The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, June 26, 1884, Image 3

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    rlAfflSMOOTfl HERALD
Grand Fourth of Juiy Poom-
i'ook and Yeats, the barber mate,
Tim beat you'll find In seven tates :
If any donbt, they'll find it out
liy calling in when they're about.
Willi good shampoo and bergamct.
Tlie'll allele you up without a doubt.
1( your hair lxeurly. they'll cut It straiKlit.
Or htiave your faee at any rate.
We'll warrant them to vhave will) ease.
And all their cutom try to please.
Their tool they keep In extra nhape
la order to, men' face scrape.
The Ladle too. they now invite.
For them, you know, tliev mut lut slight ;
They'll cut your baii Just tu the style.
uw pleae call, aiel Hive tbeut a trial.
In the Court Hou"ehnp you'll always And
The doors wide opeu, from sevea till ulue ;
And Sain and Hilly youH find there, too.
Always reay to accommodate U.
Yeats ik Cook.
Trln Time,
Under the change In time passenger
trains leav the depot hero as follows:
No. 1 west, 8:15 a,' m.
No, 3 west. 6:50 p. m.
K. C. St. J. & C. It. uorth 5:1. a. in.
.4 .. u m u .. m (j:o5 p ra
C. B. & Q. , nortli, 7:15 a. in.;
Omaha stub north 8:53 a. m."
" 5:10 p. in.
Trains arrive a follows
No. 2 , Denver express G:25 p. m,
No 4, " 9.25 a. m.
K. C. St. J. & C. B. east 9:15 a. ta.
. .. 33 p In
C. B. & (I Omaha cast 5:30 p. m.
A Itua On a Doug Store.
Never was evurh a rush made for any
Drug Store as i now at Roberta Phar
niacy for a trial Bottle of Dr. King's
Niw Discovery for consumption,
Coughs aud Colds. All persons affect
etl with Asthma, Bronchitis, Hoarse
ness, Severe Coughs, or any affection
ot the Throat and Lungs, can get a Tri
al tattle of this great remedy free, by
calling at above Drug: Store. Regular
size $1.00. Dec. 27 cGwly
These are Solid Facts.
The bea; blood purifler and system
regulator ever placed within the reach
of suffering humanity, truly is Electric
Bitters. Inactivity of the Liver, Bil
iousness, Jaundice. Constipation, Weak
Kidneys, or any disease of the urinary
organs, or whoever requires an appetiz
er, tonic or mild stimulant, will always
find Electric Bitters the best and only
certain cure known. They act surely
and quickly, every bottle guaranteed to
give entire aatUf action or money re
funded. Sold at fifty cents a bottle by
J. M. Roberts Jand&wly.
so quickly cured by Shilohs Cough.
W warrant it.
WILL YOU SUFFER, wit). Dyspepsia
and Liver Complaint K nloh's Vitali
zeris guarautacd to cure ou.
SLEEPLESS NIGHT, made miserably-by
that terrible cough. Shiloh's
Cure is the remedy for you.
CATARRH CURED, health and
sweet breath secured bv Shiloh's Cat
arrh Kem-?dy. Price 50 cents Nasal
Injector free. For sale by Smith &
Black Bros. Dec.l3eowd&wly
Well Rewarded.
A liberal reward will be paid to any
party who will produces cae of Liver,
Ki Jnev or Stomach complaint t hat Ele
ctric Bitters will not speedly cure.
Bring them along, it will cost you
nothing for the medicine if it fails to
cure, and you will be well rewarded
for vour trooble besides. A'l blood
diseases, Biliousness, Jaundice, Consti
pation, and general debility are vuickly
cured. Satisfaction guaranteed or
money refunded. Price onlv fifty cents
per bottle. For sale by .1. M. Roberts.
Dec. 27 e6wly.
A Startling Discovery.
Physicians aro of ten startled by re
markable discoveries. The fact that
Ir. Kins's New Discovery for Cou
sumption and all Throat and Lung
diseases is daily curing patient that
thev have given tip to die, is startling
them to realize their sense of duty, and
examine into the merits of this wonder
ful discovery ; resulting in hundreds of
our best Physicians using it in their
practice- Trial Bottles free at J.M.
R-!er:- Drug Store. Regular size
To SMOKERS of Blackwell's
Genuine Bull Durham
Smoking Tobacco.
This Special Deposit is to J?"'
payment of the 25 premium fully described
Ld oar former announcements.
The premiums will be paid, no matter how
small the number of bags returned may De.
Jrkam, M. C Mm9 W. 1SB4. f
Oft -f Bank f
Nona twain wlttioot tfctiirs of BCTXco Oe
q? VWt -wmanepW.
The finest and surest fly-killer in the
world at Warrick's.
The. model laundry on lower Main
ptrcet baa aireudv started out with a
good patronage.
Ik'The commissioners ore at work mak
lug their ueiiii annual settlement with
the county treasurer.
Grazelle Stringer vs Frederick String
er, is a divorce case that was filed yes
terday in the district court by plaint
ill's attorneys l Season fc Sullivan.
The recently published ordinance
will be found correct in yesterday's
IIeualp, one sectlou in reference to the
Collins judgment having been left out
in lit? first publication.
The contract for the new asylum fo
the feeble minded, at Glen wood, is to
be let today. Mr. C. F. Drihcoll, tin
architect, having gone over there yes
terday morning for that purpose.
Johnson &, Co., of Council Bluff
have opened out a lirst class laundry
on lower Main street, where they are
prepared to do all kinds ef tine work
in that line. A trial of their work is
requested. lOltf
At the Louisville quarry this morn
ing a rock fell several feet striking a
Swede on the head, laying bare the
skull for four inches, and producing a
concussion of the brain that is thought
may prove fatal.
Mr. IIoewater seems to feel acj
giieved that the fatted calf is not killed
on the occasion of his latest return to
the republican fold. Mr. Rosewater
should be considerate. lie has played
the prodigal son so often that the party
is out of calves. State Journal Topics.
We have receiver from Mr. (iuy A.
Brown, Clerk Supreme Court, the July
Docket of that August tribunal. . The
docket is neatly prepared aud printed
and bears upon its face a world of
work for cur three supreme judges,
which convinces the Herald that at
least two more good lawyers should be
added to the Nebraska Supreme Bench.
The inimitable German comedian
played here last night to one of the best
houses of the season. Mr. Gardner is ev
idently a great success in the role he
has assumed. The audience last even
ing appeared in the best of humor and
showed their appreciation of the play
by rounds of applause. Tho support
however, gave evidence that they had
been selected to bring out the star,
rather than for real merit on their part.
The orchestra, as well as the cornet
band, was almost beyond criticism.
Council Meeting.
Bills allowed :
J. I. Unruh 55 55 00
Dr. Schildknecht, claim lor 400 75
iJiCOO allowed in full payment.
Poll books 16 00
Docket police judge, 8 00
R. B. Windham, costs in Read
vs Plattsmouth 20 00
Mrs. McLaughlin, for goods de
stroyed... 01 00
J. S. Duke, goods furnished 17 20
J. V.-Weckbach, do 9 00
J.M.Roberts, do .... L0 85
A. L. Strang, for fire engine 183 80
P. McCanu, work on streets. ... 132 00
II. C. McMaken. work on ave
nue to Oak Hill 37 50
R. B. Vindham, services Fitz
gerald case 75 00
Finance committee granted further
time on registration bills.
W. Pottenger's bill for 823S referred
to city attorney.
The Hospital committee were order
ed to take inventory of goods on hand.
Clerk ordered to get cards printed
with names of committees.
Clerk ordered to draw warrants for
salary of S councilmeu, mayor, clerks
and judges of election.
The following is a tfateraeut of the
City Treasurer, showing balances in
the different funds Monday, June 23d,
Advertising fund S 10.00
Andrews judgment 21. S4
B & M R R bonJs 43 12
Babcock fund.. 45.47
Billings ave fund ." 136.00
Chicago ave fund 13.57
Cemetery fund 108.73
Dog fund 22.00
Fire department. 1CS.41
Fitzgeralds judgment 38 34
Ferry bond fund 1.50
General fund 3 . . 272 94
Grading bond fund 12.65
Highways 7.89
Hog fund 3.15
Improvement fund 19 ot
Interest and indebtedness...
Poll tax fund
School fund,'
Teacheis fund
Tax 3ale and assignments. . .
School bond indebtedness...
Lpecial license tax
23 00
31 97
632 78
Firewerks, flags, 'firecrackers, torpe
does, paper cabs, pistols, fcc, cheap at
the P, O, news depot. oet?
The second county seat move l be
ing made upon Plattsmouth bv our
Weeping Water ir'nuds. today, and to
our way of thinking, it i9 the cleverest
and wisest plan yet devised by our ag
ifresbivc neighbors, to get away with
our baggage. So long as we main
tamed the ascendancy in point of
population we felt secure; but. when
VVeepiug Water sets up a game to rob
us of our population, and at the same
time build up their own with that
which they take from u, it Is time for
prudent and wise people, in thi baili
wick, to be alarmed. Thin time it ia
not lawyers and le-;i documents, and
the cumbrous machinery of courts
which are employed, and invoked, but
the gols themselves, who long hesitated
when the Greeks and Tn j ins strug
gled for ancient Hellas have been em
ployed, and Mr. Keithley, the accom
plished editor of the Wet-plug Water
Republican, is .the prcsumptous indi
vidual who dares invade pur thriving
The IIekald, however, gracefully
and generously acquiesces in the time
honored doctrine th;it " to the victor
belongs the spoils," and as brother
Keithly has fairly wuii one of our fair
daughters away from ua, we wish him
God speed, (with bent-tit of' clergy),
and a long and happy and prosperous
career a3 a benedict. Tue nappy
young lady is Miss Mary E. Vass, aud
the ceremony was performed by Rev.
J. T. Baird, of the Presbyterian church
of this city, at the home of the bride,
ana at the hour of 3 o'clock this r, M.
The Grand Lodge.
The Grand Lodge of Nebraska f
Ancient. Free and Accepted Masons
were in session in Lincoln yesterday.
Several high ollicials 01 other lodges
were in attendaucc. The following is a
list of the officers installed for the en
enuiug year:
Most Worshipful Grand Master, J. J.
Wemple, of Hastings.
Right Worshipful Deputy Grand
Master, M, B Reese, of Wahoo.
Right Worshipful Grand Senior War
den, C. K. Coutunt, of Omaha.
Right Worshippful Grand Junior
Warden, M. ,T. Hull, of Edgar.
Right Worshipful Grand Treasurer,
C. Hsrtman, of Omaha.
Right Worshipful Grand Secretary,
W. IL Bowcn, of Omaha.
'Very Worshipful Grand Chaplaiu, II
T. avis, of Lincolu.
Worshipful Grand Orator, W. Leese,
of Seward.
Worshipful Grand Custodian, B. F.
Rawalt, of Hastings.
Tee corner stone of the capital will
be laid July 15, at 4 o'clock, by Most
Worshipful Grand Master J. J. Wemple
assisted oy the grand officers and the
grand lodge of Nebraska.
Past Grand Master George W. Linin
ger presented his credentials as repre
sentative of the grand lodge of Eng
land, aud was received with the hon
ors. He addressed tho craft on the
characteristics of the fraternity in
England, especially its extensive char
ities. At the evening cession the officers of
the grand lodge were installed by Past
Grand Master G. W. Lininger, assisted
by Past Grand Master, Robert W. Fur
nas, after which Grand Orator Brother
Benj. S. baker, of Fail bury, delivered
an address.
As the editor of a sa-called Arthur
republican paper was busily engaged,
in a penitential mood, with a pai r of
dull shears, clipping a stalwart Blaine
editorial from the columns of the
Omaha Republican, Injured Innocence
stalked into bis sanctum, and sternly
cried: "Hold, traitor! low down in
your boots you were an Arthur man.
You have presumptou.-dy dared to dif
ler with Mr. Blaine's sacred calf, ami
now retribution awaits you."
4,Who are you. oh wrathful spirit"
exclaimed the quaking editor, as the
cold perspiration trickled down his
spinal cord, and made its appearance at
those providential reats which daddy
Time had so opportunely made in his
90 cent suit of drab overalls for ventir
lative purposes. '
I am the rugged, stalwart rooster in
charge of J,iai Blaine's Boom in th
west, und I have called to serve divinit
notice upon you, that you can no longer
be permitted to d'ffer with our syndi
cate, llark ye, perfidious traitor! from
this time henceforth aud forever, you
are ostrac i-'.-d from cultured, rtlined.
stalwart society; in a word, the Ouiaht
Republican has sawed you off of it
list and n-. -y Jim Blaine's manager.,
have me- o your disinherited or
The di -'i.rar dropped upon th
the floor - h a didl thud, in a swouud,
and the pei. ;-iratljn was taken up ini
the atmosphere to be gently bestoweo
upon a huvgry corn crop, as the'-wiath
ful phantom of Injured Innocence
scraped the -ust and cobweb of tbt
Arthur R": ublican sanctum off of the
large em' ..i" its bell crowned Blain
tile, and disappeared iu those politica--intsts
tlo.f surround the turbid Missouri.
Th Storm at O.mwhu and at Council
The -i'v wan Uc.iud yesterday to a
miniature tornado. During the dinner
hour the. clouds rilk-d i:p thick from
the west and almont. w iihout warning
the storm turned iUelf loose. Xie
streeti were filled with cloud of dust.
pieces of paper, small
boK'9 and all
kinds of refuse, with liber! sprinkling
of hurrying humanity.
It was Indeed a comical sight to tec
ladirs wrestling, with their parasoU
while thrt wind tosoj them hither aud
thither. Their dress skirt made fine
game f-r tii iiulla!ii:i wind and
PUtd lik- a bullion the) hurried their
weret along 11 an ex(.e-diiiir! y cwift
To ;ld to the. dix.-oinJiime of many
:' ibe lit-s, tJte I Hi etioon 'i ,v lug been
sweltering hot, I'u-y In i .:ii-do W u
Iressed in ouowy w hiteiirs. Neatly
everybody who knows uny thing at all
about human nature knowe that a lady
never feels comfortable in a rain storm
wlicn lie 19 robfHt in a white gown.
A go d many Omah t ladies felt un
comfortable today.
The ladies were not the only ones
who wn6 out of humor. It wa no
funny tiling for a man. to breast the
storm, armed with a bi umbrella
which the wind blew around at will,
while inside the stores, peeping through
ihe windows, were crowd3 of human
beings laughing at ihe unfortunate car
rier of the meat-ley thing.
While the rain was decidedly un
pleasant to all who happened to be
away from home, it was a good thing in
many respects. It cooled the atmos
pherc and it was possible in the after
noon to draw along breath. It washed
the dust and mud from the pavements,
that wa? not bl-.wii away by the wind.
The strong w'u.d did suiue ilimage
about Ihe ii;y. A number of tiets i
weiu blwn dowu as were also a nuru
her of leucc-. The fence and the gate
of the Tivoli beer gardens, were laid
St. Philomena cathedral spire weaved
from one side to the other, and for a
time looked as if it was going to suc
cumb to the elements and fall prostrate
in the street, hut it stood the storm all
The Missouri river felt the influence
of the raiu and during the rain rose
It was one of the hardest storms that
has visited this section this season, and
it is hoped that they will come in a
little milder form.
There was a change of 25 degrees in
one hour during the storm, the mercury
dropping from 91 in the shade to G8.
The storm at Oouucil Bin lis wa'
more severe than It was at Oiuaha, the 1
wind blowing stronger than it did here.'!
A large crowd had gathered at the cir
cu3 grounds just previous to the storm j
to attend the Barret circus. Quite a
number of people had already entered.
the tent, and when the wind came up j
they began slowly eoing out. The cir-1
cus men finally proceeded to take down j
the canvas, when the whole thing foil, j
killing one man and seriously wound-
ins several others. Our informant, an
Omaha man, who returned home im-
mediately after the accident, was un
- 1
able to give further details, except that
the greatest excitement prevailed
among the crowd in the vicinity of the
circus tent umana tiee.
The Cherry Crop
Within the last ten days over three
thousand bushels of cherries have been
shipped from this city, and the crop is.
not one twelfth gathered aud remain
on the trees. If the people are are able
to gather one half the crop that will be
more than we have estimated they
w u': 1 gather. The crop this year, of
. .
course, is larger man ever ueiore
known aud the people are unable to
find places where to ship them. The
price of cherries today, in baskets, was
from $1.00 to $1.25 per bushel, with
little cemaud and many caunot take
time from other crops to gather them.
It is estimated that at least one-half of
tiie cherries will remain on the trees
and be eaten by the birds. If there
wu3 a canning factory at this point they
could secure all the cherries they could
possibly handle at very low figures. ,
Neb. City-News.
? The Fair.
One of the most complete and cheap
est place to buy everything in this city
is at The Fair, opposite the court house
on lower Main street. Messrs. Simpson
i Kalieky ihe proprietors, have not only
a well selected stuck of notions and
.sundries but they sell cloe and wil
jrive their patrons the best of attention
t will pay you to see them.
If you want a good, cold g!af8 of
4oda water aud cream. only 5c -go to
he P. O. news depot. I00i2
See the 7.50 .
Baby Buggies, at '1 ht
Fresh new Lemon?, only 25c per dcz.;'
u,- at The Fair.
ji Ask 'for - AyerTsr arsaparilla and do
not be persuaded to lake Any other.
Far sale by all druggists. d6wj
ynion College' Pretldant to th
S;cceior ol the laie BUhop Clurk
on. At the meeting of the Prwtestaut
KpiKropai council ocsterday afternoon,
which had adjourned to 3 p. m., at. its
1 forenoon session, a ballot was taken
J for a surccsnor to the late Bishop Clark-
The vole stood twelve for Rev. D.
Kliphalet Potter, president ol Union
College, Schenectady, N. Y., and four
fur Dr. J. B. Hodg;, rector ol St. Pauls
church, Baltimore, M l. On the motion
of Rev. John vVilliam, who voted for
Dr. Hodges. Dr. Potter's election was
made unanimous.
Ofilsial uotice of his election va
sent Dr. Potter last uitiht.
Chocolate and cream aoda at the P.
O. news depot. 100j2
Phil Young hs his oda water mau
uftiettired at Omaha this hoason. lOOl'J
IVS. White,
The old aland by ice man, is now cou
trading for the summer reason, and
will deliver you your ice promptly a
an' time called for. Make your con
tracts for a summer Mipply. 5dtf
Fresh Cotifeclioiieiios, che.ipcnt in
town, at The Fair.
Every ddy admires beautiful hair,
and every one jnay possess it, by useiug
Ayer's llalr Vigor wldO
Fence Posts.
5000 dry feiue posts for s de, Inquire
of W. S. Wise. ltf.
Horse Shoe and Climax chewing to
bacco, only OUc, at The Fair.
&V.9 &D, &D.,
IFire JProof IPaint, H&arn IPuiiit,
ILead, il Wall JPapcr5 c&c.
The best sealing: Wax iiiaim
f act 11 red toy um9 try It.
That water will not run up hill,
that a kiss is sweeter than it looks
and looks better after dark,
that good CILOTHIjtfCr is the
best, and cheapest to buy, tliat
money can be saved, and a square
deal had at Wescotts, the Boss
Clothier, as he does not deal in the
inferior lines adapted to the fixed
purposes ot bankrupt and assig
nee sales.
We avoid all gag schemes, sell
to all alike and treat our custo
mers with the utmost fairness. A
complete stock of seasonable
clothing and furnishing goods on
hand, and we are prepared to con
vince all iu doubt that our statement are correct, that our goods aro
the best, and that it is to your interest to trade with wksCOTT
Late styles inStraw. and Fur Hat, .Novelties id Xeckwear, full lino ot
Trunks, Valioes, etc., etc. Everybody welcome.
Miy Sitrt lit". Life of Sum Oh" '
Your J'uinihj
Djriu Hi-- h t month "i summer,
every family houla be proviJed with
aiite and Tillable remedy for bowel
CotnplalnU. The c.xctlenceof Mahii,m
Tonic Astkinuukt is uuqueatieucd.
It is not gottc:i up simply to obtain
your money. It speedily enres
Diarrha-j, Dyscntry, Cholera Infantum,
Cholera Morbus, Summer Complaint.
Chronic Diarho-a aud Dysentery, utid
all relaxed and dcraged condition of
the SComarU and' Bowels. It is a
delightful lcmjdy for children, being
pleasant to the taste und safe in its ac
tion. No. family can afford to he w ith
out it.
Marsh's Tonic Astringent is for sale
by Smith & Black Bros., druggist,
Pllatriuioiith, Neb. Prieo 50 cent.
For Rhc-umasism, Neuralgia, Bruises,
etc, use Makshs Ckkam' Liniment.
Tor sale by Smith & Black Bros.
Tin: Marsh's Aue Cukk only 50
cents liquid or pills.. For sale by
isuiith & Block Bros. wl.l
NlbuasKa .tate Gazetef.ii "and
IJUwinks DikkctoUY to be Issued in
July, I8d4, price 34 50. J. M. Wolkk,
,ublisher 120 S. 14th St., Omaha. 'J Jtf
For sale Irish setter dog, well broke,
and good retriever. This is a young
doir and a very fine animal,
86tf R. Baciiexdek.
Beat assortment of silverware
town to select presents from at L.
Erven's. 83tf