stood up
and were sworn lo secresy excepting
stone quarry Draper, who was led up
before patriot Ramsey, who at
once pointed out to Bro. Druper the
evil effects coining from his giying the
stone quarry vote business away and
who on account of his loquacious dis
position must be doubly guarded. The
judge then adminiaterd to Brother
Stone Quarry Draper, the iron clad
oath, and business proceeded; after
much discussion as to a name for the
cluo, in which some advocated calling
it "Bachelor Cleveland Club," and oth
ers favored Hendricks old organizations
name, "Kngihts of the Golden Circle,"
it was decided'with the greatest unan
imity to straddle the question at issue,
and call the club "Knights of the Bach
elors Circle." This settlement of a
very momeutuous question elicited
great applause, and the following offi
cer were at once elected :
Grand Joss Chairman Ruffuer.
Grand Enunciator Judge Crites.
Grand Fiddlesticks C. W. Sherman.
Grand Watchman of Connor Patriot
Grand Collector of Delinquent As
6e3sments Col. Kra;hler.
Grand keeper of the Sacred Relics
W. Mickelwait. K
Janitor of the Lumber Yard Private
It Is "Only "
J. Sterling Morton, the sage, philoso
pher and anti-monopolist of Arbor
Springs Lodge, discourses at great
length and with much unction through
the columns of the State Democrat.
The epistle is directed to "Dear Wat
son," but the wad is aimed at the Pre-
tection wing of the democratic party in
Nebraska. Mr. Morton, as one Oi the
carpenters andjoinerp, authoritatively
defines tho mooted plank. He says it
is crisp, direct and equare-toed free
trade: that it is "tariff tor revenue on
ly." This ought to settle the matter
definitely, and the Herald hopes there
will be no more wrangling among the
democratic leaders over this question.
When one duly annolnted and appoint
ed by the Nebraska democracy performs
the labor allotted to him, be ought to
be authority, at least, for what he in
tended to do and did. Morton says it
is "only," and now we hope Mr. Monop
oly Poppleton and the Rev. Dr. Miller
will acquiesce and subside, and that all
heresies and backsliding may be forev
er ended.
The Hastings Gazette Journal has the
following particulars of Sunday night's
At Grand Island the hail did but lit
tle if any damage, that city having suf
fered from the storm of Friday night,
but a cyclone, which was easily distin
guished from the balance of the storm,
came down upon the U. P. car shops,
and heavy and solid stone mason work
u they are, thetyclone completely de
molished one end of the building blow
ing in the end, and tearing off one end
of the roof. It did no other damage
until it struck the town of Phillips, on
the Grand Island branch of the B. & M
Here it blew down two stores and a ho
tel. Those buL'dings, were not, as we
understand it. entirely completed. At
Centrtl City the hail broke all the un
protected glass upou the north and
west sides cf the buildings stripped the
leaves from of! the trees, and destroyed
gardens and farmers' crops. At Colum
bus a -irtivj ram fell, but so far as
we can learn no damage was done. At
Juniata a house was blown to atoms.
The occupant was badly hurt as he was
just about to enter the cellar for safety
A Card to my FrlenJ.
I wish to extend my sincere and
heartfelt thanks to. the many friends
who peisonalli and otherwise attended
to my family aud the funeral of my
darling wife. To my friends I cannot
express my feelings. I felt their sym
pathy for me and my dear children in
our great loss.
To thoje who had more direct man
agement I would say that there was
nothing left undone. The arrange
ments were perfect in every respect,
and far beyond what I could bare ex
pected. B. D. Gaixaobes.
Plattamonth, July 22, ItU.
Both Puzzled and Mixed-
Plattsmouth, .Inly 21, 1S84.
En. Herald: We are very much
concerned, and would like to kDow it
there has anything gone wrong in
the democratic world, or if some of the
leading spirits are iu the habit of hold
ing midnight revelry, thereby frighten
ing honest people out cf their .beds at
untimely hours.
We were awakened last uight by hear
ing some unusual noise, and quickly
springing from the bed, we hastened to
our window, aud judge of our feelings,
on teh.!diiir whut appeared to be a
full siz-J gh'ist. But as our room was
in t!io ccin 1 story, we felt corn para.
tively sifj, ti-i his ghostship did not
attempt lo lly, but only kept moving
about, e!tiiiif Mto all sorts of shapes,
now kfiv. 'iui; :i:i1 h.wiiig down like in
earnest si :vlU ai.).i for meicy, and
again rui.-ing up like it would declare
to ihe v. ri.i its position and future
prOffpfct,.nov rushing madiy forward
until it rvat hed the walk, aud again
rolling and ttuiibliug into the middle
of the direct ; and thus it kept on, al
ways moving, never still, until we won
dered Hit as some troubled spirit,
docme.l to walk the earth at night for
a period of years, and not being satis
tied with its sentence, was groveling
aud bupphcating mercy.
After becoming satisfied that it
meant no harm to us, wc again retired.
but only to ponder the question in our
mind as to whut it va3, and what its
midiiou waf if any it had.
On coming down stairs the next
morning to see if his ghostship had
taKeii himself off with the darkness,
and left no traces, iina&iue our sur
prise cu beholding that all the ghost
there was or had been, was a late issue
of tho Plattsmouth Daily Journal,
which had been blown by the wind un
til it seemed to be rising and kneeling
as described.
Now, Mr. Editor, we would like to
kuow, if the democrats are so dissatis
fied with their nominated candidate.
that the spirits of some of their leading
lights, snch as Mr. Sherman, can cot
rest easy in their beds at nigbt, but
must ever go wandering up and down
through life, seeking, "they know not
An Inquirer.
Clendale Notes.
We are having a very wet harvest,
grain is sprouting and will be ruined if
it continues raining much longer. Grain
is all dead ripe and will not stand
much longer.
Armina Tenant met with quite an ac
cident ; 03 she was coming from Lou
isville last Thursday on horseback,
John Twist's dog ran out and took her
horse by the tail, scaring the animal,
and throwing her off, straining her arm
and shoulder and bruising her badly;
lead should be,applied to such a dog as
that at once.
Lester Tyson, of Omaha, attended
Sunday school here last Sunday after
There is some talk of Sunday School
picnic here some time in the near fu
Oliver Ward and wife are v si ting
their daughter in Greenwood.
A. B. Walradt has had a sick brush.
but is better.
We understand Mrs. Bertha Ahl is
very sick.
Grandpa Jenkins' health is very poor,
he has congestion of the Etomach and
is very low.
Anyone having a surplus of cucum
bers will do well to call on or address
R. W. Cunningham, Greenwood, Ne
braska. The wind storm last Sunday night
broke the corn down very badly.
; Uso.
Mrs. Mat lie Gerrans, after a few
days visit with her mother and friends
and relatives in this city, left this mor
ning fur her Lincoln home.
j. U. Kicney, ot Kicney iiros is in
Omaha today on a business trip to that
Miss Lena Hawke, one of the most
fashionable belles of Nebraska City,
who has been the guest of Mrs. P. Tay
lor for this last month, took her depar
ture for home this morning, in com pa
ny with Mrs. Taylor and her daughter
Nellie. It is needless to add that a
good many of the young society gents
ci tms city were ac tne aepot to see
her off, and if report speaks true she
took in her keeping the affections of
several of the young men of Platts-
C. M. East, of Fremont, is at the
II. D. Travis, of Weeping Wuter, is
in Plattsmouth attending to legal busi
ness. W. H. Woodhurst and Theo. C. Sher
wood, two society young men from Pa
cine junction, came over last evening
to enjoy a dance in midsnmer in the
latitude of Plattsmouth.
ouxtN COB pipes in every . style
SchkseVi. lutt -
"Light of asiA."
Fir-t time en In th new World of the latent
Krealevt. Zoloiflcil Wonder ou Sarth,
the Sacrrd. Staiuese.
Come See this Silvery. Sacred Symbol of Slam.
Every where an o!)J-ctof surpassing wonder
and unbounded admiration. Thousands upon
thonnaiid.s are dally throneing our canvass
halls to see tbi lily-looking, argent-eyed
creature, that la th4 country ot itn cptn -e is
an oliject of th most exalted reverence and
worship. It is be'ieved everywhere In farther
India that the Divine iluddha must delight to
abide in the
their own Incarnation of purity : and one quar
ter of a 100 TRAIN El ELETHsNTS.
Comintr now on its 20th annual tour of America
and will exhibit afternoon and evening at 2 and
8 o'clock p. in., tlie Great Forpaugh show at
Coloisal gathering of all nations and first ever seen in America, of the Sul
tau's own children ot the desert.
30 Mcslcm Mamelite and Moors
Accom pained by a realArabian MuIcal Band,
with wild beaHta ; i.'M't tu-u and horses : 3
circus; 3 rings : 90 acts, with Homan Hippo
drome, (full lia'f mile race track.) Kaces by
elephants, camel. horses, ponies, men, dots,
monkeys, and all kinds of races, and just im
ported thirty thousand dollar
Roman char it rxces. grand museum of marvels :
giants 8 feet high, d war's and living wonders
irora.every where. Seats for 20 ,0o). Fourrl
way trains. Worth miles of travel to see the
Grand and Gorgeous Hlstorscal Street Pageant
Wide open dens of savage monsters. Five
hui dred royally robed procesMonvsts. Venun,
croddess of love, Cleopatra, l.aila Hookh. All
toe weauu, pomp ana pageantry oi tlie distant
Indies. Absolutely larger than Karnnm's or
any and all the other combined Shows in ex
istence, ADMISSION, only 50 cents. Children under
6 years. 25 cents. Extra I rains. Low rates to
and from town to se the Great. Forepaugh
show. Don't forget the day and date, It is
never changed.
Sole Froprletor
Young Men's Kepubiican
2d Vice Pres.
1st Vice Tres.
Meetings every Tuesday evenings, in their
rooms in Fitzgerald's block. -
Until further notice I can brine im -
migrants from England or Ireland to
Plattsmouth for $35.00. This is a rare
chance, and those intending to send for
their relations should embrace this fa
vorable opportunity.
103 tf M. O'Donohob
Republicans are especially invited
to meet at Sehelegel's aud try the
Blaine and Logan cigar. 98dtf
Fence Tosts.
5000 dry fence posts for sale, inquire
of W. S. Wise. 19tf.
Tryth-3 B ma ia plug chewing to
bacco, it is by far the finest plug chew
ing made, Matt Scnlegel sells it. ltt
f W?r
That water will not run un hill.
that a kiss is sweeter than it looks
and looks better
that good CILOTMING is the
best, and cheapest to buy, that
money can be saved, and a square
deal had at WescotVs, the HJoss
QJlotnier. as ne does not deal in the
inferior lines adapted to the fixed
purposes ot bankrupt and assig
nee sales.
We avoid all gag schemes, sell
to all alike and treat our custo
mers with the utmost fairness. A
complete stock of seasonable
clothing and furnishing goods on
hand, and we are prepared to con
vince all in doubt that our statements are correct, that our goods are
the best, and that it is to your interest to trade with WESCOTT
Late styles in Straw and Fur Hate, Novelties in Neckwear, full line ot
Trunks, Valices, &c, &c Everybody welcome.
; S. IS. IISCtB1
Bockwood Block. THE BOSS CLOTHIER.
Sabbath Sohool Plo Nlo.
Next Saturday the Sabbath School
children of the CbrUtian Church, their
teachers aud f riendo, will hold a basket
pic-nic at Smith's Grove, on ; North
Hill, adjoining the residence of Mayor
Smith. Everybody interested in the
prosperity of the Sabbath School work
is invited to be present. The school
will meet at the church at half past 1
o'clock next Saturday.
List of Letters.
Liet of letters remaining unclaimed
in tho P. O. at Plattsmouth, Cass Co.
Neb., July 24th, 1884:
Candal Mrs It
Frazier H
Gordon'Geo S
Gore Geo 3
Green John
Goodin G B
Hill Fannie
ilira Eliza
Letson 8 li
McNeill Ennuitt
McIIenry J
Novinger Isaac
Reed VViiliam
Sullivan Chas F
Torney 11 J
Wright Mrs Alice
Yahnscn Nellie
Yerick Ij
Person calling for the above will
please say "advertised."
J. W. Marshall. P. M.
Orders for hand made lirooma at.
tended to nrornutlv at th Wmiom
broom factory. d28-lino
Its highly concentraated curative
powder, makes Ayer's Sarsapilla the
best and cheapest blood puilier known.
Suearhead tolia.m ia nil i.a
All chewers seem to be anxioua tn m,t
that larrn. which will bn i von nurutr
in J une next. Call at Matt Schlegel's
tor a circular. itf
Parlor and bed room sets in all stvlea
at the lowest prices- at Henry Boeck'd.
Advertl-tAiYittnf fl nrwlor r tiiu hA
..-.v. UBu nvau, mien it? II Lm
per line each insertion.
Mg5SrM.L0AN0nre,,Ie"ute by a1T-
FOR BALE-A one horse buggy and Tiarues
aliuost new. eiiuuirt? of
5dtf. MRS. A. 8CIILEOKr.
CHR SALE My residence and four lots -
Bvruu,, uoi i. dull 11 UIL, ttllvl IU CXCel-
lent condition ; also two improved farms also
2-t.tory brick bushies house 4ox8o feet, on Main
street, and other deeiraule laud aud lots
POIHALE-Houses, lotsand wood land bv
- John Rons & Son. '
FOR SALE Several residences, chean. In
quire of D. H. Wheeler & Co!
j'OR SALE Scratch Tablets In all sizes at
this office. uitt
POR SALE a lot In good location. Paitlcu
lara at this office uitt
FOR SALE An order for a new American
Sewinir MsLchiun. Iiwinii-a at ..i.. .
. , U V .MIO VIUWt
FOR SALE cords of wood. Inqulr ot
W. S. Wise.
Von SALE Id papers for sale at this offlca
l at 40 cents er hundred or a. khuij nr i-
en. " ,
J j'OR 8 ALE Four lots together In good loca-
tiou in thl citv. iDauire at thi miio.
FOR RENT. -The northeast room In Stadel
maun's building, after August Int. Jliis
room is suitable for millinery or dress making
or for a small business of any kind, loo uire it
the premises. liltf
OOOMTO KENT. A furnished room for one
x or two gentlemen, in good location. In.
quire at thl. office. 7ff-
FOR RENT or sale on long time, a house
ana two lots with good improvements. Ap
ly to R, B. Windham.
if OK REN I Good, new houses of four rooms.
god water, good garden spots, ti per
month in Shafervflle. w. it. Suafek.
FS. I?ki.t'T'1 he north toreroom In Mev
. .,le blck, and 8 rooms up stairs. Good
location for restaurant or boarding house rents
cheap.Apply to Wm. Neville. ieitf
T.?TT P d cuff button wiih agato set. The
Under may leave at this office and be re
warded, tf
f OST A locket one side Mack enamel set
JJ with pearls ; lectures of old gentleman aud
lady inside. Finder please retai n to Mis. Hay
erat IJr. Wmtersteeu's or leave it at this of
fice. after dark,