The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 27, 1884, Image 3

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lrux tr.
Library t
C.A. tlamhall, Dentist, suc
cessor to Clutter & Marshall.
Teetli extracted wltliout paiu,
by use of Nitrous Oxide Cia.
Salisbury. Dentist.
Advertisement under tnia bead, three cent
per lias ecii Insertion.
ONEY TO LOAN On real estate by A
t-miU S VLK My residence and four lots ;
F eLd housi. bam aud fruU. and lu excel-i-.
.gndltlou also two improved larin. also
l!"wry brick bu.lues l.ou-ex80 feet on Main
atr&nd other de-U.We tltK.
'T7OR-ALE-Hou-es. lots and wood land by
P Itiin ji Sun.
tr c..ri residences, cheap. In-
D 11 litre of
. - I) llflmnnl I
To the good people oz iiwuiuu...
City and Cass County:
The committee upon general arrange
ments for the appropriate observance of
Memorial Day, is compered to appeal
-:, on.l n'fttriotism, as
to your g.-m;i voiij " i
the soldier of the Grand Army did
when they looked uacK to iue
loyal people at home, during the dark
est hours of the country's peril, for en-
counts? ra.'u 1 and aiu in Dgi.uB ...
battles. We do net ask of you treasure,
we sipiply appeal to you to give us
your presence, and aid and assist our
Poet in observing this Memorial Day,
now made a National Holiday by the
American CoDgres?.
We solicit from every one a floral of
fering upon Friday next. We ask of
you to save your flowers for our dead,
and your own, who silently rest iu Oak
Hill Cemetery. A few flowers from
each citizen will evidence your love
and veneration for the dead soldiers of
the Republic, aud will bring to you the
respect aud esteem oi nis buiv..5
Send iu your donations of flowers to
Post head-quarters early Friday fore
noon, May 30th.
By order of
Committee on General Aarragements.
4vfr:il residences. o. II. wueeier et - v
. w a dtKh Tablets in all sizes, at
tU IS. n -A i . i- olff
1 thuoulce.
"IOlt SALE a tot In good location, rarHcu
! lw at this office "
,xT, B.ioinorder for a new American
FnlfMhfure Inquire at this onlce.
VOK3A.LK-t.000 cords of wood. Inquire of
J V S Wis
llooMTOKBSJf VTjlJSarlK The wratier now is Just wh.ttbe
lX&S'SSSr , farmer, desire, and ali crops arom2
f.inialioil nr 111. I Hi" I
TnUl,ed7lher MalrMurphy hou-e, Inquire ificcnt in promises
Korlal. on Ion time, a house
F and two lorts8wnhgood Improvements. Ap-
lv toll. B. Windhauj.
nn RKS houses of four rooms.
Fg.wateV.oV,d garde" W'
month InShafervfile. W. H. Sua fkk.
Itnu npr-ihe north storeroom m
fuif blick "da rooms up stair. Good
. .Vil PiirSnt or boarding house.rents
Mrs. John II. Young left this morn
ing for the Republican Valley, where
she will stay a n:onth with the boys
there and help them keep house on the
location ior resi"-" -- . " Tiitf
-h- aodIv to Win. Neville.
mOKENT-A bouse. Inquire of Chaplain
1 Wright. .
warded by leaving at thl office. 1C
w 4.vTEI a c od secc nd cook at the Feik
H insllouse Immediately. 7ott
.invrpn-rwo day boaraert. Apply ai
Wrs.Eo?uson-.a.y3astre two Uoorapast
sexton's , . .-.
The City Council has ordered some
much needed work done in the line of
bii'tges and crossings, and the move
will be appreciated by citizens who
i : ...i.o riipsn improvements are
live in ij. w
K of P
Meets every Tuesday evening at thes
Castle Hall, in Rockwood Block. V
itiuo- Knights are invited to attend.
,UU" n. M. BOX3, C. C.
' W. ti. Dykes, K. of K. and S.
Kever lve Up.
If you are suffering with low and
depressed sprits, hss of appetite, gen
ernl debility, disordered blood, weak
-cou9titution.head..Ce,or any desease
cu9r,:;;.,a r,Qt,,r,.. bv all meus pro
cure a botlie ofDlectric Bitters.. You
will be surprised to see the rapid im
Movement that will follow; you will
Kspired with new life; strength and
2t SSi will return; pain anp misery
will cease, ahd henceforth you will re
foteeta the praise of Electric BiUers
3Sold at fifty cent a botrle bv J. M. Rob
These are Solid Facts.
Bitters. Jnact vit, of tie -,IM
s Jaundice, uiusuf01""' :
inu an ess.
ir;rinvs. or any disease
of the urinary
SSSVrtS requiresj an .ppetij
- . ,;i.t aimnlani. win t"" ,ij
cenain cur. known. They M t relj
and ouickly, every uomcu" -
apaquitMj, j money re-
give entire
J. M.Roberts
funded. Sold at nrty c . - -
Fence rusts. .
6000 dry feuce posts for sale, inquire
of W. S. Wis.
19 tf.
A Great Dlsuoyery.
That is daily bringing joy to the
homes of thousands by
ihPir dear ones from an early grave.
ant? cure. Guaraute-
S TKotfki fee at J. M.Roberts.
eu. i" Aft
Drug Otore. Jan 3 e6wly
For lame back. Side or
Shiloh's Porous Plaster,
cents, '
SdTnSCOUGH and n.nmp-
tion Cure is sold by us on a
It cures cons'impu""
c,.nnifi VITALIZER is what
riuiw"" H Tg3 of ap-
Price 10 and 75 cents per
I J. LdJ H O . -
. n..nnnntinn. LOSS
you neea -or -r r - of
petite. liio" . r
Personal Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Perry,
fnr sometime residents of our city,
passed through from the cast this
morning to Aurora, Neb, where Mr.
r .mi,ta in business. The best
wishes of friends and acquaintances
follow them.
Personal Miss Elsie Campbell
leaves on this evening's train for her
home in Queen City, Mo., where she
passes vac ttion days. Miss Campbell,
j i.-- roar,d rpaidence in Platts-
UUllUg J -
mouth, has made many menus, wuo
will unite in wishing her a pleasant
journey and visit at home.
Personal Miss Alice Wilson, of
the city schools, started this morning
for California, where she goes to make
a summer's visit with Mr. and Mrs. J.
D. Tutt. Miss Wilson returns in the
tall to accept her position in the city
schools the coming year.
The Herald publishes in another
place today the organization, or rather,
the history of tho organization of the
Grand Army cf the Republic. In
these days of Memorial and Decoration
this account will be ot more than pas
sing interest aud instruction.
Mr. Dailv. of Iowa, representing the
trpat Iron Mountain Company, of Du-
rango, Mexico, is in the city, talking
up the prospects and promises of his
company with our capitalists. Mr.
Daily has mucn or. interest m j
ihe far famed Iron mountain, and the
wealth it promises to its owners, and
furnishes facts and figures for his state
ments. .
The following are among the arri
vals at tho Perkins :
Geo A Meyer Chicago; A M Jacubi
Omaha; E A Jones Philadelphia; J E
Porter Ottawa, 111; A C Rogers Glen
wood; S B Eastman Boston; A J Riley
W W RUey B & M R R ; R J 'J oho son
Omaha; Wm Ilouse Omaha; Miss S M
Ilallem. Concord; Anton Upring St.
Louis; J C Cornwall, F C Fenderson
C & N W RR; W Spruce Des Moines;
N L Francis Burlington; W A Dag
gett Lincoln ; J II Philips . Decatur , L
P Pruyn Omaha; W G Fay Omaha.
Council Proceedings.
Council met iu regular session all
members present.
Minutes read and approved.
The accounts against the city, clerk's
report and treasurer' report were re
ferred to the committee on finance.
The following accounts were then al
lowed on the different funds:
W.F.Morrison, $3.00; A. McFair
field. $.25; W. J. White, $275; J. Gor
rcll, $11.25; P. McCaun, 114.00.
Mr. Fairfield moved the bill of MrB.
McLaughlin be referred to committee
on claims to report at next meeting.
Other bills in dispute were refered
back to the necessary parties for cor
rection. Mr. Morrison moved that the com
mittee on fire aud water make estimate
of the cost of three cisterns, and re
port at next meeting.
Mr. Fairfield, from committee on
streets, alleys and bridges, reported
new work and repairs necessary in dif
ferent parts of the city, and the work
was ordered done.
Mr. Greusel moved that the amount
reported on bill of II. A. Waterman &
Son, in dispute, be paid. Mr. Roberts
moved to amend, that the hill in
full be paid, which amendment carried.
Mr Roberts moved that crossing on
VSnft and Sixth be repaired. Carried.
The claim of Thos. Mitchell for dam-
ages against the city was called up,
aud after numerous motions a vote
was reached aftd tho claim was rejected
Petition of John Bons regarding cer
tain taxes was referred to committee
on claims.
In the matter of supplies for police
judge, the clerk was ordered to secure
them. '
Bids for city pri ntiug as filed with
.tori- iprn nnpnwl and lead and re
ferred to a committee of three to ascer
tain which is the lowest bid aud report.
Committe appointed Fairfield, Bons
and Morrison.
After which council adjourned.
J. D. Simpson,
City Clerk.
Shortly after ten o'clock last night,
the cry of fire was raised on Main street
and it was at once discovered to be iu
the bam of Maj. Wheeler in the rear of
his property on Main streeet. The fire
bell clanged out the alarm, one of the
church bells also rang out the warning,
anrl nnn nn immense concourse - of
people were ou thj ground in tho im
mediate vicinity, watchiug the lire.
which had complete control and soon
reduced the building to ashes. There
wbs not a breath of wind, and none of
the adjoining property was subjected
to danger. Parties who arrived early
on the ground rescued the cow from
the building, and carried carefully to a
safe place three stoves that were 6tored
in the barn, so theie wa3 no loss except
the buildiDg and some grain in the crib
adjoining. The work is without doubt
that of an incendiary, with no idea as
to the motive in the case. We learn
that there was some insurance on the
burned building, so the loss to Major
Wheeler will not be a total one. The
fire, as a whole, was certainly a fortu
nate on, located as it was in the centre
of the city. -
Programme of Exercises for McCou-
Ihie Post G. A. Ft.
Head-quartern McCouihie Post, No. 45,
G. A. R., Department of Nebraska.
I. The member of the Post will
meet at their hall at 1 'clock p. in. and
move out from their quarters at 2
o'clock, staudard time.
The Adjutant will arrange the Post
in one division in charge of the Post
II. .The colors will be carried at the
hevl of the column with a color guard
of four comrades without arms, with
the martial btind iu front. The com
mand, when so formed, upon Main
street, in front of their qunr'ers, will be
presented to Ihe Comr.ian kr by the
Adjutant, who will take charge of the
Post,, aud who will give the word of
command . to move forward to the
cemetery by the way of Washington
avenue. .. .
III..,. The carriages contuiniug the
floral, offerings and. tne committee of
ychng ladies in charge' of the Same.
will head the column, "accompanied by,
eight mounted guards wearing - fcide
IVi All member of visiting Posts
and all .soldiers who do not belong to
the Post, are invited to fall in wit'h the
column aud accompany the Post fo the
V.; Comrade Jogeph W. Johuson,
Marshal of the Day, will take charge
of the citizens' procession and form
the game immediately in the rear of
the column, aud will- be in charge of
the line of march.
VI. Comrades Poisall aud McMakiu
will have charge of the preparation of
a platform upon the grounds donated
to the Po3t, aud will-perform such
other duties as may I e necessary lb
carrv forward the exercises at the
cemetery. '
VII.- The committee ha ing general
charge of the Memorial services, will
ascertain and report the number of
graves to be decorated, and will place
suitable flaes, with names, at the head
of each grave. v
The following nroaranimc will be
observed at the cemetery ;
1st. Music by the choir.
2d. Prayer by the Cbaplain, from
tho ritual.
3d. . ddr s by the Commander.
4th. Music by the choir.
Music by the choir. -Benediction
by Chaplain Al
pha Wright.
8th. Decoration of graves according
to ritual.
VIII. All ciizens of riuitsmouth
and Cass county are requested to-unite
with the Post in a proper observance
of Memorial Day.
IX. In c.aBe tie weather is unsuit
able the exercises will be held in Rock-
wood Hall.
By order of the committee in charge
of the general arrangements.
Concord Item
En. Heiiald: Jo'uaa Allison" wu
agreeably surprised by a visit last week
from Mr. Templeton, of Pittsburg,
Miss Carrie Furlong, of Rock Blutl,
was visiting witn l. zi. oimpson,
Saturday and Sunday.
Several young people from tho Mc-
Nurlin district attended church here
ast Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Goldsbytful wife, of Eight Mile
Grove, spent Sunday with James Allison.
Andy Sybert has lately purchased an
... i
organ. Iftere ougni to De inoru jimcuh
thinking of the welfare of our young
people. How. cau we expect them to
grow up home loving men and women
unless there is aome attraction there r
What can be more attractive and in
structive than good music?
Mrs. Creamer is not able to be out.
Are we not goiug to have Sunday
School, this summer?
Yours in hnstc,
Mocking Bihd.
May 22, 1884.
A Fellow Feeling Makes us won.
droua Kind.
Joe Connor, of Plattsmoutb, was fi
nally beaten at the county convention
for delegate to the National Conven
tion, by Ed Kuffner. Joe is the most
active man, yet he'knows how it goes
now to be left by what he calls unfair
means. The nominations in the dem
ocratic party are getting of importance
enough to mke it worth while to strive
for them, and the same result often
happens, viz: The best man gets lelt.
Joe ha3 helped many a good republi
can to. a back aeat, and now he ought to
take his own medicine without grum
bling. Schuyler Sun.
Train Time.
Uuder the change in time passenger
traius leave (he depoc'nere follows:
No. 1 west, 8:15 aj m.
No, 3 west, 0 :50 p. m.
K. C. St. J. & C. B. north 5:15 a.
. , . ,t 6:33 p.
C. B. & Q. , north, 7:45 a. in.
Omaha stub north 8:55 a. in.
; " 5:40 p. in.
Trains arrive as follows
No. 2 , Denver express 0:25 p. m.
No. 4,
9.25 a. m.
See Warrick's. stock of wall paper and
borders just received. loiz
. The best corner for business in Platts
moutb, that is off Main street, for sale;
mnsiatincr of two factional lots, which
as a good business location are prefer
able to those on lower iwm utrecv
War naviculars inquire of J. C. New
A good two horse farm wogon
sate. Enquire at Bennett & Lewis
K. C. St. J. & C. B. east 9:45 a. m.
u 8:35 p m
C. B. & Q. Omaha east 5 :30 p. m.
Hie Great Lung Medicine, Jfarth't
Golden Balsam, is Worthy of Praiie.
"Your Golden Balsa it is giving
good satisfaction. We are selling it
right along." F. C. Corbett, druggist,
Marshficld. Mo
"My mother, now over 50 years old
suffered 20 years with an irritating
Cough and Bronchial affection. Last
winter, she used a few bottlea of
Marsh's Golden Balsam and waa en
tirely cured." (L. M. Smith, Topeka,
Marsh's Goldcu Balsam is the befct
cough medicine I have ever sold'
flus. A. LeDeis, druggists, Cedar City,
Mo. "
" I took a severe Cold and Cough and
for months was threatened with Con
sumption. Marsh's Golden Balsam
saved me." J. S. Stewart, Omaha,
Marsh's Golden Balsam, and Marsh's
Golden Blood and Liver Tonic, are for
sale by Smith & Black BrosMdruggistr,
Plattsmoutb. Large bottles 60 cents
aud $1. Trial size 10 cts. dCtwl,
5 th
Assorted tints of Diamond Wall Fin
ish may be found at Fisher's drug store,
revolving sign. 49diwtf
TniBniv.flri npnts in advance will
entitle you to use of the Plattsmoutb
circulating library f or one month.
45d&wlm W. J. Wabrick.
iifleeii per cent discount on all cus
. m. . .A kl
torn made work nereaiter, ai our-
wood's FOR cash. "To establish rny
business in every department on a
strictly cash basis this inducement is
tnade in all custom made work.
TTnL,. thA rpfluction a shoe that
costs 89 00 nowcosts $7.65 for cash.
A boot that costs $8.00 now costs $ 0.-
80 cash.
A boot that costs $6.50 now costs
85.60 cash at Sherwood's. 58dw8tf
Cough and
relived Dy
CKOUPE Whooping
Uroncnuis "u ' . e. Black
Shiloh'a Care. So.d by Sm'tn i Black-
A startling liseTery.
PhysicianVare often fctartled by ro
mfrkabie discoveries. The fact that
Dr. Kings New Discovery for Con
and an xuiu. ' ,
i,rinr natieniB mai
diseases is
thev have given up to me, i
rrni i,Q v v -
V a.An)pr
ourbe..rKJ.cU! to tbr
nnen Aaaln.
trKr wishes to announce
that the Elkhorn aaloon i. again opea
M heretofore-, the repair.
,Vir in the room now being
Decorfction Day.
Headquarters MeConihie Post, No.
45. G. A. R. "
Comi a les and fellow citizens, Friday
the 30th. is decoration day. Let- each
one of us feel and realize that it is a
duty we owe our deceased heroes to
decorate their graves. So let U3 all turn
out with all the flowers we cau and try
and acquit ourselves worthy of the oc
casion. It is earacstly urged that ev
ery old uniou soldier whether a mem
ber of the G. A. R. or not, meet with
the poit on that occ islon at 12:30 at G.
A. R. hall. Thos. Wiles,
Post Commander.
Bnggs Boston Operatic Minstrels
' A very large audience of Dallas peo
ple were agreeably disappointed in
Briggs' Boston Operatic Minstrels last
niht. We have had several snide mm
strel troupes this season, and somehow
the people had got it ia their heads that
Briggs' was of a piece with the rest
But when the curtain - rolled up, aud
the show turned loose, it waa plain that
the conclusion had been too" hastily
formed. Tne music was the best that
Dallas has ever heard from a -burnt
cork Show, the clog dancing "was su-
perb. Evs n the jokes aud dialogues by
Lick, in "fixtures," is a whole show
in and of himself. The" '-Electric Quar
tette" makes no inconsiderable part of
the show. Their vocal efforts evidently
struck a chord in the audience, judg
ing from the hearty applause and nu
merous encores. Carl Lick, contor
tionist and acrobat, delighted the au
dience with his wonderful performance
on a pyramid of bottles. Shimer, the
one-armed man is rich in 6ong and pun
and kept the audience laugh iDg. The
nhnw is pood worth seeing. A mati
nee this afternoon aud a performance
tonight. Pallas, (Texas), Daily Times
Feb. 20.
At the opsra house, Thursday, May
23th. -
Collection Notice.
All parties knowing themsehes to
be indebted to m will please call and
make tull settlement at once, so that
here if i er we can c induct a strictly cash
business. Pleaso give this your imme-
mediate attention.
d59 w3 .v Robt. Sherwood.
What the State Auditor Saya.
After a thorough examination of the
condition of the Nebrasisa and lowa
Insurance Company, of Omaha, the
Hon". Jamas Wallichs, Auditor of State,
pays this company the following well
merited compliment, which should sat
isfy the most incredulous as to the en
tire solvency and reliability of the com
pany, as well as to effectually silence
the slanderous tongues of the compa
ny's enemies.,
Lincoln, May 16, 1884.
J. T. Hart, Esq , .
Mauager Neb. and Ia Ins. Co.,
' ' . Omaha, Neb.
Dear Sie:'
Herewith! take pleasure to send you
a copy of the re'port of the inyestiga-
tion of ' tits'-TSffairs and books of your
company, as returned to me by W. F.
Lewis and A. T. Greutter, appointed
examiners for that purpose. I sm
. . i- . : t ..,i.k a
pleaseuia SClL-out uuiunuy m sum a
healthy and solvent condition, and that
your books are .kept with much care.
Respectfully yours,
. Joun Wallichs,
.. -.Auditor Public Accounts.
A O. H.
The members of the A. O. H. are
called to meet at their hall tomorrow
(Wednesday) evening at 8 oclock to ar
tange to take part inhj puWic services
of decoration day.
M, O'Cchwos, C. D.
In the Future
When you have a cough aud want-relief,
think ot Kemp's Balsam for the
Throat and Liungs; a guaranteed reme-
dv for those diseases. Price 50c and
$1 ; trial size free. Respectfully,
apr3 4m , W. J. Warrick.
New patterns of wall paper and bor
der' received today at Warrick' 73t9
Diamond Wal Finish, at
rug store.
Sweet Potato Plants-
orders for your sweet potato
plants at our hot beds in town at the
Blue House in Billings' addition or at
Phna. RobineV Orders lett at tne lat
ter olace will be' filled the foUowing
morning. uogebs vuaui.' i-
. A Young Passenger.
Probably the younsest passenger who
ever started upon a long journey alone,
left this city last Saturday evening,
ner -parents had recently 'moved to
Ogalalla, this state, a distance of about
175 miles. r-They left their little daugh
ter here expecting to jiave her follow
with a neighbor -who was to follow.
For some reason the neighbor changed
her mind and the little four-year-old
girl was consigned to the teuder mer
cies of the conductor. That she will
arrive at. her destination -we have no
doubt. We regret we could not learn
her name.- Hastings (Neb.) Journal.
Falling out of the hair may be pre
vented, brashy hair made soft, and the
growth of hair renewed, by the use of j
Ayer'a Hai r Vgor w l d o t
Tf you want to eet you a broom that
a. in friw t.ti hst satisfaction for tne
name money ask your dealer for Dor
ack's brooms uzo-iiuu
Two hundred and forty acres under
fonrP with running water, ana one!
half mile from the city. Apply to
51tf W. o. WISE.
In purchasing a refrigerator see Ilen-
ry jkeeck's new stock and get prices
before purchasing. - , 59 tf
i t ' -
All the best houses in Plattsmoutb
will sell vou Bremner's choice cracker
at reduced price by the box or bam 11,
and don't vou forzet it. Get these and
you get th"e best. tf
Sportsmen, Attention!
Agents of the B. & M. R. R.will sell
tickets at one and one-fourth fare to
attend the touanament t Plattsmouth,
June 10, 1884. For transportation over
Union Pacific, parties wishing trans-
narration will write the undersigned for
same, jrivinsr number of persons who
wish to attend.
J. W. Jexnixos,
Sec. Stale Sportsmen Ass'n.
State papers pleas copy. 69Jlw
. The Ice Man.
: Jos. Fairfield has established an of
fice at Monarch billiard hall, where be
will contract with c nmmers to supply
ice for the season at the lowest terms.
Diamond Wall Finish; best and cheap
est, ready for use by adding hot water,
at Fisher's drug store. 49dxwtf
Thursday, May 29th.
The Fan Makergs of a X at ion : The Choica of a
Lauguter Loviu; f uulic.
Brifitf Boston Operatic
Minstrels and Classic Orchestra!
The Genlua of Artistic Mlns relsy baa risen
and proclaim suecesa to rcQoed unalloyed
luiriu, aa pure aa me timer oi a oiauoua.
IM at These -Well Known Artists.
Premier Mimic and Dialect Comedian, late of
uie i;nusa ninstieu.
America 'a Favorite Comedian, and Banjo Ling
maj. J HEATH & LATTO J see.
Representative Exponents of Military Tactic.
uirect uoin r ranee.
The'Emperor of refined Comedy, introducing
oj"Si waucoi aim lauKnauie tiui'lf.ijue
Glove Fight.
'Boston's" Champion Club Swinger, $1.000 -cnallauge
to any Clnh Sw.oger lu America.
1 10,000.00 Acting Dogs. Surpassing anv doa
actors on earin. lilies briug the chiluren
to see thi beautiful picture of dog life,
showing the master of Canine Creation
America' F.eflaed Song and Dance Artistf t
meir atyie ia an tueir own.
NEWLON'S Harmonic Quartette. Tba
- -UH Sweetest sluuam in A mri&
For a handsome suit, substantially
made, in the best of style, and from
auy quality of goods you may select,
call on K. Dressier, Merchant. Tailor,
in Sherwood Block. 18dlm
- W. J. War 'ck received soma very
elegant ceiling decorations this morn
!n? Wta
THE II OEYS Pedestal CloggUU.
Don't Fait to eee tne Finest Foiiiilest Show
on Earth,
That will as.onlaU the Grand
Repp blip.
Door open at 7, Ar&uaients at 8 o'clock. ,
Reserved Seats. - - -, -6 ciata
' Admibeloa. -- . . to M
Gallery. - - - 3S :-
Beats can be Secured at P. O. Newa Deot.
- If your Mood is vitiated cleanse it
with out delay by use of Ayer'a Sarsapa-
rilla. Safe and effective. wld6t
Ac Charlie .Warren's, the old reliable
barbers shaving 10c.. hair out 26c.
shampoo 25c- sea foam lOc. mustache
black 25e.- Shop opposite ocera house
gire him a call. do I ml
Parlor and bedroom sets in all styles
ftt loireet prices' st pcpeci's. C7vt
Notice to Contractors ? -
. NoUce is hereby given, that sealed
proposals will be received at the offlce
of the City Clerk of the city of Platts
n outh, until 7 o'clock p. m.t on Mon
day. J une 9th, 1884, for building -wing
walls and grading two approaches to
bridges on Sixth and Pearl streets.
The City Council reserve the rieht to
reject any and all bids for said work. -;
Specifications for said work can be
seen at the office of the City Clerk.
Bids must be made separate for grad
ing, and for wing walla. - 69tl2
Joskfh H. FAlBriELD,
,L;n-o EZMSZf, Alley- cs4 fjvi. .
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Wl!7 complete'-